elopiohey ralsina_, should I set the issues fixed on this beta release as "Fix released"?02:18
ralsina_elopio: good question :-)02:18
ralsina_ask tomorrow, dobey or nessita will know better02:18
ralsina_I suspect only on a "final" release02:18
elopioralsina_, ok, I will.02:19
ralsina_BTW: thanks for all the testing :-D02:19
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lauratikahi everyone i have a question i have some folders in ubuntu one in sync... but just some of them show a green tick  is there a way to have all folders in sync show green tick like ubuntu one folder06:39
karniGood morning!08:14
JamesTaitGood morning, everyone! :-D08:21
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nessitahello everyone!11:20
gatoxnessita, hi11:22
nessitagatox: hi there, how are you feeling today?11:22
gatoxnessita, much better11:22
gatoxnessita, and i have some reviews, and i'm finishing other branches :P11:22
mandelgatox, I forgot to ask, how is everything :P11:23
* mandel has been battling with the zop test runner11:23
gatoxmandel, jeje fine! you?? new home?11:23
mandelgatox, well since sunday :)11:23
mandelgatox, but I have not had time to unpack hehe11:24
gatoxmandel, :P11:24
* mandel goes back to fight with zope? oh man I hate it11:25
nessitagatox: shoot the reviews, I'll queue them up11:26
gatoxnessita, i'll recommend this order:  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/err-dict  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/err-dict  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/84779611:27
nessitagatox: ack11:27
mandelnessita, gatox do you guys have experience with zope.testrunner?11:40
gatoxmandel, nop here11:41
nessitamandel: a little, what's wrong?11:41
mandelnessita,  I wanted to split some tests in pykeyring because it looked terrible and now the runner does not longer find them, the code is here: https://bitbucket.org/mandel/python-keyring-skip-platform-tests11:42
nessitamandel: looking11:43
mandelnessita, you have to bootstrap the code etc.. that is not in the docs so I made a diff branch to add that to the README here: https://bitbucket.org/mandel/python-keyring-lib-extra-readme/overview11:43
nessitamandel: show me the diff of your changes so I don't have to clone the repo11:43
nessitamandel: anyways, is it absolutely necessary to split that?11:43
mandelnessita, sure, on it11:43
mandelnessita, https://bitbucket.org/mandel/python-keyring-skip-platform-tests/compare/..kang/python-keyring-lib11:44
mandelnessita, well, is no 100% needed we can go without it, is just a matter of doing things right11:44
nessitamandel: I'm 110% of doing things right in places where we have control and freedom to choose. If this is giving you too much of a headhache, I'm not sure is worth it. Looking at the diff now!11:45
nessitamandel: is the keyring/tests/backend/__init__.py yours?11:46
nessitamandel: ping11:47
mandelnessita, yes11:47
nessitamandel: all that is not pep8 and all, is that intended?11:47
mandelnessita, is a rename of test_backends.py, I have not gotten into improving code style :P11:47
mandelnessita, hg mv is an hg add + hg remove11:48
mandelnot tool cool...11:48
nessitamandel: so, I'm not 100% sure but I think you need to define test suites and the __main__ part juts like what you have in lines 149-16211:49
nessitamandel: seems like the zope test runner does not do autodiscovery11:49
mandelnessita,you might have nailed it, let me try that :D11:49
nessitagatox: while you fix the bug you're working on (setup account can be clicked with no data)11:55
nessitagatox: please also fix a new critical I just assigned to you (name field should be required)11:56
gatoxnessita, i already fix that11:56
gatoxnessita, is one of the branches i gave you11:56
nessitagatox: ah, ok. So, news: I just assigned a Critical to you :-D11:56
gatoxnessita, jeje ok11:56
mandel nessita I'm talking with benji about this issue, he's the maintainer12:04
nessitamandel: which channel? if you need I can jump in12:04
mandelnessita, no worries I'm asking for some help and since he is from canonical we are cool :P12:05
nessitagatox:     177:  [C0111, SetupAccountPage.set_error_message] Missing docstring12:05
