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zookoI am an administrator of a team on launchpad, and I would like to promote myself to owner and thus displace the current owner without bothering him about it/without waiting for him to do it. Is this possible?02:10
zookoHm, I suppose I could remove him from the team...02:10
zookoBut that might hurt his feelings.02:11
zookoMaybe I can remove him from the team and then put him back.02:11
ajmitchthat won't change the owner of the team02:11
zookoThus hurting and then unhurting his feelings.02:11
zookoAh, nevermind then.02:11
ajmitchyou'd need to ask #launchpad, who'd probably get you to put in a request on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad02:12
ajmitchyou'd also need to justify why you could take over the team, I think02:12
zookoI'll try getting ahold of the current owner first.02:15
lifelesszooko: no, its not possible.02:16
lifelesszooko: administrators cannot privilege escalate.02:16
lifelesszooko: as ajmitch says you need an appeal to authority to do it. Either the owners, or lp support.02:17
zookolifeless: thanks!02:17
achianghello, can someone remind me of the sponsorship process? i've attached a patch for a FTBFS: LP: #77083303:46
achiangi now should subscribe ubuntu-sponsors (i think), but my question is more around how to properly forward to debian?03:47
micahgachiang: submittodebian in the new source dir03:47
achiangmicahg: ok, thanks03:48
achiangmicahg: hm, the "new" source dir? i only have an existing source directory03:48
achiang(after apt-get source <pkg>)03:48
micahgachiang: the one that you use to create the source package and subsequently the debdiff03:48
achiangmicahg: ah, ok, thanks03:49
achiangmicahg: for the current "cure the FTBFS plague", should i be trying to get the packages fixed in ubuntu first, or in debian first? my reading of the mail from this AM made it seem like "let's get oneiric fixed, and in parallel, forward to debian, let them fix at their own pace"03:50
micahgachiang: at this point in the cycle, oneiric first03:50
broderi think that's generally a good plan, especially at this point of the cycle03:50
achiangok, thx03:50
achiangah, submittodebian is quite nice, once one configures smtp correctly in reportbug. :)04:12
achiangmicahg: if a package is patchless, and the fix can be trivial, is it worth adding a patch system to fix a FTBFS?04:16
micahgachiang: no, just patch the source05:03
achiangmicahg: thanks05:05
* achiang fixes 4 for today, but it's bed time now05:05
micahgachiang: awesome, thanks!05:07
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RhondaNCommander: Sure think, you know where the source code is? Actually it should be ready for that because I wouldn't expect it to be too much different than debports?06:28
dholbachgood morning07:39
micahghttp://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/no_updated.html seems to be out of date, seems to be pointing to natty, can anyone check on this?07:51
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Laneywgrant: ^ do you run that?09:28
wgrantLaney, micahg: Indeed. Thought I fixed that, but apparently not.09:29
* wgrant fixes.09:29
wgrantLaney, micahg: Fixed and rerun.09:52
* cjwatson wonders if he can displace james_w on http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_usertag.cgi by the end of the FTBFS-fixing project :-)10:35
ricotzdebfx, hello :), do you know when virtualbox is coming with xserver 1.11 support?10:51
Laneyoh, I never remember to use the usertags :(10:52
debfxricotz: I assume you are using the xorg-edgers ppa? you'd have to ask them to put virtualbox into the ppa10:55
thelinuxerHi, I need help verifying that my "debian/copyright" file is correct in regards to the file specs. Plz can anyone revise it ? Thankx. http://pastebin.com/2uLaFZiV11:07
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micahgwgrant: awesome, thanks16:17
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NCommanderRhonda: I do, but I don't know how in sync it is with Debian18:02
RhondaNCommander: Quite. Most development happen on master branch and get merged both into debian-master and ubuntu-master18:25
RhondaAnd if you are interested, I am still looking for someone who would apply the new ubuntu theme to the packages site  ;)18:26
NCommanderRhonda: I'm not much of a HTML guru or artist :-/18:42
