dholbachgood morning07:39
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Gerard__Good day from Namibia :-)11:52
h00kHi, friends!14:04
Gerard__Hi folks, not much goin on today I guess? Anyway, busy setting up a new LoCo in Namibia, and wondering if we have anyone else from Namibia online here at the moment?14:05
paultagGerard__: it's usually quiet around here, IRC is the sort of thing you just idle on - USA here14:06
Gerard__Yepp, thought so :-) Also kind of the reason why I started with an FB page first - few people in Namibia seem to be really busy with IRC channels (and if so - they probably paly games)...14:07
paultagGerard__: :)14:08
paultagGerard__: have you found anyone else in your area at all?14:08
Gerard__Yepp, group (well: FB group) has been opened only today, and we're four people already. Will need a lot of pushing through "normal" media, but al least someone from the local newspaper has become quite inquisitive already :-)14:09
PendulumGerard__: that's definitely a good start :)14:10
Gerard__I was wondering - apart from the Lo HowTo, which gives you more the technical requirements - is there any formal process to establish a LoCo? I mean, I'm just pushing my luck at the moment, trying to see where this gets me...14:11
Gerard__LoCo HowTo that should have read ;-)14:11
paultagGerard__: just set up all the team stuff and apply to join ~ubuntulocoteams14:12
paultagor ~locoteams14:12
paultagI can't remember14:12
paultagyeah https://launchpad.net/~locoteams14:12
Gerard__Hm. Sounds pleasantly easy :-)14:12
paultagGerard__: it is :)14:13
paultagGerard__: remember to name your team right14:13
paultagthat's about the only thing you can do to mess it up :)14:13
paultagso you'd be launchpad/~ubuntu-na  if my ISO code is right14:14
paultaggood news; it's open :)14:14
Gerard__That's right. Checked on the LoCo group list already - not really many LoCos from Africa on there yet... ;-)14:15
paultagGerard__: that is true :)14:15
Gerard__Hm. Getting a bit confused there - do you need to get invited, or can you "invite" yourself somewhere there?14:18
paultagGerard__: you request to join :)14:18
paultagthere's a +join button14:18
paultagGerard__: not you14:18
paultagthe loco14:18
paultagyou joining would be silly14:18
paultagGerard__: https://launchpad.net/~locoteams/+add-my-teams14:19
Gerard__Uh well, I do lots of silly things all day long :-D14:19
Gerard__OK, so "ubuntu-na" is then to be used as the login name, or would that be "~ubuntu-na"?14:21
paultagGerard__: you don't need to put "~" anywhere, launchpad will do that14:21
paultag~ just means a person or team14:21
Gerard__Key question is: do I give *my* full name there, or the team name when asked for "Full Name"? Since I can't look behind the application screen, I wouldn't know if I could add the team name later anywhere...14:22
paultagGerard__: when you create the team? You're filling that app out for the team's info14:24
paultagGerard__: you already gave your info when you created the account14:24
Gerard__That's the point - I have no "account" anywhere yet. Just knocking on all doors I can currently find - and your link allows me to create an account, where I have to state a "Full Name". I take it now, that's the "Full Team Name" (ubuntu-na)?14:28
paultagno no14:28
paultagGerard__: if you're making an account on Launchpad, it's for you14:29
paultagonce you're logged in, you make a new team14:29
Gerard__So... <hitting reset button>... whereto now14:29
paultagGerard__: go to LP and log in. If you can't log in, create an account. Once logged in, create a team. The team will be "ubuntu-na".14:29
Gerard__So "Join the team" would probably be better than "Adde of my teams" to begin with, right?14:30
paultagwhat? No, you want to join your loco team14:30
paultagand get the loco team to join ~locoteams14:30
Gerard__Well, either the coffee today left some serious brain damage, or I'm just too dumb. I have a Launcpad account, and have just logged in, This unfortunately does not get me any further - how would I add a LoCo team that's not there yet then?14:39
paultagGerard__: you create it14:39
