dakernigelb, mhall119, cjohnston http://www.micahcarrick.com/gedit-as-a-django-ide-for-linux.html11:09
YoBoYthanks daker :D11:21
dakeryw ツ11:21
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mhall119daker: cool, thanks11:56
nigelbjames_w: HA, code deletion bug. My favorite type :)15:23
james_wsomeone added code to summit to delete meetings when the blueprints are deleted?17:07
james_whmm, no, that's always been there17:08
james_wwhy is it breaking now?17:08
nigelbBecause summit is awesome.17:08
james_wactually looks like it may be something to do with caching17:10
mhall119james_w: corrupt launchpadlib cache?17:10
james_wseems that requesting +temp-meeting-export doesn't always give you the same thing17:10
james_wso it's creating meetings one run17:10
mhall119james_w: were you ever able to get my new unit tests failing properly?17:10
james_wthen deleting them the next run17:10
james_wmhall119, haven't tried yet, sorry17:10
nigelbOh god.17:10
nigelbWhy launchpad why.17:10
mhall119james_w: was the delete cron being run regularly?17:10
nigelbIs that launchpad caching? Maybe we're hitting multiple app servers17:11
mhall119could be, but if that's the issues then there's a bug in LP17:12
nigelbWell, to be fair on LP +temp-meeting-export is fairly heavy on the DB.17:12
mhall119james_w: have you tested http://ec2-50-16-76-22.compute-1.amazonaws.com/17:12
mhall119nigelb: yeah, but it should be consistent17:13
james_wnigelb, mhall119: https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/84933119:22
james_wthat's the cause and fix for the cache issue19:22
james_wwe're going to want a deploy to fix that quickly19:24
james_wso if I were to say I was going to do that tonight, how scared would you be?19:24
nigelbas long as its checked in, minimal :)19:24
james_woh, of course :-)19:25
james_wjust wondered if you were scared about having the code in trunk in production19:26
james_wI know I need to to fix the autoscheduler for private rooms first19:26
james_wprivate sessions I mean19:26
nigelbjames_w: you can just merge to the stable branch19:26
james_wthough the autoscheduler isn't yet running19:26
james_woh, cool!19:26
nigelbwhich is probably more stable.19:26
james_wwhat a great idea!19:26
james_wthat makes my life easier, thanks :-)19:27
nigelbmhall119, cjohnston - tarmac set for stable branch as well. Should run.19:36
mhall119nigelb: great, but I'll be killing 1.x as soon as trunk is ready to be merged into production19:44
nigelbmhall119: Dont'19:45
nigelbI'm sure situations like these will pop up19:45
mhall119james_w: explain that one to me?19:45
mhall119wouldn't we get the same thing if we're hitting the cache, rather than different things?19:46
mhall119james_w: yeah, check this into 1.x series19:46
mhall119and it'll be easy to merge it into production and deploy19:46
james_wmhall119, there are two caches19:52
james_wand so it's 50% chance of getting each19:53
james_wyay, failing tests!20:00
james_wplus ViewDoesNotExist: Could not import summit.sponsor.views. Error was: No module named restfulclient.errors20:01
james_wwhich is likely a version mismatch20:01
james_wyep, that's fixed too20:04
james_wNoReverseMatch: Reverse for 'summit.schedule.decorators.inner' with arguments '('',)' and keyword arguments '{}' not found.20:05
james_wgetting that on two tests20:05
mhall119james_w: yeah, that's fixed in another MP20:10
mhall119in trunk20:10
mhall119is the private scheduling one failing properly now?20:10
* james_w pulls20:10
james_wyeah, looks like it20:10
james_wjust getting down to a "clean" test run first20:10
james_wmhall119, https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/summit/fix-etherpad-edit-links/+merge/75061 that one?20:11
james_wFAIL: test_no_available_private_room (summit.schedule.tests.PrivateSchedulingTestCase)20:14
mhall119now this one is tricky, because we want to let the admins schedule a private meeting in a public room if necessary, but we don't want the auto-scheduler doing it20:16