NCommanderRhonda: that being said, if the codebases are more or less in sync with each other, it should be straightforward to add ports as Debian already has the necessary architecture to pull in d-ports.org into their codebase18:42
zookoHello folks. Could someone volunteer to upgrade Tahoe-LAFS in Ubuntu to the latest release in order to fix a security bug?18:48
zookoIf it were done, 'twere best done quickly.18:48
NCommanderzooko: that sounds like somethingbest handled by the dsecurity team18:48
micahgNCommander: not for the devel release18:48
zookoWell, tahoe-lafs is community-supported, not core, so ... ?18:49
micahgzooko: I'd suggest asking Debian to upgrade and then use requestsync from ubuntu-dev-tolls18:49
NCommanderzooko: does the security bug exist in previous releases of Ubuntu?18:49
zookoNCommander: yes18:50
zookomicahg: I've sent email to the debian security team with GPG encryption but haven't heard back.18:50
zookomicahg: maybe I'll send another...18:50
micahgzooko: if you're asking for the latest version, that can only happen in the dev release18:50
micahgor unstable for Debian18:50
jtaylorzooko: is the bakport of the fix hard?18:51
zookojtaylor: no, it is not.18:51
zookojtaylor: what's your launchpad id again?18:51
jtaylorwhich versions are affected?18:51
jtaylorsame as my nick here18:51
zookoAh. :-)18:51
zookojtaylor: I subscribed you to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tahoe-lafs/+bug/848476 where you can see the patches.18:52
ubottuError: launchpad bug 848476 not found18:52
Laneytahoe-lafs isn't in stable so I don't see what the security team have to do18:52
Laneyjust get the fix into unstable and testing18:52
micahgright, it's just the maintainer uploading the latest release, then you can request a sync to Ubuntu18:52
Laneyfor ubuntu stable releases you need to follow the security sponsorship procedure yeah18:52
Laneymicahg: can tell you all about that :-)18:53
* micahg guesses he didn't do such a good job with that last time since it was very late at night18:54
zookoSo, I should write to team@security.debian.org again?18:56
zookoMaybe I should try security@debian.org instead.18:57
micahgzooko: no, ask the maintainer to upload the latest release with the fix18:57
Laneythe security team usually only gets involved for stable18:57
zookoHey wait, *you* are listed as one of the maintainers!18:58
zookoI'll write to the other one. ;-)18:59
micahgzooko: sorry, wrong micah :)18:59
jtaylorno its a different micah18:59
micahgor rather that's micah, not micahg18:59
jtaylorI'll prepare some branches18:59
zookomicahg: oooh. :-)19:01
zookojtaylor: sweet! Thank you!19:01
* micahg looks forward to jtaylor's MOTU application19:01
jtaylorunfortunatly I've put than on hold for a while19:02
jtaylorjust started a new job and don't know how much time I have19:02
micahgjtaylor: well, whenever you're ready, good luck with the new job19:04
jtayloractually we don't really need to bother fixing tahoe in natty as its still broken19:06
jtaylorI should bug release about that at some point :/19:07
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micahgjtaylor: well, is that just an rdepend that needs fixing?19:08
jtayloryes but the ideal fix is to upgrade the version of that depend19:08
micahgthat's a mess19:08
micahgbut I guess that does make the task invalid for natty19:09
Laneynot release, sru19:10
jtayloryes meant that19:10
zookoIs there something I could do to help with that?19:10
micahgjtaylor: actually, no the task should still be open...not sure about the whole thing19:10
jtaylorurg tahoes testsuite does not run19:14
zookoWhat's that you say.19:15
jtaylor'module' object has no attribute 'bench_dirnode'19:15
zookoRun the test suite with "python setup.py test"19:15
jtaylortried that19:16
zookoAnd is that the one with that attribute error?19:16
zookoIs this with the upstream tarball or with patches?19:16
zookoOh yes the patches change the setup.py so you should run the tests with trial instead.19:16
jtaylorubuntu oneiric package19:16
zookotrial allmydata.test19:17
zookoBut, I'm not sure if it will import a version that is installed in your system and run those tests instead of running the tests of the version in your current working directory.19:17
zookoIn fact, "make test" might do the right thing...19:18
