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pteague*** glibc detected *** aptitude: free(): invalid pointer: 0x0000000009e54c1 *** :(01:27
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desdlemmwhy xubuntu oneiric is such a pile of ...?01:45
desdlemmi cannot see half of thes ettings01:45
desdlemmit's slow and some backgound apps constantly crashing01:46
desdlemmhow to setup keyboard for example, language, etc?!01:47
desdlemmwhat are system requirements for xubuntu oneiric?01:53
lightaimo 256mo ram, 1ghz cpu01:55
lightabut 256 pretty low01:55
desdlemmthat is a lie01:56
Unit193His opinion is a lie?01:58
desdlemm256mb requirement is01:59
LoxyGreetings all I seem to have run into a bit of a problem...02:09
LoxyI installed xubuntu on a laptop and there is no graphical interface, all I have is the command line02:10
LoxyIs there any way to get into the graphic interface through the command line?02:11
desdlemmLoxy, startx02:12
Loxycurrently installing xinit02:13
LoxyThank you :) I'll be back if that doesn't work for some reason ;)02:13
LoxyOh! One more question... Will I have to "startx" every time I reboot the computer?02:14
desdlemmideally you shouldn't02:15
desdlemmlightdm should start everything02:15
desdlemmor is it gdm02:16
Unit193GDM in Natty02:16
desdlemmwhy xubuntu 10.10 cannot connect to windows network?02:17
desdlemmcannot migrate windows settings02:17
desdlemmit allows itself to be as troublesome as if bug #1 was fixed :)02:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102:17
LoxyOkay, I have the mouse(shaped as X), a white terminal box in the upper left-hand corner and the rest is black...02:18
desdlemmLoxy, no xterm?02:18
LoxyUmm xterm?02:18
desdlemmusually it's started by xinit02:19
LoxyI don't think so02:19
LoxyIs that what I run?02:19
desdlemmit's a white window with command prompt and scrollbar on its left02:19
Loxyno scroll bar but the window is white02:20
desdlemmtry to type there nohup xfce4-session &02:21
Loxywith the & after?02:23
Loxyxfce4-session: no such file or directory02:25
Loxynohup: ignoring input and appending output to "nohup.out"02:26
LoxyThat was first, sorry02:26
LoxyAm I screwed?02:26
desdlemmwho knows? try sudo apt-get install xfce4-session02:27
desdlemmthen sudo apt-get install gdm02:28
RiceKingHi all02:33
LoxyOkay desdlemm, done installing both02:35
desdlemmcan you start xfce4-session now?02:36
LoxyDo I type nohup xfce4-session?02:37
desdlemmyes, with final &02:37
Loxyokay I'll try02:37
Loxynohup: ignoring input and appending output to 'nohup.out'02:40
Loxythat's it, there's nothing but a _ below that02:41
Loxya blinking _ below**02:41
desdlemmhave no idea what to do with it now, though02:42
LoxyI hit enter then typed startx and it worked!02:44
LoxyThanks guys XD02:44
LoxyI'm still learning command line, so your help is appreciated!!02:44
LoxyThanks again :D02:45
RiceKingtry this site http://linuxcommand.org/02:57
donchelioshola soy nurvo en xubuntu03:29
k_szeWow, I feel retarded.04:06
k_szeI still haven't figured out how to use GADMIN-SAMBA to share a directory to my Mac.04:07
k_szeAre there better ways to share a directory to a Mac?04:07
Besogoncolored text05:42
kevinhello i saw on the xubuntu web site that i could join that channel to get support is any one here that would be willing to help?06:01
BesogonThehe is quite silent for most of the time. What's your problem?06:03
kevinhi and thanks06:03
kevinmy problem is that within the last few days when starting up xubuntu on my netbook the desktop will flicker between a brown background and my set wallpaper06:04
kevinthe icons will also change styles and then the desktop will 50percent of the time look normal after a few flips back and forth but other times stay with the brown bakcground a ugly icons06:05
kevini was wondering if you could give me a place to start trouble shooting as i have no idea what is causing what to break06:06
BesogonOh... Never face with it. sorry. May be something is wrong with your home dir.. Try to create new user and look if OS behaves in similar way. If the problem still exists then I'd reinstall all.06:09