gatoxnessita, what?..... i thought i added that.....12:05
nessitagatox: maybe a missing push?12:05
nessitagatox: this is the installer branch12:05
gatoxnessita, done...... waiting for launchpad to rescan it12:08
ralsinaGood morning!12:35
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mandelralsina, morning12:35
ralsinahello mandel12:35
mandelralsina, do you have any experience with the bloody zope.test runner?12:36
ralsinamandel: how's keryring coming along?12:36
ralsinaNot the slightlest experience, no12:36
mandelralsina, I'm fighting with that? the bloody runner does not want to load my tests :(12:37
mandelthat is why I was asking..12:37
ralsinamandel: have the branch somewhere visible?12:37
mandelralsina, the one with a small step I'm trying to do is here: https://bitbucket.org/mandel/python-keyring-skip-platform-tests12:39
mandelralsina, diff is https://bitbucket.org/mandel/python-keyring-skip-platform-tests/compare/..kang/python-keyring-lib12:39
ralsinamandel: looking12:39
nessitamandel: did you try what I suggested?12:39
mandelralsina, if I do bint/test --list-tests they do not appear12:40
mandelnessita, yes I did, no luck12:40
ralsinaok, hg-branching12:40
mandelnessita, the idea was to add a test_suit method that returns a TestSuit with the tests, right?12:40
nessitamandel:  and ALSO run unittest.main with that test suite12:41
nessitamandel: see lines 161 and 16212:41
nessitamandel: did you add that as well?12:41
nessitaralsina: I reviewed all your branches, and reply to mine12:41
ralsinanessita: I replied to your comments, am reading your reply :-)12:42
mandelnessita, let me take a look12:42
mandelnessita, yes, I did that too? let me try again maybe I fucked it up12:42
nessitamandel: so, try that one more time, and I'd say stop trying to make things more pretty and just add the tests "we" need12:43
ralsinanessita: thanks for the answer, +112:44
mandelI need 5 min, I'll be back12:47
ralsinaalecu, mandel, nessita, gatox, dobey: standup in 8'12:52
gatoxralsina, ack12:52
XGaryGI have my TomBoy notes set to sync thru Ubuntu One. Now every time I start Ubuntu One the CouchDB crashes.12:53
XGaryGIs there a known fix for this?12:55
dobeyXGaryG: are you on oneiric?12:57
XGaryGYes, I am.12:57
nessitagatox: can you please do, when you have a free moment, the review I asked by email?12:57
mandelralsina, nessita I think I'm missing a __main__.py since its a pacakage12:58
nessitamandel: you mean __init__.py?12:58
gatoxnessita, which e-mail?? do you remember the subject?12:58
nessitagatox: "review wanted"12:58
gatoxnessita, ok..... i'll do it after the standup12:59
dobeyXGaryG: couchdb is known broken on oneiric at the moment. there are a couple of proposed fixes, but i don't think either fix has made it in yet as they are still in discussion about which to use12:59
nessitagatox: ack12:59
XGaryGOK. Thanks. Was afraid it was something I did.12:59
mandelnessita, no, I did mean __main__.py13:00
nessitamandel: there is no such thing13:00
nessitamandel: why would you add a file named __main__?13:01
dobeyXGaryG: nope. unfortunately, everyone on oneiric who wants to use ubuntu one is seeing it :-/13:01
mandelnessita, there is, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4042905/what-is-main-py13:01
nessitamandel: we surely don't need that, not even for zope test runner13:03
ralsinaalecu, standup?13:03
ralsinanessita: go13:04
mandelnessita, I;m trying, it that does not work, I'll give up and will simply send a fixed branch to ralsina13:04
nessitaDONE: testing with clean installs, bug triage, submitted branches for bug #838993, bug #806154, bug #80070513:04
nessitaTODO: bug triage and reviews, there are a lot!13:04
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes13:04
nessitaNEXT: gatox13:04
ralsinamandel: run the tests with nose?13:04
gatoxBug #845083, Bug #845735, Bug #847796, Bug #845750, Bug #84848313:04
gatoxMore ui Bugs.13:04
gatoxmandel go13:04
XGaryGThey should make it pretty high priority to fix. It is a main selling point on the home page.13:04
