nucc1how do i find out what the binary for apache2 is on ubuntu server 10.04?00:11
MartijnVdSnucc1: http://packages.ubuntu.com/01:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Community Management Crib Notes: Conflict Resolution - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/13/community-management-crib-notes-conflict-resolution/05:31
hoovermorning all07:33
bigcalmMorning peeps :)08:07
MartijnVdS\o bc08:11
JamesTaitGood morning, everyone! :-D08:21
hoovermornin JamesTait08:23
Pernigmorning James08:23
DJonesMorning all08:37
* Myrtti looks at her inbox. :sadface:08:39
bigcalmI still find myself saying Mitta, Kiitos and Maito08:45
bigcalmWow, just recited the alphabet in Finnish08:47
bigcalmI need coffee!08:47
bigcalmchristel: I was with a _crazy_ Finn for 4 years. Some things rub off.08:50
bigcalmI am in no way saying that all Finns are crazy :)08:50
* bigcalm tickles christel for a giggle08:50
Myrttibigcalm: no important email :-(08:50
bigcalmMyrtti: Google?08:51
Myrttitotal silence from everywhere Ive applied :-(08:52
bigcalmMyrtti: I'm sorry :(08:54
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brobostigonmorning everyone.09:10
MartijnVdS(that was left-handed!)09:27
jpdsNo, that was your right-hand.09:28
MartijnVdSjpds: it was not.09:28
jpdsIt's like a mirror.09:28
MartijnVdSjpds: no you're looking at the back of everybody's heads09:29
MartijnVdSbigcalm: "YMCA"?09:29
jpdsMartijnVdS: Why would you be waving at us facing the other way?09:29
bigcalmWave you hands in the air, like you just don't care09:29
* daubers requires foodstuffs09:36
bigcalmI had poptarts this morning09:37
bigcalmI blame gord09:37
dauberspoptarts are evil09:37
kirruswhy? They're awesome09:37
daubersThey're like the endermen of foodstuffs. They're fine until you look at them, then they teleport to you and attack you with their hot sugary calorificness09:38
daubersNow I want poptarts09:38
daubers /o\09:38
* daubers wonders if a stupid delivery company will actually succeed in delivering his package, against all the experience of said company failing in every regard09:44
kirrusdaubers: which company?09:47
dauberskirrus: Yodel (used to be called Home Delivery Network)09:48
kirrusOh... I've got a package coming with them today...09:48
dauberskirrus: Anything exciting? Mines OU course stuff, fully expecting to have to go to their depot and collect it09:49
daubers(although last time I arranged that with them they decided to redeliver it.... never did get that package)09:49
kirrusBooks! Fiction.09:55
dauberskirrus: From Amazon?09:56
daubersHmm.... http://twitter.com/#!/RoughleeHandled/status/11353681009274060809:56
daubersI think the parcel I never recieved was an amazon one. Was an electric razor. Went and bought it from Boots in the end09:57
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: http://t.co/nWtb9sy09:57
daubersSometimes I think the high street survives because of the poor quality of delivery services in the UK09:59
dogmatic69you should try delivery service in other countries...10:01
daubersdogmatic69: Since I moved to reading, I haven't had a single package actually delivered. Always had to go collect them10:02
dogmatic69daubers: in south africa i never had a single package actually delivered. they all got stolen10:03
daubersdogmatic69: Well, if you will live in SA10:03
dogmatic69nope, i live in a country with awesome postal service... the UK :)10:03
davmor2MooDoo: anything?10:05
davmor2czajkowski: prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, prod, prod......etc10:06
czajkowskidavmor2: oi oi oi oi10:06
davmor2everyone morning all10:06
daubersdogmatic69: I'll agree with you if the day I don't have to make a 40 mile roundtrip to collect something I paid someone else to deliver to me10:06
davmor2czajkowski: well can't pick on you for a while, while you get settled so I need to get it out of my system :P10:07
christelczajkowski: are you all ready for tomorrow? :)10:07
dogmatic69daubers: get a bigger post flap thing10:07
czajkowskichristel: yup :D10:08
dogmatic69the post guys normally push packages through my window if its too big10:08
daubersdogmatic69: That doesn't seem to be the issue. I don't even get cards saying "We tried to deliver but you where out" I end up ringing them, askign where my package is and get told they left a card (which they didn't)10:08
dogmatic69or i get it delivered to work where there is always someone about10:08
dogmatic69you must have the black sheep of royal mail doing deliveries10:09