zookoAh, no that runs python setup.py test19:19
zookoOh, but there is "make quicktest".19:19
zookoThat bypasses "python setup.py test" because it is slow to start up.19:19
zookoFortunately that also means it will probably work even though "python setup.py test" doesn't work in that version.19:19
jtaylorall don't work19:20
jtaylorI'll try it in debian19:20
jtaylorno luck19:21
zookoWhat does "trial allmydata.test" do?19:23
zookoLet's see... What does "python setup.py build" do? In upstream, that builds a lot of things in ./support.19:23
jtaylordoes not find allmydata.test even though I set pythonpath to pwd19:23
zookoThen you can do "PYTHONPATH=./support/lib/python2.7/site-packages trial allmydata.test"19:23
zookoIt would be nice if we could get "python setup.py test" to work in the Ubuntu and Debian version...19:24
jtaylordoes also not work, there is no support/.. in the tree after build19:24
zookoOkay, so that is changed too.\19:25
zookoHow about PYTHONPATH=`pwd`/src trial allmydata.test19:25
jtaylorthere is some weird patch in the debian package19:25
jtaylorexclude_buildtest_package.patch, lets see what happens if I remove that19:26
jtaylordoes not fix it19:26
zookoWhat happens with PYTHONPATH=`pwd`/src trial allmydata.test19:28
zookoThe "allmydata" python packagedirectory is inside ./src/19:28
jtaylora that works thx19:28
zookoOkay, good.19:28
zookoWe should probably add a note to the Debian/Ubuntu packaging telling people how to run the tests.19:28
jtaylorsetup.py test should get fixed19:29
jtaylorand the debian package use it during build19:29
zookoI would be willing to help with that.19:29
jtayloris it sure no one uses the removed function?19:31
zookojtaylor: yes19:31
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zookoNo one has *ever* used it, actually.19:32
zookoSo it is a case of "YAGNI" which turned out to be part of a vulnerability. :-(19:32
jtaylorhurray maverick testsuite: errors=683, successes=457 :(19:33
jtaylorand oneirics testsuite seems to have deadlocked19:34
zookoIs it possible that the Debian/Ubuntu patches actually cause the tests to fail?19:34
zookoThat would be unfortunate.19:34
zookoCould you share the errors? Just email the whole test output to zooko@zooko.com or pastebin some part of it...19:34
jtaylorin maverick there are no patches that change any code19:34
jtayloronly setup.cfg19:34
zookoWhere can I see the patch?19:35
jtayloroneiric is hanging in test_download_from_only_3_shares_with_good_crypttext_hash since ~ 10 minutes19:35
zookoWell, please show me the test errors.19:36
zookoI don't immediately see why that reduce_build_dependencies.patch would lead to test failures.19:36
jtaylorno error displayed just hanging19:36
jtaylorlet me test something with that version first19:37
zookoWhat about on Maverick -- there were errors there.19:37
zookoThis reminds me that there was some movement on getting automated testing for Debian recently, wasn't there? That would be awesome.19:37
jtayloryes there was some work done, dep8 I think19:37
zookodavidsarah: jtaylor volunteered to update debian/ubuntu Tahoe-LAFS v1.8.3.19:39
zookoAnd the test suite doesn't work!19:39
zookoI suspect that it doesn't work for the debian/ubuntu package of Tahoe-LAFS v1.8.2, either.19:39
zooko(Since nothing we've done for 1.8.3 is likely to change that behavior.)19:39
zookodavidsarah: http://codepad.org/JKdC0orz19:40
jtaylorok it got past the deadlock test this time19:42
zookoWhat did you change?19:42
davidsarahoh, that's unfortunate19:42
jtaylornothing just ran it again19:42
zookoThat's the word I used.19:42
davidsarahI'm sure I've seen the tests pass using the Ubuntu package before now19:42
jtayloryes me too19:42
davidsarahyou have to run 'tahoe debug trial', though19:42
davidsarahso that you're using the correct installed tahoe19:43
jtaylortest ran this time on oneiric19:43
zookoWhat did you change on oneiric?19:44
zookoOh, try "tahoe debug trial".19:44
jtaylormaverick rerun (in maverick instead of oneiric....): errors=7, successes=72719:44
davidsarahpaste the errors?19:44
zookoOh yeah, I really want tahoe-lafs (and all other software I contribute to) to integrate with this: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep8/19:44
jtaylorone of them due to a missing dep I forgot19:45
davidsarahhmm, must be an incompatibility with the installed simplejson19:45