kevinthe user sugestion is a really good idea and if not i will prolly end up re installing b/c i remember a similar problem back in 10.10 but i got frustrated and went to ubuntu ...and then got frustrated at unity06:11
kevinbut i will deff try the user thing thanks06:11
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jarnosI am trying to copy a folder tree by Thunar, but it gives me permission denied error even if I have write permission for the destination folder.10:30
well_laid_lawnjarnos: what command are you trying?10:32
well_laid_lawnor doing it through thunar?10:33
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, yes10:33
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, it gives very sketchy error dialog10:34
well_laid_lawntry from the terminal10:34
well_laid_lawncp -Rv /path/from /path/to10:34
jarnoswell_laid_lawn, I think I tried that too, but it does not preserve timestamps for some reason.10:37
well_laid_lawnjarnos: the -p option preserves timestamps10:39
well_laid_lawncp -Rpv /path/from /path/to10:39
well_laid_lawnjarnos: or    --preserve[=ATTR_LIST]10:40
well_laid_lawn              preserve the specified attributes (default: mode,ownership,timestamps), if possible additional attributes: context, links, xattr, all10:40
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jarnoswell_laid_lawn, thanks. I still wonder if it succeeded completely, as Thunar complained about permissions. But I have copying on run now.10:45
well_laid_lawntime will tell ...10:46
Vegarwhenever my wifi disconnects (or connects), a "do not show this message again" button gets added to the notify OSD popup12:10
VegarI now have so many buttons that the message extends across the entire screen12:10
Vegaris there a way to fix this?12:10
Schaladoes anyone know the default brightness and contrast for the desktop?13:35
knomeSchala, 0 & 1,013:36
Schalaoh oops, saturation is what I meant, but yeah... looks like you knew that, thanks again13:37
xubuntu912ciao a tutti15:52
xubuntu912ho un problemino con xubuntu 10.1015:52
xubuntu912chi mi da una mano, vi ringrazio in anticipo...15:53
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:53
mecklenIs vino the preferred VNC-like server for xubuntu?  Or is vnc4server or something else better?16:56
_lummsomeonein here using a iphone4 with xubuntu ?17:19
_lummmyphone wont get mounted after i switched from ubuntu unity desktop to xubuntu 11.0417:20
Wizardgood evening17:54
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Wizardwhich was the default gtk theme in xubuntu 7.04?18:28
WizardI can't find it :/18:29
charlie-tcaXubuntu never released 7.0418:30
charlie-tcathat's wrong18:30
Wizardit did, it was my first ubuntu version, btw18:31
TheSheepisn't it cute?18:31
Wizardwhat is cute?18:31
TheSheepBUT IT'S WRONG!18:31
TheSheepsorry, couldn't resist18:31
charlie-tcaLooks to me like TheSheep might know18:33
Wizardseems so, thanks charlie-tca18:33
Wizardtoo bad the link doesn't work18:37
Sysiit did for me18:38
WizardSysi, the link to theme18:40
charlie-tcawhat link?18:41
Sysihttp://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=48681 works fine18:41
Wizardand tho the file?18:44
joshh^hello all19:23
joshh^i need help with ubuntu installation19:24
joshh^can anyone help me?19:24
joshh^is anyone alive here?19:31
Sysijoshh^: pop a question and see if somebody has an ansver19:33
joshh^I have XP installed on my system...how do I install Ubuntu...I need dual boot...please help19:35
knomejoshh^, i suggest you to ask #ubuntu. and please don't randomly send private messages to people. thanks.19:39
joshh^sorry knome!19:40
knome!dualboot | joshh^19:41
ubottujoshh^: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:41
knomethere's also those instructions, so if everything goes right, you might not need any other help than those19:41
joshh^thanks knome19:42
knomeno problem, have fun19:43
genii-aroundjoshh^: Also please do not post the same question in multiple channels. It's annoying and rude. Just ask in the channel for distribution you want to dual-boot to, not all of them.19:44
FrozenFireIs there any way to increase the hit zone for window resizing? I'm finding that it's requiring too much precision to grab the edges of the window19:45