daubersdogmatic69: RM actually leave cards (which is fine), other delivery companies tend to not bother10:09
dogmatic69ah.. like fedex etc?10:09
daubersYodel is the worst as I arranged to collect it, went to get it and they'd sent it out for redelivery (which never arrived and had no card)10:09
daubersRemeber having something being delievered by city link that after two days of rearranging delivery I went to their depot and complained. They found my package (a Psion Revo) in the rubbish pile10:10
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oimonpsion revo \o/10:20
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* BigRedS wants a psion again10:30
BigRedSdoes the revo do wifi?10:30
bigcalmBigRedS: yes10:32
bigcalmBigRedS: I have a Psion II if you want it ;)10:32
bigcalmOr had, doubt it's been chucked10:33
oimoni have a revo too if anyone wants10:33
oimonplus i have the dock somewhere too.10:34
BigRedSbigcalm: ooooh! I had a 3 and then a 5mx. I'm trying to think what teh II was like10:34
oimonBigRedS: no wifi or bluetooth, but best OS ever until android10:34
BigRedShaha, just had a quick google10:34
bigcalmI think we might be thinking of different revos10:34
oimonthe agenda and spreadsheet app were ace10:34
BigRedSthere was a bit of a jump from II to 3 :)10:34
bigcalmBigRedS: think brick10:34
bigcalmJust a little10:35
daubersHad rubbish batteries10:35
BigRedSoimon: It was all about battleships over IR10:35
oimonBigRedS: i miised out on that :(10:35
oimononly user i knew10:35
oimoni read books on it, and did my accounts10:35
daubersBattleships was cool10:36
oimonmy wife used it until last year when she got an htc10:37
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oimonthe only problem was when the rechargeable batteries died, you lost your data :(10:37
BigRedSoimon: Oooh, I don't remember that, but I was very good at syncing and charging10:37
daubersChanging the batteries in the revo was a nightmare. Had to resort to a soldering iron10:37
oimonlol, i bought replacements from ebay designed for revo10:38
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BigRedSOh! The revo does bluetooth apparently10:39
BigRedSso I might be able to get to the internets via that :) Wonder if there's an epoc ssh client10:39
daubersBigRedS: if in doubt, there is a *nix ported to ir10:40
BigRedSoh! This looks dangerously like becoming a project...10:41
BigRedSAwww, that's Sarge based. That makes it even better :)10:41
oimonBigRedS: psion revo doesn't do BT10:42
oimonalthough there was a colour prototype made with BT10:42
BigRedSoimon: ahh, yeah I'm seeing conflicting reports on BT10:43
dogmatic69what is the best way to do dual boot?10:49
dogmatic69looks like im forced to use windows for something :/10:50
BigRedSer, with grub?10:50
BigRedSdogmatic69: I'd create an empty space for Windows, install it there, then boot from a LiveCD to reinstall grub10:50
BigRedSor stick it in a VM, which is an awful lot less hassle10:50
BigRedSbut really not dual-booting. It depends what you need Windows for10:51
dogmatic69well i need it for a vinyl cutter10:51
dogmatic69so dont know if vm will pass the port along properly10:51
BigRedSah yeah, then a dual boot is your better bet10:52
dogmatic69need to make this work http://www.direct-shops.co.uk/products.php?product=Professional-Vinyl-Cutter-Cutting-Plotter-28%22-With-Optical-Eye10:54
dogmatic69would be super happy if it worked on ubuntu10:54
bigcalmWine no good?10:54
dogmatic69im sure ps files would work some how10:54
davmor2czajkowski: MooDoo + Mrs MooDoo == Baby girl ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh11:06
czajkowskidavmor2: I saw on saturday11:07
czajkowskiso nice11:07
davmor2meh I didn't get the news till I saw it on FB this morning :(11:08
czajkowskidavmor2: was on SAturday same day as the other kid11:10
diploAnyone in here ever used rpmbuild ?11:11
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davmor2czajkowski: Hopefully she takes after her Mom for looks if she looks like her dad I'd get to practice here LadyGAGA impressions from a early age :D11:11
davmor2czajkowski: it was always going to be wasn't it as soon as MooDoo said any day but....11:12
oimondiplo: yes11:12
czajkowskidavmor2: aye11:12
diploTrying to build cups oimon, last error and It should do it..11:13
diploRPM build errors: File not found by glob: /tmp/cups-root/usr/share/icons/*11:13
diploAny ideas ?11:13
diploCentOS channel is not exactly the nicest place to be at times :)11:13
oimonare you rebuilding from SRPM?11:15
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oimondiplo: come to #slforum and we'll discuss in there :)11:16
