ScottSanbarjames_w:  thanks so much for going to the trouble of downloading and trying to build my package.  I will first look into missing files that did not make it into bazaar because of my .bzrignore (you can look at that as well, if you so desire, to see what i have on my PC that is not in bazaar).  I will then start looking into my build environment to see how it might differ.00:12
ScottSanbarmwhudson: My next step in the Ubuntu tutorial I am following is to go on to using pbuilder, but I was trying to learn and get working things with debuild as a learning exercise.  Thanks for your insight, and I will definitely do that as I progress in my learning exercise, but still want to try and figure out what is going on with debuild for now to understand, unless it just gets to be a total drag.00:14
mwhudsonScottSanbar: well, it's very likely what james_w says, there is something about your environment that is preventing your build from working00:15
ScottSanbarmwhudson:  OK, thanks - I will try to track that down - does using pbuilder negate that problem partially or completely?00:15
ScottSanbarmwhudson:  OK, great - I have already set up chroot and all that in preparation for pbuilder (I think that is what all that effort was for, right?)00:16
mwhudsonScottSanbar: it could certainly be related, i don't know which tutorial you're following :-)00:17
mwhudsonpbuilder uses a chroot, for sure00:17
ScottSanbarmwhudson:  I am following the Ubuntu Packaging Wiki:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete00:18
ScottSanbarmwhudson:  I hope it is leading me in the right direction ... ;)00:18
mwhudsoni'd hope it is too :-)00:19
ScottSanbarmwhudson:  Also, I have looked at a broad variety of sites and tutorials, etc. including many of the Gnu Autotools tutorials and manuals and have become aware of Debian sites I am now going to start reading.00:20
ScottSanbarmwhudson:  My build environment was not created from the Ubuntu Wiki, but from a Hello, World example from the Gnu Automake documentation, for instance.00:20
mwhudsonScottSanbar: well, now you're getting beyond what I know about00:22
* mwhudson just packages python stuff00:22
ScottSanbarmwhudson: Yes, I have seen several sites and tutorials on Python packaging - my current package started as a simple C hello world, and morphed into a C++ random conversation app.  My goal is to learn as much as I can from the ground up.00:23
ScottSanbarmwhudson:  The python packaging seems to have its own twists and turns, I guess.  I want to learn some python, so I guess I will eventually get into that, assuming I do well on this other stuff00:25
cheakoHello, again!  I hope I'm not in here so often that you'd remember.  "An email message was sent to cheako@technofoundry.com. Please follow the instructions on that message to complete the merge."  I remember having that address in like 2002, yeah that thing happens with a few airplanes around the time I had that email address.  Question, what can I do now?01:08
cheakoaccount deactivated.  I guess it would be.01:13
cheakoI don't even know what password it would have been, though I have some guesses.01:13
cheakosame for cheako911 -> cheako911@yahoo.com  and  cheako -> cheako@technofoundry.com01:18
cheakoWhat I want is just one account "cheako".  I'm not at all interested in cheako911 and mmestnik is only kinda belonging to me.  I don't think I want mmestnik to be found as a username.01:19
StevenKcheako: All three can merged into one account01:21
cheakoStevenK: I guess.  I'd like to free cheako911 for use by someone else.  Though the issue now is that I don't have the email addresses for them and they are deactivated.01:43
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dokowgrant, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20110819/+build/2723829 I assume this is something which should be fixed in the package? not sure why I only see it on armel09:32
wgrantdoko: Did that FTBFS in the primary archive?09:34
wgrantdoko: Or perhaps it's P-a-s'd?09:34
wgrantdoko: Looks like it has no overrides.09:34
dokowgrant, successful build and upload to oneiric in May09:36
wgrantdoko: ... indeed.09:37
wgrantNow that is odd.09:37
wgrantdoko: Oh.09:43
wgrantdoko: It was NBSed out two weeks ago: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/armel/fsl-4.109:43
wgrantBy you ;)09:43
dokowgrant, yes I remember. ok then, if the behaviour is expected09:44
wgrantdoko: It's awkward -- we don't want to put stuff in NEW in a copy archive, so it's not clear what we should do when there are no overrides.09:46
dokosounds fine09:46
dokonow trying to find out why it *did* even build09:47
