poolieflacoste, hi?00:02
flacostehi poolie00:03
huwshimiDoes anyone know if the little bug icon on the left hand side of bug listings has any more meaning than just showing the importance of the bug?00:16
wgranthuwshimi: It's just the importance.00:17
huwshimiwgrant: Makes sense. I guess it was just a historical thing00:18
wgranthuwshimi: Now you've lost me.00:20
huwshimiwgrant: Oh I just mean, it didn't seem to have any more meaning than showing the importance, which is duplication of the importance column and so was probably still there because it has always been there.00:21
wgrantI find it's pretty handy to be able to see the importance while scanning down the first few words of the summary.00:22
wgrantBut it predates the coloured importance column.00:22
wgrantIn fact, it dates back to the days of separate severity/priority columns.00:22
huwshimiwgrant: That's good to know, thanks00:23
wallyworld_thumper: hey, i found out the hard way that we allow branch stacking to form a loop00:42
wallyworld_well, there are tests which do it anyways00:42
wallyworld_surely that's not something we would expect to have occur in real life?00:43
lifelessbzr doesn't support it00:45
lifelessbut, it can happen00:45
lifelessso we need to handle it gracefully00:46
mwhudsonyou can create such branches with vfs level access if nothing else, so it would be bad if the db melted in this situation00:46
wallyworld_yeah, i've rolled back a trigger i added to db-devel and will rework it to handle this00:47
pooliehi huwshimi00:50
huwshimipoolie: Hey00:50
pooliehuwshimi, jelmer is keen to look at the branch pages too some time00:50
huwshimipoolie: Ok great. I think what might happen is that it might end up being a feature level project sometime. It's just cropped up a few times recently that we need to clean up some of our basic features00:53
lifelesspoolie: hundreds? no, 75 :)00:53
StevenKNow on revision 13999.02:58
StevenKSomeone land something!02:58
wgrantI have an MP up.03:03
wgrantStevenK: https://code.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/overridable-dbconfig/+merge/7631603:04
wgrantIt's even already tested.03:04
wgrantActually, the db-stable merge will be r14000 :)03:04
wgranthloeung gets it :(03:04
nigelbDid we reach 14000?03:18
wgrantnigelb: Yep.03:19
wgrant[Branch ~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/devel] Rev 14000: Merging db-stable at revno 1099403:19
nigelbDo you know if the app servers all of the same rev now?03:20
wgrantnigelb: codehosting, librarian, mailman, ftpmaster and ppa are all behind a bit.03:20
wgrantcodehosting and mailman are being upgraded now.03:21
wgrantlibrarian, ftpmaster, ppa are a bit more of a challenge.03:21
nigelbwgrant: I'm thinking in terms of my db patch03:21
wgrantSo was I :)03:21
nigelbI'm not sure which service that falls into though.03:22
wgrantAll of them.03:22
wgrantThat particular patch affects *every* service.03:22
wgrantSo we need at least 13932 everywhere.03:23
wgranthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/694210/ was the status 20 minutes ago.03:23
wgrant13996 is the rev that's deploying now.03:23
wgrantYou can see the first host had it 20 minutes ago.03:23
nigelbAH, nice!03:24
wgrant(mizuho == librarian, forster == mailman, cocoplum == ftpmaster, germanium == ppa, crowberry == codehosting)03:25
nigelbHow many squads are there? Teal, Yellow, Orange, Red, and any more?03:34
wgrantThat's all.03:34
wgrantTeal was formed by the merge of Blue and Green.03:34
wgrantAfter members of Blue departed.03:34
nigelbBlue departed?03:34
wgrantGreen started small, and a couple of members of Blue left, so it was decided to merge Blue and Green into a single squad.03:35
james_wlifeless, hi03:40
nigelbHe's supposed to be away, but he was around earlier.03:41
wgrantjames_w: He's not meant to be here on Wednesdays at the moment.03:41
james_wwgrant, then he shouldn't ping me :-)03:41
wgrantAnd, in a manner rather unlike his usual, he indeed is sometimes not here on Wednesdays.03:41
nigelbHe was around in the morning03:41
nigelb"Think of it as priorities: today my priority is my family. But I may do somework. On work days my priority is work, but I may look after my family."03:42
StevenKI thought since there were two codehostings, they could go into NDT03:44
wgrantStevenK: They can be updated without downtime, but it requires handholding.03:44
wgrantAnd takes more than an hour.03:44
wgrantso they're not in the usual nodowntime set.03:44
wgrantThey must be explicitly requested.03:44
