uberbuntu Hello, I was in here some other night and talking about a browser redirecter that malwarebytes and spybot could mot pick up on scans.01:06
uberbuntuSomeone mentioned some other utility that picked up things that those two didn't.01:06
uberbuntuBut I forgot the name of the utility. Any sugestions or ideas?01:07
uberbuntuAnyone here?? (echo, echo, echo)01:08
* holstein is here uberbuntu 01:08
uberbuntuI am all alone, alone, alone01:08
holsteinyou have a moment for me to read your question?01:08
Unit193Sounds more fitting for ##windows , but SuperAntiSpyware isn't bad01:08
holsteinyeah, i think thats what it was01:09
uberbuntuholstein: was it you with the suggestin Saturday?01:09
uberbuntuThat may be it01:09
holsteini dont have any suggestions for windows that you want to hear ;)01:10
uberbuntuYeh I think htere was a word 'super' in the name01:10
holsteinuberbuntu: do you remember exactly when it was?01:11
holsteinthis channel is logged01:11
uberbuntuWe, hey hey, some other hard core linuxe  guy were telling me that there is a place for  windows after I was saying that it was only good for the circular bin.01:11
uberbuntuWhen It was ,Saturday between 8-10 pm01:12
uberbuntuholstein: You keep logs?01:12
uberbuntuOh you said that01:12
holsteinuberbuntu: this channel is logged officially01:12
Unit193What was your name?01:12
uberbuntuMy name or nick was the same01:13
Unit193Nope, it was Ooberbuntu01:13
uberbuntuAnything with the name 'Super' in it make me nervous.01:13
uberbuntuIf you have to say its 'Super' then  ,,,,,,01:14
holsteinsomething like that was your nick01:15
uberbuntuYeh extra o may have been what I used01:15
holsteinuberbuntu: do me a favor.. when you re-join the channel.. state your question, then wait... wait at least 20 minutes before assuming the channel is dead01:15
* holstein thanks you in advance :)01:15
holstein20:34 < Ooberbuntu> Interestig that Malwarebytes nor Spybot Serch and destroy would pick anything up.\01:16
holstein20:34 < Ooberbuntu> So I am goin gto have to dig deeper.01:16
holstein20:35 < iceflatline> Another I use is Superantispyware01:16
* Unit193 had to wait 3 days for an answer once01:17
holsteinyeah, i joined #ubuntustudio and just stayed around to answer ;)01:17
uberbuntu3 days? Holly cow. You stayed logged into the chat the whole time?01:20
Unit193I've been logged for 8 days now (And that is very little)01:21
uberbuntuYou should bottle yoru patience and sell it. A lot of people need it. Could make a fortune. You have way too much.01:21
Unit193VERY little01:21
Unit193I really don't have all that much01:21
uberbuntuWell I have kept my windows maching booted up for almost 8 monthes at a time but I don't have the patience to wait for an answer for three days. I'd give up.01:22
holsteinim working on 70 days :)01:22
holsteinthis channel is active.. and #ubuntu is quite active01:23
holsteinsome of the smaller channels though, you have to wait 24hours01:23
Unit193I sadly have computer problems on the computer running this session. Sometimes you just have to wait for the one person that knows01:24
uberbuntuJust when i get my windows all customized the way I want it I start thinking about going all or mostly linux for most of my work.01:24
uberbuntuMakes me feel like I wasted all that time customizing.01:24
holsteini got my windows all customized the way i like it ;001:24
uberbuntu"This session"? How many chat sessions you have open?01:25
uberbuntuOr on haw many machines?01:25
holsteini have this chat running on my server, and im connecting with another machine01:26
holsteinlots of folk do it that way01:26
holsteini like to stay in some of the slower channels around the clock, and try to at least respond to everyone01:27
uberbuntuUnit193 was who mentioned, "This session"01:27
uberbuntuholstein: Do you even have a windows macine?01:28
uberbuntuI feel some real animosity between you and Bill01:28
uberbuntuDid you get into a fist fight with him at one time?01:28
holsteinits just not for me01:28
holsteineveryone should do what works for them01:28
