bjsnideri don't think xfce is really new at all00:11
penguin42erm no; it's a perfectly reasonable phrase though - as in red is the new black00:12
cwillu_at_worki.e., it's what we use now that gnome is broken by design :p00:13
bjsnidergnome is not broken by design00:13
penguin42lets not get back into the argument please?!00:14
bjsniderthere is no argument00:14
bazhanggetting offtopic here00:15
winutany idea on how to get gnome-keyring to load on login? using kubuntu 11.10 thanks01:05
winutusing evolution mail atm and that requires gnome keyring, as its not programmed to use kwallet01:05
winutevolution still prompts for the password, albeit just 1 with gnome-keyring installed. however, would be better to open without password. any ideas? thanks01:06
ActionParsnipI always set a blank keyring password, easier times01:08
winutdoes that work? on kubuntu 11.10 and evolution 3?01:09
ActionParsnipive not used evolution but if there is a blank password then you will never be bothered for the password01:10
winuti think this maybe a new feature of evolution 301:10
winutI haven't had a chance to test it in ubuntu as the desktop crashed too much01:11
IdleOne!notunity | bonjohnjovi02:18
ubottubonjohnjovi: To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.02:18
bonjohnjoviIdleOne, the thing is, apt-get install gnome-shell tells me no installation candidate available02:19
IdleOnetry apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gnome-shell02:20
bonjohnjovialready done the update part02:20
bonjohnjovidoing it again.02:21
IdleOnehmm, you have the universe repo enabled02:21
bonjohnjovidon't know, isn't it enabled by default?02:21
bonjohnjovican't even install synaptic either02:21
IdleOneshould be yes02:21
bonjohnjoviit doesn't seem to be enabled02:21
bonjohnjovii'm on the livecd02:21
bonjohnjovilemme check sources.list02:21
IdleOnewhat does lsb_release -a give you02:21
IdleOneoh, you are running live cd, yeah might be disabled there, can't imagine why though02:22
bonjohnjoviubuntu oneiric (development)02:22
bonjohnjovii just want to test stability before i dive in.02:22
IdleOnevery wise02:22
bonjohnjoviyea, universe is not available02:22
IdleOneI dive in head firsty before checking if the pool has water02:23
bonjohnjovii'm looking for something stable, so i gotta check first :)02:23
bonjohnjovitrusting that beta is good enough02:23
bonjohnjoviand only gets better02:23
IdleOnewell oneiric is still beta and stable enough'ish02:24
bonjohnjoviyea, i jumped to fedora 6 months ago, but want to get back to ubuntu02:24
bonjohnjoviit feels way better.02:24
bonjohnjoviand i can't wait for the stable release02:24
bonjohnjovipackage installing now.02:25
bonjohnjoviits funny how the livecd is almost faster than an install because everything runs off RAM02:26
bullgard4bonjohnjovi: Using a Ubuntu live CD will not make "everything" run off RAM.02:34
bonjohnjovibullgard4, i know, that02:34
bonjohnjovithat's why i said *almost*02:34
bonjohnjovipackage installs are certainly faster.02:34
bonjohnjoviexcept when waiting to read libs from the cdrom.02:35
bonjohnjoviright. upgrade done.02:36
bonjohnjovitime to switch sessions.02:36
bonjohnjoviok. now in g-shell02:37
bonjohnjoviis it possible to make gnome-shell the default?02:53
jbichabonjohnjovi: generally, whatever session you opened last is pre-selected02:55
bonjohnjoviok. doesn't seem to act like that on the livecd though.02:56
bullgard4_IdleOne: <ubottu>: "To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window." What are the names of these entries?03:43
rwwNo idea, try it and see >.>03:43
rwwInternet says "GNOME" and "GNOME Classic", respectively.03:44
bullgard4_rww: I have tried and looked at it before I posted here. I cannot establish the association of the 3 entries "GNOME", "GNOME Classic" and "GNOME Classic (No Effects)" with ubottu's mentioning of 2 packages.03:48
rwwbullgard4_: GNOME is Shell, GNOME Classic is GNOME Fallback with Compiz, GNOME Classic is GNOME Fallback with Metacity03:48
rwwerm, GNOME Classic (no effects) is GNOME Fallback with Metacity03:49
bullgard4_rww: Thank you for explaining.03:49
zhiweihi,all. My Desktop Icon has some errors, who can tell me the reason?04:28
