mhall119popey: maybe under the new gnome control center?00:27
pleia2cjohnston: apparently only you get the user-days-team emails now since you're the team owner, can you forward me any that you've received? (lyz@ubuntu.com)01:54
pleia2should be at least two of them, one from magicfab and one from bkerensa01:55
pleia2want to make sure we haven't lost any, that was the class submission method we had documented, but launchpad has changed since our last user days (part of their "people hate email from launchpad" crusade, sigh)01:55
pleia2cjohnston: yes! thank you01:57
pleia2should be one from magicfab last week too, and maybe others?01:57
pleia2while you're at it if you could transfer ownership of the team to myself or nigelb that'd be great01:58
head_victimpleia2: nice email timing05:48
pleia2awful timing, sorry for taking so long05:49
pleia2I saw your email and went "oh no, that's today!"05:49
head_victimIt's ok, I realise proxies probably aren't acceptable either I more just wanted to find a way forward with a list of applicants that dates back over a year.05:49
pleia2replying to your email now (not addressing proxies, just the backlog issue)05:50
head_victimNo worries, thanks.05:50
head_victimI assume the meeting is meant to be tonight, the only mention of meeting times I can see is 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month but no documented meetings since March.05:51
pleia2yeah, APAC is kinda a mess right now05:51
head_victimSomeone needs to find a cure for "real life" :)05:52
pleia2indeed :)05:52
pleia2most boards meet once a month, it would probably be worthwhile for you to start a thread to re-evaluate when people are available and adjust the schedule accordingly05:53
head_victimI don't mind doing some admin work on the board just don't want to barge in my first day and appear to be attempting to "take over".05:53
head_victimWell we'll see how the attendance is tonight. If it doesn't work out I'll shoot an email in the next few days.05:53
pleia2I wouldn't worry about that, I'll help you out as I can05:53
pleia2but right now my dinner has arrived :)05:53
head_victimI need to head to work soon myself, love nightshifts. Cheerio05:54
AlanBellpopey: Daviey: bug 84833606:03
ubot2`Launchpad bug 848336 in unity "screensaver is behind the unity dash so impossible to unlock" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84833606:03
jonomorning dpm06:25
dpmhey jono06:25
dpmgood morning all06:25
dpmhey nigelb, have you had the chance to start looking at writing that "Getting started with Python" tutorial?06:44
nigelbdpm: Not yet, but I'll look this wweek.07:01
dpmcool, thanks nigelb!07:02
jussidpm: did you get sorted?07:31
dpmjussi, yeah, tsimpson helped me out, thanks for checking out :)07:32
jussigreat :)07:32
dholbachgood morning07:39
dpmhey dholbach, good morning :)07:44
dholbachhola dpm07:45
kim0Morning folks07:58
dpmhey kim0 :)08:01
kim0dpm: hey man :)08:01
dpmmorning :)08:07
kim0dholbach_ in a bouncy state ?08:08
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
ejatmorning all ..08:19
czajkowskidesktop still wont boot into normal desktop still have to go to unity 2d09:10
popeyczajkowski: can you create a new user and try to get into unity that way?09:17
popeysee if its a user specific thing09:17
czajkowskiwill try09:21
czajkowskipposame thing with a new user also09:26
dpmdoes anyone know how to type the Ubuntu logo using the Ubuntu font? I can't remember the key combination...10:05
head_victim_defyAny membership board members around that wouldn't mind helping asia oceania tonight? were one short.10:13
czajkowskiI just said I was in there10:13
head_victim_defySorry on a portions typing is slow10:15
dpmIf anyone is interested, I just found it: Shift+Ctrl+u, then release and type e0ff10:19
dholbacha bit tiny :)10:19