uberbuntuYeh like you still can't fun your adobe cs4 on Linux .01:29
holsteini just get a little frustrated with the 'my windows machine is broken' folks.. when theres nothing wrong with the computer01:29
holsteinits just spyware or whatever01:29
uberbuntuand some other things so it makes it almost necessary for some of us to keep one around01:29
holsteinand they get another machine... and they dont say 'maybe i should try something else'01:29
holsteineven a mac...01:29
holsteini mean, theres nothing wrong with windows if you maintain it... but if you dont/cant, get something else01:30
holsteini can do task that are done with adobe cs4 on linux though01:30
holsteinanyways.. im really not hating on windows01:31
uberbuntuWell there are plenty of people that cant maintain anything, a car, whatever it is01:31
Unit193uberbuntu: Screen session, I have around ~30 channels01:31
uberbuntuThey are just too lazy to learn and read anything and when they surf the web they only look at the picture and icons01:31
uberbuntuThose are the ones that screw up their new machines in days.01:32
holsteinsure, and we could argue, is that their fault? should windows be secure out-of-the-box ?01:32
holsteinbut... we dont have to01:32
uberbuntuI had  afriend get his teenage kids a new wind desktop the last xmas. I asked why he didn't use it for his business and give them his 3 year old machine.01:35
uberbuntuHe said, too much work switching his files. I don't think he knew how.01:35
holsteinyeah, but he'll firgure it out...01:35
uberbuntuSo I put some security on the thing and parental controlls so they couldn't jsut download anything willy nilly.01:36
uberbuntuThe next time I came over his 10 year old son, who really know nothing about pc except how to play game, was in the command promp enter all kinds of network command that he found searching online.01:37
uberbuntuJust trying to find a way to download Google Earth01:37
holsteindinnertime... BBL01:38
uberbuntuWell he screwed up the user loggins somehow and we stil ldon't know what he did.01:38
uberbuntuEnjoy dinner01:43
uberbuntuYou must be on the west coast01:44
uberbuntuStill listening to 'Living' only have gotten to the song 'Ride' For some reason my conection stops loading the songe every minutes or so.01:59
uberbuntuIts good stuff. I just got some new jazz t olisten to from the library last Friday.02:00
holsteinuberbuntu: hehe thanks for checking it out02:00
* holstein is on the east coast just eating late02:00
Unit193Awesome, same tz just your clock seems a tad fast ;)02:01
uberbuntuYo ugot family and crumsnachers?02:01
holsteinnot me02:02
uberbuntuI'v though of setting up a website with a database where musicians and band could post availability, how far they would travel adn such and cities, or other establishments could book them through the portal.02:04
holsteincool.. there was something like that for a bit... gigamerica?02:05
holsteinUnit193: i just noticed your time query :)02:07
holsteinim not sure whats up with my server02:07
holsteinit was *way* off the other day02:07
uberbuntuholstein: Just curious. Did you start off ni computers some, I don't know, three decades ago o nwindows or did you start rght off cutting your teechon linux?02:09
holsteinnah, im still learning about linux02:10
holsteinim a computer hobbyist really02:10
uberbuntuThis is my keyboard where the spacebar is finicky. Just put the spaces i ntheir apropriet places.02:10
holsteini found linux about 5-6 years ago? something like that02:11
holsteinit just worked for me02:11
uberbuntuYou never owned a windows machine?02:11
holsteinsure, this is a windows machine.. its got win7 on it somewhere02:11
holsteini dont think im going to keep it next time i do some maintenance though02:12
uberbuntuOh, LOl you jsut never booted to it.02:12
holsteini thought i would use it to help my folks or whatever02:12
holsteinbut, i used XP a lot02:12
holsteinits just been a while02:12
uberbuntuholstein: Don'e be afraid, Windows won't byte .....too much.02:12
