adam_oh :(  so just boot from cd?00:07
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=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Discussion and support for Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot | This channel is not a replacement for logging bugs | Release schedule: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule | Beta 1 released: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview/Beta1 | WARNING: ca-certificates upgrades eat system libraries, see http://pad.lv/855171 for details, new package building soon
STiK_Mnice bug lol01:37
adam_Is there a panel applet for transmission?01:59
jbichaadam_: the indicator is installed by default but that won't help you if you're running GNOME Fallback02:05
h00kI r broken03:00
* h00k notes the topic03:03
h00koh look.03:03
dudwhy xorg is crashing forever and ever07:51
bibinouyeah, seems like freenode is acting weird07:53
scoundrel50aplus on the left panel in 11.10 the Applications and Files &Folders icon is missing, is that something that is a 11.10 thing or is it a bug....how can I get them back, its really frustrating having to go looking for them07:53
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Heikki_netsplit, normal...07:53
bibinouscoundrel50a: I have home folder, it's not it ?07:53
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scoundrel50ahi, I am trying to use Powertop in 11.10, but it doesnt seem to work, it works ok in 11.04.....anybody use this program plus...... plus on the left panel in 11.10 the Applications and Files &Folders icon is missing, is that something that is a 11.10 thing or is it a bug....how can I get them back, its really frustrating having to go looking for them07:54
scoundrel50anot it07:55
dudxorg is crashing with sandy bridge07:56
scoundrel50abibinou: no that isnt it,07:56
dudwhy is sandy bridge so unstable on xorg?07:56
bibinoudud: it's fairly new ?07:57
dudits 1 year old!07:57
dudand the tech specs are 2 years out07:57
bibinouwow, graphics cards used to become usable 1 generation late :)07:58
scoundrel50abibinou: apologies, Home Folder is Files and folers just went and checked with my other laptop, its just the Applications Icon that is missing now07:58
dudmaybe S3 graphic cards07:58
scoundrel50awhat about the progra m Powertop anybody use it?07:58
dudi use it07:58
scoundrel50aon 11.10? I cant get it to work, it just shows what is being used, and nothing else, and when |I exit, it syas cannot load from file07:59
dudit works08:00
scoundrel50ait works ok in 11.0408:00
bibinouseems like you have to use the dashboard thing to access apps08:00
bibinoubrb trying to switch to gnome-shell08:00
scoundrel50aoh, so they have taken the apps button away, that makes for a bit more work, that is odd08:01
scoundrel50adud: how can I get it tow work?08:01
dudi just talked to powertop08:02
dudi'm a powertop whisperer08:02
dudmaybe getting a new kernel08:02
scoundrel50acan you whisper to mine to get it to work, its driving me nuts08:02
scoundrel50aupdate every day, what kernel should it be, and how can I find out, usint the terminal08:03
dudi use 3.0 or something08:04
duduname -r08:04
scoundrel50aplus, I just tried to use the up down arrows to get the history of what commands I have used in the terminal, and the hustory hasnt been saved, or ther is no history, how can i get history to be saved in the terminal08:05
scoundrel50athat is my kernel08:05
scoundrel50aso I think I am up to date08:06
dudim' not familiar with discovery and its subsidiaries08:06
cwillu_at_workscoundrel50a, check if ~/.bash_history exists and has relevant contents08:06
cwillu_at_workscoundrel50a, there's a much of settings for that though08:06
scoundrel50acwillu_at_work: how do I check that?08:06
cwillu_at_workman bash :p08:07
scoundrel50acwillu_at_work: man has to be the most confusing thing I have ever come across, not something I understand at all08:09
bibinouunity 2D has nice fonts !08:10
cwillu_at_workscoundrel50a, a scrolling page of text is confusing?08:10
cwillu_at_workI can see the contents being confusing, but...08:10
scoundrel50aok, its understanding the text, it is confusing, I know quite a few geeks who find mon very hard to understand, and dont use it08:11
bibinouit crashes though...08:11
scoundrel50aman was written for programmers not people like me08:12
scoundrel50aback to one of the questions, I am trying to get powertop to work on 11.10 but its not working, I have taken a couple of pictures to show you, how cna I add pictures here08:13
bibinouuse imgur.com and post the link08:14
cwillu_at_workscoundrel50a, this has literally nothing to do with man, and everything to do with text files :p08:15
bibinouyou have to learn to use /08:16
bibinouto search08:16
bibinouand the basics of the man format08:16
cwillu_at_workbibinou, yes, but he's being confused by the text08:16
bibinou[command] = optional, etc..08:16
cwillu_at_work(which can happen, sure, but it's not the tool's fault)08:16
bibinousure, there's no pictures08:16
cwillu_at_workbibinou, again, [command] isn't a man thing :p08:16
cwillu_at_workand any documentation for a text-using tool will use that syntax08:17
bibinouho, spaces config came back in 2D !08:18
bibinouold gnome switcher though08:18
scoundrel50aok, here is one picture of powertop http://imgur.com/B1lmw it just stays like that and never changes......and when I click escape it says this http://imgur.com/0S8sb08:18
bibinou3D is so last year08:18
scoundrel50aI didnt say it was at fault, I just said i couldnt understand it08:19
bibinouscoundrel50a: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=69802008:19
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 698020 in powertop "powertop complains about file" [Unspecified,New]08:20
bibinouscoundrel50a: do apport-bug powertop08:21
bibinouand fill the form08:21
bibinouthanks for making ubuntu better :)08:22
bibinoudidn't /var/cache got renamed like /var/run ??08:23
dudchack if you have a folder like that08:23
dudvar cache is ok08:24
cwillu_at_workbibinou, you might be thinking /var/run/ becoming /run (with a symlink from the original location)08:24
bibinouwas wrong08:24
scoundrel50ahow do I add to that bug or do I create my own? Not had much to do with bug creating08:24
bibinouyou mean it's an already filed bug ?08:25
bibinouwhat's the link ?08:25
dudwell you use almst the same wallpaper08:25
scoundrel50anope, only in fedora, not mentioned for ubuntu yet I dont think08:26
scoundrel50aso going through to create new bug08:26
bibinouscoundrel50a: yep, do "apport-bug powertop", so it will gather your config and stuff08:26
bibinouthen you can link the redhat bug in launchpad08:27
bibinoui can help with that08:27
bibinouok, gnome 3 = gnome-session-fallback08:30
dudgnome3= gnomes playing quake08:30
bibinouwhat ?08:30
dudthats a methaper08:31
bibinouyou mean it's old school ?08:31
bibinoui'm old school08:31
dudlike darmok and jalad at tanagra08:31
duddarmok, his eys uncovered08:34
urlin2unmvictor, in a terminal sudo apt-get install gnome-shell08:34
nmvictorurlin2u: am on it08:35
urlin2unmvictor, here is a link as well, for pics. http://blog.sudobits.com/2011/09/03/how-to-install-gnome-shell-in-ubuntu-11-10/08:35
nmvictorurlin2u: thanks08:36
urlin2unmvictor, no problem I have it installed my self.08:36
scoundrel50ajust created Bug #85534808:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 855348 in powertop (Ubuntu) "Powertop wont work, it says every time I start it" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85534808:37
scoundrel50aOh, I didnt know you could install the gnome shell in 11.1008:38
scoundrel50aI think I prefer the gnome shell08:38
scoundrel50aanybody installed the gnome shell in 11.10?08:38
bibinouno more alt+f2 thingy08:41
rwat_are there any plans to release a 32 bit version of libXss ?08:41
urlin2uscoundrel50a, gnome shell in oneriric is gnome 3 is that what you want?08:42
nmvictorurlin2u: Im still updating my apt sources coz i just installed Oneiric a while ago, however, looking at the screenshots in the provided link, I think I'd rather gnome3-shell than Uity.08:43
scoundrel50aah, is it preinstalled or do you have to install it?08:43
urlin2unmvictor, it has its positives I have unity with tyhe cube so it is workab;e.08:44
urlin2uscoundrel50a, you have to install it with sudo apt-get install gnome-shell08:44
nmvictorurlin2u: what do you mean the cube, and just to be sure, does gnome3-shell support compiz?08:44
scoundrel50aok, but will it break anything?08:45
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urlin2unmvictor, not sure I just set up the compiz cube in unity, the shell  I think has mutter08:45
urlin2uscoundrel50a, it is in the repos, so it hasn't on my setup and tons of others08:46
scoundrel50aoh, ok08:46
scoundrel50awill give it a trhy08:46
nmvictorwhat? mutter, is its as powerfull, urlin2u ?08:46
urlin2unmvictor, mutter is a window manager like compiz for unity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mutter_%28window_manager%2908:48
urlin2unmvictor, I haven't messed wiy=th the gnome shell other than using it.08:48
* rwat_ has dispensed with unity and gone over to enlightenment08:49
rwat_unity is too fussy08:49
urlin2urwat_, enlightenment is a nice desktop08:50