dpmyeah, but it looks quite cool with bigger font sizes :)10:21
nigelbdpm: Nice find.10:36
nigelbLooks great on big sizes10:36
dpmyou're not looking at a dead pixel on your screen , it's the ubuntu logo!10:42
AlanBellit is used on the superkey of onboard :)10:52
jussihead_victim_defy: what time?10:58
jussioh looks like it hapened already.11:00
jussiMeh, maybe next time.11:00
dholbachdpm, you're famous: http://www.thevarguy.com/2011/09/12/canonical-focuses-efforts-on-engaging-independent-developers/11:15
kim0dpm: yay :)11:19
dakernigelb, bug 84877811:28
ubot2`Launchpad bug 848778 in launchpad "Launchpad has ugly fonts under Konqueror" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84877811:28
nigelbdaker: I saw.11:33
nigelbI'll probably look at it when I get home.11:33
nigelbI couldn't reproduce on my machine so I'll try to run sid in a vm.11:33
=== salgado_ is now known as salgado
dpmdholbach, ah, thanks, I hadn't seen it, cool :). I'm not too sure about becoming famous. If you remember not too long ago when I offered to do a talk the response I got was "sorry, but we were expecting Mark Shuttleworth" :)12:16
jussidpm: famous !=wanted :P13:03
dholbachdpm, you can't compete with a cosmonaut - did you expect that? :)13:04
dpmjussi, in that case I was !famous & !wanted ;)13:05
dpmdholbach, no I wasn't expecting to compete. It was one of those I-know-which-reply-I'm-going-to-get moments :)13:18
* dholbach hugs dpm13:18
* dpm hugs dholbach :)13:18
jcastrojames_w: ok so stephen-doel can't seem to log into summit14:26
jcastroany ideas?14:26
jcastrojames_w: I should just be able to reset his password for him right?14:36
james_wjcastro, I've fixed it14:44
james_whe didn't know to login before going to the admin area14:45
=== salgado is now known as salgado-lunch
jcastrooh ok14:49
jcastrothanks for that.14:49
jcastroI gave him all the proper permissions and showed him the page to edit for the tracks14:49
james_wyep, I'm working with him to get it all set up14:52
james_wthanks for the help14:52
jonodholbach, setting up thw G+ hangout now14:58
dholbachjono, can you give me 2 minutes? I'm still sorting out a few bits re: TB election - talking to 500 people at the same time right now14:59
dholbachI'll tell them to bugger off, ok?14:59
* czajkowski hugs dholbach 14:59
jonodholbach, np14:59
* dholbach hugs you all back15:02
jcastrodo we have a call?15:07
jcastrooh nm, it's _tuesday_15:07
PiciI thought it was Wednesday today.15:08
czajkowskino then I'd have missed my first day at work and I'd be rather pissed15:08
=== salgado-lunch is now known as salgado
jonodholbach, creating the hangout16:00
dholbachjono, ok, can't see it yet, but I'll join as soon as it's there16:02
kim0hmm .. any idea if I can revert to an earlier version of http://pad.ubuntu.com/serverguide ? someone seems to have deleted some info16:22
jcastrothere's a slider thinger16:22
jcastrohmm, where did it go16:23
jcastrokim0: does hitting undo a bunch of times work?16:23
kim0jcastro: hmm doesn't seem to work now16:24
kim0I hope I wasn't expected to manually click "save a version"16:24
jcastroit like auto takes versions16:25
jcastrolooks like just the UI is missing16:25
jcastroAlanBell: ^^^16:25
nigelbjcastro: looking16:25
nigelbkim0: http://pad.ubuntu.com/ep/pad/view/serverguide/latest16:26
kim0nigelb: woohoo! nice16:26
nigelbJust remember the magic URL16:26
AlanBellwe should put that link on the summit pages16:26
nigelbAlanBell: already in.16:26
jcastroor maybe just have it off for UDS16:27
jcastrobut on during normal working hours of the cycle16:27
jcastrobut whatevs16:27
nigelbkim0: When in doubt, visit pad.ubuntu-uk.org and find the magic URL. the buttons are available there.16:27
AlanBellwe could put the button back in the pad16:27
kim0nigelb: thanks man .. this is great16:27
nigelbAlanBell: I'd rrather have it hidden from trolls.16:28
