dmcgloneI just used super anti spyware and it found all kinds of threats and I removed them and had to reboot. I hope the computer over there comes back up with the same IP or I'll have to do some traveling tomorrow :-/00:03
dmcglonewhoo hooo it's back up. Thank goodness00:05
dmcgloneNow I'm confident to try your suggestion canthus00:06
dmcglonerebooting now. with me luck ;-)00:15
dmcgloneit booted :-)00:18
dmcglonestill getting redirected00:19
dmcgloneWindows sucks!!!!00:23
rrittenhousesomeones going to have to play the format song00:42
dmcgloneI feel like I could shoot the people that do this crap!!!00:44
dmcglonerrittenhouse: hope he can find his restoration disk :-/00:45
dmcgloneI don't see why he just doesn't put ubuntu on it, it's what he's running on his home computer00:46
canthus13dmcglone: the last time I had an issue with redirects, that's what I eneded up having to do.... Reformat, reinstall. :/00:48
dmcgloneI've done everything suggested except for re-installing the NIC drivers. If I'm gonna do that I might as well reformat00:48
canthus13give that a shot first, then watch it for a few days.  it might be all ou need.00:49
dmcgloneWhen I reformat, I'll make sure that only I get admin privalages00:49
dmcgloneI even tried Microsoft essentials anti-virus. Hmmm don't you think they'd know more about their product than anyone else...00:50
dmcgloneguess not :-/00:50
dmcgloneafter I reformat, I'll make sure I back up the registry00:51
dmcgloneI hate feeling so helpless and vulurnable00:52
* canthus13 fixed that feeling by switching to Linux. :)00:54
dmcgloneWell if he can't find his software, he's going to have to unless he wasn't to shell out a bunch of money00:54
rrittenhousecanthus13: +100:58
rrittenhousealthough I must say unity sucks ass.00:59
canthus13rrittenhouse: ...which is why I use openbox. :)00:59
dmcgloneI'm running Gnome 3 and I like it00:59
rrittenhousenever heard of openbox, till now01:00
canthus13I'm loving it. :)01:00
Unit193canthus13: -desktop is dead though?01:01
canthus13Unit193: for the moment.  I suddenly had a million things going on irl. :/01:03
* canthus13 will get back on it and make another attempt at driving it once he's gotten his life settled down.01:03
Unit193canthus13: Thanks, I wasn't sure if it was for now or totally01:03
Cheri703I didn't read all of the scrollback, but dmcglone, try teamviewer? instead of remote desktop or something...it doesn't matter the IP, each computer is assigned an "ID" number, and you can set it up so you can use the same password each time, it is cross platform as well01:03
canthus13sorry. I really should post.01:03
Cheri703canthus13: my other box came! I have my bike all set up except for the battery, which is still charging :)01:04
Unit193It's mostly you and SMK (Had stl, but I'll see if I can get him again)01:04
dmcgloneThanks Cheri703 I will also look into that. Right now I'm rummaging through the running services to see if I can see anything suspicious01:05
canthus13Cheri703: Woo! Awesome!01:05
Cheri703good luck :/ have you tried super anti spyware and/or avast? I have the best luck with those01:05
rrittenhouseits useless imo - youll never know if you clear it all off or not01:06
rrittenhousethe redirection might go away but who knows what else might be left01:06
Cheri703canthus13: I'm going to record some video once I get it all set up and do a test drive :)01:06
Cheri703I'll send it to you01:06
dmcgloneI just tried super anti spyware with no avail, but I used the quick scan. I'm going to try the full scan here in a bit01:06
dmcglonerrittenhouse: I was able to get the computer working good again using the restore tool. I'm thinking I should try that again but use a much much earlier date :-/01:08
