* craigs63 wondering what the "broken image" icon is on the top center of the http://ubuntustudio.org/ page ?03:34
craigs63I just noticed it says "logo" in the top left corner, too.03:35
knomeScottL, sure09:55
cyphermoxhi, can I bring your attention to bug 844027; I'm concerned that dropping gnome-bluetooth to suggests as proposed would have it drop from the ubuntustudio image; there may be a need to change the seed file15:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 844027 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "Consider dropping gnome-bluetooth to suggests" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84402715:41
cyphermoxAFAICT gnome-bluetooth isn't seeded explicitly, and instead is getting pulled by network-manager-gnome; I can fix this by sending a merge request, but I just want to make sure outside of any doubt that this is what we want :)15:42
scott-workcyphermox:  i believe we chose to remove gnome-bluetooth from the seeds16:55
scott-workcyphermox: the reason was that we felt bluetooth support was not a priority and may actually be a problem for low latency audio recordings16:56
scott-workcyphermox: i presume that you are not in favour to dropping gnome-bluetooth to "suggests", however i will clarify our position in the bug report17:04
scott-workdoes anybody think we need to include bluetooth support by default?17:24
jussiI dont, if my opinion counts. DOnt see a major use case for it17:29
GTRsdkprobably should if it isn't too big17:30
scott-workGTRsdk: some of the concern was that including bluetooth support could eat cpu cycles and affect latnecy or even cause xruns17:31
GTRsdkscott-work: okay, then it makes sense to remove it17:31
scott-workand jussi your opinion does count, quite a bit friend :)17:31
knome7msg jussi i can agree with you too if you buy me a beer17:32
jussiknome: no.17:32
knomeyou already owe me a few!17:32
jussiknome: topyli's responsibility ;)17:38
scott-workknome: does that logo (ubuntustudio_v3_logo.svg) work for you?  do you need more/something else?17:40
knomescott-work, nope.17:49
knomejussi, his responsibility maybe, but it's still you both, who owe me them :)17:49
cyphermoxscott-work: interesting, because gnome-bluetooth would still have been on, due to nm-applet17:59
cyphermoxscott-work: I'm not not in favor of dropping it to Suggests, just don't want to break things, hence why I also asked the debian NM maintainers about this18:00
scott-workcyphermox:  which is something we were not aware of :)18:00
cyphermoxif they see no issue with it, I'll drop it and all will be well. if they're against, I'll probably drop it and cry a bit when comes time to merge at the beginning of next release18:00
scott-work:)  thank you18:08
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