rwat_urlin2u,  it's very lovely - a lot better than when I last tried about 6 years ago :)08:52
nmvictorurlin2u: I have a problem updating my packages list, looks like apt is not resolving my proxy connection. I have set the proxy settings in the system settings and applied them system wide but still no luck. What do i do, I am stuck and the proxy connection is all i have.08:52
rwat_underrated, I think an ubuntu variant on it would be good :)08:52
urlin2unmvictor, out of my knowledge area.08:53
urlin2urwat_, have you checked out bodhi linux  http://bodhilinux.com/08:55
nmvictoranyone else assist me please, after setting my proxy settings in System Settings>Network>Network proxy ,  and applying them system wide, apt is still not able to resolve and fetch packages.08:56
scoundrel50aooh, I like this better than, how do you reduce the size of the icons though they are huge09:00
bibinounmvictor: you tried rebooting ?09:00
bibinouor logging in/out09:01
nmvictorbibinou: nope, lemme09:01
rwat_urlin2u, bodhilinux looks interesting09:13
nmvictorbibinou: ok, I just did that. reboot and still doesnt work. I have my proxy setting in /etc/environment.  I dont know where elese to check, especiallly in relation to update manager, dpkg or apt. Please help09:13
urlin2urwat_, I don't run it right now but have, I think it is debian, at least it was.09:13
rwat_urlin2u, seems to be ubuntu09:13
rwat_although debian is good :)09:14
urlin2ubodji linux debian09:14
bibinounmvictor: looking for it09:14
dudi got some beavis09:14
dudsome developer has decided not to use samba 3.6, why?09:15
bibinounmvictor: you confirm "curl http://google.com/" works ?09:15
bibinou(i.e. it shows html)09:15
urlin2urwat_, I think your right looking at the web09:16
bibinounmvictor: use this method -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto#APT_configuration_file_method09:17
bibinouAcquire::http::Proxy "http://yourproxyaddress:proxyport";09:17
bullgard4[GNOME 3] Clicking Super key > SYN will display 3 icons on my desktop: Synaptic-Paketverwaltung, Orca and synaptic-kde.desktop. Why is »Orca« included here?09:32
bibinoucat /usr/share/applications/orca.desktop | grep -i syn09:35
bibinou"Comment=Provide access to graphical desktop environments via synthesized..."09:35
bibinouin the description :)09:35
bullgard4bibinou: Thank you very much for your help.09:57
daedelothI have a 3 monitor setup and the fact that my start menu is now sometimes 3000px away from my mouse cursor is rather annoying10:26
daedelothis there anything I can do about that?10:26
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Ian_Cornemake the middle scrren primary?11:07
BluesKajhiyas all11:27
corecodei have a problem with the new kernel image; my /boot is on vfat, and the new kernel doesn't install because it can't make a backup link for the old kernel11:37
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DaysideI'm using oneiric as it's actually works on my laptop12:24
Daysideexcept wireless12:24
Daysidelaptop is ideapad s205 with ralink rt3090 chip12:24
Daysidethere is one ppa for the driver but not for oneiric12:24
DaysideI also did try to download and compile driver from ralink website, but it won't compile anymore on recent kernels12:25
Daysideany ideas?12:27
Daysideall documentation about rmmod acer_wmi rt2x00 and so on is quite confusing12:28
Daysideit seems that there is somekind of support for this chip in the kernel, it just that it needs some magick hack to work.12:28
knightstalkerHello,My network is suddenly dead,I assume Updates broke it,First my touchpad turn on/off broke 2 days ago,now my calender and my network both got broken12:29
knightstalkerLAN/Wireless are both broke12:29
knightstalkerany ideas about how to debug and fix the issue?12:29
knightstalkerUpdates seem super scary on Ubuntu,both Beta and final releases12:29
Daysidewhat wireless you have?12:30
Smeuuhhi, I get 403 errors on upgrade12:30
DaysideI have ralink rt309012:30
Daysidewon't work.12:30
Smeuuhanyone else seeing this?12:30
knightstalkerDaysida,thats not the point,It WAS working,the LAN also doesn't work12:30
knightstalkerthe whole network manager is gone12:30
knightstalker(No wireless/Lan indicator in the top of the OS)12:30
knightstalkerand apt reports its fine12:30
Daysideknightstalker, when did you upgrade? I did install daily build yesterday an it seems ok12:31
knightstalkerI upgraded today,thats not the point,fresh install works fine,but if you eventually update,it kills everything,you might not believe it,but such a behavior is not something I saw just once12:32
DaysideBut about this problem I have. I've done some googling and seems that linux in general is useless for me at the moment. They fucked up something(or removed) from the kernel regarding ralink I quess.12:33
Smeuuhok, interrestingly, I get random errors from wget on those packages: it works, or I get 404, or 40312:35
Smeuuhround robin going wrong maybe12:35
dashavooSmeuuh: I have had a problem today with one package, I can't remember which12:39
SmeuuhI actually got it, I just repeated wget on the packages until it worked12:40
Smeuuhand then put it manually in the apt cache12:40
dashavoohmmm, interesting12:40
Smeuuhprobably some temporary bug so I'm not reporting it12:40
dashavooI just gave up after a couple of attempts, and decided to try later12:40
Smeuuhjust get it somehow and move it to /var/cache/apt/archives/, should do the trick12:41
Smeuuh(at least I'm hoping)12:41
dashavooactually, looks like it works now anyway, yay12:41
Smeuuhcool, so we can break our systems now :)12:42
Smeuuhjust to be sure, I can still get gnome-panel, right?12:42
dashavooSmeuuh: what are you doing?12:42
dashavooupgrading to 11.10?12:42
Smeuuhupgrading to 11.1012:42
dashavoothen no12:42
dashavooI don't think you can12:42
SmeuuhI saw gnome-panel-fallback or something12:43
dashavooI've switched my main system to KDE, KDE in 11.10 (KDE 4.7) is very nice, apart from one bug that makes me want to kill a kde dev12:43
dashavooSmeuuh: hmm, maybe then, but I wouldn't count on it12:44
Smeuuhthere's no way I'm switching to yet another buggy system12:44
DaysideI have to start using Windows. Too tired with fighting this wireless12:44
dashavoofor anyone who wants to know, that kde bug is the fact that everything thinks ~/Documents is the current working directory12:44
Smeuuheither gnome-panel works, or I'll just use some random minimalist window manager12:44
Smeuuhwow that sucks.12:45
dashavooSmeuuh: my laptop runs openbox with stalonetray - it is a lovely setup if you configure it well12:45
SmeuuhI just love it when devs have a brilliant idea and force it upon everything else12:45
dashavooSmeuuh: yeah12:45
knightstalkerDayside,only one thing I can think of,connect using LAN,open Additional Drivers12:46
dashavoo"hhmmm, I organise my homedir like this, you all should too... commit!"12:46
knightstalkerMy Dell's wireless had a driver there12:46
knightstalkerBtw,when finished product is out,Updates will roll out more slowly right?12:51
Smeuuhso in total, ignoring KDE and stuff, there's basically unity, unity2d, gnome3, gnome3-2d, gnome-panel and gnome-panel2d, right?12:53
knightstalkeryeah if you ignore xfce/kde/lxde and other stuff12:54
knightstalkerThat might help12:55
Smeuuhright, thanks12:55
lusepusterHi folks; after the latest update in Oneiric, I have lost all network connectivity! The icon in the Unity panel is gone, and I cannot even get connection when plugging in my ethernet cable. Writing this from my Win7 partition.13:05
ironhalikdont worry, I cant install oneiric ;>13:06
knightstalkerlusepuster,same as me!13:07
knightstalkerI am pwned :(13:07
Smeuuhdo you have network connection in the ttys ?13:08
Smeuuhctrl alt f113:08
dashavoolusepuster, knightstalker, did you try restarting networking with the ethernet cable plugged in?13:08
lusepusterknightstalker, yeah it is very bad! How can we even install the patches when they come out with no connection whatsoever?13:08
ironhalikis there some changelog for daily builds?13:08
lusepusterdashavoo, no haven't tried that13:08
lusepusterdashavoo, any command for that?13:08
knightstalkerI am on 10.04.3 now,Its my Emergency OS when something goes wrong13:08
dashavoowith your network cable plugged in, try "sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart"13:09
h00klusepuster: check out the link in the /topic regarding the bug13:09
dashavooif it doesn't help, try killing network manager first... which is a lot harder than it sounds13:09
h00klusepuster: there's instructions there to fix it, regarding libnss213:09
h00koh, it's gone.13:10
Picih00k: it should be fixed now....13:10
knightstalkerwoah,so its a known issue,I was so worried about reinstalling stuff...13:10
h00kPici: it doesn't fix itself13:10
PiciTwas http://pad.lv/85517113:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 855171 in nss (Ubuntu) "libnss3.so went missing after upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:10
h00kthere we go, that ^13:10
lusepusterh00k, okay you lost me, /topic about the bug?13:10
h00klusepuster: check that link Pici posted13:10
knightstalkerright :p13:11
h00kPici: It required me to 'sudo apt-get install --reinstall libnss3 libnss3:i386'13:11
