OerHeksBarkingFish, i am not sure it helps > http://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/3.6.22/00:01
OerHeksuninstall firefox complete and try the old 3.6 stable ?00:02
OerHeksafter that, you should use pinning, and you have no security updates :(00:03
BarkingFishok, will do.00:07
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BarkingFishChecked that site OerHeks - I don't want to compile it :)  I remember someone telling me a month or so back, how to downgrade and pin it - but I can't recall how and where from.00:31
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BarkingFishThere is another version available somewhere within Kubuntu for download, possibly a backport I think00:31
ssfdre38hey what the kernal for 11.10?01:00
Axlinssfdre38: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview/Beta1#Ubuntu_Kernel01:21
SubCoolcould someone asist with XBMC?01:35
SubCoolim having a Repo issue..01:35
SubCoolgot it-01:48
SubCoolwhom ever gives me shit about posting the same q in 3 rooms at once.01:48
SubCooldont bother me again.01:48
IdleOneSubCool: Please mind your language :)01:58
jdmwhat is a good gui ssh client for kubuntu?02:02
guerrilhahello, i have a recent instlal of kubuntu 10.04, and i have my 3g modem connected, but on net work manager applet the mobile broadband is greyed out. what should i do?02:04
Lithos84guerrilha: Install "usb-modeswitch", reboot and try again.02:08
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dan_lRiddle me this:   my gmail plasmoid has stopped working.  And the similar softwares (gmail checker, googsystray) also do not work.03:06
dan_lWhy on earth would this be?03:06
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Unit193KindOne: Welcome back ;)08:02
KindOneUnit193, your nick looks familure :P08:09
Unit193KindOne: Just had to welcome you back to the land of the crazy, funny with all your other /parts ;)08:10
chalcedony my husband has a bunch of drives (on ubuntu 10.10), i need to move files from my computer (ubuntu 11.04) to his. i can see in nautilus where they need to go, but how can i specify the path for ssh? or is there an easier way to get them there?08:10
well_laid_lawnthere's sshcp08:23
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Anubishi ! i have this problem: i upgraded the kernel and i uninstalled my nvidia drivers and rebooted. now i cant see anything on my display except some black vertical stripes on a white background. how can i fix this problem ? ( 11.04)09:56
Anubisthose stripes are in console09:57
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skidzoI have a question:10:04
skidzolinux-headers-2.6.38-11-generic (2.6.38-11.50) wird eingerichtet ...; Examining /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d.; run-parts: executing /etc/kernel/header_postinst.d/dkms 2.6.38-11-generic /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.38-11-generic;  * dkms: running auto installation service for kernel 2.6.38-11-generic10:04
skidzo *       blcr (0.8.2)...                                                 [fail]10:04
skidzowhat is this blcr fail meaning10:05
skidzoThere is also a bug report on this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/blcr/+bug/70003610:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 700036 in blcr (Ubuntu) "package blcr-dkms 0.8.2-15ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: blcr kernel module failed to build - error: ‘struct signal_struct’ has no member named ‘count’" [High,In progress]10:05
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floownplease, where are stored logs for Quassel?10:51
well_laid_lawnfloown: probably in the hidden folder in your home dir10:52
floownwell_laid_lawn: I have search in ~/.kde10:52
well_laid_lawnfloown: .config/quassel-irc.org/quassel-storage.sqlite10:56
well_laid_lawnhow unfreindly is that...10:56
sorush20hi my sata drives are not detected.. any ideas?10:57
well_laid_lawnyou'll need a sqlite browser it seems10:57
sorush20I have ide at the moment.. and the bios detects the sata drives but not in kubuntu I can't see them..10:57
floownwell_laid_lawn: oops, so I can not search a term in a discussion?10:57
floownah ok10:57
floowna sqlite browser…10:57
well_laid_lawnsorush20: using a pci sata card?10:58
sorush20well_laid_lawn: no on board.. sata chip10:58
sorush20motherboard is asus a8v-x10:59
well_laid_lawnsorush20: if you are ok in the terminal grep dmesg for sda then10:59
well_laid_lawndmesg | grep -i sda11:00