aquariusanyone know if there's a thing to let you do presentations from a phone? that is: a phone-USB-socket-to-VGA connector and associated software?11:30
* popey hands aquarius an ipad11:57
oimoni still think of feminine hygeine products when I see ipad mentioned :-\11:57
oimonwould be cool in future to connect a raspberry pi with bluetooth dongle to the projector, and control the presentation with a bluetooth presenter gadget11:59
nigelbpopey: I now am a fan of your ideology. Things that work.11:59
aquariuspopey: the idea is to work with my phone, which fits in my pocket. If I have to carry an ipad I might as well carry my laptop :)12:03
popeywhat ports does your phone have?12:04
czajkowskithey're very lgith and fit in my handbag12:04
jonsainthi all. can anyone help?? i got an iphone 4, can anyone tell me if itunes will work on ubuntu so i can keep my phone updated?12:05
oimon"The Droid X is the second smartphone to get an HDMI out port that allows you to connect the device to a projector or flat panel television"12:06
oimonprobably lots more since then12:06
dwatkinsjonsaint: itunes itself won't work natively on Ubuntu, but there are alternative applications (they won't update your phone, though)12:06
lubotu3itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee12:06
* AlanBell thinks aquarius would like the Samsung Galaxy Beam12:07
jonsaintdrat. looks like il have to keep my pc as a dual boot then :-(12:07
AlanBellalthough it is probably a little less than awesome as a projector12:07
dwatkinsjonsaint: you could run windows in a virtual machine with VirtualBox for itunes etc.12:07
jonsaintdwatkins, sorry but im new to all this and i wouldnt have a clue what to do lol12:08
* oimon wonders if "update phone" means system updates or add new songs to it12:08
aquariusAlanBell, ah, no, that's a phone with a projector *in* it. I'm thinking of doing presentations at lugs or whatever where they already have a projector12:08
AlanBellaquarius: yeah, fun concept form factor though! Not sure how practical it really is12:09
aquariuspico projectors *drink* battery :)12:09
dwatkinsgood point oimon - which do you want to do, jonsaint?12:09
aquariusit is interesting, but not what I'm looking for :)12:09
dwatkinspico projectors also need a really dark room as they're not very bright12:09
AlanBellaquarius: there is a reasonable chance of getting hdmi out of a phone, possibly with a docking adapter or MHL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_High-definition_Link12:10
jonsaintwell ive fell in love with ubuntu but know little about it. all im worried about is keeping my iphone updated. if i can find a way on ubuntu then il wipe my drive and just have ubuntu on here12:10
aquariusAlanBell, ooh, that's interesting12:10
dwatkinsjonsaint: do you mean 'keeping the phone updated with the latest software'?12:10
AlanBellVGA is unlikely, no analog circuits12:10
AlanBelljonsaint: can't the iPhone do over the air updates?12:11
jonsaintnot sure. ive always done updates via itunes12:11
aquariusdammit, I'd have to buy a Samsung Galaxy S II. :(12:11
dwatkinsjonsaint: I suspect you don't absolutely need to do this, and in fact it might be best not to update it all the time, as it might possibly break support for Amarok, Banshee or whatever you're using in Ubuntu to copy music to it12:11
aquariusI don't mind having a little box with a vga socket on it and a micro-usb lead poking out the side or whatever12:11
dwatkinsjonsaint: no reason you can't keep the windows partition for booting occasionally to run updates on your phone, though.12:11
AlanBellI thought they were only a brick when you get them, after they have been introduced to itunes and your credit card they are fine to manage from other players12:11
jonsaintbit of a pain in the ass tho to have 2. would be good if i could turn on my pc and have just ubuntu on there12:12
dwatkinsjonsaint: yeah, I sometimes use a virtual machine for windows-only apps, in theory it should work ok, but your mileage may vary as usual with this sort of thing.12:12
jonsaintall i actually need windows for is my itunes update for my phone software12:14
dwatkinswhy do you need to update your phone, jonsaint?12:14
AlanBellI don't think you need that12:14
jonsaintwell i was told by a few folks to keep the updates current for the phone12:15
dwatkins(I appreciate there are often security fixes and so on, but I would hope there weren't any vulnerabilities that were accessible from the mobile phone network)12:15