wgrantI documented this on LPS last week :)03:44
StevenKAnd forster is just ... odd03:45
rvbaMorning mrevell.07:53
adeuringgood morning08:07
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pooliedanilos, hi, if i put up a patch that just turned off those mails (maybe by a flag) would anyone actually complain?08:36
pooliere bug 85515008:36
_mup_Bug #855150: excessive translation import template mails (also poor phrasing) <mail> <spam> <translations> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/855150 >08:36
danilospoolie, well, many would be happy (especially ubuntu packagers), but some would be worried that their files have not been imported with such a change08:38
pooliethe worry would come from us suddenly stopping (that could be handled by an announcement) or because they do count on getting them08:39
danilospoolie, fwiw, I'd say just go for it, but make sure not to silence the emails when there are errors: i.e. silence only the "no problems" emails08:39
pooliei think one of the other bugs says the "errors" mail goes to the wrong people08:39
danilospoolie, from us suddenly stopping (iow, they have learned to expect them)08:39
pooliebut that's perhaps at least not as common08:39
danilospoolie, I think that one might be wrong, the error goes to the committer, which is the right person, the fact that it doesn't say that is a different bug, but hey... :)08:40
pooliethe person who last committed?08:41
pooliethey may not know or care about translation though08:41
danilospoolie, well, since LP is able to generate templates from a tree, they may have broken it even if they don't care about it (eg. introduced problematic _() marking or something)08:42
poolieoh totally08:42
poolievery likely08:43
pooliebut, i suspect an error mail from launchpad will not get them to fix it08:43
pooliethey will need a more personal mail from a person within their project who does know/care about gettext08:43
danilospoolie, well, we did talk about having a 'translation driver' for a project long time ago, we just never did it, but as I said, this particular area is very badly structured and would need a lot of improvements08:44
danilospoolie, import queue core mechanics are very (and I mean *very*, circa 2005) code that we never had time to properly clean up, but only stacked things on top08:45
danilosvery _old_08:45
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pooliemrevell, +1 on the unexplained oops being awful, fwiw09:03
wgrantThat has my full support as well.09:24
jtvcjwatson: quick note while otp: sid's been converted to transitional debian domination, and all active debian publications are now Published, not Pending, without exception.  Conversions should complete in a few hours, and then we'll land permanent debian domination.  The permanent form will finally delete all packages that Debian has deleted.09:26
jtvcjwatson: the transitional form's dealing nicely with withdrawn package versions & failed builds.09:26
cjwatsonjtv: OK, that should make life simpler for us.  Thanks.09:45
jtvcjwatson: note that we've already seen 2 cases of Debian regressing to an earlier version; in those cases, the latest-but-deleted Debian version will also become Deleted in LP.09:46
cjwatsondo you have specific examples?  the Debian archive is set up to never go backwards in versions, like ours09:47
cjwatsonI'm not aware of any historical incidences of that rule being violated09:48
jtvWe found 1 instance of this in sid… wgrant, what was that package in sid where the latest-published version was no longer in the latest Sources list?09:49
wgrantcjwatson: One was in experimental, where it was deleted and then reappeared with a lower version. I didn't find that entirely unexpected.09:50
wgrantThe sid case was similar, but rather unexpected.09:51
* wgrant finds the links.09:51
wgrantBut in both cases they were removed some time before the lower version appeared.09:51
wgranthttp://packages.qa.debian.org/t/tcc.html is the experimental case09:51
wgranthttp://packages.qa.debian.org/i/ixp4xx-microcode.html the very odd, but plausible, unstable one.09:51
wgrant2.4-3 was skipped during a maintainer change, then uploaded 2 years late, or something.09:52
wgrantAfter it had been removed.09:52
wgrantOne of the strangest occurences I've seen.09:52
wgrantAlso, it was uploaded with armel binaries.09:52
wgrantAh, it's probably an armel-specific package, I guess.09:52
cjwatsonWow, that's weird.09:54
wgrantThe reappearance is weird enough.09:54