tjoyI used to have an i386 alternate-install CD for oneiric, where can I download it again?04:45
tjoyn/m found one04:45
tjoyhttp://mirrors.easynews.com/linux/ubuntu-releases//oneiric/ if anyone else needs it04:45
xgt001why is apt-get downloading all the package data again and again,...in natty and early it , to download something like 12 mb at first and upon further updating it downloaded only the changed packages.. but oneiric beta1 is downloading everything all over agian06:11
tsimpsonxgt001: because you're on a development release and things change often06:14
xgt001tsimpson: ok so will the apt keep downloading all the  package info all over again unless it becomes a release?06:15
tsimpsonno, apt still only downloads the packages that have changed06:15
tsimpsonit just so happens that everything changes a lot during development06:15
xgt001tsimpson: not exactly... here i tried twice and it downloaded 22 mb every time despite packages havent changed....is it a bug that i should report?06:18
tsimpsonhow do you know packages haven't changed? are they the same version?06:18
sjanssenin Ubuntu 11.04, I used Nautilus strictly for the automounter, I don't run a desktop environment.  I used "nautilus -n --no-desktop", and this worked properly: no icons on the desktop, no nautilus window, and automounting worked06:19
xgt001tsimpson: yes... they are the same06:19
sjanssenin 11.10, "nautilus -n --no-desktop" outputs "Initializing nautilus-gdu extension", pauses for 5 seconds, then prints "Shutting down nautilus-gdu extension"06:19
sjanssenwhat's up with that?  Is it part of Ubuntu-specific desktop integration stuff?  I don't want to go bugging the Gnome people if it's Ubuntu-specific06:20
tsimpsonxgt001: then you probably should report a bug, but I don't see how apt would download exactly the same packages more than once06:20
xgt001tsimpson: not exactly the packages... i mean the  package lists ... that is when we do apt-get update06:21
tsimpsonxgt001: well the package lists change often06:21
tsimpsonnew packages, new versions, new descriptions, new translations, removed packages etc06:22
xgt001btw how to install i386 apps in amd64 in 11.10... i heard there is better support for i386 apps in 11.10 now for amd6406:23
tsimpsonI don't know, I run 38606:23
xgt001ok folks, i want to triple boot oneiric, maverick and win7, currently i have win7 and oneiric installed in seperate partitions.. i have seperate / and /home partitions, along with a seperate swap... should i resize home partition to install maverick?06:25
Peter_Biltwhat compiler uses ubuntu kernl?08:24
rwwPeter_Bilt: GCC08:25
Peter_Bilt know its gcc but the version used to compile08:27
rwwshould have said that, then :P08:27
rwwcat /proc/version08:27
Peter_Biltits 4.6.1 ok08:31
Peter_Bilti got strange errors08:32
rohdefafter I upgraded grub forgot about one of my Windows partitions, and now I can only access the recovery partition, and not the one with the working windows on09:23
rohdefhow can I reconfigure grub, so I  once again get access to my working windows09:23
justinasGood morning!09:43
justinasSynaptic autentification dialog does not get the focus in Oneiric.09:43
justinasIn fact, I managed to type in my password in an entirely different application when Synaptic started.09:43
justinasIt really gets irksome.09:43
justinasI suppose the expected behaviour is that the Synapic authentification dialog blocks all the input to any other application while it runs.09:47
Peter_Biltthere is no xorg.conf10:02
Peter_Bilti got a new pc with dandy birds, and a fatality motherboard from asrock z68 something 3, i cant see a xorg.conf10:20
iceroothow to remove "ubuntu-desktop" complete on 11.10? is there something else then "sudo apt-get remove --purge" and put there every package from ubuntu-desktop?10:29
bullgard4 [seahorse] Passwords and Encrption Keys > tab "Passwords" > entry "Name=Passwords:default": What does mean here »default« (in contrast to »login«)?10:56
bullgard4iceroot: I'm afraid not.10:56
bullgard4Peter_Bilt: There is no xorg.conf by default.10:58
bullgard4justinas: With me, Synaptic autentification dialog does get the focus in Oneiric. --  File an error report in Launchpad.11:01