zookoIt isn't necessarily json related.19:45
zookoThe error message should print out the thing that it failed to decode as json.19:46
zookoI'll bet it is an HTTP error message or something.19:46
jtaylordo the tests need internet acccess?19:46
davidsarahwhat does 'python -c "import simplejson; print simplejson.__version__" say?19:46
jtaylorit gets 403 Prohibited port (configure Remap-...) instead of a json19:50
davidsarahI think the tests only try to listen on a kernel-assigned port, no?19:51
davidsarahi.e. "port 0"19:51
jtaylorport 5763919:52
zookojtaylor: after this is fixed, tell me how to make tahoe-lafs work with http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep8/ . :-)19:52
davidsarahso, there's an error-reporting bug there in the CLI, we should print the thing we failed to decode19:53
jtaylorits probably unrelated to the security fix19:54
jtaylorso I'll ignore it for now19:54
jtaylorbut it also affects the version in lucid19:55
jtaylorlol unexpectedSuccesses=119:56
zookoHeh heh19:59
davidsarahwhat was the unexpected success?20:00
davidsarahah. can you paste the output so I can fix it?20:01
jtaylorthere was no output only the reason20:02
jtaylorSee issue ticket #53420:03
davidsarahok, thanks20:03
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zookoHee's a patch against 1.7.1 which makes tahoe_mv tell what it got that failed to decode.20:04
jtaylorok good the patch applies with fuzz on maverick and lucid and the testsuite gives the same result20:05
jtaylor (= same number of errors)20:05
jtaylorI guess that can be uploaded, the testsuite seems very thourough20:05
zookoDown with test suite errors.20:06
zookoBut yeah maybe upload the safer version first then fix test suite errors.20:06
jtaylorif you come up with a fix and its worth an SRU please come back, for now only the sru is on my agenda20:07
jtaylorthe testsuite in oneiric works (although apparently not always, I'll rerun it a few times later)20:08
jtaylorzooko: when did you inform the debian maintainers?20:13
Laneydevfil: do you plan on fixing fillmore-lombard?20:16
* Laney has a patch that at least makes it build (for Oneiric), but you should just upgrade it in Debian20:17
zookojtaylor: I wrote to the security team (at least to one address that I got from a debian.org web page that said it was the security team) yesterday.20:17
zookoI wrote to the maintainers -- bertagaz and micah -- today about 4 or so hours ago.20:17
devfilLaney: nope, I have to orphan it20:18
Laneywell please do so then, I'll probably do a QA upload at least20:19
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jtaylorzooko: pushed branches for lucid maverick and natty, it would be great if you could check if they are correct20:50
jtaylorbzr branch lp:~jtaylor/ubuntu/natty/tahoe-lafs/fix-848476  in debian/patches20:51
zookoI was just wondering today what it would take to get automated import of our patches from our darcs repository into bzr.20:53
jtaylorI only know those tricks for git :/20:56
zookoHm, how about darcs -> git -> bzr...20:57
jtayloranyway I removed all the doc updates, they just increase the diff and make applying it to older versions harder20:57
zookoHow do I view your patch using bzr?20:58
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jtaylorits in debian/patches21:00
jtaylorups there is still some doc diff in it21:02
jtaylorzooko: I have to leave, please try to get it fixed in debian via the maintainers and ask here to get it synced to oneiric when thats done21:12
zookojtaylor: thanks! Will do.21:13
davidsarahjtaylor: which doc diffs did you remove precisely?21:14
davidsarahI think the diff to known_issues.rst should be kept21:14
jtaylorit does not affect the patched version so its no known issue21:15
davidsarah(known_issues.rst hasn't changed very much since 1.6.1, so it should be easy to apply to older versions)21:15
jtaylorCREDITS, NEWS , docs/garbage-collection.rst, docs/quickstart.html,  relnotes.txt, docs/known_issues.rst21:15
davidsarahdocs/quickstart.html will point to a .zip of an unpatched release, in that case21:16
davidsarahI'm not seeing why doc changes are difficult to backport21:16
davidsarahsurely they're the easiest things to backport, since you can't get it wrong in the sense of breaking code21:17