jonsainti dont really use it for music12:15
dwatkinsI don't tend to update my iphone, but that's beause I'm a naughty jailbreak user ;)12:15
jonsainthaha. superb!12:15
dwatkinsI also don't update it because as my primary communication device, I don't want it to potentially break when a software update causes problems, but I accept that's more likely because I've jailbroken it.12:16
shaunofwiw, ios5 goes a long way towards unchaining from itunes.  it does over-the-air updates, first-time setup without itunes, etc.  doesn't help you right now, but requiring a VM will go away eventually12:16
dwatkinsthat's good to know, shauno - I gather they also hired the developer of mobilenotifier, which makes iOS have some much needed improvements to the notification mechanism.12:17
daubersWhen OTA updates appears on IOS I'm sure Apple will start pointing out how android copied it12:17
dwatkinsjonsaint: since you're new to Ubuntu, I suggest the simplest solution would be to keep a windows partition so you have the option of dual-booting if necessary, then you can update the phone if you desire.12:18
dwatkinsYou should be able to run itunes inside a virtual instance of Windows, but I've read there can be problems with the phone being recognised.12:18
popey13:11:04 < AlanBell> jonsaint: can't the iPhone do over the air updates?12:19
popeyIn iOS5, yes, not before12:19
dwatkinsI'd start by reading this thread, for example, just make sure you have backups and other methods of transferring data etc. jonsaint - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68709812:19
popeydaubers: its already here, I do OTA updates on my iPhone12:20
popeyitunes in a VM is painful12:20
dauberspopey: My missus will never be able too (unless she updates her iPhone)12:20
popeyso update it?12:20
popey(when iOS5 releases)12:20
dauberspopey: Also, iOS 5 is still only being seeded isn't it? Didn't think it was on general release (just dev accounts)12:21
jonsaintcan an iphone be updated without itunes then?12:21
dauberspopey: Didn't think iOS5 works on a 3GS12:21
daubersjonsaint: Not yet12:21
TheOpenSourcererMrs TheOpenSourcerer uses iTunes in a VM and is living with it.12:21
popeyjonsaint: in iOS5, yes12:21
popeydue for release in October AIUI12:21
jonsaintwhat is this i0s5?? all new to me lol12:21
shaunothe next major software update for your phone, makes it a little less addicted to itunes12:22
* dwatkins heads off to the station12:22
dwatkinshave fun, folks ;)12:22
daubersjonsaint: Cisco's Internetwork Operating System (until apple took the name anyway)12:22
AlanBellit is Apple's version of Android :)12:23
jonsaintso whats this new update supposed o do?#12:23
bigcalmAlanBell: lol12:23
daubersjonsaint: It will let you update without iTunes12:23
jonsaintah superb12:23
daubersjonsaint: Amongst other things12:23
jonsaintmore like apple being able to spy on us more you mean lol12:23
* czajkowski does the 1 more day back to work dance :)12:23
dauberseither way, I lost interest in ios ages ago. Can't do anything interesting in it12:24
jonsaintlooks like keeping it dual boot then. but when his new update happens, i can get rid of windows then??12:25
popeyyes, and no12:26
jonsaintyes and no?????12:26
popeywell, you can software update over the air, you can get music on using ubuntu based music apps12:27
popeynot sure about application installation12:27
popeyyou can of course install _some_ apps over the air12:27
jonsaintah right12:27
popeybut some require installing via itunes12:27
popeyyou can backup to the 'icloud'12:28
jonsaintcheers for all the info. better shoot and get back to doing some sort of work lol12:28
czajkowskidavmor2: you on oneiric there ?12:29
davmor2czajkowski: I have an oneiric box yes12:32
czajkowskidavmor2: click on your date and time and try and move to october cal please12:33
czajkowskior any other cal other than september12:33
davmor2czajkowski: can't move it fullstop12:34
czajkowskime neither12:34
czajkowskibit of a bug no12:34
davmor2czajkowski: pass I think it's known I'm hoping that they include lightning if they are sticking with TB and actually have a working calendar again12:35
czajkowskidavmor2: I cant even boot to Unity 3d any more12:36
czajkowskifind me a bug on that12:36
czajkowskiI tried what popey suggested by creating a new user and logging in via that12:36
czajkowskibut no good12:36
davmor2czajkowski: yes but you break stuff without trying anyway so that doesn't count :P12:37
czajkowskidavmor2: no my fault it worked yesterday. update/upgrade shut down restart and kapoof no worky12:37