sorush20well_laid_lawn: http://pastebin.com/fCfmkNF411:01
well_laid_lawnthat says that sda3 is ext4 and mounted - I guess the first two partitions are not linux?11:02
sorush20well_laid_lawn: I have a sata dvdrw and sata hdd that are not detected..11:03
well_laid_lawnin a terminal run mount11:03
sorush20although they are detected in bios11:03
sorush20here is the mount http://pastebin.com/CsLawB7Z11:04
well_laid_lawnsorry there are mount errors with sda311:04
sorush20well_laid_lawn: what would you suggest11:05
well_laid_lawnyou have 3 scsi disks mounted with various partitions11:06
well_laid_lawn /dev/sdc1 on /media/060A8B433F2B0A3611:07
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well_laid_lawnwhat's in that directory11:07
well_laid_lawn /dev/sda1 on /media/D6DC98B4DC98907B is another directory to check11:08
well_laid_lawnI wonder what he found...11:11
alvinQuassel logs? The backlog is in the database, but the normal logs are in /var/run/quassel (I think)11:27
BluesKajhiyas all11:27
sorush20hello again..11:27
well_laid_lawnI wonder what he found...11:27
alvinCan't look up the default. My Quassel setup is pretty custom.11:27
sorush20this is the solution I'm trying to implement..11:28
sorush20but I can't find the menu.lst11:28
well_laid_lawnsorush20: it'll be grub.cfg now11:28
sorush20well_laid_lawn: I am looking at the solution in the link above , there is a solution for grub 2 but I'm not confident;...11:30
sorush20can you help me figure out how to adapt the script for editing the grub.cfg11:31
well_laid_lawnone min11:31
well_laid_lawnsorush20: you add pci=nomsi to the end of the kernel line like it says11:33
well_laid_lawntho you should add it in /etc/default/grub11:34
well_laid_lawnand reload grub11:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:34
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sorush20well_laid_lawn: just watned to say thanks.. give me your paypal email so I can send you some money11:39
well_laid_lawnheh no need sorush20 :)11:39
sorush20well_laid_lawn: okay buddy... have a good day..11:39
well_laid_lawnI do it for the love11:40
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dnivrahello. I have a HP pavilion dm4 laptop and I am trying to install Kubuntu 11.04 64bit on it. I get the following error -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/694432/. Could someone tell me what is wrong?12:58
dashavoodnivra: did you check the cd burnt correctly?12:59
dashavoowith a checksum, or otherwise?12:59
dnivradashavoo: running a "check disc for defects"12:59
dnivraas for the iso, i've used the iso successfully in the past so I doubt it could be a checksum issue?13:00
dashavoodnivra: my gut reaction would be that it didn't burn correctly. That would certainly be the simplest explanation.13:01
dnivraright. I'll try burning again then. if anyone has any other leads, do let me know.13:01
dnivrathanks dashavoo!13:01
dashavoodnivra: don't thank me unless it works ;)13:02
dashavoogood luck13:02
dnivrathanks! i hope it works :)13:02
lovrei have a problem with wireless connection on my kubuntu. I have a connection but it reports only 1MBps, instead of 54Mbps.. Any ideas to fix this?13:34
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lloowenHello all! Is there a way to install Kubuntu using the cli only? Like a netinstall. I don't want to use the netinstall option as it downloads and installs the latest Kubuntu version. I am trying to install 10.0414:59
Lithos84lloowen: There's a Minimal CD for 10.04: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:02
lloowenLithos84: Thanks.15:02
Lithos84lloowen: You're welcome.15:03
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MMloshHi! I have noticed I have  .config directory in my "/" in quite fresh 10.11-immediately-upgraded-to-11.04 kubuntu15:12
MMloshit houses single Trolltech.conf file15:12
dashavooMMlosh: what of it?15:13
dashavooin "/", now I see15:14
MMloshyes.. in ROOT dir15:14
MMloshI am sure that nothing QT-related should be run as root...  and probably with mis-setup home..  any other explanation?15:15
dashavooMMlosh: I just checked. So do I in 11.10.15:15
dashavooI have no idea why though15:15
dashavooI would never have noticed it if you hadn't mentioned it15:16
MMloshI was migrating onto another computer and ran  diff -r --brief between new and old root15:16
dashavooit is there since installation15:16
MMloshand it popped up.. I would not notice it normally15:16
dashavoovery strange, but probably no harm15:17