dmcgloneat first this computer wouldn't even boot into windows01:08
paultaggilbert: http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2011/09/msg00029.html01:09
dmcgloneIf he could find the disk I'd be able to start in safe mode and eliminate the problem01:09
rrittenhousedmcglone: You can still never be 100% sure its clean imo :)01:09
dmcglonenot eliminate it, but most likely find it01:09
dmcgloneI agree rrittenhouse, but my hands are tied :-/01:09
rrittenhouseah ok01:10
rrittenhouseis this your boss'es computer or something? haha01:10
dmcgloneNo, a local car dealership :-/01:10
rrittenhouseahhh ok01:14
dmcglonedownloading teamviewer now01:14
rrittenhousethats what ive been using01:14
dmcgloneI'm tired of traveling, from now on im going to start setting things up for remote access01:15
dmcgloneI always thought it was easer to just  go to them, but after these past 2 days, I've thought differently01:15
Cheri703dmcglone: I always do complete01:16
dmcgloneCheri, both computers need teamviewer right?01:17
Unit193The linux one runs on wine01:17
dmcgloneOk, I'm installing on the xp machine right now01:17
Cheri703and to set up the "use the same password each time" on the one you are connecting TO you have to go into options and set it up under the security tab01:17
dmcgloneOk :-)01:19
dmcgloneso far I'm really not liking this teamviewer01:40
Unit193I also didn't like it and just stuck with UltraVNC on windows and something else on Linux01:44
Cheri703dmcglone: what don't you like about it?02:17
rrittenhousetrying out openbox03:34
rrittenhousemight be a little too basic for my tastes03:34
rrittenhouseat least by default03:34
rrittenhouseI just wish Unity had some config options03:34
Unit193Take a look at the simi guide on the forums03:35
Unit193Take a look at this all http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10950331#post1095033103:35
Unit193lxappearance-obconf is something I like03:36
rrittenhouseI installed it..but what is it? lmao03:42
Unit193A plugin for lxappearance to modify openbox themes03:43
rrittenhouseI mean it says its a plugin to modify openbox themes... I installed the obconf already before that03:43
Unit193Choose themes with that and not just other settings03:43
rrittenhousewith the lxappearance-obconf cmd or am I required to have obconf installed too03:44
Unit193Might as well03:45
rrittenhouseafter its installed what is supposed to change? It still looks the same.03:45
Unit193Open it by running   lxappearance   from terminal03:46
rrittenhouseoh ok i have to install that03:46
rrittenhousegotcha :)03:46
* Unit193 randomly wishs that a lubotu was here :P03:47
rrittenhouse:) brb i have to switch back to unity03:47
rrittenhousei have to get a paper done before 3am..i'll mess with this tomorrow haha03:48
Unit193Yes, best to get paper first03:49
rrittenhouseback :) Yeah paper must get done first,03:59
=== starkittn is now known as starkittn_gnite
Unit193canthus13: Should we !away or !nick her? ;)04:21
=== starkittn_gnite is now known as starkittn
Unit193Sorry, joke04:22
canthus13Unit193: Heh.04:23
starkittnI am always starkittn04:24
starkittnmaybe I should be sunkittn when I sleep04:24
=== starkittn is now known as sunkittn
=== sunkittn is now known as starkittn
starkittnuh huh04:46
starkittnwasn't sleepy04:46
Unit193Did he get you on irssi? That mean you're using away_nick04:47
=== starkittn is now known as sunkittn
Unit193Bloody freaking useless POC called a modem...05:31
Unit193But you have to love "Smith and Jones" :D06:04
=== Unit193_ is now known as Unit193
thafreakMorning Ohio14:30
thafreakso the laptop I won...seems like it retails for like $1k14:30
thafreakit's aparently only a 12.1"...but it doesn't really seem like it14:34