czajkowskimost fliping annoying12:37
oimonneed to stop trusting my weather app :(12:48
popeyczajkowski: any errors in the home directory of the new user?12:49
popeylike ~/.xsession-errors ?12:49
czajkowskilemmie see12:50
czajkowskinope :/12:50
czajkowskidon't know how to report the bug I have atm though and nobody seems to have a similar issues12:51
czajkowskimaybe tis just cypher begining to die12:51
gordMyrtti, shame you already got a 3ds, nintendo just announced a new colour :) http://www.next-gen.biz/files/images/3DS_misty_pink_426.jpg12:54
oimonczajkowski: which graphics card?12:55
davmor2czajkowski: fresh install and stop beating round the bush with it ;)12:58
czajkowskiwhats the command again for that ?12:58
czajkowskidavmor2: noooo12:59
oimonlspci | grep -i vga12:59
davmor2czajkowski: lshw -html file.html and then post that on your server and direct oimon at it :)12:59
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: Who you going to be working for then?13:01
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: codegent.com13:01
oimonyou call them to hire a well-dressed developer?13:01
oimonwhat do people think of this story? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-14887428 'Wi-fi refugees' shelter in West Virginia mountains13:03
TheOpenSourcererCool. Good luck.13:03
TheOpenSourcererAnd don't expect to me to say anything more nice to you until after the RWC - or at least until you are out ;-)13:04
czajkowskidavmor2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/688311/13:04
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: hey you barely got through the othe day13:05
czajkowskibe careful13:05
oimonMobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller13:06
davmor2czajkowski: why you telling me you hw I said point oimon at it ;) oimon over to you13:06
Myrttigord: I don't buy pink electronics13:08
gordMyrtti, oh, aren't you the person with pink on highlight?13:08
Myrttigord: I am, but I still don't buy pink electronics13:09
czajkowskigord: pleia2 does13:09
MyrttiI think she has 3DS alreaedy tooo13:09
Myrttifor some unknown reason I think pink electronics have smaller resale value13:10
Myrttiso I don't buy pink electronics13:10
oimonczajkowski: ugly hack, but have you tried forcing unity to start?13:13
czajkowskihow ?13:13
oimonAdd "UNITY_FORCE_START=1" to the  "/etc/environment" file13:13
czajkowskiah ok13:13
czajkowskiwill try that13:13
AlanBellhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/1283/detail/ release party \o/13:17
bigcalmDo I really want to venture all the way to London?13:31
andylockranhey guys - I have a pdf13:33
andylockranif I print it from acroread in X, then it prints great with the default settings on my printer13:33
andylockran(set in cups)13:33
andylockranbut how do I get that same output from lp - it prints a test page fine, but send it the pdf and it prints nowt :(13:33
daubersandylockran: Convert it to postscript?13:34
BigRedSbigcalm: yes13:34
AlanBellandylockran: you need to pipe it through ghostscript13:34
BigRedSbah. why is it midweek? that's a silly idea13:34
* daubers needs coffee13:34
andylockranAlanBell: ooh?13:34
AlanBellBigRedS: it is always on a Thursday unless they get excited by 10/10/10 and put it on Sunday13:34
bigcalmWhat time of day would the release party be?13:34
AlanBellit is an evening thing13:35
AlanBellafter work drinks13:35
bigcalmI would have to take 2 days off work13:35
bigcalmOr 2 half daysa13:35
AlanBellor . . . organise a release party somewhere more convenient13:36
bigcalmHaving never been to one, I don't really want to host one13:36
BigRedSOh, I really should have spotted that pattern13:36
BigRedSI think every year I complain about it :)13:36
AlanBellthat is why we are doing the happy hours13:37
AlanBellon reflection starting in London does put it a bit close to the release party13:37
czajkowskiIf I hear one mention of it's i London on the ML I will throttle someone13:37
czajkowskiif you wnat a release party in your area, organise one ! aka do something, even if tis go to a pub and drink and talk mingle13:37
AlanBellI will mail the list shortly with a pre-emptive paragraph about that13:37
AlanBelland referencing the happy hours13:38
AlanBellthe second of which I will also announce13:38
bigcalmI'm not complaining, just gathering information :)13:38
AlanBelland I think the third happy hour might be in Nottingham13:38
andylockranAlanBell: doesn't look like that's working for me.. the printer is ps compatibl13:40
oimonandylockran: tried running pdf2ps on the file and printing the resulting file?13:47
