h00kHi friends.01:21
h00kCheesehead: doooo it01:21
h00kWho else has the smoke over by them...?13:11
mikeputnamh00k: appleton does13:19
mikeputnamwhat is that?13:19
mikeputnamforest fires?13:19
h00kYeah, Minnesota is so inconsiderate :(13:20
mikeputnamoh ho13:20
h00kIt's bad in Rhinelander, Minocqua, and Arbor Vitae13:20
h00kSmoke, I mean13:20
mikeputnamluckily it wasn't some gigantic marijuana plantatio n going up in smoke13:24
mikeputnamall us wisconsinites would be jonesin for pizza13:24
h00kHah, no kidding. If it was that recent bust in the Chequamegon Natl Forest where they found that huge planting...13:25
h00ker, if the fire was there13:25
h00kYou know, if we get a release party or two for Oneiric, I think we may have enough activities and things to be an Official LoCo13:26
mikeputnamDavidLevin: welcome13:28
h00kDavidLevin: hi!13:28
h00kit's really bothering me, I feel like a wuss (the smoke), and I am now indoors13:37
mikeputnami can't smell it inside the building13:39
h00kI can't either, it's probably residual from before13:39
mikeputnamcreosote up da nose13:54
h00kI would, if I weren't at work.14:04
h00kI'm cold.16:36

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