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ogra_cjwatson, hmm, i'm lost in debian-cd ... seemingly the environment doesnt get reset if i run cron.daily-preinstalled ... CONF.sh sets PREINSTALLED_IMAGE_FILESYSTEM to ext3 ... later build_all.sh sets it to rootf.tar.gz if there is an ac100 build, seems that var never gets reset if subsequent subarches are built, any suggestion where i can reset it reliably in that loop ?12:29
cjwatsonugh, nasty!12:32
cjwatsondefinitely don't pull stunts like that in build_all.sh12:32
ogra_hmm, where else could i change it12:32
cjwatsonyou only use the value in one make target; just decide its value there instead12:33
ogra_in the Makefile you mean ?12:33
ogra_hmm, k12:33
cjwatsonI'm also fairly unconvinced about the existence of a variable which can take values "ext3" and "rootfs.tar.gz", but ...12:33
ogra_well, its the same image type (preinstalled), the implementation just varies based on HW capabilities12:34
ogra_we somehow need to represent that12:35
cjwatsonsure, what I mean is that "ext3" and "rootfs.tar.gz" hardly seem to be of the same conceptual type12:41
ogra_(and it didnt really feel right to add a subarch check to Makefile)12:41
cjwatsonI would add a subarch check to Makefile if I were you12:41
ogra_they are both preinstalled12:41
ogra_but ext3 ends up in a two partition image while the tarball is a two file image12:42
ogra_enforced by the fact that we are targeting an anrdoid device where you need to flash the kernel/bootimg first12:42
cjwatsonI don't want to have a long debate about it, it just feels weird12:43
ogra_well, i could have invented a completely new image type but we use the same process for both of them12:43
ogra_i will revisit that in P (and also try to get all that env variable crap a bit cleaner into a config file so you dont need to chack code for it)12:44
* ogra_ tries another mx5 build with the changes applied13:04
* ogra_ hates the fact that shell in Makefiles effectively turns into perl and scatters some semicolons over the place13:27
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janimoCan someone please promote the u-boot-linaro-mx53loco binary to main? It's source is already there15:12
infinityjanimo: I can do it.15:17
janimoinfinity, thanks15:17
ogra_cjwatson, hmm, exporting in Makefile did definitely not work15:42
cjwatsonogra_: diff please15:43
ogra_results in:15:45
ogra_+ [ ac100 = ac100 ]15:45
ogra_+ export PREINSTALLED_IMAGE_FILESYSTEM=rootfs.tar.gz15:45
ogra_+ export CDIMAGE_COMPRESS=15:45
ogra_+ [ ! -e /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/ubuntu/daily-preinstalled/preinstalled/armel+ac100.ext3 ]15:45
ogra_+ echo No filesystem for armel+ac100!15:45
ogra_No filesystem for armel+ac100!15:46
ogra_(the ext3 in the check uses PREINSTALLED_IMAGE_FILESYSTEM for the suffix)15:46
cjwatsonyou handle CDIMAGE_COMPRESS in build_all.sh so you still have to set it there15:48
ogra_exporting doesnt get handed over ?15:48
cjwatsonnot to the parent process!15:48
ogra_well, it fails on the wrong file suffix though, i could even use the compressing code and not gzip in live-build15:48
cjwatsonexport means that the environment variable is passed on to child processes15:49
cjwatsonthere is no way in Unix to non-consensually modify the environment of a parent process15:49
ogra_but i need it to recognize the tarball15:49
cjwatsonstop.  wait.15:49
* ogra_ waits15:49
cjwatsonthe problem is that $(PREINSTALLED_IMAGE_FILESYSTEM) is a *make* variable not a shell variable15:49
ogra_so i dont export but just set it ?15:50
cjwatsonyou could use $$PREINSTALLED_IMAGE_FILESYSTEM instead and that would avoid the problem, but I think this would be clearer:15:51
cjwatsonexport/set> not the point15:51
cjwatsonalthough it is true that you do not need to export it because it isn't needed in child processes; but the point was that you were referring to the variable using the syntax from the wrong language :-)15:51
ogra_ah, cool, now i get it15:51
ogra_yeah, mixed language is a pain (see above i *always* forget the semicolons)15:52
cjwatsonthat's why I think my version is clearer, because you're doing more in make and less in shell15:56
cjwatsonand don't have to worry about whether you're exporting the variable in the same subshell as where it's referenced15:56
ogra_yeah, applied that way and running a testbuild already16:00
ogra_though i find it a bit sad that i have subarch special casing in two places now :)16:02
ogra_yay, looks good, its downloading the tarball16:03
hggdhcjwatson: can you please have a peek on bug 849172? Then please tell me what else you might need16:54
cjwatsonhggdh: already fixed16:55
hggdhcjwatson: you, sir, are my hero :-)16:56
cjwatsonmvo did half of it16:57
hggdhmvo: you are also my hero16:57
cjwatsoneglibc fix just uploaded, so that'll take a while to build16:57
* hggdh is quite free with hero assignments16:57
skaetcjwatson, infinity -  would like to do some manual test image builds on antimony this afternoon.   Any concerns?17:16
cjwatsonskaet: no.  DEBUG=1 will cause it not to publish anything and to dump all the output to your terminal.  CDIMAGE_NOPUBLISH=1 will simply cause it not to publish anything.17:18
skaetcjwatson,  thanks.17:19
lamontskaet: cjwatson: about to cut syncproxy over, btw17:20
skaetlamont,  approx. timing?17:22
lamontapproximately 20 seconds from now17:22
lamontor 2 seconds ago, either way17:23
infinityYay new syncproxy!17:42
mvohggdh: I always wanted to be a hero (and a lumberjack too) \o/18:42
hggdhmvo: there you go, my pleasure. And, BTW, thank you :-)18:50
micahgmvo is a hero for uploading the fix for the weird apt bug that was breaking alternate build dependencies more so than normal18:53
hggdhmicahg: indeed :-)19:16
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