AlanBellLaney: pick a day in November13:48
Laneyis 8 late for people to travel? or do you only expect locals?13:58
Laneyalso oneiric's release date coincides with the nottingham beer festival14:00
Laneyhow happy that is14:00
AlanBellthere isn't a hard defined start time14:02
=== deegee__ is now known as drussell
AlanBelljust with the happy hours I want to specify a defined hour where you can expect to find people14:04
AlanBellso November 25th in Nottingham?14:05
Laneyprobably works14:06
aaronrI've recently had a server handed off to me that's running the unsupported Ubuntu 9.04, unfortunately the upgrade path requires going through the also-now-unsupported 9.10. Are there any docs on how to deal with this?14:22
drussellaaronr: not as far as I know... essentially backup anything important, cross your fingers and go through the upgrades until you reach something supported.14:25
aaronrheh. thought that might be the answer.14:25
aaronrno probs.14:26
drussellaaronr: good luck :o)14:26
aaronrhaha, thanks :)14:26
Myrttiyeah, skipping versions isn't supported unless it's from LTS to LTS14:29
aaronryeah. i'm guessing that do-release-upgrade will fail because the repo for 9.10 has moved to old-releases14:30
popeyhave you tried it?14:40
popeyaaronr: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:41
aaronrpopey: yeah i read that, but won't that expect the "next" release to not be on old-releases too?14:43
aaronri mean sure, i can make the current release know it's on old-releases, but do-release-upgrades rewrites /etc/apt/sources.list14:44
popeytbh I'd just modify the sources list and do a dist-upgrade14:53
LcawteRelease party at a pub eh? Hmm14:55
aaronri thought doing dist-upgrade was bad now do-release-upgrade was around?14:55
czajkowskiLcawte: always is14:56
popeyaaronr: do-release-upgrade is better. and I would try it first, but if it fails I'd do the dist-upgrade route14:57
aaronrokay. thanks.14:57
AlanBellLcawte: we do non-pub events too, but the release parties are somewhat unavoidably pubish15:35
MyrttiI think the correct term would be "have been"15:39
Myrttior even "historically have been"15:40
AlanBellfor the parties Myrtti?15:41
Myrttiwhat is that sentence the banks put in their adverts...15:42
popeyYour home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on a loan secured against it?15:42
AlanBellthe London after work on the last day thing that the Canonical engineers turn up to will be in a pub15:42
popeyThe value of your investment may go down as well as up?15:42
AlanBellit is beyond my ability to alter that15:42
Myrtti"past performance does not guarantee future results"15:42
AlanBellif at first you don't succeed, give up15:43
* bigcalm gives up trying to be smelly and has a shower15:43
shaunoif at first you don't succeed, skydiving isn't for you :/15:45
bigcalmThat sounds like Milton Jones15:45
MyrttiI like the Finnish undergraduate education system15:56
MyrttiI know where to look for studies in such and such15:57
MartijnVdSHmm.. stack of new music \o/16:23
smittixheh I like the screenshot camera sound in 11.1016:28
ubuntuuk-planet[Dominic Watkins] Some useful apps for Mac OS X - http://rowla.dyndns.org/blog/2011/09/13/some-useful-apps-for-mac-os-x/16:31
* popey emails zoostorm asking if they will supply a naked pc16:35
Myrttihas anyone used or tried shotwell in oneiric?16:37
MartijnVdSI have16:37
Myrttido you use Flickr?16:37
MartijnVdSyes, but not from shotwell16:37
MartijnVdSshotwell + raw doesn't work nicely yes, so I load raw into shotwell, then process to jpg, and upload the jpgs to flickr using postr16:38
smittixI still love DigiKam for that kind of thing. When im using my kubuntu machine16:39
smittixexport straight to flickr16:39
Catbuskrisanyone know a good program for recording video with webcam?16:39
smittixCatbuskris: You can do it with VLC iirc16:40
The_Fredcheck out 'monitor', I know it does still, but i think i recall somemention in the man pages about .avi's16:40
Catbuskristhanks guys16:40
smittixCatbuskris: See here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=14373216:41
Catbuskriswhat is my audio device??? ls /dev/audio* returns no results16:55
Catbuskrisi can record video on VLC but no sound :(16:56
bigcalmCatbuskris: in the Software Centre, look for PulseAudio Volume Control16:57
bigcalmCatbuskris: that will give you more control over input and output hardware16:57
Catbuskrisbut bigcalm, i don't know what to put in th "audio device name" box analogous to "video device name".  According to PulseAudio the devices are called "Analogue/Internal Microphone"17:01
