JoseeAntonioRHi! I am a Ubuntu Member, and I would like a cloak for my IRC username. My launchpad page is https://launchpad.net/~joseeantonior01:05
rwwelky: around?01:07
rwwJoseeAntonioR: everything looks fine on your end, just need to wait for an IRCC member to turn up and okay the cloak request01:08
JoseeAntonioROk. I'll wait.01:08
IdleOneCongrats JoseeAntonioR01:10
JoseeAntonioRIdleOne Thanks01:10
IdleOneJoseeAntonioR: I saw you mention something about your @ubuntu.com email. wait until Tuesday if it not working then you can email. I believe it's rt@ubuntu.com01:11
JoseeAntonioRIdleOne Yes. I'll wait, as I need to confirm that it's working in order to print my bussines cards.01:12
JoseeAntonioRIdleOne Thanks.01:12
IdleOneindeed :)01:12
IdleOnesure thing01:12
JoseeAntonioRAre you from the IRC team?01:12
IdleOnedepends which team you mean01:12
rwwJoseeAntonioR: IdleOne and I are both on the IRC Team. We need someone from our Council for cloak stuff, though :)01:13
JoseeAntonioROh. I thought it was the same.01:13
IdleOneoh, yes I am part of the IRC opteam, not a couincil member though01:13
IdleOneop team* council*01:13
rwwJoseeAntonioR: nope. All of the #ubuntu* core channel ops are in the IRC Team, there are five Council members, and four group contacts01:13
rwwwe usually just pretend the latter two are identical, though, for brevity01:14
JoseeAntonioRI understand. I know that some people find it confusing.01:14
* rww mutters something about voting out all the Finns in favor of some people with non-overlapping timezones01:34
macer1I want to translate ubottu texts, is there a launchpad project for that?01:36
macer1texts like01:36
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:36
rwwmacer1: no. foreign-language channels with ubottu clones can submit channel-specific translated factoid requests, though01:37
rwwthe syntax is !factoid-#channelname is <reply> translated text here01:37
rwwe.g. #bot-#ubuntu-fr is <reply> Quelque chose ici01:38
rwwerm, !bot-#ubuntu-fr, not #bot-#ubuntu-fr01:39
macer1on ubuntu-PL channel we have our own bot, so we consider adding ubottu functions or adding ubottu to our channel.01:40
macer1!bot-#ubuntu-pl is <reply> Bot jest botem01:41
macer1OK, just testing.01:41
macer1So what exatcly plugins is ubottu using?01:41
rwwyeah, you don't have an official ubottu clone in there, so making #ubuntu-pl ones isn't pointful01:42
ubottuubottu uses supybot, which is available in the main !repositories, with additional plugins that are available at http://ubottu.com/clone.html - to help out with ubottu development please join #ubuntu-bots-devel :)01:42
macer1I know01:42
macer1we have supybot on our channels, just plugin list.01:42
macer1I want ubottu to join PL channel, but I cant reach channel founder :/01:45
macer1because channel founder must ask?01:47
IdleOne0912 [15:43:06] <tsimpson> I'd want someone from the ubuntu-pl LoCo team or someone with +f to ask01:51
macer1ok, thanks for searching logs for me ;]01:51
macer1Well i am in Polish LoCo team...01:52
IdleOnemacer1: correct but you are not a admin or founder. we went through all this last Monday.01:53
macer1ah ok01:53
IdleOnemacer1: the rules don't change just because we want them to.01:53
macer1OK, ubuntu have no control of LoCo ubuntu channels, yes?01:56
IdleOnetechnically, no.01:57
IdleOnebut the Ubuntu LoCo council does01:58
ubottuInformation on Ubuntu Local Community Teams is at http://loco.ubuntu.com/02:00
rwwmacer1: depends on what you mean by "Ubuntu" and "control02:00
macer1I can't find a mail or other contact to #ubuntu-pl founder :(, so I was thinking that maybe Ubuntu Team has ops there or something like that.02:02
rwwmacer1: the IRC Council can request channel transfers, but given that that channel has multiple active operators, this is unlikely to happen02:03
macer1rww, I understand02:03
IdleOnemacer1: work with the current ops in that channel.02:08
macer1op accepted that02:08
macer1but I need founder to ask...02:11
nigelbI'd like to talk to someone about having a bot in a channel02:24
IdleOnenigelb: which channel?02:24
IdleOnewhich bot?02:24
nigelbIdleOne: I'm thinking of having a bot which announces commits to the code base for #ubuntu-website02:25
IdleOnedo we have a bot that does that?02:25
nigelbI'll have to run it myself02:25
IdleOnego for it02:25
nigelbawesome, thanks02:26
nigelbI'm trying to see if cia.vc bots like bzr. If not, welll, yay supybot.02:26