lusepustergot it13:11
h00kThen it was fixed, just before my wife got home. She wouldn't be happy with things broken :)13:12
lusepusterTHat is all it takes? Really hope so13:12
knightstalkerh00k,no need for connection right?13:12
lusepusterProvided we can get net access by... how was it, restarting netwoeking with the ethernet cable plugged in?13:13
h00kknightstalker: good question, I already had mine set up (sudo dhclient etho)13:13
Smeuuhif your cache is still alive, it should be OK13:13
knightstalkermy cache is sure alive,it was updated 5 hours ago13:13
knightstalkerso I am restarting,bye bye13:13
h00kby etho, I meant eth0.13:16
lusepusterh00k, got it :-)13:16
h00klusepuster: cool.13:16
lusepusterh00k,  exactly does dhclient do?13:16
Smeuuhit gets a DHCP address13:17
lusepusterh00k, Smeuuh, doesn't that happen automagically when you restart networking?13:17
h00klusepuster: starts dhclient, makes it use eth0. Takes the place of nm-applet not handling networking temporarily.13:18
h00klusepuster: broadcasts/grabs DHCP13:18
lusepusterh00k, so I could do that instead of, or in addition to, init.d/networking restart?13:18
h00klusepuster: normally nm-applet handles it, but with libnss2 broken, nm-applet wouldn't run to handle the network interfaces13:19
h00klusepuster: I'm not sure if 'sudo service networking restart' does dhclient/users /etc/network/interfaces, or if that talks to whatever nm-applet does13:19
h00ksomeone else in here probably knows more.13:19
lusepusterh00k, I get that so far, but you suggested doing sudo /etc/init.d/network restart and sudo dhclient eth0 - but should I do them in sequence like stated, or are they alternative solutions?13:20
h00klusepuster: I didn't do 'sudo service network restart' (service is short for /etc/init.d/), I just did dhclient13:20
h00kthat may work, I'm not sure :)13:21
lusepusterh00k, okay thank you! I'm gonna write it down and try it out...13:21
h00klusepuster: I normally do dhclient on a wired device in a bind, like with libnss2 borked.13:21
knightstalkerWasn't fixed13:27
knightstalkerdid try to update caches13:27
knightstalkerThis is a hell of a bug13:27
knightstalkerOne of those,You'd better go and reinstall13:27
lusepusterknightstalker, so you did get ethernet access?13:28
knightstalkerNot really13:28
knightstalkerlusepuster,did you?13:30
lusepusterDidn't try yet13:31
lusepusterBut I mean, you cannot update your cache without net access13:31
knightstalkerOkay,I'll wait till you try,I do not have two PCs,its hard to restart again and again13:31
knightstalkerYeah,I cant13:32
knightstalkerTried using CD but not helpful13:32
Smeuuhhmm, apparently debconf doesn't want to prompt me, for some reason13:33
lgp171188Hi, how do I change the color of the text of the unselected icons in my desktop? A recent update changed the color to black which is not clearly visible against my desktop background.14:00
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thoegerknightstalker, h00k , okay first step: getting online with dhclient worked, reinstalled libnss3, seeing what's happening now.14:17
knightstalkerah didn't try dhclient14:17
knightstalkerLets hope its fixed =)14:18
h00kthoeger: see if you can launch empathy from a terminal14:21
h00kthoeger: empathy requires libnss214:21
thoegerAhaa, I'll try14:21
h00kthoeger: then you can see if libnss2 issue is fixed14:22
thoegerEmpathy is up and running14:22
knightstalkerwasn't that supposed to fix internet connection?14:22
thoeger(But wasn't it libnss3? I'm confused...)14:22
knightstalkerCan't he just test internet?14:22
h00kprobably, consider that a typo.14:22
thoegerHeheh, okay14:22
h00kknightstalker: it should, nm-applet used libnss3 as well14:22
thoegerh00k, knightstalker Empathy runs fine, should I try and run nm-applet from terminal as next step?14:23
h00kthoeger: yep14:23
h00kif empathy runs, nm-applet should14:23
thoegerIt won't run from terminal though14:23
knightstalkerso the first step,you did dhclient eth0?14:24
thoegerh00k, " The name org.freedesktop.NetworkManager was not provided by any .service files"14:24
thoegerknightstalker, first plugin eth0 cablem then "sudo dhclient eth0".14:24
thoegerI'll try and reboot now and see how it works14:25
thoegerBut I agree, this is a very bad bug, I know it's unstable and beta and all, but isn't this something you'd onlyexpect for Alpha software?14:25
h00kthoeger: make sure you apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade14:25
thoegerI just aptitude update; aptitude full-upgrade'd, should be OK yes? ;-)14:26
michaelfaviathoeger, i think i have your same issue but just joined channel14:26
michaelfaviamind explaining your problem the short version?14:26
h00kmichaelfavia: libnss3 issue?14:26
knightstalkermichaelfavia,after update,network goes mad(Lan/Wireless)14:26
thoegermichaelfavia, after upgrade network completely borked and gone?14:26
michaelfaviathoeger, yes14:27
h00kmichaelfavia: 08:54 <            h00k > remote desktop, support....things not done by ssh?14:27
h00kpaste fail14:27
michaelfaviaupgrade resulted in no network, no nm-applet,14:27
h00kbug 85517114:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 855171 in nss (Ubuntu) "libnss3.so went missing after upgrade" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85517114:27
michaelfaviah00k, danke!14:27
michaelfavia"it is critical to restore this library to the system before rebooting; otherwise users may not have the network access needed to fix the problem" doh ;)14:28
knightstalkerthoegar,any luck?14:29
thoegerknightstalker, you'll know when I know ;_)14:29
=== knightstalker is now known as Knight|Dinner
Knight|DinnerBrb :\14:30
michaelfaviaKnight|Dinner,  hook thoeger, thank you very much copying the libnss3.so to /usr/lib allowed me to start netwrok-mangaer and im back online able to pull down updates14:36
michaelfaviamuch obliged.14:36
mneptokhjalp! after running updates ~10h ago (then going to bed) i awoke to find i have no network interfaces other than loopback, and complaints about missing libnss. known problem?14:36
michaelfaviamneptok, i can help you with this one ;)14:37
michaelfaviahttps://launchpad.net/bugs/855171 this is the issue14:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 855171 in ca-certificates-java (Ubuntu) "libnss3.so went missing after upgrade" [Critical,Fix released]14:37
* mneptok looks14:37
h00kmneptok: that be the one14:37
=== Knight|Dinner is now known as KnightStalker
michaelfaviaand you simply: `sudo cp -r /usr/lib/firefox-7.0/libnss3.so /usr/lib`14:38
mneptokuhhh ...14:38
michaelfaviathen you restart network-manager14:38
thoegerKnightStalker, h00k michaelfavia  Aaaaaand... we're up and running.14:38
KnightStalkerThanks!,Copying log from xchat,Restarting to 11.10 ;)14:38
thoegerNetwork Manager works fine after upgrade14:38
michaelfaviathoeger, well done14:38
mneptok"Run this command to install packages off the network. This will then allow the network to function."14:38
thoegerand reinstall of libnss314:38
michaelfaviamneptok, just do as i say ok?14:38
h00kmneptok: the --reinstall line14:39
h00kmneptok: that worked for me14:39
michaelfaviaif you have the package you can reinsttall14:39
michaelfaviabut that might fail14:39
michaelfaviaif that does you can copy the library which firefox also has a copy of14:39
thoegermichaelfavia, mneptok still the network gone at reinstall issue?14:39
h00kif you don't, dhclient eth0, apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade, --reinstall line from bug-report14:39
michaelfaviaand networkmanager can get up and runing and you can upgrade out of your problem14:39
michaelfaviathoeger, for him.14:40
mneptokand i don't like the "i386" bit in the reinstall instructions14:40
michaelfaviai copied the lib and restarted nm and im up and running14:40
h00kthen skip it14:40
michaelfaviamneptok, if you just copy the library and reinstall the package youll be fine but its up to you good lick14:40
thoegermichaelfavia, I tried copying the Firefox-version of the library file, didn't seem to work for me but I might not have taken the time to actually restart14:40
mneptoklet's see if my fanatical use of "apt-get clean" bites me14:40
michaelfaviah00k, thoeger thx take it eas fellas14:41
thoegermichaelfavia, you too, It was all h00k 's doing14:41
thoegerI just followed his instructions14:41
h00kI just read the bug report and played around ;)14:41
mneptokyup, --reinstall fails as the original .deb is no longer in the cache14:43
thoegermneptok, I had the same issue14:43
h00kmneptok: if you can plug in to an ethernet port, sudo dhclient eth0, then try14:44
Fawzibquestion: what packages i need in 11.10 other than unity-2d/lightdm/light-themes to have a minimal desktop14:44
thoegerYou could try michaelfavia 's method of copying the Firefox version of the library into the /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu (or whatever the name is) folder, of h00k 's solution of plugging in an ethernet cable, doing a sudo dhclient eth0 and then an aptitude reinstall libnss314:45
knightstalkerFixed,Now I get it,The new updates also fixed the calender14:45