wgrantThe version and content of the changelog is... unbelievable.09:55
wgrantBut it apparently happened.09:55
cjwatsonWe should've reported that to Debian, really09:55
wgrantWell, we only discovered it like 2 hours ago.09:55
cjwatsonI'm not seeing the experimental case09:56
jtvI guess this means it's in the pool but not really published—so kind of unnoticed garbage?09:56
cjwatsonit seems to have reappeared with the *same* version09:56
wgrantcjwatson: + vs ~09:56
cjwatson(and same changelog)09:56
wgrantcjwatson: Took me a while to notice.09:56
cjwatsonoh yes09:56
wgrantjtv: It is published.09:56
cjwatson"ROM; Wrong version number"09:56
wgrantI didn't know they did that...09:56
cjwatsonftpmaster should've told the maintainer to take a hike09:56
wgrantAlthough it *is* experimental, I guess...09:56
cjwatsonI know they'd refuse to do that in unstable09:57
wgrantI would have thought they'd refuse it in experimental too, so you never know.09:57
wgrantWhat fun may lie ahead.09:57
cjwatsonthe ixp4xx-microcode case looks like joeyh being unaware of the later versions09:58
wgrantBut I wonder how.09:58
cjwatsonand dak having forgotten about it so it didn't reject09:58
wgrantUnless -4 and -5 didn't have binaries.09:58
wgrantAh, it was removed for not building any binaries.09:58
wgrantThat is interesting.09:58
wgrant-4 and -5 had *arm* binaries only, it seems.09:59
wgrantSo I guess when arm was dropped it ran out of binaries and got removed...10:01
wgrantAnyway, those two seem to be the only cases of that happening since we started importing Debian.10:01
wgrantcjwatson: ixp4xx-microcode is probably harmless, since the only binaries for the bad versions are for arm, which is long dead... do we want to tell Joey or someone about it anyway?10:08
cjwatsonMight not hurt; it should perhaps be bumped to 2.4-6 anyway10:12
cjwatsonWould anyone object to me taking bug 804252?  It looks relatively trivial but I think it would eliminate a reasonably common source of user-visible error; I currently have http://paste.ubuntu.com/694372/ and am about to run it through tests10:27
_mup_Bug #804252: Please support InRelease files <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/804252 >10:27
wgrantcjwatson: Is apt safe these days?10:28
wgrantI haven't looked at it recently.10:28
wgrantAnd last time I did it didn't come out too well.10:28
wgrantIt's also slightly non-trivial to support it for primary and !primary.10:29
wgrantAs primary signing is still done by a non-native post-publication shell script.10:29
wgrantEverything else (mm, maybe not partner) is done using different, native code.10:29
cjwatsonapt's broken validation was fixed a while back10:30
cjwatsonoh yes, I didn't notice cronscripts/publishing/distro-parts/ubuntu/publish-distro.d/10-sign-releases10:31
cjwatsonvalidation> assuming you mean bug 78447310:34
_mup_Bug #784473: Treats partial InRelease signature as verifying the entire file <apt (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <apt (Ubuntu Natty):Fix Released> <apt (Ubuntu Oneiric):Fix Released> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/784473 >10:34
cjwatsonhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/694375/ should deal with the shell script case10:35
cjwatsonalthough it doesn't look like there are applicable test?10:35
wgrantThat's very probably not tested, right.10:36
cjwatsonIs there anything else I should be looking at regarding apt?  Since this is deployed in Debian I'd be surprised if it actually failed hard or anything10:37
wgrantcjwatson: It didn't fail hard, it was just trivially exploitable, and I'm not entirely confident with having our archive keys doing inline signatures until someone actually audits apt slightly.10:38
wgrantBut maybe.10:38
cjwatsonI thought that's what Marc had done in that bug report above10:40
cjwatsonI can follow up with him if you'd like and find out what security's confidence level is10:41
cjwatsonGiven that we had a report of Release/Release.gpg skew just this morning, I'd like to do something about this, though10:41
wgrantSorry, missed half of the conversation here.10:42
wgrantYeah, it's probably safe, but I am somewhat wary of inline signatures given that just about nobody seems to implement them properly :/10:42
wgrantYour diff is probably fine, though.10:43
cjwatsonI'll mail the security team and see what they think10:45
