memandJordan_u do you know if it is possible to do a complete reinstall from the shell?00:00
djskiddI got VMWare Fusion00:00
djskiddAnd booted Windows in it00:00
ChogyDanmamece2: I see, so you were incorrect about the 6gb?  You need to free up some space00:00
orangeyhello all00:00
orangeywhere do I discuss oneiric?00:00
MonkeyDustorangey: #ubuntu+100:00
mamece2ChogyDan: mountall:disconnetec form plymouth00:00
djskiddThen in Windows, I installed an openSUSE VM and ran it00:00
orangeyMonkeyDust: thanks!00:00
mamece2ChogyDan:  i cant even find the .trash folder... im so upset..00:01
djskiddSo I was running openSUSE in Windows VM in Mac VM00:01
SimonJaigot a strange problem on 10.04LTS where a static IP is set on a server, but after a while it reverts back to DHCP... any ideas?00:01
ChogyDan!trash | mamece200:01
ubottumamece2: Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.00:01
rwwdjskidd: you might want to investigate #ubuntu-offtopic, it's more for chat that #ubuntu (which is for support only) ;)00:01
mamece2ChogyDan: its not there00:01
Sna4x8I'm having a problem with the open source radeon driver in 11.04.  It works ok for my user, but if I add a second user the system is pretty much unusable.  Super video lag + ghost images everywhere using Ubuntu Classic.00:01
mamece2ChogyDan: if i run gpart it says 5.86 GB free... WTF?00:01
ChogyDanmamece2: are there any files you can delete?00:02
Guest78971i'm activate xinerama, then reboot, and now i can't login. Ubuntu 10.4/ Ati Radeon.  After i type passwd it try to start, but then ask passwd again. X can't start?00:02
ChogyDanmamece2: try clearing out /var/cache/apt/archives00:02
mamece2ChogyDan: yes, i can delete some00:02
ChogyDanmamece2: also, try hitting ctrl+h to enable hidden folders view00:03
djskiddrww: Well technically I'm support related00:03
mamece2ChogyDan: yes i did the crtl + h thing00:03
djskiddrww: Still installing Ubuntu, want you guys at hand in case something screws up00:03
rwwdjskidd: the last bit wasn't, hence my suggestion. quite possible to be in both channels :)00:03
djskiddYeah, I know it's possible00:04
mamece2ChogyDan:  i cant erase anything from sda since im not sudo there00:04
djskiddI used a trial version of mIRC, and now I use GNOME-XChat00:04
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ChogyDanmamece2: try df -h, and pastebin that00:05
djskiddrww: I see you are an op there00:05
rwwdjskidd: and here, and a lot of other places...00:06
skegeekHmm. I minimized Firefox and now there isn't anything to restore it by.00:06
ChogyDanmamece2: you don't need to erase everything, just a few things00:06
mamece2ChogyDan: ok i will paste bin00:07
zHammeRzskegeek, try alt-tab ?00:07
=== nosa is now known as nosa-j
mamece2ChogyDan:  http://pastebin.com/c82fBZaA00:08
net-lamer Help please! I'm activate xinerama, then reboot, and now i can't logging in. Ubuntu 10.4/ Ati Radeon.  After i type passwd system try to start, but then ask passwd again.00:08
ChogyDanmamece2: yeah /dev/sda1 is still full00:09
mamece2ChogyDan: thats what it said.. but in gpart there another history00:09
skegeekThanks. But, how come there are no bottom panel labels for applications anymore?00:10
mamece2ChogyDan: i have another partition, should i erase them to use that free space in sda1???00:10
ChogyDanmamece2: why cant you delete some files?00:10
mamece2ChogyDan: id really like to move them to sdc100:10
djskiddHoly crap, how many packages are you downloading?00:10
djskiddStill 5 minutes left...00:10
mamece2ChogyDan: how can i cut and copy them? it seem that i dont have priviliedges to do that00:11
ChogyDanmamece2: did you clear out the apt archies?00:11
djskiddI can't see the F: drive00:11
mamece2ChogyDan:  there was just a 4K folder, and i cant erase it00:11
djskiddThat means Windows and my mom's crap is safe! yaaaay00:11
pmp6nlIs there any way to easily upload music to the Amazon cloud?  Thanks00:14
skegeekSorry, but is Ubuntu One for file synchronization or online file backup??00:14
memandJordan_u: you still here?00:14
mamece2ChogyDan: how can i get priviledges to erase files?00:14
ChogyDanmamece2: just to check: du -ch /media/e1071a38-96e5-4acc-8d99-a5180347e317/var/cache/apt/archives00:15
ChogyDanmamece2: gksu nautilus00:15
ChogyDanmamece2: what is the total listed of the first command I gave00:16
Jordan_Umemand: Yes, though my connection is intermittent.00:16
corecodeis there a way to assign hotkeys to actions?00:17
corecodein unity00:17
corecodei'd like to launch a terminal on ctrl-alt-t00:17
memandJordan_u ah ok, sorry to hear that...00:17
Sna4x8I'm having a problem with the open source radeon driver in 11.04.  It works okay for my user, but if I add a second user the system is pretty much unusable for the new user.  Super video lag + ghost images everywhere using Ubuntu Classic/.01 FPS glxgears.00:17
Jordan_Umemand: You cannot easily do a complete re-install without actually using an install CD/USB and the official installer.00:18
memandJordan_u but its possible?00:18
ChogyDanmamece2: ?00:18
Hichamatafter emacs installation, each time when I want run emacs the console tell me a library is needed so I do slackpkg search/install, but there is a lot of library !! more than 20; any solution for install emacs with all library one time at all ?00:19
Jordan_Umemand: Possible, yes. Worth the hastle, definitely not.00:19
Jordan_UHichamat: This is #ubuntu...00:20
memandJordan_u fair enough, I gues I will be without computer for the night00:20
MrWilly_okay, ubuntu 10.04 32-bit, onboard audio isn't working in Ubuntu, but works elsewhere00:20
MrWilly_where do I start looking?00:20
MrWilly_volume settings are correct, it isn't muted, etc00:21
ChogyDanmamece2: what was the total from that command?00:21
mamece2ChogyDan: 116k00:21
memandJordan_u but thanks for your time anyways :)00:21
MrWilly_oh, and /var/log/messages didn't throw any particularly interesting errors when loading it00:21
Escherialanyone have recommendations for window managers? gnome + unity is causing me trouble00:22
falseHi there, I have ubuntu on both my machines so figured I could ask this here. How could I set up my chat on both machines to where it's connected on my desktop, but I could chat from the same nick on my laptop? I prefer xchat, so I'm guessing znc?00:22
mamece2ChogyDan:  irc in empathy is hell00:22
Escherialalso, this whole having popup dialogs in eclipse not respecting monitor borders (or the dead space underneath my primary) is getting troublesome :\00:22
Escherial(basically, popup dialogs span both screens if they're on the edge, making them very difficult to read)00:22
ChogyDanmamece2: yeah, if you can at least just move some of your files/movies/whatever over to your one touch00:22
ChogyDanmamece2: I use pidgin...00:22
mamece2ChogyDan:  im moving some music00:23
itsis there a room for ubuntu server edition?00:23
Jordan_Uits: #ubuntu-server00:23
mamece2ChogyDan:  some files are being pasted with (invalid coding) ???00:23
SyberBot-1294Hey all.00:24
IdleOnehello SyberBot-129400:24
ChogyDanmamece2: what does that mean?00:24
phong_hi guys, i have windows folder as share...how can i map it in ubuntu?00:24
phong_anyone help me out?00:24
mamece2ChogyDan:  apparently now i have one song per album in touch and in my sda1 D: wtf man00:25
SyberBot-1294I have a question. I don't know if this is classified as Ubuntu or not but what distribution would you recommend for someone who's used to programming in Windows envireonents.00:25
corecodecan you do focus follows mouse with unity?00:25
phong_i have my pc share folder as :  \\i7-pc\sharefolder   now in pc hwo can i accesss it?00:25
phong_i meant in ubuntu00:25
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
Sna4x8false: You might take a look at xpra.00:26
phong_anyone know how to map a window share folder?00:26
senseoffendersyou should be able to type that into the explorer bar thing00:26
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:26
mamece2ChogyDan:  wow this really f@#$%^ up my files...00:27
phong_ubottu, no man, i want to accesss windows folder00:28
ubottuphong_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:28
lingolatzIs there a way to change the way windows are dragged? I feel like I have to click on a single pixel of the side of a window, or it doesn't grab.00:28
ChogyDanmamece2: try copying then deleting instead of moving00:28
MrWilly_so Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit, CMI onboard sound does not work in ubuntu, but works elsewhere.  any thoughts on where I should start looking?00:28
mamece2ChogyDan:  ok00:28
SyberBot-6938Seems pretty inactive now.00:30
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
mamece2ChogyDan:  done, i just moved 13 Gb00:31
SyberBot-5000anyone active?00:32
mamece2ChogyDan: do u think this will fix the mountall : disconnected from plymouth error_00:32
ChogyDanmamece2: yeah, I suspect so00:33
mamece2ChogyDan: ok ill try to boot ubuntu 11 again00:33
ChogyDanmamece2: you have to have some free space for Ubuntu to start unfortunately.  They should change that actually, but o well00:33
cassiewhere can i save files00:33
SyberBot-5000on your hard drive?00:34
cassiewhere is a save place to save files00:34
=== cassie is now known as Guest94737
jkoltnerCassie: Your home directory, aka "~" (aka /users/cassie or similar)00:34
Guest94737I them to be hidden yet to be able to access them through a search00:35
Guest94737*I want00:35
djskiddOkay, I know it didn't mess up Windows00:35
djskiddBut it messed up ANYWAY.00:35
djskiddWent right to Windows, not Ubuntu/Grub00:36
Guest8178i have a quick question00:36
bullgard4!ask | Guest817800:38
ubottuGuest8178: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:38
Guest8178im on ubutun 1o.1o what will be the benife of updating to 11.4__00:38
bullgard4Guest8178: '~$ dict benife; No definitions found for "benife".00:39
almoxarifeGuest8178: none right now, unless you enjoy watching your system crash every so often00:41
mia158hi, does anyone use ubuntu/thunderbird w/ hashcash headers?00:42
djskiddHow do I install GruB without reinstalling Ubuntu?00:42
Guest8178im asking just because when i was trying to install 11.400:42
Guest8178my vm didnt want to work i dont know why00:43
[THC]AcidRainomg not again. drive is mounted multiple times00:43
[THC]AcidRaini swear this is an every week issue00:43
djskiddCan I install Grub without reinstalling Ubuntu in entirety?00:43
aeon-ltddjskidd: yes00:43
djskiddaeon-ltd: HOW?00:44
bullgard4djskidd: Yes. But it is dangerous. Make a backup before you proceed.00:44
Guest8178so i dont know what to do now,because i dont want to update and then that my pc get stock or something00:44
memandJordan_u can you maybe help me understand why none of my live discs works on this machine?00:45
djskiddI am backed up00:45
IdleOne!grub2 | djskidd00:46
ubottudjskidd: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:46
jkoltnerGuest8178: 11.04 is arguably not as stable as most releases; if 10.04 works for you, I'd have no qualms about using it rather than 11.04.  Some of the software packages will be a little older, but you'll gain some stability and speed.00:46
Guest8178no bro im not on 10.400:47
Guest8178im on 10.1000:47
Guest8178so i thoght 11.4 was better00:47
Guest8178since is new00:47
Guest8178thats why im asking00:47
leftistwhat command is it to remove a directory and all recursive files and directories without being prompted for y for everything?  rm -r directory ?00:48
Loshkileftist: rm -rf directory00:49
leftistahh thanks00:49
pmp6nlIs there any way to easily upload music to the Amazon cloud?  Thanks00:49
jkoltnerGuest8178: Ah, ok.  Actually, I think there's pretty good consensus that, for most people 10.10 is "as good or better" than 11.04. :-)  If you're running KUbuntu, 11.04 might be worth it... but otherwise, sticking with 10.10 is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.  I mean, your alternative is to spend a bunch of time trying to get your VM software to work -- it's assuredly can be made to work, but like many things Linux, it could take hours to do so as well.00:49
jkoltner11.04 has some regressions with regard to battery life on laptops as well, if that matters to you00:50
leftistthanks again loshki00:50
jkoltner...although you might also just wait another month here and try out 11.10 too :-)00:51
phong_hi guys00:51
phong_serious, how can i connect a sharefolder in ubuntu to windows?00:52
phong_i have a folder which is shared in windows 7, how can i map it with ubuntu?00:52
memandcan someone explain to me why this http://tinypic.com/r/1o7p5x/7 is as far as I get when inserting a live cd?00:52
memandand maybe help me silver it00:52
jkoltnerphong_: Yes.  Try just going to Nautilus and enter smb://name_of_the_windows_pc and see what happens -- if you're lucky it'll display the share names, you'll be able to click on those to open them, etc.00:53
mamece2ChogyDan: hello! you are a wizard00:53
jkoltnerphong_: Oh, hit Ctrl+L in Nautilus to get an editable address bar00:53
ChogyDanmemand: it looks like your graphics card driver isn't working maybe00:53
ChogyDanmamece2: yay!  glad it is working00:53
phong_it said error00:54
mamece2ChogyDan: i still need to repair the partition thing.. i will read more about partition and ask again00:54
jkoltnerphong_: What kind of error?  Like, "...can't find the computer specified?"00:54
memandchogydan, can I do anything about it?00:55
Guest8178aaah ok thanks00:55
phong_ok i have open location in Ctrl +L00:55
phong_what do i type in the box?00:56
phong_i have file share on windows as \\I7-PC\Save_E00:56
phong_i press Ctrl+L:  a box open, what should i type in the box?00:56
phong_come on guys00:56
jkoltnerphong_:  Enter smb://i7-pc00:57
phong_ok let me try00:57
jkoltner(or smb://i7-pc/save_e if you want to be ambitious :-) )00:57
Dr_Willis|2i often have to use the ip# instead of the server name for smb:// stuff00:58
momoruSo I found out my computer just doesn't like the new default Ubuntu desktop at all so I had to switch back to Ubuntu Classic, which is fine.  But now, I have no sound.00:58
phong_it said cound not display  that thing00:58
phong_so it can't connect00:58
phong_i already turn off file sharing in windows 700:58
phong_turn off password sharing00:58
phong_jkoltner, what could be wrong?00:59
Dr_Willis|2phong_:  try it with the ip# of the windows machine. smb://###.###.###.###00:59
phong_brb ill try00:59
jkoltnerphong_: If that works (using the IP address directly), you'll want to install the "winbind" package, I believe, if you want to use the name instead01:00
phong_it said something, could not display that thing01:00
Dr_Willis|2ive not had much luck ever using teh hostname :)  but i got static ips01:00
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Dr_Willis|2phong_:  can you ping the windows ip# ?01:00
phong_how to ping in ubuntu?01:01
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photonhi. the following command still asks me if I want to *install* the software, instead I only want to download it, what am I doing wrong? sudo apt-get --download-only install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:02
phong_Dr_Willis|2, this is what i get:01:02
phong_PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.01:02
phong_64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=128 time=0.206 ms01:02
phong_and goes on01:03
memandchogydan, do you know if I can I01:03
phong_does it meant anything to you dr_willis ?01:03
phong_this freaking shlt is so complicated..just to map a window folder01:03
memandchogydan, do you know if I can install grub from the live cd without going into the live environment?01:04
dr_willisphong_:  means it worked..01:04
dr_willisphong_:  my first guess would be you got windows firewall going,.01:04
phong_should i turn off?01:05
dr_willisphong_:  I alwyas do.01:05
phong_i'm afraid of virii?01:05
phong_dr_willis, can't i just add some port ?01:06
phong_like mapping file ports?01:06
dr_willisphong_:  no idea. the port for samba/smb is rather well defined.01:06
dr_willisYou could check the firewall  settings and be sure its open it.. or just test it by disabling the firewall01:06
dr_willisI find windows firewall causes more issues then it fix's for my home lan. My router handles the nasty traffic,01:07
nsqphong_, sadly, almost every "good" trojan for example just disables the windows firewall (or "tricks it") anyways :/01:08
JetBoyJetGirlwhat's a good maleware/virus scanner for ubuntu 10.10 ?01:08
dr_willisJetBoyJetGirl:  you want to scan your files for windows viruses? because thats what most all of them do.01:08
dr_willisJetBoyJetGirl:  linux dosent really need one for itself.01:09
JetBoyJetGirlahh.... so i should maybe just scan from windows? i have maleware on my windows, i'm duel booting...01:09
phong_dr_willis, lol, even firewall is off it still can't connect01:09
phong_this is geting me upset01:09
photonphong_: are you trying to connect to your windows machine?01:10
dr_willisJetBoyJetGirl:  theres specific linux live cds that have AV software you can use.01:10
dr_willisJetBoyJetGirl:  or install various tools on linux and scan the windows drives.01:10
phong_i have a folder share on window,01:10
photonphong_: what's the IP of your windows machine and of your linux machine? are they on the same subset?01:10
phong_photon:  win:
dr_willisphong_:  can the windows machine see its own shares? :)01:10
phong_and ubuntu:
nsqJetBoyJetGirl, no, dont scan from windows, scan from linux. there is "clamav" for example, and, if i remember correctly, there is a avira antivir live cd based on linux01:10
dr_willisdo other machines see the shares?01:10
JetBoyJetGirlok, so just check the software manager and see what I can come up with nsq?01:11
almoxarifephong_: check out the extention to nautilus which adds virus checking, fir windows shares even01:11
nsqJetBoyJetGirl, just search for "clamav", im sure the ubuntu wiki has a nice page about how to use it ;)01:11
JetBoyJetGirlKlamAV, ok thanks... found it.01:12
dr_willisthats a gui front end to clamav :)01:12
phong_dr_willis, i'll give it up01:12
=== |_ocke3 is now known as |_ocke
dr_willisphong_:  You just have to check the windows settings i imagine. I have issues doing xp to win701:13
dr_willisOh well. he will blame linux for MS messing things up.01:13
dankerHello, anyone here knows about the problem of audio with magicjack and ubuntu?01:14
nsqwhich problem danker ?01:14
fr0stedhey all01:14
dankercorrect installation in VirtualBox but the audio over the phone when I come out with echoes01:15
dr_willisim suprised magicjack works at all with Ubuntu01:15
MrWilly_ubuntu 10.04 32-bit, no audio via my CMI onboard chip.  I've tested the audio elsewhere, and it works fine, just not in ubuntu.  pulseaudio's up and running, and it THINKS it has sound, but no dice.  any ideas?01:15
memandgot it in too the live environment all by my self, thank you very much ;D01:15
gebbioneubuntu has not mounted my second hardisk, how do i know why this has happened?01:15
dr_willisgebbione:  what filesystem is it?01:16
gebbionenot sure, i installed with the standard one01:17
gebbionethe hardisk is a ntfs i guess01:17
gebbionethe second one01:17
dr_williswhat os formated the hard drive? where did it come from...01:17
bsmith093is there a way to do non consecutive text search inside a bunch of files at once, not a full string of words all together, but close together?01:17
dr_willissudo fdisk -l    should  show the HD and what partitions are on it gebbione01:18
dr_willisbsmith093:  with the proper regular expressions it should be possible.. but may be tricky dependng on your needs01:18
bsmith093can nautilus's search for files thing do this?01:18
dr_williswords close together   - is going to be tricky :)01:19
bsmith093basically i think im asking is there a google search for ubuntu locally01:19
dr_willisYou can do a regular expression like 'word' 1 or more characters 'word2'   but how many characters are you going to need.01:19
bsmith093like google desktop01:19
memanddoes anybody know of a terminal command to check if all drivers are working properly?01:20
dr_willisgoogle desktop is avail for linux bsmith09301:20
bsmith093oooh where01:20
almoxarifebsmith093: I tried beagle and tracker, I settled on gnome desktop, set up the folders to watch, and search away01:20
gebbionedr_willis, with fdisk i dont see the drive i think01:20
almoxarifebsmith093: I meant google desktop01:20
gebbionei see a linux, a extended and  swap sda1-2-301:20
dr_willisgebbione:  if fdisk or gparted are not seeing the drive. then that  sounds like the pc is not seeing the disk at all.01:20
dr_willisis it a external usb? or somthing else weird?01:21
MonkeyDustgebbione: paste the outcome of sudo fdisk -l here => http://paste.ubuntu.com/01:21
gebbioneshould i restart?01:22
MonkeyDustno gebbione01:22
memand(memand) does anybody know of a terminal command to check if all drivers are working properly?01:23
pteague*** glibc detected *** aptitude: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000009e54c1 *** :(01:23
=== Dion is now known as Guest98137
gebbionei can see sdb now01:24
gebbionei missed it totally earlier01:24
gebbioneit is the 2TB one01:24
gebbionebut for some reason it did not mount on his own01:25
gebbionei should have it in /media/2TBdrive01:25
MonkeyDust2TB *drool*01:25
dr_willisif the ntfs filesystem is currupted - it may refuse to mount for 'safty'01:25
dr_willis2tb? is that it... :P01:25
=== Guest80479 is now known as Logan_
dr_willisI got a stack of exteral 3tb usbs heh. :)01:25
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
mamece2tonight god is a DJ01:27
photonwhere can I find the list of http/ftp servers Ubuntu uses for retrieving .deb packages?01:28
Grayquick question, how do I pipe 'dmidecode' into a textfile using gedit?01:29
gebbionejust tried to mount it but it says01:29
gebbionesudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/2TBdrive mount: mount point /media/2TBdrive does not exist01:30
bastidrazorphoton: in synaptic > Settings > Ubuntu Software > Download from.01:30
MonkeyDustGray: sudo dmidecode > some_file.txt01:30
nsqphoton: /etc/apt/sources.list01:30
photonnsq: right, thanks.01:30
gebbioneisnt this supposed to create the mount point?01:30
wildbatgebbione: no .01:31
MonkeyDustgebbione: type mount01:31
gebbioneit asks for root if i dont put sudo01:31
ni1sgebbione, udisks --mount /dev/sdb101:31
RevTorAOkay, is it possible to go back to Gnome 2 with 11.04? I don't think I like this new interface01:31
Graythank you for your help MonkeyDust , I was using '|' instead of '>'01:31
nsqRevTorA: just select "ubuntu classic" at the bottom, when you are about to login01:32
zykotick9_!classic | RevTorA01:32
ubottuRevTorA: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".01:32
gebbioneudisks --mount /dev/sdb1     Mount failed: Error mounting: mount: you must specify the filesystem type01:32
RevTorAOkay will do... and just to check, is there a way to make that the default?01:32
nsqit will be the default for the user, after you done that RevTorA01:33
winutyes, that will do it01:33
ni1sgebbione, udisks --mount-fstype <whatever fs it is> --mount /dev/sdb101:33
zykotick9_RevTorA, GDM should be able to do that yes01:33
aleuckwhat is the name of ubuntu's system tray's sound applet?01:33
RevTorANo offense to Unity btw, I'm sure if one were to spend time with it they'd learn to love it hehe, just don't feel like it01:33
nsqwell, im switched from gnome-shell to unity ;)01:33
nsqor lets say gnome3, you guys know what i mean ;p01:34
dr_willisnsq:  im going the other way. :)01:34
dr_willisunity in 11.10 IS much improved however.01:34
Sna4x8I'm having a problem with the open source radeon driver in 11.04.  It works okay for my user, but if I add a second user the system is pretty much unusable for the new user.  Super video lag + ghost images everywhere using Ubuntu Classic/.01 FPS glxgears.01:34
Sna4x8Is there a per-user xorg.conf file or something?01:35
aleuckwhat is the name of ubuntu's  sound applet?01:36
dr_willisSna4x8:  each user can have their own monitor settings   and so forth.01:36
djskiddAt last01:36
djskiddI have Ubuntu installed and configured. Yes! /o\ \o/ /o\ \o/01:36
Sna4x8dr_willis: Right.  I tried disabling pretty much every setting in compizconfig-settings_manager.  The monitor has the same settings for both users, and the appearance is set to no effects.01:37
gentoo-inteldjskidd, well done01:37
djskiddNow I am typing the manual for my mom01:37
aleuckUnity is bugged, some times my mouse first click stop working01:37
h00k!manual | djskidd01:37
ubottudjskidd: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:37
dr_willisSna4x8:  if its set to no effects.. then compiz is not being used.. so ccsm wouldent matter01:37
djskiddWell I am writing this myself01:38
gentoo-intelaleuck, does it happen when you drag windows around? it sometime "unclicks"?01:38
djskiddI am taping it to the computer side01:38
djskiddFor her to see01:38
gentoo-inteldjskidd, set some useful commands as wallapper or something lol01:38
dr_willisdjskidd:  find some youtube video tutorials. :)01:39
aleuckgentoo-intel: well, it happen anytime but normally when i just logged in, so i have to log-out and log-in again, but now im using awesome01:39
Sna4x8dr_willis: I take that back - I don't see a place to chose "no effects" anymore in 11.04.  It was set to no effects in 10.04 before I "upgraded".01:39
elbetobanshee wont play the songs i copied from my ipod, i uninstalled and re-installed, and it looks the same and wont play the songs01:39
n-iCecan anyone help me with my audio? all is set up to max and unmuted, I can hear noises and the mouse pad when I click and when I type, is a laptop mic built-in, but I don't hear voices01:40
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".01:40
aleuckgentoo-intel: im not having this problem on awesome, especially becausa i almost don't need a mouse anymore o3o01:40
gentoo-intelthats proably why then :)01:40
dr_willisSna4x8:  theres always running 'metacity --replace' :)  or install/use unity-2d01:40
Sna4x8dr_willis:  I have unity-2d.  It makes my eyes bleed.  Alt+tab... is... sigh.01:41
MonkeyDustSna4x8: to repair Compiz, do this => gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz && compiz --replace01:41
Sna4x8Let me give that metacity --replace01:41
memandhey guys can you help me with a command or a way to check if all hardware is functioning properly?01:41
Sna4x8MonkeyDust: Ok, I'll try that too - thanks.01:41
gebbioneok i managed to mount the disk with the disk utility, is there a way to set it to mount at start up?01:42
MonkeyDustgebbione: in /etc/fstab01:42
gentoo-inteladd it to fstab01:42
gentoo-intelgebbione, what FS is it? ext4?01:43
memandI have googled it and I can't find anything helpful on the subject01:43
=== StR_ is now known as StR
gentoo-intelmemand, there isnt one01:43
zykotick9_memand, there is not a magical "isallhardwareworking" command.  Are you having a specific problem/issue?01:43
=== drizzt_ is now known as dsadas
RevTorAYay, Gnome 2 :D... Now how do I get the darn title-bar buttons back on the right corner instead of the left... this ain't no Mac darnit :P01:44
=== dsadas is now known as oerm
gentoo-intelmemand, try memtest, fsck etc01:44
=== oerm is now known as desdlemm
dr_willisSna4x8:  alt-tab... such a good reason to not use somthing... :)01:44
dr_willis!controls | RevTorA01:45
ubottuRevTorA: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more informationand workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263301:45
gentoo-intelRevTorA, theres a program called ubuntu tweak that lets you do that in 1 click01:45
dr_willisgebbione:  if its ntfs you can try installing and running ntfs-config to enable it to mount at boot time.01:45
gentoo-intelnot sure if its still maintained or not01:45
dr_willisgentoo-intel:  its maintained better then most projects. :)01:46
memandzykotick9_ not that I see but I have been having a terrible time with this installation, and its a very new laptop so I just have hunch. if you know what I mean01:46
MonkeyDusti use ubuntu-tweak01:46
gentoo-inteldr_willis, ok. its a very good prog01:46
gentoo-intelbit like tweakui for xp :p01:46
zykotick9_RevTorA, http://linuxlookup.com/howto/move_ubuntu_window_control_buttons_left_right_side for a gconftool string to run to move them01:46
Sna4x8dr_willis: Well.. the alt+tab in unity really bugs me.  I minimize something, then try to alt+tab back to it and the icon just rocks - and I have to click it.01:47
Sna4x8dr_willis: plus the whole thing looks like a mac, and I don't want people thinking I spent more on my computer than my two motorcycles =)01:47
dr_willisSna4x8:  i dont think ubuntu looks anything like the mac os...01:48
memandzykotick9_ and I'm pretty sure that the I need a gfx driver since I cant get transparency on my Windows01:48
Sna4x8dr_willis: Too flash for me.  To each his own.01:48
SIFTUmemand: what laptop01:48
dr_willisif using compiz - theres several alt-tab pungins you could use and teak.01:49
zykotick9_memand, what graphics card?  "lspci | grep -i vga" in a terminal if you aren't sure.01:49
SIFTUmemand: zykotick9_ yeah I'm betting it has 2 :)01:49
n-iCecan anyone help me with my audio? all is set up to max and unmuted, I can hear noises and the mouse pad when I click and when I type, is a laptop mic built-in, but I don't hear voices01:50
nsqis there any way to have the radiance theme also in my launcher/dock thing? also if i use the super key to search and stuff i would love to use something more radiance friendly01:50
Sna4x8Yea, no thanks.  I used it for about a month thinking it would grow on me.  The Start->type app name is cool, but other than that I'm not a fan.  I like my notification panel, menus, etc.01:50
zykotick9_SIFTU, oh man, i hate those dual intel/nvidia things01:50
memandsiftu msi ge620dx but have an I5 not 701:50
nsqis there a theme for it or something?01:50
SIFTUzykotick9_: I have one.. and yes, they are bad :)01:50
djskiddright now01:50
djskiddtime to give mom the crap she likes01:50
SIFTUmemand: the website site says it has optimus01:51
djskiddand I am DONE01:51
SIFTUmemand: what was the output of the command zykotick9_ said to run01:51
memandsiftu just a sek I'm on my Android right now ill just switch so I can paste you.....01:52
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Sna4x8dr_willis: So, metacity --replace completely fixes the issue I was having.01:53
f4k3zHi, question, how is HD Playback in ubuntu 11.04 using Intel's driver integrated?01:53
Sna4x8dr_willis: How do I use metacity instead of compiz?  Just use Ubuntu Classic with no effects?01:53
gentoo-intelf4k3z, depends on cpu i suppose01:53
gentoo-intelf4k3z, most comps play hd fine nowadays01:54
f4k3zgentoo-intel: i;m asking because i have Dual win7 and Ubuntu 11.04, and win7 plays hd files perfectly, but in ubuntu i get choppy/laggy video01:54
gentoo-intelno idea. i dont know anything about intel graphics01:55
gentoo-intelbut im guessing its not accelerated01:55
memandok im back01:55
f4k3zright now i have it dual because i dont get hd playback in ubuntu to work fine, if not i will use only Ubuntu :(01:55
f4k3zwgentoo-intel: hat you mean by not accelerated?01:55
gentoo-intelf4k3z, what movie player are you using on ubuntu?01:55
f4k3zi tried VLC, Movie player, banshee and the worst is VLC i dont get the video and audio to work01:56
gentoo-intelf4k3z, i mean it will be cpu bound01:56
SIFTUf4k3z: video playback is fine on my intel sandy bridge01:56
SIFTUmemand: yep.. you have optimus01:56
SIFTUmemand: what version of ubuntu are you trying to install01:56
f4k3zSIFTU: sandy bridge is that a driver?01:57
djskiddGood night #ubuntu!01:57
memandSIFTU: 11.0401:57
dr_willisSna4x8:  i belive so01:57
f4k3zgentoo-intel:  what player yu use?01:57
SIFTUf4k3z: its the second gen intel CPU with on chip GPU type thingo01:57
gentoo-intelf4k3z, mplayer201:57
gentoo-intelbut i use nvidia and vdpau01:57
f4k3zgentoo-intel: i heard something about vdpau, is that a driver?01:58
gentoo-intelf4k3z, it uses the nvidia card so it uses no cpu01:58
zykotick9_f4k3z, vdpau is nvidia only01:58
f4k3zSIFTU: mmm not sure what i have :(01:58
f4k3zgentoo-intel: oooh i see :(01:58
gentoo-intelf4k3z, try mplayer2 its very fast prob the fastest player01:59
f4k3zzykotick9_: too bad, :( so intel's performance for HD playback is not very gud in Ubuntu right? or is only my computer?01:59
f4k3zgentoo-intel: going to install it right now and try it01:59
Sna4x8dr_willis: Awesome, thanks for the help.01:59
gentoo-intelf4k3z, it has no gui so youll have to type mplayer2 /video01:59
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
SIFTUmemand: what are you exact problems02:00
gentoo-intelf4k3z, i just set my file manager to open video files with mplayer202:00
zykotick9_gentoo-intel, it's just mplayer on ubuntu!02:00
SIFTUmemand: you can use the nvidia card with linxu without doing tricks02:00
gentoo-intelzykotick9_, you mean the command, or the package?02:00
gentoo-intelif so theres bound to be a repo02:00
SIFTUmemand: can=cant02:01
zykotick9_gentoo-intel, both02:01
memandSIFTU: when i tried to load the live cd it would not load until i started messing with the special boot settings02:01
f4k3zgentoo-intel: alright let me try02:01
gentoo-intelf4k3z, try mplayer1 then, but afaik its not developed any more02:01
whoeverhow do you flash bios from linux ?02:01
SIFTUmemand: ah ok.. yes best to blacklist the nouveau driver02:01
dr_willismemand:  nomodeset is needed for my nvidia cards. untill i instll the nvidia drivers.  11.10 has improved so i dont need the option   with 11.10 :)02:01
gentoo-intelor very slow02:01
memandSIFTU: before that it would just halt and give some (to me) un understandable error02:01
SimonJaigot a strange problem on 10.04LTS where a static IP is set on a server, but after a while it reverts back to DHCP... any ideas?02:01
SIFTUwhoever: well some server MB manufacturers have linux flash utils.. but most not.. I use freedos02:02
zykotick9_gentoo-intel, installing mplayer will install an mplayer2 version02:02
dr_willisive seen BIOS's these days that have built in flashing features.02:02
=== Dion is now known as Guest98910
gentoo-intelzykotick9_, oh ok02:02
f4k3zgentoo-intel: alright02:02
zykotick9_gentoo-intel, you really are using gentoo aren't you ;)  Oh man, it's been a long time since i left gentoo...02:03
gentoo-inteli still try to help people though in here02:03
ni1sf4k3z, intel's equivalent is vaapi02:03
knightvoidanyone familiar with this error after installing ubuntu "It seems that you do not have the hardware required to run unity. Please choose ubuntu classic at the login screen and you will be using the traditional environment."02:03
knightvoidif so please msg me to help me fix this02:04
whoeverSIFTU:  is this a good totorial on that , i haven't flashed from linux yet , and don't want to have to dig myself out of a whole http://www.linuxinsight.com/how-to-flash-motherboard-bios-from-linux-no-dos-windows-no-floppy-drive.html02:04
gentoo-intelknightvoid, i think you need to install prop video drivers02:04
nsqknightvoid: you need to install graphic drivers.02:04
f4k3zni1s: vaapi? never heard of it, let me google it.02:04
gentoo-intelf4k3z, its accel for youur card02:04
knightvoidwhere would i find correct one02:04
f4k3zanother question, do we need specific codec or something for MKV playback?02:04
knightvoidfrom disc?02:04
gentoo-intelf4k3z, mplayer plays them all02:04
f4k3zbecause i just recall installing the restricted extras02:05
f4k3zand not sure if that comes with mkv codec02:05
gentoo-inteli think thats for mp3s etc02:05
gentoo-intelnot 100%02:05
ni1sisnt mkv matroska?02:05
zykotick9_f4k3z, mkv is a container, it could have all sorts of codecs inside02:05
f4k3zgentoo-intel: oooh ok ok02:05
zykotick9_ni1s, yup02:05
f4k3zni1s: yeap02:05
nsqknightvoid: ubuntu will try to find it for you .. afaik it's in the system menu in the top .. called "restricted drivers" or "additional drivers" something like that02:05
f4k3zzykotick9_: i c02:05
f4k3zso we dont need to install specific codecs or something(like in windows) to play mkv files properly?02:06
knightvoidnsq i tried additional drivers, it did a search nothing came up..02:07
nsqknightvoid: what graphic card are you using?02:07
zykotick9_f4k3z, it's highly possible you do.  But mkv could have open or proprietary codecs inside02:07
knightvoidnsq, ran  lspci | grep VGA  00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device (rev 02)02:07
f4k3zzykotick9_: and where should we get those codecs to play mkv properly, then?02:08
almoxarifedoesn't vlc play mkv ?02:08
f4k3zyeap but chooppy/laggy02:08
somsip_almoxarife: it does for me02:08
almoxarifef4k3z: mplayer?02:09
nsqf4k3z: you could just use vlc02:09
f4k3zalmoxarife: it laggs as well, and sometimes closes itself02:09
zykotick9_f4k3z, if the file players but plays poorly it's more likely a graphics card issue, then a codec/player issue.02:09
ni1sf4k3z, matoska is probably not at fault there02:09
almoxarifef4k3z: have you considered the issue may be related to something else? hardware?02:10
f4k3zthe problem is that only in bntu i cannot play mkv. or hd files :(02:10
nsqknightvoid: "If you have an intel card, the minimum is the i945 and i965.", i dont know if your graphics card is older, but if it is, you need to wait for 11.10, there is 2d support.02:10
f4k3zin win7 i can play all HD files and mkv properly02:10
knightvoidnsq, it is old, is this comp s.o.l.02:10
knightvoidnsq thank you,02:10
f4k3zalmoxarife: if it was hardware, probably i will get same issue in win7, but only in Ubuntu i am facing it02:11
=== Lubuntu is now known as LubuntuPowered
almoxarifef4k3z: true02:11
zykotick9_knightvoid, i'm affraid waiting for 11.10 will probably NOT solve your issue, it's possible to install unity 2d in 11.04 (or use an alternative DE/WM) - but your graphics card is unlikely to get improved driver support.  Good luck.02:12
f4k3zalmoxarife: yeap, so i am wondering if it is drivers/codec related issue not sure :(02:12
knightvoidzykotick9_ thanks. time to try the other computer02:13
littletinybabyHow do I tile my windows?02:13
almoxarifef4k3z: you have medibuntu installed?02:13
almoxarifef4k3z: I don't know that it would make a diff but I have never been without it, so its hard to tell02:13
nsqzykotick9_: if i remember correctly, it would work fine with unity2d?02:14
lnghi! how can I switch my newly installed latest ubuntu to new style desktop?02:14
bluMystOkay, I've run into a little problem. I've been trying to create a virtual webcam that plays a video instead of actually using my webcam. So that I can have an avatar on chatroulette instead of my real face. So, my latest attempt to do this was to install WebcamStudio and run it. I've installed that and vloopback correctly (at least I think vloopback is installed. I have no idea what it is or how to verify that) and I can't seem to find the menu option that let02:14
zykotick9_nsq, possible, i've never bothered with Unity/Unity2D so I'm not the person to know...02:14
f4k3zalmoxarife: to be honest havent tried it02:15
f4k3zalmoxarife: but you have intel's graphics card?02:15
almoxarifef4k3z: yeap, intel graphics on a cheaper laptop02:15
f4k3zalmoxarife: what card do you have?02:16
littletinybabyTiling windows in ubuntu anyone?02:18
