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LaibschCan somebody with at least dual-head monitor setup please verify that bug 379382 affects oneiric as well?10:28
* Laibsch guesses the 8th is long past10:30
LaibschA channel op please update the topic10:31
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AlexqwCan someone take a look at bug 815895?  There's already a fix released upstream by Debian and I'm willing to test out packages.13:58
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AlexqwWhich channel should I be in to talk with someone about an apt bug?14:25
trinikronoAlexqw: well this should be the place14:26
trinikronoif you are pasting bugs if you have to put the whole url14:26
trinikronoubot is not working :((14:26
Alexqwahh, ok.14:26
AlexqwThis is the bug in question: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/81589514:26
trinikronoAlexqw: you reported the bug or are trying to triage it?14:30
Alexqwtriage it14:31
AlexqwYeah, this bug seems to keep on being re-introduced14:32
AlexqwLucid is affected by a similar bug that won't be fixed due to an ABI break14:32
AlexqwSo it's a bit frustrating to see it reintroduced in natty14:32
AlexqwI'm willing to do whatever legwork is necessary to help fix this14:35
trinikronoAlexqw: you have repo with files so big to test?14:36
Alexqwyeah, but it is internal.  We're deploying this software in a private repo since it's research software that doesn't have a license to redistribute it14:37
AlexqwI've already bumped it up to the compression, which was fine for lucid since the bug was a problem for files over 2.5 GB14:38
Alexqwbut apparently this natty bug rears its head at a lower value.  My package is 2.1GB14:38
trinikronogreat, would you be willing to test this in oneiric14:41
trinikronoi see they are using14:41
trinikronoapt | 0.8.16~exp5ubuntu714:41
trinikronoand natty had apt |
Alexqwummmm.... yeah, I'll setup a VM real quick14:42
Alexqwgive me a bit14:42
trinikronoyou know how to use rmadison Alexqw?14:42
trinikronowell about it14:42
Alexqwhavn't heard of rmadison14:42
trinikronoyou can type like rmadison <package name>14:42
trinikronoand it tells you the version of the package14:43
trinikronoin the different ubuntu releases14:43
trinikronoso you can see if the version changed14:43
Alexqwahh, that is nice14:43
trinikronoif it works in oneiric we will put it as fix released14:43
Alexqwok.  and then we can discuss backporting to natty?14:43
trinikronothey are pages that deals with those but most of time it can be very difficult14:44
trinikronolet me show you14:44
Alexqwyeah, I know SRUs can be a pain14:44
trinikronosince it is a SRU and not a backport14:46
Alexqwwent through the same thign for this bug in Lucid, and the conclusion was no14:46
trinikronowell test in oneiric and see if it gets lucky14:46
Alexqwyeah, it'll take me a few minutes14:47
trinikronoso it worked maverick?14:47
trinikronoin maverick?14:47
Alexqwno idea14:47
AlexqwMy lab is all on lucid, except for two machines which will be on natty14:47
Alexqwthey have to be natty for driver reasons14:47
AlexqwWe prefer riding the LTS releases, but it's not always an option14:48
trinikronook so which version of ubuntu was working?14:48
trinikronosince you said lucid did not work also14:48
Alexqwwell Lucid has a bug that caps it at 2.5 GB, which will not be fixed, but I worked aroudn the problem by going crazy with compression14:49
Alexqwnatty has a different bug, that makes it even lower14:49
AlexqwIt shoudl work it maverick, but I havn't tried it14:49
trinikronoi understand now14:49
trinikronolook at this14:51
trinikronoin the debian bug report14:51
trinikronoit says that the version which is fixed is this one  apt (0.8.16~exp3) experimental; urgency=low14:52
trinikronoand that is one that oneiric has14:52
trinikronoso you would be testing the correct version :))14:52
Alexqwyeah, installing,s o we'll find out14:53
trinikronook goodluck i am heading off to work, i hope someone from bugcontrol comes online and takes it from there14:53
Alexqwalright.  thanks for your help14:53
AlexqwI appreciate it14:54
trinikronoi subscribed to the bug :D14:54
bdmurraynigelb: are you around?15:38
nigelbbdmurray: yes15:38