james_wI don't know20:18
james_wpasses tests20:18
james_wthere's only one callsite - the autoscheduler20:18
mhall119that'll work20:19
mhall119we can look at adding the ability to auto-schedule private meetings into private rooms another time20:19
mhall119make an MP and I'll approve it20:20
mhall119target this  one to trunk though20:20
marsmhall119, nigelb, I made a graph of the summit website model object structure, thought you may find it useful: http://people.canonical.com/~mars/summit-models.png20:44
mhall119mars: did you use the django-extensions for that?20:45
nigelbmars: Neat!20:45
marsmhall119, yep.  Pretty cool.  I find pictures really helpful for exploring and discovery20:51
mhall119mars: yeah20:52
marsmhall119, nigelb, if you like it, feel free to pass it on to the other devs20:52
mhall119I did that graphing thing for a project at my last job.....it was bad20:52
james_whey mars20:52
marsHey james_w20:53
marsjames_w, how's the weather up by Owen Sound?  Fall colours out yet?20:53
nigelbmhall119: badly designed models?20:54
mhall119nigelb: yeah, and lots of them20:54
james_wmars, not quite20:55
marsjames_w, your team may find this useful as well: http://people.canonical.com/~mars/summit-models.png20:56
james_wyeah, thanks mars20:56
james_wvery useful when you are getting to know a project20:57
marsThis explains why model_mommy was helpful for building things20:57
mhall119james_w: were you going to make a change to the stable branch today?20:58
james_wmhall119, I want to20:58
mhall119what's stopping you?20:58
mhall119ok, I'll check it20:59
james_wis it lp:summit/stable ?20:59
james_wI can't load the code page to get the list unfortunately20:59
james_woh, I know20:59
mhall119oh wait, yes, it is stable now20:59
mhall119forgot we changed the series name20:59
james_wcool, thanks20:59
james_wgoing to work on https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/849331 next21:00
james_wI'd like to deploy https://code.launchpad.net/~chrisjohnston/summit/linaro-link-fix/+merge/74877 soon too, but that one isn't breaking anything21:01
james_wafter that then I want to look at importing from multiple Launchpad sprints for a single summit21:02
mhall119james_w: that was was targetting trunk wasn't it?21:02
mhall119trunk has several menu changes21:02
nigelbDefinitely need to remove the "summit" hilight.21:02
nigelbjames_w just pinged me with everyline.21:02
james_wthe link fix? yeah21:02
james_wI love summit!21:02
nigelboh god21:02
mhall119james_w: with your fix to the autoscheduler, I think trunk is ready to be merged into /production21:03
mhall119james_w: I'll get you lp import fix landed in stable and pushed to production, then we'll work on getting trunk into production21:04
mhall119nigelb: what's taking tarmac so long?21:04
nigelbwhen did you approve the MP?21:05
mhall119there's 3 of them21:05
mhall119maybe they don't have commit messages21:05
* nigelb looks21:05
nigelbah, right.21:05
nigelbjames_w: heh, so for all the bugs cjohnston and mhall119 fixed, you buy them a drink per bug :P21:06
nigelbmhall119: Overall status is Needs review21:06
mhall119nigelb: I thought an approved review message was enough for tarmac21:06
nigelbneither it is for PQM.21:06
nigelbI'm fairly sure there's lots of inspiration from PQM for tarmac.21:07
nigelbso I'd expect similar behavior.21:07
mhall119nigelb: do they still need commit messages too?21:07
mhall119well, look who decided to show up21:08
cjohnstonid love to have 5 minutes to work on something21:08
nigelbmhall119: he heard about the drink per bug deal :P21:08
cjohnstonlet alone take a breath21:08
cjohnstonBut.. I was filing RTs today from class.. so SHUT UP!21:08
nigelbmhall119: let me know when you've fixed all the MPs21:09
mhall119cjohnston: speaking of, was that resolved?21:09
nigelbI'll run tarmac manually for ya21:09
mhall119I pinged Ng in -sysadmin21:09
cjohnstonmhall119: yes.. ty21:09
mhall119nigelb: ready21:09
mhall119cjohnston: cool21:09
* nigelb runs21:09