AlanBellbut it was a hastily knocked together theme for summit integration and we wanted to rip most of it out for simplicity16:28
AlanBellit is fairly harmless for trolls16:28
nigelbNot like they can do much anyway16:28
nigelbAlanBell: Keep it simple16:28
nigelbexposing from summit seems okay for DUS16:28
nigelberr UDS16:28
AlanBellwhat would be ideal is to fix the content type of the HTML download so it just displays a static page16:29
nigelbYeah.That needs deep digging though.16:30
AlanBellthen in theory summit could iframe the static page if you are not logged in to summit and the editable page if you are16:30
nigelbAlanBell: But that doesn't stop people from editing it directly on pad.ubuntu.com16:30
AlanBellno, but they would have to do more thinking than I believe they are capable of16:31
nigelbjcastro: Hi16:31
nigelbjcastro: Is there a way we can let everyone at UDS know how to restore a pad that has been spammed?16:31
nigelbUDS mailing list?16:31
nigelbOr do you want me to give you a blurb you can mail everyone?16:31
kim0nigelb: any better idea to reverting than to copy/paste the old text back ? :)16:32
AlanBellkim0: no, that is how you do it16:32
jcastrocurrently -devel is the "UDS mailing list"16:32
AlanBellthe "save" button just puts a * on the timeline16:32
kim0mm .. that'd loose the colors n stuff .. ok I guess16:32
jcastroif you make an etherpad wiki page with the tips and tricks I can just add it to UDS mails16:32
jcastrothat way you have them all on one place16:32
nigelbI think I'll do that.16:32
jcastroor dude. ... I know16:32
jcastroyou know how you guys prefill text in the pad?16:32
jcastroadd a link there16:32
nigelbAlanBell: Did you work on the prefilling?16:33
jcastro"Make sure you check the _instructions_ on how to use this pad" or whatever16:33
AlanBellyou expect me to remember how I did it?16:33
nigelbAlanBell: I think I know. Need to look at the source.16:34
nigelbIts something in the theme16:34
nigelbAlanBell: still have the source for your theme?16:39
nigelbAlanBell: Anyway, we should just start an etherpad with tips16:39
nigelbPeople - help by adding more questions! http://pad.ubuntu.com/Etherpad16:46
akgranernigelb, ok I added my two quetions :-)  If I think of more I'll add them16:50
nigelbakgraner: I answered one, I just PM'd you about the other one ;)16:50
* AlanBell isn't convinced that hitting the save button often is a good idea16:54
nigelbAlanBell: why not?16:54
nigelbAlanBell: Maybe we should say at the end of the session instead?16:54
AlanBellhttp://pad.ubuntu.com/ep/pad/view/serverguide/latest <- because it isn't useful16:55
nigelbAlanBell: Edit as you feel necessary16:56
akgranerwhich is why I suugested - designated someone to do that so a 35 people aren't doing it all at the same til or everyone else thinks someone else is doing it and no one does it at all16:56
AlanBellno one at all is fine :)16:56
akgranerThat will be a hard habit for me to break - I click save each time I finish with something16:57
mhall119awesome: http://ubuntuone.com/1R7CeImjtAYjMVPk1Ozp7616:57
AlanBellyou can hit save still, but it is a comfort blanket thing on etherpad really16:57
nigelbmhall119: WOAH.16:58
nigelbmhall119: Got it for your kids?16:58
mhall119uh...yeah...for the kids17:02
AlanBellsrc/themes/default/templates/misc/pad_default.ejs:15:put your session notes here17:05
AlanBellthat will be where the default is set17:05
AlanBelland yeah, I have the source17:06
jcastrohey james_w17:14
james_whi jcastro17:14
jcastrojames_w: These blueprints should just be able to be imported right?17:14
james_wjcastro, the linaro-summits ones that I guess Stephen just pinged you about?17:14
jcastrook I'm confused17:15
jcastroI thought you guys were going to make your own sprint page?17:15
james_wthat's not decided yet17:15