Peter_Biltbulldarg, so how should i make my hdmi2 work?11:07
macer1Peter_Bilt, what problem do you have?11:09
justinasbullgard4: I am using Gnome classic mode, not that unity crap.11:14
justinasProbably that's the problem.11:15
bullgard4justinas: Even in this case you should report this error to Launchpad.11:16
tjoyhow can i force apt to prefer one repository over another even if the software is older?11:17
tjoyfor the same package11:17
icerootbullgard4: ok thank you11:18
bullgard4Peter_Bilt: You can create your own xorg.conf if it does not exist. I only said that xorg.conf does not exist any longer by default.11:24
rigvedis thunderbird able to sync contacts from ubuntu one?11:27
justinasbullgard4: I would gladly do that if Launchpad did not require me to register there!11:36
justinasAnd I'd sooner change then distribution than register in some site.11:36
rigvedin thunderbird, i cannot find a way to sync my ubuntu one contacts. in the ubuntu one control panel, i can see "Enable evolution-couchdb plugin". but i'm using thunderbird, not evolution. so how do i sync my ubuntu one contacts with thunderbird? can anyone help?11:39
macer1rigved, maybe it is not implemented11:42
rigvedmacer1: i was just now googling for this. it seems that there an extension, but it is still experimental.11:43
rigvedin thunderbird, i can create a new network-based calendar, but it is not the same as contacts-sync, afaik.11:44
rigvedsorry, my mistake. calendar and contacts are two different things!11:46
BluesKajhey all11:46
Peter_Bilti am sadly i can't see my fanrpm11:55
alkisgI'm running `apport-bug linux` in Oneiric beta 1 live CD, and it tells me that it cannot report the bug because it's not a genuine Ubuntu package...???12:07
winutHowdy BluesKaj! any luck with muon yet?12:10
rigvedalkisg: there is no package called linux. do you want to collect information against the linux kernel?12:11
alkisgrigved: yes, and the apport-bug manpage states that "linux" is special-cased just for that12:12
alkisg       As a special case, to report a bug against the Linux kernel, you do not need to use the full package name (such as linux-image-2.6.28-4-generic); you can just use12:12
alkisg           apport-bug linux12:12
jtaylorare you using the stock linux kernel?12:12
alkisgThe one that comes with the oneiric beta live cd12:13
alkisgSo I guess yes, not the vanilla one, but the stock ubuntu one12:13
alkisgIt might have been superseeded in the archives since beta1 was released (3.0.0-9)12:14
rigvedalkisg: what happens when you try to use apport against the full package name? use uname -r to get the version number.12:14
alkisgrigved: exactly the same error message is displayed12:15
alkisg(apport-bug linux-image-3.0.0-9-generic)12:16
rigvedalkisg: i just now tried the command: apport-bug linux; and it worked. maybe the fact that you are using a LiveCD (no actual installed package) is causing the problem, but not sure about this.12:19
alkisgThank you rigved12:20
BluesKajno updates today ?12:57
penguin42BluesKaj: There are  apile waiting here13:16
BluesKajpenguin42, how long since you updated ?13:19
penguin42BluesKaj: I did an update yesterday, actually on <--- machine it said no updates, but I hit check and it found some, so I think they probably landed in the last hour or so13:20
BluesKajok , I just had one , os-prober ...was afraid I acquired the same problem of seeming blocked updates/upgrades that some others have encountered13:23
ernstpAnyone elses Firefox crashing all the time?13:24
ernstpEven in safe-mode13:24
* penguin42 mostly uses chrome, but firefox seems ok for the 1 or 2 pages I use it for13:25
ernstpcrashes on gmail for example13:32
BluesKajwhoa , pc just crashed13:32
BluesKajas if i hit actrl+al+delete13:33
penguin42not good13:33
BluesKajernstp, altho FF seems ok here13:33
ernstpon the crashes13:35
ernstpso maybe not firefox related..13:35
BluesKajI didn't have FF running at the time13:36
winutany idea why phonon backend vlc wont work with amarok on kubuntu 11.10? thanks (causes it to crash immediately)13:52
Peter_Bilti want my fancontrol back13:54
Peter_Bilti cant' see rpm13:54
winutdid you lose this feature in a kernel update?13:55