MMloshalmost sure it's not harmful.. but it should not be there... and the thing that created needs fixing15:18
MMloshlast time I tried to register on kubuntu bugtracker, I never got a confirmation mail... and filled the bug agains ubuntu...   I can't this time15:19
dashavooMMlosh: true15:19
MMloshdashavoo, can you file a bug?15:19
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dashavooMMlosh: I would, if I could figure out where ;)15:23
MMloshyes.. that's hard to find15:27
MMloshdashavoo, https://bugs.kde.org/   google does not know the answer.. guessing the domain name is way easier15:27
MMlosh*damn.. that's KDE's bugtracker..15:27
dashavooI have to go, I will look later15:29
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MMloshdashavoo,  I found out, that my former harddisk had /.kde too16:28
marquee_hello, I made a very dumb mistake and while testing out random network setups, ran apt-get remove network-manager16:59
dashavoomarquee_: that was silly ;)16:59
marquee_did that remove all the libraries and dependents too?16:59
dashavoothings that depend on it, probably, things it depends on, probably not17:00
dashavooeither way, you can just install it back again17:01
marquee_ya, i was just gonna download it and install it17:02
BluesKajmarquee_, have you rebooted since , if not just reinstall17:02
marquee_but I didn't know if I had to get the libraries and stuff it depended on too :/17:02
marquee_I have stuff on there that would take a while to backup on external (17:02
dashavoomarquee_: get it via apt, it will sort it out for you17:02
marquee_my c doesn't have too much room left)17:02
BluesKajno, it just tales out the app, everything else is left behind17:02
marquee_dash, I don't have internet access lol17:03
marquee_k cool17:03
marquee_thanks Blues17:03
dashavoomarquee_: do you use a wired or a wireless connection? And it is "dashavoo", not "dash"17:03
marquee_well im gonna go install now thanks for the help every117:03
BluesKajmarquee_, ethernet or wfi , ?17:03
marquee_sorry dashavoo, and I use a wireless connection17:03
slipp3dmarquee_, would it be to hard to plug it in ?17:04
marquee_actually it would involve taking the whole machine outside the building to get it wired in, slipp3d17:05
dashavoomarquee_: is it an old, or a new installation?17:05
slipp3dokay that would be rough ...17:05
dashavooi.e. is there any chance the package is still in the apt-cache?17:05
marquee_latest, 11.1017:06
marquee_but its been there a while now, I just always upgrade17:06
marquee_I doubt its still there17:06
marquee_actually, no chance17:07
dashavoohave you tried doing apt-get install network-manager?17:07
marquee_unless, it reloads it into the cache with every upgrade?17:07
BluesKajhow are you chatting with us ?17:07
marquee_using windows17:07
slipp3di'm sure that you could get it up and running konsole17:08
slipp3ddid you try ... sudo ifup wlan017:08
marquee_haven't tried that, slipp3d. I was just going to d/l it from here http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/net/network-manager17:08
slipp3dthe connection info should still be in kwallet17:08
marquee_right now17:09
marquee_and install it from flashdrive later17:09
slipp3dthat would work as well17:09
slipp3dbut if you can get the wifi card up and running with out network manager you could then just install it with out doing the flashdrive dance17:10
marquee_i was really just asking if that was all I'd need to download to get it up and running again, otherwise, I would have to download the other libraries from http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/net/17:10
dashavoomarquee_: well if it isn't enough, you will know when you try to install it17:11
marquee_I'll try sudo ifup wlan0 and be able to get back to you guys in a couple of hours...can't really test it right now17:11
marquee_yea, i was hoping to get everything right now17:11
slipp3dmarquee_, also check into that link abit ... if you have wpa you will need to use the switches that are on that page17:11
marquee_cuz I don't wanna keep going back and forth :/ its all good though, I deserve it :(17:11
marquee_k I'll try to gather more info off google about it, thanks for the link slipp3d17:13
slipp3dnp marquee_ i hope that it helps17:13
marquee_XD me too :)17:14
lovreim connected to LAN with other computers that use Windows, but when i go to network/samba, i dont see any of them, i just get the message: Unable to find any workgroups in your local network. This might be caused by an enabled firewall. But i dont know of any firewall installed. Any idea?17:31