bdmurrayI've always thought it'd be neat to show the bug title on mouseover.  Like in the description of bug 84391115:39
nigelbIt is certainly possible with javascript. I'll look to see how that can be done :)15:40
bdmurrayso you'd mouseover 743359 and it'd tell you what its title is15:40
bdmurraynigelb: cool, thanks!15:41
nigelbbdmurray: bug 849121 :)16:00
nigelbHrm, no bot? :(16:03
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bil21alom26er: can u tell me how can i get full command on sudo service command which is used in terminal is there any notes that should read ??16:58
om26eri dont understand what you mean16:59
om26eryou might want to ask in the channel without me referred so everyone could answer16:59
bdmurrayman service might tell you something17:00
bdmurraydoes anybody miss the greasemonkey script for adding tags to a bug report?17:00
bil21ali think that u are a good triager and i  have seen ur bugs i think u shouldknw that but u cant ok its ok om26er:17:01
bil21alany body else know about sudo service ,that command we use in termial like sudo apt-get.... can  any body tell me about its notes or ant data??17:03
bil21alany data17:05
micahgbil21al: man sudo17:06
bil21almicahg r u asking or telling me something???17:07
bdmurrayHe's telling you to use the command 'man sudo' in a terminal17:08
hggdhbdmurray: yes, I do miss it17:09
JoshuaLCan someone set the importance of bug 847078 to low please?17:10
LaibschCan somebody with at least dual-head monitor setup please verify that bug 379382 affects oneiric as well?17:19
om26erseems the bot is on vacation?17:34
JoshuaLSo it seems17:34
ExodusGood evening17:35
ExodusI recently requested to join the BugSquad17:35
ExodusI'm looking for mentoring17:35
ExodusI assume that is the procedure for joining17:36
kristopherHi. Just curious who's using 11.10 beta 1 and if they have experienced (ICS) Internet Connection Sharing issues when sharing through LAN????18:28
kristopher11.04 worked well but I jumped ahead to the beta of 11.10 just to see what works and what dosent on one of my computers. ICS is giving me problems and want to see if the development community is aware of it since there arent a whole lot of people out there anymore that use ICS.18:30
kristopherany tips on whether the beta is missing something or ware to report would be grateful18:30
lgp171188Suggesting that the importance of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/848115 to be set to high if it is confirmed by users other than the janitor who already has. Thanks.18:31
JoshuaLI can confirm that bug so it should indeed be set to high.18:44
bdmurrayJoshuaL: if you can confirm it can you comment on that bug to that effect?18:53
bdmurrayDoes the fact that hggdh want the button tagging fix justify a lot of work or not ....18:54
hggdhbdmurray: well, it does *not*, of course :-)18:55
JoshuaLbdmurray, sorry but what do you mean? (english is not my first language).18:55
bdmurrayJoshuaL: add a comment to the bug saying you can confirm it18:56
kristopherhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/849297 can anyone look into this and confirm it. this is my first bug with ubuntu havent reported the log yet but its for 11.10 beta 1 it involves ICS18:56
kristopherlet me know if theres anything wrong with the post18:56
bdmurrayhggdh: damn because I did it19:04
bdmurraymaybe I just won't commit it19:05
hggdhbdmurray: why, thank you, kind sir19:05
hggdhkristopher: not enough data... let's get it right, shall we?19:07
kristopherill add the log19:08
hggdhmore than than. I am unsure on which machine is running what; I understand one of them is a wireless connection, the other wired to the first; so the wireless machine is doing the ICS, correct?19:09
hggdhso. Which one keeps losing the connection? the wireless, or the wired?19:10
kristopheryes the wireless computer handles ics via ethernet but the wireless computer reports the error19:10
hggdhOK. So you might want to collect the network-manager logs for the wireless machine, and add them to the bug19:11
kristopherthe wireless computer in which ics is set has the issue19:11
hggdhOK. I just adjusted the bug's package to network-manager -- 'ubuntu19:12
hggdh' is really not correct19:12
hggdhso now please run, after you see the issue happening, 'apport-collect 849297'19:13
