hugodidierHola cuates00:56
pmatulisso is there anything noteworthy coming up in 11.10 for Lubuntu?01:15
Unit193Awesome new theme and it'll be official01:15
pmatulisnew theme?  that's it?01:16
Unit193AltCD will be built01:16
pmatulisubuntulog_: what dat?01:16
pmatulisUnit193: what is altcd?01:16
ubot5The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal01:17
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Artwork/Incoming/Oneiric/Ozone is the new theme01:17
pmatulisUnit193: he he, alright, the alternate CD, ok01:17
Unit193pmatulis: There are quite a few changes, you should take a look at the mailing list archive or subscribe01:20
MneumonicWhat would the different be if i uninstalled lubuntu-desktop and installed lxde?02:16
pmatulisMneumonic: nothing02:17
Mneumonicanother odd question.02:17
Mneumonicin lubuntu is there a way to get notifications when you use the volume hotkeys02:18
Mneumonicthe brightness keys have a notification that pops up as i change them02:18
Unit193Default config and programs02:18
Mneumonicvolume doesnt have a notification02:18
Mneumonicanyone have any ideas for this?02:21
MneumonicAlso, is there a way to remove chromium?02:24
Mneumonicif i try to remove it, it tells me it is also going to remove lubuntu02:24
Unit193It's going to remove lubuntu-desktop, not Lubuntu02:25
Mneumonicwhats the difference02:25
Unit193Lubuntu is the distro, lubuntu-desktop is the package that installs everything you need for a default Lubuntu install02:26
Unit193It's a metapackage02:26
Mneumonicis there a way to remove chromium without removing that02:26
ubot5k/ed/x/l/ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage. It depends upon other packages and brings them in; you can safely remove it, but it is recommended that you re-install it when upgrading.02:26
Unit193It's fine if it gets removed, I don't have it anymore02:26
Mneumonicwould i then have to install lxde to have a desktop back?02:27
Unit193You wouldn't have to reinstall anything02:27
MneumonicI think i'm lost then. Won't removing lubuntu-desktop leave me without a desktop?02:28
Unit193If you remove chromium, it will remove this metapackage, the only reason you would need it is when you upgrade to Oneiric02:29
Mneumonicah alright, thanks02:29
Mneumonicany idea about how to get notifications to work when i adjust sound using my multimedia keys?02:29
Unit193Give me a second02:29
Unit193If you mouse wheel over the volume icon, does it work?02:33
Mneumonicit works if i use my keys also02:34
Mneumonici just don't get a graphical notification02:34
Unit193Hmmm.... I don't seem to be finding much02:35
MneumonicYea its not that big of a deal02:35
Mneumonicnot a dealbreaker for lubuntu02:35
MneumonicHonestly i was done with Ubuntu based distros until i tried lubuntu today02:36
Mneumonicso far i'm really liking it02:36
Unit193Awesome, what turned you off?02:36
Mneumonicevery 11.04 derivative i've tried (ubuntu, xubuntu and mint 11) all had a ton of bugs02:42
Mneumonicdoes lubuntu use pulseaudio or just alsa02:42
MneumonicI actually gave xubuntu 11.04 another try earlier and had even more bugs than before02:43
Unit193I think it's just alsa02:44
Mneumonicthat could be why02:44
MneumonicIt seems like every distro that uses pulseaudio is terrible on my laptop02:44
ubot5pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com02:47
MneumonicYea i give up on getting volume notifications to work03:05
Mneumonici guess its not that big of a deal03:05
MneumonicIs there a way to chnage the theme of the panel03:18
MneumonicI see change appearance but don't see panel options03:18
bioterrorvolume doesnt have notification becouse it is done thru openbox's rc.xml03:31
bioterrordisplay brightnes shows notification becouse power-applet, I think ;)03:32
Unit193notify-send Volume done turned up03:32
bioterrorsilverarrow, any particular reason for ircing as a root?03:37
rezbdif I don't see I software after installing it, where should I look for it?03:38
rezbda software*03:39
bioterrordpkg -L package03:39
rezbdis it a terminal command?03:39
bioterrorofcourse it is ;)03:39
ubot5dpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.03:39
rezbdok :)03:40
rezbdI have installed ttytter but don't see it03:40
bioterrorcommandline twitter client03:41
rezbdyes ;)03:41
rezbdI'm gonna reinstall it again03:42
rezbdstill don't see it :(03:44
rezbdit should be on 'internet' section03:44
bioterrorno it should not03:45
bioterrorit doesnt create a .desktop -file into /usr/share/applications/03:45
bioterrorit's a console client03:45
rezbd:( so how can I opent it?03:45
bioterrorman tytter03:46
rezbdrezwan@rezwan-NF108-NF208:~$ man ttytter03:47
rezbdNo manual entry for ttytter03:47
rezbdSee 'man 7 undocumented' for help when manual pages are not available.03:47
bioterrorno manpage :o03:49
bioterrorjust run it in a terminal?03:51
bioterrormust be a simple application if it doesnt need a man page03:52
rezbdyes it's very simeple03:53
rezbdeven I don't know how can I run it from terminal :p03:54
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silverarrowwhy doesn't lubuntu go for softmaker08:00
silverarrowIt would be the lightest office out there  I think08:01
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_s1lent-b0bI have an odd problem. When I log in, my alsa sound level is all the way down. I turned them up where I want them, save the session, it does not matter. [xfce desktop and lxde] Lubuntu 10.10. Was working fine, I don't understand what happened...14:01
_s1lent-b0bdoes anyone know where alsa saves it's sound levels?14:02
_s1lent-b0bI guess not ;)14:15
_s1lent-b0bI have tried reinstalling alsa, reinstalling the mixer, I am baffled. {why does purge not REALLY remove all settings ... }14:16
_s1lent-b0bwow this room is absolutely worthless. No ideas and nobody else has a problem. I just go with Xubuntu and start over. nevermind.14:19
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ahmaIs there anything that cant be done using lubuntu but can be done by ubuntu by a normal user?14:45
pmatulishow are people liking the beta version?  working well?  i'm considering upgrading...15:14
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czzHello, does anyone know why the Chromium updates have stopped? (Dev. build)20:45
czzThe last update was almost a month ago...20:45
m6lockshmm nope20:47
m6lockswhich build is the latest?20:48
m6locksi just built mine20:48
m6locksit is 9958320:48
czzm6locks, what version?20:53
m6locks15.0.871.0 (Developer Build 99583) Ubuntu 10.0420:58
czzSame here.20:59
czzShould be this: 16.0.889.020:59
m6locksi don't mind since this works20:59
m6locksshould? they have a stable out for 10.04?21:00
m6locksor is it just for newer versions21:00
micahgthe person in Ubuntu who was working on Chromium left the project, so we're hobbling along ATM, hopefully stable will be updated soon, we'll get the other PPAs going next month hopefully22:38
Unit193micahg: Ah, thanks. I'll make sure and remember that22:45
micahgand we're looking for people who want to help maintain them as well :)22:45
Unit193I know jmars is busy, but that's something we may really need22:48
gilirmicahg, he left temporarly or definitly ? pretty sad :(22:59
micahggilir: it seems permanent22:59
micahgI missed M14 for beta 2, but it should go in right after22:59
gilirno problem, it could wait post B223:00
micahgyeah, M13 has special cert protection OOTB, so I didn't rush23:01

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