Khisanthdepends on which window manager you use02:19
knightvoidzykotick9_, is there a way to find out what will be supported in 11.10, i have a wireless card on another machine that doesn't work02:20
urlin2ulittletinybaby, top of the list on a google search with your question. http://ubuntuguide.net/tile-windows-verticallyhorizontally-in-ubuntu-easily-with-x-tile02:21
zykotick9_knightvoid, you could try asking if the card is supported in the #ubuntu+1 channel perhaps?  I don't know of a URL with a list.02:21
knightvoidzykotick9_, thank you02:22
urlin2uknightvoid, not distro specific but, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:22
urlin2uknightvoid, I have cards that are not listed that work as well.02:23
=== hplpb2 is now known as hplpb
w0_hi, I'd like to share my printer that's connected to my 11.04 box with my 10.04 box (via wireless router) -- when trying to add the network printer on the 10.04 box it asks me for a printer address .. what do I input?  -- much thx02:24
knightvoidurlin2u would one of them be wn311b02:26
w0_unity was hiding the 'server' select on the menu bar. argh02:26
urlin2uknight nah02:26
Aqua23Hey guys02:27
Aqua23is it ok to make a seperate directory for wine?02:27
Aqua23Like say I install Steam to another directory because it was not working in the default directory?02:27
urlin2uknightvoid, cards and usb wifi are cheap though in general for basic speeds.02:30
=== root is now known as Guest23434
Guest23434selamat pagi02:32
thetravOk, this is a long shot, but I'm trying to get oracle xe installed on ubuntu 11.04 anyone know how I go about it?  google shows me a lot of articles about it existing in a debian repo, but the repo seems to have an expired key or some such02:33
Jordan_Umemand: What happens when you try to boot from your LiveCDs?02:36
zykotick9_thetrav, mixing Debian and Ubuntu repos is probably a bad idea02:36
ANTRatls -al02:36
Shortstraw8Having trouble installing vmware02:43
Shortstraw8Sorry VMware player02:44
Shortstraw8 I download it and it says that it cant open it.02:45
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, is it a .bundle?  Make it executable then run it.02:45
Shortstraw8Ok I'm new to this how do I do that?02:46
sp4zhi all02:46
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, you can right click it and there is an option for executable in there somewhere.  Or from cli "chmod +x FOOVMwarePlayer.bundle" then "sudo ./FOOVMwarePlayer.bundle" should work02:47
sp4zis there a way to get rid of unity and go back to gnome on the latest version of ubuntu?02:47
zykotick9_!classic > sp4z02:47
ubottusp4z, please see my private message02:47
sp4zthanks zykotick902:48
Shortstraw8Ok I will try that and come back if I have problems Thanks zykotick02:48
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, just FYI, but I find VirtualBox (or even KVM) a lot better then VMware02:49
Shortstraw8Where do I get those? it is asking for root access02:51
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, are you using sudo?02:51
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:51
w0_does anyone know what alt-tab quit working for me? (11.04)02:52
zykotick9_dr_willis, does ubuntu not have the non-ose version available yet?02:52
Shortstraw8no just from downloaded package.02:52
dr_willisvbox homepage has it i think02:52
xosuiteheartshey everyone02:53
xosuiteheartsI need some help with something on Ubuntu Natty02:53
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, you'll need to use terminal to set VMware up - as you need to use sudo02:54
xosuiteheartsif anyone can help me i'd be very thankful02:54
zykotick9_!ask | xosuitehearts02:54
dr_willisask the actual question xosuitehearts02:54
ubottuxosuitehearts: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:54
w0_WIERD. alt-tab WORKS, but it doesn't show me my options!! =\02:54
Shortstraw8Alright its open how do I open it from here?02:55
xosuiteheartsdr_willis zykotick9_ I heard the latest Empathy 3.0 is out for grabs but not in the official repositories02:55
xosuiteheartsone of the packages I need to install are gnome-common gettext02:55
xosuiteheartsdoes that mean that I have to install Gnome3?02:56
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, assuming it's in Downloads, use "cd ~/Downloads" (remember case is important) then try "gksu ./FOOVMwarePlayer.bundle"02:56
xosuiteheartshere's what I'm looking at currently: http://askubuntu.com/questions/40459/how-to-install-empathy-3-x02:56
rasustodoes anyone know where the database for banshee is?02:56
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, replace the FOOVM with the actual name!02:56
rasustoim going to assume its an .xml file somewhere02:57
xosuiteheartsmy question is, is Empathy 3.0 compatible with 11.04?02:57
beachedis there somthing like a device manager in ubuntu?02:58
ni1srasusto, its probably and sqlite3 db somewhere02:58
dr_willis!info hwinfo02:58
ubottuhwinfo (source: hwinfo): Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.0-2 (natty), package size 45 kB, installed size 112 kB02:58
zykotick9_beached, gnome-device-manager02:58
dr_willishwinfo is similer to.debive manager i recall02:59
beachedzykotick9_, where do i find it?02:59
xosuiteheartszykotick9_ or dr_willis - do you know if Empathy 3.0 is compatible with 11.04?02:59
zykotick9_dr_willis, android autocorrect?02:59
zykotick9_beached, search for it in synaptic / U.S.C02:59
dr_willisxosuitehearts:  no idea. i dont use it02:59
zykotick9_xosuitehearts, me neither03:00
beachedits installing03:00
beachedi forgot what type of integrated graphics I have03:00
beachedno idea what mobo i have03:00
dr_williszykotick9_:  new android keybord software also :-D03:00
zykotick9_beached, cli "lspci | grep -i vga" will show you03:00
xosuiteheartsdo you guys know if I need Gnome 3? one of the dependencies says its going to install gnome-common gettext03:00
xosuiteheartsim really new to linux03:00
dr_willisxosuitehearts:  so let it install it rhen03:01
zykotick9_xosuitehearts, if it needs gnome3 you'd best forget about it (unless you want to break unity)03:01
Shortstraw8zykotick I'm real new to this, so the download says Vmware-Player-3.1.4-385536.x86_64.bundle So would I enter all that?03:01
xosuiteheartszykotick9_ thats what Im trying to figure out, if it needs gnome 303:01
xosuiteheartsbecause gnome 3 is horrible03:01
dr_willisthe gnome 3 core wont break it i thought03:02
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, "chmod +x Vmware-Player-3.1.4-385536.x86_64.bundle" then "gksu ./Vmware-Player-3.1.4-385536.x86_64.bundle" should work03:02
BrandonBoltonxosuitehearts: Gnome 3 and 11.04 is a no no together, I had to reinstall the OS. Gnome 3 is really nice though, it isn't horrible.03:02
zykotick9_!tab | Shortstraw803:02
ubottuShortstraw8: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:02
dr_willisyou are new.. but have allreadiced gnome3 is horriable.....  :'(03:02
xosuiteheartsBrandonBolton thats what happened to me. thats why im asking if Empathy 3.0 installs Gnome 3 or not03:03
xosuiteheartsalong with it03:03
zykotick9_dr_willis,  allreadiced eh :p03:03
dr_willisparts of gnome3 are allready in 11.04 i belive03:03
xosuiteheartsdr_willis i mean, will it install the full replacement?03:04
xosuiteheartsdr_willis because right now I have empathy uninstalled and pidgin im installed instead03:04
rasustognome-common != gnome303:04
BrandonBoltonxosuitehearts: People got it to work. Here is an link to get it to work in 11.04: http://askubuntu.com/questions/40459/how-to-install-empathy-3-x03:04
dr_willisxosuitehearts:  i diubt it.03:04
zykotick9_BrandonBolton, nice03:04
xosuiteheartsBrandonBolton thats what im looking at, what happens if it doesnt work?03:04
dr_williswouldent make sence for it to need all of gnome303:05
zebastianortisjust installed 11.94, mising a lot of stuff, from firefox to vlc and adobe flash03:05
zebastianortishow can i add all those apps03:05
xosuiteheartsIm trying to understand what the gnome-talk-gettext lib dependency is03:05
zykotick9_zebastianortis, "sudo apt-get install firefox vlc ubuntu-restricted-extras" should work03:05
T3CHKOMMIEhey guys, i was wondering if anyone know how to edit the grub menu in 10.04 ive changed /etc/grub.d/40_custom and the /boot/grub/grub.cfg shows the menuentry but the list doesnt show in the grub meny on reboot. anyone know what im doing wrong maybe?03:05
dr_williszebastianortis:  package manager tool.03:05
beachedhow do I stop xserver?03:06
zebastianortisis there such a thing as winamp for linux03:06
Lynnahello, I'm trying to install the official second life viewer 2 and it crashes on start up on ubuntu 11.04, however other third party viewers like Imprudence and Singularity do run on Ubuntu 11.04 I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this and what I might install or add that would allow me to run Viewer 2 (second life)?03:06
BrandonBoltonxosuitehearts: Personally I don't think you would have any problems. Just try and see. Either way you will learn new things. :)03:06
zykotick9_T3CHKOMMIE, did you run "sudo update-grub2" after changing 40_custom?03:06
qinzebastianortis: audacious03:06
xosuiteheartszebastianortis try clementine03:06
zykotick9_beached, "sudo service gdm stop"03:06
T3CHKOMMIEzykotick9_, yes, sure did multiple times :(03:06
xosuiteheartsBrandonBolton but it wont fudge up my whole distro?03:07
zykotick9_T3CHKOMMIE, is 40_custom set to executable?03:07
RanngerExcuse me, "the screen frame 60, that any mouse refresh rate higher than 60 will not have any effect," it that right03:07
T3CHKOMMIEchmod 777 yes03:07
RanngerExcuse me, "the screen frame 60, that any mouse refresh rate higher than 60 will not have any effect," is that right?03:07
zykotick9_T3CHKOMMIE, sorry, that's all the low-lying fruit suggestions i have.  Good luck.03:08
T3CHKOMMIEdamn, thank tho.03:08
BrandonBoltonxosuitehearts: Just try, if you are worried about that just have a back up of all of your data. You can never be to safe. :)03:08
LocoenelCocozebastianortis, audacious looks winamp but i recommend u Clementine itz an amazing music player03:09
dr_willisT3CHKOMMIE:  you mean you see no grub menu at all?03:09
beachedthat didnt work well03:09
beachedis there a way I can start up in text only?03:10
=== Dion is now known as Guest67630
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode03:10
T3CHKOMMIEdr_willis, no, i can see the grub menu on every boot. its just showing the ubuntu/rcover and the two memtest entries it is not showing my custom entry :(03:10
zykotick9_beached, personally i'd just "mv /etc/init/GDMFILENAME /etc/init/GDMFILENAME.disabled" myself.  replace GDMFILENAME with the proper name.03:11
Shortstraw8zykotick9_,  I says no such File or directory And now I have lost the name of that other one was It vbox?03:11
zykotick9_!vbox | Shortstraw803:11
ubottuShortstraw8: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:11
dr_willisT3CHKOMMIE:  you really have it mode 777? it could be a secuity issue making it ignire the file03:12
T3CHKOMMIEdr_willis, that could be it. but i worked previously on a nother virtual machine. let me check the permissions on the rest of the files in that folder.03:12
LocoenelCocozebastianortis, vlc is my favorite for video and clementine for audio03:13
doadhi room03:13
edwardthefmaany 1 know how to use inadyn03:13
T3CHKOMMIEanyone know the dec for permissions -rwxr-xr-x ?03:14
zebastianortisi dont know why but i just plugged in my flash drive and its not being read03:14
doadi keep getting messages when trying to open i file i have just downloaded, its   An error occurred while extracting files.     End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not03:14
doad  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the03:14
doad  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on03:14
doad  the last disk(s) of this archive.03:14
doadunzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of /home/freegle/Desktop/bt-en-conduit-20110721.exe or03:14
FloodBot1doad: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:14
zykotick9_T3CHKOMMIE, 75503:14
T3CHKOMMIEzykotick9_, thanks!03:14
zykotick9_T3CHKOMMIE, hold on!03:15
T3CHKOMMIEzykotick9_, looks right to me.03:15
zykotick9_T3CHKOMMIE, ya that should be it ;)03:15
T3CHKOMMIEzykotick9_, thanks :)03:15
zebastianortishmm, any idea of why my flash key isnt mounting03:15
zebastianortisi am using synaptic currently but i dont see how that would be related03:16
T3CHKOMMIEzebastianortis, how is it formated03:16
zykotick9_T3CHKOMMIE, i bet FAT03:16
zebastianortisah ha03:17
akritcan someone tell me how to install ubuntu grom files I copeid off a cd03:17
zebastianortisso how can i mount fat and ntsf partitions onto linux?03:17
T3CHKOMMIEzebastianortis, pakcage manager03:17
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE03:17
T3CHKOMMIEzebastianortis, look for something "ntfs" there used to be a package that would give you ntfs support03:17
zebastianortisT3CHKOMMIE, so how do i enable that?03:17
doadcan someone tell me why i cant open up a program i have just downloaded i jusy keep getting an error message03:18
zykotick9_doad, what program?  what error?03:18
LynnaI just installed Ubuntu 11.04 - is there any recommended packages that might allow me to run 3d Virtual reality type games on this OS ?03:18
T3CHKOMMIEzebastianortis, just install the packages with synaptic package manager. dr_willis is correct its called what he got the ubotto to print out.03:18
zebastianortisT3CHKOMMIE, what about fat03:18
doadits bit torrent03:18
dr_willisdoad:  what program. and how opening it.03:18
urlin2uzebastianortis, you can have fat and NTFS automount with fstab, or just open them when needed03:18
ChogyDanLynna: like what03:18
LynnaI would like to run second life viewer03:19
doadim trying to extract it it but this keeps coming up   An error occurred while extracting files.03:19
LynnaChogy, but it crashes on startup.03:19
ascheelNetwork question.  I have this in my /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf but r8169 is still loading according to 'lsmod'03:19
doadEnd-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not03:19
doad  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the03:19
doad  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on03:19
doad  the last disk(s) of this archive.03:19
FloodBot1doad: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:19
dr_willisdoad:  bad download would be my guess. or missnamed aechive03:19
ascheel# Ubuntu hates r8169. Tries to run for r8111B which is bad.03:19
ascheelblacklist r816903:19
ChogyDanLynna: can you pastebin the error message you get?03:20
zebastianortisT3CHKOMMIE, urlin2u oh, sorry i didnt see what dr willis posted there, i have known doctor willis before when i was costarican quaker on here03:20
zebastianortisso basically it should just mount automatically?03:20
LynnaThere are some 3rd party viewers for the same simulators that work, but the official SL viewers are not working on Ubuntu 11.0403:20
zykotick9_Lynna, i don't use it, but have you tried Snowglobe - it's available from playdeb.net03:20
doadhow do you paste bin?03:20
Lynna yes ok03:20
doadhow do you paste bin?03:20
Loshkidoad: what's bt-en-conduit-20110721.exe supposed to be, anyway?03:20
zykotick9_!paste | doad03:20
ubottudoad: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:20
Lynnazykotick9 I have tried the official release, the beta and the developmental viewer versions.03:21
=== AndChat| is now known as sloo
T3CHKOMMIEzebastianortis, i have not had a problem it ntfs jumpdrives. try installing that suggested packages from dr_willis and i think you will be fine.03:21
doadok back in a minute03:21
zebastianortisby the way thats the name of this release, those advices refer to dapper and gutsy03:21
urlin2uzebastianortis, costarican quaker lol  sounds like a oxymoron.03:21
zykotick9_Lynna, sorry I tried 2ndLive a couple years ago - not since.  Good luck.03:21
ascheelCan someone tell me why r8169 is still loading in Ubuntu even though I've blacklisted it?  http://pastebin.com/5VRVwzci03:21
zykotick9_!tab > Lynna03:21
ubottuLynna, please see my private message03:21
zebastianortisurlin2u, well i was a costa rican quaker at some point, i think it actually makes sense historically03:22
uns0b1llhow can i view which usb adapter takes which /dev/ttyS^N device?03:22
zebastianortisok what dr willis posted has a weird named procedure and two actual solutions that seem to be specific to two other releases only03:22
LynnaHello, yes I copied a couple log files earlier to http://pastebin.com/7TpnF6ZA03:23
=== andy_ is now known as Guest80689
SyberBot-6249Hey everyone!03:23
jrwrIm running windows 7, trying to install Wubi, when I try to boot it just says Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr with never ending disk activity (Wubi 10.04/Ubuntu 10.04)03:23
Lynnaoddly enough - the singularity viewer and the imprudence viewer are both working on ubuntu 11.04, but none of the official SL viewers work, they all crash as does Phoenix Viewer also.03:23
Guest80689when i minimize my windows the disappear like when I hit the X where do I go to change this setting?03:24
PaganiniHello! annoying question maybe but I can't find how to end/kill a process that I don't know the full name of :(03:24
urlin2uzebastianortis, the quakers in America were great people as far as protecting and harboring the colored communities, during slavery and post times including the JimCrow era03:24
zebastianortisurlin2u, I know that, hence I am anarcho-capitalist of the freedomainradio tradition now03:25
zykotick9_Paganini, "ps aux | grep partialname" to find it's name / or PID03:25
zebastianortisok, that thing tells me to manually mount partitions, i am going to read on but i want things to be mounted automatically03:25
zebastianortiscannot be opening a terminal every time i insert a flash drive03:25
* T3CHKOMMIE still not getting anywhere with grub... what a waste of my life. :(03:26
zykotick9_zebastianortis, <OT> anarcho-capitalist < contradiction isn't it?  </OT>03:26
Lynnathe crash logs for second life I posted at http://pastebin.com/7TpnF6ZA  its crashing on startup.03:26
zebastianortisactually, i wonder if what dr willis posted was more in reference to my earlier posts before i installed ubuntu03:26
doadAn error occurred while extracting files.03:27
doadEnd-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not03:27
doad  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the03:27
doad  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on03:27
doad  the last disk(s) of this archive.03:27
FloodBot1doad: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:27
doadunzip:  cannot find zipfile directory in one of /home/freegle/Desktop/bt-en-conduit-20110721.exe or03:27
zykotick9_doad, your download is probably corrupt03:27
doadhow do i get it onto the chat once i got it in the paste bin03:27
zebastianortiszykotick9_, actually not, you can judge for yourself, i have a youtube channel called first principles http://www.youtube.com/user/Spefbot?blend=7&ob=503:27
zykotick9_doad, paste the link03:27
Lynnadoad, you just post the url to the page.03:27
zebastianortisevery video is less than 5 min long03:27
doadbut this is with every download i do03:27
Lynnaokay does Ubuntu 11.04 already have openGL as part of the operating system ? Does it come pre installed?03:29
doaddo u mean me lynna03:30
doadcan any one tell me how i can get back to windows i need to download it but i cant keep getting thoughs dam error messages03:30
Lynnadoad, thanks I just was asking generally to anyone who knows of what might be included into the Ubuntu 11.04  download.03:30
doadoh ok03:30
doadcan any one tell me how i can get back to windows i need to download it but i cant keep getting thoughs dam error messages03:31
=== ehw_ is now known as ehw
Paganinizykotick9_, it gave me a page of jargon and I can't quite work out the PID, is there a brief view at all?03:31
Lynnawhat window doad?03:31
doadwindows vista03:31
urlin2udoad, windows is not booting?03:31
zykotick9_Paganini, that "jargon" is the list of running programs03:32
Lynnaoh you have to reboot and then press the key to choose the vista version when it reboots03:32
T3CHKOMMIEto all, figured it out. the ass hole that gave me the code gave double "s for the entry name instead of single 's now it works just fine.03:32
doadnope i need to download it from scratch03:32
doadmy disk is really badly scratched03:32
zebastianortisok,so what is the name of the app i need to look for on synaptic03:32
Paganiniwell it all seems like running programs related to my keyword03:32
zebastianortisso that ntsf and fat partitions will automatically mount03:32
urlin2udoad, I wouldn't do that except from a legit source.03:32
Paganiniit's not a tonne of programs just the one but there's a lot of things running I think, although this PID I killed may have worked :)03:33
doadi have got my windows vista serial number surely i can downlaod it03:33
Lynnameans you have to quit Ubuntu, and choose restart and when it restarts watch the screen you will see some choices on what operating system to boot into. On my machine f12 gets me the boot menu but on some machines its escape key.03:33
zykotick9_zebastianortis, they should automount by default - in a terminal type "groups", is plugdev listed?03:33
Lynnadoad do you run a dual boot computer?03:33
zykotick9_zebastianortis, are you using Gnome/Unity?03:33
urlin2udoad, if you can proof of purchas to MS you can get a disc cheap.03:33
Lynnaok, and your Vista OS works ok ?03:34
zebastianortiszykotick9_, yes it does show up upon typing groups and i am on lubuntu03:34
doadno its corrupt03:34
Lynnaohh ok03:34
zykotick9_doad, you're talking about pirating software, it's not legal to download MS software!03:34
zebastianortisok downloading mountmanager03:34
zykotick9_zebastianortis, sorry I have no idea what lubuntu offers for automounting - good luck.03:34
Lynnazyk, you can download software from the microsoftstore I purchase the win 7 OS from there with download  key03:35
urlin2uzykotick9_, actually you can there, I got mine from Digital River.03:35
doadi know but i have already bought it the disk it beyond repair and i have my vista serial03:35
zebastianortiszykotick9_, I recommend looking up Stephan Kinsella03:35
Loshkidoad: ask on #windows....03:35
zykotick9_Lynna, urlin2u ok if it's from a legitamate "store" I can see it.03:35
Lynnadoad if you have any friends who have the same vista install CD you can run it and then insert your own key.03:36
urlin2uzykotick9_, yeah I know what you meen though anybody saying download is usually not do ing it legaly.03:36
Lynnawell, I bought a win 7 family pack (3 licenses) on the MS store with download key so its not that uncommon.03:37
xanguadoad: Lynna how about we move on and stay on topic ;) cof*ubuntu*cof*support03:37
Lynnayes xangua maybe you can help me with my problem of running Second Life viewer on ubuntu 11.04?03:38
xanguaLynna: never tried second life, you mean runing it with wine¿03:38
rwwSecond Life has a Linux client, doesn't it?03:38
Lynnano its a linux version of their program03:38
zebastianortisok i was able to find my flash drive on this application called mount manager03:38
zebastianortisbut it asks for a mountpoint03:38
zebastianortisi dont know wht that is03:39
LynnaI am using the linux version03:39
gebbioneis there a command to check what is the partition type?03:39
Lynnait crashes on startup03:39
Lynnamaybe I would have better success trying the windows version on wine.03:39
Lynnaor that Virtual PC package03:39
qingebbione: mount03:40
urlin2uzebastianortis, mount point in a install?03:41
gebbionethanks qin03:41
zebastianortisok i just mounted the flash drive03:41
Lynnaok thanks to all who responded. I'lll go post my questions in the forum - thanks again.03:41
zebastianortisand it doesnt show up on the desktop03:41
LoshkiLynna: try a different version of their viewer?03:41
Shortstraw8zykotick9_, I installed vbox thank you much easier then the vmare. I'm installing windows 7 does the creating process take a while?03:48
zykotick9_Shortstraw8, ? i've only used GNU/Linux VMs - but about as long as a regular Win7 install i'd guess03:49
sublim21hey all03:49
memandHey guys, is any of you gamers, and can you give me some advice on the drivers for NVIDIA?03:50
sublim21im trying to get wine to work on my wee little laptop (netbook) so i can rock fallout 203:50
Shortstraw8zykotick9_, just seemed like its taking a little bit thanks again.03:50
ChogyDanmemand: whats your question?03:51
urlin2uShortstraw8, your running two OS on the same HD, W7 on a thumb would go pretty fast.03:51
urlin2ufaster anyway03:52
SubCoolcan someone help me with grub03:53
zykotick9_urlin2u, you must be joking.  Even USB2 is SO slow compared to a IDE/SATA HD.  I run 4+ VM's on one HD fine, but running Ubuntu off a USB drive is SLOW03:53
MaxHRHello, using latest ubuntu, the hibernate option doesn't work... when selecting it for shutdown option, I just get a black screen, then computer off, when turned back on, the bootup is normal, for some reason the volume is muted, but no resume of last session, any ideas to fix?03:54
Shortstraw8urlin2u, I would but I lost my last one but I might do that I just need it for school work right now, but Ill have to try that you just plug it in and go?03:54
memandChoggyDan: I am using this laptop http://www.msi.com/product/nb/GE620DX.html but i have the i5 not the i7, so someone told me that it is actually a bad idea installing the drivers for the nvidia card and that i should use the intel instead03:54
frewsxcvis there an easy way to tell if a remote host is online/offline? is ping the best application? is there a way to get a yes or no answer from ping?03:54
memandChoggyDan: but im not really shure he is right03:55
SubCoolI ahve a 500gb drive, split up a into WIn7, Kubuntu, and an old version of Kubuntu for which i delted the partition. It appears that partition held the grub information i need to boot. Can someone help me fix it?03:55
urlin2uzykotick9_, I thought it was a vm install, generally for installing I find thumbs faster than a cd or ISO's03:55
memandChoggyDan: and when i try to google it all the info is foggy at best03:55
zykotick9_urlin2u, oh sorry - i though you where suggesting installing onto a thumb drive, instead of using a VM.  Sorry, my mistake :)03:55
ChogyDanmemand: well, you can always remove the nvidia drivers.  Seems like a strange suggestion.  I have no idea though.  There should be no harm in trying things out03:56
Shortstraw8I do have a 2terabyte 6gbps hd03:56
urlin2uzykotick9_, your right though as far a OS, my SDHC class 10 card is even worse the my thumbs.03:57
Stanley00!grub2 | SubCool03:57
ubottuSubCool: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:57
urlin2uSubCool, so what is left as far as OS's?03:57
SubCoolStanley00, ya, that didnt work.03:58
memandChoggyDan: yeah your right i guess i have just become a little paranoid since this machine has been giving med a hard time with linux03:58
SubCoolurlin2u, WIn7 and Kubuntu03:58
memandmainly because of lack of drivers03:58
SubCoolmemand, welcome to linux03:58
urlin2uSubCool, post what the bot says here.03:59
ubottuBoot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).03:59
d8bhattahow can copy  all lines of a file using vim?03:59
d8bhattaI used :%y+ but it doesn't copy all of the content to clipboard03:59
SubCoold8bhatta, check the man, i forgot what the command was03:59
SubCoolurlin2u, what???03:59
memandSubCool: lol, this is the first machine ive had that has acted up so much (eccept for my first syste where i tried a really unstable version of sabayon linux)04:00
urlin2u!bootinfo | SubCool04:00
ubottuSubCool: Boot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).04:00
SubCoolurlin2u, oh- u meant do what the bot says.. hold on..04:00
SubCooloh- this will take a while, i have to boot the liveusb onto the box again.04:00
urlin2uSubCool, ran the script and pastebin the RESULTS text, it will show what is where.04:00
gebbionei get an error with the fstab entry for my hardisk04:01
gebbione/dev/sdb2       /media/2TBStore  fuseblk    rw,user,auto,exec 0       004:01
urlin2ugebbione, suod blkid will give you the uuid04:01
urlin2usudo blkid*04:01
frewsxcvis there an easy way to tell if a remote host is online/offline? is ping the best application? is there a way to get a yes or no answer from ping?04:02
urlin2ugebbione, is the HD showing as sdb right now?04:02
gebbionewhat do i need the UUID for?04:03
SubCoolurlin2u, msg me that again in like 5 mins. im about to boot up on the machine i have to do this all on.04:03
urlin2uSubCool, just tab my nic when ready04:04
memandChoggyDan: when i go to the aditional drivers "program" and try to activate the NVIDIA accelerated driver it gives me ´SystemError: installArchives() failed´04:04
uns0b1llwhere can i put commands to automate things so i dont have to type them ?04:04
uns0b1lletc/rc.local ?04:04
d8bhattaSubCool: in the manual, it says :%y+ but when I type the command and hit enter....the content is not copied ...when I paste it ..i am getting  nothing...I wonder I am not following right way to copy the file content04:04
memandChoggyDan: any sugestions?04:04
urlin2ugebbione, not knowing you were using the partition the uuid is used often, is the HD a NTFS, what is on it?04:07
=== slayer is now known as Fuggs
gebbioneyea i think instead of fuseblk i need to write ntfs? it is a ntfs one04:08
gebbionei formated it under windows04:08
bugaloogebbione, try ntfs-3g04:09
ChogyDanmemand: try on the terminal: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current -d04:09
urlin2ugebbione, I wonder if if needs a chkdsk, just a theory here, it has worked right?04:09
kon_turns out the problem with the sporadic slowness was due to having ext4 barrier enabled, which in turn caused jdb2 to make the cpu wait for io a lot04:09
ChogyDanmemand: and then retry the graphical thing04:09
gebbioneok something like this? /dev/sdb2       /media/2TBStore  ntfs-3g    rw,user,auto,exec 0       004:09
SubCoold8bhatta, um.. for vim? just select it all, right click and copy04:09
SubCoolgoing from CLI to Graphic gets screwy sometime..04:09
ChogyDan!tab | memand also easier to type my name with tab complete04:09
ubottumemand also easier to type my name with tab complete: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:09
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=== lolll is now known as loll
d8bhattaSubCool:  ok..i dont know how to select all if we have let;s say 1000 of lines?04:10
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:10
SubCoold8bhatta, i dont use vi much, because of that. Cant you just open the file in gedit?04:11
memandubottu, ChogyDan, thanks awsome04:11
ubottumemand: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:11
SubCoold8bhatta, there are ways to select all the lines, there is a key command..04:11
memandubottu, still04:11
edwardthefmaany 1 know how to use inadyn04:11
somsip_edwardthefma: what's the problem?04:12
memandChogyDan, yep that did the trick, thanks a lot04:12
edwardthefmalooking for a im a stuped noob guide somsip_04:12
ChogyDanmemand: np04:13
edwardthefmasetp buy step04:13
nac-godfatherooh baby, gonna get to you gur-r-r-rll!04:14
somsip_edwardthefma: I used this the first time http://dyn.com/support/clients/linux/inadyn/04:14
Guest59569can I please ask a question?04:14
Guest59569do you people think04:14
Guest59569that police is able04:15
Guest59569to track private04:15
Guest59569conversations on ircnet servers?04:15
qin!enter | Guest5956904:15
ubottuGuest59569: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:15
nac-godfatheryou can simply google the logs04:15
qinGuest59569: Yes04:15
Guest59569what do you mean by google the logs?04:15
qinGuest59569: irclog.ubuntu.com04:15
nac-godfatherI'm sure if there was a federal agent looking for you for some reason then yes04:15
hylianhow do i start x, but no window managers or desktop environments?04:15
nac-godfatherbuy why would they be looking for a reason to fuck you?04:16
soreauhylian: startx04:16
qinhylian: xinit04:16
soreau! language | nac-godfather04:16
ubottunac-godfather: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.04:16
rwwGuest59569: Private conversations as in /msg or PM?04:16
=== semeion_ is now known as semeion
Guest59569as in /query04:16
qinGuest59569: Best bet is DCC via ssl04:17
Guest59569i dont understand04:17
rwwGuest59569: As far as I'm aware, we don't log them. It would be theoretically possible for us or someone else between you and your recipient to do so. IRC does not have guaranteed privacy, use something else.04:17
hyliansoreau, qin what i mean is i have full bloat ubuntu, and i want it to just boot to cli. then when i want an x app, run it, i.e. firefox.. can i do that?04:17
MneumonicCan anyone recommend a decent mmorpg for linux?  2D is fine04:17
edwardthefmatee worlds04:18
Guest59569yea but i think that programs like msn, skype are easier to track for the police as the pvt msg logs on IRCnet servers04:18
edwardthefmamaple story face book04:18
Guest59569or either facebook04:18
Guest59569I know servers can log04:18
Guest59569public conversations04:18
shane__hey guys how are we all, does anyone use Ubuntu server on a DELL T110 ?04:18
Guest59569but can they log privates too?04:19
qinhylian: from tty: xinit -- :1 vt8 will give you plain xserver, either you can stop gdm or boot into text.04:19
hylianqin, so this would give me cli, but when i wanted, i could fire up firefox, for instance?04:19
qinGuest59569: dcc - direct client to client, if encrypted, would be quite sequre.04:20
memanddoes ubuntu 10.04 not support compiz?04:20
urlin2uSubCool, you got the script run?04:20
Guest59569thank you04:20
qinhylian: It will give you xterm on vt8, and you can run there whatever you want.04:20
rwwGuest59569: /query goes you <--> IRC server <--> other person04:21
rwwGuest59569: DCC goes you <---> other person04:21
Guest59569oh ok04:21
qinGuest59569: But DCC is plain text, so can be sniffed04:21
hylianqin, yeah, i've been able to do that already, i hate xterm with a passion. ok, thanks, thats what I thought.04:22
=== MrUnagi_ is now known as MrUnagi
Guest59569qin i dont think that police would sniff conversations of all users on ircnet, since there-s 57.000 plus users04:23
qinhylian: it is just terminal of xserver, like tty, but white.04:23
SubCoolurlin2u, not yet.. system is hanging on the liveUSB, might have to use this one.. (not that u know my USB status lol)04:24
hylianqin, i know, but it always displays small for me, and i also would default it black for me. i was hoping there was a way to get something similar to ctrl alt f1, for instance, plus x11 capability. cli that can actually load images or videos, for intance.04:24
celltechIs Transmission the best? Or is there better? Something that doesn't eat up all my system resources?04:26
hylianqin, i actually installed terminator and then built a custom xsession option for it. it works pretty well, but I was looking for something a little more, tty + x11. thanks anyhow.04:26
qincelltech: rtorrent04:26
sublim21simple question.  im trying to uninstall wine on a natty narwhal installation.  i uninstalled from the software center, but i would like to be sure it's completely uninstalled.  whats the terminal command to permanently remove it?  i know it should be sudo apt-get purge something04:27
celltechAwesome... Now here's the fun part. Can I transfer a partial download from transmission to rtorrent. or do I have to waite till it's done04:27
qincelltech: Maybe.04:28
celltechI hope04:28
celltechTransmission is slow...04:28
qinsublim21: rm -rf ~/.wine (very carefull!!!), and: locate wine (remove rest)04:29
memandcelltech: you can start the torrent in rtorrent and set to download to the same destination as the partial (with the same filename of course) and the before you start the torrent you do a force re-check04:30
memandthat should do it04:30
qinsublim21: sudo apt-get remove --purge wine (should remove configs and docs)04:30
celltechawesome... thank you.04:30
celltechNow... terminal fun.. what kind of sick tricks can I do in terminal to get into some "trouble"? :D04:31
qincelltech: for example: typo04:31
qincelltech: sudo apt-get install sl && sl04:32
celltechSomeone was saying that with a linux machine, terminal, there's endless fun you can do with it :)04:32
celltechnevermind. I'll bbl04:33
celltechThanks again04:33
slideHow can I manually restart the unity panel and menu? it appears to have crashed or is at least not coming up and i cant restart at the moment04:36
rustyshacklefordhaving trouble pairing my bluetooth wireless keyboard. it balks at the "enter the following passcode" phase. any thoughts as to how to proceed?04:36
urlin2uslide, have you been tweaking compiz?04:36
Blue1rustyshackleford: usually the default pass code is: 000004:36
slideurlin2u, nope04:36
qinrustyshackleford: I think bt default was 0000 or 123404:37
Blue1qin: or that04:37
rustyshacklefordBlue1, its not that. it recognizes the device. its at the actual pairing stage. I entered the security code as requested (its a randomly generated one) and nothing happens04:37
urlin2uslide, compiz --replace will restart compiz and again after closing the terminal04:37
rustyshacklefordjust ... doesn't work04:37
slideurlin2u, i think it is still running, because if i hit the menu, and then click on the place that my launcher is supposed to be, then the app launches04:37
Blue1rustyshackleford: never heard of one randomly generated but okay - sorry I can't help04:38
rustyshacklefordand with all of this wireless stuff, i don't know how to tell if its my hardware, or a software setting (i think its probably a software thing)04:38
rustyshacklefordis there like a pastebin for screen shots?04:38
qinrustyshackleford: what dmesg says?04:38
KaosMcRageGreetings. Is there a smooth way to permanently decrypt your home directory if you selected to encrypt it when you installed Ubuntu Desktop (11.04)?04:38
slideurlin2u, thanks that worked!04:38
urlin2urustyshackleford, http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add04:39
urlin2uslide, cool04:39
rustyshacklefordhere's what it looks like as i try04:41
rustyshacklefordtyping the following numbers and hitting enter is not met with success, obviously04:42
Blue1rustyshackleford: wow that's the first time I have ever seen a 6 digit pin for bt.04:42
nhrHi, trying to set rtc alarm to wake up machine at certain time for backup tasks.04:43
nhrWhat is the easiset way to set rtc alarm for daily routine04:43
rustyshacklefordi thought the 4 digit pins were just to specify the device type?04:43
shane__does anyone use Ubuntu server on a DELL T110 ? are there any known driver issues?04:43
SubCoolurlin2u, ya, this is givin gme hell- sorry. thanks for trying..04:44
Blue1rustyshackleford: you can give this a whirl -- ymmv applies;  http://awesomelinux.blogspot.com/2010/05/ubuntu-1004-lucid-logitech-dinovo-edge.html04:44
urlin2uSubCool, are you familiar with supergrub?04:44
pretzelfaceAnyone know why flash video would have framerate issues when embedded in a page, but *not* in fullscreen? Google only tells me about the opposite situation.04:44
SubCoolurlin2u, not at all04:45
urlin2uSubCool, so lets make sure I understand when you power on you have no boot or windows wont boot?04:46
