philipballewoh hey seidos !00:53
philipballewDarkwingDuck, I was gonna send out a reminder to people about the Ubuntu hour if you don't mind? and also add our name to the ubuntu hour page.00:55
DarkwingDuckAye, that's next tuesday right?00:55
philipballewyes it is. Me and a friend I know who runs ubuntu is gonna be driving on over. so that makes me + 1. I was gonna text kdub maybe  and see if he's coming00:57
DarkwingDuckOkay, the back design for the scale t-shirt isn't quite there... anyone have any ideas? http://people.ubuntu.com/~david.wonderly/SCaLE10/tshirt/01:04
seidoshi everybody!01:06
seidosi was thinking of wearing a tuxedo at this year's SCaLE01:06
seidosi think i'll be able to ride a bike over01:06
seidosdepends on how much it costs to rent one01:07
philipballewI could bring my suit I bought at the thrift store seidos01:07
seidosa tuxedo, not a bike01:07
seidosthere's an idea...check out the thrift store01:07
seidosi should do that tomorrow01:07
seidosjust need a black coat, pants, and a bow tie, really01:08
philipballewmy suit cost my a dollar when salvation army had all clothes a dollar day01:08
philipballewi could bike from sd and join you for the final push to scale!01:08
seidoswhat is that?  500 mi?01:08
DarkwingDuckphilipballew: you are going to mike to SCALE?01:09
DarkwingDuckNo, only like 100-150mi01:09
seidosit takes me about 45min to do 5 miles01:09
seidosgoing at a leisurely pace, mind01:09
philipballewI looked it up on google and its a 10 hour journey01:09
philipballewbut i have a road bike and it can fly if i really want01:10
seidoswhat's the furthest you've biked?01:10
seidosi've done 20 mi before01:10
philipballew50 miles once01:10
seidosi'm a sweaty mess after 2001:10
philipballewa sd critical mass01:10
seidosthen you're probably in better shape than i am for such a trek01:10
philipballewmaybe. I took the train there last time. it was pretty good. only 25 I think. have you ever done creigslist ride share?01:12
seidosnot i01:13
pleia2some of our solano stroll pictures are on he.net's facebook :) https://www.facebook.com/he.net01:13
pleia2(jyo brought the he.net penguins)01:13
philipballewI've looked into it. but not sure the safeness of it01:13
jyohaha, I was just about to link to that, pleia201:13
philipballewoff for some dinner! peace out!01:15
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jyojdeslip, rww: PING rww.name ( 56(84) bytes of data.05:04
jyo64 bytes from rww.name ( icmp_req=1 ttl=62 time=0.219 ms05:04
jyo64 bytes from rww.name ( icmp_req=2 ttl=62 time=0.185 ms05:04
rwwjyo: hrm?05:13
pleia2ping stalking05:14
jyoI was mentioning to jdeslip on Sunday how Linode colos here and used you as an example of excellent ping. :)05:19
rwwah, right. Yeah, Fremont isn't far away networkwise :)05:28
rwwand my local Ubuntu mirror is about 20 miles away from where i am now05:28
rwwI'm living the live right now as far as network speeds go :D05:28
rwwlife **05:28
bkerensarww: what kind of speeds?06:17
bkerensaoh you live close to HE.net?06:17
philipballew... flash player is super lame!06:17
rwwno, me <-> HE.net is fast, and me <-> mirror is fast.06:18
rwwI think I got up to 4MB/s (yes, megabytes) last time I did a nontrivial package download06:18
bkerensathats awesome.... I dont live to far from a mirror and my speeds are horrible at best06:20
bkerensa100Kbps - 200Kbps is good06:20
jyopleia2: Partimus blog: s/venodrs/vendors :P06:26
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