mandelDONE: Errands from yesterday took longer than expected. Proposed pull for pykeyring. Worked on tests for pykeyring so that the can be ran in all platforms nicely.13:04
mandelTODO: Propose fix for XP once the tests are fixed, if not will send a branch to ralsina so that he can make the package.13:04
mandelBLOCKED: A little with zope.test_runner.13:04
mandelnext, ralsina!13:04
nessitamandel: we already agreed you had to stop a few minutes ago! :-)13:04
ralsinaDONE: (long) tech leads call, bug triaging, reviews, proposed branches for "invalid mode qt in uninstaller" and "new UDFs should be selected by default on installer", merged most of the pending branches, small packaging fixes.13:04
ralsinaTODO: merge "add_install_option", fix more bugs, see if I should take over "there is a new version" from mandel, followup "wizard doesn't start" with elopio, decide if I do a release today.13:04
ralsinaBLOCKED: no13:04
dobeyλ DONE: started on bug #848067 and bug #84261413:04
dobeyλ TODO: finish aforementioned bugs, bug #840072, bug #838778, get stuff off CD13:04
dobeyλ BLCK: None.13:04
dobeyuh, alecu?13:05
ralsinamandel: did you manage to run the tests manually at all? If yes, then by all means send me the branch and move onto the "detecting new versions" stuff13:05
* mandel lunch13:05
nessitamandel: wait!13:06
nessitamandel: let's define your tasks13:06
mandelnessita, what?13:06
mandelnow? tell me13:06
nessitamandel: since you seem to be blocked for much more time that we can afford :-)13:06
nessitamandel: did you read ralsina's comment?13:06
mandelnessita, yes, I'll send the branch to him for the new release, that is not a problem13:07
XGaryGIs there a specific channel for Oneiric questions?13:07
mandelI just want to make sure we get this in trunk in pykeyring13:07
nessitamandel: ok, then we need you to start ASAP with the 'there is a new release' task13:07
ralsinamandel: maybe you can ask for help from them in their own schedule about the test runner13:07
nessitamandel: why don't you add  the new test in the same file?13:08
mandelnessita, yes, \i can do that, don't worry in an hour you will have the new version13:09
dobeyXGaryG: #ubuntu is for general ubuntu questions13:09
nessitamandel: an hour?!?!?!13:09
mandelyes, lunch :P13:10
alecunessita, ralsina: sorry, I was afk because Amelia woke up. I'm taking her to kinder and I'll be back in 30'. At what time are we having the mumble meeting?13:20
dobeycontrol panel makes my gtk3reactor segfault :(13:20
ralsinaalecu: today chipaca and I have management call (in 10 minutes) so it's at least not until 40 minutes from now13:20
gatoxnessita, +113:20
ralsinaafter that, you guys feel free to choose any time that fits you13:21
alecuralsina, ok, great. I'll be back before that for sure.13:21
nessitaalecu: ack13:21
nessitagatox: thanks!13:21
alecunessita, btw: if I decode from "utf-8" into unicode before calling makedirs, it seems to work fine.13:24
nessitaalecu: great news13:24
alecunessita, at least sso13:24
ralsinanessita: I know you have a ton of these, but this one seems to have dropped from your table: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/add_install_option13:24
nessitaalecu: well, syncdaemon should use the os_helper methods, no?13:24
alecunessita, I'll be working on a small branch to fix this, and I'll check if sd breaks similarly13:24
ralsinanessita: feel free to delegate it, though13:25
alecunessita, is it using the os_helper stuff to create the logging folder too?13:25
nessitaralsina: thanks for the reminder13:25
alecunessita, I'll check when I get back.13:25
nessitaalecu: thanks, can you also file and fix the cirticial re logging the tokens?13:25
alecunessita, also, I'll work on the fix for the tokens13:25
nessitaalecu: thanks!13:27
nessitaalecu: re: logging folder, I'm not sure, but surely we can make it use it13:27
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nessitaralsina: while testing the selct-folder branch IRL, I found out bug #84898113:30
nessitaralsina: will approve, but the new bug should be taken care of (is not critical though)13:30
nessitagatox: ping13:32
gatoxnessita, pong13:32
nessitagatox: what will _build_general_error_message return if the param is not a mapping? the empty string?13:33
