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TuhinHi all17:58
Tuhinanyone awake?17:59
jayantahi Tuhin18:13
jayantaanything else?18:13
Tuhinhi jayanta 18:14
Tuhinu live in BD?18:14
Tuhini used AVRO phonetics keyboard sometime ago but now can't remember how to change the keyboard layout in Linux18:14
jayantactl+space bar18:21
Tuhinধন্যবাদ :)18:22
jayantaif you install Avro in scim18:22
Tuhin :)18:22
jayantaআর কোনো সাহায্য?18:22
Tuhini m on Mint10 (based on Ubuntu10.10)18:22
Tuhinthats it :)18:23
Tuhinআপনি কোথায় থাকেন?18:23
jayantaআমি উবুন্টুতে থাকি@@18:23
jayantaবাসা কলিকাতায়18:23
Tuhinআমি ঢাকায় থাকি18:24
Tuhintarunno bhai dont come here anymore?18:24
Tuhini didn't see him for sometime18:25
jayantaসফটওয়্যার মুক্তি দিবস – ২০১১” তে বাংলাদেশে উৎসব আয়োজন হয়েছে শুনেছে নিশ্চই18:25
Tuhinabba was sick18:26
Tuhinwas busy with him running to hospitals18:26
jayantaও! তিনি এখিন কেমন আছেন?18:26
Tuhini stayed at hospital about 1 months18:26
Tuhinhe is fine now by the grace of almighty18:26
Tuhini was away from computers for about 2 months18:27
jayantaআমি দূঃক্ষিত তুহিন, আশা করি তিনি আরও ভালো হয়ে উঠবেন18:27
Tuhinnow when tried to type bangla , i can't remember how to switch keyboard 18:27
jayantactl+space     @@18:28
Tuhini used to switch manually last  2 weeks18:28
Tuhinyes thanks for reminding 18:28
Tuhinso tell me about the Software mukti dibosh 201118:30
Tuhinany website?18:31
Tuhini didnt get much sleep when i stayed at hospital with my father, it seems i had some memory loss....18:32
Tuhinthanks i m visiting the sites18:34
Tuhinr u one of the organizers?18:36
jayantaoh! no! I am just linux lover18:38
Tuhinyea me too18:39
Tuhini m using linux about 99.99 % time since January18:39
jayantathank you, please continue....18:39
Tuhinwhich Linux u r using?18:40
Tuhinwhich version?18:40
jayantaUbuntu 11.04 - the Natty Narwhal 18:41
jayantaand other part I am wikimedian, specially Bengali Wikipedia ##18:42
Tuhinmost doesn't like that version18:42
Tuhinhow is that ubuntu version to u ?18:42
jayantaok so so18:43
Tuhini DLed Mint10 and tried in live mode , then i liked it  and installed 18:44
Tuhinnow i cant leave it to install newer version  :)18:44
jayantaok as u wish18:46
jayantaI have never tried mint18:47
Tuhindid u use any other distro?18:47
TuhinMint is improved on Ubuntu18:47
TuhinTry Mint 1118:47
jayantasometimes... I am thinking to shift to Fedora 1518:49
Tuhinhmm the reason?18:49
Tuhini only hear people sayign good aboumt Debian, Arch , CrunchBang, Slackware etc18:51
jayantabecause I am basically Fedora user from 200419:04
Tuhinhmm u r expert linx user then19:12
Tuhinexperts dont usually like ubuntu/fedora19:12

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