IdleOnenigelb:usually bot requests are for ubottu clones and logbot which are done via email but nothing stops you from running a bot of your own, provided you have channel admin permission02:27
nigelbI probably don't, but that's something trivial.02:27
nigelbI can check with whoever owns the channel02:28
IdleOnecool beans02:28
m4vnigelb: CIA works with bzr, we use in in #ubuntu-bots-devel03:20
elkym4v, (for something else different altogether) do you know if it works with review based commit workflows like gerrit?03:34
nigelbm4v: bUt isn't it a client side thing03:39
m4vnigelb: yes03:56
m4velky: no idea :/04:00
nigelbm4v: Yeah, I wwas looking for something like what elky said.04:01
m4vbzr has a plugin for CIA stuff, your commits get announced when you "bzr commit" your local changes, no matter if the commit actually ends or not in the remote branch04:02
rwwelky: meh, you just missed that user who wanted a cloak :<04:02
elkyrww, i was out walking then :(04:02
elkyIt seems I should stop leaving the house, purely because of this silly cloaking workflow.04:03
elkyEvery time I'm busy or afk, someone asks for stuff that needs them around for.04:03
rwwbe on 24/7 also04:03
elkyMaybe we should just make you GC, rww. You're on 24/7 :P04:05
rwwelky: the idea had crossed my mind. maybe I'll run for IRCC on the platform "I DO STUFF AT TIMES"04:06
elkyrww, the only complication being, can't be staff & GC, it's been the cause of fail before.04:06
nigelbI think a better planform for rww is "I AM ONLINE ALL THE TIME AND KNOW ALL THE NICKS EVERYONE EVER USED"04:06
m4vapprove all cloaks requests by default, and revoke later when need04:06
rwwelky: one of my costaffers is a GC for another popular namespace :\04:07
elkym4v, nonononono.04:07
rwwelky: or is this an Ubuntu thing04:07
elkyrww, this is an ubuntu thing. Previous GC staffers have been very bad at doing stuff secretly and not telling other IRCC.04:07
rwwm4v: more like "allow staffers who know the process to jfdi", but we like paperwork here04:07
rwwelky: hrm, true04:08
nigelbm4v / elky: The only way to get bzr to do a CIA.vc like thing is to modify the RSS plugin. Launchpad does have RSS feeds. But currently, if you use it, its very ugly :-)04:09
m4vthat's was my idea, tell staff "all request approved unless noted otherwise" but I suppose that's is what the staff doesn't want04:09
elkym4v, the blocker is that about 3 actions need to be undertaken by 2 people in the space of 30 seconds. If the staffers-who-cloak-ubuntu-people could add people to the ubuntu-cloaked-people-on-freenode LP group, then there could be a lag between a GC person saying "yes, cloak $person!" and the cloak actually happening.04:09
rwwI still don't get why we need that LP group04:10
elkyrww, because.04:10
rwwthe only time I can ever remember it being used is when that whole "IRC members" thing happened, which... is another topic04:10
m4vthere was a script that checked something with that group04:10
elkyI think it had a purpose once. I think that purpose may be now void. I really can't remember.04:11
rwwalso, I totally remember being told at some point that all those LP groups were going to be used to maintain access lists "soon". which never happened04:11
rwwlol LP in general, basically04:11
elkydo you know how many LP irc operator groups I am in?04:11
nigelbThat had someting to do with GRF didn't it?04:11
rwwnigelb: no04:11
nigelbrww: the "LP groups being used to maintain access list thing"04:12
rwwor rather, "I can't think of how it could, since GRF happened way before those teams came into being"04:12
rwwnigelb: do you mean GMS?04:12
nigelbright, GMS04:12
elkynigelb, no, i think its initial purpose is mostly so we know we don't need to chase the cloak again.04:12
elkynigelb, the LP group is like a checkbox thing. "Yes, this person's cloak has been done. You don't need to try get hold of them the next time they appear, and spam them with memoserv and stuff"04:13
nigelbOh. It could check your membership in ~ubuntumembers and let GC know if someone expired so their cloak could be removed or something.04:13
m4vrww: probably that's the AccessManager plugin that now is not worked on due to bantracker/factoids plugins04:13
nigelbelky: ahhh!04:15
skailocobot_1 (~UbuntuLoc@ubuntu/bot/locobot) as i remember this is community bot?14:06
skaiwhats wrong with him? this week hes too often goin offline for some reason?14:06
MkaysiIn case it's supybot like ubottu it might be vulnerable to one supybot bug.14:20
skaiMkaysi: usualy he is affected by ping timeout.14:23
MkaysiThen it's probably that issue.14:23