gatoxnessita,  ^13:33
gatoxnessita, is that ok??13:33
nessitagatox: well, we should return instead a repr() of the parameter, otherwise the UI will not progress and the user will have no idea why13:33
gatoxnessita, or do you want to print the object in that place?13:33
gatoxnessita, ok13:34
nessitagatox: no printing13:34
nessitagatox: you can add logging, and return the error repr()13:34
gatoxnessita, yes, i understand13:34
nessitagatox: secondly, this looks off:13:34
nessita         error['Error'] = 'Generic Error'13:34
nessita        error['Test'] = 'Just for Testing'13:34
ralsinanessita: about bug #848981, I replied. I am not sure that's a bug, although fixing it is not terribly hard.13:34
ralsinanessita: I would mark it low13:34
nessitagatox: inside on_user_registration_error13:34
gatoxnessita, uhhhhhhhhhhh i forgot to delete the tests!13:35
nessitaralsina: replied back, basically I said let's ask UX because I'm not sure :-)13:36
ralsinanessita: hehe13:36
nessitagatox: since you're modifying...13:36
gatoxnessita, yes?13:37
nessitagatox: ERROR_EMAIL_TOKEN should be after ERROR_EMAIL13:37
nessita(alphabetical order)13:37
gatoxnessita, ok13:37
* alecu bbl13:38
nessitagatox: another question/suggestion: in on_email_validation_error, if there is an specific form error, I don't think you're showing it...13:38
nessitagatox: I think you missed the " if msg is None", shouldn't that be " if msg is not None"? and also you should pop that vlaue from the dict13:39
gatoxnessita, yes, i think you are right13:40
nessitagatox: can you please fix that and add tests for that?13:40
gatoxnessita, ok, no problem13:41
mandel ralsina ping13:42
ralsinamandel: pong13:43
mandelralsina, do you have a bug report for the keyring issue?13:43
ralsinamandel: yes there is one, but I don't have it handy13:43
mandelralsina, where did you submitted? ubuntu-sso-client?13:44
ralsinamandel: check in u1cp one about not being able to remove device13:44
mandelralsina, ok13:44
nessitamandel: let me give it to you13:44
mandelnessita, cool thx13:44
mandelralsina, the patch is for the c based bersion of pykeyring, could you build it last time or should I compile it to you?13:45
nessitamandel: bug #84580613:45
ralsinamandel: I don't remember13:45
ralsinamandel: why are we not using the python implementation?13:46
* ralsina didn't even remember there being a C implementation13:46
mandelralsina, there c code is yo use the crypto libs in windows instead of using ctypes, that is all13:46
ralsinamandel: ack13:46
mandelralsina, that one is the one we are currently using in our code13:46
ralsinaI can probably build it, I have VS200813:47
mandelralsina, ok, let me test and will pass you the branch13:47
mandelralsina, do you have a window xp vm with the old pykeyring we where using?13:52
ralsinamandel: no, nessita has one13:53
nessitamandel: I have one, win xp with sp 3, 32 bits13:53
nessitamandel: is a prisitine env, so I can run scripts and such but no branches13:54
nessitaralsina: oh! your --mode branch broke trunk tests (I ran them only in linux, and they break in windows)13:55
ralsinaI ran tests on that one13:55
mandelnessita, can you run the following for me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/688336/13:55
ralsinanessita: missing push13:56
ralsinanessita: did that one merge?13:56
nessitaralsina: on the --mode branch?13:56
nessitaralsina: yeah, it landed13:57
ralsinaok, I'll re-propose it13:57
nessitaralsina: can you make a quick new one?13:57
ralsinaand then we will re-merge it?13:57
ralsinaor I will push it somewhere else13:57
ralsinaYes, should be 5'13:57
nessitaralsina: push somehwere else, and add the --fixes for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/+bug/84900913:57
nessitaralsina: yes?13:58
ralsinanessita: yes, should be up in 5', unless I have to start talking in the mgmt call :-)13:58
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nessitaralsina: in the add_installer_option branch, can you make this simple change (but I think it will improve readability): instead of the parameter to be called installer, make that "installing"? (not the command line option, just the main() argument13:59
