TLEHallo everyone, does anyone know a workaround for the problem with some the keyboard shortcuts not working in gtranslator under unity?09:47
dpmhey TLE, no sorry, I usually use vim when translating offline10:08
dpmthe best thing might be to file a bug, as I could imagine that if it's a unity issue it might affect other applications10:09
TLEdpm: yeah, there ar other related bug reports already. I'm not sure it affects other languages because as far as I can tell it is simply a shortcut conflict10:15
TLEgtranslator uses for accelrator combinations that are reserved for unity and/or compiz10:16
TLEIt's a little annoying because one of the shortcuts that does not work is "jump to next untranslated or fuzzy" which I would be using all the time when updating gnome modules ;)10:17
dpmTLE, out of interest, which are the conflicting ones?10:34
TLEctrl-shift-page_up and -page_down10:35
TLEvim is oldschool ;) I usually use emacs, but everytime I translate in emacs I get to miss translations library functionality10:37
TLEand then it is the same routin, when I have translated enough in emacs I get to miss it enough so that I start considering actually implementing it myself10:38
TLEthen I start having a look at the elisp code for the po-file mode and then I want to scratch my eyes out to make the pain go away10:39
dpmyeah, I'm not trying to be oldskool, I usually favour gui applications, but I just got used to vim + the po editor plugin :) Whenever I had to use a graphical po editor I chose poedit, as I could work much better with the keyboard shortcuts, I've always found the gtranslator ones awkward and difficult to remember10:39
TLEyeah, the shortcuts does also bother me a bot, but there was some reason why I have stuck with it10:42
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trijntjeHow long before NonLangPackTranslationDeadline shoud translations in LP be done to be sure they get included?13:09
dpmkelemengabor, I might be a few minutes late for the call, I'm wrapping up another conversation15:55
dpmandrejz seems not to be there yet. Hopefully my changing of the date didn't confuse him15:55
kelemengabordpm: re, I'm ready16:02
kelemengaboraltough I'm a little ill, so don't be surprised by some random coughing :\16:03
dpmkelemengabor, same here really, I can't believe I got a cold in summer... :\16:03
kelemengaborme neither :(16:04
dpmlet's wait for a couple of minutes to see if andrejz comes up, and if not let's start without him16:04
kelemengaborTLE: wanna join the fun? :)16:05
dpmah, good point :)16:05
trijntjeHow long before NonlangpackTranslationDeadline shoud translations in LP be done to be sure they get included?16:10
kelemengabortrijntje: one day is usually enough16:12
dpmtrijntje, there is no concrete hour16:12
dpmas it's a matter of developers from different packages doing the uploads16:12
dpmso it cannot really be synced16:12
dpmkelemengabor, ok, let's roll16:13
trijntjekelemengabor, dpm: thanks, I was worried it might be something like a week or so, one day is fine16:15
dpmkelemengabor, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/Planning16:32
kelemengabordpm: http://paste.ubuntu.com/688445/16:33
dpmthanks a lot kelemengabor16:43
kelemengaboryou are welcome :)16:43
kelemengaborstrange, bug 839880 was fixed and released, but the new strings are not showing up in LP16:51
kelemengaborhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/language-selector/oneiric/view/head:/debian/rules <-looks okay too16:53
kelemengabordpm: oh yes, I know now what I wanted to ask: is there any special reason why app-install-data-partner is not translatable? Like partners explicitly said they don't need our mistranslations or madness like this?17:05
dpmkelemengabor, :-) I think the only reason is because no one has raised the need for this. I see no reason (unless partners were oposed to it) that they could not use the same infrastructure (i.e. LP) to get their package descriptions translated by the community17:10
dpmwe've got an internal list for partners. Let me ask it and come back to you17:11
kelemengaborokay, I'll see if I can port my magic scripts from a-i-d-ubuntu17:11
kelemengaborgreat, thanks!17:11
kelemengaborbasically, their programs are the only ones in s-c that have no translatable short descriptions17:12
dpmyeah, I agree it would make sense17:12
kelemengaboraside from purchasable applications, but those don't even have an app-install-data-anything package, AFAIK17:13
dpmthose apps' descriptions might prove more difficult to handle because of the way purchases are implemented. Basically the other applications come from packages in some Ubuntu archive, but commercial apps are provided as individual (i.e. per-app) PPAs. When you buy one, you basically obtain a subscription to a private PPA17:15
dpmso I'm not sure how to best extract the descriptions17:15
kelemengaborthat would be a little tricky, yes :(17:16

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