module000anyone a perl expert looking for steady remote work? prefer to ask fellow arkansans first :P14:12
module000well "expert" may be overkill, but comfortable with mod_perl, and a distributed web farm setup14:14
danielveazeygood morning everyone16:31
danielveazeyhowdy kwad17:15
kwadrokeI'm sure this would be more for tonight, but18:16
kwadrokewould anyone be interested in a Linux Fest?18:16
danielveazeyi might be18:16
kwadrokeare you in central AR?18:17
kwadrokebeen wanting to do one for a while, and there's been more fresh blood lately18:23
danielveazeyI read some email about some kind of thing going on in Conway, but that might have been a Python conference ...18:24
kwadrokeit is18:24
kwadrokein october18:24
kwadrokethinking about coinciding it with the 12.04 ubuntu release18:25
kwadrokethat would give plenty of time to plan18:25
danielveazeyright on18:25
kwadrokeit would be the last weekend of april, the 28th18:26
danielveazeysounds good18:27
kwadrokepretty sure we could do it in conway at the library18:28
kwadrokebut not a place we'd have to have it18:28
kwadrokecould do it in LR or something18:28
danielveazeyI like the idea of Gnome 3, but it sure does seem to have a lot of bugs.21:25

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