jtaylorthey aren't I just didn't care fixing them all up to match the correct versions21:17
jtaylorthe link in quickstart points to an old version in all packages, maybe you should put some latest link in that folder and point quickstart to that21:18
jtayloror just point to the folder and let the user figure that out themself21:18
davidsarahbut that leaves the package with incorrect documentation :-(21:18
jtayloryes that could be fixed, but I doubt many read that without checking if what is linked there is really the newest21:19
jtaylorthe reason for people following the link is to get the newest because the package is too old21:19
davidsarahit's not just quickstart; the docs in each version are supposed to document *that version*21:20
jtayloryes so a naive backport is wrong21:20
jtaylorthey hen document the wrong version21:20
jtaylorthe only difference is the sec backport which is documented in changelog.Debian21:20
* davidsarah feels as though we are talking at cross-purposes21:21
jtaylorlucid has 1.6, you can't patch the doc to at once talk about 1.8 in some parts21:21
davidsarahtake the change in garbage-collection.rst, for example. if you don't backport that change, then the doc is incorrect because it says that you can cancel leases, when you can't in the patched version21:22
davidsarahin the case of quickstart.html, that says what the latest stable upstream version was at the time of the release you're looking at21:23
jtayloryes that I should ahve left in21:23
jtaylorI'll not patch quistart as it will be outdated on 1.9 release again anyway ...21:24
davidsarahthe change to CREDITS is not important21:24
davidsarahbut it makes sense to change NEWS so that it describes the version you're looking at21:25
davidsarahisn't that the normal policy for changelogs (which is what NEWS is) in security releases?21:25
davidsarahsimilarly, relnotes.rst describes the current version, so to have it describe some different version is just wrong21:26
jtaylornews describes what upstream says, changelog.Debian describes what is different21:27
jtayloror README.Debian21:27
Laneywhy is it a problem to update the documentation? because you're not making all of the changes therein?21:28
jtaylorbecause I'm lazy21:28
davidsarahI guess I have some pretty strong philosophical disagreements with some of the Debian/Ubuntu packaging policies21:28
Laneyerm, this isn't a policy21:28
davidsarahLaney: true, in this case21:28
davidsarahmore generally I think debian/ubuntu packages are unnecessarily different from upstream in many cases21:29
davidsarahwhich increases the support burden21:29
Laneyyeah, that's unfortunate -­maintainers shouldn't be making unnecessary changes (patches should be forwarded back)21:31
Laney(debian social contract #2)21:31
davidsarahperhaps I should have said "practices" rather than "policies" (the policies certainly allow you to produce a package that is very close to upstream)21:32
Laneybut I doubt it's the intention of any maintainer to cause upstreams more work, and a little bit of communication can often resolve problems21:34
Laney"your patch foo-bar is changing behaviour and causing x y z effects, plz kill it"21:34
jtaylordavidsarah: updated garbage-collection docs21:35
jtaylorplease update the link in qickstart to something more distribution friendly or bug the debian maintainers about patching it21:36
davidsarahok, I'll open a ticket for that21:37
jtaylorjust linking to http://tahoe-lafs.org/source/tahoe-lafs/releases/ should be enough21:39
jtayloranyone able to use tahoe hould be able to find the latest version himself21:39
davidsarahthere's a usability issue of needing to wade through a directory listing and possibly getting the wrong file...21:40
davidsarahbut that's something we can discuss on the ticket21:41
jtaylorbetter than having a link to an outdated version there21:41
davidsarahI agree, but possibly better still would be to have a stable URL that points to the zipfile for the latest release21:42
Laney/ redirect21:42
davidsarahthat's just an implementation detail21:42
LaneyI mean that I don't see why it's a problem at all21:43
davidsarahit isn't, but our practice is to discuss these things on tickets21:43
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NCommanderRhonda: poking the packages.git the config files are MIA23:53

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