nessitaso we can have in the code:14:00
nessitaif installing: foo14:00
nessitaelse: bar14:00
ralsinasure, looks better14:00
dobeyblah, this sucks14:01
dobeyi can't tell if it's gtk3reactor that's not working right, or ubuntuone-control-panel tests14:02
mandelnessita, did you manage to run the script I pated?14:02
dobeyand i really have no idea how ubuntuone-installer tests pass when using --reactor=twisted14:03
nessitamandel: not yet, booting the VM now14:04
mandelok, no worries14:05
nessitamandel: ah, I have no python there14:06
nessitamandel: I'm downloading it now14:06
mandelnessita, let me compile the pykeyring for you so that you have the latests version, ping me when you have python ready14:07
dobeysomebody make a client branch to land plz :)14:08
nessitamandel: done14:08
nessitaralsina: let me know when the install-option is changed, I'll test it IRL14:11
mandelnessita, ok, uploading the files know I'll ping you with the public url14:11
ralsinanessita: on it, it was my turn to talk :-)14:11
nessitano rush14:11
mandelnessita, try with this http://ubuntuone.com/4J7pmS2SWCwWAJft4A0x4714:11
ralsinanessita: https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-windows-installer/install-betterer/+merge/7518614:11
ralsinaAdding IRL instructions14:12
nessitamandel: ack14:12
nessitaralsina: thanks!14:12
nessitamandel: what do I do with that? dump it in site-packages?14:12
mandelnessita, yes14:12
mandelnessita, I know, not very elegant14:13
nessitamandel: result is None14:13
nessitamandel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/688353/14:14
mandelnessita, hm.. that is why the tests pass?. ok I know the issue, the problem is the package, give me few mins.. (Ibooting a vm to fix this)14:16
nessitamandel: anything else?14:16
mandelnessita, giv me 5/10 min14:16
nessitamandel: what package?14:16
mandelnessita, the compiled version I sent you is missing a file14:17
nessitawhich file?14:17
mandelnessita, I don't know yet, but you should never get None unless there was an import error, I'm going to change that function to actually get an exception14:19
mandelralsina, ping14:20
ralsinamandel: pong14:21
mandelralsina, can you import win32_crypto in the machine you use to build the packages?14:21
ralsinamandel: yes, import works14:21
ralsinamandel: could be it's not included in the bundle and breaks on the target?14:23
mandelralsina, well I'm getting all the tests ok? but I wanna know more about the error14:23
mandelralsina, and there are no logs for it.. so I'm just doing IRL tests14:24
ralsinamandel: I am in the phone, so it's tricky14:24
ralsinato help much14:24
nessitamandel: what do you need in particular? I would like to understand so we can help you14:24
mandelnessita, well, logs with the trace would be nice14:25
nessitamandel: logs where from what?14:26
nessitamandel: stop being cryptic, we're not in your head (please!)14:26
ralsinamandel, nessita: go mumble? :-)14:27
mandelnessita, I'm testing IRL the keyring code and I'd like to have the logs of the error that was reported14:27
ralsinamandel: I can provide a set of binaries that print stderr so we can see that14:27
nessitamandel: so you want the log from sso?14:27
mandelnessita, yes :D14:27
nessitalooking to see if I still have them14:28
mandelcool thx14:28
nessitamandel: where is xdg saving logs in XP?14:29
mandelnessita, no idea.. I think is in temp14:30
nessitadownloading u1 beta2 to re generate logs14:30
mandelnessita, sweet thx!14:30
mandelI'm nearly done setting a devel env in xp...14:30
* ralsina should really do a relocatable windows virtualenv :-/14:31
nessitamandel, ralsina: for future reference, logs in XP are located at:14:33
nessitaC:\Documents and Settings\foo bar\Local Settings\Application Data\xdg14:33
nessitamandel: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/688363/14:35
mandelnessita, thx a lot14:36
nessitamandel: seems like the trace itself is not being logged in the windows code14:36
mandelnessita, yes, lets change that14:39
mandelnessita, I think the code in sso that makes the call is doing it14:39