holsteintook me a long time to transition my recording studio over to linux02:12
holsteinwhen i got that worked out, i just didnt need to go back02:13
holsteinim not a big gamer, and i dont have an special needs like office or adobe02:13
uberbuntuI just spent too much time learning Adobe Dreamweaver ,even when it was still Macromedia. SO I will probably keep using it.02:14
urlin2uholstein, did you do you do Living with that studio?02:14
holsteinyup :)02:15
holsteinall with FOSS, start to finish02:15
urlin2uholstein, cool02:15
uberbuntuBut I have been messing with Linux a little more than a year.02:15
uberbuntuI am still trying to get my head rapped around the difference in the look and feel of things.02:16
uberbuntuTHough I would get aclimated slowly. Really slowly.02:16
uberbuntuLinux apps are more of a plain wrapper and I find that, at least while learning it and learning new apps ,you have to read more and not rely on visuals as much.02:17
uberbuntuWhy can't this chat relay have a left border or padding?02:18
uberbuntuWho designed this?02:18
holsteini like the fact that in linux, it can look literally however you want it to02:25
holsteinthat is to say, you can even make your own UI if you want, and you dont have to hack anything to do it02:25
holsteinyou are encouraged to do it :)02:25
Unit193Tell that to GDM?02:26
holsteinUnit193: lol02:26
uberbuntuWhos GDM, the Developres?02:27
uberbuntuI'd have to look that acronym up02:27
Unit193!info gdm02:27
Unit193ubot2`: info gdm02:27
ubot2`Unit193: gdm (source: gdm): GNOME Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.5-0ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 723 kB, installed size 2304 kB02:27
Unit193Stupid ubot2`....02:28
uberbuntuYo have to work arond the GDM to get it done in other workd?02:28
uberbuntu.......other words02:29
uberbuntuholstein: I finaly got to 'Dancer'02:29
uberbuntuOnly took 40 minutes02:29
uberbuntuopps it stalled right in the middle.02:30
holsteinyou can start there next time :)02:30
uberbuntuI want my Road Runner Turbo back02:30
uberbuntunever had a problem donig anything.02:31
uberbuntusays I have 12Mbps  but .....probably the redirector messing things up for me rihgt now.02:32
uberbuntuI need another hard drive. Got 3 TB and running out fast.02:37
uberbuntuAny ideas why someone would opt for having an untouched Windows MBR on a Master HDD and Grob installed i nthe MBR on a Slave HDD and ahving to switch 1st bootable in the BIOS whenever you want to boot Windows?02:45
holsteinuberbuntu: somethings can break grub02:46
holsteini forget what...02:46
holsteinsomething really common like an office update02:46
uberbuntuI don't think Windowa can break it.02:47
holsteinright, not widows02:47
uberbuntuI guess if you have it bootloading everything and it breaks then you have issues to work out  huh02:47
holsteinbut an update from something in windows02:47
holsteini forget what though02:47
uberbuntucan't boot anything and that would make somethings bootable donig it that way02:47
holsteinthere were some applications storing data in there02:48
uberbuntuApps storing datat i nthe MBR?02:48
holsteinuberbuntu: right02:49
uberbuntuNot much room to store anythiing in there.02:49
holsteinso, you update a windows application, and boom.. it writes in the MBR, and breakage occurs02:49
holsteinthats probably not why though02:49
holsteinprobably just want to keep it seperate02:49
uberbuntuWell that makes me nervous settin gup a multi boot.02:49
uberbuntuDOn't want my main system to go down.02:50
holsteinjust back up your date, and know how to reinstall grub02:50
holsteinits a computer... dont be nervous ;)02:50
holsteinit *will* break02:50
holsteinguaranteed :)02:50
holsteinall you can do is just plan for i, and relax02:50
uberbuntuYou mean back up your data or did you mean 'date'02:51
holsteinhehe.. yeah, *data*02:51
ubot2`GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:51
holsteinyou can read there about ways to recover grub with a live CD02:52
holsteinyou can also install virtual box or VMware, and play around... save the state, break it... fix it02:52
