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raj-darkmysteryIntel corporation Sandy Brudge Integrated Graphics Controller, no graphics in ubuntu 10.04, nomodeset is also not able to solve the issue :(09:20
Myrttia) this is not a support channel, neither is #ubuntu-offtopic b) crossposting is not polite09:22
nigelbtsimpson: Hi!16:03
tsimpsonnigelb: hello16:04
nigelbDo you by chance know why there isn't an ubottu or one of her clones in #ubuntu-bugs?16:04
tsimpsonI think ubot2` should be in there16:05
tsimpsonjpds: ^ can you fix please?16:05
tsimpsonjpds: also, what happened to ubot4?16:07
Mkaysitsimpson: I think that it was affected by issue which I told you about a long time ago16:08
Mkaysimisc last <censored>16:08
tsimpsonyeah, but it should be back by now16:09
PiciI think pleia2 killed it (according to my logs).16:09
pleia2yeah, ubot4 pinged out and was taking up 100% of the cpu on the server it's on16:10
tsimpsonit's been missing for nearly 4 days16:10
MkaysiJust run "@defaultcapability remove misc.last" and then that issue shouldn't affect you.16:12
tsimpsonno one can run anything without the bot being live :)16:13
MkaysiBut there are ubot2` (which doesn't seem to have NickCapture loaded)  and ubot5 and ubottu .16:15
tsimpsonwell ubot5 and ubottu don't have that problem16:15
MkaysiAnd I am almost sure that they are vulnerable, the command is @misc last --regexp m/(.*\w){512}/16:16
Mkaysiif you want to try it16:16
Mkaysis/if/in case/16:16
tsimpsonthey ignore everyone by default16:16
MkaysiDefaultignore? Well, that is another way to fix it16:17
Mkaysiubot2`: ping16:17
ubot2`another contentless ping... sigh...16:17
Mkaysiubot5: ping16:17
ubot5another contentless ping... sigh...16:17
MkaysiIt seems that at least ubot2` has that problem16:17
MonsterKillerHey, i have the Encyclopedia plugin for factoids, but when someone does like <x> is <Y>  it says "Your edit request has been forwarded to #ubuntu-ops."16:37
MonsterKillerbut i dont want it to16:37
MonsterKilleri wanted it to be a sepercate factoid database that just allowes people to add to it16:37
MonsterKilleris there a way to config it to do that?16:38
micahghi, bot missing in #ubuntu-bugs16:49
IdleOneMonsterKiller: look at supybot.plugins.Encyclopedia.relaychannel16:50
rwwmicahg: which one? your factoid bot?16:50
micahgrww: yes, sorry16:50
rwwjpds: ubot2's missing from #ubuntu-bugs ^^^16:51
MonsterKillerIdleOne, is there a way to make it so that anyone can add factoids. it doesnt have to be requested/approved?17:16
IdleOneMonsterKiller: there is but I don't know how. try asking in #ubuntu-bots17:17
MonsterKillerokay, thanks :P17:17
IdleOneor #supybots17:19
IdleOneor #supybot17:19
Unit193Not for encyclopedia I wouldn't think17:20
MonsterKilleri think i may have found it actually. supybot.plugins.Encyclopedia.editchannel seems to be it but it only does specified channels17:20
Mkaysi#supybot can't help, because Encyclopedia is not created by them.17:20
rwwMonsterKiller: I imagine a bit of coding could remove the check to see if the user's logged in and has privileges17:21
MonsterKillerprobably yeah. just would be good to do it properly if possible :p17:21
* jussi eyes the channel, how dare you make us give support! preposterous! :P :P17:21
MonsterKilleri think this may have done it anyway, "Channels where unauthorised edits are allowed."17:21
rwwjussi: oh, I have a question for you too!17:21
* jussi runs!17:21
rwwjussi: the most recent bantracker code on Launchpad is from May and is... not up to date feature wise. What do :(17:22
rwwor should I be poking tsimpson about this17:23
jussirww: erm, thats a tsimpson question, I havent touched BT for a long time (or looked at the code).17:23
jussiand even back then, I just nudged variables into place ;)17:23
rwwtsimpson: I will poke you instead, then!17:24
tsimpsonwhat's in LP and what's in ubottu aren't really in sync, but not generally share the same functionality (as far as I remember)17:25
tsimpsonbut Bantracker is taken directly from LP, as is Bugtracker17:25
tsimpsonrww: what features don't you see in the bzr code?17:27
rwwtsimpson: the bantracker code in LP yields something that looks like http://imagebin.org/172271 , which appears to be missing some input boxes and any bans on the front page17:27
rwwsearch and such work fine17:27
tsimpsonah, that's the web-ui which is totally out of sync with bzr17:27
tsimpsonI did try to merge them a while ago, but without much success17:28
rwwcan you mail me the code or something so I can ponder it?17:29
tsimpsonI'll try to get a sanitized version later, the one "we" use has some non-public info in it17:30
tsimpsonie, a way for staff to access it17:30
rwwah, I was wondering how that worked17:30
rwwalrighty, thanks :)17:30
* micahg guesses ubot2` is on vacation18:55
Unit193Well, it's "alive" but seems to have issues :/18:57
micahg"mental health day"18:58
PiciWell, it is programmers day today.19:12
k1lwell, wrong window :)19:46

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