winutwhat is your os?13:55
Peter_Biltand i got a asrock fatality13:55
winutwhen/how did you lose it?13:55
Peter_Bilton toilet13:55
winutif you lose it on the toilet, that fine as its in private! lol13:56
Peter_Biltno clue13:57
Peter_Bilti think its a sensors issue13:57
Peter_Biltlet me check lm-sensors version13:57
Peter_Biltsensors version 3.3.0 with libsensors version 3.3.013:57
winutso you've had it working before on 10.10?13:58
Peter_Biltthose module init tools aren't working on z6814:09
nperryWhere are auto-start application list kept now?14:19
TheBuntuDoes Nvidia drivers work yet in 11.1014:28
ernstpnperry, the utility menu in the top right corner has startup applications14:29
blostoks1guys i just installed ubuntu+1, and i was wondering how i could disable compiz14:29
blostoks1sorry closed my connection14:30
blostoks1anybody any idea14:31
TheBuntuif i dident want compiz i would unstall it14:32
nperryernstp: I might be being blind, cant see it14:32
nperryoh now i can14:32
nperryI was being blind14:32
TheBuntuIn 11.10 does Nvidia work yet14:33
BluesKajTheBuntu, nvidia-current driver is working fine here14:33
TheBuntuwas just woundering sence in alpha it dident14:34
BluesKajwhich nvidia card , TheBuntu ?14:34
blostoks1guys how do i disable compiz14:35
charlie-tcacompiz is required by unity desktop. Disabling it means it can't run the Ubuntu session14:36
IdleOneblostoks1: Unity requires compiz to run14:36
IdleOneblostoks1: what is your end goal?14:36
BluesKajheh TheBuntu that's the same card I have , have you installed the recommended driver in admin>additional drivers?14:37
blostoks1well i am installing ubuntu on this old eeepc 901 for my seven year old son, but its a bit slow IdleOne so i was wondering if i could disale it14:37
IdleOneblostoks1: hmm perhaps try Lubuntu if it has low specs14:38
blostoks1besides that i get an error when i start ubuntu, that some programs has experienced some problem14:38
TheBuntuBluesKaj: still on 11.04.. thats why i was asking if nvidia worked yet befor i upgraded14:38
blostoks1is that a known problem IdleOne14:38
IdleOneblostoks1: that is expected with a beta version14:39
blostoks1lol, oke14:39
IdleOneerrors are expected I mean14:39
blostoks1yeah i know,14:39
blostoks1last question how doi i add programs to the left sidebar14:39
IdleOnerun the app and then right click on the icon > keep in launcher14:40
blostoks1kee and in the same way i could remove apps i suppose14:41
BluesKajTheBuntu, I'm not on unity or any other gnome desktops ,, i run KDE and i don't need compiz , so your situation will be differnt altho with the 8400gs , you shouldn't have any problems14:41
TheBuntuBluesKaj: im kde as well14:42
blostoks1thanks IdleOne :) btw is the ubuntu software center already working14:43
blostoks1because i tried to install vlc through it but it did not install14:43
thoegerHi folks, still have the problem that I seem to only get a Unity2D session no matter what entry I chooese in LightDM and same thing in GDM. Any suggestions as to how I can troubleshoot?14:45
BluesKajTheBuntu, then you should be fine , look in the kmenu>apps>settings>additional drivers for the recommended driver , the 280.13 is also recommended on 11,0414:45
TheBuntui know that.... im upgradeing to 11.10 right now..... i was just checking to to if the driver worked yet.... sence it dident in 11.10 alpha stage14:47
TheBuntu270 is 11.0414:48
BluesKajTheBuntu, 280.13  is also quite stable on 11.10 , tho you may need to use nomodeset in /etc/default/grub "quiet splash "14:49
IdleOneblostoks1: no clue. I never use it.14:49
BluesKajTheBuntu, I'm runniung 280 on my other kubuntu pc with 11.04 ...it has a 7600gt graphics14:50
TheBuntuoh ok..... i installed 11.04 yesterday and it gave me 27014:51
BluesKajthat's fine TheBuntu , if it runs ok no need to upgrade .14:53
don-ihey i got some 11.10 problems14:57
blostoks1like what don-i14:57
don-ii upgrade from 11.04 and it worked, but it was slow and sluggish, i think i broke it before i even upgraded by installing gnome 314:57
don-iso i did a clean install and everything was good (meaning no errors during the install process)14:58
don-inow ubuntu wont boot14:58
blostoks1yeah that is a problem14:58