uberbuntuOh good, I have about 20 linux distros on live cd's02:52
holsteintime consuming, but you'll learn without breaking you're current setup02:53
uberbuntuHave other machines to look up info. What am I nervous about? The time to fix things that I want to spend on somethingelse I guess.02:53
uberbuntuI always want everything perfect. Shoulda learned by now that nothing ever is.02:54
holsteineh.. perfect is a matter of opinion02:55
uberbuntuI need to have reckless abandone like my friends 10 yr. old typing anything he could find in to the command promt of a new system.02:55
holsteinas long as you have a test case, or another box, go for it :)02:56
uberbuntuNot knowing what it was that he was typing or what it would do.02:56
uberbuntuI need to build my new bos that I bought last Feburary with all the parts still sitting in a box all in retail wrappers.02:57
uberbuntuBy the time I get around to building it it will be obsolete.02:58
holsteinhehe, i was going to say... put it together while its still worth something02:58
uberbuntuI know I had it sitting around for the first 4 weeks deciding wether i needed it and if I was gonig to return it and MicroCenter dropped the price on the MB another $1002:59
uberbuntuI jsut wanted to use the HDD I got for it to set up a multi boot.03:03
holsteinyou dont *need* multiple drives for multiboot03:05
uberbuntuNo, But my two drives are full and I need more space03:06
uberbuntuCourse I need to switch this hrdware to the new box and the new hrdware goes in here nad I wanted a raid  config i nthe new one and hm. to omuch work.03:07
uberbuntuI have to time.03:07
uberbuntuMaybe if I take the HD out of my dad's old machine, no its only 60GB03:08
holstein60gb's is plenty :)03:08
uberbuntuI could get maybe 3 ditros on there right? Whats recomended for a linux ditro? 20GB" 4-5GB swap?03:09
holsteinswap depends03:09
holsteinyou dont *need* swap03:09
holsteinanyways, it all depends03:09
uberbuntuWhy no swap?03:10
holsteinif you need/want the space03:10
uberbuntuI think I did read where somwone somehow confied  his Window's Virtual Memory to use the smae partition as the swap but had to be FAT3203:11
uberbuntuMaybe I'm dreaming03:11
holsteinmaybe, i dont think you get a different partition typically in windows, i think its just a part of the filesystem03:12
holsteinim sure you can have linux use whatever though... anyways, you dont have to have swap at all if you want the space03:12
holsteinand you can definitely have the linux's share swap03:12
uberbuntuHow does it work without swap? Less overhead for opening up multiple apps and 50 browser tabs wich I am notorious for doing?03:14
holsteinit just works03:14
holsteinnothing gets swapped03:14
holsteini mean, if you have like 4gb's of memory anyways03:15
holsteini did it when i was running on SSD's and SD cards03:15
uberbuntuIt must st up some space for a swap file inside the root dir if you don't specify a partition on install03:16
holsteinit just doesnt use swap03:16
holsteinyou have no swap03:16
urlin2uI use a sdhc card at times for swap if I. actually using maxing the ram I have the swappness set to 10 though, thta workd better haveing it off the disc.03:16
holsteini didnt want swap, writing like that to SD or SSD can wear the drive out03:16
uberbuntuWhat do you do that yo uneed SSD'd? You don't game. Just to make your server faster?03:17
holsteinit came in the EEE03:17
holsteinand i was running installs off of SD cards on there too03:17
holsteineeepc... asus netbook eee90003:18
uberbuntudoes Asus put them i na lot of their netbooks or just the expensiveones?03:19
holsteinhehe... not sure.. this was not an expensive one though03:19
holsteinit was the slower SSD03:20
uberbuntuWhats slow for Solid State? 300Gbps or 600?03:21
uberbuntuProbably 1200Gbps03:21
uberbuntuThats what we call a slow SSD LOL03:21
holsteini forget the specs on this one, but it was nothing like that03:21
uberbuntuWell if o uset up SWAP maybe it doesn't even use it if it doesn't need it? Only when It needs it/03:23