cjohnstonmhall119: has the % thingie been fixed21:09
cjohnstonmhall119: james_w nigelb I believe we still need to make the conflict resolver NOT resolve private meetings, but move public meetings according to private meeting schedule21:11
cjohnstonmhall119: did we ever try to get the cranberry memory error RT moved up?21:11
nigelbTry - yes. Actually get it done - No.21:11
james_wcjohnston, the conflict resolver will not move a private meeting as far as I can see21:11
nigelbmhall119: Done.21:11
cjohnstonjames_w: what about move public meetings if there is a reqired participant scheduled in a private meeting/21:12
james_wcjohnston, also, hi :-)21:12
cjohnstonhey bud21:12
james_wcjohnston, I think it will do that, but I would need to look to be sure21:12
cjohnstonwanna fix some status bugs while your at it? ;-)21:12
cjohnstonnigelb: any chance you can do a quick fix to https://code.launchpad.net/~nigelbabu/summit/668528-last-refresh/+merge/6344821:13
cjohnstonjussi: who was it we needed to bug about getting the bug bot back?21:13
nigelbcjohnston: I bugged already.21:13
nigelbcjohnston: Not ATM. Working.21:14
cjohnstonbugged about what21:14
nigelbthe bot.21:14
mhall119cjohnston: I tried on that RT, jcastro said he doesn't have authority, and jono didn't respond21:14
mhall119bbl, kids' karate21:29
james_wgah, can't register the merge now21:30
james_wwell, the fix is in https://code.launchpad.net/~james-w/summit/cache-control/21:42
james_wdoesn't seem like I'm going to be able to request a merge against stable21:42
james_wso either someone will have to bypass tarmac for me21:42
james_wor we can merge to trunk and go with deploying the whole thing21:42
nigelbjames_w: launchpad hates you.21:43
nigelbI just proposed a merge21:43
james_wit's doing it to a non-default branch that breaks it I think21:43
nigelbI did it against stable21:43
james_wwell, ok21:44
james_wthanks :-)21:44
nigelbI think launchpad has inbuilt burn out prevention :P21:44
james_wwhat did you put in the box?21:44
nigelbNothing :p21:44
james_wno, the target box21:44
nigelbI clicked stable21:44
james_wI didn't have that as an option21:45
nigelbdid you do it differently? AH.21:45
james_wwell, we clearly don't want that print in there21:45
* james_w fixes21:45
james_wargh, I can't get a migration going for a new model22:12
james_wI just want the new table so I can test that it works at all!22:22
james_wand what do you know, complaining made me stumble on the answer22:24
james_wmissing Meta22:24
nigelbthat is so Meta :P22:25
james_wwahey, found another regression23:08
nigelbjames_w: in cache?23:09
nigelbI just approved that one.23:10
james_win importing23:10
james_wit now crashes if there is a "." in the meeting name23:10
nigelbI thought I fixed that.23:10
* nigelb clearly remembes fixing that.23:10
james_wyou mean that you broke it? :-)23:10
james_wit was a side effect of your fix23:11
nigelbArgh ;(23:11
james_wconfused me for a few minutes as I couldn't see how I had caused that error23:11
nigelblet me guess, the reverse lookup doesn't work23:11
james_weasy to fix though, not a problem23:11
james_wnope, in this case it crashes immediately on importint23:11
james_was you changed one place where it uses the name from launchpad, but not the other23:12
james_wso it can't find the thing that it just put in the database23:12
nigelbNeeds test cases.23:12
nigelbwe should be able to Mock Launchpad.23:12
james_wwell, it just needs some xml23:13
nigelbHrm. That's right.23:14
james_wyay, my change works23:20
mhall119we need to figure out how to allow . in the url.py regex23:41
james_wwhy's that?23:48
mhall119that's the reason we've been going around replacing . with _ or - everywhere, because it breaks the reverse url lookups23:50
james_wwell, this is replacing it in the same place :-)23:51
james_wbut if there are still remaining places then that would be good23:51
james_wthough we should do it soon, otherwise it will cause dataloss23:51

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