=== h00k changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Discussion and support for Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot | This channel is not a replacement for logging bugs | Release schedule: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule | Beta 1 released: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview/Beta1 | WARNING: ca-certificates upgrades eat system libraries, see http://pad.lv/855171 **Fix Released, see report**
thoegerknightstalker, calendar?14:45
knightstalkeryeah,calender in the top bar14:45
knightstalkeryou couldn't click on any days/or move months/years14:45
knightstalkerit was a known bug which was supposed to get fixed on beta214:46
thoegerknightstalker, what was up with that?14:46
knightstalkerIt was stuck,I also found out that when my network was down,calender in the top bar was not accessible either14:46
knightstalkerbut when I fixed it,its back again,and its fixed too ;)14:46
michaelfaviah00k, you might want to change that working to "No network connection after update: click here"14:46
thoegerAh, okay. I had a different issue where my /etc/timezones file was borked so the clock just said "time" instead of showing the actual date and time. Had to recreate the file manually.14:47
mneptokh00k: before i start manually bringing up interfaces like this is 1996, any other reasons that i should hate Java maintainers today? ;)14:47
Fawzibquestion: what packages i need in 11.10 other than unity-2d/lightdm/light-themes to have a minimal desktop (e.g. appearance option does not work, what package is needed for that?)14:49
thoegerOkay, on a completely unrelated note: Why is it that after upgrade, my 3D acceleration has gone bye-bye? I'm on an Intel card, known issue?14:53
h00kmneptok: *cough*14:57
Ian_Corne2nd kernelpanic on my eee14:57
h00kmichaelfavia: it's more than just networking14:57
h00kmichaelfavia: it's anything that uses libnss314:57
h00kmichaelfavia: empathy, chromium-browser, nm-applet, etc14:57
mneptokh00k: never mind. found a blame target. :)15:00
Ian_Corneis ca-certs safe now?15:01
thoegerh00k, Aaah, that explains while I couldn't start CHromium either!15:02
Ian_Corne  Candidate: 20110502+nmu1ubuntu315:02
h00kthoeger: yep ;)15:09
thoegerOKay guys thanks for yer hylp. I'm off to cook for the missus and the mini.15:10
xorAxAxhi, i just upgraded to oneiric and want to use gnome-shell. i chose the GNOME session type and logged in. then nothing from the session started except for my startup file15:15
xorAxAxi.e. no metacity, no panel, but the desktop15:15
xorAxAxthe root window has a menu bar15:16
Ian_Corneapt-get install gnome-shell15:17
xorAxAxthats installed15:17
Ian_Cornethen i don't know :)15:17
mneptokurgh. Terminator needs to respect xdg settings. *grumble*15:17
mneptokxorAxAx: try moving your dotfiles and folders aside to see if something in your GNOME2 or Unity settings is interfering?15:18
xorAxAx$ gnome-shell15:18
xorAxAx gnome-shell: error while loading shared libraries: libnss3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:19
mneptokthen there it is.15:19
xorAxAxbut the package is installed15:20
=== eyes_ is now known as EyesIsServer
xorAxAxbut its incomplete15:20
h00kxorAxAx: check out the bug report in the topic, here15:20
xorAxAxsomething deleted its files15:20
bjsniderxorAxAx, that error was explained in the topic15:20
h00kxorAxAx: it was a recent update that borked it15:20
=== macer1 is now known as macer1_
xorAxAxas long as it doesnt eat /usr :D15:20
mneptokxorAxAx: just /boot and /home ;)15:21
* mneptok is kidding15:21
=== macer1_ is now known as macer1
xorAxAxnow its working :)15:24
genii-aroundI have Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu desktops installed here... When walking through applications in Kubuntu in the first virtual desktop... Nautilus instance which is uncloseable appears there.. The video here is sort of self-explanatory : http://tinypic.com/r/6zy3qv/715:37
mneptokgenii-around: i just installed Xubuntu 11.10 last week, and found that tryoing to replace Pidgin with Empathy pulled in a ton of Nautilus-related stuff. *shrug*15:39
mneptokgenii-around: try not using Empathy, and ensuring telepathy-stuffs daemons are not auto-running,15:39
dudwhat the hell is with network manager?15:53
dudnetwork-manager doesnt start it15:53
h00kdud: check the bug report in the /topic15:54
knightstalkerthe one regarding ca-certificates15:54
dudi was asking where the network manager has gone?!15:55
h00kdud: yeah, that's a symptom of the bug in the topic15:55
knightstalkerdud,thats the bug which doesn't let it network-manager to run15:55
ironhalikCan I install b43-firmware from natty onto oneiric? Its not in the repos by default but maybe I could force it?15:55
dudah network manager is buggy15:56
knightstalkerits not network-manager,its libnss3 being missing15:57
dudhow to downgrade this d?15:57
knightstalkerEmpathy and some other things might not work either15:57
knightstalkersimply reinstall libnss3,and its fixed15:57
dudok sir15:57
knightstalkeror sudo cp -r /usr/lib/firefox-7.0/libnss3.so /usr/lib if you cant reinstall libnss3,it seems to be working... :p15:57
dudthats a simple answer of my question, next time you may say the solution thank you very much mister knightstalker15:58
h00kdud: the bug report describes the issue as well as the fix, too, which is why I pointed you there15:58
dudi usualy use debian repositories, because they are supposed ti be more stable15:58
knightstalkerdebian repositories on ubuntu? oO15:59
h00kdud: using debian repositories on an ubuntu system is silly, because things are not straightforward between the two,.15:59
dudi agree15:59
dudbut stuff like samba3.60 works15:59
dudthats not much different to debian15:59
knightstalkerdud,anyways,while this might have given you headache,Calender in the top bar was fixed for me after copying libnss3 to /usr/lib16:00
knightstalkerso its not all bad =)16:00
dudwell its not my machine, my friend killing me now16:01
dudhe has some issues with sandy bridge on xorg16:01
dudsome freezes and other things... well he is angry now16:01
knightstalkerhe is angry but yet,he installs Beta? :P16:01
knightstalkeror...did you? :p16:02
dudbecause the nattyistic xorg had even more problems with it16:02
dudso i decided to do a unusual task16:02
mneptoklots of issues can be created by mixing the repositories of different distributions using an unreleased beta OS. just saying ...16:02
dudhe uses the machine only as a fileserver with xbmc for tv16:03
dudso nothing productive16:03
mneptokso then there's no need for X11 at all.16:03
mneptokproblem solved.16:03
dudno need for x11 xbmc?16:04
duddoes x11 run w/o x11?16:04
dudi didnt' know that16:04
dudthanks for the hint16:04
BluesKajthe tv has to use X for xbmc16:05
mneptokoh, i thought you said he was only using the file-serving aspect of XMBC. piping its output to a game console or something.16:05
mneptokwhich i have done with media servers and requires no GUI16:05
dudno the hdmi wire is going in his tv set16:06
dud20 meters afaik16:06
BluesKajwell, he;s using X then16:06
BluesKajthe tv is the monitor16:07
dudno the monitor is in his restroom16:07
dudthe tv is separate x screen16:07
BluesKajok whatever he uses for video display from the hdmi connection requires X16:08
BluesKajon the server16:08
dudyeah unfnordunately yes16:09
nebula_help me16:37
nebula_ Failed to create /home/nebula/.cache/google-chrome/Default Aborted now fix ?16:37
Ian_Cornenebula_: dude16:38
Ian_Cornemore information16:38
Ian_Cornewe're not your slaves16:38
ironhalikwhens the new beta? Tommorrow?16:41
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule16:42
nebula_Ian_Corne,  after upgrade from 13 to 14 stable version and not initiated16:43
Ian_Cornels -la ~/.cache/16:48
Ian_Corneand then16:48
Ian_Cornels -la ~/.cache/google-chrome16:48
Ian_Corneand put it in a pastebin16:48
nebula_Ian_Corne, google-chrome16:50
nebula_[5989:5989:6033036406:FATAL:profile_impl.cc(352)] Failed to create /home/nebula/.cache/google-chrome/Default16:50
nebula_Aborted (core dumped)16:50
nebula_now fix ?16:50
Ian_Cornelisten to what I said16:53
bjsniderhe may not have ownership over the directory for some reason16:54
Ian_Cornethat's why i asked him to ls -la16:57
Ian_Cornechown -R nebula:nebula /home/nebula16:57
nebula_chown: cannot read directory `/home/nebula/.cache/google-chrome': Permission denied16:58
nebula_chown: changing ownership of `/home/nebula/.aptitude/config': Operation not permitted16:58
Ian_Cornesudo it17:00
Ian_Cornesudo chown -R nebula:nebula /home/nebula17:00
Ian_Corneyou probably started chrome once with sudo...17:00
nebula_chown: cannot access `/home/nebula/.gvfs': Permission denied17:01
Ian_Cornethat's ok17:01
Ian_Cornetry it again17:02
nebula_Ian_Corne,  10x 10x17:06
GreekFreakHello. Could someone tell me where I can find what Kernel version and Mesa version Oneiric will be using? I need to a specific version and up for some graphiocs drivers and I'd rather ubuntu does it for me (as opposed to experimenting)17:06
Ian_Corne10x 10x what's that?17:07
mneptok"GUI Browsers With Root Privileges" will someday be a third-person horror survivalo game for the PS517:07
pythonsnakeHello everybody17:08
mneptokGreekFreak: using a 3.0.x series here. iterations of it are likely to change before release.17:08