Blue1pretzelface: i am going to go out on a limb - there might be flash active elsewhere (on the page) that is not present in full screen mode.04:46
pretzelfaceBlue1, I don't think that's the issue; it happens on every site, and I run adblock anyway.04:47
urlin2uSubCool, anyway supergrub 2 is for booting into a broken grub 2 setup, if you get in you can put grub back in the mbr, or purge it and reinstall if needed then to the mbr.04:48
SubCooloh cool04:48
urlin2uhttp://www.supergrubdisk.org/  SubCool04:48
Blue1urlin2u: this is what I got from jordan-u a long time ago. http://pkill-9.com/recovering-ubuntudebian-linux-after-a-windows-installhiccup/  worked well for me.04:50
rustyshacklefordhmm... nope. dang.04:50
Blue1rustyshackleford: :-(   -- dunno that was all I found in schlepping04:52
Blue1rustyshackleford: only bluetooth I have played with are my hearing aids.04:52
urlin2uSubCool, yeah that is a chroot from a live cd that works as well, personally I just get in with supergrub and do it from inside the OS if possible, sometimes you don't even have to chroot, if you have the cd of the installed same release as well.04:52
Blue1and cell phones04:52
rustyshacklefordI found a great discussion of the install process04:52
rustyshacklefordI get to step 3, whereas he gets past it04:52
rustyshacklefordbut he's on 10.10, and I'm on 10.0404:53
urlin2uSubCool, all this realy depends on the damage done, as far as access and reloading grub.04:53
rustyshackleford.. i suppose you're going to say the obvious solution is to upgrade?04:53
Blue1rustyshackleford: wow that was 6 months ago - so fairly recently04:54
Blue1rustyshackleford: dunno not tried bt at all on my computers04:54
Blue1rustyshackleford: curiously have you tried this in windows?04:55
rustyshacklefordno i haven't and that's a brilliant idea04:56
rustyshacklefordbrb. but i bet it does :(04:56
Blue1rustyshackleford: that would at least tell you it;s a software issue not a hardware04:57
poiteeanyone ever do fake motherboard raid as there / partition in linux? my motherboard drivers for linux just has a txt file saying use the latest kernel.. didn't know if it was possible or even worth it04:57
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest82207
rasustodoes anybody know of a way to get smooth scrolling text in gnome terminal?05:00
cassidyjamesrasusto, don't think it's possible.05:02
cassidyjamesrasusto, aside from patching things. :P05:02
SubCoolurlin2u, making a new liveusb now..05:07
urlin2uSubCool, cool05:07
SubCooli wanna partition it to make 2 on one disk, but i dont think i have enough space.05:07
SubCool8gig should work for two right? and make them persistant05:07
urlin2uSubCool, using what loader, you need a multiloader like this one. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/05:09
urlin2uSubCool, you can only make one persistent I believe.05:09
SubCoolthats cool, but id hate to lose the one i just made05:10
SubCooleh- honestly, i just want to be able to use one stick on 32 and 64 bit platforms05:10
urlin2uSubCool, I don't know how your loading a second but without a custom gru2 set up or a multiloader app you will loose the first I believe.05:11
SubCoolim not, i want one. :)05:11
SubCoolknew i shoulda picked up the 16 gig05:11
Blue1SubCool: yeah what I have discovered is the different linux os will change things like .profile and gnome settings for example -- so if I multiboot differnt linux os, I use a different gui in each.05:12
grendal-primegrrrr im really pissed05:12
urlin2uSubCool, the mulisystem loader v=cvan have many ISO's on it I have a 16 gig thumb I use, 32 or 64 bit no problem it just boots the ISO's, only one persistent though05:12
SubCooli havent seen the need to derive from ubuntu so far05:12
grendal-primeso got this thor disk thing will not play it literally acts like there is not supported codex05:12
grendal-primewerid looking blocky stuff and flashing going on05:13
Blue1SubCool: I don;t care much for unity05:13
SubCoolurlin2u, thas cool-05:13
urlin2u!details | grendal-prime05:13
ubottugrendal-prime: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:13
Blue1but I don't want to start any flame wars either05:13
SubCoolBlue1, i dont like having everything on one computer either, but rememberin all that stuff is geting to me.05:13
grendal-primeurlin2u, ya right sorry hold on ill get the exact error05:13
Blue1SubCool: i hear you05:13
SubCoolBlue1, nah screw the wars, they all have thier own purpose..05:14
Blue1SubCool: i put a fully installed ubuntu on a flash drive - works great05:14
SubCoolif u know the code, u can go where u want. if u dont ( like me) - u stick with easy05:14
SubCoolBlue1, im kinda doing that now as i repair all the computers, but- what a headache05:14
Blue1SubCool: i might look at putting backtrack on a flash05:14
SubCoolOOOOOOOOOoo ya05:14
SubCoolthey have it05:14
SubCoolbut i personally dont find BT very useful05:15
SubCoolu need the hardware to go with it, otherwise it is just an OS-05:15
Blue1have been playing with debian - debian is great it is NOT desktop friendly however.05:15
SubCoolwhat do they use as a back.. i forgo05:15
grendal-primeso this is on 10.04 ...vlc i get a weird screen like i say that looks like an unsupported codex... this is what i get from totem..05:15
grendal-primelibdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.10 for DVD access05:15
grendal-primePlease send bug report - no VTS_TMAPT ??05:15
SubCoolBlue1, laptop only? lol05:15
SubCooli started with redhat, moved to mandrake. Like that- then got suggested to try ubuntu. been here since.05:16
Blue1SubCool: i have it on a netbook, and my quadcore machine - still trying to figure out why the cpu won't come out of sleep - the fans spin, and the light quits flashing - it;s like the proverbial the lights are on, but no one's home05:16
SubCoolits the packages and easy update that do it for me..05:16
Blue1SubCool: I started with SuSE05:17
SubCoolBlue1, LOL~05:17
urlin2ugrendal-prime, so you using vlc from the menu or the terminal, or in root, and have to tried various dvd's05:17
SubCoolBlue1, what OS? MB, and uh..05:17
grendal-primeya urlin2u lots of dvds..this is the first one ive gotten that will do this..other dvds play just fine05:18
=== Nicolus is now known as c_nick
grendal-primei own a video store....05:18
grendal-primei can run vlc from a term and see what i get.05:19
grendal-primeVLC media player 1.0.6 Goldeneye05:20
=== Auriel_ is now known as Auriel
sage_hey im having trouble fixing my ati drivers05:20
sage_i type in dmesg | grep drm and i get nothing05:21
sage_what could cause that?05:21
urlin2ugrendal-prime, I see a alot of that error mentioned on a web search.05:21
SubCoolsage_, when i first started using linux, blinking at it could cause it05:21
sage_what do you mean?05:22
grendal-primeya and a lot of finger pointing as to what may be the problem05:22
sage_im not pointing fingers05:22
sage_i like ubuntu05:22
sage_its the best05:22
grendal-primenow on vlc it complains allot about not being able to use the menus then...starts playing it and begins a series of...05:22
grendal-prime[0xb6e128a0] main input error: ES_OUT_SET_(GROUP_)PCR  is called too late, increasing pts_delay to 300 ms05:22
SubCoolsagaci, he wasnt talking to you05:22
sage_i just don't know how to use it right05:22
SubCoolgrendal-prime, got another copy of the same cd?05:23
grendal-primesage im not talking to you05:23
sage_ill wait to be helped then05:23
SubCoolsage_, ya- sorry, ati is an old virtue of mine.05:23
grendal-primehmmm not on hand..but the wife had one at the store that was different than this one and the same thing happened.  It plays in console players and ps2's05:23
SubCoolusually vest tihng to do is just reinstall the drivers05:23
sage_im trying05:24
SubCoolxorg is better than xconfig - hahaha. every two days i was fixing my xconfig05:24
sage_i dont think i have the hang of installing the opensource dirvers05:24
SubCoolnot working? - uninstall. reboot, reinstall?05:24
SubCoolsage_, i dont either. lol05:24
grendal-primeby the way sage ati blows...just so you know05:24
SubCoolgrendal-prime, ehhhhhhh05:24
sage_yeah i know05:24
sage_its all i have05:24
grendal-primethey use to be great for linux...then..that stoped05:24
urlin2ugrendal-prime, you can install the latest version off the vlc site there it says the version your running is out of date lol.  http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html05:24
sage_so about that line of code05:25
=== static_void is now known as static_void_
ServerTechHelp: Ubuntu 11.04 Server Edition with GNOME hanged. What do I do?05:25
sage_this one dmesg | grep drm05:25
sage_i get nothing from it in the termanal05:25
urlin2u!details | ServerTech05:25
ubottuServerTech: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:25
SubCoollol - i luckly have ati machine.. :) let me try it..05:25
Blue1SubCool: I am running debian squeeze on a 64 bit asus m3a m/b05:25
grendal-primeand the nividia kernel is software..so these geeks all around beat it up and get to get the skinny on how their cards work05:25
sage_ok well i type in the code i pasted and nothing happens in the termanal05:26
mrdebblue, how it going with that05:26
SubCoolsage_, i get nothing too- ur using it wrong05:26
mrdebis it05:26
sage_im on the latest distro05:26
ServerTechI have Ubuntu 11.04 Server Edition with GNOME installed. After running 'sudo apt-get install webmin' for webmin installation, terminal hanged, and the mouse does not move, nor does the keyboard work.05:26
sage_it told me to use it on the help page05:26
Blue1mrdeb: pretty well, but like I said, it won't come out of sleep -- got flash and java to work -- firefox did not have 64 bit browser, but 64 bit chrome works nicely05:27
SubCoolBlue1, throw a copy of ubuntu or mandriva on there- test partition see if that does anything. And if its not that, i remember on older machines having issues with 4cores aswell. Something to do with bios..05:27
sage_is there a better tutorial05:27
SubCoolsage_, good luck finding it-05:27
Blue1SubCool: hmm if you think of anything let me know...05:27
SubCoolBlue1, i have heard of that issue before..05:27
sage_i have a ati radeon hd 567005:28
sage_how can i help you help me05:28
Blue1SubCool: thanks I thought I was the only one. -- I might try 64 11.04 tomorrow - good suggestion thanks.05:28
grendal-primeinstalling now urlin2u05:28
grendal-primewell give it the old one two..05:28
grendal-primeand...well ill try it out05:28
sage_i just want to game on ubuntu05:28
grendal-primei dont actually know what the one two is..05:28
ServerTechI have Ubuntu 11.04 Server Edition with GNOME installed. After running 'sudo apt-get install webmin' for webmin installation, terminal hanged, and the mouse does not move, nor does the keyboard work.05:29
grendal-primesage get an nvidia card that supported...that would be my suggestion.05:29
sage_but i dont have a nvidia card05:29
urlin2ugrendal-prime, cool you ever seen this video store  http://www.moviemadnessvideo.com/05:29
Blue1ServerTech: wow I have never heard of webmin causing a lockup....05:29
Blue1ServerTech: otoh, I usually get the tar from the site.05:30
SubCoolBlue1, honestly .. i dont even knoww here to begin searching for that, bu ti know i have seen it as an issue. Usually something to do with the OS, or the BIOS. OH KERNEL05:30
SubCoolYour kernel isnt setup to use the 2nd two cores05:30
SubCoolum bank 1?05:30
Blue1SubCool: I have been searching for a month05:30
SubCooli know the feeling05:30
ServerTechBlue1: Its actually hanged for bout 7 hours now.05:30
sage_ok i geuss that i will just have to google some more05:30
SubCoolthats y im saying, throw a partition up and try madriva or something05:30
sage_sorry to bother you guys05:30
SubCoolsage_, ya, its about wording..05:31
Blue1ServerTech: have you used a livecd, chrooted to your hard drive, and then purged webmin?05:31
SubCoolsage_, how u word ur google will help find the answer..05:31
grendal-primeurlin2u, thats cool na im in california..small town...we have been doing it for about 15 years...movies and books..business is great...the blockbuster went under and now borders going down..05:31
sage_oh i know05:31
SubCoolbut i know that grep drm is wrong05:31
grendal-primewe are doing really good and we have over 6000 titles05:31
sage_i found a page on the ubuntu help site05:31
sage_but i think the code is wrong on the site or something05:31
urlin2ugrendal-prime, your set then it sounds like, the one I lnked is wildly diverse.05:31
sage_because some of the code on there is not working for me05:32
ServerTechBlue1: no. lol.05:32
SubCoolBlue1, actually- u can probably get away with just using a liveUSB. What have you tried.05:32
sage_im new to coding05:32
Blue1ServerTech: worth a shot, it can't make it any more broke that it is.05:32
sage_but i like to learn05:32
M0n3yRuL3zhey there, im wondering is there photoshop for Ubuntu? if not, is there any other program that may substitute to photoshop ?05:32
sage_i think im just lost right now05:32
sage_gimp money05:32
SubCoolsage_, depends on what u mean by code05:32
sage_use gimp05:32
Blue1SubCool: yeah It's worth a shot.....let me see if I have a 64 bit os05:32
sage_the command promp codes05:32
ServerTechBlue1: any way i can get my server to work again without a restart?05:33
Blue1SubCool: cool I do have 11.04 64 bit desktop already d/l -- try tomorrow05:33
SubCoolBlue1, what i do is- i pop in the LIveUSB, turn on the Sysmon widget. and thats enough for me usually. Maybe download the benchmark program05:33
SubCoolBlue1, good luck!05:33
grendal-primeurlin2u,  im trying to figure out a way to do online rentals same way netflix does it.  I m mean i know technically how to do it..but legally.05:33
M0n3yRuL3zhey there, im wondering is there photoshop for Ubuntu? if not, is there any other program that may substitute to photoshop ?05:33
Blue1ServerTech: no you would have to boot up off the livecd so would require a reboot05:33
sage_well if i have more questions i guess ill just have to come back05:33
sage_money rulez use gimp05:34
grendal-primeM0n3yRuL3z,   gimp05:34
sage_look it up is thats what i said05:34
ServerTechBlue1: urr okay then.05:34
SubCooltoo funny05:34
grendal-primeget it...learn it ...it beats the crap out of any photo shop app out there.05:34
grendal-primebut you got to learn it.05:34
M0n3yRuL3zgrendal-prime, thanks05:34
SubCoolits the same shit05:34
SubCooljust not pretty05:34
sage_i said it first dude!?!?!?05:34
SubCoolim sorry, sage_ did u say something?05:35
grendal-primei did newspaper production for 7 years.  i would have killed for gimp05:35
sage_lol nm05:35
sage_mostly kidding05:35
rww!tab | sage_05:35
ubottusage_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:35
Blue1the one thing I wish gimp had was an auto correct feature for photos05:35
sage_not serious05:35
rwwjust fyi05:35
FloodBot1sage_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:35
urlin2ugrendal-prime, yeah if you could and have open source access as well you might have something there, inspite of the lower user base in general, enough to profit past the overhead.05:35
SubCoolrww, lol he was stuck at M05:35
rwwSubCool: indeed05:35
sage_how was i flooding?05:35
SubCoolignore it05:35
rwwsage_: because you press [Enter] too often.05:36
Blue1just do a /ignore floodbot105:36
falseAnyone have any idea why I can't get captcha's to show? Not on a personal website, on a phpBB forum trying to register and have to enter the captcha code and I can't get the image to show..05:36
rwwBlue1: given that annoying the floodbots is a good way to involuntarily exit #ubuntu...05:36
grendal-primeurlin2u, are you kidding me...ill take anyone...just the opensource community in general would be great...like Ross perot said.."i thought 13% of ibm was a great number"05:36
Blue1rww: indeed that is why I said heh05:36
SubCoolthats what makes it soo funny05:36
sage_ok well its off to code the wizard the wonderful wizard of ubuntu oh its off the code the wizard.....05:37
grendal-primething is urlin2u  I got customers that tell me all the time "if you figure it out we will use you instead of netflix"05:37
Blue1as long as it doesn't turn out to be:  I;ll get you my pretty, and your little cpu 2!05:37
grendal-primeits a legal nightmare from what i can tell though..netfilx negotiates each and every title.05:38
Blue1grendal-prime: I am partially deaf and need captioning which netflix didn't offer - so went with hulu plus05:38
Blue1okay yeah #offtopic05:39
Blue1howdy heylelshalem tex05:39
willbradleyhas anyone here successfully installed nagios and npe? i'm getting ssl errors and have no idea why05:39
heylelshalemyou know anything about sound driver stuff?05:40
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:40
Blue1just what's here....05:40
bambanx hello guys , how can i search a specific text , on a specific folders? like search "mytext" into all folders in "home/myuser/downloads" ? thanks05:40
Blue1not a strong suit for me05:40
grendal-primeblue...ya you know i was actually thinking along the lines of a since it would be rather small time operation... using  literaly a carosel machine that would allow full access to all the dvd features.05:40
Blue1grendal-prime: that would be nice.  we should develop that!05:41
grendal-primethat would also meet all the req's for distrobution and liscencing.05:41
SIFTUbambanx: cd /home.myuser/downloads && grep -r <pattern> *05:41
grendal-primebecause you could only play one disk at a time per customer..05:41
urlin2uBlue1, there's no place like gnome05:42
Blue1urlin2u: indeed!05:42
bambanxSIFTU, with cd ?05:42
willbradleybambanx: it's the grep that does it05:42
SIFTUbambanx: yeah cd to the directory you want to search from05:42
bambanxok thanks guys05:42
rustyshacklefordpartially works, not fully05:44
rustyshacklefordits odd. can't explain05:44
rustyshacklefordI bought it used off ebay. its possible the guy spilled something on it, and it half works and is trying to foist it off on me05:44
rustyshacklefordits possible05:44
rustyshackleford'cause only some of the keys work on windows05:44
rustyshacklefordbut I've got to go to sleep guys05:45
rustyshacklefordthanks so much for the help. you all have a good one05:45
willbradleyhas anyone here successfully installed nagios and nrpe? i'm getting ssl handshake errors despite following every tutorial (aside from source-compiling ones)05:47
SIFTUwillbradley: lol I remember getting those05:47
SIFTUwillbradley: different versions of nrpe?05:48
willbradleyno space allowed on the allowed_hosts line05:48
* willbradley goes to a bar to stare at beer longingly05:48
maheanuuI have a question about wifi routers and don't know where to ask05:57
BesogonASK maheanuu05:58
Besogonubuntu listen you05:58
maheanuuI have my router set up and I have 2 young school age children who have access and I need to limit their access speeds as they are taking all my bandwidth05:59
zHammeRzsounds like they aren't ready for the internet yet05:59
grendal-primeya so anyway06:00
SIFTUmaheanuu: you can do QoS depending on your router06:00
Besogonmaheanuu: It's not related to wifi there is a firewall problem. I never did such things by the way06:00
grendal-primethat didnt work06:01
maheanuuBesogon,   What I would like to do is limit them to about 50Kbps as it is I only have 270K here and they are syphoning all of it06:01
maheanuuI live on the island of Raiatea and my bandwidth costs me 14500 Tahitian France a month which is about 155 dollars a month06:02
SIFTUmaheanuu: I can do it on my router http://dl.dropbox.com/u/906920/screenshots/screenshot-20110912230201.jpeg06:02
zHammeRzwhat kind of router?06:03
zHammeRzmaheanuu, what kind of router?06:04
maheanuuzHammeRz, it is a Netgear DGN200-006:04
=== pinnen_ is now known as pinnen
maheanuuSIFTU, and thanks I have saved that page I will find out if the Netgear will allow me to limit for other users, I can still connect using cat506:06
SIFTUmaheanuu: I think it does have QoS (your router)06:06
=== RudyValencia- is now known as RudyValencia
maheanuuI will be going in there soon, I just had the kids off, I don't mind them using some of the bandwidth but they are continiously downloading videos and various music and live feeds and I end up with no width to speak of06:08
zHammeRzdoes't take much to max 270k what is that, 2.5mbit?06:08
SIFTUmaheanuu: yeah you need QoS :).. you could give your computer higher priority than theirs06:08
maheanuuBBIAB, going to see if I can find the QoS page06:09
mpguttahi, i want transfer 100k files to my amazon server using rsync, i have list of files to be transferred in .txt file, is there any way i can mention in rsync command to pick only files in .txt file from that directory?06:12
luckymuralihi I am using ubuntu 10.04 64 bit server06:13
luckymuraliwhen i type mysql in the command line iam getting the following error :mysql: relocation error: mysql: symbol strmov_overlapp, version libmysqlclient_16 not defined in file libmysqlclient.so.16 with link time reference06:13
jamescarrguys... I'm migrating an ubuntu 8 server over to 11.1006:16
Shirakawasunarunning xubuntu (this was the case with kubuntu as well, probably normal ubuntu), the boot splash and 'shutting down' splashes are very inconsistent. The boot splash almost never works, normally I just get a black screen (if it was ubuntu, purple), occasionally a couple of init messages. The shut down splash works ~1/3 of the time, the rest of the time it's just like the boot06:17
Shirakawasunaany ideas on troubleshooting this? Are there scripts to re-setup that stuff?06:17
jamescarrtrying to make sure I port the whole dovecot-postfix stuff over06:17
jamescarranything I should keep an eye out for?06:17
vehemothcan folders have metadata?06:17
jamescarrI moved /var/mail and /var/spool/mail over06:17
jamescarrmoved /etc/postfix and /etc/dovecot over06:17
=== dual is now known as lunis
ethanolare there any terminal apps that will allow for easy splitting and resizing of windows?06:26
ethanolthe default one doesn't even have any related functions in the context menu, at all :<06:27
Blakehi! anyone know anything about setting up multi displays (3) across 2 different GPUs?06:27
susundbergBlake: it is doable at least with xorg.conf, but can you do that with GUI i am not sure06:28
susundbergHere is some text about it: http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/X.Org/Dual_Monitors06:28
Blakewell Ive looked across plenty of posts and as far as I can tell it's a nightmare for a novice to set up06:29
susundbergYeah i am afraid its not piece of cake .. :/06:29
susundbergBlake: see that page i pasted, section "Configuring X "06:30
susundbergBlake: Again, as i said, i have no glue if there is GUI for doing that06:30
Blakeright now ive got it set up so that each screen is a separate x screen, but I cant move windows across screens and theres no icons on the other screens for maximize, minimize and close06:30
susundbergclue not glue06:30
Blakeive been reading about xrandr as well, with little understanding xD06:31
BlakeIll mess around a bit more and hopefully have something a bit more specific to ask06:31
Blakethanks for the link06:31
susundbergNp, happy hacking06:31
theadminBlake: If you end up messing the config up, do "rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf && Xorg -configure"06:31
Blakeway ahead of you on messing it up haha, thanks for the  -configure command. ive just been removing the conf file and restarting whenever soemthing goes horribly wrong06:33
Blakewhenever I try xinerama it seems to shift the desktop to the right about 3000 pixels, and everything before it is black screen06:34
bullgard4luckymurali: I am using Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 64 bit server. '~$ mysql -u root -p' will start MySQL.06:35
bullgard4!ru | alter06:36
ubottualter: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.06:36
theadminMy friend has a little problem with Ubuntu, and actually any other distros. After bootup, the screen brightness drops to 80% and will *not* go up higher, nothing helps - xbrightness, keyboard manipulations, nothing! Apparently, this happens when udev is processing stuffs. Any way to tell udev to keep the brightness at 100%?06:37
bullgard4theadmin: If this phenomenon appears "with any other distros" then the hardware of your friend is at fault and udev cannot help.06:40
theadminbullgard4: Are you so certain? It works fine in Windows.06:41
bullgard4theadmin: So the premise in your question was false.06:42
theadminbullgard4: ...Windows ain't a distro06:42
bullgard4theadmin: If this phenomenon appears with any other operating system then the hardware of your friend is at fault and udev cannot help.06:42
theadminbullgard4: Thing is, it works fine with Windows, but not with Linux. This can not be a hardware issue.06:43
bullgard4theadmin: This inference is correct.06:44
theadminbullgard4: Are you just trolling me? Jeez.06:44
theadminbullgard4: This is not #grammarnazi, you know06:44
bullgard4theadmin: See you later.06:45
theadminbullgard4: I didn't mean any offense, just meant that as a joke, k?06:45
theadminAh well, either way *waits for help*06:46
cvamI upgraded Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 . the system said upgrade is complete but with some errors(it says gconf is failed to install or update). when I log in after upgrade desktop is shown without  panel then Using create launcher i launch terminal and then gnome-panel.I have to do this on every login. how to fix this06:48
theadminHello, tonghaibo06:49
ToAruShiroiNekoI used http://www.myfixlog.com/fix.php?fid=6606:50
tonghaibohey theadmin06:50
ToAruShiroiNekobut the flashdisk remains unbootable06:50
ToAruShiroiNekoI am unsure what I am doing is wrong06:50
frewsxcvis dc++ encrypted?06:55
cvamfrewsxcv: Yes dc++ is encrypted06:59
frewsxcvcvam: but it's not decentralized, right?06:59
alkisgHi, with Unity, how can I see the installed games list, i.e. the equivalent of "Applications → Games" with the classic gnome menu?07:01
heylelshalemello friendz07:02
heylelshalemanyone know about pulse?07:02
theadminheylelshalem: It's the main audio system in Ubuntu, so of course :D07:02
cvamfrewsxcv: decentralized  ? i can't understand what do you mean decentralized07:02
ServerTechcan i run a system performance benchmark on ubuntu 11.0407:02
frewsxcvcvam: there has to be a server running, correct? it's not directly peer to peer?07:03
heylelshalemwell i cant seem to get something unmuted in pulse07:03
heylelshalemor i think its jack07:03
jubeiguys how can I check what software sources my system should have by default?07:03
=== vivek is now known as Guest18066
AndroidLoverInSFgod help me, how to undelete files from a usb stick? its probably fat or ntfs partition not sure07:04
Guest18066I am using ubuntu 10.04 and from yesterday my laptop become very slow07:04
heylelshalemhello? anyone?07:04
AndroidLoverInSFi used some undelete program before command line but forgot what it was that was for ntfs though07:04
theadminAndroidLoverInSF: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec07:04
theadminAndroidLoverInSF: Works with any filesystems :P07:04
theadminAndroidLoverInSF: And, despite the banner, it recovers not only pictures but most common fileformats07:05
cvamfrewsxcv: no, it is directly peer to peer07:05
cvamread this http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/features.html07:05
cvamfrewsxcv: read this http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/features.html07:06
cvamI upgraded Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 . the system said upgrade is complete but with some errors(it says gconf is failed to install or update). when I log in after upgrade desktop is shown without  panel then Using create launcher i launch terminal and then gnome-panel.I have to do this on every login. how to fix this07:06
frewsxcvcvam: ultimately it's not peer to peer. it's peer to hub to peer. that to me is centralized07:07
taraduffyHi everyone. I have lost some of my desktop - changed the system settings to activate the desktop cube facility and now I have no toolbars or launcher - can anyone help me retrieve please :-)07:07
dippawhat is better about ubuntu than debian07:07
sunitmy ubuntu 10.04 laptop becomes very slow from yesterday07:08
cvamfrewsxcv: Each hub is individually run by a fellow user of the Direct Connect network07:08
AndroidLoverInSFi think i used that before but and found it in my dirs, but how to execute it?07:08
theadminAndroidLoverInSF: /path/to/file/photorec07:08
cvamfrewsxcv:  So peer to peer to peer07:08
urlin2utaraduffy, you can run unity -reset to get it back as installed and follow this link to set up the cube correctly. Read carefully the trick is since the refresh of compiz is funky to have a refresh option. http://reformedmusings.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/howto-get-the-compiz-desktop-cube-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-and-unity/07:10
cvamfrewsxcv:  here hub is not working like a server, it work like a router or switch07:11
theadmincvam: Sort of like a tracker for torrents.07:11
urlin2utaraduffy, or maybe the link will get you finished.07:11
theadmincvam: Right?07:11
urlin2uheylelshalem, we see you ask a question if you need help. :D07:12
cvamtheadmin: yes07:12
heylelshalemits a tuff one07:12
taraduffyurlin2u thanks. Do I just go to that link in a browser - because I have nothing to get me to a terminal?07:12
heylelshalemi run a recording software in reaper07:12
heylelshalemand i have a external soundcard that runs though pulse and into wine using jack07:13
urlin2utaraduffy, run compiz --replace in the terminal first or logut and log in since compiz has some issues the cube does work though.07:13
heylelshalemthe software is recognizing audio signals but the program is muted07:13
=== KNUBBIG_ is now known as KNUBBIG
heylelshalemso i think that the mixer is muted but i cant pull up the mixer07:13
urlin2utaraduffy, that will reload compiz maybe that will help to begin with.07:13
heylelshalemdo i just install a new mixer? lol07:14
natalieHi all, trying to get an app to work under wine that directly needs SSL. i have added the repos to get to wine 1.3 beta which tells me is the fix, but link on same page to update doesnt work for me. the link is 'apt://wine1.3' what should i run at cli to get it upgraded?07:14
taraduffyurlin2u I cannot open a terminal - I have no controls showing07:14
cvamI upgraded Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 . the system said upgrade is complete but with some errors(it says gconf is failed to install or update). when I log in after upgrade desktop is shown without  panel then Using create launcher i launch terminal and then gnome-panel.I have to do this on every login. how to fix this07:15
theadmintaraduffy: Ctrl+Alt+T I beleive07:15
=== KNUBBIG is now known as KNUBBIG_
urlin2utaraduffy, do a tty reboot crtl-alt-f1 then login and reboot, worse case here you may need to go to the classic to set stuff straight.07:15
sh00pIs there a way to add kernel modules to the server/minimal installer if they don't already exist on the install media? I want to install on microSD but the installer doesnt have sdhci_pci.ji07:15
shadowmancerHey all07:16
sh00p.ko that is07:16
shadowmancerjust quick question guys, how do i update from 10.04 to 11.04 :/ my update manager isn't seeming to find it07:17
urlin2utaraduffy, the reboot may get back some of what you need.07:17
theadminshadowmancer: No can do, you can only upgrade to 10.1007:17
theadminshadowmancer: And from there, to 11.0407:17
urlin2ushadowmancer, you have to go to 10.10, the 11.0407:18
shadowmancertheadmin: :| ok ... so shouldn't it still show me in the update manager, i went "update-manager -d"07:18
natalieis ok, i got it, just uninstall 1.2 and the reinstall now bringing me 3. could someone explain to me why apt upgrade didnt do that, it definately made some updates to wine1.2 ???07:18
taraduffyurlin2u I am at tty but cant log back in the keyboard is not giving me what I type?07:18
anli_I had problems with a network card hanging in ubuntu 11.04, is that dist having any reported problems with network cards?07:19
taraduffyurlin2u, should I be just using my login as normal?07:19
urlin2utaraduffy, your not logging back to the desktop, what do you see in the cli?07:19
shadowmancerdoh never mind find out what was happening07:20
urlin2utaraduffy, user name then password is usual the sudo reboot07:20
shadowmanceri had my software sourses set to long term support releases only >.<07:20
taraduffytaraduffy-ThinkPad login: cursor     but when I type characters come up in place of some of the letters on the keyboard07:21
urlin2uanli_, not in particular, what is the card?07:21
urlin2utaraduffy, type your user name then the password.07:22
taraduffyI cant. The keyboard has gone strange - what I type does not come up; other characters do instead07:22
ToAruShiroiNekoI used http://www.myfixlog.com/fix.php?fid=66 but the flashdisk remains unbootable07:23
ToAruShiroiNekoI am unsure what I am doing is wrong07:23
urlin2utaraduffy, okay lest do a soft shutdown hold down theses keys in the order then slowly type the rest crtl=alt=prtc R-E-I-S-U-B07:24
urlin2utaraduffy, if that doesn't work you can hit f7 and get back to the desktop or shutdown with tghe power button, sounds like no reboot from the desktop though.07:25
taraduffyurlin2u I can do control alt delete for a complete shutdown? (what is prtc?)07:26
urlin2utaraduffy, it is the print scree key top right area mine says prtsc and sysrq07:27
urlin2utaraduffy, if crtl alt delete shuts you down go for it we just need a reboot of some sort it seems07:28
taraduffyurlin2u, OK, restarting OK.07:29
urlin2utaraduffy, cool I suspect most of the desktop will be back.07:29
taraduffyurlin2u: I am at login, shall I go ahead?07:29
=== _nyuszika7h_ is now known as nyuszik7h
urlin2utaraduffy, sure login into unity lets see what happens.07:30
=== nyuszik7h is now known as nyuszika7h
urlin2utaraduffy, yo were in unity before I asume.07:30
taraduffyurlin2u, same - no controls or sidebar just desktop as one window covering the whole screen.07:31
urlin2utaraduffy, can you hit ctrl-alt -t and get a terminal, this has to be set in compiz in natty to run but lets see.07:32
taraduffyurlin2u: ctrl alt t has no effect at all.07:33
urlin2utaraduffy, I would just do the same shuts=down and go to the classic desktop at the login, it is at the bottom popup after choosing your user name.07:34
sh00pIs there a way to add kernel modules to the server/minimal installer if they don't already exist on the install media? I want to install on microSD but the installer doesnt have sdhci_pci.ko07:35
taraduffyurlin2u, some success! now I have a top toolbar but no launcher. - shall I go into system settings and undo what i did with desktop cube etc?07:36
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
anli_urlin2u: RTL8168d/8111d07:36
kilonHi there, i am using unity and i was wondering when i have multiple windows of the same app, how i change between them like alt+tab ?07:38
zHammeRzkilon, if you click on the apps icon in the taskbar it should display all the windows then you cna just double click the one you want07:39
urlin2utaraduffy, here is a cool app to install that will sit in the top panel that has a restsrt window manager=compiz and other cool controls download it, and open the startup applications and put in the command indicator-displex to have it be there when you start up in general, once installed it will be in the menus as well.07:39
urlin2utaraduffy, this will restart compiz as needed while you mess with it.07:40
taraduffyurlin2u: OK. many thanks :-))07:40
kilonzHammeRz: that will open the app right ? i have already opened it. Multiple windows of it. I want to browse through the windows07:40
urlin2utaraduffy, no problem the displex does what the fusion icon did in earlier releases.07:41
zHammeRzno, it shouldn't..at least it doesn't for me..maybe it's a app by app basis07:41
zHammeRzwhat is the app?07:41
kilonzHammeRz:  the applications tab shows none of my opened apps07:42
taraduffyurlin2u, thanks again :-))07:42
ct529anyone using unity? I appear not to be able to modify the  main bar .... every time I put an application in it, whenever I log out, it resets the bar07:42
urlin2uanli_, has the card ever worked?07:43
zHammeRzkilon, it works with terminal, I just opened 7 windows and then clicking on the icon with the left mouse button brought up a bunch of windows of all my open terminals I could choose from07:43
urlin2uct529, are you putting apps there ?07:43
scarleoct529: Is it the launcher on the left side ur talking abt?07:44
kilonzHammeRz: its allow me to open only a single terminal window07:44
urlin2utaraduffy, no problem have fun. :D07:45
kilondamn unity acts so weird07:45
zHammeRzkilon, then I don't know..that isn't how mine is working and I just use the defaults07:46
taraduffyurlin2u: last thing, I downloaded from the link - how do Install it?07:46
kilonme too, stadard ubuntu 11.04 install, latest update, nothing changed07:46
XceptNDo you know if 11.10 to include Gnome 3.0 environment in addition to Unity?07:46
aepluskilon, use ctrl+shift+n07:46
anli_urlin2u: It has always worked poor since I installed 11.0407:46
kilonaeplus: that combo opens a scripts manager07:47
anli_Maybe it wasnt that good before either07:47
aepluskilon: with the terminal application having focus?07:47
kilonaeplus: ah ok, now it works07:48
aeplusi either use terminal tabs or new windows07:48
kiloni am ablet to create multiple windows of terminal07:48
kilonhowever if i maximise all those terminal windows how i can browse through them ?07:48
aepluskilon, works with for terminal application in other windows managers as well07:49
kilonyeah i know alt+Tab07:49
kiloni was seeking for some alternative07:49
kilona gui element maybe07:49
cvamI upgraded Ubuntu from 10.10 to 11.04 . the system said upgrade is complete but with some errors(it says gconf is failed to install or update). when I log in after upgrade desktop is shown without  panel then Using create launcher i launch terminal and then gnome-panel.I have to do this on every login. how to fix this07:50
aepluskilon, i prefer using tabs instead of windows... ctrl+shift+t07:50
aeplusthen you can use alt+1, alt+2 to select tabs07:50
urlin2uanli_, realtecs I think in general are a bit tough from a look at the web, and that card, I'm not really up in this area, these are some links that may help not sure really.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessTroubleShootingGuide  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported07:50
sunit_my ubuntu lucid laptop becomes very slow from yesterday. please suggest me how to make it fast07:50
aeplussunit, close firefox07:51
majidkhoramhi, all, does any body know, why my "Time & Date" can't be opened?07:51
kilonthis is very weird not to be able to see which windows are opened07:53
aepluskilon, hah... i like it.. i have a 9" screen07:54
kilonyou like not be able to browse through your windows ?07:54
aeplusi only have five items in the launcher07:55
kilonwhat that had to do with widows ?07:55
aeplusoh, i figured running applications, i don't have that many running07:56
urlin2ukilon, there should be little indicators on the open apps icons in the left panel on the far left of the icon one dot per app what happens when you click multiple time on the icon if you have multiple instances of one open?07:56