Azelphurso my friend sent me a pic of the desk he built, it looks like what I want. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23102991/IMG_0772.JPG anyone know where I might get something like that?17:35
Azelphurperhaps without the weird middle cupboard, but that kinda shape desk :D17:36
MartijnVdSAzelphur: IKEA kitchen cupboard + kitchen worktop?17:38
Azelphurexcept I don't want to build it myself :p17:38
* Azelphur is scared of power tools17:39
mgdmIf it's IKEA stuff you won't need to17:39
mgdmI mean, no power tools at least17:39
MartijnVdSmgdm: for customizing it like that you might need to17:39
MartijnVdSbut IKEA has nice desks17:39
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tonytigerEvening all18:12
tonytigerI hope you're going to listen in in an hour or so18:12
Azelphurwhy would we want to do that :o18:12
* Azelphur runs18:12
Azelphurtonytiger: what are you doing in an hour or so? :)18:13
MartijnVdSAzelphur: ubuntu-uk-podcast-recording, I think18:15
Azelphurah cool :D18:15
* MartijnVdS watches the Star Wars bluray18:16
davmor2MartijnVdS: is it the same as the normal version?18:31
AlanBellHan shot first18:40
StevenRAlanBell: the way it should be :)18:50
andybleadenHi All tweeted a few days ago about the possibility of setting up a Launch party sometime in October in Manchester. Firstly, anybody doing one already. Secondly I was thinking of try to approach Madlab to possibly host it and thirdly..who would like to come?19:00
AlanBellhi andybleaden19:02
AlanBellI don't know of anyone doing one already19:02
andybleadengood...did want to tread on toes19:03
AlanBellthere was mention of Leeds on the list, but not Manchester19:03
andybleadenAlanBell, Is there many do es and donts ...not done one before19:03
AlanBelldon't pay for a venue, just nominate a pub19:04
AlanBellmake sure there are at least a handful of people likely to turn up19:04
andybleadenso pubs better I guess19:04
andybleadenjust thinking about wifi19:04
AlanBelldon't worry about wifi19:04
andybleadenand the madlab place sounds cool19:04
AlanBellif you can do something at madlab then that would be cool19:05
andybleadenAlanBell, how come wifi not a problem..people too busy drinking beer!19:05
AlanBelland just tether a phone if anyone wants it19:06
AlanBellgenerally on the release day parties some people kick off a torrent before going out19:06
andybleadenso having not been to one...what happens19:06
andybleadentorrent..what of the release?19:06
AlanBellhowever downloading a CD now takes about a minute or two on fast broadband :)19:07
andybleadenSo do some CDs pen drives etc19:07
=== bigcalm[revo] is now known as bigcalm
andybleadenAnyway ...anyone here from the North West who would like to come along to a Launch party in Manchester in October19:17
andybleadenor even outside of the north west if they can come19:19
nucc1i'm experiencing some weird issue with postfix, courier and sasl authentication. If i append any number of extra characters to the supplied password, authentication still passes19:24
mgdmhow many characters is the password?19:26
nucc18 characters19:26
nucc1only the first 8 characters are checked?19:26
mgdmthat's probably it then - depending on the way the passwords are stored it'll only check 819:26
nucc1mgdm, darn.19:27
nucc1first, it requires plaintext passwords, then it only checks 8 chars.19:27
nucc1i shudder.19:27
nucc1i should look into a better scheme.19:28
mgdmI have my Postfix and Dovecot set up to use TLS, but I'm fairly sure it uses more than 8 chars19:28
nucc1what did you mean by "depending on the way the passwords are stored?"19:28
nucc1they are stored in a mysql database19:28
nucc1i'm using TLS too19:29
mgdmwell if you'd ended up using an old-school Unix crypt scheme at the back end, that'd only check 8 chars19:29
nucc1the second problem is that smtp always fails with a message Authentication Failure19:30
nucc1mgdm, what scheme are you using at your backend?19:30
mgdmjust the system shadow PW DB19:31
nucc1i want to use a mysql database19:31
nucc1because i'm using virtual domains19:31
mgdm(probably not a brilliant idea in the long run, but I've got got around to changing)19:31
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
nucc1mgdm, do you happen to know where the backend scheme is specified?20:01
nucc1in my /etc/pam.d/smtp , i find that each line ends with crypt=120:02
nucc1and i don't quite understand what that means.20:02
mgdmnucc1: I'm afraid not, I don't use SASL directly - I use Dovecot's authentication stuff instead, it's far easier to handle20:04