kristopherok i got it set i connected ethernet it said wired connection established now its going nuts saying wired connection connected and disconnected19:13
kristopherhow do i grab the log19:14
hggdhkristopher: run, from a terminal, 'apport-collect 849297'19:14
kristopherit used to give me an error now i need to get it via terminal not sure of the comd19:14
hggdhkristopher: and I set the bug to private, until you check there is no private data shown19:15
kristopheri just sent the data19:17
kristopherhow does it look hggdh i sent the data and would u recommend making it public it is showing an error19:19
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bil21alany body tell me how to unsubcribe the ubuntu questions??19:57
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nigelbbdmurray: HA. I think I'll end up fixing the bug today. But I need to write javascript tests which is yucky.20:49
nigelbbdmurray: It works \o/ https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/launchpad/bug-title-849121/+merge/7526722:27
nigelbI need to make it prettier and not kill kittens, but it works :D22:27
bdmurrayRedSingularity: please don't tag bugs bugpattern-written until the pattern is committed ... or did you not do that?23:15
RedSingularitybdmurray: I did do that with one.  Which bug?23:17
bdmurraybug 84536523:17
RedSingularityno bot today?23:18
bdmurrayI guess its on holiday23:18
bdmurrayhggdh: do you know who handles the bug bot?23:18
RedSingularitylol let me look23:18
bdmurrayWell it was either you or the bzr plugin and if you aren't using the plugin ....23:18
RedSingularitybdmurray: yeah it was me.  So dont tag it until you approve the merge?23:19
bdmurrayRedSingularity: I wrote a bzr plugin that handles the tagging automatically so I will just do it23:20
RedSingularitybdmurray: very good.  Thanks for the heads up.23:20
bdmurraythere pattern merged \o/23:21
RedSingularitygreat :)23:22
bdmurrayOh and master bug for a pattern shouldn't be private as people wouldn't be able to see it.23:24
hggdhbdmurray: no, I do not know who handles the bot nowadays, unfortunately. I do not even know *which* bot is on (or should be on)23:25
charlie-tcaShould be ubot2, and it is broken today23:26
hggdhit is off, actually.23:26
bdmurrayhggdh: you should write a new one then23:26
hggdhcharlie-tca: thank you sir23:26
* hggdh flees23:26
charlie-tcaI agree with bdmurray23:26
* hggdh digs a deep hole, and jumps in23:27
charlie-tcahggdh: you are welcome. The bot owners been trying to fix it all day23:28
hggdhcharlie-tca: who are they? Which channel? so that I will know where to knock next time23:29
charlie-tca#ubuntu-irc or #ubuntu-ops23:29
hggdhthank you23:29
tsimpsonif ubot2 ever comes back, just /kick ubot5 out23:33
hggdhtsimpson: thank you, will do23:33
charlie-tcatsimpson: thank you very much23:34
hggdh6~/me tests23:36
hggdhbug 84536523:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 845365 in zeitgeist (Ubuntu) "zeitgeist-daemon crashed with RuntimeError in _check_index_and_start_worker(): basic_string::append" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84536523:36
trinikronogreat ubot came back :D23:46
trinikronohggdh: if you are still there, i have a few things : the first being i believe i was expired from the mentorship group lol, Secondly i sent in my bugcontrol application finally but i havent heard back i responded to a email i got about it23:51
hggdhtrinikrono: yes, I saw your response email -- it is in my list of Things To Do; I should get there this evening, or tomrrow morning23:52
hggdhtrinikrono: and for the mentorship, I do not think you need it...23:52
trinikronoabout the mentorship group though i have a few ideas23:52
trinikronofor global jam23:53
hggdhcan you please email them to me? I want to collate all answers, and republish them23:53
trinikronobecause i cant email the list anymore i believe23:53
* hggdh goes AFK for 20 min -- watering the lawn, with temps above 40C outside...23:54
hggdhyeah. Go live in Dallas, fantastic city. Yeah.23:54
* charlie-tca is thinking at least he still has buildings standing...23:56
* trinikrono my country is under a state of emergency lol23:57

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