kilonurlin2u: indeed there is07:56
aeplusas for window terminals, i use tabs and shuffle between them... i probably only have five terminal sessions open at any time07:56
kilonurlin2u: its tries to move the icon07:57
aeplusclicking on it, should present the options07:57
kilonmy bad07:57
* XceptN withdraws trolly question07:57
kilonit now displays the windows07:57
urlin2ukilon, click multiple time my panel wil hide but open it and click again, I have docky at the bottom to have better control myself07:58
_ethow do I find the exact version number or build date of an installed daily build??07:58
urlin2u_et, you using Oneric?07:58
aeplusuname -a ?07:58
_etI have two machines on which daily builds are installed and I'm not able to find out which is which07:59
kilonsorry urlin2u my mistake, apparently i was moving slightly the mouse cursor07:59
kilonthank you people07:59
kiloni have figured it our now lol07:59
_eturlin2u: yes.07:59
urlin2ukilon, cool baby.07:59
wh1zz0Hi guys.. Im on natty and I have ubuntuadhoc setup (and encrypted of course) .. 2 windows PC usually access my internet via my adhoc. But my question is this.. How can I see the computers that are currently connected to my internet service, so I can always watch, trace and know when it's beyond the two people I've given then WEP key??08:00
_etaeplus: that gives just the kernel version. But what I need is a way to find out the build date .. :)08:00
urlin2u_et, the command given should help but the channel for help is #ubuntu+108:00
_eturlin2u: Thank you!08:00
aeplushah, i thought uname -a gave the build date08:01
_etaeplus: Apparently, it doesn't.08:02
anli_urlin2u: oh, its a wired card08:04
aeplusi guess my install is system-specific08:04
kilonunity acts weird , it does not appear when i move the mouse to the left, sometimes08:05
ct529scarleo: yes it is the launcher08:08
sunit_aeplus: closing firefox is not helping08:08
ct529urlin2u: yes, I put the applications there and then I click on the "keep it in the launcher"08:08
aeplussunit_, i was guessing it was a memory leak, you wouldn't happen to be running eclipse or an eclipse-derived application?08:08
scarleoct529: SO how do you add the apps to it? Right click and Keep in launcher?08:09
ct529scarleo: yes08:10
scarleoct529: Not sure abt what might cause that, I know my launcher gets reset sometimes if another user logs in between my logins, but I never had it reset just from login/logout08:11
ct529scarleo: but then I log out .... and they are not kept in launcher08:11
ct529scarleo: is there a configuration file I cna modify by hand?08:11
aliboHello, where is the place to set environment varialbes that need to be set before a services starts. It is that tomcat6 needs to have CATALINA_HOME set before it starts.08:13
kilonhow i have access via unity to all classic menus like for example additional driver , synaptic etc ?08:13
aliboMy question is where can I set them? In the ~/.bashrc would be too late.08:13
scarleoct529: I think you are better off finding the source of the problem, I'm not sure how to debug that though. Have you tried creating a new user and see if the same happens there?08:14
ataqHey all, openprinting.org is offline and I need to get hplip-3.10.9-plugin.run to print some files, anyone know where there is a mirror or anything?08:17
vercingetorixhi. i uninstalled emerald with 'sudo apt-get purge emerald' and now i have no window-borders. i have tried to rectify this by making sure i had window borders in System>Preferences>Appearence to no avail. How do I get window borders back?08:24
vercingetorixbtw window borders === _ + x     to maximize, minimize, close. has title of window, etc08:25
tomodachivercingetorix: emereald, at least used to be the stuff handling window borders back in the day. Maybe you should reinstall it? or go for unity2d08:25
tomodachiwich is not compiz08:25
kilonanyone else has problem that when you maximise a window , it become all white ?08:25
vercingetorixorly? i thought i had installed emerald from outside sources, not that it was included with ubuntu08:26
tomodachikilon: happend to me once in a while, but i have no solution for it.08:26
tomodachivercingetorix: do you remembert the name of the package? (then i can compare with my install)08:26
kilonyeah tomodachi same here, happens once a while. I thouht it was my drivers , but even downloading from nvidia did not help08:26
vercingetorixemerald-theme-manager or something08:26
vercingetorixi'm just apt-getting emerald again08:26
mkquistvercingetorix: try installing compiz-settings-manager and enable decorations...08:27
tomodachivercingetorix: i dont have it, but accordingt to apt it conflicts with cgwd, gcompitzthemer08:27
tomodachiso maybe you need them back , to replace the hole emerald left08:27
mkquistvercingetorix: after installing compiz of course08:27
vercingetorixah i see now08:27
vercingetorixi have compiz-settings-manager mkquist08:28
vercingetorixalso compiz08:28
vercingetorixwhat happened is in window decorations08:28
tomodachikilon: I also have nvidia, myst say im waiting for the next release, Then im turning to LTS. cant stand this bugginess no more. UNtill they rething the release cycle a bit08:28
vercingetorixin 'Command' field it has 'emerald --replace'08:28
vercingetorixi believe before it was supposed to be 'metacity --replace'08:28
vercingetorixlemme try08:28
kilonNVIDIA GEFORCE 62000 Turbocache08:28
vercingetorixgreat success :)08:29
mkquistvercingetorix: see if it sticks on reboot08:29
vercingetorixwell sorta08:29
vercingetorixi'll try mkquist08:29
vercingetorixsomethings are a little funky yet08:29
kiloni have being told my card is ancient lol08:31
Fudgehi a computer i have is booting into busybox shell, how can i get it to boot normally, it does it on any kerenls from the list08:32
filePeterHi, on my Thinkpad T520, ubuntu LTS does not seem to have ethernet... wifi works... What could e the matter?08:32
kilonFudge: have you tried ubuntu recovery mode ?08:32
tomodachifilePeter: do you see the devices when typing ifconfig in the terminal?08:32
ataq_Hey all, openprinting.org is down and I need to get hplip-3.10.9-plugin.run in order to print, any ideas?08:32
Fudgeno havent tried recovery08:33
Fudgei thought it was the same as a busybox shell and im not sure with limitted tolls how to fsck or mount08:33
filePetertomodachi: No. lspci states there is a device... nothing more..08:33
kilonFudge: there is a low graphics mode, if its a graphic problem it will allow you to fix it08:33
kilonataq_: nothing in google ?08:33
Fudgeim fine with the command line kilon08:33
Fudgebut someone else is reading it for me and thought recovery wasnt a full bash08:34
teweWorkwhere can i find logs (or any information) why mount hangs? i'm trying to mount some windows shares and it works almost always, but sometimes it just hangs (about once every month) and i have to reboot to fix it, i wanna know why it happens and fix it without rebooting08:34
vercingetorixseems to be better08:34
vercingetorixwindow border is back at least08:34
ataq_kilon: No nothing, as far as I can see, it just completely relies on openprinting.org08:34
urlin2uvercingetorix, you have window decoration ticked in compiz?08:34
vercingetorixyep urlin2u08:34
Fudgekilon  with recovery is it easy enough to brin gup an interface so i can ssh08:34
kilonfair enough08:35
urlin2uvercingetorix, compiz has some refresh problems in natty compiz --replace wil restart it or logging out sometimes a reboot is needed.08:36
vercingetorixin lucid 10.04 still urlin2u, plus i think this is a solved issue, thanks :)08:36
talinhello. if i make an SSH-account such that someone can use an SSH-tunnel to access my non-public computers... how can i do that, but prevent them from having an interactive shell?08:36
urlin2uvercingetorix, cool you have the fusion icon to use if needed.08:36
vercingetorixfusion icon?08:37
omidphey guys i thnk im not supposed to ask about this here but for an emergency i  do it08:37
urlin2uvercingetorix, yes it is a control for compiz it will restart the manager and such.08:37
=== jkoch is now known as netlemur
raj-darkmysteryubuntu 10.04 unable to boot into graphical interface, no magic from nomodeset :(08:45
StarminnUbuntu 10.10, when the system goes into "power save" mode, it will not resume. Screensaver functions fine still.08:46
StarminnAny tips?08:46
g[r]eekHi fellas. I'm trying to set up a FTP server using proftpd on Ubuntu. I've followed all the instructions on this tutorial http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79588 but when I try log into my FTP server using my ftp client (filezilla) I get this error: Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server".08:47
raj-darkmysteryubuntu 10.04 unable to boot into graphical interface, no magic from nomodeset :(08:47
mufasisanyone here using fakeraid with ubuntu08:47
cheateri need to download a specific version of a package archive. I need google-chrome-stable in version 10.0.648.205-r81283. how can i find the file? it's very important that i find it08:49
cheaterwell, very important to me :)08:49
anli_I installed ubuntu on a computer right now, 11.04 64-bit, in the startup, I get the purple screen for a while, then its black only08:49
anli_Hoiw can I trouble shoot that?08:50
cheaterhook up your monitor to the other graphic card output.08:50
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, so you get to the f6 for nomodeset is that how your using that command08:51
raj-darkmysteryyes urlin2u I tried with nomodeset using F6 but no luck08:52
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, sorry a install, has it ever booted in and have you changed the grphic drivers?08:52
anli_Seems to be a common ubuntu error message with a totally black screen at startup08:52
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, okay so it is a live cd ot=r thumb here?08:52
cheateranli_, did you try what i said?08:53
raj-darkmysteryhad installed it previously but the same issue no graphics.. and right now I am using live cd08:53
anli_cheater: ah, its only one output, I think, must see08:53
raj-darkmysteryurlin2u, had installed it previously but the same issue no graphics.. and right now I am using live cd08:53
anli_cheater: hm, its not :)08:53
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, do you know the gpu?08:53
anli_cheater: wow, thats better :)08:54
raj-darkmysteryurlin2u, gpu? sorry 'm not aware about that.. can you please guide?08:54
anli_I will probaby not need xwindows on this computer, can I just uninstall it and reboot?08:54
cheaterwhy will you not08:55
anli_Its a server08:55
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, so this is a little confusing here, can you be real specific your on a live cd is this on that computer, and what live cd?08:55
anli_And I dont have use for xwindows08:55
cheateryou use it for the desktop08:55
mrn__hey guys08:55
cheaterwait til unity breaks on you08:55
cheaterthen you'll wish you had gnome around08:55
raj-darkmysteryurlin2u, live CD08:55
anli_I will only connect to this server remotely08:55
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, of?08:55
histoanli_: what are you trying to do?08:56
anli_"I will probaby not need xwindows on this computer, can I just uninstall it and reboot?"08:56
cheateri thought you meant that x is a server08:56
anli_I have not use for it08:56
cheaterthen you shouldn't be using the desktop edition08:56
histoanli_: sure08:56
cheateruse the server version then08:56
cheaterbut yes you can uninstall it08:56
anli_I know, but now I have the desktop edition08:56
mrn__i was installing openjdk -6 in my machine after complete installation i  powered off my system . But now if i am trying to log  into the system it is not accepting the password08:56
histoanli_: yeah I would install server or a comand line system from the alternate iso if that's all you want.08:56
anli_Hm, maybe I should burn another dvd with the server version after all08:56
raj-darkmysteryurlin2u, ubuntu 10.0408:56
_____zxurllin2u : linux booting from cd08:56
mrn__and showing some configuration file errors in notification area08:56
mrn__could someone please help me to fix this?.08:56
cheaterhisto, what is a 'command line system'?08:56
histoanli_: that being said  you can remove X and reboot and get to a command line system.08:57
histocheater: it's an option on the alternate iso. It installs ubuntu minimal08:57
cheaterhisto, any idea how to get the deb for an older version of a package?08:57
cheateri really need it08:57
histocheater: look in your /var/cache/apt/archives/08:57
paladinlawhi, i got a weird problem. when i install nvidia drivers my max resolution is 640x480. But if i dont install it i can have up to 1280x720. My question is will my graphic card run as it should if i dont install the drivers?08:58
cheaternot there08:58
cheateri need to download it08:58
histocheater: if you need one from an older version of ubuntu you can hunt around in packages.ubuntu.com08:58
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, and you said you used f6, this is only on a live cd or usb/pendrive, can you see how this is confusing. In that your using a live cd but you are giving rather conflicting info no be-ig deal just trying to get to the answer of what is actually installed as well.08:58
cheaterhisto, what if it's from a ppa or something like that?08:59
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, do you have 10.04 installed?08:59
histocheater: you'd have to check with that ppa then08:59
histocheater: or you could possible find the source code of the original package and just build the old version yourself09:00
cheaterhisto, that ppa seems to be down. it's the google-chrome-stable ppa09:00
histocheater: and what is wrong witht he current stable?09:00
cheateri need the old version to perform tests09:00
g[r]eekHi fellas. I'm trying to set up a FTP server using proftpd on Ubuntu. I've followed all the instructions on this tutorial http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79588 but when I try log into my FTP server using my ftp client (filezilla) I get this error: Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server". Here is my proftpd conf: http://pastie.org/2525328 - any ideas?09:00
raj-darkmysteryurlin2u, yes I do have ubuntu 10.04 installed but I am not able to get the graphics so right now 'm trying on live CD and checking if anyhow I can get the graphics :( so for now we can think we are on live cd only and nothing is installed09:01
DavstHi, I'm having some weird issues with a USB drive, problem is the USB drive will shutdown randomly (once every 1 or 2 days) this behavior doesn't exist if it's hooked up to a windows or OSX machine. Also it stays mounted and says device is busy if i try to unmount it. Anyone know if there is a USB drive fix for ubuntu?09:01
StarminnA USB drive is suddenly read-only. How can I fix this?09:02
histoStarminn: mount it r/w09:03
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, you can't fix this from the live cd, have you done a nomodeset from the grub menu with using e to edit the kernel?09:05
raj-darkmysteryIntel corporation Sandy Brudge Integrated Graphics Controller, no graphics in ubuntu 10.04, nomodeset is also not able to solve the issue :(09:05
raj-darkmysteryyes urlin2u i tried that as well.. while booting I replaced quite splash with nomodeset but the result was same :(09:05
Starminnhisto: Clearly. I want to plug it in, and it be read/write, like it used to be. Suddenly it's mounting as read. I want it to stop.09:05
histoStarminn: what were  you last playing with when this behavior started?09:06
DavstNoone has any idea about the USB drive that occasionally powers down itself?09:06
cheaterhisto, i also have another package which *is* from ubuntu, but i don't know how to find that older version. what did you mean by hunting around on packages.ubuntu.com? i can't find it there09:07
histocheater: yeah you won't find it there if you installed it from a ppa09:07
cheaterhisto, no it's from the main repository09:08
benoliver999Has anyone tried moving their whole OS to SSD without doing a clean install? Is it worth doing? I have a 1TB HDD but want to use it just for storage.09:08
cheateryou know what never mind09:08
histobenoliver999: it can be done but i would back up your home first09:08
cheaterthe package in question was php509:08
histocheater: oh well you can find older versions of that09:09
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, I think you can get it to work this is outside my area of knowledge in general, so others can help, the channel is really busy during the day US time, and the ubuntu forums are a great resource as well.09:09
histocheater: earlier you said it was google chrome stable09:09
cheaterif any of its files had bad blocks in them, they probably were less buggy than the code the php team wrote09:09
benoliver999Thanks histo.09:09
cheaterhisto, this is another one (i did mention that :p)09:09
histocheater: what version of php5 are you looking for?09:09
rosaliatembehi all09:10
rosaliatembei need to connect to an irc channel for mac os x09:10
histocheater: what is the specific package name you are looking for?  you may have issues with all the dependencies etc..09:11
raj-darkmysterythanks urlin2u I need to ask it later in evening then :( as day here09:11
cheaterhisto, i don't know09:11
cheaterer well09:11
cheaterthe *package* name is php509:11
cheaterbut i don't know the package archive name09:11
rosaliatembecan anyone help me. how to join to an mac os x channel?09:12
histocheater: well 10.04 which is the LTS release has 5.3.2-ubuntu4.909:12
Starminnhisto: Honestly I don't know what did it because the time span between when it worked like it should and now is like 2 months, and as you can imagine a lot has been played with.09:12
histoStarminn: does this happen with other thumb drives?09:12
_____zxcheater: try ubuntuupdates.org09:12
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, some of the users that are in England come on soon and they are good at this stuff. :D09:12
Starminnhisto: Nope09:13
cheater_____zx, i have tried but i didn't find any debs there, where do i go specifically?09:14
histoStarminn: let me check some other stuff09:14
raj-darkmysteryurlin2u, is it possible that anyhow my raid configuration is interrupting the normal installation or functioning?09:14
cheaterhisto, i know, that is not the one i am looking for. I need the exact version.09:14
cheaterthe checksums need to match.09:14
histocheater: i'm sure someone has it laying around but I don't think you're going to get much help here with installing packages from a different version of ubuntu09:15
histocheater: you're just looking at creating all sorts of issues.09:15
histocheater: i'd just download 5.3.2 from php.org and compile yourself09:15
heylelshalemhey anyone know a command to unmute a sound channel in terminal?09:15
histoheylelshalem: i'd use alsamixer09:15
urlin2uraj-darkmystery, I'm not familiar with raid, so I can't say but that along with the graphic info is important to mention so the others who help can work with that if needed, the more info about your setup the better.09:15
cheaterhisto, that is not going to be the same thing. i need the exact package archive for that exact package version.09:16
cheaterit's not from a different version of ubuntu, it's just an older version of the package from the same version of ubuntu. you are confused.09:16
StarminnOn Ubuntu 10.10, when my system goes into Power Save mode it becomes unresponsive. Tips?09:16
histoStarminn: there is a problem with your usb drive09:17
histoStarminn: i would fsck it09:17
histoStarminn: unmount it and try sudo dosfsck -a -v /dev/sdbx  where x is the # of the partition on that drive09:18
histoStarminn: you can find out with sudo fdisk -l to see all the drives connected to your machine.09:18
Starminnhisto: Lol, due to the meme it's become I read that second line differently at first. ;)09:18
Starminnhisto: But alright, one moment.09:18
histoStarminn: it may not be /dev/sdb# could be /dev/sdc etc....09:19
histoStarminn: and that's dosfsck not dofsck09:19
Starminnhisto: http://pastie.org/252539209:20
Starminnhisto (It's sdb1)09:21
marcvangendHi. I'd like to use Kate on Ubuntu, but apt-get tells me that it will install 188MB, mostly KDE libs. I'm wondering if it will hurt performance if I install it...09:23
histoStarminn: okay sudo umount /dev/sdb1 && sudo dosfsck -a -v /dev/sdb109:25
histomarcvangend: you need the some of the KDE libs for it to run09:25
urlin2umarcvangend, probably not what is the cpu and you memory amount?09:25
somsip_marcvangend: I had the same earlier with gedit - 88MB of libs just to run it :-/ I dislike the bloat, but what can you do, eh?09:26
histosomsip_: use vim09:26
Starminnhisto: Same error (it's already unmounted)09:26
somsip_histo: I do in terminal, but find working with large amounts of text easier in a GUI09:26
histoStarminn: did dosfsck fix anything?09:26
histosomsip_: there's gvim09:27
marcvangendhisto: I have 8GB of ram, but I'm using a lot of that for virtual machines, two browsers, eclipse...09:27
histomarcvangend: it won't be an issue09:27
somsip_histo: I know and thanks for the advice, but this is what I did today. Doesn't really help marcvangend, but there you go09:27
Starminnhisto: That's what's failing, it would appear. Same error as the pastie I gave earlier.09:27
histoStarminn: oh sorry let me take a look09:28
Starminnhisto: :) It's brief, don't worry lol.09:28
marcvangendhisto: OK, thanks, I'll give it a try09:28
heylelshalemok question09:35
Johnny_GigglesThe answer to your question is "Yes"09:35
heylelshalemyou know about jack?09:36
Johnny_GigglesThe answer to your question is "Not recently"09:36
Johnny_Gigglesthe next question, that is09:36
heylelshalemi think my jack server is down09:36
* Johnny_Giggles will stop being silly now09:36
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit09:37
histoStarminn: i have to go but you may want to try running testdisk on the device. Worst case scenario you can copy the files off of it to the hard drive reformat the thumb drive. Then copy them back09:37
pirxhello! on some 10.04 systems i have noticed that the command 'less' actually executes bash scripts (when i am expecting to just look at them). it seems that they have to exist in some $PATH dir for that to happen, but it doesnt happen on all servers. cant find anything about it in the man page either, nor on google... has anyone noticed such a thing?09:37
Starminnhisto: Oh, the drive is actually empty. How could I reformat it? (If you could give me a lead before you leave?)09:38
oCeanpirx: I've never seen that. Even when the file you want to view using 'less' is not in your current directory (cwd) but in your PATH only, it still is not supposed to execute. For example, try  less ls  it will show an error for less, but not execute ls09:41
cheaterpirx, where were the offending files located?09:42
pirxthey are in/usr/local/bin/09:43
=== slobro_ is now known as slobro
oCeanpirx: and you did you use less? As in  less /usr/local/bin/myscript.sh  or less<myscript.sh ?09:44
oCeanpirx: hm, still then, I have no explanation :(09:44
cheaterstrace your-command 2&>1 | pastebinit09:44
cheaterpost the link to the pastebin09:44
HSarenaIs there anyone know about synaptiks and touchpad in ubuntu09:44
HSarenaIs there anyone know about synaptiks and touchpad in ubuntu?09:44
cheateryou mean synaptics09:44
cheaterwhat do you need?09:45
heylelshalemanyone know about jack?09:45
HSarenamy touchpad doesn't work...09:45
cheatercheck if it's not disabled in bios09:45
heylelshalemif jack is?09:46
cheatercheck if it's not turned off using one of the Fn functions09:46
oCean!who | cheater09:46
ubottucheater: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:46
cheatercheck if you don't have it turned off in ubuntu09:46
cheateri think it's obvious who i was talking to09:46
heylelshalemcheater: you know about jack?09:46
cheaternot really09:46
szal!anyone | heylelshalem09:47
ubottuheylelshalem: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:47
oCeancheater: it may be now, but this usually a very busy channel, so please start your lines using the other person's nick09:47
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ubottuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.09:47
HSarenano.. i have ubuntu 10.04 before and i don't have any problem but when i upgrade it to natty my mouse doen't working09:47
cheateroCean, i can notice when other people are talking, don't worry09:47
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:47
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:47
oCeanCalinou: stop that09:47
=== floodbot4 is now known as KartalKaan
Calinousorry, I wanted to see09:48
oCeanCalinou: use /msg ubottu !bot to use it in private09:48
cheaterHSarena, mouse or or touchpad? a synaptics touchpad is not a mouse.09:48
HSarenacheater, my laptop touchpad, i have sony vaio laptop09:49
=== KartalKaan is now known as floodbot4
cheaterHSarena, i don't have ubuntu on any laptops right now, can't help you sorry09:50
=== floodbot4 is now known as Guest19938
=== Guest19938 is now known as KartalKaan
shagнарод есть кто из Россиии09:52
HSarenacheater, thank U ;-)09:52
oCean!ru | shag09:52
ubottushag: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:52
urlin2uHSarena, is it a usb or serial mouse?09:53
Sidewinder1My, the floodbots are certainly getting a work-out, this morning.09:55
pirxoCean: here: http://pastebin.com/hth7a7gN09:55
pirxi run less in a normal way, and it runs the script, tiotally weird09:56
mufasisanyone here running lubuntu09:58
=== Destine is now known as Guest13319
szal!anyone | mufasis09:58
ubottumufasis: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:58
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valthyxHello, i am not sure where to ask this and decided to ask here. What is the difference between libnet and libpcap?10:00
oCeanpirx: weird indeed, I don't have a 10.04 to check against, but for my 11.04, I have a different LESSOPEN env variable:  LESSOPEN=| /usr/bin/lesspipe %s10:00
pirxoCean: not all 10.04 servers have this behaviour10:01
garymcAnyone know how I make Google Chrome the Default browser on my SERVER for all FAT clients?10:02
pirxand the less env variables are indeed different. will change them one by one and see if i can find the culprit10:02
DavstI have a USB drive that seems to do some ind of a automatic soft-power off (led on it turns off) is there a way i can wake it from the system or stop it from doing this?10:02
oCeanpirx: oh, ok10:02
pirxoCean: yepp, it was the LESSOPEN variable10:05
ionutPi have wrote a deamon....inside main method create a pointer to object .....what happens to the memory daemon receives SIGHUP or SIGKILL?10:05
oCeanpirx: alright then, but I still wonder why the were different to begin with10:05
pirxoCean: a "customized" .bash_profile that has gone horribly wrong it seems:)10:06
pirxthanks for the help!10:06
oCeanpirx: ahh, that happens :)10:07
gbgis a nvidia driver a must have? my graphic card works better without. with the nvidia driver i get max resolution 640x480. without it i can have 1280x720.10:09
johnduchamphello everyone :)10:09
johnduchampi have a problem with banshee mirage extenstion, can anyone help me? :-s10:10
thatsmyboyanyone have experience troubleshooting indicator-applet?10:10
johnduchampi have no idea why the Playlist Generator tab does not appear10:10
raj-darkmysteryIntel corporation Sandy Brudge Integrated Graphics Controller, no graphics in ubuntu 10.04, nomodeset is also not able to solve the issue :(10:11
raj-darkmysteryIntel corporation Sandy Brudge Integrated Graphics Controller, no graphics in ubuntu 10.04, nomodeset is also not able to solve the issue :(10:11
johnduchampi installed the application using the banshee official ppa10:11
johnduchampi used 'apt-get install banshee-extension-mirage'10:12
johnduchampbut it doesn't appear, have no idea why10:12
johnduchampdid anyone have this problem?10:12
gbgdid you write sudo before?10:13
elkngI've mounted DVD to "/mnt/iso" and all packages resides in "/mnt/iso/pool/main" how can I get all dependencies installed automatically from this mounted directory ?10:13
gbgno idea then10:13
thatsmyboywhat do you mean "doesn't appear"10:14
thatsmyboyin synaptic?\10:14
johnduchampi mean10:14
johnduchampbanshee works10:14
johnduchampbut the plugin desn't work10:14
johnduchampi have the menu though10:15
gbganyone experianced on nvidia?10:15
bjarniHi.  Should I have libjpeg62-dev or libjpeg8-dev installed?  Does anyone know?  The 62 version is in the 11.04 distribution.10:15
johnduchampTools->Mirage Playlist Generator10:15
johnduchampi have this10:15
johnduchampbut i don't have the Banshee Playlist Generator on the left10:16
johnduchampyou know....where you cand drag&drop a song and banshee picks up similar songs for you10:16
johnduchampi have that10:16
cvamIn byobu the keybinding for killing the current window is not defined.how can we define?10:17
cvamIn byobu terminal  the keybinding for killing the current window is not defined.how can we define?10:17
mnmbbjohnduchamp: run  it in terminal to see is there have any errors, this may help U10:18
johnduchampok, i'm trying right now10:19
thatsmyboyyou sure it's not a View menu option? i don10:19
johnduchampthere is no view option ;(10:19
thatsmyboyi don't know the interface, but sometimes it comes up as a sidepane with F9 or something10:20
johnduchampi get no error when i click on 'Rescan the Music library'10:20
johnduchampbut when i opem banshee10:21
johnduchampi get this10:21
johnduchamp(Banshee:3648): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_bin_get_by_interface: assertion `G_TYPE_IS_INTERFACE (iface)' failed10:21
johnduchampdoes this be the problem?10:21
shomonhi, I've upgraded to the newest ubuntu version, but now I keep getting crappy red lines across my monitor.. :S how do I get rid of them?10:21
shomonlooks like there is some trouble updating the screen...10:22
thatsmyboyalso, the documentation on the PPA site says something about reloading your software cache> perhaps installation order matters. https://edge.launchpad.net/~banshee-team/+archive/ppa10:22
johnduchamplet me see...10:22
johnduchampok, i'll try to reinstall it using these instructions10:23
Sidewinder1!nvidia | shomon10:23
ubottushomon: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:23
shomonthanks Sidewinder110:23
thatsmyboymy indicator applet is flaky. problem description given here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1124539610:26
sajithanyone knows how to install glimpse in natty and test luna apps in it?10:27
thatsmyboyanyone have an idea10:27
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learnubuntuhow can you reload your network interface's firmware?10:31
learnubuntuhow can you (force) reload your network interface's firmware?10:31
=== Chiliblue_ is now known as Chiliblue
Loki^is it possible to install packages from ubuntu 11.04 in ubuntu 10.10 via apt-get or something similar without compiling? or to download the .deb files?10:35
th0rLoki^:  not a good idea10:36
Sidewinder1Loki^, It is not generally a good idea to inter-mix packages from different distros.10:36
Sidewinder1Beat me. :-)10:36
Loki^th0r Sidewinder1 even if its not an important program, but a bugfixed one kinda standalone program? and no other programs depend on it?10:37
Loki^i cant get the bugfix via apt-get upgrade10:37
pierrHello everybody10:38
th0rLoki^: what part of 'not a good idea' is confusing?10:38
pierrI looking for the equivalent of the "system-config-authentication" of Fedora in Ubuntu.10:38
pierrI want to configure my PC to use the LDAP account of my school.10:38
pierrI don't want to use the configuration file i really prefer to use a graphical tool as system-config-authentication.10:38
pierrThank for advance.10:39
Loki^th0r i thought it might be not a good idea only if other programs depend on it or something :)10:39
Loki^th0r is there any chance?10:39
th0rLoki^: what part of 'not a good idea' is confusing?10:39
Loki^th0r thanks for your kind help :)10:40
Nikahow to register for chat?10:40
Sidewinder1Loki^, As long as you're willing to back-up and are prepared to reinstall, give it a shot.10:40
guldunhello everyone, my Ubuntu 11.04 install is hanging at boot after installing Graphics card drivers, the last message that come up is Enabling additional executable binary formats binfmt-support [OK]... and it just hangs from there, I have been googling for hours on how to fix this any ideas?10:40
Sidewinder1!register | Nika10:41
ubottuNika: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode10:41
Loki^Sidewinder1 i am willing to :) can you tell me how to install them?10:41
Loki^Sidewinder1 or how to gain access to the program database of 11.04 via apt-get10:41
nomad_frI'm looking for the way to solve dpkg-reconfigure nis touble : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nis/+bug/77996810:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 779968 in nis (Ubuntu) "dpkg: error: version 'nis_3.17-18' has bad syntax: version number does not start with digit" [Undecided,Fix released]10:41
dRbiGanyone have 'hp_laserjet_p1005.plugin' lying around? ...10:42
Loki^Sidewinder1 nevermind, i found the deb files on packages.ubuntu.com10:42
Sidewinder1Loki^, See, that is the problem; mess with your "Sources" at your own risk; Deb packs. would be the next thing to try before messin' with sources.10:43
nomad_frubottu: and how to solv ?10:43
ubottunomad_fr: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:43
mat619Hi there. Our 10.04.3 server hosting several VMs has stopped logging messages. Exactly the same issue that's described here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1384521&page=210:45
mat619Unfortunately nobody has ever solved this. Do you guys have any idea?10:45
garymcHow do I make a launcher  load a page in firefox or google chrome. some sites i use I want to launch oin chrome as they display better10:47
pierrnobody kow about systeme-config-auth ?10:49
NikaI can't register in X-chat :">10:49
Loki^Sidewinder1 th0r worked out perfectly with the ubuntu 11.04 version :) its working without bugs now, thanks alot10:50
Sidewinder1Loki^, It's beyond cool when a plan comes together. :-)10:51
Loki^Sidewinder1 yea :D10:51
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StonedSlackerHi guys, I gotta a quick question. I'm stumped here trying to add the encrypt option to my right click in gnome. I have seahorse and its plugins installed, key generated etc. What am I missing?10:52
euphor][ahi guys, I'm having issues with install 10.04 on a Dell PowerEdge 2600 server. It seems the kernel version causing panics with the raid controller. Anyone come across this and/or got any suggestions please?10:52
Sidewinder1euphor][a, Did you md5sum the ISO image, prior to burning?10:54
=== executionist is now known as Guest12161
cravIs there a way from terminal to tell if I'm running the default ubuntu install vs the server version?10:58
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
euphor][aSidewinder1: no10:59
euphor][aSidewinder1: pretty sure that isn't the issue though -- the problem is well documented but I can't see any solutions11:00
AndroUserhi when i install the nvidia driver it causes problem instead of fixing. when i dont have the driver i can have the resolution to 1280x720. when i install it my max is 640x480. should  install it or not?11:00
Sidewinder1euphor][a, That's where I would start if you're experiencing kernrl panics.11:00
euphor][aSidewinder1: okay thanks. I have used the CD on numerous builds, and the problem seems to relate to the kernel version. I appreciate the suggestion though.11:01
Sidewinder1euphor][a, If it's well documented/bug unless you can "fix" it yourself, you may just have to wait. :-(11:01
silberkristall2hi all11:06
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
maihsunmaihsun, test11:10
BluesKajHey all11:10
silberkristall2everyone here whos can helped me with my squid?11:11
OerHekshi silberkristall2, tell us your problem :-)11:12
bourkewhats the correct way to restart sshd on ubuntu? I just did /etc/init.d/ssh restart and now ssh attempts are timing out..11:12
mndoi am trying to upgrade a package to the latest version of the source code11:13
BluesKajbourke, /etc/init.d/networking restart11:13
mndois there a good doc on howto do it?11:13
OerHeksbourke, did you restart the deamon > /etc/init.d/sshd restart  ?11:14
bourkeBluesKaj: thanks, solved it, had changed the bind port. not sure why I cant connect on the one I changed it to thoguh11:14
BluesKajport 22?11:14
bourkei think its because my gateway has a firewall11:15
bourkeno big deal11:15
raj-darkmysteryIntel corporation Sandy Brudge Integrated Graphics Controller, no graphics in ubuntu 10.04, nomodeset is also not able to solve the issue :(11:15
bourkethat should keep out the majority of scriptkiddies anyway :)11:15
OerHeksmndo, what package ?11:15
raj-darkmysteryblack screen on live cd.. tried all the ways from google with nomodeset and all nothing is working :(11:15
mndoOerHeks, freetds.. the latest version on repos is 0.82 and i needed the latest one11:16
BluesKajraj-darkmystery, add noapic to /etc/default/grub ..that might work11:16
mndoOerHeks, using the control file from the repo version everything is built but only the docs are added to the new debs11:17
BluesKajraj-darkmystery, then update-grub of course11:17
raj-darkmysteryBluesKaj, tried with each single flags from F6 menu and with all either... no workaround :(11:17
BluesKajraj-darkmystery, if the live cd doesn't work , try the alternate install11:18
BluesKaj!alternate | raj-darkmystery11:18
ubotturaj-darkmystery: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal11:18
betrayerhi anyone hete11:19
betrayertrying to install ubuntu but my sata drive cant load the installation medu11:20
betrayertrying to install ubuntu but my sata drive cant load the installation menu11:20
betrayeri'm using acer aspire 4736 z11:20
betrayerbooting using ubootin11:20
betrayerbut simply open the install menu then its was a black screen11:20
OerHeksmndo, i think you need to build 0.91 yourself from http://ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/ALPHA/freetds/stable/11:20
Siegel-haai. ive been here before. im trying to install the sims 3 using wine. wine is intalled, i put the sims 3 cd in and i cant find the location of the .exe file. i type in terminal "wine sims3.exe" it cant find it. where can i possibly find the .exe file? or can i download it somewhere11:22
jrib!appdb | Siegel-11:23
ubottuSiegel-: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:23
Siegel-thanks ubottu11:24
Kevlar_Does Ubuntu 10.10 come with a stock version of Ruby?11:24
jribKevlar_: yes, and I'm fairly certain it's installed by default11:25
Kevlar_and that would be installed in.. /usr/bin?11:25
jribKevlar_: that's where the ruby binary is11:25
Kevlar_ahh so it is11:26
Kevlar_@jrib thank you11:26
AndroUser hi when i install the nvidia driver it causes problem instead of fixing. when i dont have the driver i can have the resolution to 1280x720. when i install it my max is 640x480. should  install it or not?11:27
Siegel-ubottu: i found the file thanks but it says its not "executable" aw well11:28