Cheri703I took my first e-bike ride :) it was pretty sweet. I am going to go for a longer ride tomorrow :) still acquiring pieces that are needed14:39
thafreakanyone else try out 11.10 beta1?14:43
thafreakImmediately after install, everything works fine, but a full-upgrade wants to remove libreoffice cause of broken depends14:44
Cheri703thafreak: www.e-bikekit.com got one of those and put it on my bike14:45
thafreakso i tried just installing some updates here and there instead of full-upgrade...now the ui is borked :)14:45
thafreakinteresting... Cheri70314:46
thafreakis this for primary transportation or for fun?14:46
Cheri703I'm going to be bike commuting to my new job (after this week)14:46
Cheri703and fun :)14:46
thafreakhow far is the job?14:46
Cheri703~3 miles14:47
dzhowell, for another month or so ;-)14:47
Cheri703but this town is HILLY and I have a blood pressure thing and my bike isn't ideal for dealing with it14:47
thafreakI saw you mention it on here but forgot to ask about the new job...what are you going to be doing?14:47
Cheri703nah, I plan to commute year round as much as possible14:47
Cheri703:/ it'll be a call center doing cell phone customer support (billing and tech support a bit)14:47
Cheri703not excited about it, but it's a job, and benefits after 60 days14:48
thafreakwell that's good atleast...sorry it's call center work...those are tough jobs14:49
Cheri703yeah, I've done it before, but that was sales, so hopefully it's better than that14:54
Cheri703it pays reasonably for this area, so...eh14:55
Cheri703and the shift will be good, 4-12, and then 4:30-12:30 later14:55
dzhoin this case, they sort of want to talk with you, at least14:55
gilbertwow, lots of irc activity in the last day :)16:37
paultago/ gilbert17:06
paultaggilbert: I applied to DM-ness17:09
paultagI'm officially heading upstream, like the salmon before me17:16
rrittenhouseAre you going to maintain a specific package or how does it work upstream?17:18
paultagrrittenhouse: I maintain 3 now, with 1 more pending.17:20
paultagrrittenhouse: this is bascially my upload rights section of the show17:20
paultagfor those packages which have me as maint or co-maint and DMUA=yes17:20
rrittenhousenice :) congrats17:21
paultagrrittenhouse: it's not over yet, I need advocates17:21
Unit193^^ Made a/is making a package management system17:21
paultagUnit193: Ja, I have :)17:21
rrittenhouseOh thats right I read his blog about it some the other day17:21
paultagsure 'nuf - Syn :)17:21
paultagit's sorta working, my system's almost bootable17:21
rrittenhouseI was checking out who all was in the team these days before I jumped in irc17:22
paultagit shows up in grub, but initscripts are emptyy17:22
paultagempty *17:22
rrittenhousejust busy work now or do you know what the issues are?17:22
Unit193I should look at his blog more... I'm too used to apt-get now :P17:22
paultagso it'll boot and hang on post-initrd handoff17:22
gilbertpaultag: awesome!17:23
paultagrrittenhouse: I'm working on it, but I'm holding until after I finish 1) debian work, and 2) next Fluxbox release17:23
paultagrrittenhouse: then I'll Syn until I repeat again17:23
paultaggilbert: I'm stoked :) - http://lists.debian.org/debian-newmaint/2011/09/msg00033.html17:23
Unit193fluxbuntu is sadly just about dead with no hope :/17:23
gilbertpaultag: i'll send a complimentary reply when i have a chance :)17:23
paultaggilbert: thanks :317:24
rrittenhouseI want to start donating time if possible to Ubuntu. It was always so confusing getting started before but I think it will be easier this time.17:24
paultagUnit193: yeah it is, but Fluxbox upstream is super active17:24
paultagwe even have two GSoC students17:24