jcastroso like, you would propose the blueprints to that sprint and accept them17:15
jcastrook, well, that needs to be decided before the blueprints are submitted!17:15
james_wbecause summit only imports from one LP sprint for each summit17:15
nigelbwe could run two instances of summit17:16
nigelbbut that'd mean twice the trouble :)17:16
james_wnigelb, then we can't share attendees17:16
nigelbjames_w: oh.right.17:16
nigelbLDS and UDS is separate but not really separate :)17:16
jcastroI don't think breaking scheduling for both conferences is worth all this minimal branding17:16
james_wjcastro, I'm not sure that it has to be decided before we do the first few does it?17:17
nigelbCan we just delete summit and start over?17:17
jcastrook so17:18
jcastrowe have those 2 blueprints17:18
jcastrois it possible to like run the importer once to see if it works?17:18
james_wI've just been doing that17:18
james_wit's found a small issue with Launchpad, but it's basically working17:19
james_wwell, the issue with LP is getting bigger by the minute :-)17:19
james_wif you want the separate sprint thing sorted before we do this then I can work on that17:19
jcastrook so are they supposed to be on the schedule?17:20
nigelbI thought we confirmed the blueprint was actually gone before deleting it.17:20
jcastrothe blueprints?17:20
mhall119james_w: you also can't share rooms between summits17:20
james_wmhall119, well, we're not sharing rooms this time :-)17:20
mhall119oh, ok17:20
james_wjcastro, I haven't scheduled them yet. I can if you lik17:20
nigelbso, our only block is attendees?17:20
james_wnigelb, detecting when someone is supposed to be in two places at once17:21
mhall119which means it's got to go through slots17:21
mhall119presumably linaro summit would have a separate set of Slots17:21
james_wso that for instance Ricardo can attend UDS sessions without risking clashes with Connect sessions17:21
nigelband you as well :)17:21
mhall119james_w isn't allowed at UDS sessions, it's just easier that way ;)17:22
james_wI'm all about UDS17:22
nigelbWhat he really means is - he's all about the beer at UDS :P17:23
mhall119Linaro doesn't have beer?17:23
nigelbHrm, cjohnston did have linaro beer.17:23
mhall119I thought he had linary BBQ17:24
mhall119I don't know why, but my fingers have decided to type linary every time17:24
nigelbmhall119: Can we write summit from scratch? Pretty please?17:24
mhall119nigelb: knock yourself out17:24
mhall119but we aren't gonna use it17:24
nigelbI'll bribe Daviey to deploy it :P17:25
mhall119james_w: what's your default shell name?17:25
mhall119nigelb: I'm getting Daviey off from server access17:25
jcastrojames_w: ok so when he says he wants the schedule ready by wednesday ....17:25
james_wmhall119, on Canonical?17:25
dholbachalright, I call it a day17:25
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:25
jcastroand you've got them importing that shouldn't be a problem right?17:25
nigelbg'nite dholbach :)17:25
jussilaters dholbach17:25
mhall119james_w: I'm going to add you to my ec2 testing instance of summit17:25
nigelbmhall119: oh. ok.17:25
mhall119g'night dholbach17:25
james_wmhall119, jw2328 is my default17:26
james_wjcastro, yeah, he actually means last Friday...17:26
* jussi waves to Mr Westby17:26
jcastrojames_w: oh well, if you can import them I can schedule them now if you want.17:27
nigelbpopey: Why does this make me think of you "Why fill yourself up with love when you can do it with tea?"17:27
james_wyou can't have a session that spans a break17:27
jcastrohah no17:27
jcastroof course not17:27
james_wjcastro, that's ok, Stephen is going to schedule them17:27
jcastroyou need to make a session for each block17:27
jcastropart 117:27
dholbachnight everyone17:27
jcastropart 217:27
jcastropart 317:27
jcastroand then put them in the right order17:27