nucc1mgdm, ok. i'll consider dovecot if this courier stuff proves to be too troublesome20:08
mgdmI highly recommend it20:09
mgdmIt can talk to MySQL as well20:09
nucc1mgdm, what they call it. cognitive dissonance? i just want to justify the effort i've already put into courier at this stage :p20:11
nucc1but i'll give up if i don't succeed in the next 2 hours.20:11
j0nrhey folks20:11
LaneyI am doing that right now with a particular build failure20:12
mgdmnucc1: ah yes, I can understand that20:12
Laneykeep getting further and then hitting more problems20:12
Laneybut now I'm in too deep and have to see it through20:12
Laneyoh, works \o/20:12
j0nrI am trying to get xbmc running on server edition. I therefore need to be able to launch it with xinit or something...as I do not want to run a full on desktop environment. I am struggling to get video driver working.... starting to get in a bit of a mess20:12
aquariusj0nr, any reason why you don't want to run a full desktop environment? I mean, a lightweight window manager will not be any serious use of resources, and then all these problems go away, no?21:00
aquariusinstall openbox or something like that21:00
aquariusand then, pow, you've got proper X21:01
aquariusand your video stuff will work :)21:01
j0nraquarius: Maybe I will try21:09
j0nras I am lost21:09
AlanBellj0nr: what hardware?21:10
aquariusj0nr, yeah. I suspect that'll help. install lubuntu-desktop, say, to get a Lubuntu system, and then work from there; that way, people who are prepared to delve into the misery of X and graphics and drivers and such are solving your problem, so you don't have to21:10
aquarius(or, to be honest, just run real Ubuntu desktop. That's what I do on my Revo with boxee, and it's fine; a desktop environment that isn't doing anything doesn't use up resources.)21:10
j0nrAlanBell: radaon mobility rv25021:12
AlanBellthat is just the graphics card right?21:12
j0nrAlanBell: yes, its  Dell D600 Latitude21:13
j0nraquarius: the only thing it when I flick my tv to the pc input, i will be seeing a desktop right? I really just wanted to start 'xinit xbmc', so that when I went to PC on the tv, I would just see XBMC interface21:14
j0nrso it is more of a media centre than just a pc plugged into the tv21:14
aquariusj0nr, just put xbmc in your Startup Programs21:14
j0nrcertainly want to not have to sit with a keyboard and mouse21:14
aquariusthen as soon as the desktop starts, so will xbmc.21:14
j0nrhm, yeah :)21:15
aquariussearch for Startup Applications in the dash21:15
j0nri'll give it a go... just worried as I am limited to 500mb RAM21:15
aquariusand that way you get all the sensible ways to do things like configure the screensaver, etc.21:15
aquariuswell... lubuntu desktop might be a good way to go if you find that proper Ubuntu is too much for your machine21:15
aquariusthey do a reasonable job at making a lightweight desktop; I'm sure it has some way of setting a startup application :)21:16
j0nrbut is it differetn under the skin? i.e. right now I have server-edition installed. Is the difference between ubuntu and lubuntu just whether I install ubunut-desktop or lubuntu-desktop (in a manner of speaking)21:17
aquariusj0nr, that's indeed the difference. The underlying infrastructure is the same for both21:19
diploevening all21:22
diploWhat do you guys use for ripping CD's ?21:22
j0nraquarius: downloading lubuntu - a fresh start methinks... cheers21:23
mgdmdiplo: sound juicer, I think it's called21:25
diploheh ta mgdm just found in software centre21:26
diploGiving it a go now21:26
mgdmIf you want to rip to MP3, you need to fiddle with the presets a bit21:27
aquariusdiplo, I rip CDs with the standard music player (Banshee). Nice and easy21:29
mgdmBanshee's the standard now?21:29
diplooh not tried that, will take a look ta21:29
doc_mattI still use grip ..21:30
doc_mattdoes a better job with id3 tags on ogg vorbis21:31
doc_mattor at least, it did last time I tried banshee21:31
diplonot heard of grip either, got to be mp3's though  :/21:32
doc_mattgrip is quite ..old ..21:33
doc_mattnot even sure it's still being maintained21:34
diploI've always used CDEX on windows, never ripped under linux i don't think yet ive been using for years21:34
diplonot in ubuntu repos21:34
doc_mattmy installs go a way back21:35
doc_mattsome stuff hanging around from a while ago21:35
shaunospent almost an hour picking colours for various shell prompts.  tis an exciting life.22:49

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