rrittenhousebugs, packaging, etc17:24
gilbertpaultag: just be careful not to get eaten by the bears at the top of the river :o17:24
paultaggilbert: Life ain't no fun without a challange :)17:25
gilbertpaultag: true dat17:25
Unit193I would love to set it up in VBox, but I need a handy getting started guide/a few handy programs ;)17:25
paultagUnit193: fluxbox?17:25
Unit193paultag: Heck yeah17:25
paultagUnit193: sudo apt-get install fluxbox fbautostart17:25
paultagand just add fbautostart to the ~/.fluxbox/startup, done done and done17:25
paultagif you have an nvidia card, you can get our compositing branch, or if you like lua, we have a branch for that too17:26
Unit193That's all it's needed for basic? I would assume it doesn't come with a panel or anything though17:27
paultagUnit193: it does, actually17:27
paultagand a menu17:27
paultagthe new dfsg2-1 release will have a spiffy new debian theme17:27
paultagonce I get it reviewed (ugh, I need DM)17:28
sunkittnpix or it didn't happen!17:30
=== sunkittn is now known as starkittn
paultagI have some, actually17:30
paultagthey were on my twitter17:30
paultagexcept the conky in the background17:31
paultagthat's mine17:31
paultagwhich is gone now17:31
paultagI was mostly fiddling with integration, which I bailed on17:31
paultagbut that theme's fairly finial-ush17:31
paultagish *17:31
starkittntyvm paultag17:31
starkittn<3 it17:32
starkittnso simplistic feeling17:33
paultagstarkittn: it's made to just be a window manager, but some people like to use it as a DE too17:33
starkittnplus grey is my fave color17:33
paultagI don't mind it at all17:33
starkittn& I was totally checking out your conky17:33
paultagthe close buttons are nice17:34
* starkittn nods17:34
* gilbert should try fluxbox someday ^_^17:35
* gilbert currently enjoys xfce very much tho17:35
paultaggilbert: I run Xfce as my secondary - I *love* xfce17:36
paultagthey really did great stuff with it17:36
gilbertpaultag: heck yeah17:36
paultagIn fact, I run Xfce + Fluxbox on my Netbook17:36
paultagall you have to do is sed s/xfwm/fluxbox/17:37
gilbertpaultag: i love it's lightweightness; although fluxbox is even more feathery17:37
* canthus13 loves his Openbox. :)17:37
paultaggilbert: yeah, but by the same token, it's fairly chunky if it's put into a DE like xfce - it has it's own menu and bar, which most don't17:38
paultaggilbert: so it's this odd little corner case that lets you strip a lot of DE stuff out, but when you add it back, it bloats it worse :)17:38
paultagcanthus13: openbox is nice17:38
* gilbert loves sceen 2 ;)17:39
paultagI really like my Fluxbox, though. I do miss vertical desktops, though17:39
canthus13sceen 2?17:39
paultagI need to patch it to do 2D screen layouts17:39
gilbert2 = too17:39
paultagscreen rulez17:39
gilbertsceen = screen :(17:39
canthus13oh. screen?17:39
gilbertcan't type17:39
canthus13Ok. screen rocks.17:39
* canthus13 uses it every day.17:39
gilberti wonder if we have any new ppls we met at olf in here yet17:40
paultagI'm *so* bummed I missed it17:40
gilbertdude, u've got all kinds of cool shit going on *all* the time in boston17:41
paultagyeah that's true - I meet up with my asheesh, mako, spang and daf every sunday gilbert17:41
gilbertpaultag: that sounds like it would be really cool17:43
paultaggilbert: it is :)17:43
paultaghowdy canthus1317:43
gilberthi czajkowski17:43
paultagerm czajkowski17:43
czajkowskipaultag: :p17:45
czajkowskiI'm still waiting to find this buckely guy17:45
gilbertczajkowski: Jon Buckley?17:45
paultaghe goes by itsafork17:46
* gilbert decided to learn perl today17:46
paultaggilbert: it's easy! Just bang the keyboard until it compiles, and bam! Got an email parser!17:47
canthus13paultag: Uh. hi. :)17:47
