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gary_postergmb, are you weeping into your coffee, cursing at the gods, or blissfully ignoring the probable change in our direction for the next feature? :-)12:20
gmbgary_poster: Well, I'll not deny that I'm disappointed, but I never thought I had the monopoly on the feature's implementation. Besides, if test suite parallelisation doesn't stretch me as a developer I don't know what will. :)12:21
gary_posterheh, cool gmb :-)12:21
gmbI'm happy to continue working on the LEP, too. It means that I can shout "No, no, you're ruining *everything*" without hypocrisy.12:21
gary_posterheh, excellent12:22
gary_posterbac benji danilos gmb: call in 2 (or maybe 3 max)12:28
bacgary_poster, you going to TRIZPUG tomorrow in durham?  sackett is hosting.  i'm on the fence.12:45
gary_posterbac, no.  There's a MongoDB thing in Raleigh I was also considering, but I think I'm actually going to try and take that night for hobby hacking.12:59
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* gary_poster back soon. bac, did you see my comments and replies?14:27
bac__gary_poster: no14:28
* bac__ is having IRC/bip issues14:28
* gary_poster tries to say hi to bac again16:06
bacgary_poster: hey16:06
gary_posterah-ha! :-)16:07
baci saw your earlier msg. have bip sorted now16:07
gary_posteroh ok16:07
gary_posterbac I also msg'd you an emacs question.  can copy here16:07
bacyes, please16:07
gary_posterbac, I continue down my emacs road, btw.  How do you connect from OS X to your server with emacs?  ssh -X + OS X Xwindows, or remote emacsclient?  I'm doing the former, and am interested in the latter.  for XWindows, "command" can be used as "alt/option," which is mildly confusing when you switch around from OS X terminal to XWindows to native Emacs, but you said you use escape, so this won't affect you anyway16:07
gary_posterOh, and to no one in particular...CHR!  (I was having "lunch" earlier to account for the fact that someone came to the house)16:09
bacgary_poster: i do the former also16:11
gary_posterbac, oh ok, cool.  It is moderately convenient, but since I prefer non-esc mor my meta key, tha affects me.  The look and feel of the native Mac emacs is nicer too.  So I may play around with remote emacsclient, I'll see16:13
gary_posters/mor /for /16:13
* bac chrs20:10
bachttps://launchpad.net/powll  <-- hey i know that guy20:30
gary_posterme too :-)21:05
* gary_poster leaves21:05

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