pythonsnakecan we get gnome 2 on O ?17:08
Picipythonsnake: No. GNOME 2 is no longer supported by GNOME and will not be on oneiric.17:10
pythonsnaketoo bad17:10
pythonsnakegnome 3 "sucks"17:10
Ian_Corneyou can still compile it yourselve17:10
mneptokpythonsnake: my *personal* dissatisfaction with GNOME 3, Unity and other stuff has made me an XFCE user. after 10 years of GNOME. make of that what you will.17:10
mneptokpythonsnake: i'm currently running the Xubuntu 11.10 beta. and i stress again the word *personal* above.17:11
GreekFreakmneptok: Thank you.17:11
Pici!notunity | pythonsnake you might find this useful17:12
ubottupythonsnake you might find this useful: To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.17:12
pythonsnakegnome fallback break17:12
edgyHi, software-center crashes, I guess this is because of a configuration file in my home directory, because the problem happens after I copied my old home, the error is at17:13
GreekFreakmneptok: sorry for the late reply. I need drivers for a graphics card that is not supperted, and xorg-edgers require kernel 2.6.39+ and mesa 7.11+ . Thanks for the help17:15
mneptokGreekFreak: 3DFX? Matrox? ;)17:16
GreekFreakmneptok: From Matrox I assume those are cards. No. It's the ATI HD 6470M which is not yet supported17:17
bjsniderif it's not supported by fglrx yet you can always use something like vesa, but that would be selected automatically17:18
mneptokGreekFreak: the RadeonHD in my Fusion E-350 with fglrx does NOT play nicely. may be UEFI, but i learned through a reinstallation process to avoid the fglrx with 3.x for now. keep that in mind when you test all future endeavors on a USB stick before your actual disk. ;)17:20
famine_im using gnome3 with the gnome-shell package (gnome-shell makes gnome3 look like gnome2), and except for a few small hiccups trying to find settings i am loving it17:21
famine_prefer it over gnome217:21
GreekFreakmneptok: thank you I will. I spoke to ATI and they told me they're working on it, and I wanted to find opensource drivers until theirs is completed17:21
bjsnidergnome-shell makes gnome3 look like gnome2? no idea what that means17:22
knightstalkerfamine_,really?! oO17:22
knightstalkergnome-shell doesn't look like gnome2...17:22
mneptokGreekFreak: test with the open source "radeon" driver. it may not be as fast or get the sw00ty control panel, but it does what i need on the laptop.17:22
knightstalkerdid you mean gnome-session-fallback/gnome-panel17:22
famine_ya thats what i mean17:22
famine_http://imageshack.us/f/641/screenshotat20110921132.png/ <--- thats what my gnome3 looks like17:23
GreekFreakmneptok: I trid that driver, but after so many changes I don't know what worked and what didn't. I'm busy reformatting as we speak17:24
mneptokGreekFreak: it's the kernel default. install nothing but the base system, and then play around. keeping in mind that switching to an external monitor might mean an X restart (bad) or a reboot (worse). but for me, it's doing what i need for now, and with fglrx my machine won't boot. options are few.17:26
bjsniderfamine_, so you prefer that to gnome-shell?17:27
famine_ya i like it, i also like how things like pidgin msn messages are integrated into the desktop17:28
famine_granted, there were annoying things, like getting the close/minimize/maximize buttons on the right hand side17:29
GreekFreakmneptok: At the moment if I don't install fglrx, it shows a black screen on boot, and I have to boot using "nomodeset" in the grub screen17:30
mneptokGreekFreak: try "radeon.modeset=1" as a kernel option, and make it permanent if it works.17:32
GreekFreakmneptok: where do I set that?17:32
mneptokGreekFreak: the same place as "nomodeset" by editing the kernel boot parameters from the GRUB screen17:33
mneptokGreekFreak: if it fails, try "nomodeset" again and see what performance you get. but that disables KMS, which is not really optimal.17:35
GreekFreakmneptok: I simply replace "quiet splash with "nomodeset" but at the next boot it's back to "quiet splash". I'm assuming you mean I replace it with "radeon.modeset-1" and then press something other than "Ctrl-X"17:35
GreekFreakmneptok: I can't do check now as I'm doing a long format, which is why I ask17:36
mneptokGreekFreak: boot and edit the GRUB menu. add "radeon.modeset=1" (no quotes) to the kernel boot parameters alongside "quiet" and "splash" and see what happens. if it works, and things seem good, you can tell GRUB that you always want to set that as an option, and it always will. ask here or #ubuntu when you get to that point.17:37
GreekFreakmneptok: perfect. That makes sense. I wish everyone was as clear as you ;) You've helped me a lot. Thank you very much :D17:38
* mneptok bows17:38
nmvictortheir was a functionality in 11.04 and before versions to select a window when you mouse over them., how do i do this in oneiric?17:52
cwillu_at_workFernandoMiguel == bugabundu?17:52
FernandoMiguelcwillu_at_work: correct sir17:53
* cwillu_at_work pokes17:53
* FernandoMiguel points to JID change17:53
cwillu_at_workFernandoMiguel, fancy17:53
cwillu_at_workFernandoMiguel, so, somebody asks you about btrfs, what do you tell them? :)17:54
FernandoMiguelgo to ext417:54
cwillu_at_workgood boy17:55
charlie-tcano wonder I never see BUG anymore17:55
FernandoMiguelbtrfs not ready yet and slow17:55
FernandoMiguelcharlie-tca: :(17:55
FernandoMigueldidn't you follow Plus/twitter blow up?17:55
charlie-tcayes, but I didn't realize you were changing your name here too17:55
* cwillu_at_work had a user with inaccessible data in #btrfs a couple weeks ago who had previously heard good things from FernandoMiguel about it :p17:55
cwillu_at_workFernandoMiguel, what blowup?17:56
FernandoMiguelbugabundo identity is now dead (where ever I could)17:56
charlie-tcaI see17:56
FernandoMiguelcwillu_at_work: no, can't be from me!17:56
FernandoMiguelonly good thing about btrfs: snapshots17:56
* cwillu_at_work looks suspicious :p17:56
cwillu_at_workanyways, kdave just got finished making up up-to-date userspace packages for all the major distros17:57
FernandoMigueldon't care :)17:57
FernandoMiguelstill have one drive in btrfs17:57
cwillu_at_workprobably worth making a note of that and poking the relevant parties, as we're a year out of date :p17:57
FernandoMiguelneed to take it out17:57
FernandoMiguel*but* it has precious data17:58
FernandoMiguelonly one year?17:58
cwillu_at_workwell, given that a year ago btrfs could be counted on to reliably lock up your data on a hard reboot :p17:58
* cwillu_at_work huggles17:59
nmvictortheir was a functionality in 11.04 and before versions to select a window when you mouse over them., how do i do this in oneiric?18:01
cwillu_at_worknmvictor, focus follows mouse?18:02
FernandoMiguel who is looking into video v4l ? it breaks with google chat plugin18:03
cwillu_at_worknmvictor, not really useable under unity; it doesn't fit well with the top-bar menu, and wasn't a high-priority for the devs last I checked18:03
cwillu_at_worknmvictor, classic gnome should still support it though, as will most other wm's18:04
swat_i've noticed chrome/flash being quite slow on my netbook since upgrading to oneiric18:12
swat_it feels like a scheduling 'type' issue18:12
swat_was wondering if anyone else had any knowledge/experience of this18:12
bjsnidercwillu_at_work, i managed to save all the data on my drive and do a backup restore with ext4, so no btrfs anymore18:16
cwillu_at_workoh good18:16
cwillu_at_workbjsnider, my netbook just acquired some transid-related corruption :p18:17
cwillu_at_work(but it's only used for remote work anyway, so there's nothing of value on it)18:17
cwillu_at_work(this is the point :p)18:17
cwillu_at_workthe point isn't to scare people off trying it, but to make sure they know what it is they're trying, and what precautions to take18:18
FernandoMiguelcwillu_at_work: now go make ZFS work on Linux :)18:20
bjsnideryeah well, that's not happening right now18:20
FernandoMiguelthat would be WIN18:20
cwillu_at_workkinda sorta18:21
bjsniderFernandoMiguel, so google forced you to use a real name instead of an alias?18:21
FernandoMiguelthey _asked_. I refused18:21
charlie-tcaWell, that certainly clears that confusion up ;)18:22
FernandoMiguelI need to write a blog post....18:23
FernandoMiguelbut I don't want to cross both identities .... so meh18:23
FernandoMiguellong story. and tooooo offtopic for this #18:23
charlie-tcaokay, What's the identity on identi.ca now?18:24
FernandoMiguelkilled that account long ago18:24
FernandoMiguelI'm still on Brainbird18:24
FernandoMiguelcharlie-tca: check FernandoMiguel.net contacts tab. all there :)18:25
charlie-tcaThank you18:25
bjsnider"If you put "BUGabundo" in the "Other names" field that name will still show up..."18:26
bjsnideri don't understand why you didn't just do that18:26
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: cause those are NOT the same identities18:27
FernandoMiguelBUGabundo is per si its one identity18:27
FernandoMiguelnot a part of the person behind this keyboard18:28
bjsniderthat's as clear as mud18:28
synackfinhow do I boot to console instead of boot to X ?19:00
Ian_Corneuse the recovery kernel line19:01
Ian_Corneand then "continue normal boot"19:01