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benjiI'm having an ec2 land issue that I wondered if anyone else had seen (jtv has had some ec2 land issues lately, but looking back at his messages they don't seem related): ec2: ERROR: You must have an ssh agent running with keys installed that will allow the script to access Launchpad and get your branch.13:26
benjiI'm not aware of any changes to my setup that would have precipitated the error.13:27
bigjoolsI get that all the time in KDE13:27
bigjoolsssh-add before you start ec213:28
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sinzuijcsackett, ping13:48
jcsackettsinzui: hello.13:48
sinzuijcsackett, do you need an enchantment to land your branch13:49
jcsackettsinzui: it looks like it. same error, nothing has gotten around it.13:49
* jcsackett is incredibly frustrated with ec2 and his environ.13:49
sinzuijcsackett, I will land it now. matsubarawill want to test this today13:50
* jcsackett nods13:50
jcsackettthanks, sinzui.13:50
sinzuijcsackett, do you have a few minutes to mumble about what we do next?13:50
jcsackettsinzui: sure, just a moment.13:52
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rvbaabentley: Hi, would you please mentor a review of mine?  Gavin is my mentor and I'm reviewing one of Gavin's branch ;)14:24
abentleyrvba: sure.14:24
rvbaabentley: Thanks: https://code.launchpad.net/~allenap/launchpad/longpoll-merge-diff-event/+merge/7640714:24
abentleyrvba: as someone with domain knowledge (I wrote the original code), I'd ask whether this is the right place for this.  This not catching every time BMP.preview_diff is updated, only every time a Job updates it.14:29
abentleyrvba: I don't know that any code duplication is required.  Anything that would be duplicated can be moved into a function called by both tests.14:30
rvbaabentley: Very good point.14:30
rvbaabentley: Right.14:31
abentleyallenap: What do you think about emitting an event every time BMP.preview_diff is updated, instead of every time a UpdatePreviewDiffJob updates it?14:34
rvbaabentley: So I guess your advice would be to hook up the event generation directly in lib/lp/code/model/branchmergeproposal.py?14:34
abentleyrvba: I'd certainly look into that.14:35
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allenapabentley: Sounds good to me. I have spotted one problem...14:40
allenapBranchMergeProposal already relies on ObjectModifiedEvents being sent out at particular times.14:41
allenapThe merge_proposal_modified subscription handler for example, which sends email.14:41
allenapSo emitting extra events is going to create more mail.14:42
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allenapI may have to create a PreviewDiffUpdated event.14:44
abentleyallenap: A PreviewDifffUpdated event that derives from OjbectModifiedEvent, but is blacklisted from generating email?14:45
allenapabentley: I think it would probably not inherit from ObjectModifiedEvent.14:46
allenapJust from IObjectEvent.14:46
abentleyallenap: Since it does represent a modification of an object, and since ObjectModifiedEvent is our standard way of communicating that, I'd be inclined to make it inherit from it at least.14:47
rvbaallenap: If a ObjectModifiedEvent is already emitted ... doesn't it mean that we already have what we want?14:48
abentleyallenap: but can't you just change the mail handler to skip preview-diff-only events?14:48
allenapAlternatively I could just do lp.app.longpoll.emit(bmp) instead of zope.event stuff.14:48
allenaprvba: They're only emitted by browser code, not the job code.14:48
rvbaallenap: ah ok.14:48
allenapabentley: Yeah, that's probably the most elegant way to do it.14:48
abentleyallenap: I have been trying to find a "pre-change" hook for Storm columns, but so far, no dice.14:49
allenapabentley: There's storm_validator (?) to abuse ;)14:50
abentleyallenap: Storm also has its own events, but they're not meant for API clients to use.14:51
allenapabentley: I could subclass Storms column/property and override __set__ and __delete__.14:53
abentleyallenap: there's this thing I've seen a few times where there's a read-only property and a private version of the property, and a public setter.  That might be the best way to go.14:58
allenapabentley: Hehe :)14:59
abentleyWhat's funny?14:59
allenapabentley: That's the pattern used in Job.status/_status, the one I tried to replace with a storm_validator a while back.15:10
allenapI thought you were alluding to that.15:10
abentleyallenap: I was, but I'd forgotten you made the change.15:10
