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Cheeseheadakgraner, valorie: The LoCo Leadership Training Handbook seems to have grown a few new chapters.12:48
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bkerensaakgraner: What's the url to the gdocs handbook so I can add23:43
akgranerbkerensa, if you add to it can you use a different color font23:44
bkerensayep will do23:45
akgranerjust helps me see what's been added :-)23:45
akgraner(I love seeing people's ideas and suggestions)23:45
bkerensaakgraner: How are we adding new chapters? I would like to add to the events chapter which has nothing yet23:46
akgranerI thought there was something about events...hmmm23:48
akgranerone sec23:48
akgranerChapter 723:48
akgranerso add event stuff to that Chapter23:49
akgranerif you need to add sub-chapters to it then just follow the same format that's there or edit the information that is there23:49
akgranerbkerensa, Chapter 7. Running an Effective LoCo—Events .....................................................................23:50
bkerensayep :)23:50
akgranerhmmm were is the rest of the document23:51
akgranerlet me find it23:51
bkerensaakgraner: It might help to not only use different font colors but also to append [Username edit date]23:51
akgraneryep that's fine23:53
akgranerLet me drop in the chapters place holders right quick23:53
akgranerI thought i did that already23:53
akgranerguess now23:54
* bkerensa will wait23:54
Cheeseheadakgraner: Drat. Sorry I didn't put my additions in different color. Didn't know23:55
akgranerno worries23:55
akgranerit's a rough draft anyway :-)23:55
akgranerwe'll get it fixed ...I am just glad you all are helping23:56
akgranerI am super excited23:56
akgraneryou all rock!23:56
bkerensayou rock23:56

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