nessitaralsina: since we're at it, can you please improve this:14:39
nessitaself.assertTrue('--mode win32' == self._called[0][3])14:39
nessitato use assertEqual()?14:40
nessitathere are several of those in that test14:40
ralsinanessita: but assertTrue for whatever is None, right?14:41
nessitaralsina: assertTrue(foo is None) <- yes14:41
ralsinaack, pushing it in 1'14:42
ralsinanessita: pushed14:44
nessitaralsina: what revno?14:45
ralsinanessita: 6314:46
nessitaralsina: LP has no idea yet14:46
nessitabranching locally14:46
ralsinanessita: wait, it got pushed to the old branch14:47
nessitaralsina: figured14:47
nessitaralsina: I was about to day branching locally did not help either14:47
ralsinait's pushd but launchpad is really slow at scanning today14:49
nessitaralsina: did alecu return?14:49
nessitashall we schedule the mumble?14:49
alecunessita, yes it did14:49
ralsinahaven't seen him14:49
nessitaalecu: hi it!14:49
nessitaralsina, alecu, gatox, mandel: shall we mumble?14:49
alecuralsina, I've only seen him in the mirror, this morning.14:49
nessitato sync up14:49
gatoxnessita, ack14:50
ralsinaif everyone is here, whenever you are ready, I am in mumble now14:50
nessitaI'm there too14:51
mandelralsina, nessita can we do it in 15 please, I'm in the middle of a thinking process14:52
mandelas in bug hunting14:52
nessitamandel: ok14:53
alecumandel, I usually call that "getting a phone call from my boss, the pope"14:53
alecumandel, or "sitting in the royal throne"14:53
mandelI'm not in the toilet :P14:53
alecumandel, don't let me interrupt you!14:54
ralsinasending a mail with attachments!14:54
mandelnessita, can you take a look at your registry and do a search on ubuntuone14:54
nessitamandel: which OS?14:55
mandelnessita, XP14:55
nessitagatox: added needs info to https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/847796/+merge/75158 (you decide and let me know)14:56
nessitamandel: sure, looking14:56
gatoxnessita, ok14:56
nessitamandel: there are a lot of results14:57
nessitamandel: what are you looking in particular?14:57
nessitaralsina: speacking of which, this does not look ok: I have a resgitry entry that points InstallLocation to C:\Program Files/ubuntuone14:58
nessitaralsina: is that in our hands to fix?14:58
ralsinait isn't, but it works just fine14:58
nessitaralsina: same for keys Location, path-ubuntuone-syncdamon, path-ubuntu-sso-client14:59
ralsinaFor example, try "c:\program files/ubuntuone/dist\ubuntuone-control-panel-qt.exe"14:59
nessitaralsina: in whose hands is it?14:59
ralsinanessita: that is a variable provided by InstallBuilder14:59
ralsinaand it works14:59
nessitaralsina: I believe it works, but can we make that a windows path? (just trying to measure effort)15:00
nessitamandel: ping?15:00
mandelnessita, Software\U1_KEY_ATTR\Keyring15:00
ralsinanessita: I don't think we can, unless I overwrite that key with something from the wizard.15:00
mandelnessita, prisas, que no me lo se de memoria! ;)15:00
nessitamandel: I don t have a toplevel Software15:00
nessitatop level starts with HKEY15:01
ralsinanessita: HKEY_CURRENT_USER15:01
ralsinathen what mandel said15:01
nessitaralsina: I'm curious of knowing how do you know is that key (so I can learn)15:01
ralsinanessita: user-specific keys are always there15:02
mandelnessita, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ubuntu One\Keyring15:02
ralsinait's like ~/.config so to speak15:02
nessitamandel: got that entry, wanna a screenshot?15:02
nessitaralsina: ah, I get it now15:02
nessitamandel: wanna a screenshot? (and we should mumble now)15:03
nessita(if you're ready)15:03
mandelnessita, no need, I think the issue is that we are getting an exception in the DeleteValue but I dont know what value we are sending, that usually happens when we send the wrongone15:03
mandelnessita, sure15:04
* mandel starts mumble15:04
mandelralsina, how long does it take you to make a new msi?15:05
mandelralsina, I'd like to give you a new version of pykeyring that will point to the error15:05
ralsinaok, phone, be back in 30''15:05
mandelnessita, I dont longer needyour help, I fisshed setting up an xp machine15:05