ubottuSiegel-: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:28
Siegel-ubottu: ooh ok11:28
mndoOerHeks, yes,i am able to build it myself, but i am trying to recreate the same packages that are on the repos with the updated version because i have another package that depends on them11:28
Kevlar_err actually i don't have a ruby binary in /usr/bin11:28
Siegel-does anyone know why an .exe file may not be executable?11:29
glebihanKevlar_, then ruby is probably not installed11:29
Kevlar_k, I installed it via rvm and mysql was still looking there11:30
Kevlar_for it11:30
Kevlar_homebrew was11:30
Kevlar_in order to install mysql11:30
jribSiegel-: if it doesn't have executable permissions then it's not executable11:32
Siegel-jrib its from the actual sims3 cd. is there a way of going around it/11:32
jribSiegel-: did you find sims 3's appdb entry?11:32
glebihanKevlar_, what do you mean by "install mysql" exactly ? is it a server or a client ? and btw neither mysql-server nor mysql-client depend on ruby, so what are you trying to do exactly ?11:33
Kevlar_sorry for not making myself clear11:33
Siegel-jrib its 1.3.2311:33
Kevlar_i have homebrew installed.. and when I run "brew install mysql" it comes back with the error:11:33
Siegel-i have 1.3.2711:33
Siegel-is that why?11:33
YounderWhat is the difference between traceroute and tracepath except that tracteroute requires root access11:34
jribSiegel-: this isn't my question11:34
Kevlar_-- /usr/local/bin/brew: /usr/bin/ruby: bad interpreter: no such file or directory11:34
jribKevlar_: what is homebrew and why are you not using apt?11:34
glebihanKevlar_, what is homebrew ? why not use apt-get ?11:34
Siegel-jrib i dont know what that is exactly11:35
jrib!appdb | Siegel-11:35
ubottuSiegel-: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:35
jribSiegel-: read there for instructions11:35
Kevlar_oooh yeah good point :\  I'm so used to my mac .. i'm setting up a ubuntu vps for the first time11:35
Kevlar_i forgot about apt11:35
Kevlar_i'll do that11:35
Kevlar_thank you11:35
YounderThe situation with tracepath is worse, because commercial IP routers do not return enough information in icmp error messages. Probably, it will change, when they will be updated.11:35
NartalesHello I do have a small question, I try to sign the code of conduct but its always says that I dont have a signature11:36
jribSiegel-: CDs aren't marked executable, so if the appdb doesn't have specific instructions for install, just copy the cd to your hard drive and mark the .exe as executable11:36
BluesKajNartales, you have aPGP registered11:36
REK_007how to add path variables permanently ?11:36
jribREK_007: system-wide or just for your user?11:37
Siegel-jrib do i have to copy the whole cd or just the execution file? and how do i mark it executable? plus i would rather not have all of the saved on my computer11:37
NartalesBluesKaj yes I have11:37
REK_007jrib: just for me11:37
jribSiegel-: probably the whole cd11:37
NartalesI already have the .asc file11:37
jrib!permissions > Siegel-11:37
ubottuSiegel-, please see my private message11:37
=== johnny is now known as Guest54718
funtimehow can I set synergyc to start at boot time so I can use it prior to login in 11.10 ?11:37
YounderJust tracing a suspicious paypal email . But it seems to be legit.11:37
jribSiegel-: if you really don't want to copy the cd, then you can probably remount the cd and pass the "exec" option explicitly11:38
Sidewinder1!oneiric > funtime11:38
ubottufuntime, please see my private message11:38
bobosomfanIs there anyway I can bind PageUp/PageDown-functionality to a command in irssi? :)11:38
BluesKajYounder, be careful, it may look legit ...if you think it's suspicious it won't hurt to confirm , independently from another pc11:39
YounderAll messages seem to go into one very  cryptic well. I thought I was a potential  victim of a DNS spoof11:39
jribbobosomfan: http://irssi.org/documentation11:39
Nartalesit gives the message if I try to open the .asc file11:41
Nartalesand in the terminal says there is no GPG-Agent11:41
raj-darkmysteryubuntu 10.04 black screen on live cd.. tried all the ways from google with nomodeset and all nothing is working :(11:42
bobosomfanjrib: I don't really find anything about it there :o11:42
rblsthi all11:42
Younderbobosomfan, Dont worry... I checked it thoroughly. The header info. the Ripe Address range etc. Tracerouted it. The works11:42
jribbobosomfan: try /help scrollback11:42
=== Mud is now known as Guest24120
BluesKajNartales, https://help.launchpad.net11:43
NartalesBluesKaj, thx11:44
rblsti have a ZTE mobile 3G modem, it came with Join Air, the connect software by ZTE, i installed Join Air and now i cannot use NetworkManager/MobileManager with my modem; can some one help me to put NetworkManager into commission again?11:44
bobosomfanjrib: thanks!11:45
rblsti  had a similar experience with a different connect software11:45
justinasGood morning.11:47
jribbobosomfan: there's also scroll_backward which probably does what you want.  You can likely just have irssi print your current key binds and check what page up and page down are bound to11:47
justinasGNOME 3 freezes after login. What do I do to fix the issue?11:47
justinas(Ubuntu 11.10)11:47
glebihan!oneiric > justinas11:48
ubottujustinas, please see my private message11:48
REK_007my huawei EC150 is not recognized by ubuntu 10.0411:49
REK_007is there a way to make it recognize ?11:49
bobosomfanjrib: thanks :)11:49
dominick_expressQuick video card question.11:52
dominick_expressWill the Radeon HD 6950 work with Ubuntu 11.04?11:52
dhruvasagarHi, is there any tool that would allow me to have a small video window preview screen always on top11:52
jribdhruvasagar: preview of what?11:54
dhruvasagarjrib: sorry I wasn't clear. Ideally I would want it for any 'window'. But if there's one specific for some video player, it would be best. Like for instance is there something like that for vlc ?11:55
dhruvasagarBasically so I could work and have a look at the video at the same time11:55
jribdhruvasagar: you can make any window be always on top11:55
=== Guest3312 is now known as jbache
dhruvasagarjrib: that I know, but i'll have to resize and then place it somewhere on the screen and then set it to be always on top, isn't there something that can just do that ?11:56
jribdhruvasagar: meh you can do that with any window.  But here's what you could do with mplayer for example: mplayer -ontop -geometry 100%:100%11:56
dhruvasagarjrib: 100%:100%? what would that do ?11:57
jribdhruvasagar: puts the window in the bottom left corner11:57
bastidrazordhruvasagar: you should also be able to alt+right click > always on top11:57
jribdhruvasagar: bottom right i mean11:57
dhruvasagarjrib: but what about the window size ?11:58
dhruvasagarjrib: can I set that too ?11:58
jribdhruvasagar: you can pass that through -geometry too, just see man page for syntax11:58
dhruvasagarjrib: ok sounds good11:58
dhruvasagarjrib: thanks11:58
astropirateHow can I start a process in the background? I am trying to start my redis server by "redis-server &"  but its still writing to the console. (I'm SSHed into the server)11:59
dpacHey guys, I have 2 different public/private key pair. I want to manage them because some of the servers I manage use 1 key pair and other server uses another keypair. How do I manage it efficiently?11:59
jribastropirate: not writing to console and starting in the background are different things11:59
astropiratejrib, ohh12:00
astropiratejrib, how do i make it not do both?12:00
jribdpac: configure in ~/.ssh/config, see man ssh_config12:00
dhruvasagarastropirate: as jrib said. You can do redis-server &2>/dev/null I think12:00
dhruvasagarastropirate: as jrib said. You can do redis-server &2>/dev/null & I think12:00
jribastropirate: you can redirect standard output with > and stderr with 2>12:00
dpacjrib: Thanks a lot, I'll check it out12:00
mndoastropirate, no output to console redis-server > /dev/null 2&>112:01
astropirateso to not make it write to console AND be a bakcground process i do    redis-server > /dev/null 2&>1 &12:01
jribastropirate: sure12:01
astropirateawesome :) guys guys12:02
jribastropirate: do you also want the server to quit when you quit ssh?12:02
jribastropirate: but you want to manually start it by logging in and typing a command?12:02
dhruvasagarastropirate: then you should use nohup12:02
astropiratehmm i want it to stay running even if i'm not SSHed in12:03
astropiratei'm trying to figure out how to make it auto start on system reboot12:03
astropiratebut its a VPS12:03
astropirateand odn' thave access to the startup process file12:03
jribastropirate: that's fine and you can use either type "disown" at the end of your command, use nohup as dhruvasagar suggests, use tmux, or use screen.  But usually people just have these processes start at boot12:03
astropiratebut I haven't had to reboot yet so thats not an issue yet12:03
dhruvasagarastropirate: for autostart on system reboot, you can use cron. for ensuring it is still running when you quit ssh, use nohup before your command.12:04
Younderastropirate, You need so has a static server and you need public key certification tu run a ssh tunnel that runs at startup12:05
astropirateYounder, the vps people have take care of all of that12:05
astropirateIts a Joyant smartmachine for node.js incase you were wondering12:06
astropirateits free :D12:06
YounderYounder, don't count on it. They may have atatic password12:06
quizmasterashGwibber restarts whenever I try to add any social network (FB, Twtr or iden\tica) to it. I tried running it from terminal and it's giving me following error : http://pastebin.com/3Rd7Mz7Z12:07
Younderquizmasterash, what happens when you follow that link?12:07
rblsti have a ZTE mobile 3G modem, it came with Join Air, the connect software by ZTE; i installed Join Air and now i cannot use NetworkManager/MobileManager with my modem to connect to the internet; anyone having experience with this?12:07
quizmasterashYounder, Err, That pastebin link contains the error message I'm getting!12:08
=== nosa is now known as nosa-j
Younderorg.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name com.Gwibber.Messages was not provided by any .service files12:08
jdw_Hi all12:09
Younderquizmasterash, so what do your .service files say?12:09
jdw_I am looking for a backport of SSL 1.0.0 for Ubuntu 10.4. I see what I think I want here: https://code.launchpad.net/~verterok/ubuntu/lucid/openssl/1.0.0-backport but I have no clue how to go about installing it. Can someone give me a clue..?12:10
Younderjdw_, sudo add-apt-repository12:11
raj-darkmysteryblack screen on live cd.. tried all the ways from google with nomodeset and all nothing is working :(12:11
dominick_expressWill the 6950 HD Radeon run in Ubuntu?12:12
raj-darkmysteryno network card detected at pxe but getting ip from dhcp12:12
jdw_Younder, Thanks. What repository URL do I use?12:12
jdw_Younder, I already added the lucid-backports main universe repo and updated, but openssl1.0.0 is not in there12:13
quizmasterashYounder, Help me out, where is that file supposed to be?12:13
Younderjdw_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147830312:15
cvamIn byobu terminal  the keybinding for killing the current window is not defined.how can we define?12:15
jdw_Younder, OK..that's a different route than installing from backports. I found the PPA URl...that's what I was stumped on.12:17
Younderquizmasterash, try find ~ -name '.services'  -print12:17
in0culai had a crash in my ubuntu 11.04, my graphic card...how do i see the log to see the problem?12:18
Picicvam: Does ctrl+a k  not work?12:18
=== ServerTech is now known as ServerTechLaptop
Younderin0cula, /var/log/messages and12:19
cvamPici: Yes that key is not defined in /usr/share/byobu/keybindings/common  file12:19
Younderin0cula, Is it NVIDIA?12:19
in0culano it is ati hd 547012:19
in0culathe file you tell me is empty12:20
Picicvam: I thought there was an option in the byobu config to let you use the standard screen keybindings.  (F9 isn't working through putty here so I can't check for myself)12:20
in0culai have a switchable at and intel12:20
cvamPici:so  catrl+a K not worked. how to add this key binding in that file12:20
zattalovhi all GeeKs12:20
jdw_Younder, OK, I don't get it. I added the PPA, did an update, and openssl1.0.0 still is not available.12:20
in0cula if i move a docky icon X  crash and restart from login12:22
in0culai wold like to see the log12:22
Younderin0cula, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=897235912:22
Younderin0cula, try less /var/log/messages12:23
Younderin0cula, from a shell12:23
in0culai did it but no such file12:24
peppe_ciollahello, i can connect to my wireless connection but i can't get over the internet. Others pc (like this one) do it well. Can anybody help me?12:24
in0culais it possible to find the cause here /var/log/Xorg.0.log  ??12:25
Younderjdw_: This is probably a PATH issue. The new one may have gone by default to /usr/local/bin, and probably you are getting the original version in /usr/bin. You might want to uninstall the original (aptitude remove openssl); if that breaks stuff, re-make the new openssl with more conventional paths.12:25
quizmasterashdamn! Gwibber...12:25
jdw_Younder, I haven't even been able to install openssl 1. I can't get it to show up as an option with this PPA although it purports to be in the PPA12:26
quizmasterashYounder, Can you suggest a All-In One social networking client.. something as good as Gwibber or better?12:26
Younderquizmasterash, yoono12:27
dddbmtHi guys. I've installed Dropbox from dropbox.com .deb file. Unfortunatly I've setup an wrong account - how do I change the user account12:28
conggehello everyone12:28
quizmasterashYounder, Yoono Looks Awesome.. Thanks man! :)12:28
conggei am new here12:28
nomad_frI'm looking for the way to solve dpkg-reconfigure nis touble : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nis/+bug/77996812:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 779968 in nis (Ubuntu) "dpkg: error: version 'nis_3.17-18' has bad syntax: version number does not start with digit" [Undecided,Fix released]12:29
jdw_Younder, I think I am looking at two different things. This URL: https://code.launchpad.net/~verterok/ubuntu/lucid/openssl/1.0.0-backport does not seem to mean that openssl is in this author's PPA.12:29
nomad_fron natty12:29
peppe_ciollahello, i can connect to my wireless connection but i can't get over the internet. Others pc (like this one) do it well. Can anybody help me?12:29
jdw_But it does seem to indicate that there is a backport for openssl available. And THAT's what I want to get.12:29
aboelmichhello ... i have question  abut bind is right place to ask12:31
jdw_aboelmich, Try us12:32
aboelmichok thanks in the bind log i keep have12:32
rogi've got a problem with sudo - it doesn't terminate when i run it under in a non-standard terminal12:32
rogi tried apt-get source and rebuilding it, and the rebuilt sudo works just fine12:33
=== jason is now known as jasef
rogany ideas?12:33
aboelmichon named.log i keep having  this warning " security: warning: client #54595: view external: RFC 1918 response from Internet for  .in-addr.arpa"12:35
bray0just bought a lightwave lw-utv card, is it compartible with ubuntu12:36
rogif i strace it, the last syscall is select(6, [5], [], NULL, NULL12:37
aboelmichand  i don not think i something wrong on my config12:37
plouffemy new keyboard has a numerical pad, where the page up/down end keys are, now I keep hitting the numerical switch by accident and get the numbers when I want to use page up and so on. Is there any way to turn off the numerical switch altogether?12:40
daviddoriaI am having an issue with very strange artifacts in 3D applications - I use a big piece of software called ParaView to visualize 3D data. On this machine, which is using onboard video (which I believe may be the problem), when I load an image in ParaView it is all distorted (see bad.jpg vs good.jpg here: http://daviddoria.com/Uploads/ParaView/) It works fine on every other machine I have. Does this make sense to anyone? it is like th12:41
daviddoriae video buffer is messed up or something?12:41
jgcampbell300is anyone here experienced with clonezilla?12:46
jgcampbell300is anyone here even awake12:48
harry_138jgcampbell300:whats clonezilla??? if you have time can u tell me...12:48
zastaphis the remote desktop in ubuntu based on VNC? if yes which? i'm looking for a fast solution that also has encryption. ultravnc was not in aptitude12:48
XGaryGI have my Tomboy notes set to sync thru Ubuntu One. Every time I try to access them, Desktop CouchDB crashes. Is there a workaround for this?12:49
jgcampbell300harry_138, sure , clonezilla is a hard drive cloning solution. copies hard drives partitions etc12:49
harry_138jgcampbell300:okay thanks buddy..12:50
jgcampbell300harry_138, np12:50
parapanhello fellows> quick question ...I have an mp3 file from which I want to extract a segment of 30 seconds .....what should I use best ..I tried audacity but it does not seems to handle such operation ....12:51
aboelmichparapan u can use K3b12:52
djskiddHi guys12:52
parapanaboelmich: huh ??? i'm not quite sure about that ....doesn't k3b write on CD/DVD mediums ???12:52
=== syrinx__ is now known as syrinx_
solver_Does Ubuntu's libreoffice have solver?12:55
zayaHello, question: Is it possible to create a .deb file from an apt-get or aptitude install process with the exclusion of the /var/cache/ dir12:56
jribzaya: why do you want to do this...?  What do you want to accomplish?12:56
zayaTo back up files12:56
jribzaya: but .deb are mirrored all over the world12:57
aboelmichparapan  ok try Audacity12:58
zayajrib: Yes but it would keep me from having to connect for installs if I could12:58
jribzaya: why don't you want to copy them from /var/cache?12:58
ni1szaya, the debs are located in /var/cache/apt/archives/, apt-get install -d <pkg> to just fetch them12:59
zayajrib: I do, but for some reason not every install sticks and those I end up hunting down a way to connect for12:59
jrib!offline | zaya12:59
ubottuzaya: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD12:59
zayanils: I never dug that deep into the cache dir. thank you13:01
ni1sparapan, you could try mhwaveedit13:01
ni1si assume kdenlive can do this too, and the gnome one which name ive not forgotten13:02
=== X_ is now known as FreeNET
parapanni1s: hmmm ..thanks ....I'l go fot it to see what it does ...13:06
blakehi all13:06
blakehow do I mount a partition that I extended over a couple hard drives in windows?13:07
FabsYou can't13:07
blakeIm getting a pretty nasty error msg D:13:07
Fabsdynamic disks are not supported13:07
blakeI seee13:07
Fabsto my knowledge13:07
solver_any libreoffice user here?13:08
solver_I need to find solver in libreoffice aka openoffice13:08
IdleOnetry #libroffice13:08
quiescenssolver_: most likely tools->solver13:08
Fabsblake, it might be possible13:08
Fabsi've never heard of it being done before however13:08
blake@Fabs yeah Ill take a better look13:09
Fabs@blake you would definitely need to search for dynamic disks, but yes good luck, hopefully someone else here has knowledge13:09
Fabs@blake lbm or ldm might support it13:09
ni1sblake, i vaugly recall stories of fakeraids that have been set up in linux working alsa in win13:10
Fabsblake, see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+question/121893   http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:JvU1Wh2CktcJ:https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/%2Bsource/grub2/%2Bquestion/121893+LVM+dynamic+disks+ntfs&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=au13:11
blakeits already been set up though, if I end up having to seperate them for linux Ill look into it thanks13:11
blakethanks fabs'13:11
BT_Has anyone had any bad experience while trying13:13
BT_sorry, gnome 3 with 11.0413:13
aboelmichhello can i ask question abunt bind13:14
zykotick9_!gnome3 | BT_13:14
ubottuBT_: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.13:14
BT_Thanks, I think I shall wait then :)13:15
gregory_I used Gnome 3 for a couple of weeks but it was a big mistake13:16
BT_gregory: Was there any specific problems?13:16
forceflowit works pretty well in fedora13:16
Youndergnome2 = fine. gnome3 + unity = disaster13:17
gregory_It is not realy stable13:17
Younderforceflow, unity13:17
gregory_And it is totaly diffrent from Gnome 213:17
wildbatunity is a diaster already :p13:17
Younderwildbat, agreed13:17
forceflowI dont know anybody who uses unity, in fact13:17
gregory_It looks like unity but without the pics at the side13:18
rblsti have a ZTE mobile 3G modem, it came with Join Air, the connect software by ZTE; i installed Join Air and now i cannot use NetworkManager/MobileManager with my modem to connect to the internet; anyone having experience with this?13:18
BT_hehe, well I've used Unity for a while now, but I'm not sure if I like it or not13:18
gregory_I like Gnome2 more now cause it is stable, And as i use my laptop for work aswell stability is a nesessity13:19
gregory_and its easy and fast so..13:19
BT_Well, yes, I use my laptop for work too, but so far I haven't had any serious issues with Unity13:20
gregory_Okay, But don't you miss the Gnome menu style..13:21
xroHi, is there anybody that use m2crypto and ubuntu server 64bits? with the last version i canot use m2crypto as before ---> http://dpaste.com/614078/   do you know the problem?13:21
forceflowplus the fact that everything is so ... big13:21
BT_I agree that its a bit different, but i don't know if that is annoying or not..13:22
gregory_It is big but in my oppinion we can do something about that..13:22
nsqgregory_: hit they windows key > type the first 2 or 3 letters > enter. that's faster then clicking menu, clicking another menu, clicking application .. imho13:23
gregory_Okay i didn't like it, but i might give it another try13:23
=== a is now known as Guest89374
gregory_Okay tnx nsq i'll try that if im running on unity13:23
forceflowyeah, I'll sure try it out in the future13:24
forceflowbut it has to mature a bit13:24
nsqbtw: is there a option to have the globalmenu always visible like on a mac?13:24
forceflowis there an option to disabel the globalmenu?13:24
lorddeltaWould anyone be able to advise me as to whether or not I have a possible rootkit on my Ubuntu? Just noticed some odd behavior this morning, 7zr was archiving an external drive all on its lonesome, without my permission. There was a 7zr executable outside the default location, and both 7zr executables were with root permissions...I've since removed their executatory status.13:25
forceflowI think it's so counter-intuïtive that I have to drag the cursor all the way to there if I want to access a menu13:25
danielcHi all. I'm having trouble with my ntfs partition after upgrading to Oneiric. Now, at every boot, I'm told that my partition have a gave error and I'm prompted to skip, ignore, etc. I've filled Bug #847465 againts the mountall package. Is this the right package to report the bug?13:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 847465 in mountall (Ubuntu) "ntfs partition is not mounted at boot time due to a supposedly "grave error"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84746513:25
forceflowlorddelta: that sure sounds suspicious13:25
plouffeis it possible to turn off the numerical switch on my keyboard from ubuntu?13:26
forceflowcheck your crontab13:26
plouffethe Num-key13:26
forceflowmaybe some tool entered a cron job13:26
lorddeltaforceflow: where would I go for that?13:26
=== TGRx00FFc92 is now known as Der_Tiger
shimmoHello everyone. I want to write gui program for creating smb users. smbpasswd -a is interactive (system asking the password and next asking for repetition), how i can do it without interactive? How to use smbpasswd -a with passwords parameters? It is possible? Thanks for help and sorry, im not native english speaker.13:27
=== emil is now known as Guest66431
gonzogirlhi. anyone knows how to get inside #JAVA13:28
jribshimmo: ask the samba channel what libraries you can use13:28
nsqgonzogirl: huh? just type: /join #java13:28
amine_hello, is there a way to list all the connected hosts ip to my LAN without passing through the gateway ?13:28
gonzogirldat is funny, but it says U13:29
gonzogirlI need an invite13:29
h00k!register | gonzogirl13:29
ubottugonzogirl: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:29
shimmojrib: thanks, i'll try :)13:29
gonzogirlh00k, thanx!13:29
lorddeltaforceflow: nvm, I think I found it, thnx for the suggestion. :)13:29
h00kgonzogirl: Try registering, otherwise you'll have to either somehow get an invite, or wait until invite is turned off. We don't have anything to do with that channel13:30
solver_I have this new apple -clone (not gnome) thing how can I get many terminals open?13:30
erik1984solver: file > open terminal?13:31
coz_solver_,  you mean you have a mac theme installed?13:31
solver_I do not know, some new window manager but it is hard to use for coding13:32
solver_erik1984: no file -tab here13:32
coz_solver_,   you are on ubuntu 11.04 ...yes?13:32
nsqsolver_: strg+key above strg (dont know the english word :P)+N would work too.13:32
branantUnity might be unstable, but it is definitely going in the right direction13:32
solver_coz_: the newest version, probably 11.0413:32
BT_solver: CTRL+ALT+F1 and so on?13:33
erik1984solver: the menu is in the top panel now13:33
cchildressgood morning/evening/afternoon, everyone.  I'm having some trouble getting bluetooth DUN working with my android phone. I can pair my phone and PC (and 2.3.5/11.04 x86), but the only service my pc detects is file sending; it doesn't detect the dial-up-networking part.  This service is detected in windows xp (i'm using that to chat now).  Same PC, same hardware.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!13:33
coz_solver_,    hit  alt+F2  to see if you can then type   gnome-terminal13:33
solver_erik1984: that is useful, thanks.13:34
branantLinux is having crysis with window managers and kde4 and gnome3 dont look like they have future13:34
brananttherefore I am glad someone is doing something about it and working on unity13:34
nsqwhat is the key called above "strg" in english, btw?13:35
branantIf they could only get independant of gnome13:35
forceflowlots of tools are writtin in GTK, right?13:35
edbiannsq: I don't have a 'strg' key13:35
cchildressyes, yes they are13:35
cchildressbut gnome isn't a requirement for gtk13:35
cchildressrather, the other way around13:35
coz_nsq,   that should be the  ctrl key13:36
coz_nsq,    "control"  key13:36
erik1984solver: you're welcome. I can Imagine Unity is a bit confusing at first.13:37
nsqcoz_: yeah, ok i found out it's simply "shift" above the ctrl key, i totaly forgot it, because everyone here is saying "umschalttaste" ;) .. also i didnt know it is called "ctrl" on a english keyboard :o13:37
coz_nsq,  cool  glad you figured it out :)13:38
lorddeltaforceflow: checked anacron/cron tabs, I don't see anything outright that looks suspicious. I've got stuff running, but I don't know that there's a reference, not in cron.daily/cron.hourly, or my /etc/anacrontab13:39
lorddeltaOh well I suppose for not I should just lock down the system, don't have time to mess with this now, things seem to have quieted down for now at least....13:40
Milosshhey. I have reinstalled the system, and backed up my home dir. In there, I had firefox(downloaded from mozilla's ftp, stored in .mozilla/firefox/ and running it from there). Now, I returned file where they originally were, changed ownership of all files to current user, and I'm having problems running it: Cannot find Firefox runtime directory. Exiting.13:41
Milosshanyone knows wth is going on?13:41
blakeis there a way to mount SFS partitions? in Windows I have them all extended13:42
forceflowlorddelta: what data is copied?13:42
forceflowis it sensitive data or just program binaries/resources?13:42
zykotick9_Milossh, you picked a bad directory to store your manually install Firefox - ~/mozilla/firefox/ is used by firefox for personal settings13:42
Milosshzykotick9_, I have purged firefox that's been installed by default13:43
Milosshalso, it has been working a few hours ago, on the same distro version13:43
=== lng is now known as Guest98446
Milosshnow, I thought that purging firefox might have removed xul-runner instances, so I installed it again, and its still showing the same error13:44
zykotick9_Milossh, can I ask why you are using the version direct from Firefox, and not simply using the one in the repository (or from a PPA if you need a newer version)?13:45
Milosshzykotick9_, I don't like using modified versions.13:46
mrtadisHi, how to share my usb network connection over LAN?13:46
impiwhy in the name of my grandmothers broom, does ubuntu forums lock certain threads and i have to login or sign up to view the thread?13:46
impiis that not bloody _stupid_13:46
=== cruxeter1us is now known as cruxeternus
impithrow a fsckin FB button there but - sign up? really? another fscking account? really?13:47
ledgahI've messed up my network driver under /lib/modules/linux/13:47
cchildressimpi: i hear you. i have it automatically log me in; i gave in long ago13:47
ledgahwhat is the package that would reinstall all the drivers under /lib/modules/*13:47
jribimpi: #ubuntuforums, not here13:47
impijrib, sorry ill go moan there13:48
=== sysadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
jrib!away > sysadamin13:48
ubottusysadamin, please see my private message13:48
cchildressI'm having some trouble getting bluetooth DUN working with my android phone. I can pair my phone and PC (and 2.3.5/11.04 x86), but the only service my pc detects is file sending; it doesn't detect the dial-up-networking part.  This service is detected in windows xp (i'm using that to chat now).  Same PC, same hardware.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!13:48
DangerOnTheRangrimpi: Why *do* you have to vent anywhere, anyway?13:48
ertayhi all.13:48
naftilos76hi everyone, has gnome 3 become available as a reliable option to install for ubuntu 11.04 ???13:48
rblsthello, i have a ZTE mobile 3G modem, it came with Join Air, the connect software by ZTE; i installed Join Air and now i cannot use NetworkManager/MobileManager with my modem to connect to the internet; anyone having experience with this?13:48
cchildressDangerOnTheRangr: i suppose everyone has the right to vent, as long as it is in the appropriate place13:48
zykotick9_!gnome3 | naftilos7613:48
ubottunaftilos76: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.13:48
DangerOnTheRangrcchildress: As long as there's no swearing, but I've never seen the point13:49
impiDangerOnTheRangr, why do i have to vent? no, lol, the correct answer is if i am looking to fix my xmms that wont advance - why do i need to create an account for that...especially if its indexed in google?13:49
MaAR1990alguien ke able español y no l importe ayudame13:49
zykotick9_!es | MaAR199013:49
ubottuMaAR1990: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.13:49
naftilos76ubottu: yes i have seen a few links saying exactly that. I was wondering whether they has been any progress with that! It seems not. Thanks anyway!13:50
ubottunaftilos76: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:50
DangerOnTheRangrimpi: Oh, I think I see your point now. You could always view a cached copy of the page from Google, you know13:50
nullisnilHi any hints how to disable opening shotwell when connecting a camera?13:50
* quiescens pats ubottu13:50
naftilos76ubottu: bot is ok!13:50
zykotick9_naftilos76, gnome3 will NEVER be in 11.0413:50
impiDangerOnTheRangr, i would but there is not cached link in google under this result13:51
naftilos76yeap, probably! Lets hope that one of the next vers will have gnome 3!13:51
zykotick9_nullisnil, Nautilus / Edit - Preferences / Media tab13:51
DangerOnTheRangrimpi: Still, I would go through the trouble of creating an account, anyway. You get the ability to post, and vote on polls13:52
auronandacenaftilos76: gnome3 is supported in 11.1013:52
nullisnilzykotick9_, thank you very much i was searching in the system preferences13:52
impiDangerOnTheRangr, thanks, i might, man, i never store passwords and always clear my browser cache, cause im a web dev..so then i have to keep track of 1 gazillion usernames / emails / passwords. thanks for the advice13:53
sipiorimpi: have a look at lastpass.com13:53
DangerOnTheRangrimpi: There are a bunch of programs that keep track of passwords for you13:53
DangerOnTheRangrsipior: I was going to suggest a desktop-side password tracker13:53
nullisnilsipior, saving usernames and passwords in the "cloud" are you really sure?13:54
sipiornullisnil: your opinion is of no interest to me.13:54
=== Guest12161 is now known as executionist
nullisnilI know13:54
impigrrr /me goes to create account at ubuntu forums...13:54
DangerOnTheRangrGNOME Keyring is much better, IMHO13:54
NoobyMcNoobinsHi guys, I have a question I asked in beginner but got no reply13:56
NoobyMcNoobinsIt's pretty nooby13:56
NoobyMcNoobinsI'm trying to save a script in /user/sbin but I don't have permission13:57
DangerOnTheRangrNoobyMcNoobins: Use sudo13:57
zykotick9_NoobyMcNoobins, it's /usr/sbin - and technically you probably shoudn't be putting stuff in there13:58
DangerOnTheRangrNoobyMcNoobins: I agree - why not put your scripts in ~/bin?13:58
NoobyMcNoobinsSo from gedit, save to a generic location then sudo mv?13:58
DangerOnTheRangrNoobyMcNoobins: Yes, that would work13:58
NoobyMcNoobinsit was sbin because i'm copying it from http://blog.fejes.ca/?p=51013:59
nsqhello, i have like 15 fps in a fullscreen flash video (youtube), it works fine when not maximized ... im having a intel i5 2,3ghz and im using the nvidia driver (not the opensource one)14:00
NoobyMcNoobinsThanks for your help everyone :D14:00
nsqanybody else has that problem?14:00
nullisnilNoobyMcNoobins, have you tries the mactel ppa?14:00
DangerOnTheRangrNoobyMcNoobins: No problem :)14:00
nullisnilNoobyMcNoobins, this works almost out of the box for me on a non pro box14:01
rblstnsq: are you using the adobe flash plugin?14:02
nsqrblst: yes, installed via "restricted drivers" thing from the software center14:03
NoobyMcNoobinsnullisnil: I haven't I don't think14:03
impiabout xmms not advancing to the next song. turns out it's alsa - thanks to this thread: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-30241-start-0.html good old gentoo forums14:03
=== deegee__ is now known as drussell
rblstnsq: i mean, the plugin to use flash in your browser14:03
nsqrblst: yes, adobe tells me "You have version 10,3,183,7 installed"14:04
nullisnilNoobyMcNoobins, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro whats your Hardware ID number?14:04
erik1984nsq: you might try the firefox-addon flashaid. It installs the latest Flash plugin for you.14:04
rblstnsq: is 3D acceleration on or off in your adobe flash settings?14:05
nsqrblst: hardware acceleration is on14:05
nsqerik1984: i already have the latest flash version in my firefox14:05
zykotick9_rblst, nsq i was under the impression 3d flash acceleration doesn't work on gnu/linux?14:06
zykotick9_nsq, version 10 isn't really the newest version - i use the native 64bit version 1114:06
NoobyMcNoobinsnullisnil: 7,114:07
rblstzykotick9, nsq: i am sorry, it is indeed called hardware acceleration, my mistake14:07
nsqzykotick9_: i have 32bit, and http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ is telling me, "" is the latest version?14:07
rblstnsq: have you tried to switch it off?14:07
erik1984I think Adobe doesn't care much for Flash on Linux.14:07
nsqrblst: yes, its the same with hardware acceleration off14:08
zykotick9_erik1984, correct - it's always been poor on GNU/Linux14:08
auronandacezykotick9_: flash 11 is in beta isn't it?14:08
nsqrblst: with hardware acceleration off, its even worse14:08
NoobyMcNoobinsactually I should restart after the sys updates14:08
NoobyMcNoobinsill be back if i still have the issue14:08
NoobyMcNoobinsthanks for the help nullisnil ^^14:08
nsqbut my 2.3ghz i5 and my geforce 425m is more then enough to run flash :/ .. it worked fine in windows14:09
rblstzykotick9_, erik1984: but in my experience, alternative flash plugins are even worse14:09
zykotick9_auronandace, for 64bit it's working... and that's what flashplugin-nonfree installs on Debian (I don't understand why that's not happening on Ubuntu?!) - but yes, i think your right14:09
zykotick9_rblst, gnash doesn't even come close to adobe's compatibility14:09
mbeierlanyone else have massive display problems running vmware player under unity?14:09
erik1984nsq: That's what I'm saying Adobe does more effort to get Flash working in Windows.14:10
mbeierlI'd like to google for problems, but unity is such an overloaded term when it comes to Ubuntu vs. VMware :)14:10
zykotick9_mbeierl, why use VMWare (proprietary / closed source software) when there are better Open Source alternatives (/msg ubottu vbox) available?  Good luck.14:13
Joricwhat are you doing with us, mark??14:13
nsqzykotick9_: vmware has afaik better 3d support.14:14
zykotick9_nsq, you must be kidding14:14
mbeierlzykotick9_: because I already have the images set up for vmware.  I also use vmware workstation which has far superior cloning operations to vbox.14:14
JoricI installed 11.04 and I think I vomited14:14
wh1zz0Is there any channel on here for discussion steam related issues?14:14
sh00pI know that feeling Joric14:14
naftilos76Joric: that bad?14:14
wh1zz0Or wine related issues14:15
zykotick9_Joric, you're best option is, find a different distro.  But if you want to stick to Ubuntu see "/msg ubottu classic" to get back to Gnome14:15
auronandacewh1zz0: /join #winehq14:15
martianIs there a way to alias one dns for another, so I could have my client system recognize 'home' to be the same as 'blahblah.dyndns.org'?14:17
somsip_martian: add an entry to /etc/hosts14:18
martianIf I were to simply set up a /etc/hosts entry, that would just point to a specific IP though, right?14:18
BluesKajmartian, do you have the dns nameserver settings in /etc/resolv.conf ?14:18
jribmartian: what client?14:18
in0culai have a switchabe graphic card (ATI 5470 + Intel) i installed the catalyst driver, and seems to work, but in some occasions the server x crash and restart, where can i find the log? thank you14:19
martianjrib: I'm on 11.04. For example, it would be nice to simply "ssh home" from the cl14:19
martianBluesKaj: I don't really know much about the magic that happens in resolv.conf. Perhaps it's time to learn?14:19
somsip_martian: you want to be able to ssh to your machine from any other client?14:21
BluesKajmartian, that depends on whether you use network manager or not ... I'm sure NM can be setup not to overwrite the namserver stting resolv.conf , but i haven't looked into that14:21
martiansomsip_: I have a dyndns set up which works fine. I can ssh to my home system at ease. I just thought it would be _nice_ to be able to alias a longer dns to a shorter one14:22
zayamartian: I came across something like that but I have to find where, it saves your login passcode and such but you need to set it up on both ends for that. It was an advanced security login for ssh14:23
