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ejathead_victim_defy: sorry .. i think i doesnt have xs to meetingology10:17
head_victim_defyEveryone does :)10:17
ejathead_victim_defy: is it ? ive try with mootbot before .. 10:18
head_victim_defyWhen I'm on a real pc next I'll show you:)10:18
ejatsee .. i try the #link :)10:19
ejathead_victim_defy: thanks .. 10:19
head_victim_defyOk work time again10:40
ejathead_victim: r u there ?18:05
head_victimejat: just got home20:02
ejatowh .. coming back from office ? 20:02
head_victimYeah, just finished work and about to head to bed.20:07
head_victimejat: can I help with anything before I disappear or just saying gday :)20:10
ejatowh .. going to bed already .. 20:10
ejatits about the meetingology :)20:10
head_victimYeah it's 6am and I've been awake since 8am yesterday morning :)20:11
ejatouch .. 20:11
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology is where a lot of the info is20:11
head_victimIf you want to play then head to #meetingology20:11
head_victimAlanBell is the person who wrote it and he's a very helpful sort if you need questions answered sooner than I can get to you.20:11
head_victimIf you're willing to wait for a day we're both around with spare time I'm more than willing to give you a step by step guide if you're not that confident.20:12
ejatowh okie .. 20:16
head_victimWould you like me to just PM you when I'm around?20:16
ejati know the wiki .. but it seem im not being recognize by meetingology :)20:16
ejathead_victim: sure ... 20:16
ejati think u better sleep .. :)20:16
head_victimThat way we can go through it together20:17
ejatyeah .. thanks .. 20:17
head_victimAlright. Cheerio :)20:17
ejatnites ... 20:20

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