nessitamandel: can you join mumble? I have some questions re this keyring thingy15:06
ralsinauploading and everything, it's about 30 minutes15:07
mandelralsina, ok, let me push the changes for you15:10
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:14
karniAny help with translation, friends :)? "No me gusta la limitación que supone tener que sincronizar el teléfono con la hora de la red. En dropbox no pasa"15:29
karniThat's a review from Android Market. Google Translate doesn't handle it well.15:29
ralsinakarni: he says he doesn; t like that it  doesn't work if the phone has the wrong date/time15:30
karniralsina: ah, makes perfect sense. though, we've recently fixed it, maybe he/she hasn't updated yet.15:31
karniralsina: thanks!15:31
ralsinawhy he doesn't like that his phone doesn't keep time, I don't know15:32
karniralsina: :D (perhaps he meant that he intentionally doesn't use the exact timezone/time setting he's in. We've had few such users.)15:32
ralsinakarni: "Thans for helping make Ubuntu One better. You are weird."15:33
karniralsina: w00t ;D ?15:33
karniralsina: ah hahahahah15:34
* ralsina helps user support15:34
mandelralsina, nessita, alecu, gatox: I just fixed the bug, the issue was that the key was not opened with full rights, please pull from hg clone https://mandel@bitbucket.org/mandel/pykeyring-delete-password15:37
mandelI mean clone15:37
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nessitaalecu: sos un groso! thanks for working on this16:05
alecunessita, the grossa is you.16:05
nessitagatox: did you got any chance to read my comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/847796/+merge/75158 ?16:06
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gatoxnessita, yes, i'll that in this branch16:07
alecunessita, the metadata dir is "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\xdg\ubuntuone\syncdaemon\tritcask"????16:10
alecumandel, ^?16:12
nessitaalecu: he should remove everything under:16:13
nessitaalecu: ask him to do a backup first, like moving the dir away16:13
nessita(instead of removing)16:13
mandelalecu, excuse me?16:13
alecumandel, don't worry, nessita has answered. thanks anyway.16:14
mandelalecu, oh, ok16:14
alecunessita, I've replied to the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/+bug/84637316:19
nessitaalecu: the answer looks great, thanks16:23
ralsinablajk ping16:26
ralsinaoops, not here16:26
nessitaok, I'm leaving in a couple of minutes16:27
mandelralsina, have you tried to build the keyring package?16:27
nessitaif you need me, speak now or forever (tomorrow) hodl your peace :-P16:27
ralsinamandel: am about to start, was in a bit of mgmt business16:28
mandelralsina, fiber goes very well for that16:28
mandelralsina, mainly, clone python setup install and it should try to compile etc..16:29
mandelif it fails in a crazy manner AKA windows manner, you do not have VS set correctly, and alecu knows a lot about it :)16:29
ralsinaseems to be compiling16:30
ralsinasemms to have installed16:30
ralsinaHow can I make sure?16:30
mandelralsina, let me write a small script for you to test :)16:30
ralsinamandel: cool16:30
mandelralsina, give me a min so I can test it on windows (vm booting is slow...)16:31
mandelralsina, here you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/688446/16:33
ralsinamandel: that is SO annoying to copy/paste :-)16:34
mandelralsina, I'll do my best to get this to land in trunk asap with good test coverage etc...16:34
mandelralsina, boohh16:34
mandelralsina, http://paste.ubuntu.com/688449/16:35
ralsinamandel: seems to work16:35
mandelralsina, are you sure you are not spanish? that level of lazyness can only be achieved in this side of the Atlantic :)16:35
ralsinaI had to copy/paste 9 times!16:35
mandelralsina, ok, then I'm moving to the update thing, right?16:36
ralsinaI think I may do a build with this keyring so I can test deleting devices on XP and then I'll close the bug16:36
mandelralsina, ok, I'll start that early in the morning, now.. I'm going to try and find my underwear I think is in a box16:37
mandelralsina, seems logical, are we ever going to get build bots?16:37