synackfinIan_Corne: does recovery enable a bunch of different things?  i.e. it won't bring up daemons and such?19:02
h00ksynackfin: please don't crosspost19:02
FernandoMiguelsynackfin: are you using 11.10?19:02
synackfinFernandoMiguel: yes19:03
FernandoMiguelyou don't know how to boot to a TTY and are using a devel version?19:04
h00k!text > synackfin19:04
ubottusynackfin, please see my private message19:04
synackfinubottu/h00k: I tried that option and it doesn't work19:05
ubottusynackfin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:05
Ian_Corne!text > Ian_Corne19:05
ubottuIan_Corne, please see my private message19:05
h00ksynackfin: 'doesn't work' as in meaning what? Doesn't boot at all, doesn't boot to text mode, gives some message?19:05
synackfinh00k: I edited /etc/default/grub, changed "quiet splash" to "text", ran grub-update, rebooted, and I get a purple screen instead of the kernel booting, and then Unity comes up19:06
Ian_Cornedid you check the grub menu to see if text was really there?19:07
synackfinyes, I verified that /boot/grub.cfg has "text" instead of "ro splash"19:07
Ian_CorneI don't have experience with the text option19:07
synackfininstead of "quiet splash" *19:07
Ian_Cornebut you can always use the recovery option19:07
FernandoMiguelnot supported in grub219:07
synackfinwhat's not supported in grub2?19:07
FernandoMigueltext parameter19:08
synackfinFernandoMiguel: doesn't grub just pass all parameters in the "linux" line?19:08
FernandoMiguelno idea for grub219:09
synackfinit has: linux   /vmlinuz-3.1.0-0301rc4-generic root=/dev/mapper/vg_sfort-root ro   text19:09
synackfinshould work19:09
synackfinh00k: is there any bug with 11.10 regarding ignoring 'text' ?19:17
synackfinor a bug with kernel 3.1-rc4 regarding ignoring 'text' ?19:17
h00ksynackfin: no clue :)19:17
thoegerOkay is there a way to change the number of virtual desktops in Unity2D? I'm getting really frustrated about only having one, it's like Using Windows ;-)19:24
jbichathoeger: do you have GNOME Shell installed?19:26
jbichaif so, see bug 82608919:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 826089 in unity-2d "gnome-shell writes to ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/general & affects Workspaces shown in unity-2d" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82608919:27
bjsniderFernandoMiguel, are you using gnome at this point?19:31
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: is _this_ called gnome ?19:31
FernandoMiguelI'm on "gnome" classic, aka fallback19:31
Ian_Cornegnome classic is not there anymore19:32
Ian_Cornethere's gnome-shell19:32
Ian_Cornewhich is "Gnome"19:33
Ian_Cornein the menu19:33
FernandoMiguelIan_Corne: install fallback19:33
bjsniderFernandoMiguel, i have a cuple of things for you to test, if you're up for it19:36
synackfinI got the boot portion to be text (/etc/default/grub, setting GRUB_TERMINAL=console)19:36
synackfinbut it is still starting up X11 / Unity19:36
synackfinhow do I disable it from running X11 ?19:37
FernandoMiguelsynackfin: aptitude purge xorg-server19:37
FernandoMiguelbjsnider:  I can try19:38
thoegerjbicha, Yep, is that good or bad?19:38
FernandoMiguelI don't have a lot of time ... diner almost ready. but ill be all night if pidgin doesn't crash again19:38
bjsniderright, later19:40
synackfinFernandoMiguel: I still want it installed, but not run automatically19:40
synackfinFernandoMiguel: I want to run "startx" when needed19:40
trismsynackfin: not sure why text wouldn't be working, another option is to disable the display manager from starting automatically, if lightdm, then: echo manual | sudo tee /etc/init/lightdm.override; should do it19:41
FernandoMiguelsynackfin: take it out of rc?19:41
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: do talk19:41
FernandoMiguelwhile I can, ill test19:41
trismsynackfin: if gdm you could replace lightdm with gdm in that command19:41
synackfinFernandoMiguel: I don't know which entry is for X11/Unity.  Also it uses upstart rather than sysV19:41
synackfintrism: 11.10 doesn't use gdm19:41
trismsynackfin: gdm is still in the repos and you can use it if you wanted19:41
zaeryI've been trying to find a bug report for this, but I can't find one, using the nvidia drivers, on resuming from a hibernate, i get this: http://i.imgur.com/3uxJ2.png doing this: "# compiz --replace&" makes it go away, though19:42
Ian_CorneI had that too19:43
Ian_Corneon my laptop19:43
Ian_Cornedon't have the laptop anymore tho19:43
Ian_Cornei used unity --replace19:43
Ian_Corneajnd it was from suspend19:43
Ian_Cornenever hibernated19:43
zaerydid you have to do unity --replace every time you resumed?19:44
jbichathoeger: see the bug I posted 15 min ago19:44
* macer1 is using 11.1019:44
macer1very unstable19:44
macer1and it is nearly beta 2...19:45
synackfintrism/FernandoMiguel: lightdm isn't even in an rcX.d level19:45
macer1so nearly release19:45
dudis there a setting for my holy anana?19:45
FernandoMiguelbeats me19:45
dudscreensaver setting19:45
charlie-tcaWouldn't expect lightdm in rcX.d either. It should be in upstart now, which doesn't use levels19:45
trismsynackfin: (I didn't say anything about it being there)19:45
antibodycheers So yesterday I updated to 11.10 everything was ok ...even rebooted twice...today I cant login. lightdm or gdm. kde or unity several users. I have the nvidia logo and then everything crashes..help me please..I have ssh to it now and I couldnt see any error in the logs19:49
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
zaeryIan_Corne: did you have to do unity --replace every time you resumed?19:51
thoegerjbicha, sorry didn't see that, thanks!19:52
bjsniderFernandoMiguel, why no gnome-shell/unity?19:52
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: dinner! bbl19:52
FernandoMiguelcause I hate those?19:53
FernandoMiguelthey take out the bottom bar so I can't change apps19:53
FernandoMiguelcause dash requires MOUSE to do ANYTHING19:53
jeffrashAnyone seeing issues with windows becoming unselectable?  If I leave a window open for more then a few minutes I can't select it or click on it anymore19:53
Ian_Cornenot realt FernandoMiguel19:53
FernandoMiguelis real19:53
Ian_Cornethere's shortcuts for anything19:53
FernandoMiguelagain BBL19:53
antibodykdm works lightdm and gdm dont.19:57
thoegerjbicha, I'll try and log in and out now, thanks! But isn't there supposed to be a way to actually set this value?19:57
jbichathoeger: you can use gconf-editor19:57
jbichabut it'll just get reset the next time you login to GNOME Shell...19:58
thoegerYeah of course, but that's not for the causal user19:58
thoegerYeah, but Gs is geneally borked by the presence of UNity as far as I can see, they don't seem to coexist too peacefully.19:59
antibodyyeps unity works fine when I log with KDM . when I log with gdm or lightDM after nvidia logo the login screen comes back. what files should I remove or reinstall?20:00
antibodynew question. my install failed because of no internet connection and dropbox pkg. how can I configure everything again? dpkg reconfigure --all?20:07
jtaylorprobably the same: dpkg-reconfigure -a (and maybe -phigh if you don't want questions)20:15
kholerabbidid anyone have their internet killed in a recent update?20:19
kholerabbirecent = last 12 hours20:19
zaeryhas anyone seen a bug report for this after resuming from hibernate/suspend: http://i.imgur.com/3uxJ2.png20:42
jbichazaery: that's a pretty cool effect :-), it probably wouldn't hurt to use ubuntu-bug unity for it20:44
jo-erlendI have to say I'm more than a little worried about oneiric.21:27
jo-erlendthe past few days, it seems to have fallen completely apart.21:28
swat_jo-erlend: certainly some interesting packages creeping in21:31
dashavooswat_: intreresting packages?21:32
dashavoois it just me, or is there no handbrake in the oneiric repositories?21:32
swat_i meant, ones that have caused interesting problems this late on21:33
dashavooor, was it never in ubuntu?21:33
dashavooI can't remember if I installed it manually21:33
dashavooswat_: ah21:33
dashavooI am not quite ashamed to admit that this release of ubuntu has converted me to using KDE21:34
dashavoowell, on my desktop anyway... my laptop will ever remain openbox only21:34
GreekFreakHi. I had a dual bool Ubuntu 11.04 with Win7. I subsequently formatted (through Windows) the Ubuntu partition, and now the laptop does not even load the LiveCD so I can start the install. Simply a black screen. Any ideas?21:44
dashavooGreekFreak: is your bios configured so that cd boots before harddrive?21:46
GreekFreakNo, but I select it to boot from CD21:46
GreekFreakdashavoo: worst part is that I get grub rescue, and the LiveCD gives me this black screen21:47
urlin2uGreekFreak, you can't format a linux type ext partition in windows.21:48
GreekFreakurlin2u: I formatted it in exFAT21:48
urlin2uGreekFreak, ubuntu wont install to a fat.21:49
dashavoourlin2u: that isn't his problem21:49
urlin2uif you can even get there.21:49
GreekFreakurlin2u: I deleted the partition to "unallocated", and assumed that the LiveCD would reformat21:49
dashavoourlin2u: the problem is that he can't boot the livecd21:49
urlin2udashavoo, I know that.21:50
