MutantTurkeybasement is molding like crazy01:51
MutantTurkeyI had to rip a bunch of moldy wood out today01:51
MutantTurkeythere is just mold growing rapidly.01:51
MutantTurkeyI am setting up a 6 week plan to rip everything out and rebuild certain areas.01:52
MutantTurkeyas well as good drainage systems to boot.01:52
rmg51the basement at work is growing mushrooms :P02:00
MutantTurkeybasically me too.02:03
MutantTurkeyexcept my work is my basement02:03
MutantTurkeyin my basement02:03
ChinnoDogrmg51: Are they the good kind?03:44
InHisNameMy computer 'room' is in the basement.  8" elevated floor.  All wood.  Have had up to 3 dehumidifiers running at a time.  Mold has stayed pretty minimal here.  Key is to never let it get a toe hold, then its hard to eradicate.06:20
InHisNameBah  you, JonathanD, I was typing real stuff, no fair!06:21
JonathanDreal stuff?06:22
JonathanDnone of those words are real.06:22
InHisNamemorning at 2:19am is pretty virtual too.06:23
JonathanDeh, I just woke up06:24
JonathanDtherefore it is morning.06:24
InHisNameNo sign of a sun anywhere at this time.    I REALLY [contains real] like my morning sun.06:25
HowdyDoodymorning teddy-dbear, rmg51, JonathanD and all the silent ones.12:39
InHisNamemorning waltman13:01

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