macer1don-i, uefi? bios?14:58
don-ii can get to grub, and if wait for the grub timeout, it chooses the default option, the screen goes black and i just have a flashing cursor14:58
blostoks1well i am a archlinux user myself, only installing ubuntu for my son14:58
blostoks1but it feels slow a sluggy on this old eeepc 90114:59
blostoks1but i like it very much i must say14:59
don-iif i manually choose the option in grub, it spits out stuff on a black screen and stops there14:59
don-ii just wanted gnome 314:59
don-ii hated unity14:59
don-ii know they are similar14:59
don-ibut gnome 3 has a better feel to it14:59
macer1unity is better in oneiric, btw14:59
don-iwell...id like to get into ubuntu first..really at this point anything would be good15:00
don-iwhen i go into recovery, same thing, spits out some stuff on a black screen and hangs there15:00
blostoks1yeah, well for me the compiz is a problem on this old system15:01
blostoks1for example i started ubuntu software center, and now it wont close and does not work15:01
=== Laibsch1 is now known as Laibsch
don-iguess its still pretty beta15:02
penguin42yofel_: On your kubuntu install is the shutdown button still there on 'leave'? It's gone for me - just shows sleep and hibernate on the bottom half of the menu15:03
blostoks1does kununtu allso has ubuntu software center15:03
penguin42it seems to have a Muon software centre instead15:04
don-ioh ok got it15:07
don-ihad to add to my grub file acpi=off15:07
blostoks1kee thanks penguin4215:10
thoegerSo, when I try to do "compiz --replace" in a terminal, I get the following output: "Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0". - three times.15:16
penguin42thoeger: Ah, you have a graphics driver problem15:20
yofel_penguin42: still there, but not updated in 2 days (got home from vacation yesterday)15:27
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
penguin42yofel: Thanks15:31
penguin42reported it as bug 85329415:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 853294 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "[Oneiric] Leave menu is missing shutdown" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85329415:37
chris123Somehow the file extension association system got broken in my install of 11.10 Every time I try to open a file in the file manger it launches VLC player. Where do I reset the file extensions and associated programs. Many thanks15:57
glebihanchris123, deleting ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list should fix this, you may have to log out and back in for changes to take effect16:01
chris123OK let me give that a try...logging out would be a good thing...:)16:02
winut_chris, had the same problem! lol16:08
winut_oh, he's not back yet! doh16:11
chris123Thanks guys that did the trick16:11
chris123much appreciated....nice work on 11.10 ..:)16:12
Peter_Biltarkanoid the revenge of doh!16:23
Peter_Biltre there any proprietary drivers for sandy?17:00
Peter_Biltsomeone wrote the sandy bridge need  30 percent more power on oneric compared to natty17:02
james296has anyone else here noticed under System Settings there are 2 Ubuntu One apps in there?17:16
macer1a bug17:18
james296why is that? Is there any way to remove the other?17:19
macer1i was looking to fix this, but i don't know where to look17:19
james296has it already been noted?17:19
jbichayes, bug 83877817:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 838778 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu Oneiric) "After installing Ubuntu One, there are 2 Ubuntu One launchers in System Settings" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83877817:19
james296also, is there a way to stick with Firefox 6 stable on here instead of Firefox 7?17:20
macer1firefox 7 is here because it will be stable before releasing 11.10 ;)17:20
james296will it really? damn that will be quick17:21
jbichajames296: downgrades aren't really supported17:21
jbichajames296: https://wiki.mozilla.org/RapidRelease/Calendar17:21
james296it looks like theres a fix in that link you posted to me jbicha17:22
jbichaFirefox 6 will have known security vulnerabilities by next week so it's not a good idea just for that17:22