paultagcanthus13: hai :)17:47
czajkowskipaultag: aye17:47
czajkowskibut itsafork hasn't arrived17:47
paultagczajkowski: you can DM him via twitter - http://twitter.com/#!/itsafork17:48
paultaghe twitted a few hours ago17:48
czajkowskimy ac is back on private so wont reply back17:48
czajkowskitis cool will idle in here17:48
paultagczajkowski: roger doger17:48
Unit193So, do you use real screen or byobu? :P17:50
starkittncanthus13: k got my screens sorted ty17:51
gilbertUnit193: screen straight up ftw17:55
Unit193gilbert: +1 Glad it isn't just me17:55
canthus13starkittn: there's instructions for reconnecting to your screen session on your desktop.18:01
* Unit193 screen -rx but it may differ18:02
starkittncanthus13: tyvm :p18:02
canthus13no prob.18:02
* gilbert hates semi-colons18:05
* starkittn laughs softly18:06
* gilbert runs away in fear18:06
gilbertugh, so i understand the semi-colon makes it more straightforward to have multilines, but it just makes the code so incredibly ugly18:09
gilbertand if i forget the semicolon -> broken code...18:10
gilbertis there a semi-colonless perl wrapper or some such?18:11
gilberti mean this is *annoying*18:11
starkittnseems like the perfect solution18:12
paultaggilbert: sed s/^/;//g18:12
starkittngood luck18:12
paultagerm, $, not ^18:12
starkittnooh neato!18:12
paultagrun that every time. ;;;;; is valid, methinks18:12
paultagI'm sure you could do sed s/[^;]$/;/18:12
paultagor something like that18:13
paultagmy regexes are a bit krufty18:13
starkittnwhat's really neat is that I got your gist18:13
paultagstarkittn: yep :)18:13
* gilbert needs to actually learn regular expressions too18:13
paultagthey help in perl18:13
gilbertthen i could buy the xkcd shirt and wear it around!18:13
starkittnxkcd <318:14
starkittnI didn't know you could just tell it to use a symbol replace tho... that's nice18:15
gilbert"everybody stand back. i know regular expressions."18:15
* starkittn laughs softly18:15
starkittnbbl ^) have fun with that18:15
* jrgifford waves18:18
Unit193Howdy howdy, jrgifford18:18
jrgiffordHow're you Unit193?18:18
* Unit193 has nice and strong coffee18:19
* jrgifford is jealous18:19
Unit193Kona Blend18:19
jrgiffordWhere did you get that? Isn't that  a Trader Joes coffee? (might be wrong)18:20
jrgiffordI'm re-writing a ruby library for a project, and re-inventing the wheel at the same time.... :)18:21
canthus13there are all sorts of brands with a Kona blend...18:21
Unit193Archer Farms18:21
paultagis that the cat poop one?18:21
paultagOh no, that's Kopi Luwak18:21
jrgiffordpaultag, ew. :P18:22
paultagI hear it's good18:22
gilbertnice, here's my semi-colonless perl wrapper18:24
gilbertsed s/[\;]$/\;/g $1 | perl18:24
gilberti wonder if it's possible to use that in the shebang?18:25
paultaggilbert: I think you can use sed in the shebang18:25
gilbertpaultag: right but can you use piping?18:26
gilbertit didn't seem to work18:26
paultaggilbert: yes, but not how you think, I think18:26
paultaggilbert: it should just append the filename at the end, so it might do ... | perl filename18:26
paultag(that's why make -f works)18:26
paultagbut again, I've never tried anything too crazy18:27
gilberthmmm, i don't see how to get the fname to the end since it has to be an argument to sed, and then it needs to be piped18:27
paultagI wonder if #!/bin/bash # would work18:27
paultaggilbert: right18:28
paultagso it works, but only if you're passing the file to the last thing in the pipe, I think18:28
paultagI have no idea, I've never done that18:28
gilberti'm trying to get all crazy18:28
paultagyeah +118:28
paultagbut hey, I wonder18:28
paultag#!/bin/cat /etc/logininf | nc18:29
paultagon there's no file arg needed18:29
paultagdang, oh well18:29