james_wit will likely disappear in a minute17:29
jcastroat least it works!17:29
nigelb(for now)17:29
mhall119james_w: you should be able to ssh into ec2-50-16-76-22.compute-1.amazonaws.com17:29
james_wmhall119, thanks17:29
mhall119it's running the latest trunk of summit, so not what's in production17:30
nigelbwhere's crabbytag?17:34
czajkowskinigelb: calling him that isn't likely to get him to join in here any more17:38
jcastrodid I miss some drama?17:40
nigelbjcastro: Yeah, the bit where he applied for DM last night :)17:41
nigelb(j/k) :D17:41
mhall119I hope he gets it17:41
nigelbI'm fairly sure he'll get it. Ever since I've known him he's been doing something on Debian.17:42
czajkowskihe's going more than way than ubuntu from now on17:42
czajkowskibut still keeping on the LC17:42
akgranerOh this camera/headset combination is going to kill me...I can get one or the other to work but not both at the same time....grrr....that's all...:-)17:48
jcastroI got a new camera18:00
jcastrobut don't use a headset18:00
* czajkowski is like a kid here, have her bag packed for work tomrrow with all her bits and bobs, stuff for id, and list of questions ready to ask 18:13
czajkowskipleia2: scared shitless tbh, never done anything like this before, and it's only a 4 month contract but still18:22
czajkowski2 other people started as well this week, 1 monday, 1 today and me tomorrow18:22
pleia2you'll be great18:23
pleia2new jobs scare me too, I need to stop switching careers18:23
mhall119+1, new starts are lways scary18:42
jcastroAlanBell: hey are you on one eyed rick?19:12
czajkowskiis that some sort of ride19:12
czajkowskisounds awfully painful19:12
jcastroif you want a working computer or not19:12
czajkowskioh I do19:13
czajkowskibut I don't have one exactly19:13
czajkowskimuch screaming and swearing at mine for the last 24hrs19:13
czajkowskinow I have chocolate so a lot happier19:13
jcastroman I could have used that the other day19:16
czajkowskitrying to take over from skyscanner19:17
czajkowskibut that only works for USA19:17
AlanBelljcastro: in virtualbox I am breaking things19:17
czajkowskithe goog one19:17
AlanBellI think oneiric is going to be awesome in another 6 months or so19:18
jcastroAlanBell: hey can you try something for me19:19
jcastroyou know in 11.0419:19
jcastrothe little |> expander thing in the dash19:19
jcastrois yours broken in 11.10?19:19
jcastroI click on it and it doesn't collapse the dash19:20
AlanBellhmm, not sure what you mean quite19:20
jcastroin the home dash19:22
jcastrothere's like a little house19:22
jcastrothen "Shortcuts"19:22
AlanBellin the main dash there is a twistie next to Shortcuts19:22
jcastroand then an expando matic thing19:22
jcastrodoes that work for you?19:22
AlanBellclick it and it goes away and does nothing19:22
jcastroso it's not just me19:22
jcastrocool, let me file a bug19:22
jcastrowhat is the UI name for that expander thing?19:23
AlanBellwell in Lotus land they are called twisties19:23
AlanBellthe original name for them was "hinkie dinkie"19:24
AlanBellwhich is what happens when programmers name things19:24
* Pici blinks19:24
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 849334 in unity "Dash "twistie" doesn't work, making it impossible to collapse the dash" [Undecided,New]19:25
jcastroAlanBell: can you confirm that pls?19:25
AlanBelltried this one yet? https://launchpad.net/bugs/84833619:27
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 848336 in unity "screensaver is behind the unity dash so impossible to unlock" [Undecided,New]19:27
* AlanBell greps the unity bugs for "impossible to"19:27
jcastroanything with window stacking order is probably doomed19:28
jcastrowanna try something awesome?19:28
jcastroclick on an empty desktop19:28
jcastroso that the nautilus menu is in the app menu19:28
jcastrothen click on file19:28
