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Jordan_U_My connection is too poor at the moment to deal with it myself.00:00
mneptoki don't sleep much any more. people don't seem real. either up, or on the floor ... what is this i feel?04:47
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ubottuIn #ubuntu, naftilos76 said: ubottu: bot is ok!13:50
h00kglad you checked!14:01
Picibye bye irccloud15:56
oCeanand hello again16:03
ikoniahello neilperry21:06
neilperrynot sure how i got here,  whats ubuntu_ops?21:07
neilperrymeant to join ubnutu21:07
ikoniaI forwarded you to this channel so you could not access ubuntu21:07
neilperrydid i fuck up?21:07
ikonianeilperry: you can stop with the langauge21:07
neilperryyes sir?21:07
ikonianeilperry: you joined #ubuntu, posted a youtube link that was nothing to do with ubuntu, then left, why ?21:08
neilperrywhats the deal21:08
neilperrydidnt mean to leave, meant to min.21:08
neilperrysorry, forgot how nazi like the ubuntu chans are.   was just trying to give show some people some sweet tunes21:09
Myrttiyou're not helping yourself21:09
ikoniayour attitude, language and topics are not something we welcome in the ubuntu channels21:09
Myrttiby calling us nazis21:09
neilperryno you guys, just in genreal, how strict irc CAN be21:09
MyrttiI was willing to help you, up until that point21:09
neilperryits like im in the principle office21:10
ikoniaI'm not,21:10
neilperrysorry, just found it a bit funny. and that i cant say the fbomb21:10
neilperryso whats the deal21:11
neilperrywhy am i here, just wanted to know why i posted a youtube link?  can i not do that?21:11
ikoniaMyrtti: if you want to let this guy back in, that's up to you, but I think this attitude stinks.21:11
neilperrydidnt know you guys allow people in based on attitude, its not like im trolling,  if anything you guys are trolling me21:12
Myrttisorry, my Internet connection just had a weird glitch21:12
ikonia!guidelines | neilperry21:12
ubottuneilperry: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:12
ikonianeilperry: the attitude does matter21:12
ikonia!coc | neilperry21:12
ubottuneilperry: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct21:12
ikonianeilperry: have a read through those links21:13
neilperryhow was my attitude anything  that falls outside of anyof those21:13
neilperryi dont even need to read them21:13
neilperrymaybe other than the F bomb i droped, but come on, its an Fbomb      watch tv for 10 min and youll see and hear alot worse than what ive done21:13
ikoniaok, then I don't need to progess this any further as I'm in discussions with people in #ubuntu21:13
neilperryok let me back in21:14
neilperrygood day21:14
ikoniaok, bye21:14
neilperrybanned me?21:14
Myrttistill are, yes21:14
neilperrywhat are you guys like 12?21:15
neilperryweird condition.21:15
rwwYou're cussing and calling us nazis and think we're the immature ones?21:15
MyrttiI've been longer on IRC channels than that21:15
rwwI find that mildly amusing.21:15
neilperryi didnt call YOU guys nazis21:16
MyrttiI've even been an op on IRC channels longer than that21:16
Myrttino, but you did call "Ubuntu channels" nazis21:16
neilperryi grew up on the streets man, its not my fault i gota  tough mouth21:16
Myrttiactually, yes it is21:16
neilperryyea same shit on freenode21:17
Myrttiwe all make decisions on how we behave21:17
neilperrydiscrimnation man21:17
Myrttiand when you walk into a place that aims to be professional, ontopic and friendly for all ages and cultures, you don't go cussing or pasting offtopic links21:17
Myrttiand when you are asked to discuss your behavior, you don't go calling people and places nazilike21:18
MoonUnitsorry about that21:20
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neilperrythats pretty cool your a wiki admin Myrtti21:22
Myrttiso here we are, still, wondering what to do with you21:23
neilperryim fine hanging out with the big dogs here21:23
Myrttithat's cool, apart from the fact that this channel isn't for idling21:23
neilperrycan anyone reminded me how to suspend  in nano21:23
Myrttinor is this a support channel21:24
neilperryas a friend myritti21:24
neilperrywere all friends here arent we?21:24
knomethis channel is for business, not friendships21:24
neilperryok, ill give you 2 comliments for 1 question answerd21:25
Myrttihow about you acknowledge the #ubuntu rules21:25
Myrttiand guidelines21:26
neilperryi did ma'm  and have come to the conclusion i have not crossed or broken any other than the cussing one which i said sorry for21:26
Myrttiand what about that youtube link?21:26
neilperrydidnt see anythign about youtubes21:27
neilperrywasnt malisous21:27
Myrttiwas the video a screencast about how to do something in Ubuntu?21:27
Myrttino it wasn't21:27
neilperryhow to get shit done while rocking out tosweet tunes21:27
Myrttiand because it wasn't, it was offtopic to the channel21:27
neilperrydid you even watch it?21:27
Myrttiif you know the rules about cussing... then why did you just cuss again?21:28
neilperryohsorry i dont even realized i do it.  its natural for me,i dont understand why you are giveing me a hard time about this.21:29
neilperryim not cussing at anyone21:29
neilperryjust giving a emphasis to my statement21:29
Myrttiright... well... you know, you're not getting back in the channel today.21:31
neilperryis it just an ip band?21:32
rwwlet's not go down this road, it ends in you still being banned and lots of resentment21:32
Myrttithat was a question I hope I wouldn't have seen21:32
rwwtake a break, come back tomorrow, be nicer when you do21:32
neilperrywell answer myquestoin please,   you cant refuse me help of a WHOLE channel cuase i cussed?21:33
neilperryhow do i suspend a nano file so i cna get back in term, i forgt21:33
rwwYes, we can. You were informed of the channel guidelines by our bot upon visiting the channel, just like everyone else. If you choose not to follow them, that's your problem :(21:33
rwwSo as I said, come back tomorrow.21:33
neilperryok see yo uguys in there in a min21:33
Myrttiplease don't banevade21:34
neilperryplease done ban?21:34
neilperryi got alot of free time21:34
neilperrytrust me ill keep you guys busy if you want21:34
Myrttilook how many ops are on this channel21:34
rwwTelling a network staffer you plan on breaking network policy is not a good idea, and may lead to you being banned from the entire freenode network. I do not recommend continuing down that path.21:34
Myrttiand staff members21:34
neilperryok guys21:35
rwwAgain, your time and our time will be a lot simpler if we reconvene tomorrow instead of being silly :)21:35
Myrttineilperry: be cool and surprise me: come back in 24 hours21:39
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