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exarkunPeople are complaining that this page is confusing, <https://code.launchpad.net/pyflakes>, because the actual pyflakes source is hosted at <https://code.launchpad.net/divmod.org>.11:28
exarkunSomeone asked for a pointer to the actual code, but as far as I can tell, there's no way to add custom text to <https://code.launchpad.net/pyflakes>.  Is that right?11:28
wgrantexarkun: Huh, that really shouldn't all be one project.11:29
wgrantdivmod.org should be a project group containing pyflakes etc.11:29
exarkunwgrant: Yea, but it is, and I'm not going to do anything about it any time soon, so...11:29
wgrantOoh, I see it's all one huge branch.11:30
wgrantThat is a little unfortunate.11:30
wgrantYou can see on a page like https://code.launchpad.net/git that we do mention external hosting if the development focus is an import.11:30
wgrantBut we have no way to handle the case where the code is in another Launchpad project, because that realllly breaks our modeling.11:31
diwicHi! I'm building a daily recipe for two different versions (Maverick and Natty, planning on adding Oneiric). How do I detect, inside debian/rules, whether this is building for Maverick or Natty? (I need to apply different patches depending on version)11:31
geserI'm not sure you can. You will probably need two recipes: one for natty and one for maverick11:37
diwicgeser, which pulls in two different branches? I was hoping something like /etc/issue would work11:38
diwicgeser, or I could resort to detect from "pkg-config --modversion <some library>" that I know changes11:40
diwicbut the latter feels ugly.11:40
geserperhaps using "lsb_release -sc" is enough, but I don't know how reliable that is for recipe builds11:45
diwicgeser, come to think of it, it's not in the actual recipe I need it, but when the package compiles (which is a normal ppa build)11:46
gesermight work there too11:48
diwicgeser, thanks for the "lsb_release -sc" tip, didn't know that command. I think it should work11:49
geseras I never used recipes: doesn't the debian/changelog also contain the distribution the source package is targeted for?11:49
diwicgeser, no, the recipe doesn't patch the changelog and the release mismatch is ignored later11:50
wgrantdiwic: Recipe builds add a new changelog entry targeted to the correct release.11:51
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diwicwgrant, maybe there's a bug somewhere then? Look at this: https://launchpad.net/~diwic/+archive/dkms/+packages - the natty published package still says "maverick" in the changelog11:53
wgrantHah, so it does.11:54
wgrantThat's not meant to happen.11:54
diwicwgrant, should I file a bug, and if so, against what?11:56
wgrantdiwic: https://launchpad.net/launchpad/+filebug12:02
wgrantWe're probably invoking bzr-builder badly.12:02
* diwic files bug 85547912:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 855479 in Launchpad itself "Daily recipe does not patch changelog to current release" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85547912:05
ScottSanbarHi, All.  I solved my problem with the recipe for my package (now renamed to a unique name (randconverse) and put properly in my +junk area on launchpad13:20
ScottSanbarIn order to get it to work, i had to add several files (configure, install-sh, debcomp, missing, aclocal.m4).  Now it builds in the recipe based off of a autotools build environment built from scratch, a customized dh_make debian subdirectory template and a package built using make distclean for the .orig.tar.gz and debuild.  The question I have is that I do not see all these files in other packages (like Gnu Hello) on Launchpad.  Is13:26
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BenCHello Launchpad folks…does the PPA do any build for -ports architectures (e.g. powerpc)?15:42
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johan_-_i think i broke launchpad. for some reason on a merge prop i've been working on, it now shows an empty diff and it's only showing the very last commit message for the branch i've been working on16:17
johan_-_has anyone seen this before?16:18
bacjohan_-_: the diff generation  runs asynchronously. it may take a while to appear.16:19
johan_-_bac: i've seen that warning message. but it's not showing now16:19
johan_-_however, i think this might be a project buildbot problem now. let me confirm before i waste anyone's time :)16:20
czajkowskigmb: I want to think about anything other than the document I've to write so pictures is a good idea!16:45
gmbczajkowski: Heh, fair enough. Just don't give me too much opportunity to think about it on my end or I'll never the any work done.16:46