knomegenii-around, well i asked him to ask #ubuntu, if it doesn't go beyond that, it's okay :)19:45
knomeFrozenFire, in xubuntu 11.04, there is a resize grip on the lower right corner19:45
genii-aroundknome: Ah. This was the third channel I saw it ( #kubuntu and #ubuntu as well )19:46
SysiFrozenFire: use different window manager theme, see window manager settings19:46
FrozenFireknome, Yup, but even that is hard to grab19:46
SysiFrozenFire: also try holding alt and right mouse button19:46
FrozenFireSysi, That's awesome. Thanks for that.19:46
FrozenFireThat'll suffice, now that I'm aware of it19:46
FrozenFireIs there a way to enable support for window list reordering on the panel?19:53
mecklenI'm running 11.04 and have an Applications Menu item that has the wrong path.  How do I change it?21:04
mecklenI've looked for a .desktop file corresponding to the item and cannot find it.  I've google and found old documentation that appears to be no longer valid, it describes  ~/.config/xfce4/desktop/menu.xml which doesn't exist.21:11
Sysiit's some item in /usr/share/applications/ copy from there to ~/.local/share/applications/21:12
mecklenSysi: Thanks, found it.  It had the file name "alacarte-made.desktop" when the application is called TestTrack.  I guess that's a company name or something.  Thanks for the ponter!21:17
QJTHi there! I'v been a user of Ubuntu since 9.10 and been loving it. I dabbled with xfce but decided to stick with gnome up until the implementation of unity. I installed Xubuntu 11.04 and its exactly what I need, but there are a few minor bugs. The most annoying is the notification area displaying multiple "don't show this message again" buttons when connecting/disconnecting from a network. Is this bug: a) exclusive to Xubuntu 11.04?  b) b21:41
QJTeing looked at for future releases?  c) solvable by an intermediate user?21:41
knomeafaik, a & b21:42
QJTThank you very much! =]  Also, there is a bug when opening thunar for the first time on every start up. Thunar takes a long time to open and opens two windows. Same questions as last post.21:47
knomethunar shouldn't open two windows when launched21:50
knomeare they opened automatically when you login, or when you manually launch thunar?21:51
QJTwhen i launch thunar. it takes over 30 sec to open and then 10 sec later another window opens.21:53
knomeweird. have you tried to ask #xfce, they might know about that?21:55
QJTi'll ask #xfce, thanks for all your help =]21:58
WormDrinkmy files display in thunar and other things as capitals first then lower case22:03
WormDrinkwhen sorted by name22:03
WormDrinkhow can I change this ?22:03
well_laid_lawnWormDrink: in ~/.config/Thunar/thunarrc there's this line   MiscCaseSensitive=TRUE23:02
mikodo?open root of thunar. I can gksu nautilus for it; not thunar.23:30
charlie-tcaThen you should install thunar, remove nautilus, then gksu thunar23:31
mikodobut I have both installed23:31
charlie-tcaMaybe nautilus is grabbing it, then. It gets pretty pushy23:32
mikodoYa, maybe23:32
charlie-tcaI do use gksu thunar, anytime I need to modify a file using root. It is the easiest way to navigate without using CLI23:32
mikodoseemingly I can't -> Permission denied or something, i forget23:33
charlie-tcawhat about gksudo thunar? same response?23:35
mikodoI do it again, and copy the response23:35
mikodoFailed to open directory "mikodo" -> Error stating '/home/mikodo/.gvfs': Permission denied23:38
mikodogksu nautilus work23:38
mikodowhat is .gvfs'23:39
charlie-tcaso, nautilus is overriding thunar23:40
mikodoIt seems23:40
mikodognome-virtual-file-system    Thanks23:41
charlie-tcaand, since gnome and nautilus takes over, they win every time23:41
charlie-tcasolution: use nautilus or remove nautilus23:41
mikodoI like nautilus for mounting devices and services, so want to keep both.23:42
mikodoI will continue to use gksu nautilus for root access to FS23:42
mikodoThx charlie-tca23:43
charlie-tcayou are welcome23:43
NOLOGjust a quick question23:55
NOLOGwhere the hell does the gtk recent manager store the uris?23:55
NOLOGit's because i can't clear the ristretto history23:56
charlie-tcaI would expect it to be in ~/.cache23:59

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