magespawnmorning. whats up peeps?05:43
superflyhi magespawn05:44
magespawnhey. 05:46
magespawni think you mentioned the name of a hosting company that you use, who was it?05:48
superflymagespawn: I use DataPoint, because I know the guy personally. He used to be fairly active in Ubuntu-ZA and GLUG05:51
magespawnty. i am checking out various hosting solutions.06:00
superflymorning oom Kilos!06:08
Kilosmorning superfly 06:08
Kilosand others06:08
Kilosyou too fast hey?06:08
nuvolarimornings everyone06:08
Kilosnuvolari, dag se seun06:09
nuvolarihoe gaan dit oom?06:09
Kilosgoed dankie seun en self06:09
nuvolarikan nie kla nie dankie oom06:09
magespawnmorning all.06:22
maiatodayhey magespawn06:24
Kiloshiya maiatoday magespawn 06:24
Kiloslo Squirm2 06:25
Kilosyour brother here06:25
=== Squirm2 is now known as Squirm
magespawnmaiatoday: that problem i ha with libre office only seems to happen when i am online.07:26
superflymorning maiatoday and Squirm07:26
maiatodayhi superfly07:39
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria south africa07:45
MaazKilos: That didn't seem to agree with me07:45
Kilosis launchpad one of the compromised sites?07:51
superflyKilos: no, the weather site's format changed, I think07:58
Kilosoh ya but i mean must i go to launchpad and change my password?07:58
superflyKilos: no07:59
magespawnlater all.07:59
Kilosyay ty superfly 07:59
Kiloscocooncrash, if you get a chance can you please tell maaz where to find the changed weather sites08:00
Kiloshiya nlsthzn 08:00
cocooncrashKilos: Eh?08:02
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria south africa08:02
MaazKilos: That didn't go down very well. Burp.08:02
Kiloshe has lost something08:03
cocooncrashKilos: What do you mean by "find the changed weather sites"?08:03
Kilosoh the fly says he thinks the format has changed08:04
Kilosi thought the had different sites08:04
cocooncrashKilos: The plugin needs to be fixed08:04
Kilosoh, a maaz plugin?08:05
cocooncrashWell, Ibid.08:05
Kilosgeekchick sees pretoria weather so maybe one of them has done it already for her08:06
cocooncrashKilos: geekcheck isn't an Ibid08:06
Kilosoh ok08:06
scar[w]more more08:32
Kiloshi scar[w] 08:38
Vhatascar[w]: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ComposeKey   :)08:39
Vhatasjoe, that's not a well-written piece of documentation08:39
Kilosfairly easy in ubuntu08:42
scar[w]thanks Vhata08:42
VhataKilos: I know it's easy, it's just that that help page doesn't explain things very well08:43
Kiloswhat do you call those little goodies we use the compose key for , such as ô08:50
Kilosim not sure what those characters are called08:51
Kilosi am blogging how to get a compose key in ubuntu08:51
Kilosfor new ubuntu users of course08:52
Kilosi can even leave the explanation with maaz as well08:53
* nlsthzn doesn't know the little goodies08:53
Kilossuperfly, what is the character called above the o in ô08:54
Kilosall of them actually08:54
Kilosnot each individual one08:54
superflyKilos: I don't know08:55
Kilosoh mywhew08:57
Kiloscome on Vhata what are they collectively called08:57
Kilosi have completely lost the correct word08:59
Kiloslike the degrees sign08:59
Kilosthey must have a name09:00
Kilosif i blog it wrong then every one knows im stupid09:00
Vhatathey're called accents09:00
Kilosthey dont just think so09:00
Kilosok ty Vhata 09:00
Vhataor 'diacritic' :)09:01
Vhataand there's a nice list of all of them09:01
Kilosgreat. ty09:02
Kilosis this ok guys09:05
KilosMaaz, compose key09:05
MaazYou go system/keyboard/layouts/options/ then on compose key tick the tiny triangle and choose which key you would like to use as your compose key. To use the compose key you tap the chosen compose key and then shift and the diacritic you want, then type the character and it will appear inline. more info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diacritic09:05
Kiloshi sumona 09:05
=== sumona is now known as andrewlsd
andrewlsdHello Kilos09:06
Kiloshello andrewlsd 09:08
Kilosdo we know you?09:09
andrewlsdindeed. aka zerlgi09:22
* andrewlsd makes some noise09:31
superflyohi andrewlsd and morgs09:36
andrewlsdola superfly09:36
maiatodayandrewlsd: you involved with software freedom day at vodacom? 09:36
andrewlsdsuperfly. Nice review on your blog09:36
andrewlsdam attending09:37
andrewlsdhaven't been involved in planning this time.09:37
andrewlsdbut our peeps are09:37
andrewlsdwe just got swag from Canonical09:37
andrewlsdstefanlsd is a good person to contact09:37
andrewlsd... or you can phone the office.09:37
andrewlsdare you coming up this way?09:38
andrewlsdor are you doing something CapeTown/'Bosch side?09:38
maiatodayoh cool, I wanted to say good job on getting it all going and also wanted to point whoever is making the posters to the place on the canonical where you can get the official logo09:38
morgshi superfly and everyone09:38
maiatodaythe sulug people are doing something in Stellenbosch09:38
maiatodayI have their info but must still post the final details09:38
andrewlsdmaiatoday. if you send me the link I'll pass it on09:38
superflyandrewlsd: thanks09:39
maiatodayok http://design.canonical.com/the-toolkit/ubuntu-brand-guidelines/09:39
maiatodayI also posted on the mailing list but I suspect people don't always read those mails when they get in09:40
andrewlsdtx maiatoday.09:41
andrewlsdsuperfly:  I think I saw the link c/o twitter RT.09:42
superflyandrewlsd: I tweeted about it09:43
KilosMaaz, kilos.blog13:41
MaazKilos: kilos.blog is http://mileyssignificantblog.blogspot.com/13:41
=== deegee__ is now known as drussell