jcastroand select "New Tab"19:28
nigelbDoes it crash horribly?19:29
jcastroit's hard to explain19:29
jcastromore like, devil possession19:29
AlanBellso it kind of draws nautilus on the background then decides it is a bad idea and spawns a window19:30
nigelbjcastro: lol19:30
AlanBelland zooming out you can see the tabs "Loading..."19:30
AlanBelland you can switch between the tabs!19:31
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 849075 in nautilus "Desktop menubar should not have "open new tab"" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:33
AlanBelltabbed desktops could be really rather good19:33
AlanBelljcastro: you can right click on the tabs and close them to leave yourself back on the desktop19:36
jcastroAlanBell: ok I asked mterry and he recommended to assign it to pedro19:53
jcastroso I did19:53
AlanBellwhat are you feeding the cloud people!19:55
AlanBellyou too could run a shared cut down tuxpaint with just 6 large instances on EC219:56
jcastrojono: you were most correct sir20:39
jcastroDiamond Head ftw.20:39
jonojcastro, :-)20:41
jcastroalso here's a bonus20:42
jcastrowhen crazy man King Diamond left Mercyful Fate20:42
jcastrothe dual guitarists started their own band called Force of Evil20:42
jcastrowhich I am hoping is basically the jamming of MF without the crack head.20:42
jcastrobut it's behind my new 2 disc Diamond Head anthology .... \m/20:43
cjohnstonjono: ping21:14
jonocjohnston, yo21:15
cjohnstonmhall119: :-P21:15
jonojcastro, :-)21:15
cjohnstonjono: need some help with rt 17895... This is to have summit stable for UDS.. They have a deadline of Oct 1... Which doesn't give us much further troubleshooting time if this doesnt work.21:16
jonocjohnston, what is the issue in the RT?21:16
jonohave a link?21:16
jonothanks cjohnston21:17
jonoone sec21:17
cjohnstonthe issue is just the deadline IS assigned to it does not provide much cusion for trying other things if that idea doesnt work21:18
jonocjohnston, what would you like me to do here?21:18
jonoescalate it?21:18
cjohnstonPush for a deadline sooner than oct 1 for them to complete the RT?21:19
jonosurely a month should be enough?21:19
jonoUDS starts on the 31st21:19
nigelbjono: What that RT describes is steps to get more info.21:20
nigelbNot how to fix.21:20
nigelbWe have no idea what's going wrong yet.21:20
jononigelb, why don't you guys respond to the ticket to outline this first21:20
jonoand ask them to provide a sooner deadline21:20
nigelbHrm. Okay.21:20
jononigelb, it would premature of me to escalate when you guys haven't provided this feedback yet :-)21:21
jonojcastro, listening to the new Maiden again21:22
jonobeen a while21:22
jononigelb, cjohnston provide feedback about your concerns to the RT and if it doesn't get any resolution, I will escalate21:22
cjohnstonthanks jono21:23
jonothanks, fellas21:23
jcastrocjohnston: nigelb21:24
* cjohnston hides21:25
jcastrohey you can ask james_w for juice too21:25
jcastrosince they actually started scheduling already21:25
nigelbjcastro: He already fixed one bug :P21:25
jcastroright, I'm just saying, "also affects linaro" is a good way to get attention to a problem21:25
jcastrotheoretically they'll have a bunch of sessions imported by tomorrow21:26
james_wjono, you should escalate along with that feedback going in the ticket21:26
nigelbheh, yes. Now we know james_w's weakness, we'll fully exploit it.21:26
james_w(from experience)21:26
james_wbut yeah, that should have been written in the ticket before now, and it might not have reached this point21:26
jonojames_w, escalate what? sorry I didn't understand what you mean21:26
james_wjono, escalate the RT ticket21:27
james_wto emphasise that it is important to Ubuntu to have the earlier deadline21:27
jcastrothat is a good idea21:28
james_wwaiting a week to do it means that that it can only be bought forward by up to 10 days at that point21:28