somsip_martian: you want to be able to type 'ssh home' at any other client instead of (say) 'ssh home.mydyndns.org'?14:23
martiansomsip_: right, but if I simply alias 'home' to my actual home IP in hosts, it won't work if my home IP changes14:24
martianso it's almost like I would want something in the guttyworks to sed 'home' for 'blah.dyndns.org'14:25
martianMaybe not possible. Just a curiosity; seemed slow in here so thought it would be a good time to ask ;)14:26
somsip_martian: well, i'd just go with a bash alias...14:26
lagrandeis the "advanced installer" (alt iso) included on the standard iso?14:26
Picilagrande: no14:26
BarkingFishAfternoon guys, apologies for cross posting, it looks like #kubuntu is pretty much asleep or all at work at the moment.14:27
martiansomsip_: yeah, but then other services (http, mail, etc) wouldn't work... ya know, I suppose the simplest solution would be to just set up a hosts entry and just deal with the IP change every few months :)14:27
jarnosIs it normal in Natty that progress bars in many programs take e.g. 50% of CPU?14:27
In-Vent-iveGood Morning / Afternoon, I need your help installing JAVA, I am following this tutorial http://goo.gl/AMOeA The problem is JAVA is not recognized -> update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for java.14:27
BarkingFishI need some help with grub2 - I need to edit my config manually, since I have about 40 entries in my grub list right now, but the file I thought I should be editing, /boot/grub/grub.cfg, tells me it shouldn't be edited.14:27
BarkingFishHow do I manually config grub in that case?14:28
lagrandePici: thanks14:28
gregory_Does anyone had problems updating lately?14:28
compdocgregory_, dont think so14:28
auronandaceBarkingFish: either /etc/default/grub or the files in /etc/grub.d/14:29
=== katja is now known as Guest69610
gregory_Okay i had it since the last update from certificate blacklist14:29
auronandace!grub2 | BarkingFish14:29
ubottuBarkingFish: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:29
BarkingFishauronandace, brilliant, thanks.  Grub's currently finding the remnants of all my old installs in various places, which I want to nuke.14:29
gregory_Oh sorry i now see it are the offensive security repositorys :)14:30
pottschmidt_j/ #remeis14:30
In-Vent-iveHello, I need your help to install java70 .. Can you help me?14:34
RussWDoes anyone have a release date for 12.x?14:34
somsip_martian: Bored, and found this. There's a bash script half way down: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/637994/can-i-use-the-etc-hosts-file-to-configure-an-alias14:34
rblsthello, i have a ZTE mobile 3G modem, it came with Join Air, the connect software by ZTE; i installed Join Air and now i cannot use NetworkManager/MobileManager with my modem to connect to the internet; anyone having experience with this?14:35
rulliehi guys, why the heck is apt-get autoremove suggesting me to remove rpm?14:35
gregory_hmm.. maybe cause ubuntu isn't basicely a rpm based distro?14:37
rulliegregory_: why do I have it to begin with then? I don't remember getting it specifically14:37
oCeanrullie: that's the whole idea of 'autoremove'14:38
oCeanrullie: it removes packages once installed because of some dependency14:38
martiansomsip_: wow, that's nifty. Thanks!14:39
somsip_martian: np. Looks better than a manual edit :)14:39
jordi__is possible to view fonts in ubuntu like xp?14:40
martiansomsip_: yeah, that would likely become a nuisance... or I could just be less lazy about typing =D14:40
somsip_martian: auomation is good. Prevents those 'why has this suddenly stopped working!' moments...14:40
martiansomsip_: very true. What's funny is when a year down the line you can't for the life of you remember WHY it works14:41
jordi__in windows everything looks sharper, why not in lunux?14:42
somsip_martian: indeed. Anyway - I hope it helps14:42
martianSo, unrelated to my previous question: I have a remote system mounted via sshfs, and on that remote system I have a symlink for /var/www in my home directory called www. The problem is that when I navigate that filesystem from this remote system, the www symlink points to my local /var/www14:44
somsip_RussW: in the xth month of 201214:44
somsip_martian: would a hard link instead of a ln -s make any difference?14:46
martiansomsip_: well, I guess this is one of those things that in my few years of being a mediocre linux user I have always just accepted and moved past: whenever I try to hard link a directory, I am told "ln: `/var/www': hard link not allowed for directory"14:47
somsip_martian: can't say I've used them myself, but I get the feeling there might be some advantage in this situation. Maybe worthy of more research?14:48
=== cheater is now known as nauke
martiangoogle time! Like I said, it's quiet in here for some reason, so figured I'd babble =D14:49
=== nauke is now known as rnauke
sipiormartian: hard links are not generally permitted for directories to avoid an infinite-loop when resolving them :-)14:50
sipiormartian: some filesystems permit them, but it's considered poor practise.14:51
sheepzis there any way to disable maximize on a specific program?14:51
martiansipior: That's what I'm gathering from searching. So, any idea how to resolve the problem I am having in which a mounted filesystem which contains symlink is being interpreted as if it pointed to a path on my local filesystem?14:52
ownerhey i am a newbee in this ubuntu invironment14:52
ownercan somebodey tell me how to install sound card drivers14:52
rullieeverytime I maximize a window, compiz segfaults in libc-2.13.so  Any idea?14:53
sipiormartian: sorry, i missed the earlier information. where's the symlink pointing? can you pastebin the relevant output from ls -l?14:53
=== junkotux is now known as yournewnickname
ownercan somebodey tell me how to instlal alc268 sound driver in ubuntu14:54
=== an is now known as Guest64685
h00krullie: feel free to submit a bug report14:54
h00k!bug | rullie14:54
ubotturullie: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:54
gentoo-intelowner, id have thought itd be built in14:55
sipiormartian: actually, if i read your question correctly, what you describe is exactly the expected behaviour for a symlink. where do you want it to point instead?14:55
martiansipior: I digress. Per usual, answer found via google AFTER asking in IRC. I needed follow_symlinks in my fstab entry for this sshfs mounted system.14:55
Guest64685can you speak cn14:55
sipiormartian: well, at least it keeps us busy here :-)14:56
somsip_!cn | Guest6468514:56
ubottuGuest64685: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:56
martiansipior: I was expecting remote:/home/martian/www to point to remote:/var/www but it was pointing to my local /var/www14:56
somsip_in that case, maybe !zw14:56
gentoo-intelGuest64685, i dont think this looks like a chinese channel14:56
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:57
sipiormartian: right14:57
somsip_oh. same. oh well14:57
ghostcartorcs have started targetting body parts15:00
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:00
ghostcartor getting really lucky15:00
ghostcartoops, wrong channel15:00
* ghostcart sighs15:00
* sipior is very curious what the right one was...15:00
somsip_I've seen much worse15:00
misaqdoes anyone know how to configure startup in a way that all NTFS partitions are mounted on system startup?15:03
auronandace!fstab | misaq15:04
ubottumisaq: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions15:04
misaqis ubottu a robot?15:05
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots15:05
auronandacemisaq: yes15:05
=== rnauke is now known as cheater
misaqcan I add the line /media/Drive_one for example in fstab to mount the first NTFS partition on startup?15:09
auronandacemisaq: it's more than that15:10
somsip_misaq: "/dev/sdb6 /media/Drive_one ext4    defaults        0       2" can do it15:10
somsip_substitute the correct drive for /dev/sdb615:10
misaqhow can I list all my NTFS partitions15:11
somsip_misaq: sudo fdisk -l15:11
auronandacemisaq: sudo fdisk -l15:11
misaqI mean technical specifications of them15:11
somsip_the drive manager thingy in ubuntu is quite useful. Can't remember what it's called though...15:12
misaqsomsip_: do you mean disk utility?15:13
* auronandace prefers gparted15:13
rblsthello, i have a ZTE mobile 3G modem, it came with Join Air, the connect software by ZTE; i installed Join Air and now i cannot use NetworkManager/MobileManager with my modem to connect to the internet; anyone having experience with this?15:14
somsip_misaq: Not sure - the one off the Admin menu. I don't use it and don't think I have i installed, but it can be useful15:14
wadI need to turn the java console on. Where do I find the Java Control Panel under Ubuntu 11.04?15:15
hichamat`/etc/resolv.conf doesn't exist !15:16
hichamat`a package is required or what ?15:16
misaqsomsip_: you added "defaults 0 2" to that line. what does it mean?15:17
dr_willis!find resolv.conf15:17
SNSKHi some help with network manager and applications15:17
ubottuFile resolv.conf found in dhcpcd5, ebox-network, manpages, manpages-es, manpages-fr, manpages-ja, manpages-pl, manpages-pt, manpages-ru, namebench (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=resolv.conf&mode=&suite=natty&arch=any15:17
groundupumount.cifs is not in /sbin but mount.cifs is. How do I unmount a CIFS mount after mounting it with umount.cifs?15:18
hichamat`ubottu: thanks15:18
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:18
somsip_misaq: erm...defaults is the options when mounting the drive, eg: it can be read-only, don't amend access time on access, and other stuff. Best to read the wiki. The next one could be how often the disk is checked on boot with fsck, and the last one is mount order, eg: after /15:19
useruseri've been trying to delete icons of stuff i have installed and deleted, can someone tell me how to delete them?15:20
dexterany tv card model you would recommend?15:20
misaqsomsip_:  thanks for the starting guidelines. I'll also check out the wiki but your guides were quite useful15:21
somsip_misaq: sounds sensible. Don;t listento much I say at this time of night15:21
SNSKHey guys i am having a problem here, i use my 3g connection to connect to internet using pon method, it seems that network manager does not understand that network is connected, and shows a dimond implying not connected, but connection is on as i can surf internet, now evolution takes network manager and sees that there is no connection and always switches itself offline, some other applications like empthay and gwibber do the same15:21
rblsthello, i have a ZTE mobile 3G modem, it came with Join Air, the connect software by ZTE; i installed Join Air and now i cannot use NetworkManager/MobileManager with my modem to connect to the internet; anyone having experience with this?15:24
william_any ubuntu people here?15:25
chamunksCan someone help me figure out whats wrong with my transfer speeds over my network?15:25
william_local network?15:25
chamunksI've got a 10/100 main router with a giabit lan switch attatched later in the network15:25
SNSKrblst, i have similar problem15:25
chamunkswilliam_, yes local15:25
william_what testing software do you hav?15:25
SNSKi use my 3g connection to connect to internet using pon method, it seems that network manager does not understand that network is connected, and shows a dimond implying not connected15:26
chamunksI have some massive file transfers that keep slowing down to painfully slow.15:26
william_sounds like you need qual tet ware15:26
william_test ware15:26
chamunksit should be xferring more around 50mbps but is currently xferring at 4.5 MBps15:26
chamunkstest ware?15:26
rblstSNSK, great, that makes two of us :)15:26
=== user123 is now known as user12345
william_you using a zfs sysem chamunks?15:26
chamunkswilliam_, there is zfs on the recieving end yes, why?15:27
SNSKrblst, so like me you also cannot use evolution15:27
chamunkswilliam_, its the freenas version as openindiana (at the time opensolaris) wouldn't install on that machine.15:27
william_the pooling file servers can be set up for different types of file transfers15:27
rblstSNSK, i understand that Join Air uses wvdial which is essentially the same as pon/poff15:28
william_you guys need an "oracle person"15:28
chamunkswilliam_, well i suppose that would make sense seeing as this is an issue persistant between windoze and ubuntu.15:28
william_<--running ubuntu 10.10 on an old eMachine desktop15:28
SNSKrblst, see i have same problem as you, my network manager shows me no connections, even though i can surf15:29
william_bought a VisionTek card that is open cl capable..100Gflops15:29
rblstSNKS, what i do not understand is what is changed so that NetworkManager/ModemManager fails to use my modem15:29
chamunkswilliam_, thanks for the ideas, I wonder what direction that I should start myself off in. :S15:30
william_if you go to oracles site..and log in..they have a chat window for their gurus15:30
chamunkswilliam_, my issue is that I'm not even running openindiana/solaris15:30
rblstSNSK, i checked syslog and usb_modeswitch does its thing but then modem manager remains dead silent when it should come in and do its thing15:30
william_don't use nexenta..it messed with my dqrd drive15:30
chamunkswilliam_, its a freenas box do you think they would still support freenas's ZFS stack?15:30
SNSKrblst, i cannot understand that15:31
user12345hello how to remove  GFCE ultra NES emulator .im using sudo apt-get remove .......... how15:31
william_use a seperate workstation..or laptop with zfs..see if you can access the "megafiles" with it15:31
user12345hello how to remove  GFCE ultra NES emulator .im using sudo apt-get remove .......... how15:32
rblstSNKS, i have been searching the web far and wide, but couldn't really find anything useful15:32
william_user12345...google "GFCE ultra NES " and "remove"15:32
Pici!google | william_15:32
ubottuwilliam_: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.15:32
SNSKrblst, same here, i am dying to use evoluytion back15:32
dr_willisuser12345:  you need to determine its package name  and use that,15:33
william_ok met the head butthead15:33
dr_willis!find gfce15:33
SNSKrblst, i use 11.04 you ?15:33
ubottuFound: gfceu15:33
william_<--pay me first before you tell me not to try and help people15:33
dr_willis!info gfce15:33
ubottuPackage gfce does not exist in natty15:33
user12345dr_willis:how to determine15:33
rblstSNSK, something must be blocking NetworkManager, i just can't find what is15:33
dumbledoreI need live computer stats, CPU temperature being the most important piece of information, what can I use to get that?15:34
Piciwilliam_: Theres no need for namecalling here. Please adhere to our channel guidelines and everything will be okay.15:34
dr_willisuser12345:  apt-cache search pattern  and imn betting its 'gfceu'15:34
Pici!guidelines > william_15:34
ubottuwilliam_, please see my private message15:34
rblstSNSK, i am using 11.04, too; but i had the same problem with older distros as well15:34
PolahI just reinstalled from the minimal ISO and cannot access my system without the USB drive with the minimal ISO on plugged in. Attempting to boot with it not plugged in gives me a blink underscore and nothing else, I cannot access GRUB and press ctrl+alt+delete reboots my computer so I assume it's part of my BIOS attempting to pass over the operating system. Attempting to boot with my USB drive plugged in does not boot the minimal installer as15:34
SNSKbut atleast you can connect to net15:34
william_okokok..at least you guys run off the "ladybots"..15:34
william_<--microwave test engineer..not a network enginee15:34
dumbledorePolah: did you accidentally install GRUB in the USB stick?15:35
Jordan_UPolah: Boot into Ubuntu, run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc".15:35
sipiorchamunks: sorry for butting in, but if you need zfs access from linux, you might find this interesting: http://zfsonlinux.org/15:35
sipiorchamunks: supports pool version 28 in the latest release.15:35
chamunkssipior, and here I've been using freenas like a dummy.15:36
Jordan_UPolah: What version of Ubuntu?15:36
chamunkssipior, I really want file deduplication ...15:36
PolahJordan_U: 11.0415:36
dumbledoreneed live computer stats (e.g. CPU temperature), what software can give me that?15:36
sipiorchamunks: well, freenas is perfectly fine, of course. but this zfs implementation does support deduplication.15:36
chamunkssipior, I've been loving my freenas experience especially because of its single page conf and simple access to being able to create iscsi targets15:36
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.15:36
SIFTUsipior: do not use dedup on zfs unless you know what you are doing15:37
chamunkssipior, yeah the zfs in freenas is much older.15:37
dumbledoreubottu: okay, thanks. :)15:37
ubottudumbledore: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:37
chamunksSIFTU, why do you say that?15:37
sipiorSIFTU: fortunately, i do.15:37
SNSKrblst, let's see if we can get any help here15:37
Jordan_UPolah: Very odd. Could you file a bug report about this?15:37
dumbledoreoh :P, dr_willis: thanks :)15:37
SIFTUchamunks: you could have huge performance problems if you run out of RAM15:37
Polahdumbledore: It could be, but the installer mentioned installing to my first drive, the one I installed Ubuntu on.15:38
user12345apt-cache search patternok i will try it dr_willis15:38
chamunksSIFTU, ahh I've heard you need about a gig of ram per terabyte which would be an issue in my situation but I'm not exactly running a FTP server15:38
SIFTUchamunks: as it has to fit an index of all the blocks in RAM.. if you swap off to disk it will be very very slow15:38
dr_willis!info gfceu  | user1234515:38
ubottuuser12345: gfceu (source: gfceu): Graphical front-end using GTK2 for the FCE Ultra NES emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.1-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 30 kB, installed size 168 kB15:38
gigglesanyone else running 10.10 on an aspire one and getting KP's15:38
=== MortenTemp is now known as Morten_
chamunksSIFTU, I also have a OCZ throttle (a ssd usb key/esata key) I could swap off of.15:38
chamunksSIFTU, which would absorb quite a bit of this issue you bring to light.15:39
SIFTUchamunks: yeah you could use that as a lc2arc or zil15:39
chamunksSIFTU, pardon my ignorance to zfs terminology.15:39
Jordan_UPolah: Running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and selecting your internal drive (*not* any partition) as an install device when prompted will fix this permanently.15:39
chamunksSIFTU, lx2arc / zil?15:39
william_10.10 on laptops is flaky...but does work..the ndiswrapper program can be a pain to loadintoa newer partition15:39
SIFTUchamunks: but it doesnt fix it.. I'm just saying be very careful. Most SUN engineers I have talked to say dont use it unless you know you have very duplicated data15:39
william_<--headin' for pizza15:40
gigglesi got full hardware william_15:40
chamunksSIFTU, I just know that there is alot of duplicate files on my server and I know that it would benefit from being deduped.15:40
SIFTUchamunks: zil is a wite cache using ssd, l2arc is a read cache using ssds15:40
Polah Jordan_U: Yes, I will try reinstalling GRUB in a moment15:40
william_64 or 32 bit ware giggles?15:40
chamunkssipior, would you know how I could reconfigure my pool for faster filetransfers to the pool from other network devices?15:41
gigglesthe kp's seem to be heat related though ... i cant put my finger on it yet though15:41
SIFTUchamunks: what type of files are they? can they be compressed with the inline filesystem compression? I would try that first15:41
william_then if you need to recompile...should be copacetic on most code...what issues you having?15:41
chamunksSIFTU, alot of it is already compessed archival files to begin with.15:41
SIFTUchamunks: ah ok.15:42
giggleswilliam_, i'll find the last crash log15:42
=== Mud is now known as Guest56792
SIFTUchamunks: zfs dedup is inline which means it has to look up the index whenever there is a write, it can cause big problems.. other verndors like netapp etc do dedup after the writes.. so the initial write is not slowed15:43
william_you just have one 10.10 ubuntu system...or is there a second...I did a USB boot drive..and used it on both my 64 bit and 32 bit systems15:43
ComradeHaz`Paganini: you're welcome ;)15:43
sipiorchamunks: zfs performance tweaking isn't something i know a great deal about, i'm afraid. SIFTU might have some ideas in that regard, though. you'll probably want to move to #ubuntu-offtopic, though, as this is a bit far afield for this channel :-)15:44
chamunksSIFTU, that could show benefits and caveats if you're concerned about space over speed and visa versa15:44
Paganinihi I've just installed ubuntu for the first time and using the package manager have installed Samba 1.2.63-0ubuntu4 (system-config-samba), but I'm unsure how to configure this to view my windows folder, any starter help would be appreciated :)15:44
giggleswilliam_, i have os9, osx, and 4 ubuntu 10.x machines15:44
SIFTUchamunks: very much so.. but I have seen dedup on zfs make the filesystem hang for 30+ seconds15:44
chamunkssipior, this is true15:44
SIFTUchamunks: pm me if you want to know more15:45
chamunksSIFTU, want to pm me or #ubuntu-offtopic15:45
william_and you are having hardware issues with a new machine on ubuntu..not any other os?15:45
gigglesyep .. i even got osx on to this little aspire one15:46
gigglesbut it ran like crap because of the video hardware15:46
subterfugeIf /boot is installed on USB stick are there any issues with removing the drive after the system is up?15:46
jarnosIs there any support for dead slow X of Natty?15:46
gentoo-intelsubterfuge, shouldnt be15:47
subterfugegentoo-intel: thanks, do you know if /boot is ever accessed for any reason after the system is up and running? such as during updates?15:48
gentoo-intelsubterfuge, kernel updates15:48
subterfugegentoo-intel: so /boot should be remounted before any updates15:49
gentoo-intelsubterfuge, but other than that its fine. a lot of people have /boot on seperate partition and unmount it anyway15:49
gentoo-intelsubterfuge, you can do, but if its needed the updates will prob fail anyway it shouldnt break anything15:49
giggleshmmm odd ... i cant find any mention of the KP15:50
mah454hello ...15:50
mah454How can i fix this problem ? : http://pastebin.com/XY1hZULK15:50
subterfugegentoo-intel: can't thank you enough for your time, I had googled but was unclear as to where I stood... Have a great day15:50
hmekhwhen i boot a laptop with the 11.04 cd, the touchpad acts weird: the pointer jiggles around if i'm touching the touchpad. this doesn't happen in windows xp. what's the difference?15:51
hmekh"You're not even casting Leave! You're just saying the word!"15:53
qinhmekh: Does any click stop it?15:53
HoudiniHow to detect process, that use hard disk most intencive?15:53
qinHoudini: iotop -o15:54
gentoo-intelHoudini, iotop15:54
Houdiniqin: thanks15:54
ComradeHaz`Hi all, anyone know what might be causing my samba share for my home dir to be limited to one client at a time?15:54
dori922if a client losses they're computer(hdd dies or w/e) and they have stored data on an sftp with rsa authentication, can they're stored data still be accessed without their .priv key? *still doesnt understand RSA*15:54
nuclearwormhello , anyone knows if is there an userscripts channel?15:55
hmekhqin: pressing either button doesn't stop it. tapping the touchpad makes the pointer freeze for a moment, but then once it goes back to normal, the jiggling resumes15:55
qindori922: "they're" ?15:56
qinhmekh: It is propably bug, you updated?15:56
hmekhi downloaded it two days ago, so it must be updated15:56
gigglesdori922, yes you can ... the sftp will fall back to a password in the absence of rsa keys15:56
dori922giggles: ah :P thanks15:57
gigglesno problem .. i had the same problem with my server when i redid my phone15:57
laananhi, looking to see if anyone knows how to fix a suspend/resume issue on acer one 721...I am using joli os which is based on ubuntu remix...15:58
dlynesworkIs 'xv' available for ubuntu?  If so, what package do I need to install to get it?15:58
dlynesworkI can't seem to find it using apt-file search15:58
giggleslaanan, does it sleep when you unplug it?15:58
laananI think no15:59
A_Jhey all, quick question. How to i Restart Windows X15:59
dori922giggles:  doesnt that remove the reason for RSA keys though? (to increase security by removing passwords)15:59
dlynesworknuclearworm, userscripts for what application?15:59
qinhmekh: "jumpy cursor" gave 3 different bug in 3 top search results, what is your machine?15:59
mbeierlA_J: "Windows" X?  you mean just the X server?  "sudo service gdm restart" should do it15:59
laanangiggles, I have been trying to figure out how to get into the bios, since some people have had success with disabling usb legacy...16:00
qin!synapticks | hmekh16:00
dlynesworkdori922, no...the client falls back to using clear text passwords, not the server16:00
gigglesdori922, it's more a convience from what i've read .... nothing for people to forget16:00
nuclearwormdlyneswork , thanks already got it was searching for greasemonkey16:00
giggleslaanan, f2 at boot16:00
hmekh!synaptics | hmekh16:00
ubottuhmekh, please see my private message16:00
laanantried it16:00
qinhmekh: right ;)16:00
laananI will try again....any other 'fixes' out there?16:00
A_Jmbeierl: thank you16:01
mbeierldori922: unless the files were encrypted with the key, the files should still be accessible to the system administrator of the sftp server, regardless of the authentication algorithm...16:01
Pumpkin-dlyneswork: http://packages.ubuntu.com/ should help.16:01
sipiordlyneswork: xv is quite old…probably best to look at other options. plus, i think the author may still charge for it? hard to believe, but...16:01
Pumpkin-but I've no idea what xv is16:02
gigglesmbeierl, thank you for the better answer .. :) mine was quite underinformed16:02
hacckersudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop will get rid of unity and install xfce?16:02
hmekhqin: link your search?16:02
dlynesworksipior, yeah...it's just my favorite image indexer...is there another tool that does a similar job, and that's fairly lightweight?16:02
xanguahaccker: no, just install xfce16:02
sipiorPumpkin-: a very old image display and manipulation program. i imagine the gimp beats in just about every way nowadays, but it was quite popular in the 90's.16:02
hacckerxangua: it will load xfce by default right?16:03
dlynesworksipior, I just want to generate some thumbnails of images in certain directories, and find the image sizes, so that I can determine what images suit my purposes for a given project16:03
xanguahaccker: select what you want from your login screen16:03
sipiordlyneswork: ImageMagick sounds like a good fit. or the GIMP.16:03
dlynesworksipior, and I dont' want to create an album in the process16:03
dlynesworksipior, ImageMagick has a standalone viewer?16:04
dr_williskde at one time had a feature to make html/image thumbnail pages.. :) not seen that feature in ages... heh.16:04
sipiordlyneswork: it does, yep.16:04
dlynesworksipior, Gimp has something similar with a plugin, but I couldn't view multiple thumbnails at once16:04
dori922thanks all :P just another quick q. i selected samba server when i was installing my Ubuntu server, do i need to do other configureation? (i have a few samba guides to follow already just not sure which point the pre-installed samba is at)16:05
dlynesworksipior, what's the tool called from imagemagick, then?16:05
qinhmekh: http://goo.gl/Ofaa4 and http://goo.gl/AdQRY16:05
sipiordlyneswork: the display tool is just "display". there's an entire set, but the most useful are probably "convert", "identify" and "display".16:06
Pumpkin-some googling turned up how to build it from source, but ugh. http://www.ulich.org/hints/xv_ubuntu.html. Couple of years out of date, hopefully will still work for you. YMMV etc.16:06
dlynesworksipior, thanks16:07
nuclearwormanyone uses google enhanced black script for greasemonkey? do you started to have a problem with the color of the searched words? i mean if the searched word are black as the background and one cannot see them?16:08
dlynesworkPumpkin-, thanks....seems imagemagick doesn't do thumbnail previews of multiple images at once16:09
mbeierlgiggles: np.  I thought he might need to be re-assured that regardless, the file content was still there even if the RSA key was a hard requirement at the sftp server :)16:09
rumpe1dlyneswork, sure it does http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/thumbnails/16:10
sipiordlyneswork: you know, if you're just looking for thumbnail previews, the nautilus file browser does that just fine.16:10
sipiordlyneswork: nautilus can also hook-in scripts, so you might be able to bend it to your needs.16:11
dlynesworksipior, yeah, but it's a huge heavy beast16:11
Pumpkin-yeah, and more goolging suggets it was at least once shareware (but that page is from 1999). So check the license in the sources.16:11
dlynesworkPumpkin-, yeah, it was shareware16:11
sipiordlyneswork: heavy beast? is that modern speak for "i don't like using it"? :-)16:11
sipiordlyneswork: i mean, you're probably not using this on a computer from 1998, so heavy is a bit of a relative concept.16:12
dlynesworksipior, I'm already low on memory...If I had to use nautilus or evolution, I couldn't do my job16:13
samuelhello guys16:13
dlynesworksipior, Our application that we're developing uses 3.2GB's of RAM, so I've got about 200MB's free to run eclipse16:13
samuelI am trying to run two commands from one .desktop file16:14
sipiordlyneswork: well, fair enough.16:14
samuelsimply: sleep 10; firefox16:14
samuelbut it does not seem to run16:14
dlynesworksipior, and it's way too much work to port the app to 64-bit at the moment16:14
Bogus8Hey, I got a problem with a soft Raid 5, I lost a drive and now it just shows the remaining 3 (of 4) drives as "spares" in /proc/mdstat.  How can I make this raid active again?16:16
dlynesworkPumpkin-, thanks muchly...I haven't been able to find anything quite as useful as the visual schnauzer anywhere else :016:16
misaqBogus8: do you mean you lost one partition?16:16
Bogus8misaq: nope... whole drive is dead, doesn't even show in bios.16:17
JamesMRhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/688434/ Is there any easy solution to that?16:17
misaqBogus8:  that's bad. I one had a research on RAID in university. but I don't know much of soft RAID16:17
Bogus8misaq: well, this is what the raid 5 is for.  If one drive goes down then I should be able to keep rolling.  But the whole system froze and then when I finally got it back up the raid isn't assembled any longer.16:18
misaqBogus8:  do you use ubuntu?16:19
Bogus8misaq: yep, ubuntu server... I forget the version... might be 8 or 916:20
sipiorBogus8: can you pastebin the output of mdadm -D?16:20
dnameHello. Such is the problem. When you download the file to your computer, changes the size of the file. Proftpd server. Filezilla client. In what may be the problem?16:21
Bogus8sipior: No pastebin needed... "mdadm: md device /dev/md0 does not appear to be active."16:21
sipiorBogus8: and mdadm -q?16:21
dnameFile with the extension *. bat16:21
misaqBogus8:  I think you can  go through the reinstallation with the setup disk until you come to the stage of partitioning. maybe you can repair your raid there. do you think this will be good?16:22
sipiorBogus8: sorry, -Q16:22
Bogus8sipior: basically the same.16:22
Bogus8sipior: same16:22
sipiorBogus8: and what error do you get when you try to assemble it?16:23
Bogus8sipior: here is my cat /proc/mdstat   http://pastebin.com/xPrzLxF416:23
Bogus8sipior: let me double check... I walked away from it in frustration the other day.16:23
dnameNobody encountered this problem?16:25
=== lol is now known as Lehrling
Bogus8sipior: sorry phone call16:26
dr_willisdname:  it could be converting cr/lf to just cr16:26
sipiorBogus8: no worries.16:26
dr_willisdname:  ie: not using binary mode, but text mode,16:26
dr_willisdname:  one of the many reasons that ftp should die. :)16:27
Bogus8sipior: it's not finding any configurations for it... even though it's in mdadm.conf16:27
Bogus8I'll pastebin that16:27
dnamedr_willis and then how to solve this problem? :)16:27
dr_willisdname:  use binary mode..  if that is the issue16:28
dr_willisdname:  http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie16:28
dr_willisdname:  best answer. would be to not use ftp at all. but use ssh. :)16:28
sipiordr_willis: thanks for that link :-)16:28
subterfugeinstalled 11.04 on an encrypted LVM file system, How do it resize the  ' /  ' dir ? without Fing up my encrypted data ( I want to expand it by 5GB)16:28
dr_willissipior:  its an amuseing link with a lot of OLD skool info in it.16:29
dnamedr_willis I can not understand. How to upload files via FTP: (16:29
dr_willisdname:  depends on the client.16:29
dr_willisget or put command for the cli versions. :)16:29
dnameт.е через SSH16:29
dnameie via SSH16:29
garymcwhat program will enable me to connect to a Windows sErver 2008 via ubuntu GNOME16:29
Bogus8sipior: http://pastebin.com/qSP3veeg16:30
garymclike RDP16:30
dr_willisdname:  with ssh, you would use the scp command as needed16:30
stmaherhi guys.. trying to install latest ubuntu .. when it comes to the partition stuff.. all the button are grayed out16:31
stmahergparted sees the partitions and have set them up there.. but it doesnt show it in the installer16:31
stmaherany help would be greatfully recieved16:31
sipiorBogus8: did you fail the device out of the raid when it died?16:31
stmahernew partition table add change delete and revert all grayed out16:32
Houdinido you know any other ways to reboot computer (I know about reboot, restart commands)?16:32
dr_willisstmaher:  you set them up in gparted, then rebooted? sometimes it takes a reboot for the kernel to see the changes16:32
stmaherdr_willis didnt reboot.. will try.. thank you !16:32
JamesMRanyone able to help me with this, http://paste.ubuntu.com/688434/ ?16:33
Escherialhey, are there any alternatives to unity that still provide the same amount of vertical space? i love the fact that i only have one menu bar rather than two bars, but the rest of it is a little difficult to use and occasionally buggy16:33
Escherialalso, something that'll solve this issue with popup information panels (especially in eclipse) extending into the "dead space" under my primary monitor and across monitor boundaries would be nice16:34
dr_willisEscherial:  theres global menu  packages that do that menu in the main bar feature.16:34
dr_willisEscherial:  but ive not used them in ages.. personally i dont like the global menu16:35
Escherialdr_willis: you're referring to packages for specific programs that allow them to use the global menu bar for unity?16:35
Escherialyeah, the global menu is odd, but the savings on screen real estate are significant...16:35
dr_willisthere were tools that did the same thing as the global menu befor unity even came out16:35
Escherialah, i see16:35
dr_willisEscherial:  not for me. :) i always fullscreen my apps anyway16:35
Calinoulol fullscreen16:36
dnamedr_willis Solved the problem of an easy way:) changed my ftp client.16:36
=== muneeb is now known as Guest81690
Calinoumaximizing is okay, fullscreening not for linux16:36
dr_willisthere were at one time some addons for the panel that gave you a title bar, controls, and a menu in the panel.16:36
Calinoufullscreening is linuxian's best enemy, especially for games16:36
Calinouyou can't even alt tab :/16:36
dr_willisCalinou:  cant say ive ever noticed the problem. :)16:37
dr_willisthen again. i cant recall the last game i played in linux other then zsnes.16:37
Bogus8sipior: sorry a customer came in.  I didn't have a chance.  It locked the entire system up and what you see is what I got when I finally got it to come back.16:37
=== Guest81690 is now known as iam
Bogus8sipior: It would take forver to boot and I finally pulled it out of fstab and commented it out of mdadm.conf for it to work.  Since then I've added them back to mdadm.conf but not fstab since the device isn't coming up anyway.16:38
mexiahi there people16:38
iamhi, I'm stuck at Login Screen. Whenever I enter my password, the screen goes blank for some seconds and again I see the Login screen. But I'm able to login to another user16:39
sipiorBogus8: i didn't see an array listing in the mdadm.conf you pasted, actually. if you specify the component devices with --assemble, does it at least construct the array?16:39
Bogus8sipior: let me try... this mdadm stuff gets so fuzzy because I don't use it very often (only when building a new server or when something breaks) :(16:40
sipiorBogus8: yeah, i know the feeling...16:40
Bogus8sipior: I finally learned to take notes when building/configuring a server so I can repeate it. :)16:40
genii-aroundiam: That almost always means permissions problem somewhere in the users home directory16:41
iamgenii-around, how do I reset the configuration then?16:42
mexiaI need some help with my ubuntu instalation i have instaled 11.04 and dont know why but my dark colors look like this http://www.image-share.com/ipng-922-116.html see the purple as some undefined parts, other prob is like u see on image too Docky as that dark part on the left side and only disappear if i change user and enter again16:43
milkmandandaHi, I was wondering if someone could help me repair my Windows registry via Ubuntu, as I'm unable to load Windows and the information I've found online is incredibly outdated16:43
iamgenii-around, i'm logged in with other account and I have root access. I just want to reset my account without losing data16:43
Bogus8sipior: Ok, that returns "mdadm: /dev/md0 assembled from 3 drives - not enough to start the array while not clean - consider --force."16:44
genii-aroundiam: If problemmatic login name is for instance "fred" then: sudo chown -R fred: /home/fred16:44
Bogus8go ahead and use force?16:44
sipiorBogus8: okay, good. no, don't use force yet.16:44
iamgenii-around, okay.. I'l try that16:45
sipiorBogus8: now see what mdadm -D says.16:45
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bruno96Hello, I want to know if there is someone who knows how to deactive the translucent selection rectangle in Ubuntu Natty...16:45
Bogus8sipior: same16:45
genii-aroundiam: Also what is result of: ls -l /home/fred/.Xauthority     ( but substitute for "fred" accordingly)16:46
ni1sCalinou, blame the window manager, there are those who do it without surrendering all focus16:46
sipiorBogus8: and mdadm --query?16:46
ModusPwnensWow, this is a large channel.16:46
iamgenii-around, wait a sec. I'll paste it when i get in there16:46
mexia please i really need help16:46
ModusPwnensCan anyone help me migrate from wubi? I started using it originally and now I've installed too much software and need more space16:47
mexiacan some experient ubuntu user check it fro me please16:47
h00k!ask | mexia16:47
ubottumexia: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:47
Pici!helpme | mexia16:47
ubottumexia: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude16:47
iamgenii-around, -rw------- 1 muneeb muneeb 0 2011-06-02 23:06 muneeb/.Xauthority16:47