slipp3dlovre ... i would guess that the firewall on the windows computers are turned on17:35
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bmcagenetwork upgrade of kubuntu to 11.10?18:30
bmcagewiki page does not say it..18:30
OerHekskubuntu 11.10 is in beta now, if you want the development upgrade use -d ?18:32
bmcagewith apt-get you mean I suppose18:33
Piciwith do-release-upgrade18:33
bmcagethat wiki page is linked to from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OneiricUpgrades18:33
bmcageok, reading the man page, thanks18:34
OerHeksTo upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 on a desktop system, press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d" (without the quotes) into the command box. Update Manager should open up and tell you: New distribution release '11.10' is available18:35
OerHekssupport for oneiric beta in #Ubuntu+118:36
bmcageok, will do, still updating 11.04 to latest updates.18:37
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Guest76502Anyone willing to help18:59
jimmy51_kubuntu 11.04.  i'm having trouble where after a day or so of use my machine gets in a weird state.  clicking on apps to launch doesn't work.19:01
jimmy51_i get the bouncing icon and progress circle in the task bar, but the app doesn't launch19:01
genii-aroundGuest76502: Best to just state the issue you need help with, if there are error messages or so on, mention those as well. Someone may take up an answer for you.19:01
jimmy51_.... until i close another app, that is.19:01
jimmy51_for example, if it's in that state, i can click to launch dolphin and firefox.  i get the bouncing icon but they don't launch.  if i then close whatever other apps i have open, firefox and dolphin pop up afterwards.19:02
Guest76502After installing KDE4.7 on 11.04 I get the "KWallet is not available" message whenever I try to send mail in Kmail,  and I have to write password again. Sorry for bad English;)19:02
jimmy51_it's like apps are blocking other apps from launching19:02
genii-aroundjimmy51_: Perhaps there is no room in memory, or nonexistent/small swap partition19:04
jimmy51_genii-around: how can i check that?  this is an i7-860 with 8GB of DDR319:04
Guest76502I did search some forums, and saw a lot of people haveing the same problem but no answer19:04
BarkingFishGuest76502: Please open kmail, go to the top of the screen and click Settings, then Configure KMail in the dropdown list which appears19:09
BarkingFishWhen the window opens, click on Accounts on the left side, click the account you want to alter in the middle, then click Modify on the right.19:10
Guest76502Did it19:10
BarkingFishYou've done this already?19:10
genii-aroundjimmy51_: Please pastebin results of the commands: sudo fdisk -l   and: df -h and: grep swap /etc/fstab and: vmstat -a19:11
Guest76502Yes, but I didn't change anything, I wait for your suggestions19:11
BarkingFishLooks like I'm having problems too now...  I just went to store my pop password again, and I get a little box up which says - "There have been repeated failed attempts to access a Wallet.  An application may be misbehaving."19:12
BarkingFishIt looks like kwallet has disabled itself19:12
BarkingFishGuest76502, I'm going to check my end and see what is going on. I'm having issues myself now.19:12
Guest76502Same thing happens to me19:12
Guest76502But kwallet is working, and everything else is OK except Kmail19:13
BarkingFishI've figured how to sort mine, I've just deleted my wallet and I'll start a fresh one.19:14
BarkingFishGuest76502, Do you have a lot stored in your current wallet?19:15
BarkingFishIf not, it might be wise to try deleting your current wallet and creating a new one.19:15
Guest76502Not much19:16
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BarkingFishOk, try this then.  CTRL+F2, type kwallet and you should see the kwallet manager in the dropdown, click it please :)19:16
Guest76502how to delete it, I've tried uninstaling and instaling it already19:16
BarkingFishI'm just getting to that!19:17
BarkingFishwhen the kwallet manager opens, you'll have 2 windows, one on the left has your wallet in it, the other is for modifying the wallet if you open it.19:17
BarkingFishI want you to right click on your wallet in the left window, and select delete. You'll be asked to confirm if you want to. Just confirm and it's gone.19:18
dtcrshrcan anyone help me? my wired connection shows "unnmanaged" on the network app19:19