james_wproviding clear, early information about importance and deadlines is better all around21:29
jcastroplus we need the slack room from when summit decides to do whatever undeterministic higgs-boson maneuver that will cause us all to want to kill ourselves.21:29
jonojames_w, oh I see, agree totally21:30
jcastrobut hey, now that we removed the periods from the track names ....21:30
jcastroWHAT CAN GO WRONG NOW.21:30
mhall119jcastro: not this cycle21:30
mhall119jcastro: as long as you stay out of the admin21:30
* cjohnston takes away jcastro's admin access... Summit is fixed!21:30
mhall119and Daviey stays off the production box21:30
nigelbwhen jcastro touches the admin, everthing breaks. When Daviey tests in production, nothing breaks.21:30
jcastroRay, you said crossing the streams was bad.21:30
cjohnstonits when Daviey lets nigelb play on the production box that there are problems21:31
jcastrothis reminds me of that scene in Armageddon21:31
nigelbjcastro broke stuff by just renaming something.21:31
jcastrowith the crazy Russian in the space space station21:31
james_wsee, I just don't tell anyone when I change things in production, then I avoid all the blame :-)21:31
jcastro"That's why I told you touch nothing. But you're bunch of cowboys!"21:32
nigelbThe BEST was the night of linaro dinner.21:32
nigelbDaviey tells me about reschedule.py.  Then james_w tells me about it.21:32
nigelbI'm like "What are you guys talking about? I don't see it here"21:33
jcastro"Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN! "21:33
nigelbI love that scene21:33
jcastro"Also cjohnston is wondering if you can bring back 8 track tapes .... "21:34
* AlanBell thinks the canonical desktop team should go on compulsory orca training21:40
nigelbOr just have their monitors stolen for a day :P21:41
* Daviey perks up21:41
AlanBellit is at least now testable in Oneiric21:41
AlanBellbut *so* full of fail when you try to use unity with it21:42
Davieymhall119: what have i done?21:42
jcastroAlanBell: hey how's your alt-apps thing coming along?21:54
jcastroI'm going to need it at this rate21:55
mhall119Daviey: awstrial is what you did22:04
AlanBelljcastro: well it works just fine, but is an ugly fork of njpatel's code22:13
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AlanBellso is covered in canonical copyrights and I have generally made a mess of it22:13
AlanBellI want to write it again from scratch in python so I actually understand what it does22:14
AlanBellrather than starting with something big and just cutting stuff off22:14
AlanBelland I have no idea how to do packaging22:15
jcastroif you can do the lense I can get you help with the packaging22:16
AlanBellthat would be great22:29
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/unitya11y.ogv I need to record it again, the sound level for orca speaking is completly wrong, but you should get the general idea22:52
james_wjcastro, what does it take to get a sprint registered in Launchpad?22:56
james_wIf I can get this done then we'll likely bug you a lot less :-)22:56
james_wah, https://launchpad.net/sprints/+new22:57
james_wI can do it myself!22:58
james_wnow I just need to bribe a summit hacker to land this change for me22:58
popeyAlanBell: http://lwn.net/Articles/452233/ is a way I use to record screencasts, and it records the audio from the microphone _and_ from the sound card, rather than you recording sound coming out of the speakers and back into the mic. works nicely22:58
AlanBellthanks popey22:59
popeyone day I'll make a nice gui for that23:00
nigelbjames_w: or bribe jcastro to make you a summit hacker ;)23:02
jcastrohe's in23:46
jcastrook, so trello is awesome23:50
jcastrowho's bored and is a GTD/todo geek23:50

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