GreekFreakok guys. I have grub rescue. Could you guide me to boot my win7 again, so that I can reformat into NTFS?21:50
urlin2uGreekFreak, when you boot the cd tap the shift key to get the early choice hit f6 the choose nomodeset, then boot21:51
GreekFreakgimme a sec21:51
urlin2uactually the space key21:51
urlin2uGreekFreak, you can reformat all that on the live cd,21:52
GreekFreakurlin2u: ok. I gave me the old ubuntu menu (I remember from a LOOONG time ago I tried it). CHose mode set and looks like it's working. Will it install it though with nomodeset? or will it install it as normal?21:54
urlin2uGreekFreak, nomodeset is just a low graphics boot yeah you can install from it.21:55
GreekFreakurlin2u: It's stopped loading (CD also stopped spinning) and is showing me "Bad LUN" and "Bad target nunber"21:56
GreekFreakwith all my ubuntu installs (and I've done a few times this month) this is the first time I encoutner this problem21:56
urlin2uGreekFreak, I wonder if the cd is a bad burn or the ISO was bad did you check either.21:57
GreekFreakurlin2u: I've installed ubunut off this CD 5 or 6 times (I had a problem with graphics drivers and was getting a black screen)21:57
urlin2uGreekFreak, what is the cd's release/22:02
GreekFreakurlin2u: 11.04 if that's what you mean22:02
urlin2uis this a oneiric disc?22:02
urlin2uGreekFreak, your on the wrong channel, #ubuntu is the correct one.22:03
urlin2uGreekFreak, more help there as well.22:03
GreekFreakurlin2u: I know and I am sorry for this, but noone could help me there, and I assumed that ppl here are the more "adventurous" type and thus know more22:04
dashavoohehe, personally I like your logic22:04
dashavooyou could always just try redownloading and burning the iso22:05
GreekFreakdashavoo: :D22:05
dashavoojust incase your disk is damaged now22:05
urlin2uGreekFreak, that is not how things work, you had mentioned Natty but did not confirm that until I asked, how does that work to your advantage.22:05
GreekFreakI'll give it a try now22:05
GreekFreakurlinu: I'm new. I didn't realise my problem was Natty speciic22:06
urlin2uGreekFreak, the point is here that the channels are specific use the correct one, this one has 224 people, ubuntu has 1535, and even though you were not sevred to your needs that is the channel you should be using.22:07
dashavoowtf... I installed some antispam things, bogofilter and spamassassin, and suddenly my spam is duplicating!22:08
GreekFreakurlin2: my appologgies. Thanks for taking the time to help me anyway22:08
urlin2uGreekFreak, no problem, I want to see you up and running.22:09
GreekFreakurlin2u: I'm burning a new CD to rule that out. all rescue grubs need a CD. and I cannot find anywhere a way to boot my windows either :P I'm sure I'll find something22:10
urlin2uGreekFreak, do you have a recovery or install disc for the windows?22:10
GreekFreakurlin2u: I have an image I can burn22:11
urlin2uGreekFreak,  could get you the boot to windows with eithier the recovery, or a bootable ubuntu, when you get into windows make that recovery disc.22:12
urlin2uGreekFreak, is the image the recovery, not tthe backup?22:12
GreekFreakno the image is the install CD. The recovery I had made is for the full HDD so I don't want to use it22:13
GreekFreakurlin2u: I've read I can try repair windows22:13
urlin2uThe install will work you just boot to the recoivery with it and run one command22:14
urlin2urepair wont work you need the terminal in repair to run boootrec.exe /fixmbr22:14
urlin2urepair could work but the one command does it.22:16
GreekFreakok the new LiveCD stopped (didn't even give me the option to choose Run WIthout Installing) with an error "unexpected exit"22:16
urlin2uGreekFreak, have you run a md5sum on the ISO' and burned it at the slowest speed, usually 4x is fine.22:17
GreekFreaktrying again just in case. I "usually" have it low on default22:18
urlin2uGreekFreak, you might burn the W7 install so we can get that boot back.22:19
urlin2uGreekFreak, are you using linux to burn?22:19
urlin2uGreekFreak, here is a md5sum wiki. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM22:20
GreekFreakyes brasero22:20
=== babaei_ is now known as babaei
urlin2ucheck the md5sum. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes#A11.04   GreekFreak22:21
GreekFreakgimme a sec22:22
GreekFreakurlin2u: ubuntu checksum is good22:23
GreekFreakburning Win7 CD again22:24
urlin2uGreekFreak, so you have had Natty running on ths computer as a dual boot?22:24
GreekFreakon this machine yes22:24
GreekFreakI'm trying to sort out my laptop22:24
urlin2uGreekFreak, hmm no special options in the past, at the f6, besides a nomodeset?22:25
dashavoourlin2u: have you had natty working on the laptop?22:25
urlin2udashavoo, yes Im on it as we speak.22:25
dashavooI meant GreekFreak... woops22:25
dashavooI was really confused for a moment there22:26
GreekFreakI had it dual booted. but then I messed up my graphics card cause it's not supported. SO I had the unbelievably clever idea to format the ubuntu partition from windows22:26
GreekFreakand this was the result22:26
GreekFreakno worries :D22:26
urlin2uGreekFreak, that is no  big deal.22:27
GreekFreakbtw I owe you guys a drink :P22:28
urlin2uGreekFreak, I will fly to greece or that. :D22:28
GreekFreakurlin2u: busy burning win7 dvd so we have some time22:28
GreekFreakurlin2u: sounds like an awesome plan :D22:29
dashavoommm, sounds good to me too22:29
urlin2uGreekFreak, here is a tutorial on getting to that terminal on the W7 dvd if you need.  http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/20864-mbr-restore-windows-7-master-boot-record.html22:30
GreekFreakthank you22:30
urlin2uGreekFreak, the bootrec.exe /fixmbr  should be all you need .22:31
GreekFreakurlin2u: how is that different to "bootsect /nt60 SYS /mbr"22:33
urlin2uGreekFreak, I'm not a real windows power user but that is the command I always use, per tons of help on the windows forum, it was confirmed by a peron at the #windows channel as fine.22:34
urlin2uUbuntu forum I meant22:34
GreekFreakso I use what you said instead of what the guy says. SO far your advise has been good so I'll go with that ;)22:35
urlin2uGreekFreak, here is the whole set to rebuild the bcd if needed. http://paste.ubuntu.com/694814/22:36
urlin2uGreekFreak, if you just run bootrec.exe it actually gives you these command to run as well.22:38
GreekFreakurlin2u: so I've run that and it also says that disk is write protected for diskchk22:40
GreekFreakso I reboot?22:40
urlin2uGreekFreak, just the /fixmbr or all 4 including the chkdsk /f22:41
urlin2uI mena chkdsk /r22:41
GreekFreakI did the /fixmbr. didn't realise it was a choice22:42
GreekFreakrebooting now22:42
urlin2uyour cool it may do a auto chkdsk let it run that22:42
GreekFreakurlin2u: didn't let me run it. Write protected22:43
GreekFreakbut you're a legend cause I have windows :D22:43
GreekFreaknever thought I'd say that with such a smile haha22:43
urlin2uGreekFreak, it would run it at boot the key here is if the bootflag is on the correct windows partiton.22:43
urlin2ucool your in?22:43
urlin2ugood deal now you can work on the disc, do you have a thumb drive?22:44
dashavooor not, it is windows :P22:44
GreekFreakurlinu2: how big? is 4gig enough?22:44
dashavooGreekFreak: should be22:45
dashavoohi pythonsnake22:45
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: 600 is min22:45
urlin2uGreekFreak, yeah download unetbootin and use that to load the thumb.  http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/22:46
pythonsnakeShould I upgrade to 11.10 ?22:46
pythonsnakeIs it worth it ?22:46
urlin2upythonsnake, in development not sure I would upgrade, at least not without a clone of the Maverick.22:47
pythonsnakeclone ?22:47
dashavoopythonsnake: not yet if you need your computer to work22:47
urlin2upythonsnake, yeaj=h an image of it that can be slipped back in if something breaks, clonezilla is what I use.22:48
pythonsnakeHmm ok22:48
urlin2upythonsnake, http://clonezilla.org/  good insurance22:49
pythonsnakeI'm using LTS, should I use M ?22:49
urlin2upythonsnake, okay you can't upgrade lucid to oneiric.22:49
urlin2upythonsnake, your choice here really, as far as what didtro.22:50
rwwwell, you can, just not directly :P22:50
GreekFreakurlin2u: ok downloaded and empty flash drive22:50
GreekFreakmust I make the file executable?22:50
urlin2uGreekFreak, reformat the thumb fat32 and unetbootin will do the rest.22:51
rwwpythonsnake: if you want to upgrade every two years, stay on LTS. if you want to upgrade every six months, use regular releases. if you want your computer to set on fire, use development releases like oneiric right now.22:51
urlin2urww, lol I have my extinguisher handy. :D22:51
GreekFreakurlin2u: let me get Gparted for the format :P22:51
pythonsnakeset on fire ? :/22:51
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: No I won't let you !22:52
urlin2uGreekFreak, gparted is perfect.22:52
GreekFreaklol :D22:52
pythonsnakelol yeah22:52
GreekFreakat least I can't say I'm bored :P22:53
pythonsnakeUbuntu One seems interesting. Is privacy respected ?22:53
rwwpythonsnake: https://one.ubuntu.com/privacy/22:53
rwwpythonsnake: see also #ubuntuone22:53
dashavoopersonally I won't touch ubuntuone with a barge pole22:54
