raj-darkmysteryIntel corporation Sandy Brudge Integrated Graphics Controller, no graphics in ubuntu 10.04, nomodeset is also not able to solve the issue :(09:20
brendandraj-darkmystery - maybe need to get a kernel from backports12:36
jamespagehggdh: are you the right person to talk to re adding new test cases to the iso test tracker?13:30
jamespageI've been working on the OpenStack all-in-one deployment which I would like to add13:30
hggdhjamespage: I do not have access to the systems, jibel does13:31
jamespageOK - jibel ^^13:31
hggdhjamespage: so I guess I am not the absolutely correct person to ask, but I can at least run around and yell13:32
jamespagehggdh: \o/13:33
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