gilbertthe shebang should have a $1, it would make 1000x more sense!18:30
paultagalso, $0, not $118:30
paultagbut yeah18:30
paultaghey I wonder18:30
paultagperhaps $0 will work18:30
paultagjust use /bin/sh ;)18:31
gilberthow does that help?18:31
paultagsed s/[\;]$/\;/g $1 | perl18:32
paultagdone :)18:32
gilbertwell, yeah but then its a separate wrapper18:32
gilberti want it to be in the perl script itself18:33
paultagmv perl perl.real :)18:33
paultagmv script perl18:33
paultagchange the pipe to perl.real18:33
paultagdone and done18:33
gilbertyeah, but then any other perl script is bound to fail :(18:33
paultaggilbert: you could fix the sed script to be sane about it18:33
paultagor call it perlpy18:34
paultagor something18:34
paultaggilbert: might also want to pass perl $@18:35
gilberthmmm, i guess the shebang is more appropriately called a hash-bang18:36
paultagyep, there's an old ML post about that somewhere18:37
gilbertguess difference is #=sharp in american dialect while #=hash in british dialect18:39
paultagmm, aye18:39
starkittnman... you guys are too geek for sheek18:39
starkittnit's pretty awesome18:39
paultaggilbert: next you should just sed LOL to ;18:40
paultagprint "ohai"LOL18:40
paultagcanthus13: ;18:40
canthus13LOL)  doesn't have the same effect as ;)18:40
starkittn*chic even18:40
canthus13gilbert: Oh... #=crunch in geek dialect.18:41
canthus13..which is the only important dialect. :)18:42
paultagthe pound! line18:42
paultagor, as it's known, the POUND line18:42
* starkittn presses her head to canthus13 in hopes of knowledge transfer via osmosis18:46
starkittno dam that's not your head canthus13 ! no wonder I got poo brain today18:46
Unit193Must have been me18:48
starkittnaww no way dawg! why you dissin yourself like that man18:49
* Unit193 is good at self deprecating jokes :D18:55
gilberti know perljitsu19:29
gilbert(although i'm still angry at all the semi-colons)19:44
starkittnperljitsu hehee19:46
jrgiffordI am now reminded as to why I don't use xchat more often. :P20:09
* Unit193 irssi :D20:12
* jrgifford would use irssi, but is too lazy to do that20:16
jrgiffordprotip: when you have to re-write the library to make something work, you're doing it *WRONG*.20:17
* canthus13 uses irssi because he's too lazy to use anything else.20:24
Unit193Yeah, but yours is more "leet", mine is almost a GUI client :D20:26
canthus13Unit193: but it'll still run in a screen session. :P20:31
Unit193canthus13: Aye, that it is. Couldn't go back to finch if I tried (Worked in screen) Xchat had a few nice features, but can't change20:33
dmcgloneHello all. I've been really busy for the past couple months and I'm noticing some new faces in here :-)23:18
* starkittn isn't really a new person, just an attatchment23:26
dmcgloneto what? ;-)23:26
dmcgloneAh canthus13 up to his little tricks huh?23:27
starkittnhe has tricks? sweet!23:27
canthus13starkittn: Speaking of which... See ya in an hour. :)23:27
starkittncanthus13: kk <323:27
dmcgloneUbuntu meet?23:29
canthus13dmcglone: We're hooking up.23:29
* starkittn blushes23:29
dmcgloneAh ok23:29
canthus13dmcglone: She's my wife. :P23:30
* starkittn giggles23:30
dmcgloneAh so IRC chat is the new "fetish"? LOL23:30
starkittnty cause it didn't make me looks so good canthus1323:31
starkittnwait huh23:33
starkittndid you say that cause he said we're hooking up or cause he said I'm his wife?23:34
starkittnor do I not want to know23:34
dmcglonecause your hookin up... but I was totally kiddin23:34
starkittnoh I knew that23:35
starkittnjust didn't know about which23:35
gilbertwhat up all?23:37
dmcgloneWhat's up gilbert :-)23:50
starkittnhi :)23:51
starkittnoops I mean ^23:51

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