lifelessmwhudson: poolie: order doesn't matter00:44
lifelessmwhudson: it was written with the assumption in mind that you can't use a composite repo until the sides are independently upgraded00:44
Noldorin_jelmer: Sorry, lost Internet... Did you make the fix then?00:51
Riddellquiet the day09:54
vilaRiddell: hehe, split storm09:59
Riddellqbzr's NEWS.txt file seems to be in UTF-16, anyone know why?10:17
vilaWAG: edited on windows ?10:22
jam1jelmer: are we still doing the UDD meeting in 10 min?10:53
jelmerjam1: I'm not sure to be honest, I haven't heard much about it10:53
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jelmerlet's see if Barry and poolie will be around10:54
jelmerjam: I guess not..11:06
pooliehello all13:29
Riddellgood evening poolie13:33
Noldorinhi jelmer, poolie13:35
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jelmerhi poolie, Riddell, Noldorin14:18
jelmermaxb: do you know what happened with the ~bzr recipes?14:19
maxbI've not looked at them recently14:19
pooliei don't14:19
pooliehi mgz?14:19
mgzhey poolie.14:19
jelmermaxb: I'll investigate further.14:20
Noldorinjelmer, hi :-)14:37
Noldorinjelmer, any updates?14:38
jelmerNoldorin: hi14:39
jelmerNoldorin: no, I'll update the bug when I have more14:39
Noldorinok cool14:39
Noldorinjelmer, at least you know exactly what to rewrite eh?14:39
Noldorinjelmer, i noticed you committed a few other fixes already though ;-)14:43
Noldorini will test everything later today i guess, when it's all done14:43
jelmerNoldorin: yes, those aren't related to your issue though14:47
Noldorinfair enough14:48
Noldorinjelmer, okay, i'll just try to wait patiently then :-) thanks14:48
vilahmm, interesting, trying to reproduce http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/musescore.html#2011-09-18%2022:07:55.177188 locally with 2.4.1 fails...15:15
vilaerr, I mean, it seems if 2.4.1 is deployed on jubany that may be enough to fix this import failure15:16
Noldorinjelmer, i am trying to push to a branch on github now but no luck...any tips please?15:44
Noldorini try this:15:44
briandealwisNoldorin: you have to use ,branch=foo-branch15:55
briandealwisNoldorin: and 'git+ssh://git@github.com/XXX,branch=YYY'15:55
briandealwisthat's what I use at any rate15:56
Noldorinbriandealwis, this suggests otherwise: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/developers/colocated-branches.html15:56
Noldorinit still says "extra argument to command dpush: branch=foo-branch"15:56
jelmerNoldorin: that's a specification, it's not completely implemented yet15:57
jelmerNoldorin: see briandealwis' comment on the syntax15:57
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Riddellyay, I have this unicode import error working locally16:11
vilaRiddell: you mean failing locally ?16:11
Riddellit no longer errors here16:12
Riddellcharacter encodings can play with your head16:12
vilaha, fixed, even better :)16:12
vilahehe, indeed16:12
Riddellwell I wouldn't say fixed, I need to work on it more tomorrow16:12
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Noldorinjelmer, ok...but that will eventually be the syntax?16:16
Noldorinjelmer, even the suggestion of briandealwis does not work yet unfortunately :-(16:16
NoldorinPS C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\IRC.NET\dump\dump2\bzr-branch> bzr dpush git://git@github.com/alexreg/ircdotnet.git,branch=foo-branch16:16
Noldorinbzr: ERROR: extra argument to command dpush: branch=foo-branch16:16
vilaNoldorin: git: != git+ssh:16:17
Noldorinvila, didn't notice that even ;-)16:17
vilaI don't know what I'm talking about to be honest ;)16:18
Noldorinvila, still same error though16:18
briandealwisNoldorin: what version of bzr-git are you running?16:18
Noldorinbriandealwis, latest master.16:19
Noldorin0.6.3dev that is16:19
briandealwishmm, I just pushed something a few minutes ago, but I'm not running the very very latest.16:20
Noldorinlatest dulwich too of course16:21
Noldorinbzr 2.5b116:21
Noldorinstill the "extra argument" ERROR16:22
jelmerNoldorin: what's the exact command you're running?16:22
NoldorinPS C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\IRC.NET\dump\dump2\bzr-branch> bzr dpush git+ssh://git@github.com/alexreg/ircdotnet.git,branch=foo-branch16:25
Noldorinbzr: ERROR: extra argument to command dpush: branch=foo-branch16:25
jelmerNoldorin: is windows perhaps splitting arguments based on comma?16:31
vilaRiddell: you meant bug #508258 ? Wow !16:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 508258 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Failure to import non-ascii filenames" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50825816:32
vilaRiddell: which package did you use to reproduce and what was the filename ?16:32
Riddellvila: liblingua-de-ascii-perl16:36
Riddellfilename is t/words_with_umlaut_and_ß.t16:36
Riddellbut in iso-8859-1 not utf-816:36
fullermd7 bits ought to be enough for anybody.16:37
vilaRiddell: I wonder about what happens on OSX16:39
Riddellvila: why?16:39
vilabecause osx sometimes decides to re-normalize for your own good16:39
vilaone case I encountered  when looking at this bug was a file in NFKD form that bzr couldn't handle16:41