dobeyjohan_-_: it sounds like your branch got merged, and then you pushed a new revision after that or something16:46
czajkowskigmb: it would be such a cool project though and remove the sterotype of geeks using computers! no ?16:46
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spectiehey there17:47
spectieis it possible to merge two accounts in launchpad ?17:47
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dobeyspectie: open a question against the launchpad project on launchpad, asking them to be merged18:11
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cheakoHello, again!  I hope I'm not in here so often that you'd remember.  "An email message was sent to cheako@technofoundry.com. Please follow the instructions on that message to complete the merge."  I remember having that address in like 2002, yeah that thing happens with a few airplanes around the time I had that email address.  Question, what can I do now?18:39
cheakohttp://pastebin.com/H2Qm1Egm Transcript from earlier.18:39
cheakospectie/dobey: I've recently used a form that does so.  Try looking at the other account's profile, there should be a merge link.18:41
LaibschI have a question for clarification.  Am I right that packaging work in Debian does not count towards Launchpad karma? I think this used to be different.  I'd say it's a bit unfair to people like me who believe that it's better to do the packaging in Debian than Ubuntu itself if possible (I never even got upload rights to Ubuntu)19:08
LaibschI provide lots of patches and debdiffs as well but it seems that other people (those who sponsor the uploads) then get the credits :-(  Is that so?19:10
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cheakoHello, I'm working on cleaning up my launchpad users.  However some of them cheako and cheako911 have email accounts that are no-longer available to me.21:02
cheakohttp://pastebin.com/H2Qm1Egm Transcript from earlier.21:02
lifelesscan you still log in as them ?21:06
steev_Laibsch: probably, launchpad only counts what it sees, and it doesn't see the debian packaging (but it's okay people like me love you no matter what your LP karma is)21:10
micahgLaibsch: stuff you upload to Debian is credited under Maintained Packages21:27
* micahg has no idea if karma is given for that21:28
cheakolifeless: No, they are deactivated.22:13
cheakoIf I could login then I'd be able to alter the email address.22:13
maxbOr rather, they're never activated, rather than explicitly deactivated22:18
maxbSo, you don't have access to either the yahoo.com or the technofoundry.com address?22:19
maxbIf so, please file a request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion, a Launchpad administrator will need to perform the merges22:19
cheakomaxb: thx!22:20
cheakoCan I search for other "Mike Mestnik" or Mestnik accounts?22:25
lifelessyes, search is on the home page22:33
james_whey, what's this "Hide comment" link I've just noticed on a bug?22:41
micahg\o/ awesome, I've been waiting for that :)22:43
micahgbut I don't seem to have the link on a bug I need it on :(22:46
maxbIt's been there for some time, perhaps the access rules have recently changed to show it to you?22:48
mwhudsonjames_w: it seems to be appearing randomly on some bugs22:49
mwhudsonjames_w: which bug is it appearing on for you?22:49
james_wmwhudson, one comment on bug 8701223:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 87012 in Launchpad itself "Cannot start developing next ubuntu release before the prior one is released" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8701223:43
james_wah, more than one comment now23:44
james_wbut not all of them still23:44
james_wand it appears to be non-deterministic whether it appears for a particular comment23:45
mwhudsonwe don't do anything stupid with memcache on these pages do we?23:45
james_wit doesn't seem to be the same probability for each comment either23:47
james_wbut yeah, may have something to do with caching, or which appserver is hit23:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 855951 in Launchpad itself "hide comment action is displayed when it cannot be used" [Low,Triaged]23:49
mwhudsoner, talking of which23:49
mwhudsoni don't see the control on comment 1 of 8701223:49
mwhudsonand i surely should23:50
james_wI don't think I've seen it on #1 yet23:50
james_wI've seen it on all the others23:50
mwhudsoni hope this is a caching bug somewhere23:51
mwhudsonthe alternatives are worse23:51
mwhudson    @property23:52
mwhudson    def rendered_cache_time(self):23:52
* mwhudson suspects23:52
mwhudsonlifeless: hey, so you know you love caching23:53

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