holsteinyeah, i never hit it anyways03:23
holsteinnot on the daily use box03:23
uberbuntuThinking I should set it up in case.03:24
holsteinin case what?03:24
uberbuntuholstein: how much RAM you have on the daily use?03:24
holsteinthis EEEpc came with a gb, but i have 2gb's in it now03:24
uberbuntuI have 2GB o nthis one and the new one, when I build it will start wit h 4GB03:24
uberbuntuIn case I run outa RAM03:25
holsteinim not saying *dont* install swap, im just saying, if you want to reclaim that space, you'll probably never notice its not there03:25
holsteinsharing swap would be the way to go03:25
uberbuntuI am sure if you run low on RAM Linux won't freeze like Winblows but may slow down, I don't know. I'v only ran linux thus far from live cd's03:26
bodhizazenAnyone in here interested in an irc tutorial on iptables ?03:27
uberbuntuI would definately share. Thinking that subsequent linux install may auto see the SWAP file and link to it anyway.03:27
holstein#fedora-classroom bodhizazen ?03:27
* holstein is interested03:28
holsteini thought i had missed it03:28
bodhizazenHey everyone, there is going to be an IPtables class in #fedora-classroom on 2011-09-15 at 2100UTC -- see http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom for more info and classes.03:28
holsteinuberbuntu: you'll tell it03:28
bodhizazenThere is a link on that page to an odt document I prepped, the document should help even if you miss the class03:28
bodhizazenDriect link : http://bodhizazen.net/IPTables.odt03:29
uberbuntuthe class is probably good ifyo have a server. I would forget the info by the time I set one up, who knows when03:30
uberbuntuI can't even find time to build a new box.03:30
holsteingrab a screwdriver and do it right now :)03:30
holsteinanways... i gotta run.. GN all03:30
uberbuntureminds me I need some thermal glue in case I decide to overclock one day03:31
bodhizazenuberbuntu, if you want ufer fast, go gentoo03:33
bodhizazenIt took me a month to install and configure gentoo on my netbook , but it is faster then a binary install =)03:33
uberbuntuYeh, I read where Gentoo is not a binary based OS. Right?03:36
uberbuntuWhats better about it and what is it based on?03:36
musegardenYeah, you build everything from source.03:36
bodhizazenIncluding a headache =)03:36
uberbuntuSince I don't write code yet tell me. Does this mean that in a binary based you are writing 1's and 0's all day bit by bit?03:37
musegardenNo, not at all.  A binary is a term for a precompiled package you download and install.03:37
bodhizazenNo, in a binary base you install pre-compiled binaries packaged into .deb or .rpm or whatever the package manager uses03:38
uberbuntuOh, now , hmmm. Even i nbinary based you can get source code right?03:38
bodhizazenIn a source based OS you download the source code (usually C ) and then compile it locally03:38
uberbuntuAnd build from it can't you?03:38
bodhizazenyes, but the source code you get from your package manager is highly patched03:39
musegardenSure, you can build stuff from source if there isn't a binary available, or if you need some special options.03:39
bodhizazenin gentoo or LFS less so03:39
musegardenI explained Gentoo to a friend thus: think about your clothes. You can go buy clothes at a department store and be set, but if you made your own clothes, they would fit you perfectly, be exactly what you wanted, and you'd have the satisfaction of saying you made your own clothes. Of course, its a lot harder to make your own clothes, and you're bound to mess up more than a few times. That's how gentoo is.03:39
bodhizazenGentoo is like growing your own cotton and sheep from which to build the cloths you want03:40
uberbuntuSo if I got this right, even in binary 'package' based you can write from source only the whole OS is more patched?03:41
uberbuntuAnd in essense mor emessy?03:42
uberbuntumore messy03:42
uberbuntuNot exactly what you want and yo uhave so write sloppy sode to match mssy patches?03:42
bodhizazenI think this is a nice page03:43