vilawhich means at some point someone created a tarball or a commit on OSX16:41
vilasince we use NFKC, we can't grok the path16:41
vilathe file was some .pdf in a contrib/doc or something so probably few people realized the issue and linux doesn't care since paths are just bytes16:42
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htorquehello everyone! i'm probably just blind, but how do you change between revisions? like "git checkout HASH".18:43
beunohtorque, bzr revert $revno?18:43
htorque$ bzr revert 158818:45
htorquebzr: ERROR: Path(s) are not versioned: 158818:45
beunohtorque, sorry18:46
beunobzr revert -r $revno18:46
htorquebeuno: but that's not the same as going back in time - version-info still shows the latest revision.18:46
beunohtorque, you want to blow away history?18:47
htorquebeuno: i'm looking for the commit that caused a regression and therefore like to test a few suspicious revisions.18:49
fullermdYou probably want update, not revert...18:49
htorquefullermd: that's it, thanks! :)18:49
Noldorinjelmer, hey, back19:14
Noldorinthat's possible19:14
Noldorinlet me check19:14
Noldorinjelmer, yes that's the problem :-)19:32
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Noldorinjelmer, actually still one error when i dpush :-S20:04
NoldorinPS C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\IRC.NET\dump\dump2\bzr-branch> bzr dpush "git+ssh://git@github.com/alexreg/ircdotnet.git,branch=foo-branch"20:04
Noldorinbzr: ERROR: refs/heads/master, .have failed to update20:04
Noldorindisappeared the 2nd time...20:06
Noldorinjelmer, hello?21:18
jelmerNoldorin: hi21:20
Noldorinjelmer, have you encountered that odd error before?21:21
Noldorinit is strange21:23
Noldorinjelmer, well, goodbye i suppose :-P21:37
jelmerNoldorin: ?21:42
jelmerNoldorin: I haven't seen that error before. Did the repository update?21:42
Noldorinjelmer, it did, but it removed all my tags in master :-S21:49
jelmerare you running bzr-git trunk?21:49
Noldorintags always worked fine for me before :-S21:49
Noldorinjelmer, i guess i can wait for you to commit the fix too (tonight?)21:50
Noldorinand then test again21:50
jelmerthis one should be easy..21:51
Noldorinjelmer, does that info give you enough to fix it you think?21:54
jelmerNoldorin: try again now22:21
Noldorinjelmer, sure22:42
Noldorinjelmer, pull bzr-git again first?22:43
Noldorini presume22:43
jelmerNoldorin: yes23:03
Noldorinjelmer, ooh very nasty error now23:05
NoldorinPS C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\IRC.NET\dump\dump2\bzr-branch> Unable to write to standard output: The pipe is being closed.23:05
Noldorinfatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly23:05
jelmerNoldorin: that doesn't say much, unfortunately?23:08
Noldorinjelmer, unfortunately no...it's a new error though23:08
Noldorinjelmer, just appeared after i pulled your bzr-git update23:08
jelmerNoldorin: does it also occur with the previous revision of bzr-git?23:09
Noldorini'll check again23:09
Noldorinbut don't think so23:09
Noldorinjelmer, nope, just in your latest revision23:22
Noldorinsince i updated23:22
jelmerNoldorin: can you check ~/.bzr.log to see what refs it was going to update ?23:24
Noldorinjelmer, sorry, my bad. it happens with previous revisions too now23:28
Noldorin3.695  updating refs. old refs: {'.have': ('16e7f78f1acde7f85b0366546010968edcf0d3e7', None), 'refs/heads/master': ('8fd19796b7ca400d29b4d8d6783ddd8c03b86448', None), 'refs/heads/foo-branch': ('f66e413bceea0acc287defb17aff3e8d3e94d471', None)}, new refs: {'refs/heads/foo4-branch': (None, 'git-v1:f66e413bceea0acc287defb17aff3e8d3e94d471')}23:31
NoldorinNoSuchRef: The ref refs/heads/foo4-branch was not found in the repository at git+ssh://git@github.com/alexreg/ircdotnet.git,branch=foo4-branch.23:31
Noldorinjelmer, there you go23:31
jelmerah, bzr-git has trouble with refs that it doesn't know the revision of23:33
Noldorinjelmer, easy to fix? :-)23:35
Noldorinbtw, does bzr-git implement rmbranch?23:35
jelmerNoldorin: only for local repositories IIRC23:43
jelmerfeel free to file a bug about it23:43
Noldorinjelmer, got it. i guess i can always use git itself for the time being...23:44
jelmerNoldorin: actually, remote removal does work but there's a trivial change necessary in dulwich23:49
Noldorinjelmer, just submitted the bug. it still throws NotImplementedException23:49
bignoseI'm setting up SD, a distributed bug tracking system23:50
bignoseit wants to store bug database state in the branch23:50
Noldorinjelmer, if you briefly explain, i'd be happy to make the change even :-)23:50
bignoseam I foolish if I tell it to create a new directory ‘$(bzr root)/.bzr/branch/sd/’?23:51
Noldorinjelmer, but in any case, still more concerned about this new issue and the old 'r47' one heh...23:51
bignoseis there a convention for storing state for plug-ins that will be replicated as part of the branch metadata?23:52
spivbignose: you can store the metadata as data, i.e. as files versioned in the tree.  e.g. .bzrmeta/my-plugin23:53
bignosespiv: is ‘.bzrmeta’ a special name, or just an example?23:54

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