jbichayes, the Ubuntu One issue will be fixed whenever they get around to pushing the update17:22
james296I dont know how to apply the fix though17:23
jbichaI wouldn't worry about it, it will definitely be fixed before release17:23
james296but I want it fixed now, lol17:24
james296also, is it a bug that you cant view view purchased apps in the software center?17:24
james296the reason why I wanted to go back to Firefox 6 is because I hate that stupid feedback button being in the way17:25
james296removed it17:26
gabspeckhello everyone17:38
gabspeckyesterday i set up an external monitor for use with my laptop17:38
gabspeckafter restarting, whenever i plug my external monitor, both the laptop display and the external monitor get no image!17:38
penguin42sounds like a display driver bug - what video hardware do you have?17:39
gabspeckit's an nvidia17:41
gabspecki'm currently using the nouveau driver17:41
gabspeckuntil yesterday it worked... i plugged the external display and went to the 'displays' settings applet, and configured it to disable the laptop's display and set the external device as the main monitor17:42
synackfindoes anyone else have trouble booting 11.10 server ?18:13
synackfinit gets to init-bottom, then after a long while it spams hundreds of "mknod: permission-denied filesystem is read-only" errors, and since /dev is broken, it just hangs after that point18:14
synackfinI'm runing 11.10 server on a raid+lvm setup18:14
synackfinit seems as if there's a missing 'mount -o rw /' somewhere18:15
ikoniasynackfin: what type of raid18:15
synackfinraid1 on classic <2TB msdos partitions18:16
ikoniahardware raid, motherboard raid, or software raid ?18:16
synackfinsoftware raid, mdadm18:16
ikoniasynackfin: ok, so my advice is to strip it back with 3 painful, but reasonable tests18:16
ikoniasynackfin: 1.)install on 1 disk, no lvm18:17
ikoniasynackfin: 2.) install on 2 disks mdadm mirrored, but no lvm18:17
ikoniasee if any of those trigger it18:17
ikonia3.) install on 1 disk no mirror, with lvm18:17
ikoniathen we can work forward18:17
synackfinikonia: the "hard" part of lvm+raid is done since grub was able to boot the kernel, and the initramfs does see my partitions if I do mount -t udev devfs /dev18:19
synackfinso it seems that raid+lvm initialized fine and passed through grub+kernel+early stage of initramfs18:19
synackfinis there a way to capture the errors?  The hundreds of "mknod: permission denied - filesystem is readonly" errors erase the more 'useful' errors printing to the monitor18:22
synackfinthe output doesn't seem buffered; pgup / shft-pgup don't let me scroll up18:22
synackfinalso the display is set to 640x480, which means I can only see 40 lines of text18:23
synackfinalso, I was trying the nightly build;  I'm going to retry using beta1 to see if that helps18:25
synackfinikonia: oh, and the installer ought to check if there's enough free space for grub before doing the entire install.  The installer errored out at the -very- last stage (installing grub) because I didn't reserve 8MB of free space preceding the first partition18:32
synackfinI redid the partitions and it succeeded once I left room for grub18:33
bullgard4penguin42: Launchpad bug #85246918:42
synackfinikonia: 1) fine,  2+3) permission denied errors18:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 852469 in pm-utils (Ubuntu) "GNOME 3 does not show a "Suspend" button" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85246918:43
synackfinis there any way to step-through the initramfs line by line?18:46
synackfinI want to see exactly what it's executing and the warnings/errors each line produces18:46
synackfinit issues a lot of mount/mknod/chroot commands and I want to sanity check them18:47
ikonia synackfin very interesting18:47
ikoniasynackfin: I don't see it as an init ram fs error18:47
ikoniasynackfin: what happens if you boot into the recovery shell18:47
synackfinikonia: isn't it an initramfs error if '/' remains readonly ?18:48
ikoniaI don't believe so at this time,18:48
synackfinikonia: at the very least, initramfs should error if it's unable to remount '/' as rw18:49
synackfinikonia: otherwise it just goes on to generate hundreds of other errors18:49