mandelwould be nice to have commitles16:37
ralsinamandel: yes, I have been talking about that with sidne-i16:37
ralsinamandel: doing a jenkins. We can then store the builds as artifacts16:38
mandelralsina, that would be beatiful, but hide, dobey is going to shoot at us!16:38
* mandel hides? then looks for his underwear16:38
dobeymandel: fix whatever it is that is making you type ? after random words :P16:39
ralsinathe curvature of the earth protects me from any weapons dobey can easily obtain16:39
dobeyralsina: i wouldn't be so sure of that16:39
ralsinait's like I am behind a 8000km tall wall16:39
mandeldobey, haha true I forgot about that16:39
ralsinaI say _easily obtain_ :-)16:39
dobeyralsina: stuxnet is very easily obtainable, and it can very easily obtain control of physical things ;)16:40
mandeloh, byt the way happy programmers day to all of you http://paste.ubuntu.com/688449/16:40
mandelralsina, except you, you are a manager ;)16:40
mandelthat was meant to be this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programmers_Day16:40
mandelstupid mac os x16:41
nessitaok, I'm gone16:41
* ralsina has committed quite a bit of code lately. Have you managed anyone? Thought so!16:41
nessitasee ya tomorrow crowd!16:41
ralsinabye nessita, mandel!16:41
mandelralsina, hehehe16:41
ralsinaHm! Leaving together!16:41
mandelok, I'm done, laters!16:41
mandelI'm to ugly :P16:41
mandelnessita, sorry for you heheh16:41
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ralsinagatox, alecu, I will have to go see my accountant and that probably means I won't be back before a reasonable EOD. Mail me if there is anything I can do for you, I will check it17:39
gatoxralsina, ok!17:39
dobey"This bug affects 5,910,000,000 people. Does this bug affect you?"17:51
gatoxEOD.... bye!18:04
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lauratikahello veryone i have a question, i sync folders in ubuntuone but only some, besides ubuntuone folder, shows the green tick. how can i enable the green tick? in all folders. thanx guys and gals you rule!.18:25
dobeylauratika: are those folders subscribed on the machine where you are not seeing that emblem?18:34
lauratikasorry got disconected...but im back18:38
dobeylauratika: what ubuntu one options do you have in the menu when you right-click on the folder that isn't showing those icons?18:38
lauratikashare, stop sync this folder, publish, copy web link, hide ribbon18:40
lauratikashare, publish, copy web link are gray out18:41
dobeyit should have the emblem then18:42
lauratikathe other 3 folders i have same options and it shows the green tick18:42
lauratikathe interesting thing is that inside the folder wont show green tick the files shows the green tick18:43
dobeylauratika: what does the synchronized folder show? the "synchronizing" emblem?18:46
lauratikayes green tick18:46
lauratikais this what you mean?18:46
dobeyno, i mean the folder you're complaining about not showing the green tick. what does it show?18:56
lauratikathe folder shows nothing as the other non sync, plain nautilus folder, inside in the files shows the green tick18:57
dobeyhrmm. it sounds like maybe ubuntuone-syncdaemon does not think those folders are synchronized.18:58
lauratikahmm wonder if this is a bug19:01
dobeyi think so19:02
dobeyi am seeing the same issue here19:02
lauratikayou can see it too19:03
dobeylauratika: in the view that shows all those folders, press Control+R please and tell me if the icons show up19:05
lauratikayep, that did the trick19:05
lauratikawhat is all about19:05
lauratikacan you explain please?19:05
dobeyit might be a bug in nautilus :-/19:08
dobeyControl+R refreshes the view19:08
dobeyseems like nautilus ends up with a stale view somehow19:08
lauratikashould we report this to nautilus19:09
dobeyi think it needs more debugging to be sure19:10
dobeybut you can file it against ubuntuone-client-gnome project if you would like19:10
lauratikai see okmaite thanx heaps... cheers!19:11
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dobeyhave a good evening all21:10
nhainesdobey: good evening!21:13

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