bodhizazenSee in particular this pat : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Package_management_system#Why_mixing_source_installs_and_packages_is_a_bad_idea03:43
uberbuntuThat explains a lot03:47
uberbuntuDoes linus ditros use C# or is that more an MS thing?03:48
bodhizazenThey use C , just a different C compiler03:48
uberbuntuNot C# though03:49
musegardenC# is a .NET language which is Microsoft, but you can use C# with something called Mono.03:49
uberbuntuLinux should do what MS did and dump all old code and start something new like Cb03:50
uberbuntuor C flat03:50
uberbuntumaybe C-03:50
bodhizazenI do not see mono on that list ^^03:50
musegardenhttp://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page It's an open source implementation of C#03:51
philipballewhey. flash player is giving me no sound in youtube videos? has anyone else seen this error?06:04
philipballewso I can play a flash video but i just cant play a flash video in youtube with any sound...06:35
philipballewdarn you flash06:35
=== Unit193_ is now known as Unit193
=== Akos is now known as Puck`
maryann_hi everyone i have just join the ubuntu community and am glad for the good work that the community is doing.08:40
nlsthznmaryann_: glad to hear and welcome...08:40
coalwaterwelcome maryann_ :P08:41
maryann_thank you for the warm welcome08:42
urlin2umaryann_, hello and ignore the evil organ music in the background. :D08:43
maryann_Currently am working on a community tech project and we are evaluating between using twiki or moimoin for our service,  what advice would you give in making the desicion.08:48
NartalesHello can somebody please help I like to register my PGP key with launchpad but I cant upload it :(08:54
Nartalessry my english isnt that good08:54
Nartalesbut I try to give my best08:55
nlsthznNartales: you have been following the info provided on launchpad?09:02
Nartalesbut I cant sent it to the server09:02
Nartalesbecause there is no option for that in the key and encryption09:03
NartalesI do have my Key and I can sign it and everything09:04
Nartalesbut I cant sync it09:04
Nartalesthere is no option for that09:04
Nartalesonly export into a filde09:04
nlsthznNartales: http://pastebin.com/27t0YXtu ... so you get to the end of this and no luck?09:04
NartalesI cant get to the end09:05
Nartalesbecause there is no remote > Sync and Publish Keys option09:06
Nartalesor maybe I cant see it or find it09:06
Nartalesbut I do see my key09:06
nlsthznNartales: Odd... You are using Ubuntu correct... and you where following the way to make your key as described on the site?09:07
NartalesI did make the key through the terminal because it didnt work through the Password and Encryption Menu09:08
NartalesBut now I can see the Key there09:08
NartalesIts rly odd :)09:08
coalwaterhi Nartales09:09
Nartaleshi coalwater09:09
coalwaterwhat version are u using09:09
nlsthznNartales: sorry, I have no idea... I always have to follow the steps on launchpad to the letter or it doesn't work for me... coalwater will sort you out I am sure :)09:09
coalwaterwhich ubuntu version09:10
Nartales64bit the newest one sorry dont know the number09:10
coalwaterok then 11.0409:10
NartalesI guess so I downloaded it yesterday09:10
coalwateru use seahorse right, the keys and stuff interface09:10
NartalesI use the one that comes with ubuntu09:11
coalwaterremote > sync ?09:12
Nartalesis now option for that or I dont see one09:12
coalwateron the top09:12
coalwaterif u use unity then it's the top panel09:12
coalwaterhover up09:12
coalwaterto see them09:13
coalwateror hold alt if you cant find them09:13
Nartalesahhh yes09:14
NartalesI found it :)09:14
NartalesI have to get used to all of that first sorry :)09:14
Nartalesthx alot09:14
Nartalesalot  to learn but I rly like it :)09:16
nlsthznoh wow... never thought about the menu being hidden >.<09:21
coalwaternlsthzn: u use gnome-classic?09:26
nlsthzncoalwater: no... but seeing as I use Unity I have become aware that the menu isn't always shown... seeing as this is the default ... so I don't even think about it09:27