abentleyallenap: ISTM that Int accepts variable_kwargs, which will let you specify an event system, which will have 'emit' invoked on it when the value changes.15:17
allenapabentley: Ah, interesting! Thanks.15:18
jcsackettjam: are you around/have a few moments?15:19
cr3flacoste: heads up, I just created a mailing list for ~launchpad-results to which we added ~launchpad yesterday so you will probably not want the ~launchpad folks to get emails from thatlist15:31
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flacostecr3: they won't receive mail from the list unless they subscribe to it15:40
flacostecr3: so everything should be fine15:40
cr3flacoste: excellent, thanks!15:41
jcsackettsinzui: up for another quick round of mumbling?15:54
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* gary_poster tries to remember who was on the soyuz team, to try to ask someone if https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/855479 is reasonable or not...bigjools not here. StevenK and wgrant hopefully sleeping. Celso Somewhere Else. ...am I forgetting someone?16:55
_mup_Bug #855479: Daily recipe does not patch changelog to current release <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/855479 >16:55
gary_posteror maybe that's codehosting, in which case we are significantly more without knowledgable resources...16:57
gary_posterabentley-lunch...if you have a moment, am I right that this is about what Paul was working on right before he left for U1?  If so, do you know if this is a reasonable bug, or if it's user error? It looks reasonable, but I really don't know.  I can try asking Paul if you are not sure.17:01
_mup_Bug #855479: Daily recipe does not patch changelog to current release <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/855479 >17:01
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flacostegary_poster: jelmer can probably have an informed opinion too17:39
flacostegary_poster: jelmer was on the soyuz team for more than a year17:39
gary_posterflacoste, ok cool, thanks17:39
flacosteit might be a problem with bzr-builder which he maintains with the bzr team17:40
gary_posterjelmer, if you are around, the question is just this.  Do you know if this is a reasonable bug, or if it's user error? It looks reasonable, but I really don't know.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/85547917:40
_mup_Bug #855479: Daily recipe does not patch changelog to current release <Launchpad itself:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/855479 >17:40
abentley-lunchgary_poster: I don't think he was working on that specifically, but yes, the code team was working on recipes when he left.17:40
gary_posterabentley-lunch, ok cool.  Do you have any ideas on this?17:40
abentley-lunchgary_poster: it would definitely be a bzr-builder issue.17:41
gary_posterok.  Since you don't say the bug is broken, I'll assume it is real, and triage it high and move on.17:42
gary_posterthanks abentley-lunch17:42
abentley-lunchgary_poster: Well, it looks like bzr-builder already accomodates specifying the distribution.17:43
abentley-lunchgary_poster: so presumably it's a matter of supplying that flag.17:43
gary_posterabentley-lunch, oh ok.  On https://code.launchpad.net/~diwic/+recipe/alsa-hda-daily it looks like he is correctly specifying what he wants (Maverick and Natty).  Is this something he should have done differently, or something we need to expose, or...?17:44
abentley-lunchgary_poster: I don't think it's something we need to expose.  We have the data, we just need to use it.17:46
gary_posterjames_w, that's the likely fix?17:46
gary_posterabentley-lunch, ok I think I've got it, thanks17:46
james_wgary_poster, yep17:47
gary_posterthanks james_w, cool17:47
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gary_posterabentley, we have no tests for that machinery AFAICT.  Am I right, am I missing something, or do you not know?  Given that, I'm tempted to apply the patch James gave, and ask for a review from someone who claims to be an expert (you? bigjools?)17:59
abentleygary_poster: we have no automatic tests.  We should not be cavalier about that.  Breaking the buildd would have serious consequences.18:00
gary_posterabentley, agreed, but do we have any protection mechanism other than "ask the expert"?18:00
abentleygary_poster: There are tests we can run manually, i.e. test_buildd_recipe18:01
abentleygary_poster: That will require a local soyuz: https://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/HowToUseSoyuzLocally18:02