ikoniaI don't believe initramfs is a problem18:49
penguin42synackfin: You say / is ro - but otherwise started up ok?18:49
synackfinpenguin42: no, the mknod failed on /dev and so mingetty can't get a /dev/pts/tty and a host of other issues due to /dev/ being mostly empty18:50
penguin42synackfin: Any idea what the very first error you see is ?18:51
synackfinpenguin42: that's what I'm trying to figure out;  the hundreds of mknod permission denied errors scrolled away anything useful18:51
synackfinpenguin42: if I can step through the initramfs I can at least see what the 1st error is18:52
penguin42synackfin: I'd boot off a rescue cd/thumb and fsck the rootfs18:52
synackfinpenguin42: the rootfs is fine; I can chroot from a livecd and it works nicely18:52
penguin42synackfin: Huh, weird18:53
synackfinpenguin42: chroot'ing into oneiric avoids oneiric's initramfs18:53
penguin42synackfin: Yeh, it's just that reasons for staying ro are a bit weird, normally things like a corrupt fs will cause the kernel to switch it to ro18:54
synackfinpenguin42: I can manually make it rw by doing mount -t udev devfs /dev && mount -o rw /18:54
penguin42synackfin: Anything in dmesg ?18:55
synackfinpenguin42: I'll check soon.. trying beta1 (was doing nightly build)18:55
synackfinpenguin42: but ideally, I'd like it to drop me a shell on the 1st error instead of continuing18:57
synackfinpenguin42: that would both let me see exactly what the root cause is, and be able to intervene18:58
synackfinpenguin42: I'm just puzzled because I'm able to manually remount '/' as rw19:00
synackfinpenguin42: do you know of any "step-through" option?19:01
penguin42nod, you could try doing the mknod19:01
penguin42anyway, got to go19:01
synackfinpenguin42: instead of mknod, I just did `mount -t udev devtmpfs /dev` and that had everything I needed19:01
synackfinpenguin42: it could be that initramfs for some reason forgot to mount /dev and all those mknod permission denied errors were due to that19:02
synackfinunless /dev is mounted, any mknod attempt would operate on the root partition '/', and that would result in all the permission-denied errors since it problem remounts '/' as rw much later19:04
synackfinit probably* remounts19:04
synackfinit might be the parallel-init that oneiric does19:10
voozehey guys, whats the default font in ubuntu with gnome shell?19:52
voozeyou can see in in gnome-tweak-tool under Fonts19:52
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voozeSorry for quit before, did anything answer?20:28
voozehey guys, whats the default font in ubuntu with gnome shell? you can see in gnome-tweak-tool20:28
utusanhow can I make the lower-right corner or any corner act like the upper-left corner in gnome-shell? kinda hard when you have a large screen :)22:10
utusanor is there a short-cut key?22:11
tomodachiutusan: if you have a multi touch touchpad (on a laptop it's all four fingers)22:13
utusanon a desktop?22:13
utusantomodachi, ^^22:14
ChotazHello everyone22:56
ChotazIs the Oneiric Beta 1 stable for everyday computing needs?22:57
funkyHatugh. apt is totally failing to resolve dependencies for upgrding to oneiric (after update-manager failed to do it too and dropped out without reverting)23:17
hacked_kernelGDM crashes, i'm using KDM only,  and also I can't start Unity 3D or Gnome-Shell, they all crashes23:21
hacked_kernelI installed Ubuntu-desktop and gnome-shell on kubuntu23:21
hacked_kernelany ideas?23:28
synackfinthere's something wrong with the order of the scripts in initramfs -- it isn't properly creating /dev prior to mounting / as rw (causing the remount of / as rw to fail on LVM)23:28
synackfinalso, in recovery mode, "remount / as rw and mount all other filesystems" is hanging23:40
synackfinwhat commands does it run?23:40
synackfinit appears that /var/mapper/* is not properly being initialized23:46
synackfinhas anyone else tried booting with LVM?23:46
necreobanshee still freezes my system when launching it23:48
necreoanyone else? any fix?23:48
necreoeven moving ~/.config/banshee-1, thus resetting the configuration does nothing23:52
necreostill freezes up here23:52
necreodoes this happen to anyone else23:52

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