BarkingFishdtcrshr, is the Enable networking box underneath it ticked?19:20
BarkingFishGuest76502, great. Now go to File, left click and select new wallet.19:21
BarkingFishGuest76502, when it asks you for a name, type KDEWallet19:21
Guest76502Should I use the same name as before or something else19:21
dtcrshri can use the wireless though19:21
genii-arounddtcrshr: Does result of: grep managed /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf         show: managed=false   or:managed=true19:22
Guest76502You're always step ahead, thanks19:22
BarkingFishGuest76502, Right - here's what you do next.  When you have the new wallet, set the password on it, and ok it.19:23
BarkingFishRight, now in the first window (where the picture of the wallet is) click Settings, and click "Configure Wallet"19:23
BarkingFishIn the middle of the window, you see Automatic Wallet Selection - Go to there, tick the box marked "Different wallet for local passwords" - then select KDEWallet from the dropdown unless it's already there19:25
BarkingFishnow apply it, OK it, and you're done.19:25
dtcrshrgenii-around, looking19:25
BarkingFishYou can close the wallet manager now, Guest7650219:25
Guest76502back in a minute19:25
Guest76502No use, happens again19:27
Guest76502There have been repeated failed attempts to gain access to a wallet. An application may be misbehaving.19:28
BarkingFishnow for me, that warning has gone on completion of what I just lead you through.19:28
BarkingFishAnyone else here able to pick up and figure out what might be going on here?  I've just done the same as I just took Guest76502 through, and my kwallet is working now19:29
Guest76502I'll try it again19:29
dtcrshrgenii-around, here in my pc its /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf19:29
dtcrshrand managed is set to false19:30
dtcrshrill change to true, lets see19:30
lloowen_Hello all. I have a live cd of Kubuntu 10.04. Is there a way I can install this using the cli only? I don't have a monitor for my pc just an old TV. If I can install it using the cli, then I can install nvidia and hey presto! I cannot get the nvidia driver to work on the latest kubuntu :(19:32
dtcrshrthanks genii-around19:32
dtcrshrother question. i came from gnome,  used to synaptic to manage my apps. what application do you suggest to manage applications?19:33
BluesKajdtcrshr, synaptic works well on kde too ...I use it19:34
dtcrshrhmm yes. its already installed I see.. thers this kpackageedit19:36
BluesKajmuon has picked up some bugs and I'm not happu witht the way it's working19:36
BluesKajerr happy with19:37
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jimmy51_genii-around: sorry.. got busy.  here are the results of those commands:  http://pastebin.com/jcphupN920:22
genii-aroundjimmy51_: Apologies on lag, work. Everything in your paste indicates that you have plenty of virtual memory, swap space, and hard drive space.20:47
jimmy51_genii-around: i have rebooted in the last few hours though... maybe i should check those again when i get the symptom back20:47
genii-aroundjimmy51_: Yes, not a bad idea.20:49
genii-aroundAt least the vmstat20:49
dtcrshrCan anyone help me install language packs? iv installed language-selector-qt and language-selector as asked in the country and region system settings21:05
dtcrshrans if i choose install new language, it pops a box "the language support is not installed completely"21:05
dtcrshri choose install, and on the next box i choose my language, but it always fails21:06
dtcrshrany special trick to use 3g modems in kubuntu?21:25
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huhligquestion. I am trying to access a folder from a normal user and I am getting permission denied. Both users are members of the user group and the permissions for all files ar ug+rw and all files have the proper <user>:users ownership22:07
huhligwhat am I doing wrong22:07
gomiboyhuhlig: all dirs in the path needs g+x iirc22:09
faichele_huhlig: Does the folder itself have the "x" permission set?22:09
dashavooI installed bogofilter and spamassassin, and suddenly kmail (or one of those) started duplicating spam instead of filtering it, any suggestion?22:16
JarockHat jemand auch das Problem das er bei "Kubuntu 11.04" beim "KpackageKit" die "Vorab veröffentlichte Aktualisierungen"nicht mehr "abwählen kann"?22:50
PhilRod!de | Jarock22:53
ubottuJarock: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!22:53
Jarockthanks :-)22:54

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