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ubot2`Ubuntu bug 584324 in grub2 "grub2 fails when being installed in a partition" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:03
Wellarkwho are the maintainers? I can help to fix that16:04
cjwatsonnot sure why it matters who the maintainers are :)16:13
cjwatsonif you have a patch, please do send it16:13
cjwatsonhowever we are *not* going to move to installing to a partition as a general default16:14
cjwatsonbut I don't think the bug is really about that, it's just a side rant the reporter has16:14
cjwatsonI don't have a truecrypt system to test with; perhaps it would be worth attaching details such as --debug output from grub-install, the resulting /boot/grub/grub.cfg, the resulting contents of /boot/grub/, etc.16:15
alleeHi, is there a sort of a --dry-run  way to run ubiquity?  Keyboard variant setting layout in at least the KDE frontend is unusable and I want to test my  changes16:38
alleeunusable means here: the import part of the variant describtion is replaced with '...' :(16:39
cjwatsonnot really, I recommend using a live CD in kvm16:47
alleecjwatson: uhm, okay. Thx16:52

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