Noldorinjelmer, hello?01:26
jelmerNoldorin: hi01:37
jelmerNoldorin: just got home, about to get some sleep.. what's up?01:37
Noldorinjelmer, sorry to bother you again, but at least it's just news :-)01:37
Noldoringood news, perhaps01:37
Noldorini reproduced the issue from scratch01:37
Noldorinit turns out it's *not* to do with the renames01:37
jelmerah, cool01:37
Noldorinor noy *only* the renames at least01:37
jelmercan you add some notes to the bug report?01:37
Noldorinthe tests seem to indicate that the renames and modifications together create the problem01:38
Noldorinjelmer, first recommendation to a solution is now to make sure that the 3 sets of operations are performed in the correct order: 1) addition 2) renames 3) modifications01:38
Noldorinwill add some notes tomorrow. late here too :-)01:38
Noldorinjelmer, good night for now!01:44
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ricardo_sdlI'm using bazaar version 2.3.4. Just copied the project folder from another computer and I'm getting this error message: bzr: ERROR: Unknown bzrdir format: 'Bazaar-NG meta directory, format 1\r\n'04:48
ricardo_sdlI think it's probably because the bazaar on the other machined was a older version, how can I fix this?04:48
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Noldorinhi jelmer10:49
Noldorinjelmer, well, let me know when you're around12:04
jelmerNoldorin: hi12:20
jelmerNoldorin: I saw your comment; do you have a recipe to reproduce the issue though ? (we already knew it had something to do with renames)12:20
Noldorinjelmer, well i provided more information at least :-P12:22
Noldorinjelmer, yes, I can post the workflow as a comment12:22
Noldorinwill do so right now12:22
jelmerNoldorin: I mean how to reproduce it without using the ircdotnet tree12:23
Noldorinjelmer, well i've reproduced it in a different branch using the same files, that's all12:23
Noldorinjelmer, the key is renames *plyus* modifications though12:23
Noldorinhave you checked how your lib orders them?12:24
jelmerNoldorin: it's an independent test case (that we could add to bzr-git) that I'm after.12:24
jelmerNoldorin: the issue indeed has *something* to do with the order in which tree objects are created in bzr-git12:25
Noldorinwell i'm happy with last night's discoveries, even if you aren't :-P12:26
jelmersorry, I didn't mean to come across negative..12:26
Noldorinthat's fine heh12:41
Noldorini celebrate small victories :-)12:41
Noldorinjelmer, got to go now, but will be back later. keep me updated!12:50
Noldorincheers, bye12:50
jelmertalk to you later12:50
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Noldorinjam, hi there21:12
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