paultagLike I said - Gerard__: go to LP and log in. If you can't log in, create an account. Once logged in, create a team. The team will be "ubuntu-na".14:39
paultagGerard__: https://launchpad.net/people/+newteam14:40
Gerard__Aha, that's a cute link ;-)14:40
paultagit's on the front page :)14:40
Gerard__Hello Nurse... we got ourself a team on Launchpad :-) Sorry paultag, I must have a blonde day today...14:43
paultagGerard__: quite alright :)14:43
paultagGerard__: let me know when you have it join locoteams14:44
Gerard__SO I take it everyone I'd like to add to that ~ubuntu-na team will then also have to have a Launchpad account, right?14:45
paultagGerard__: yes, launchpad is how we manage Ubuntu, so having a team in Launchpad integrates you with Ubuntu14:45
paultagGerard__: and you'll see your team on loco.ubuntu just by joining locoteams14:45
paultaglaunchpad is very importent to Ubuntu14:45
paultagGerard__: https://launchpad.net/~locoteams/+add-my-teams # <- have you done that yet?14:49
Gerard__Not yet, just busy now...14:49
Gerard__There ya go - just proposed.14:50
paultagGerard__: all set. Approved.14:50
Gerard__Purrrfect. I would now obviously have to let the folks on my FB page know about this - if there some "sign-up FAQ" I could send them to, or do I have to qucikly make one myself?14:51
paultagGerard__: I think you'd just have to whip one up. We're short docs, I think.14:52
Gerard__Ah, OK, no probs. I can see I can create a mailing list myself now - followed the HoTo and sent a mail to the request tracker yesterday about that (ID #17912), so that's obviously obsolete then...14:55
paultagGerard__: yeah, RT is lame14:55
Gerard__Who handles the Wiki pages for the teams these days? I contacted Matthias Urlichs yesterday, but his own page tells me that he's pretty tied up with other work. Would I have to contact someone else then?15:02
paultagGerard__: you can just make it15:02
czajkowskiGerard__: what do you mean 15:02
paultagGerard__: it's a wiki :)15:02
czajkowskiit's a wiki page15:02
czajkowskijust edit it 15:02
czajkowskipaultag: can you invite me to our channel I'm having issues...15:02
paultagczajkowski: sure thing15:02
czajkowskipaultag: thanks my dear 15:03
Gerard__Yeah well, hang on - at the moment I have a Launchpad acnt, a ~ubuntu-na LoCo page on launchd, but where's the Wiki?15:04
paultagGerard__: wiki.ubuntu.com15:04
czajkowski /teamname15:08
Gerard__OK, so there's the Ubuntu Wiki. That however won't list me or ubuntu-na on http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ - and if I see that correctly, unless I would be there, I can't create a Wiki page for my team, right?15:19
paultagGerard__: loco.ubuntu is updated on a cron, so it's not real time - and you can create a wiki page15:21
Gerard__Hm. How? Just adding the name of the loco brings me to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-na - which reads alright. But nothing to edit there...15:23
leoggGerard__, you have to login to wiki.ubuntu.com first and then create the wiki page15:28
leoggGerard__, something like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NamibiaTeam15:28
Gerard__For the sake of unified naming - what would be better? NamibiaTeam or again ubuntu-na?15:29
leoggGerard__, NamibiaTeam is fine on the wiki15:38
Gerard__OK, will use that name then.15:39
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Gerard__Hm, one more question: the Namibia LoCo page is still listes as "without a country" - where can I edit that? 17:07
mhall119Gerard__: if you are a team admin in Launchpad, log in to loco.ubuntu.com, go to your team's page, click the edit link in the secondary-navigation, and there you can select country, language, etc17:08
Gerard__What do you mean with "secondary-navigation"? I can find "Change Details" as a link, but do not find any reference to a location there...17:11
Gerard__OK, cancel that. Missed the small login link :-)17:18
mhall119Gerard__: after you log in, go to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-na and click the "Edit Details" link in the gray bar below the main orange bar17:18
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