mexiayeah but noone answered me so what could i do --'16:47
ni1smexia, I dont see whats wrong?16:47
sipiorBogus8: have you already replaced the dead disk?16:47
mexiado u check the purple backgrounf16:48
milkmandandamexia: There is no problem?16:48
Bogus8sipior: I just pulled it for the time being... was causing retarded slow boot times16:48
mexiadont u see that the colors ar not defined16:48
arvuthmm... ccsm and ubuntu classic (11.04) doesn't work that well together do they?16:48
milkmandandamexia: Have you considered that it may be part of the picture?16:48
theadminarvut: How so? They should work just fine16:48
ni1smexia, where should I be looking?16:48
sipiorBogus8: can you fail the device out with mdadm /dev/md0 -f /dev/sda1 (or whatever)?16:48
mexiathats what i wanted to know16:49
Bogus8sipior: though I do have another 500gig drive laying around that I can pop in when time comes16:49
Bogus8sipior: I will try16:49
mexiai want u to look to down left side of pic16:49
iamgenii-around, is that OK with Xauthority?16:49
stmaherHi guys,, trying to install ubuntu however all the buttons are grayed out at allocate disk space time..16:49
ni1smexia, its black16:49
mexiau see the purple and a darker one but they dont seem to be defined like a normal pic would do16:49
stmaherTried gparted which works and rebooted .. same problem16:49
stmaheranyone any ideas please?16:49
erik1984mexia: the colors look fine to me, only that graphical glitch near the dock16:49
ModusPwnensCan anyone help me migrate from wubi? I started using it originally and now I've installed too much software and need more space. I figure its probably easiest to move away from wubi and get an actual partition16:49
Bogus8sipior: "mdadm: cannot get array info for /dev/md0"16:50
mexiaok so about the dock can i do something sbout thts16:50
mexiait apears always i go to the preferences16:50
sipiorBogus8: hmm. alright, time to use the --force option to get it running.16:50
theadminModusPwnens: There is a way trough LVPM, but it's deprecated. Your only current idea is to reinstall16:50
arvuttheadmin: I tried to enable rotating cube (used to have a 6 sided sphere on my old desktop, this laptop had issues with it in the past tho, but never like this).. now its only one desktop (I can still see the other 4 but not change workspace) and the terminals are fixed to certain positions and not moveable16:50
Bogus8sipior: roger16:50
ni1smexia, do what about what?16:50
ni1smexia, I'm still not seeing it..16:50
genii-aroundiam: Yes, thats fine16:50
mexiathe dark spot near the dock16:51
stmaherIm guessing this might be a bug at install time16:51
erik1984nils: I think he means that black space left of the dock16:51
sipiorBogus8: it should only need to be assembled for that information; not sure why it won't query properly.16:51
iamgenii-around, the chown command will change the group of every file/dir. and I have some dirs there with other groups. then is it ok to execute that command?16:51
mexiathats not from the bar it apears when i open preferences and only disappear when u change user16:51
Bogus8sipior: it assembled16:51
ModusPwnenstheadmin: Is there a way to keep all of my software? I don't want to lose any of the things I installed :(16:51
genii-aroundiam: In that case, no16:51
iamgenii-around, then what should I do?16:52
sipiorBogus8: okay, now (crossing fingers), see if --query see the devices. then fail out the bad one (-f) and remove it (-r)16:52
genii-aroundiam: For the moment then, omit the -R part16:52
theadminModusPwnens: There is a way, but I don't exactly remember16:52
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning16:52
theadminNot that...16:52
theadmin!cloning | ModusPwnens -- take a look16:52
ubottuModusPwnens -- take a look: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate16:52
iamgenii-around, but in ls -l I see drwxr-xr-x 216 muneeb muneeb 16384 2011-09-13 21:56 muneeb16:52
Bogus8sipior: query shows the 3 good devices and one device as "removed"16:52
Bogus8sipior: no details on that device of course16:53
stmaherHi Guys.. trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 and during install time all the disk buttonssuch as create new partition table add delete revert are all grayed out.. However Gparted works in the same instance.. any suggestions would be greatfully recieved16:53
erik1984mexia: does the black space disappear if you reset the dock?16:53
iamgenii-around, then do i need to really do chown. coz it's already owned by right user16:53
sipiorBogus8: okay. add in your new device and add it to the array (-a), and it should start rebuilding.16:53
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate16:53
Bogus8sipior: roger... should I wait to mount after this is done?16:53
sipiorBogus8: i would, yes.16:53
genii-aroundiam: The directory itself is. But you also need to ensure the files directly within the folder also belong to same user16:53
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning16:53
arvutoh, and the alt+tab function seems to be unbound, think ccsm has messed it up. gdm seems to be disfunctional too16:54
ModusPwnenssweet, thanks guys!16:54
Bogus8sipior: one more question... think I can hot plug the SATA replacement or should I reboot?16:54
sipiorBogus8: it can be mounted, but it will slow down the rebuild if it is accessed heavily.16:54
sipiorBogus8: depends on what your hardware promises.16:54
genii-aroundiam: eg: sudo chown muneeb: /home/muneeb/*16:54
Bogus8sipior: just some junk dell desktop box that I repurposed :D16:54
iamgenii-around, ohk. I'll do that16:55
sipiorBogus8: heh. i'd bring the machine down, unless you feel lucky :-)16:55
stmaherHi Guys.. trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 and during install time all the disk buttons such as create new partition table add delete revert are all grayed out.. However Gparted works in the same instance.. any suggestions would be greatfully recieved16:55
Bogus8sipior: already with you! :)16:55
neaveanyone help advise t/shooting my wifi, i've come to the end of my abilities16:56
genii-aroundiam: After that, try to login to that user and see if X starts16:56
h00kneave: have you seen the wiki articles about !wifi ?16:56
mexiaerik can u answer me in private please16:56
h00k!wifi | neave16:56
ubottuneave: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:56
h00k!pm | mexia16:56
ubottumexia: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.16:56
iamgenii-around, okay.. I'm logging out to check16:56
neaveall the guides I start to follow seem to go wrong after about step 2 , can I come back an ask questions about that one16:57
stmaherHi Guys.. trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 and during install time all the disk buttons such as create new partition table add delete revert are all grayed out.. However Gparted works in the same instance.. any suggestions would be greatfully recieved16:57
seag33kAnyone here ever use Zmanda backup?16:57
mexiaok so if someone dont bother making this can upload a desktop clean screen with the narval background so i check?16:57
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genii-aroundiam: Success?16:58
iamgenii-around, no success :(16:58
neaveh00k, ubottu , my wifi card is not in the list of supported cards in step one16:59
iamgenii-around, i messed up with grub also and only after that the problem started16:59
neavebut it came with linux drivers on the disk16:59
stmaherHi Guys.. trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 and during install time all the disk buttons such as create new partition table add delete revert are all grayed out.. However Gparted works in the same instance.. any suggestions would be greatfully recieved.. I think this may be a bug16:59
iamgenii-around, i was getting error of 'environment block invalid'16:59
aditiI am running ubuntu server17:00
aditinatty release17:00
aditiI want to 'sleep' / 'hibernate' my server like I can with the laptop's lid closed17:00
semitoneshey, in apt or synaptic, is it possible to "uninstall-depends, but only if nothing else depends on it"17:00
aditiwhat is the best way on commandline17:00
iamgenii-around, so i started in recovery mode, updated grub,  reconfigured the X, and everything got messed up :(17:01
MonkeyDustaditi: s2disk, but it makes your system unstable (I tried it)17:01
genii-aroundiam: Please pastebin result of: ls -lRd /home/muneeb/.*17:01
stmaherHi Guys.. trying to install Ubuntu 11.04 and during install time all the disk buttons such as create new partition table add delete revert are all grayed out.. However Gparted works in the same instance.. any suggestions would be greatfully recieved.. I think this may be a bug17:01
glebihanaditi, why would you want to do that on a server ?17:01
iamgenii-around, just a sec17:01
Bogus8sipior: it's rebuilding.  My wife will be very pleased.  I just had her move a bunch of stuff to the raid so she could free up some space on an external and so it would be "safer" due to the raid5. LOL  She wasn't pleased when less than a week later it went down. :)17:02
MonkeyDustaditi: s2disk, but it makes your system unstable (I tried it), s2disk means suspend to disk17:03
aditiglebihan: I have power failure issues + I need to buy a less-noisy SMPS until then ...17:03
iamgenii-around, http://paste.ubuntu.com/688467/17:03
glebihansemitones, what do you mean exactly ? you want to remove a package and everything it depends on ?17:03
semitonesglebihan: yes, except if some of the things it depends on are also depended on by something else. What I want to do, for instance, might be remove kubuntu-desktop, except the parts that regular ubuntu depends on17:04
aditiI did reach https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerManagement & pm-utils is the best way yet ?17:04
MonkeyDustaditi: did you try what i adviced?17:05
apussomeone here who could take a look at iptables output/UFW, someone i'm trying to help has connection issues with all mail programs she tried so far ... seems to work only sometimes and not often http://pastebin.com/PNQBmbZS17:05
glebihansemitones, then "sudo apt-get --auto-remove remove packagename"17:05
aditiMonkeyDust: ah I see that - wil try17:06
aditiBRB folks17:06
sipiorBogus8: well, glad you can reassure her now :-)17:06
sipiorBogus8: one thing, though: be sure to remember that a raid is not a substitute for a good backup.17:07
sipioror two.17:08
iamgenii-around, any further instructions?17:08
arvutscrew this, imma compile gentoo instead17:08
Bogus8sipior: absolutely!  This particular raid has come VERY close to burning me before.  I failed to setup email notification and had two drives go down.  I was luckily able to pull the board off one and put it on the other and got EXTREMELY lucky that the one I salvaged was the last to fail!17:10
Bogus8sipior: that being said... I'm still TERRIBLE at backup up data. :)17:10
ricdroshello I'm having trouble setting up a test server17:12
mexiaAnyone here experiences some delay when pausing and playing youtube videos on the sound?17:13
recon69_lapgot a network bug in ubuntu 10.04, lose network connection when a gui event happens in the background while playing a multiplayer fps, requires a reboot, wondering is there a page that i can down load to gather info for the bug report.17:14
recon69_lapricdros, that quite an open statment, did you check to see if it's plugged in :)17:15
ricdrosI want the root of test server to authenticate through public/private key pair, I already set it up on ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and did a "service ssh reload"17:15
recon69_lapwonders what 1600 people are doing in here17:18
recon69_lapgot a network bug in ubuntu 10.04, lose network connection when a gui event happens in the background while playing a multiplayer fps, requires a reboot, wondering is there a page that i can down load to gather info for the bug report.17:18
frostschutzricdros: you don't have to restart the ssh service, adding keys works without (normal users wouldnt be able to restart the service in the first place, yet theyre allowed to add keys for themselves)17:18
dori922could someone link me to an OpenSSH ChRootDirectory guide that works please17:19
mexiaso anyone here as that bug and knows how to fix it, the bug is some delay on flash videos like youtube when we play or pause them17:20
dori922im after trying like 3 different ones and they arnt working :(17:20
apushow can one turn off the ufw firewall in ubuntu?17:21
GOMIhow do i "COMPILE" stuff , i have something for a usb webcam but i dont know how to compile17:22
apusalso removing it from bootup would be nice17:22
glebihan!compile | GOMI17:22
ubottuGOMI: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall17:22
glebihanapus, you could just uninstall it if you don't need it17:22
recon69_lapmexia: you got a link to that utube video17:22
dori922please <3 just so i knew im not picking guides that dont actually work :(17:22
GOMIubottu, thnx i will read it17:23
ubottuGOMI: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:23
apusglebihan: is not for me ... someone has a wrong configuration, but didn't set up the system herself ... i use gentoo ... no idea how to remove it from autostart17:23
recon69_lapapus , have you tried 'sudo ufw disable'17:24
tvaldesI need help with fstab (I believe). There are 3 drives that I swap in and out of a swap drive bay. I would set it up to auto mount sda1 or sdb1... but it's not always the same for some reason (I believe due to a new raid controller). So I have 3 seperate lines mounting the UUID's to the same point. The problem is if the first one isn't present, it gives an error on boot nad never mounts. If I sudo mount -a, it works but shows an erro17:24
apusrecon69_lap: okay that will disable it but i guess not remove it from boot runlevels ... ?17:24
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate17:24
glebihanapus, if you want to remove it from boot process, as I said, uninstall it17:25
d8bhattahello guys...in ubuntu..my skype suddenly crashed...and when I try to login with clicking skype icon, I get error message ..another instance of skype exist....how can i remove old instance and start new...17:25
=== osse is now known as bjensens_hero
apusglebihan: it is not my system .... there has to be a way to remove it from the boot process without uninstalling ...17:25
=== bjensens_hero is now known as osse
theadmind8bhatta: killall skype17:25
d8bhattai also did that....but still it is saying same  theadmin:17:26
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning17:26
glebihanapus, I don't how it not being your system changes anything, but anyway there's no clean way to remove it without uninstalling (you could move the /etc/init/ufw file to a /etc/init/disbaled folder)17:26
theadmind8bhatta: Fine, killall -s 9 skype17:26
apusglebihan: how about this update-rc.d ?17:27
ooxihi is there a way to tell the  ubuntu server to install a minimal distribution? i did not select any of the services in the last prompt, but the base install is like 1,2gib17:27
glebihanapus, that won't work as ufw init scripts work with upstart and not sysVinit17:27
theadminooxi: That's quite small... Go install Arch :P17:28
d8bhattatheadmin: yes it worked..what does that -s 9 do in the command?17:28
apusglebihan: ah okay ... then removing it?17:28
theadmind8bhatta: SIGKILL17:28
cheaterusing 9 is lame17:28
apusapt-get remove ufw?17:28
cheateryou should use 15, wait a few moments, if that doesn't work use 2, then 117:28
d8bhattatheadmin: thanks...17:29
cheaterthen don't use 9, just remove the software from your hard disk17:29
glebihanapus, to me the best way is to remove it, if you don't want to you could move the /etc/init/ufw file as I suggested in my previous post17:29
ooxitheadmin, hehe. its really not much but i want to run it as vm on my netbook where hard disk space is very limited. moreover i like the ubuntu sudo way instead of the debian root way (i know i can configure it but why, ubuntu has it as default)17:29
cheaterbecause it is too broken to be running on a computer17:29
apusglebihan: could you please confirm, that sudo apt-get remove ufw is correct?17:30
glebihanapus, it is17:30
recon69_lapgot a network bug in ubuntu 10.04, lose network connection when a gui event happens in the background while playing a multiplayer fps, requires a reboot, wondering is there a page that i can down load to gather info for the bug report.17:31
recon69_lapgoes looking for answers for himself :)17:32
mexiarecon its not just one17:32
mexiaits all flash videos the outube videos was an example17:32
mexiathe thing is that when i click pause the video dont stops rigth then it as some delay same at playing17:33
theadminooxi: vm on a netbook? Is that even possible?17:34
muneebis there any way I can back up my all configuration files? I'm reinstalling ubuntu.17:35
EphexeveHey all17:36
EphexeveAnyone can help me out?17:36
EphexeveI've been the whole day trying17:37
glebihanmuneeb, configuration files are mostly in your home folder (files and folders starting by ".") and in /etc, backing up those folders should allow you to keep most of your configuration17:37
wildc4rdevenin all17:37
recon69_lapmexia: cant think of anything, cant say as i'v experienced this problem17:37
EphexeveI've been having problems on my laptop17:38
glebihan!backup | muneeb, also :17:38
ubottumuneeb, also :: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning17:38
EphexeveI have a new packard bell easynote Tk81, but the video is the problem17:38
ooxitheadmin, yes its quite viable to say the least :-) as long as you don't try to emulate a graphical environment. but it saves you from installing a webserver / database on your base system etc. if you just want to try some skripts17:38
muneebglebihan, okay.. I'm backing up my home folder. what about /etc? i have to backup all of it?17:38
Ephexeveeverytime I go to the driver section, I isntall ATI, after rebooting, i have a watermark and everything runs very slow17:39
mexiai saw people on foruns that had same problem but never found and fix17:39
Ephexeveany help about it?17:39
mexiaa* fix17:39
glebihanmuneeb, I'd recommend to backup it all (it shouldn't be very big)17:39
muneebglebihan, okay17:40
ssk_the_gr8totem is not playing mp4 videos... what is the fix?17:40
=== brian is now known as Guest46278
theadminssk_the_gr8: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras17:41
=== Guest46278 is now known as BrianOfTacoma
Ephexeveanyone can help?17:41
ssk_the_gr8theadmin: restricted extras is installed, it could play those videos till yesterday17:42
BrianOfTacomaWhat would the bash command be to delete all files of the .mp3 type from a particular directory recursively?17:42
BrianOfTacomaAnd where could I find a good description of how to craft such a command in the future?17:43
theadminBrianOfTacoma: find yourfolder -iname '*.mp3' -delete17:43
llutzfind /path -type f -iname '*.mp3'|xargs rm17:43
BrianOfTacomaok ... very cool17:43
BrianOfTacomaany advise on a good bash learning site or resource?17:44
abdu247hi evry one17:44
anth0nyhow do I make a directory executable by user 'www'?  having issues finding the exact code17:44
=== pAt__ is now known as pAt_
theadminanth0ny: chown www directory ; chmod u+x directory17:45
ni1sthat should be u+X17:45
leepingHey there, can someone help me with a compiler error?  My error message is "cannot find -lmpi_f77" but it should clearly be in the library search path.17:45
theadminni1s: Why is that? x would work just fine17:46
anth0nytheadmin, so a directory can have multiple owners?17:46
theadminanth0ny: No.17:46
llutzni1s: no difference in that case17:46
leepingoops. :)17:46
BrianOfTacomatheadmin, the command you gave will recursively search within folders and delete mp3's in there as well?17:46
theadminanth0ny: If your kernel is compiled with ACL support, you will probably have a way of doing that without having to change the ownership17:46
theadminBrianOfTacoma: Yeah17:47
BrianOfTacomatheadmin, where would you advise new Linux users to go to fully learn bash?17:48
theadminBrianOfTacoma: Probably #bash17:48
anth0nytheadmin, well, I've set up a virtual host with apache and am getting a 403: File Permissions error.  I've read that it's likey due to not allowing the user 'www' to execute the directory.  I'm specifically trying to rectify that17:48
BrianOfTacomawell ... I mean is there a site or pdf out there?  Instead of having to bug people all the time17:48
recon69_lapgot a network bug in ubuntu 10.04, lose network connection when a gui event happens in the background while playing a multiplayer fps, requires a reboot to get network manager to re-connect, wondering is there a page that i can down load to gather info for the bug report.17:49
ni1sBrianOfTacoma, google "bash tutorial" , there are billions about17:49
qinBrianOfTacoma: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide17:49
auronandace!bash | BrianOfTacoma17:49
ubottuBrianOfTacoma: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal17:49
theadminanth0ny: Try: setfacl -m u:$(id -u www):rwx17:49
qin!google > ni1s17:49
ubottuni1s, please see my private message17:49
glebihanBrianOfTacoma, a good starting point could be https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal17:49
theadminanth0ny: That would help if ACLs are supported17:49
BrianOfTacomak thanks guys17:50
battlehandsI downloaded an install file for an OS in .exe format.  I now need to install this OS.  Do I need to treat it as an ISO image?17:50
qin!abs > BrianOfTacoma Also,17:50
ubottuBrianOfTacoma, please see my private message17:50
EphexeveIs there anyone who could help me???17:50
ssk_the_gr8guys, any help :(17:50
anth0nytheadmin, thanks, going to read up to learn what ACLs are17:51
recon69_lapdont ask for help, repeat you question every 5 min or so17:51
auronandaceanth0ny: access control lists17:51
qinbattlehands: Are you sure You want wubi?17:51
Tixoshey, in aptitude search list, what does 'pi' mean, ive removed a package and this tells me its isntalled still or ?17:52
battlehandsqin,  wubi?17:52
EphexeveI have a new packard bell easynote Tk81, but the video is the problem. everytime I go to the driver section, I isntall ATI, after rebooting, i have a watermark and everything runs very slow17:52
qinbattlehands: "inastall OS file in .exe format", where did you get it from?17:53
watermarkEphexeve: heh, you keep triggering my name17:53
BT_anth0ny: This is a good introduction to ACLs - http://tlug.dnho.net/?q=node/17117:53
battlehandsqin, I downloaded the .exe from IEEE's website, and Im wondering how to install it.17:53
anth0nyBT_, thanks17:53
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
Ephexevesaying: unsupported hardware17:54
qin!wine > battlehands17:54
ubottubattlehands, please see my private message17:54
delacany way to change Page style properties for all sheets in openoffice calc?17:55
ssk_the_gr8totem is not playing mp4 videos... what is the fix? ( i have restricted extras installed, these mp4 files used to work with totem till yesterday)17:55
Tixoshow can i totally remove a package, so it no longer displays 'i' in package list ?17:56
Ephexeveffs, thanks all, bye17:56
qinTixos: sudo apt-get remove --purge package17:57
Tixoshmm, ok i never used like that, let me check17:57
theadminqin: Wrong. It is "sudo apt-get --purge remove package"17:57
theadminqin: Anything after install, remove, update, upgrade etc is taken as package name17:57
llutzsudo apt-get purge package17:58
llutzconfusion complete now?17:58
theadminOr what (s)he said.17:58
Tixosi did what llutz said17:58
Tixosand it says17:58
llutzstill "he"17:58
delacjust use synaptic17:58
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:58
Tixospi  ruby1.9.117:59
neaveIf I get no output from sudo lshw -C network for my wifi card, anyone now why that might be?17:59
battlehandsCan someone help me create an install cd for Windows XP Pro while Im running ubuntu?17:59
StonedSlackerPlease guys, throw me bone here, I cannot find what is missing. I cannot seem to get 'encrypt' to show up when I right click something. Im running nautilus 2.32, if that matters.17:59
Tixostheadmin: how do i get rid of the 'i'  in  'pi'18:00
qintheadmin: Starnge, will take it for the word, despite that any syntacs work18:00
=== rigved is now known as Guest19128
NobleWhats the story on moonlight18:01
=== eyes_ is now known as EyesIsServer
NobleI need to watch something that requries silverlight for school18:01
llutz[19:57:55] <theadmin> qin: Anything after install, remove, update, upgrade etc is taken as package name  -< wrong,  man apt-get|less -p --purge18:01
Tixosllutz: what exactly i need to do to remove that 'i' it says its not installed, but what does this mean ?18:01
PolahHow can I change my keyboard layout from command line?18:02
gentoo-intelPolah, loadkeys18:02
gentoo-inteleg loadkeys uk18:02
qinllutz: thx, "scheduled to be purged.  remove --purge is equivalent to the purge"18:03
ssk_the_gr8totem is not playing mp4 videos... what is the fix? ( i have restricted extras installed, these mp4 files used to work with totem till yesterday)18:03
gentoo-intelssk_the_gr8, what happened yesterday?18:03
muslapt-get update maybe?18:04
neaveit's not much use if the wifi troubleshooting howtos contradict themselves is it?18:04
lagrandeI get debootstrap warnings during installation18:04
theadminllutz: lool...18:04
lagrandehave verified the hash of the iso and burnt 3 discs so far18:04
lagrandecan the installer download packages instead of using the cd sources?18:05
=== LouisJB_ is now known as LouisJB
recon69_lapright, found my commands for next net outage, :) , take care all i'm off18:07
ssk_the_gr8gentoo-intel: i did run the update manager... lib vnc.. was updated or something like that... i can play other video files but mp4's are giving me issues18:09
zanberdois it possible to use both nVidia and ATI video cards in the same box running Ubuntu 10.10?18:09
kristopherAnyone testing Beta 118:10
p896gbmi need to buy a laptop for ubuntu. suggestions?18:10
qinkristopher: /join #ubuntu+1 (yes)18:10
rigved_hi everyone. i was reading through the logs of the ubuntu app dev week on translations by dpm. i do not understand the concept of imports and exports. specifically, i do not understand the part where your imports and exports should go to the same branch. can anyone help?18:10
gentoo-intelp896gbm, almost any one will work18:10
delacany way to change Page style properties for all sheets in openoffice calc? Each sheet has its own style.18:10
kristopherthey all work well18:10
rigved_kristopher: yes.18:10
kristopherubuntu is liteaptop will do u fine on resources so any l18:11
MonkeyDusttry again kristopher  :p18:11
kristopherHas anyone experienced difficulty getting (ICS) Internet connection sharing to work in the beta 1 development18:11
theadmin!ubuntu+1 | kristopher18:12
ubottukristopher: Oneiric Ocelot is the codename for Ubuntu 11.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+118:12
qinkristopher: /join #ubuntu+1 for bets18:12
rigved_zanberdo: when you use two cards of the same model, you can use something like SLI technology to pair them and make them work in sync. how can you use two different cards and expect them to work properly together?18:12
rigved_!11.10 | kristopher18:12
ubottukristopher: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+118:12
kristopherthanks qin have a few bugs im not sure the dev community is aware of id like to check into18:13
Polahgentoo-intel: /quit18:13
zanberdorigved_, I don't know, that's why I was asking. So it seems the only alternative would be to install a second nVidia GT220 perhaps18:13
qinkristopher: There are release notes on web, and probaly some bus on launchpad.18:13
andybrineHey Everyone18:13
andybrineis there a program on ubuntu that converts text to speach?18:14
theadminandybrine: Lots of... Try Festival18:14
qinandybrine: festival, mbrola18:14
goltoofhai guys18:14
theadminandybrine: No others come to mind just yet18:14
rigved_zanberdo: afaik, yes. then you can use an SLI bridge to connect both the cards.18:14
gentoo-intelubuntu sam18:14
rigved_!orca | andybrine18:14
andybrinetheadmin, is that right? sorry i mean speech to text18:15
goltoofso vbox freezes everything when i run it now... just export the .ova and remove --purge, reinstall should do the trick?18:15
goltoof#vbox is empty18:15
goltoofdon't want to lose my machine18:16
llutz #vbox has >240 users18:16
goltoofno one responded18:16
qinandybrine: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_recognition_in_Linux (painfull subject, had some succes with sphinx, but limited)18:17
andybrineqin thanks18:17
theadminAndroid does speech recognition very well, since Android is Linux... Well, there must be proper ways to do so on ordinary distros, too18:18
kristopherWhere can I get those release notes, list of all known bugs in 11.10 beta 118:19
Picikristopher: they're linked in the topic of #ubuntu+118:19
theadminkristopher: You were told already, go to #ubuntu+118:19
battlehandsCan someone help me format both the partitions of my drive (including the one Im booted into) to NTFS?18:19
kristopheryeah im on it sry lol didnt scroll up18:20
theadminbattlehands: You can't do that...18:20
theadminbattlehands: You need a livecd18:20
battlehandstheadmin, I have one of those18:20
theadminbattlehands: Then boot into it, and... What's the big deal? mkfs.ntfs /dev/sda*18:20
oozryfisrt time to here18:21
zykotick9_battlehands, ##windows would be a better place to ask, if you're not going to using Ubuntu (or GNU/Linux) - and you can't be if you want everything NTFS18:21
battlehandstheadmin, the "bigness" of the deal depends on the deal makers understanding of the game18:21
runa`hi everybody i have a question which is not really related to ubuntu but i do not know where to ask. i  use skype in my everyday life and i wanted to switch away, maybe to google talk or whatever its colled. do you suggest it? what about the sound quality? Thanks in advace and sorry for being out of topic...18:21
Travis-42Is there a way to make the "grid" compiz plugin effects permanent? e.g. if I resize with grid to take up the left half of the screen, and then I move the window with the mouse, it goes back to it's original position instead of retaining size. I would prefer that it stay the same size. any ideas?18:21
Pici!ot | runa`18:22
ubotturuna`: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:22
ssk_the_gr8totme has stopped playing some mp4 files... how do i fix it?18:23
zykotick9_runa`, if you only need voice (and not video) check out Mumble, if you're willing to run a service on your computer.18:23
qinTravis-42: wmctrl would be better than gird for it, there is also "place" plugin in compiz, but never got it to do what I wanted.18:24
zykotick9_ssk_the_gr8, do players like vlc or mplayer still play the MP4 files?18:24
SIFTUqin: I didnt think wmctrl working with compiz.. does for metacity18:24
zykotick9_qin, according to wmctrl's homepage it doesn't support compiz.  SIFTU yes it works in metacity.18:25
ssk_the_gr8zykotick9_: the problem is i can play some mp4 files, and i cant play a few others... very confusing18:25
battlehandsHow do I get into Gparted in unity?18:25
ssk_the_gr8battlehands: super key18:25
ssk_the_gr8then type gparted18:25
battlehandsssk_the_gr8, super key?18:26
qinzykotick9_, SIFTU: noted, thx.18:26
ssk_the_gr8battlehands: windows key18:26
battlehandsssk_the_gr8, when I do that, nothing is displayed under 'gparted;18:27
battlehandsI have had trouble with this version of ubuntu ever since I installed it18:27
auronandacebattlehands: sudo apt-get install gparted18:28
auronandacebattlehands: it isn't installed by default18:28
arowanaHello, Does anyone have a suggestion on which program to use to secure my IRC connection? .. Mainly so I don't show my ip address ..18:28
battlehandsauronandace, E: Invalid operation gparted18:29
zykotick9_arowana, get a cloak, don't ask me how - try #freenode perhaps18:29
plouffeis it possible to turn off the numerical switch (Num-Key) on my keyboard from ubuntu?18:29
auronandacebattlehands: did you type what i did?18:29
arowanazykotick9_: thanks I just need keywords to google, I'll work the rest out. :)18:29
goltoof!anonymity: arowana18:30
llutzarowana: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks18:30
battlehandsauronandace, I made a mistake18:30
ssk_the_gr8zykotick9_: can u think of a solution, why am i facing this issue?18:30
ssk_the_gr8is totem broken because of an update or is it something else?18:30
himcesjf!info envstat18:30
ubottuPackage envstat does not exist in natty18:30
battlehandsauronandace, I need to add a NTFS partition, how do I do that?18:30
zykotick9_ssk_the_gr8, my guess is because you're using Totem (a sub-par media player), and you didn't answer my vlc/mplayer question - so i really don't know18:30
auronandace!partitioning | battlehands18:31
ubottubattlehands: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap18:31
in0culamy X crash when i move some icons or images, appear a black screen full of code and ther X restart, how do I visualize this text to check the error?18:32
himcesjfIs there any package like envstat in Ubuntu which is used in unixes/NetBSD probably?18:32
itsanyone know how to screen-share an ubuntu screen from a mac?18:32
zykotick9_in0cula, check log in /var/log/Xorg.0.log perhaps?18:32
auronandaceits: teamviewer?18:33
itsi'll google it18:33
r000tHello. I installed an nvidia card alongside my on-board graphics, then installed the drivers. I then followed instructions online to get it working, and now I can't even run GDM.18:33
in0culai check there but there is not the code I view in the crash screen18:33
ipaits: you might check out x2go also18:33
B0g4r7Natty includes a decent VNC server.18:33
zykotick9_in0cula, try dmesg perhaps?18:33
ikoniar000t: you'll struggle to use two video cards like that18:34
B0g4r7System-->Preferences-->Remote Desktop.18:34
ikoniar000t: you'll need to run two totally seperate Xorg sessions and using something like xinerama to span both monitors18:34
r000tikonia: the goal isn't to use two cards, I just want to use the nvidia card. I have to make it soley use the on board, else it enters a reboot loop18:34
B0g4r7Use OS X's "screen sharing" client to connect to it.  Done.18:34
battlehandswhat If I dont see Manually edit partition table when trying to add a partition?18:34
ikoniar000t: can you disable the onboard in the bios ?18:34
r000tikonia: I can make it not the primary, but that makes it enter a reboot loop where it does not even get past GRUB18:35
in0culayes I think here is the log, THANK YOU, let you knoe18:35
ikoniar000t: the video card should not change the booting at all,18:35
SIFTUr000t: you wont to use the onboard or the nvidia.. did you try blackisting the module you didnt want18:35
ikoniar000t: the only thing it should/could change would be the display18:35
ikoniar000t: the machine should still boot18:35
r000tSIFTU: how do I do that without risking permanent damage to the install?18:36
r000tikonia: if I make the nvidia the primary, it gets to grub, spits out a few lines, then POSTS, then enters grub, spits out a few lines, then POSTS, etc18:36
ikoniar000t: that suggests a hardware issue18:36
SIFTUr000t: oh, so it doesnt even load the kernel18:36
ikoniar000t: either a failure or an incompatability with the intel one at the same time18:36
ssk_the_gr8zykotick9_: i'm on a a very slow /limited connection cant download software :(18:36
r000tikonia: and when I ran something called nvidia-configure, now I can't even get to GDM on the main card18:37
r000tthe nvidia card is no longer in the box at the moment18:37
zykotick9_ssk_the_gr8, sorry i don't have any suggestions for you - good luck.18:37
B0g4r7ssk_the_gr8, have a look at medibuntu.org18:37
ikoniar000t: that's just display issues, I'm more concerned by the fact that it won't boot with the nvidia card in18:37
SIFTUr000t: confused.. its it loading the kernel and getting to grub?18:37
ikoniar000t: the display issue is easy to fix18:37
ikoniaSIFTU: grub is before the kernel18:37
SIFTUr000t: just remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:38
itsSIFtU, I'm past all that :P18:38
SIFTUikonia: um I know.. but he was talking about GDM18:38
ikoniaSIFTU: so obviously the kernel loads and grub loads18:38
r000twell I don't know18:38
Tixosguys please someone help me18:38
r000tI only see a flash of text after I press F1 to get past the floppy error18:38
itsSIFTU, Im in ubuntu server edition and I have my mac sitting right next to it.18:38
B0g4r7I had to install some extras from medibuntu to get support for all the codecs I wanted to use.18:38
Tixoswith aptitude, the package list, and the key p,A,v,i etc18:38
ikoniar000t: use the"recovery mode on the grub line to get into the recovery shell then remove the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf as SIFTU has suggested18:39
r000tI'm using x64 if that matters18:39
Tixosif a package has 'pi' next to it, what does this mean18:39
* LarrySteeze wants to know if he can ask a stupid newbie question18:39
r000tI'll try that and be right back18:39
r000tI'm on the box right now so I can just do that in another tty18:39
B0g4r7Larry, don't ask to ask.  Just ask.  :)18:39
LarrySteezehaha ok18:39
SIFTUikonia: well some of the info wasnt suggesting that.. I was trying to clarify18:39
ikoniaSIFTU: I understand18:40
_cbWhat do you recommend for running an XP virtual machine in Ubuntu? (Saw positive comments for Virtualbox but libvirt comes with Ubuntu Server)18:40
LarrySteezewell, I have no problem connecting via ethernet, but I can't seem to figure out how to connect to a wifi network, or if my install is even catching the wifi nic18:40
ssk_the_gr8zykotick9_: thanx for the help18:40
in0cula<zykotick9_> mmm I think isn't even there18:40
urlin2u_cb, VB is rather easy.18:40
in0culawhere i can check18:40
zykotick9__cb, libvirt + kvm REQUIRES your CPU to have virtualation suppor18:40
_cbdoes libvirt do anything that VB does not do?18:41
B0g4r7_cb, I've used virtualbox a few times and find it works pretty well.18:41
zykotick9_in0cula, i don't have any other suggestions - good luck18:41
B0g4r7For day-to-day use, I use VMware Workstation myself.18:41
B0g4r7(which is not free)18:41
zykotick9__cb, it's better for server stuff18:41
in0culathx anyway18:41
_cbK Virtualbox it is. Thanks!18:41
frankie`nBlender's running really slow on my computer (11.04)18:41
frankie`nI think it's compiz slowing it down18:42
frankie`nwhat do I have to change to fix it?18:42
goltoofi/o error when trying to copy something from trash..18:42
zykotick9_frankie`n, to rule out compiz, use classic without compiz18:42
LarrySteezenever mind, I think I figured it out18:42
goltoofit's a 40gb virtual machine, i need to get it out of trash18:42
B0g4r7LarrySteeze, look for a menu in the upper right that shows two up/down arrows.  Check in there to see if it mentions wireless networks.18:42
Tixosguys, how can a package be purge and installed at the same time ??!!18:42
zykotick9_Tixos, even if you remove/uninstall stuff, it's still going to be listed in "dpkg -l"18:43
goltoofTixos:  no18:43
LarrySteezeB0g4r7: I figured it out...I needed to go into System > Administration > Additional Drivers18:43
Tixosit says 'pi' in the first column18:43
LarrySteezeI'm surprised standard broadcom drivers don't come vanilla18:44
PiciTixos: Try apt-get install -f18:44