MkaysiIt causes the bot to ping timeout and take all resources of server which it's running on14:24
skaiwhat issue?14:24
IdleOneI thought locobot* was replaced by ubuntulog14:24
Mkaysiskai: https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria/issues/15714:24
IdleOneif locobot is joining/parting your channel you can ban it.14:24
skaiIdleOne: was?not on our channel as i see ^_^ i wont ban him, because sometimes we need logs14:25
IdleOnea LoCo admin can request ubuntulog be joined to your channel by emailing rt@ubuntu.com14:26
skaiIdleOne: ubuntulog is better? where to find logs online from him and what our loco admin must send in this mail?14:28
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/14:29
IdleOnewith ubuntulog they are at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/14:29
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Nafallojpds: I ponder taking down pony for a bit tonight. that includes troll, and ubot2 :-P17:35
jpdsNafallo: Have fun.17:35
Nafallojpds: you reckon people won't miss him for an hour or so on a Sunday night, right?17:36
jpdsNafallo: people should be like, weekending.17:36
Nafalloheh, yeah. agreed.17:36
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phillwhi, any mailing list mods about?22:35
Myrtti... why? Im not one, but which mailing list?22:38
JoseeAntonioRHello! Is anyone from the IRC Council here?22:48
PiciI haven't seen any of them active recently, is there something else that the rest of us could help you with though?22:49
JoseeAntonioRWell, I wanted an Ubuntu Member cloak.22:49
PiciCould you link your launchpad profile?22:50
JoseeAntonioRThanks, IdleOne.22:51
IdleOnejussi tsimpson elky topyli 2nd request for ubuntu cloak :)22:52
elkyis there a staff around to do this?22:53
* IdleOne pokes rww22:54
phillwPici: I have an email waiting to be approved, the subject of which has me really puzzled22:58
phillwtopyli Make Lubuntu channels core after Oneiric release 16 Sep 2011 I'm wondering what I missed out some 26 weeks ago when I got the ubuntu factoid bot, the logging bot & admin for ubuntuIRCcouncil :\23:00
IdleOnephillw: topyli sent a reply to that email.23:01
IdleOnesee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope for what core channels are.23:02
phillwIdleOne: I'm guessing "The operators of the above channels are expected to idle in #ubuntu-ops and are voiced in this channel - If you are an op in one of these channels and not voiced on join, then please make sure you are identified, and if that still does not help, please ping one of the IRC Council to add you to the list." is an issue? I really do not know what you require the lubuntu team to do? We have a good infrastructure, how many of our t23:05
IdleOnephillw: I can't really say...I'll let topyli answer you :)23:07
phillwIdleOne: I have not received a reply re: (00:01:28) IdleOne: phillw: topyli sent a reply to that email. as yet.23:08
elkyJoseeAntonioR, I'm still trying to find a staff person to do the cloaking23:08
JoseeAntonioRelky Are you searching someone from the Freenode staff?23:09
IdleOnephillw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/692616/ that was his reply23:09
JoseeAntonioRelky, gry is from the Freenode Staff.23:11
phillwIdleOne: then it would be rather nice for him to reply to the e-mail, so that I can go through our list of OPs and inform them?23:11
IdleOnephillw: he did reply to the email.23:12
IdleOnethat is how I was able to paste it for you.23:12
JoseeAntonioRelky are you there?23:12
phillwIdleOne: I assure you that I have not received a reply. I've even checked my spam folder :(23:12
IdleOnephillw: I am not trying to argue with you, just telling you what I see23:12
elkyi am, i just got a few minutes of bad lag23:13
JoseeAntonioRelky So then, gry is from the Freenode Staff.23:13
phillwIdleOne: I am not arguing! I'm just stating that no reply has been received. mail-man has 'off-days' ;)23:14
elkygry, i was just speaking to plazma before that bout of lag. you might want to touch base with him before you do the cloaking23:14
elkyI'd only just got hold of him23:14
IdleOneJoseeAntonioR: Congrats.23:16
JoseeAntonioRIdleOne Thanks.23:16
JoseeAntonioRelky, gry, thanks for the cloak.23:17
JoseeAntonioRSorry, does anyone know how to change the real name that appears in the info?23:18
elkyin pidgin it'd be by editing the account23:19
elkyit'll be in the advanced section23:19
JoseeAntonioRelky Thanks :)23:20

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