gary_posterabentley: test_buildd_recipe: ah, I see.  good.  So...if we changed 'maverick' to 'natty' in that file maybe it would trigger the broken behavior?  local soyuz: cool, though I'm not really comfortable with my background knowledge.  I'll make notes in the bug for now.18:08
abentleygary_poster: It depends on the existing changelog contents, but yes.18:12
gary_postercool, great18:12
gary_posterthank you abentley18:12
abentleygary_poster: you're welcome.18:12
lifelessnigelb: what did you want to ask me ?20:03
lifelesssinzui: is bug 46385 part of disclosure ?20:04
_mup_Bug #46385: Malone should prohibit filing bugs on obsolete packages <lp-bugs> <motu> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/46385 >20:04
lifelesssinzui: I think its a dup of some of your vocab stuff20:05
sinzuilifeless, I think that is fixed20:05
sinzuiI know I cannot report a bug against a package that was in dapper, but not in oneiric20:06
sinzuiI tested this recently20:06
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james_wno bot :-(20:23
james_wis it worth my time waiting for that oops to show up on lp-oops?20:28
james_wany clues20:39
james_wit's a new one on me20:39
james_wit's saying "you must be authenticated to do this"20:40
james_w500 seems wrong there20:40
mwhudsonlooks like you can _almost_ subscribe people to blueprints without being logged in?20:47
mwhudsonpresumably the model check is usually done in the view20:49
mwhudsonyeah, subscribe is in ISpecificationPublic20:51
mwhudsoni guess there needs to be ISpecificationAnyPerson too?20:52
mwhudsonoops, i see i managed to break feature flags20:55
benjimwhudson: at the moment a virtual ISpecificationAnyPerson is "created" in lib/lp/blueprints/configure.zcml on lines 176-179 by naming attributes20:57
mwhudsonbenji: ah ok20:58
benjiif you have an attribute or two to add, putting them there would be reasonable; moving linkBug and unlinkBug to a real ISpecificationAnyPerson would be reasonable too20:58
mwhudsonso i guess subscribe just needs to move out of ISpecificationPublic then20:59
benjiit looks that way to me21:00
benjiin fact, there are several mutators there that look suspicious21:01
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mwhudsonhttps://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/feature-flag-xmlrpc-2/+merge/76493 anyone?22:34
lifelesswgrant: when you arrive - would like input on bug 8701222:38
_mup_Bug #87012: Cannot start developing next ubuntu release before the prior one is released <lp-soyuz> <soyuz-publish> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/87012 >22:38
lifelessmwhudson: is the old code rolled back ?22:39
mwhudsonlifeless: yes22:40
lifelessso why is your branch linked to the rollback bug ?22:40
mwhudsonlifeless: because i don't know the correct process i guess22:40
lifelessso reopen your bug22:40
lifelessthe rollback bug was fixed when curtis rolled it back (and will be released when that deploys)22:41
mwhudsonah ok22:41
lifelessin http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/launchpad/feature-flag-xmlrpc-2/revision/1401322:42
lifelessline 130 of the scopes.py diff.22:42
sinzuijcsackett, in approved you branch to remove the flags, *but* I do not want it landed until next week.22:44
jcsackettsinzui: works for me.22:44
jcsackettsinzui: not like i can land right now anyway. :-P22:45
sinzuiI cannot use qastaging for my official source package branch because of ssl errors22:46
sinzuiI have a api script ready for staging when it gets the right revisions22:47
mwhudsonlifeless: thanks22:50
lifelesswgrant: ping23:10
lifelesswgrant: could also use a comment on bug 6975523:11
_mup_Bug #69755: Gina shouldn't use the maintainer for the sourcepackagerelease owner <lp-soyuz> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/69755 >23:11
StevenKhuwshimi: Prod.23:52
huwshimiStevenK: Hey23:53
StevenKhuwshimi: O hai Mr UI person. Could you please glance at bug 690570, along with my MP for it: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/include-ppa-url/+merge/76499 , and tell me what you think of my proposed solution?23:54
_mup_Bug #690570: Include URL to Private PPA in Private PPA activation email <disclosure> <lp-soyuz> <p3a> <ppa> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/690570 >23:54
huwshimiStevenK: Sure23:54
wgrantlifeless: My analysis has always matched what you've written there, but I have never verified that enough to actually Invalid the bug.23:56

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