zykotick9_Tixos, p: Purge (marked for purging)18:44
Tixosno change18:44
Tixospi  ruby1.818:44
LarrySteezeNow, if only I could figure out how to apply sudo to real life...18:45
samuelhello guys18:45
o_portista17hello, i have a problem with my ubuntu, this keeps hanging, and i have to shutdown manually...the error is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/686729/18:45
goltoofi get an i/o error when trying to copy a 40gb file from trash... is there a tool out there for this?18:45
frankie`nzykotick9_: I'll try it, brb18:45
samuelive been trying to figure this out: how do you run bash scripts on login?18:45
samuelwhen using unity18:45
Tixoszykotick9_: marked for purging? how to actually purge/remove then ?18:45
zykotick9_Tixos, not sure how you're purging, I'd think it should happen right away.18:46
Tixosi want to remove all these packages18:46
Tixossays they arent installed, but next to the package is 'pi'18:46
Tixosuninstalled packages are just 'p'18:46
accipterI have an executable in /usr/bin/ that I want to rename with a symoblic link, but the link isn't executable18:46
zykotick9_Tixos, are the packages still working on your system?18:47
B0g4r7goltoof, "copy from trash" does not make a lot of sense really.  The fact that you are receiving an i/o error is in no way connected with the items being copied residing "in the trash".18:47
erik1984samuel: system setting > startup applications > add18:47
Tixosi have no idea! zykotick9_18:47
Tixosruby repos are trash in ubuntu, do not work on 1.9.1, so i have been told to remove and install from source18:47
goltoofB0g4r7: copy from here  ~/.local/share/Trash/files/.VirtualBox/  to here  ~/18:47
goltoofB0g4r7:  i get an i/o error18:48
B0g4r7goltoof, what if you instead move the files?18:48
Tixoszykotick9_:  have you never come across this key for packages?18:48
frankie`nzykotick9_: I'm in clasic no effects and it works perfectly18:48
goltoofB0g4r7:  i get an i/o error in nautilus and cli18:48
zykotick9_frankie`n, so - it is compiz/unity issue then.  Good luck with that.18:48
goltoofB0g4r7:  no matter where i try to copy to18:48
frankie`nzykotick9_: lol thanks ;)18:49
goltoofB0g4r7:  or "move" to18:49
zykotick9_goltoof, if you get an i/o error, then you might have a problem with the HD in question.18:49
B0g4r7goltoof, it kind of sounds like the media the files reside on is damaged.18:49
sevithI have a problem. When I boot my indicator applet (Complete) gets broken and my wireless wont show up, therefore i cannot see the networks around or connect to anything? Anyone heard of this? is there another application that I can use to connect to wifi? Preferable cmd line but GUI apps will work too...Doesnt really matter to me I guess...18:50
lgp171188Hi, I just installed oneiric beta1. After the installation, I am unable to hear the audio through my laptop speakers, but if I connect my headphones, I can hear the audio. I checked the alsamixer and master, speaker are full. there is no front. What could be the issue and how to debug it?18:50
goltoofzykotick9_:  i think that's it, it's an xp vm, it was freezing the system so i reinstalled vbox.. so i guess the vm is pretty much screwed.. no way to check it's integrity?18:50
xangua!oneiric | lgp17118818:50
ubottulgp171188: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+118:50
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zykotick9_goltoof, does "dmesg" list a bunch of I/O errors?  If so, I'd start backing up whatever you can off that drive.18:50
=== sevith is now known as Sevith
vachowhat is a good way of transfering files from a FTP to another bypassing my own computer?18:50
Sevithvacho, Ftp...?...18:51
B0g4r7goltoof, you can use something like ddrescue to copy all of the readable areas of the file and replace the damaged pieces with zeros.18:51
vachoSevith, ...18:51
kuruI have a weird problem where when I do a tail -f /var/log/xxx it shows parts of it and then tells me there is no space left on device18:51
goltoofzykotick9_:  you mean my entire system??  it was only vbox that was making it freeze, system runs fine18:51
kuruwhich device is it referring to? I have 22gb left on the hdd18:51
Sevithvacho, What do you mean you want to transfer files but bypass your computer? That doesnt make sense to me explain? :/ Maybe Im missing something18:51
faustisch"faustisch is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported." what do I do? what is the root password?18:52
kuruand everything is mounted on /  so there aren't any weird partitions going on18:52
SevithI have a problem. When I boot my indicator applet (Complete) gets broken and my wireless wont show up, therefore i cannot see the networks around or connect to anything? Anyone heard of this? is there another application that I can use to connect to wifi? Preferable cmd line but GUI apps will work too...Doesnt really matter to me I guess...18:52
zykotick9_goltoof, "system runs fine" right now, but if you're getting I/O errors, it suggests problems with your hard drive.18:52
B0g4r7vacho, I recall the program "FlashFXP" having that capability...18:52
goltoofzykotick9_:  only one i/o error from attempting to copy in dmesg18:52
kuruanyone help?18:52
zykotick9_goltoof, so it's likely that where that file is located on the HD, had issues.  Good luck.18:52
B0g4r7However, I don't know about running FlashFXP on a linux system...18:52
goltoofzykotick9_:  what tool do i use to check integrity of the whole disk?18:53
Picikuru: Can you pastebin the output of 'df -h'  ?18:53
B0g4r7goltoof, I would recommend using "badblocks" for that job.18:53
goltoofi'll just dump the corrupt vm18:53
goltoofB0g4r7:  ah yes tht's the one18:53
faustischsudo sucks ass, I'm moving to debian, ubuntu ain't got mail either18:53
w30vacho, scp can copy from any computer to another but you need ssh and ssh permissions on both computers18:53
zykotick9_goltoof, look into "smart" tools, to verify the physical drive -- it could just be a filesystem issue, in which case fsck18:53
urlin2ukuru, are you going by what the manufacturer says the disc size or actual?18:54
kurupici, http://pastebin.com/c9jWS25q18:54
SevithI have a problem. When I boot my indicator applet (Complete) gets broken and my wireless wont show up, therefore i cannot see the networks around or connect to anything? Anyone heard of this? is there another application that I can use to connect to wifi? Preferable cmd line but GUI apps will work too...Doesnt really matter to me I guess...18:54
Picifaustisch: Mind your language here please.18:54
faustischPici, what are you? a pentecostal priest?18:54
kuruurlin2u, I'm saying, this really doesn't look like I'm out of space18:54
krzyhoohello gurus18:54
krzyhoogot a problem18:54
vachow30, I have ssh on both18:55
kkulhavyPici, I don't think faustisch wanted to insult anyone, his language was directed against a piece of software18:55
krzyhoowhile installing ubuntu from usb on lenovo x121e18:55
vachois it for ubuntu?18:55
krzyhoothe isntallation hangs18:55
zykotick9_!language > kkulhavy18:55
ubottukkulhavy, please see my private message18:55
w30vacho, man scp18:55
krzyhooliterally nothing happens18:55
KlunkHi everyone, I am having a problem with my sound on Natty. I have an on-board sound card and a graphics card with HDMI output. Sound worked fine with the onboard card until I decided to try HDMI and now I get no sound at all. I have tried all combinations of output in the sound preferences and tried connecting the speakers to different outputs. I want to get the onboard sound working and I am happy to remove the HDMI capability as I will never be connect18:55
Klunking to the TV again. Thanks for any help18:55
urlin2ukuru, look at the disc with gparted or the disk manager.18:56
Picikuru: That shouldn't cause any issues.  Does your log say out of disk space, or is it tail itself that is giving you the error message?18:56
kuruurlin2u, why?18:56
kurupici, I can't tail any log files, so it's hard to tell18:56
uns0b1llhow would i find all rar's and extract them into differnt folde on ubuntu18:56
SevithNo one can help me then I'm assuming.18:57
krzyhooany experts here on installing from USB-drive??18:57
kurutail: cannot watch `/var/log/syslog': No space left on device18:57
zykotick9_kuru, perhaps boot a livecd and free up some space18:58
kuruzykotick9_, I would have to be OUT of space first to free some18:58
zykotick9_kuru, and how to you interpret the message "No space left on device" exactly?19:00
Picikuru: Looks like this is a bug in tail.  It should be giving you a message about inotify: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/coreutils/+bug/70095819:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 700958 in coreutils (Ubuntu) "tail -f gives misleading error message when inotify limit is reached" [Low,Triaged]19:00
B0g4r7tail reports out of space?  That's pretty weird.  It shouldn't normally be writing anything.19:00
urlin2uSevith, what is the release your running?19:00
goltoofany way to check for badblocks while drive is mounted?19:01
rasusto@goltoof fsck19:01
kuruzybotick9, how do you interpret this then? http://pastebin.com/c9jWS25q19:01
Sevithurlin2u, 11.04 classic mode. I wonder if maybe the drivers are mucking up during boot? The card's an Advanced Centrino N 620019:01
zykotick9_kuru, ummm, so it's a tail bug, interesting.  Sorry, my bad.19:01
Picikuru: You'd need to raise the max_user_watches level of inotify:  check current using: sudo sysctl fs.inotify.max_user_watches    and increase using: sudo sysctl -w fs.inotify.max_user_watches=1638419:02
B0g4r7kuru, what command are you typing exactly when that error occurs?19:02
urlin2ugoltoof, on the HD?19:02
rasusto@goltoof my bad, for bad sectors use chdsk19:02
B0g4r7goltoof, yes, you can preform a read-only test on your hard drive while partitions on it are mounted.19:03
Sevithurlin2u, Any ideas?19:03
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B0g4r7goltoof, sudo badblocks -vv /dev/sda19:03
B0g4r7or similar19:03
Sevithkuru, sudo  rm -rf shall free some space -.- (JK dont do that it was a joke but somone will flame me)19:03
urlin2uSevith, I see stuff on the web but boot indicator I have no idea what that is.19:03
goltoofB0g4r7:  would it be better to check from livedisk?19:04
Sevithurlin2u, Its just an app indicator on my panel that i can connect to wireless with ease...but half the time when I boot it doesnt pop up. and wont pop up19:04
rasusto@Sevith isnt that the command for a directory listing?19:04
B0g4r7goltoof, I don't see any reason why that would be better.  You could though.19:04
Sevithrasusto, rm -rf? ....Sure...19:04
goltoof.03% done... this will be a while19:04
urlin2uSevith, thats a third party eh?19:05
Sevithurlin2u, Nope. Came with ubuntu its the Indicator Applet Complete.19:05
w30Sevith, no...no... some idiot will cut and paste that!!19:05
Sevithurlin2u, Shows all the stuff that needs your "attention"19:05
Sevithw30, I know I said it was a joke but if they think its a dir listing then sure. do it. hah :( JK i have a horrible sense of humor19:05
urlin2uSevith, have you tweaked compiz?19:06
goltoofB0g4r7:  so it could do read/write test..19:06
B0g4r7goltoof, Well, there is that.  Be aware that the write/read test is destructive.  It will erase anything on the device beng tested.19:06
Sevithurlin2u, Weird. Actualy. Compiz mucked my computer up so bad when i upgraded to 11.04 with unity. I had to unistall it. I cant even reinstall and have compiz work correctly.19:06
goltoofB0g4r7:  oic19:06
krzyhooanyone had problem with installing from USB??19:06
urlin2uSevith, tyope metacity --replace in the terminal, removing compiz was not a good move.19:07
Sevithkrzyhoo, Do you mean your having issues booting into the USB?19:07
carloskhangman no abre19:07
Sevithurlin2u, I didnt think compiz was too critical? :( f*xr. Should I reinstall? or what?19:08
w30Sevith, that command should have a 3 day waiting peroid19:08
krzyhooSevith: let me describe. bought a fresh lenovo x121e subnotebook. Am trying to install form usb but i fail. Created a USB stick with unetbooting. On my desktopt it boots fine (with unetbootin menu etc.) on my x121e instead of unetbootin menu grub starts and after a while everything hangs...19:08
urlin2uSevith, not sure really, compiz is actually part of unity the classic as well I suspect.19:08
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sevithurlin2u, wow metacity --replace did all sorts of craziness19:12
sevithurlin2u, it was pretty awesome19:12
krzyhooso sevith : any clues?19:13
sevithkrzyhoo, Can you boot into live mode without installing with the USB?19:14
urlin2usevith, did it help or hurt?19:15
CodeOmegaPrimeVamps-Win7 : It worked like a charm GRUB2 installed nicely and found windows 719:15
krzyhoosevith: what do you mean? have no cd, so usb ist pretty much the onlz option19:16
Klunknobody got any idea about my sound problem?19:16
sevithkrzyhoo, Thats what I mean. Have you installed it onto the USB or is this what you want? To install onto the USB?19:17
sourabhwhat typeof problem19:17
=== ipso is now known as vrfinside
Klunksound has stopped working since I tried the hdmi output,19:17
sevithurlin2u, No go. Froze me up. Im reinstalling compiz and gonna do a few tweaks it might help if now I guess ill have to manually muck with it everytime or something19:17
sourabhhey my touch pad is not working some body help me..19:17
krzyhoosevith: no, hava a bootbale usb and want it on my laptop19:18
urlin2usevith, you can set compiz to default I would assume even on a reinstall, you want the cube is that it?19:18
sevithurlin2u, Dont really care about the cube or anything too visually appealing. I just want my wireless to not break everytime I boot. hah19:19
_cbIf I have an XP virtual box on an Ubuntu Machine I should be able to use LTSP or No Machine to run it via thin client, correct?19:19
urlin2usevith, that would be nice. :D19:19
sevithkrzyhoo, If you have Ubuntu installed onto the USB Already cant you just boot into the live version and install that way?19:19
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate19:19
sevithurlin2u, Ill figure this out :( But im having issues with unresolved dependencies when attempting to install compiz. Even manually installed the dependencies and i still get the error. Says something about enabling all the repositories but they are all enabled.19:20
piupiumbraDoes anyone know a detailled description of ubuntus software-center? Concerning up 2 date and detailed informations how a game could be purchased, which payment methods could be used (paypal ...), if I'll get a personalised deb:// for sources.list ... I'm running Kubuntu and so I can't test it by myself. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter contains many future options so I don't know what it is atm.19:20
B0g4r7_cb, use ltsp in what manner?19:20
_cbto run the virtual machine since it would be an app running on the server19:21
sevithgotto reboot well see how badly this breaks things :(19:22
B0g4r7_cb, I would think that would work.  I don't see why VirtualBox would not behave like any other X11 app.19:22
B0g4r7_cb, I believe VirtualBox also has some provisions for "serving" the vm via VNC that you might want to explore.19:23
Dori922hey, im following this guide for chrooting sftp: http://shapeshed.com/journal/chroot_sftp_users_on_ubuntu_intrepid/                The problem is its not working for me, SSH is blocked which is good and i can SFTP into the user, but the user can still browse thehigher up directories19:23
_cbB8g4r7 wow that would be a very inexpensive way of doing what MS terminal servers or Citrix do. (Granted I don't have the admin functionality of Citrix but for a small operation, who cares)19:23
wunderkinhello, i'm trying to upgrade a xen guest from 2.6.32 to 2.6.35, it was using xen blockfront and xvd device, but on 2.6.35 that is not showing up, i tried adding the module to the ramdisk but it isn't adding it.. is it not available on 2.6.35? it works on sd device but we have software that depends on xvd device.. is it better to use xvd device, if i can't, is there some way to alias it?  i was trying to in modprobe conf but i couldn't get it19:24
B0g4r7_cb, yeah, I would like to explore something like that, but without "client machines" even in the picture.  I envision one box with lots of video cards, ram and CPUs that has 12 (or more) sets of keyboard/mouse/display directly attached, to make 12 "stations".19:26
B0g4r7You can purchase HDMI and USB cables up to 50ft long...19:27
_cbB8g4r7 in the old days they called that a mainframe ;)19:28
B0g4r7Yeah, heh.19:28
B0g4r7Kinda like in the old days communication happened over digital lines (telegraph).  After moving to an analog system for a long time, we're back to digital once again.19:29
_cbI envision more of a server running multiple virtual machines and where you can access them via LTSP or No Machine any time, from anywhere, on any device19:29
PupenoAny ideas why Ubuntu can't connect to a wifi created by macosx? all our android devices have no problem.19:30
B0g4r7That's probably relatively easily doable.  You'll need plenty of fast storage, ram, etc to make for a good user experience.19:30
tomodachiPupeno: probably wifi driver problem. Have you tried making an open wifi network with the mac?19:30
genii-aroundB0g4r7: Have you checked out multiseat setups for X ?19:31
B0g4r7genii-around, Not yet.  My envisioned project is little more than a vision right now.19:31
genii-aroundB0g4r7: eg: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX19:31
Pupenotomodachi: no, let me see.19:31
B0g4r7Well that looks like just what I had in mind.19:32
w30_cb, that could be if Apple, Microsoft, Oracle can be prevented from the land grab concept19:32
_cbB0g4r7 instead of one huge server (single point of failure) I would prefer a multiple, clustered, load balanced servers.19:32
excelsiorHelp! I have a Dell630, and I don't know how to get the wireless working, and I have no access to wired connection. I'm obviously connected on another laptop. Any help?19:33
excelsiorJust installed. I tried plugging into a wired connection but it's a static IP, which I assume prevented me connecting.19:33
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B0g4r7_cb, yeah, there's definitely good things to be said of that kind of a design.  Handy for that is VirtualBox's Teleport feature that can migrate a running VM from one host to another.19:33
_cbB8g4r7 you can migrate a vm from one host to another. Wow that would be so cool. If a server starts to malfunction just migrate al the VM's to a working server?19:35
genii-aroundexcelsior: Is it dualboot to Windows?19:36
guntbertB0g4r7: _cb: are you certain that your convo is on topic here?19:36
B0g4r7_cb, that's what the documentation seems to imply.  I imagine there could be a few tricky details to deal with.19:36
KafferCan anyone tell me why I can only boot sometimes in ubuntu. It stall with a black screen19:37
B0g4r7guntbert, not that certain, no.19:37
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KafferDoes anyone have the same problem?19:38
excelsiornm, got it working. Hardware switch on the side of the computer... geez19:39
plouffeis it possible to disable the numerical switch (Num-Key) on my keyboard from ubuntu?19:39
excelsiorgenii-around: yes it was19:39
h00kKaffer: that's quite vague, it sounds like a video card issue. What card do you have?19:39
guntbertKaffer: does that help? http://thedaneshproject.com/posts/ubuntu-11-04-blank-screen-on-boot-solved/19:40
joshh^I have XP installed on my system...how do I install Ubuntu...I need dual boot...please help19:41
Kafferh00k> I have noticed that Ubuntu is VERY unstable. This is the 4th time I reinstalled it and everytime it's a diffrent issue. Now only sometimes it stalls while booting.19:41
w30excelsior, doesn't that frost your b__ls !19:41
knightstalkerKaffer,its quite stable here,maybe Hardware incompatibility?19:42
knightstalkerand I am using Beta edition! :p19:42
guntbert!dualboot | joshh^19:42
ubottujoshh^: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:42
_cbguntbert I am only an occassional user of ubuntu on IRC so not sure if I am violating a rule. We are brainstorming possibilities using  Ubuntu software. Is that something we should do somewhere else?19:42
KafferThis si Ubuntu 10.1019:42
B0g4r7Kaffer, you can try holding down shift as you boot to access the grub menu.  From there remove the "quiet" boot arg to see the kernel messages.19:42
guntbert_cb: well this channel is for support only, please consider #ubuntu-offtopic19:43
Kafferb0g4r7> It stalls once in around 20 boots19:43
h00kKaffer: please answer the questions 1) Whatcard do you have 2) try the link that was given to you19:44
KafferIntel graphics chipset netbook19:44
w30Kaffer, Ubuntu might be lighter weight than XP on netbooks but you can go lighter still with special Ubuntu based distributions19:45
KafferMaybe this helps...If I make a Remastersys the Live session works perfect but when I install from the USB or DVD it stall at Hardware configuration19:45
eenhoornhi all, what is the easiest/best way to upgrade from lucid to natty? I'm not a geek, please simpelest anwer? :)19:47
h00k!upgrade | eenhoorn this should help19:47
ubottueenhoorn this should help: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:47
MonkeyDusteenhoorn: backup and erase old version, then install new19:47
xanguaeenhoorn: firs upgrade to maverick and then to naty19:47
MonkeyDust!nl| eenhoorn19:47
ubottueenhoorn: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl19:47
bil21alany body give methe link of unsubcribe the ubunut questions????19:48
GravHi how can i set up transmission as default torrent client for firefox?19:48
eenhoornthx all19:49
xanguaGrav: ser it as default on firefox open with preferences19:49
bil21alany body give me the link to unsubcribe the ubuntu bugs19:50
KafferWill this NOMODESTE work on Ubuntu 10.10?19:50
h00kKaffer: NOMODESET will, yes.19:50
h00kbil21al: on the bug itself, you can unsubscribe.19:50
BipulMy pendrive is not showing in my ubuntu10.1019:51
bil21alhow i dont even know plzz tell me i just want to unsubcribe the questions from ubuntu ??  hook;19:51
Gravxangua: i have installed deluge some time ago, there is no option for transmission now. I could use other application in setting but i don't know where are installed apps on ubuntu. Is there evan a directory for that? like program files in windows?19:51
KafferCan someone tell me why a installation stalls at the "configuring hardware"19:51
h00kbil21al: the email has a link to the bug. You have to open that link, and look on the right hand side. You will be able to unsubscribe over there.19:52
Bipuli cant see my pendrive in my desktop as a icon in ubuntu10.1019:52
bil21alhook; i dont want to unsubcribe a single question i want to unsubcribe the whole massages from ubuntu questioning19:53
h00kbil21al: I don't know what you're talking about, can you give me an example?19:54
KafferIf anyone here is using XBMC...remove the splash.png picture. This improves starting up of program much faster19:54
lauratikahello im using cryptkeeper but i have some issues does anybody know a better option perhaps???19:54
Bipuli cant see my pendrive in my desktop as a icon in ubuntu10.1019:55
h00kbil21al: does it show up in 'Places' ?19:55
guntberth00k: Bipul :) ^19:55
bil21alhook: like the meaages came from ubuntu questions on my emails i just want to close that messages  from ubuntu questionsing so how can i unsubcribe the questions of ubuntu questioning19:56
h00kBipul: does it show up in 'Places' - apologies.19:56
Bipulh00k,  nops it's not working also19:56
h00kBipul: Like this: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+questions ? This Ubuntu Questions?19:56
KafferHow can I edit a Remastersys ISO without corrupting the files. I tried Iso master, doesn't work19:56
h00kbil21al: sorry, ^19:56
h00kBipul: my tab complete is all confused.19:57
Steristcan someone help me set up an applet as root19:57
h00kKaffer: does it work properly with a default CD, or are you creating a respin?19:57
h00kbil21al: Like this: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+questions ? This Ubuntu Questions?19:58
bluefiremy laptop battery backup is lesser in ubuntu and more in windows, why is this so ?19:58
halguys, what is the best way to enable/disable rc scripts for different runlevels. please?19:59
halwith 10.04, I mean19:59
KafferRespin? The original ISO works fine. But I want to change that blue Boot background. As soon as I replace that file the installation stalls at "hardware configuration" weird!!!19:59
bluefireubuntu gives about 2 hours while windows gives more than 3 hours19:59
bluefirei am no able to figure out the reason for this19:59
bil21alhook : yes like this i want to unsubcribe its emails from ubunutu19:59
h00kbil21al: There should be a 'unsubscribe' for you on the right hand side.20:00
bil21alno itsnot20:00
bil21alno its not20:00
lauratikaany one20:00
bil21alhook: no its not20:00
Jordan_UKaffer: What file are you replacing and how?20:01
Atreushas anyone in here ever put ubuntu on a cr-48 chromebook?20:01
h00kbil21al: use h00k, those are zeroes, that way it will highlight me. Are you signed into Launchpad? Do you see your username on tie right hand side?20:01
lauratikasorry got disconected20:01
bil21alyes i m login h00k;20:01
bluefirecan anyone tell why battery backup in ubuntu is only 2 hours, while it is more on windows ?20:02
w30Kaffer, I messed with boot images a long time ago and found that at that boot stage only certain colors work, maybe something uses only certain colors?20:02
h00kbil21al: Do you see your name on that right hand side?20:02
KafferJordan_U>  I made a complete backup of my system and edit the ISO with Master ISO to replace the blue background that Remastersys installs20:02
bil21alh00k: yes i can se my user name bil21al20:02
lauratikais there a cryptkeeper channel, anyone?20:03
Kafferw30> Myne works perfectrly with full color but my installation doesn't work. I think it's coz I edit the ISO with Master ISO20:03
xangua!alis | lauratika20:03
ubottulauratika: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*20:03
Jordan_UKaffer: So the iso created by Remastersys, before you edit he one file, works fine?20:04
h00kbil21al: can you leave that group? Alternatively, check in #launchpad, they may be able to help there.20:04
KafferNo I edit the ISO after the backup is made20:04
Jordan_UKaffer: Have you treid booting the Remastersys created iso before editing it with ISO master?20:05
KafferYes then it woks fine...20:06
Jordan_UKaffer: What is the file that you are changing?20:06
=== sandy is now known as Guest89891
lauratikaso no cryptkeeper channel20:07
Kaffersplash.png it's that ugly blue background with a half a face20:07
w30Kaffer, ok, you are probably into special software to not make a shambles of your iso. Ha, maybe Master ISO has an errata hidden some where.20:07
h00kKaffer: where is that file located?20:07
=== Zephr0 is now known as Zephr0`afk
KafferOn the boot USB it's under /syslinux20:08
sevithi hate my life20:09
KafferYea I think that Master ISO crews up the boot record20:10
sevithWhy do i get errors. sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm says i need the depdencies python-compizconfig and compiz-config-settings-manager. When i sudo apt-get install them everything works fine. When i go back and try to sudo apt-get install cimple-ccsm it still says i need those packages E broken packages? WTF?!20:10
halguys, what is the best way to enable/disable rc scripts for different runlevels on 10.04, please ?20:10
sevithhal sysv-rc-conf20:10
KafferIf I just replace that file on the USB everything works fine. But I can't make a DVD20:10
halsevith: do you mean rc.conf?20:10
h00ksevith: sudo apt-get update, try that before you install simple-ccsm20:11
sevithhal nvm Idk.20:11
auronandace!upstart | hal20:11
ubottuhal: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/20:11
sevithh00k, I did this. it stillllll does the same thing20:11
h00ksevith: is it complaining about a different version you need? what version are you on?20:12
Jordan_Usevith: Can you pastebin the output of "sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm"?20:12
sevithWell it IS complaining about a version but when i install them it says im up-to-date with the newest version and should work hold on. ill pastebin it20:12
andrew_How can I get GNOME's network manager to function with my network connections? I have an active connection and have set up another one in the network manager, but it still says "device not managed"20:13
sevithJordan_U, h00k , http://pastebin.com/2ptx45eX20:13
sevithBut i KNOW those are in the repositores. I just installed them from the repos.20:14
h00ksevith: what version are you on?20:14
sevithh00k, 11.0420:14
sevithI even just updated my entire sources.list and STILL have the same issue.20:15
=== andrew_ is now known as Polah
sevithh00k, Really it makes no sense.20:16
wildbatPolah, likly you have entry in /etc/network/interfaces, remove the affected devices from there20:16
Kaffersevith> Change your server to i diffrent country20:16
tank___cleam or delete all your repo data then apt-get update to redownload it20:16
KafferThat solved my problem20:16
sevithtank___, Did that.20:17
sevithKaffer, Where can i change the country at..Synaptic settings or something?20:17
tank___yea under repository20:17
plummerbHello folks.  I need help getting SNMP setup and configured.  Would that be here or another channel?20:17
=== war10ck_ is now known as nix10ck
sevithK Ill try but. I for some reason dont think it will do much but ill try20:18
Kaffersevith> Go into software-centre     sources ---select diffrent country20:18
cfeddeplummerb: more than just installing the packages?20:18
w30Kaffer, good point! mine too.20:18
plummerbYes, configuring access control, setting it up so I can use Firewall Builder's network discovery feature.20:19
w30Kaffer, and days later swithed back and all was fine.20:19
sevithI hate computers sometimes.20:20
cfeddeplummerb: there are several reasonable hits just googling for ubuntu snmpd.20:20
Kafferw30> Mine too, I think servers are updating at that time or something20:20
Bipulcan any one help me i cant able to connect my pendrive in my ubuntu10.1020:20
ikoniaBipul: what happens when you plug it in20:21
KafferBipul> Does it work in Windows?20:21
cfeddeplummerb: they mostly degenerate into: apt-get install snmpd snmp snmp-mibs-downloader, and then fixing /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and /etc/snmp.conf20:21
Bipulikonia,  i can't see the pendrive icon or folder20:21
Dylan2236Is anyone here using BackTrack 4 R2?20:21
plummerb<cfede> Yes, I have Googled a LOT.  I have all the snmp manuals printed out and I've read through them but they don't really explain HOW to configure it correctly.20:21
executionistwhen making a pppoe connection in ubuntu, where are the Vpi/Vci settings?20:21
ikoniaDylan2236: the people in #backtrack-linux can support you20:21
Dylan2236Thank you.20:22
cfeddeplummerb: the operative word here is "correctly"20:22
ikoniaBipul: look in /var/log/messages do you see an entry when you plug the drive in ?20:22
cfeddeplummerb: by default the snmp agent will answer to v2c requrests with community string "public"20:22
plummerbYes, correctly.  The manuals give many of the arguments and directives but don't really explain hot to use them or what they do.20:22
cfeddeplummerb: the comments in /etc/snmpd.conf are also reasonably helpful.  But there is so much policy going on that it is tough to know what is right for any given site.20:23
Bipulikonia,  http://pastebin.com/psEusjkT20:23
KafferIf I make a Complete backup with Remastersys will it work on other PC's20:24
ikoniaBipul: is this on a virtual machine ?20:24
cfeddeplummerb: the easiest way to get started is to read through the comments in /etc/snmpd.conf and set the community string to something other than public.20:24
plummerb<cfedde> Well, here is an example that I am having trouble with.  When  Firewall Builder attempts to fetch the ARP table from the server it gets the error, Failed to fetch ARP table from : SNMPSession: error: End of MIB20:25
cfeddeplummerb: then try to talk to the agent using "snmpwalk -v2c -c public"20:25
bafiliusI'm trying to find a great console I was using. It dropped down like guake but you could split the screen like with terminator. It had a lot of keybindings too. Anyone know what I'm talking about?20:25
Bipulno ubuntu is on my desktop20:25
Bipulyes but i do have installed vmware20:25
ikoniaBipul: ok, so the vbox stuff is not on this machine20:25
cfeddeplummerb: ah! does the agent respond to simple requests?20:26
executionisthelp plz, when making a pppoe connection in ubuntu, where are the Vpi/Vci settings?20:26
Bipulyes i do have vbox installed20:26
ikoniaBipul: look at the errors on /dev/sda1 - it's getting remounted, what's going on with that ?20:26
Gallo1what's up all ?20:26
KafferBipul> Is your USB ports working?20:26
KafferBipul> If you plug in a cellphone or a other USB device does it pick it up?20:27
plummerb<cfedde> Yes.  I get a response from snmpwalk -c public -v1
ikoniaBipul: plug the usb drive in and show me the output of "sudo fdisk -l"20:27
Gallo1Can anyone running bt help with "iwconfig wlan0 essid "<name_of_router>" key "<encryption_key>" ----> Error for wireless request "Set Encode" (8b2a)?20:27
guntbert!backtrack | Gallo120:28
ubottuGallo1: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition20:28
cfeddeplummerb: and do you get a response when you use the public address?20:28
Steristhow do i set an applet to run as root?20:28
plummerb<cfedde> Yep, from a client system I get standard response to this, snmpwalk -c public -v1
guntbertSterist: why do you want that?20:29
Bipulikonia, http://pastebin.com/vqbFcAEq20:29
Steristguntbert i have a temp monitor applet that complains about not being root20:30
quentusrexAnyone know if it is possible to upgrade ubuntu 11.04 to the beta or RC versions of 11.10 from the command line?20:30
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition20:30
ikoniaBipul: ok, so it doesn't see the pen drive at all, either the drive is dead or your usb ports are having an issue, I don't see any errors on usb in your syslog though20:30
usr13Sterist: an init script.20:30
Gallo1no bots ?20:30
usr13Sterist: Or sudo crontab -e20:30
ikoniaGallo1: the bot is ubottu - it's reponded to you 2 times20:30
motophreakeranyone know how to make a live usb drive and it not ask to install or boot live20:30
Gallo1file bot ?20:30
Steristusr13 i dont know what to make of that command... are you asking what that returns?20:31
ikoniaGallo1: file bot ? what are you talking about20:31
Bipuli think driver has an issue what to do ?20:31
cfeddeplummerb: then it seems like the agent is configred properly.20:31
ikoniaBipul: I don't20:31
Gallo1was asking if there was a file bot is all20:31
ikoniaGallo1: I have no idea what a file bot is20:31
Gallo1like for guides and such20:31
cfeddeplummerb: do you get symbolic oid in the responses? or just a list of dotted numbers?20:31
usr13motophreaker: http://www.xpud.org/20:31
motophreakerthanks usr1320:32
ikoniaBipul: I don't think it's an issue as a.) it's a usb disk, there isn't really a driver b.) there is no usb errors in the log c.) there is no usb event in the log to show a device being even plugged in20:32
usr13Sterist: Answering your question.20:32
usr13Sterist: But would have to know exactly what you want to do to give more specific answer.20:32
Gallo1kk, I'ma noob trying to switch to linux,  so yeah20:32
DTSuserI;m back20:33
ikoniaGallo1: if you're using backtrack try the channel #backtrack-linux20:33
Gallo1aight thanks, thought that was based off ubuntu anyways though20:34
plummerb<cfedde> Here is what I get.  http://pastebin.com/0xxki4su20:34
ikoniaGallo1: it is, but it's different, hence why we don't support it here20:34
motophreakerusr13: do you know of ubuntu live usb without it asking to install everytime?20:34
muneebis it OK to have Ubuntu and Debian share same '/home' ?20:34
MonkeyDustGallo1: start here, with this pretty girl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qR591lh5Ow20:34
cfeddeplummerb: pastebin is blocked from where I'm sitting.  go figure.20:34
Gallo1fair enough thanx a bunch20:34
plummerbWell that sucks.20:35
ikoniaMonkeyDust: please don't post pointless videos like that20:35
MonkeyDustikonia: it was a hint20:35
cfeddeplummerb: when you run "snmpwalk -Of -v1 -cpublic your.host.name | grep ipNetToPhysicalTable" should be the arp table20:36
plummerb<cfedde> sent it to you direct.20:37
Steristusr13 it's a hardware sensors applet20:38
plummerb<cfedde> No response from that command.20:38
Steristusr13 complains about not being root when trying to read hdd temp20:38
plummerb<cfedde> I need to compile my MIB's?20:39
cfeddeplummerb: if you want the symbolic values.20:40
cfeddethe numeric oid are all that the remote manager cares about.20:41
cfeddebut it looks like your list is truncated at just the system table.20:41
alkafoomotophreaker: ok20:44
motophreakerI want to make a live usb that skips the screen asking to try ubuntu or install ubuntu20:44
motophreakerdoes anyone know how to bypass that screen? Would I need to rebuild an ISO and remove that as a feature?20:45
tsaknorrismoto use alternative iso and make script there?20:45
cfeddeplummerb: in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf the line that starts "rocommunity" decides what is visible with community string "public"20:46
alkafoomotophreaker: there's probably a delay value in a conf for whatever it is you're using to create the image20:46
alkafoomotophreaker: you could change that before or after20:46
SlapshotHi I'm running 10.04 server on a headless box and up until now I had no problems. I rebooted the machine and now I cant access it through vnc or ssh but my router states that it is active. Can someone help me out with this problem?20:47
motophreakerthe one I am asking about is the actual GTK screen. Not the terminal GRUB prompt... Does this make sence?20:47
=== fenre__ is now known as fenre
plummerb<cfedde> I setup my conf file with just the basics.  Community access is this:  rocommunity  public default .
metalfan_where can i look at the ubuntu kernel config that is currently running?20:48
cfeddeplummerb: if you make a line "view plummerb included .1.3.6" then "rocommunity plummerb default -V plummerb"  you'll get the full tree if you use plummerb as the communtity string.20:48
alkafoomotophreaker: semantics20:48
ikoniametalfan_: what do you mean look at it, what aspect of it ?20:48
alkafooSlapshot: make sure sshd is running20:48
metalfan_if the sctp option is included in the kernel or not20:48
cfeddeplummerb: you'll also have to restart snmpd for the above to take effect.20:49
alkafoometalfan_: if there is any sanity in the world, zcat /proc/config.gz20:49
ikoniayou'll find it in the config.gz in your /boot directoy20:49
Slapshotalkfafoo I believe it runs on start up. I also dont think its the problem I can seem to ftp to the box or through any webui I have setup.20:49
metalfan_netstat says:   netstat: no support for `AF INET (tcp)' on this system.                   and the manpage for netstat says that the sctp kernel modul is needed20:49
metalfan_alkafoo, theres n