Nartalesis it possible to always show the menu?09:29
urlin2u Nartales yes in the unity plugin in the compiz configuration manager is a always show.09:37
nlsthznWith GNU/Linux there is always a way :p09:41
Nartaleshehe it looks like :) Iam now fighting to get the new thunderbird running :)09:44
coalwaterwhat was the bzr login syntax?10:00
coalwatercause i forgot how to do launchpad login, i tried bzr lp-login and lp-login alone, neither works10:00
coalwaterok, finally figured it out10:01
ApOgEEhi all10:13
coalwaterhi ApOgEE10:27
head_victim_defyWell done apogee10:29
ApOgEEthanks head_victim_defy10:34
ApOgEEhi coalwater10:34
ApOgEEi'm now official10:34
head_victim_defyWell done10:38
NartalesSo I do have a new problem :)11:18
NartalesI tried do sign the code of conduct but I do get the error that there is no signature11:18
Nartaleswhen I do try open the asc. file11:19
Nartalesniemand eine Idee :)11:30
coalwaterhey Nartales11:35
coalwaterdid u figure it out yet11:36
Nartalesno : (11:38
NartalesI did try it with gpa agent but it didnt work11:39
NoobyMcNoobinsHi guys!13:50
NoobyMcNoobinsI got a nooby question :p13:50
NoobyMcNoobinsI'm trying to put a script into usr/sbin/ but  I don't have permission13:51
NoobyMcNoobinsI've looked for how to get root access, but they all seem to recommend sudo13:53
NoobyMcNoobinsBut I don't know how that would work from gedit save as? :|13:54
axatrikxopen gedit as 'gksudo gedit filename'13:57
coalwaterNoobyMcNoobins: did u figure it out13:58
NoobyMcNoobinsYeap I did thanks guys :D14:05
geirhaShould've adviced him to put it in /usr/local/sbin instead14:34
kosaidpoi wanna reduce my console screens those console when u hit  ctrl+alt + F115:39
kosaidpohow can i do that15:39
geirhakosaidpo: What do you mean by reduce?15:46
kosaidpogeirha: well u can have 7 console by hitin ctrl_alt +F1 till F7 ight so me iwanna have only one15:47
coalwateri dont think you can mess with that, that's something about the OS it self15:47
kosaidpocoalwater: no iread that u can do it15:48
coalwaterok, well i don't know how, it didn't bother me enough to make me look15:49
coalwaterdoes it say how, where it says that you can15:49
geirhaI know how to do it with inittab, but not sure with the new system Ubuntu uses...15:49
coalwatero ok15:50
kosaidpoguys i found out i got the help15:51
geirhaI think you just rename /etc/init/tty[2-6].conf15:52
kosaidpoits in  /etc/default/console-setup  must change active console15:52
geirhaAh, sounds like the proper way.15:53
geirhaYou probably need to run a update-something script after editing it though15:53
kosaidpogeirha: yeh but idk15:54
geirhased -n "/DATE:$(date +%Y%m%d)/,/^SUMMARY:/{/^SUMMARY:/{s///;s/[[:blank:]].*//;p;q; }; }"15:54
philipballewhey. my flash pluggin is making not giving me any sound.16:04
philipballewnevermind, it was muted..........16:08
* philipballew makes a goober boober move16:09
=== bodhizazen is now known as bodhi_zazen
bodhi_zazenpleia2: ping, do you have time for a PM ?16:33
geirhaOh that's where that sed went. Sorry about that. I thought I was in another channel.16:33
pleia2bodhi_zazen: sure16:35
tvaldesI need help with fstab (I believe). There are 3 drives that I swap in and out of a swap drive bay. I would set it up to auto mount sda1 or sdb1... but it's not always the same for some reason (I believe due to a new raid controller). So I have 3 seperate lines mounting the UUID's to the same point. The problem is if the first one isn't present, it gives an error on boot and never mounts. If I sudo mount -a, it works but sho17:32
sluckxzis there a kernel.org mirror?19:10
urlin2usluckxz, I saw a web announcement that linux.org was compromised, the repairs are going on I doubt if there were any mirrors that they would be up ethier.19:14
Bipul i cant see my pendrive in my desktop as a icon in ubuntu10.1020:02
simiusHowdy Ubuntu Beginners21:21
simiusHow would I create a symbolic link so that the files in one directory appear to show up in another directory?21:26

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