Kiloshere i thought he was a stranger16:09
Kiloshi nlsthzn 16:24
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos :)16:24
superflyevening nlsthzn16:42
nlsthznHey superfly :)16:42
nlsthznsuperfly, I was wondering, ubuntu-za.org planet feed... will it now also show up on loco.ubuntu.com's main page when a new post is made?16:43
superflynlsthzn: i don't know16:44
nlsthznNo prob... just saw that they are trying to increase the profile of loco.ubuntu.com by adding this feature... only problem is half the posts coming through are not in english :)16:48
magespawnhowdy all.17:29
nlsthznhey magespawn ...17:31
nlsthznAnd good night to all17:31
Kilosnight nlsthzn 17:32
Kilosyou going to bed now?17:32
magespawnnight nlsthzn17:32
Kiloshey magespawn 17:32
magespawnhey kilos17:33
nlsthzn12 hours of fun in the sun is too much...17:34
Kilosdo any of you guys read full circle magazine17:36
Kiloslooks like they might get windows peeps interested in ubuntu if windows peeps read it17:37
Kiloshere comes some spam17:38
KilosReader Duane Donovan has given me the idea of running a column/series which would be just for Windows users, or for those brand new to Ubuntu. It would take parts of Windows and explain it's *buntu equivalent. I'm going to try and show how things are done using Unity, Gnome, KDE, XFCE and LXDE for each item.17:38
Kilosoh not too bad17:39
Kilosi have no idea who their readers are or how many there are, but i get a monthly ,ail from then17:40
nlsthznI like full circle...17:41
nlsthznEven got an article published with them once17:42
nlsthzn... but I reaaaaly need to go now 17:42
Kiloshave you got suggestions on what to add to his list nl17:42
Kiloshi |3o|3 17:42
magespawni read full circle esp the long running article on python.17:48
Kilosdont you get their mail on next issues17:48
Kilosare they mainly read by linux OS users or do you think he will get to windows peeps too17:50
* Kilos wonders how kbmonkey is doing17:51
magespawnno i just usually download the mag 17:54
magespawnno idea but if you put it in your email signature or on twitter it might help17:54
Kilosi only have their mail address17:58
Kilosi dont think i have a signature either. chatted the fly about that a while ago and decided it gonna just waste data18:00
Kilosi think only 7 peeps see my tweets18:00
magespawnhey not me cell c.18:32
benstehi - vodacom k3770 3g modem with network manager18:42
benstei've tried different things with udev and this usbmodus change18:43
benstebut i'm still stuck with a green blinking light and the "CD drive"18:43
bensteanyone who could help me sorting this out ?18:43
benstehaving 3 of these modems it becomes quite important to use it18:44
magespawndid you set up your connection in network manager18:47
benstewell the modem is not yet detected18:51
benstemagespawn: didn't see your reply first :)18:51
magespawnhi 18:52
magespawnno worries18:52
magespawnmine was not either but after i set it up in the manager it connected18:53
bensteproblem is that the device is still detecete as USB cdrom drive18:53
benste-- i can't set up a WWAN connection if no modem is found !18:54
magespawni set mine up in the network manager told it to connect automatically and of i went18:55
magespawnset just the mobile network connection up18:56
superflybenste: install usb-modeswitch18:56
magespawnsuperfly! i forgot i even had that.18:56
superflybenste: you can download the packages on a PC with a connection, and then copy them across and install them18:57
benstesuperfly: i do have my phone with a 3g modem as well :)18:57
benstewill try to do so 18:57
bensteusb-modeswitch is already the newest version.18:58
bensteand the settings for this are already in place as well18:58
benstei remeember putting things at three positions18:58
magespawni have to restart the machine with the modem already plugged in, not sure why.18:59
superflybenste: I presume you rebooted inbetween?19:00
benstemutliple times :)19:00
bensteplugging it in before and after rebooting - nearly everything tested now19:00
magespawnwhich modem is it?19:02
magespawni am using the K356519:03
bensteguess it's vodacoms latest19:03
benstealready well dicussed on the inet19:04
queeryi also have problems with a vodacom stic19:04
queerycould not get it to work19:04
queeryeven with the tool on sent out on the mailing list19:04
queerynot sure what it is whough19:05
magespawnthere was something i found on mine that talked about changing things like the access name etc19:05
Kilosmaybe ozerocdoff19:07
Kiloscant remember why i needed that19:07
Kilosand modemmanager19:07
Kilosand ppp andpppconfig19:08
benstewell anyway - guees i'll use my modem for the moment19:08
Kiloshi benste19:08
benste-- my modem is not even dicsovered - connection is a whole different story19:08
Kilosfrustrating hey19:08
Kiloshave you tried it in another usb port19:09
Kilosyou using lappy or desktop19:09
Kilosbenste see if you have ozerocdoff19:12
Kilos This is the improved Option software for temporarily disabling19:12
Kilos ZeroCD and allowing the modem to be a modem. It has replaced rezero.19:12
KilosMaaz, coffee on19:16
* Maaz puts the kettle on19:16
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!19:20
KilosMaaz, ty19:20
MaazEnjoy Kilos19:20
Kilosoh my19:23
Kilosall gone19:23
Kilosmagespawn, wb19:30
magespawnin and out like a yo yo tonight19:30
Kilosthe newer these modems are the worse they are19:31
Kilosand they are faster and faster but our mobile providers cant come close19:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:33
magespawnnight all19:45

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