pythonsnakeI don't know if I can trust..22:54
pythonsnakedashavoo: huh? pole ?22:54
pythonsnakewhat do you mean22:54
dashavoopythonsnake: barge pole... a very long stick for pushing barges22:55
GreekFreakok. The drive ios locked cause I used it for a boot drive before. ANy idea how to overide that?22:56
pythonsnakewhy is ubuntu one bad, dashavoo22:56
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: yes22:56
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: format22:56
pythonsnakedelete everything22:57
GreekFreakpythonsnake: rofl (I'm actually in hysterics :D)22:57
urlin2uGreekFreak, you ned to unmount it close gparted open the dic utility and unmount it you can also format the fat there as well.22:57
urlin2udisc utility*22:57
pythonsnakeare your pcs burning ?22:58
urlin2ucool as a cucumber at the moment.22:58
dashavoopythonsnake: I'm paranoid about storing files anywhere other than my computer22:58
pythonsnakedashavoo: lol me too22:59
GreekFreakurlin2u: done. FAT 3222:59
pythonsnakeGreekFreak: no22:59
pythonsnakeFAT 1622:59
urlin2uGreekFreak, cool mount it and let unetbootin load it.,22:59
pythonsnakeit works with 32? o.O23:00
urlin2upythonsnake, it is a boot live cd fat32 is generally used23:00
pythonsnakeI used 16 ..23:00
GreekFreakunetbootin doesn't open. am i supposed to make it executable?23:01
urlin2uGreekFreak, it need a password23:01
pythonsnakepass ?23:01
urlin2uGreekFreak, did you install it?23:01
GreekFreakI ran it yes23:02
GreekFreakasked for 7z but did nothing23:02
pythonsnakeanyone here used one ?23:02
urlin2uGreekFreak, it needs to be installed to run.23:02
GreekFreakuhm... it's running lol so I'm assuming all's good23:03
urlin2uGreekFreak, in linux it runs in sudo, forget in windows.23:03
pythonsnakeurlin2u: run with administrator23:03
GreekFreakurlin2u: I put the password in, so I'm assuming it installed 7z for me. I'm already selecting versions23:04
urlin2uGreekFreak, you want yo run the ISO, otherwise it wil down load what you choose.23:04
GreekFreakurlin2u: space?23:06
urlin2uGreekFreak, not sure what you mean.23:06
dashavooI am going to sleep, good luck GreekFreak23:06
dashavoonight all23:06
GreekFreakurlin2u: it says "space to preserce across reboots"23:07
GreekFreakdashavoo: night and thanks23:07
urlin2uGreekFreak, you mean persistance?23:07
GreekFreakurlin2u: sorry, "preserve"23:08
GreekFreakI assume 0(zero) means full23:08
urlin2uGreekFreak, I see that on mine that is a persistence file if you want to save work done on the live cd,your choice here.23:08
urlin2uGreekFreak, only works on ubuntu's I believe.23:09
GreekFreakurlin2u: no mine doesn't even ahve that. it says (Ubuntu only)23:09
urlin2uGreekFreak, it just builds a casper-rw file on the thumb for saving stuff, if your just installing you don't need it23:10
urlin2uGreekFreak, some people will load thumbs and use them continuously, and want to save stuff.23:11
GreekFreakI left it at 0MB and t finished in a second. So I'm assuming I had to make it the size of the drive. There's a little note that says if the size I put exceeds the drive, the full drive will be used23:12
urlin2uGreekFreak, 0 means not any saving, so you can reboot and I think you have the boot choice figured out and use the space key again for the nomodeset.23:13
urlin2uf6 nomodeset23:13
urlin2uGreekFreak, so you used the disk image and loaded the ISO correct?23:15
urlin2uyou said one second is why I ask23:15
GreekFreakno cause the disk only loaded 7MB23:15
urlin2uYou have the ISO on the OS right?23:15
urlin2uyou in windows?23:16
GreekFreakI'm in ubuntu23:16
GreekFreakon my second machine23:16
urlin2uGreekFreak, okay, lets try this again, jus right click the tumb with unetbootin closed and choose format, choose fat.23:17
GreekFreakno I'vce done that23:17
GreekFreakI'm doing the unetbootin now23:17
urlin2uGreekFreak, then open unetbootin click on the disc image box use the search to load the iso the run it.23:17
GreekFreakI got it working so I'm waiting for it to finish ;P23:17
urlin2ucool you loaded ther ISO with the disc image box clicked and the ISO in the line next to it?23:18
GreekFreakit's stuck at 48% so I'm waiting :P23:19
GreekFreakrebooting the laptop now23:21
urlin2uGreekFreak, cool use the space and f6 nomodeset.23:21
GreekFreakit took me straight into a blue screen (no F6 needed) with some options, inc. Install Ubuntu23:22
urlin2uif that works unetbootin does have its own loader.23:22
urlin2uyou have a try, is this a alternative disc23:22
urlin2uGreekFreak, if you have a unallocated space you can just do the install if you know what to do.23:24
GreekFreakya. I do23:24
GreekFreakI'll try the various options23:24
GreekFreakthank you very much for your help.23:24
urlin2ucool the graphic drivers should get loaded in the install. No problem. :D23:25
GreekFreakdidn't give me the option of hitting space so I'm hoping for the best :P23:25
GreekFreakif it stalls I'll try again with another option23:25
urlin2uGreekFreak, unetbootin has it's own loader, so yeah the f6 option is not there if you use the startup disc creator in ubuntu to load the thumb next time you get the f6 option.23:26
GreekFreakI didn't use the disc to lead the flash23:27
urlin2uI probably should of had you use the onboard thumb loader in case the f6 is needed.23:27
GreekFreakI went the the bios option23:27
GreekFreakok it's frozen so I'm rebooting it again23:28
urlin2uGreekFreak, its called the startup disc creator but t is a thumb loader from a ISO.23:28
GreekFreakoh ok23:28
urlin2usorry my mistake, use that app, and you should be set I generally reformat thumbs when reloading you can right click it in unbuntu to do that.23:29
GreekFreakok. black screen again!23:30
GreekFreakI selected the "Install Ubuntu option"23:30
GreekFreakshould I not format the unallocated space into FAT3223:31
urlin2uGreekFreak, for what?23:32
GreekFreakto install ubuntu23:32
GreekFreakit's giving me the black screen again23:32
urlin2uGreekFreak, no ubuntu will not install to a fat, also how many partitons are on that HD?23:33
GreekFreak2 and 1 unallocated.23:33
GreekFreakI've removed the recovery partitions already23:33
urlin2uGreekFreak, your fine then just reload the thumb with the startup disc creator in ubuntu after formatting the thumb with a right click on it to fat, the live cd's go to a fat the installs to a ect423:34
urlin2uthe install to free space when and if you get it booted will put it in the unalocated.23:35
GreekFreakok. I've my thumb has the iso. but when I select "install ubuntu" the screen simply goes black23:35
urlin2uGreekFreak, that app the startup disc creator will let you have that f6 option, just forget the unetbootin option you need the nomodeset that the startup disc creator load to the thumb will give.23:36
GreekFreakoh ok sprry I misunderstood you23:37
urlin2uyou need a low graphics boot23:37
urlin2umy mistake on recommending unetbootin23:37
GreekFreakI can't understand why though. I didn't the first 5 times I installed in in the laptop23:38
urlin2uGreekFreak, I'm just guessing here do you know the graphic card?23:38
GreekFreakRadeon HD 6470M23:38
GreekFreakthe unsupported one23:38
urlin2uGreekFreak, generally it should work if it has, so my best guess is the low graphic nomodeset, could be another problem, not sure really.23:39
GreekFreakit had no problem the first few times, which is odd. Finishing the startup disc no23:41
urlin2uGreekFreak, if you get installed I think the xorg-edgers PPA might be the trick as far as a driver.23:42
GreekFreakya they are, but I need kernel 2.6.39+ and mesa 7.11+23:42
GreekFreakwhich aparently will only be available in Oneiric23:43
GreekFreakso I have to wait23:43
GreekFreakthat was the reason I reformatted this time, cause I has having major issues with black screens on load, and had to boot with "nomodeset"23:44
GreekFreakI ended up not knowing what i had. a user in this channel helped me out quite a bit23:44
urlin2uGreekFreak, here is an wiki you may have seen it already.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonHD23:45
GreekFreakI did, but it's deprecated..... so I din't try anything23:45
urlin2uthere is a xswat ppa as well http://efreedom.com/Question/6-46976/ATI-Catalyst-Control-Center-Gives-Error-Radeon-HD-6470M  here is some onfo on that.23:47
urlin2uxswat is more stable than the  xorg-edgers  not sure which is best though.23:49
GreekFreakurlin2u: I tried that too but nothing. I read somewhere that "ati-driver-installer-11-5-x86.x86_64.run" will not work since the card is not yet supported by ATI for ubunut23:49
urlin2uGreekFreak, did you add any ppa's23:49
GreekFreakno, I simply ran the commands in the terminal23:50
urlin2uGreekFreak, hard to say for me in the past if I had a driver problem I just found a distro that worked, in ubuntu that was not hard.23:51
GreekFreakurlin2u: I called ATI. They know it's not supported and they're working on it. It's a new card23:52
GreekFreakok the install stopped on me with errors again23:53
GreekFreakI'm beginning to think it's the partition23:53
GreekFreakit's the only thing I did different this time.23:53
urlin2uGreekFreak, is this a alternative cd, rather then the live cd?23:53
GreekFreakit's the thumb drive we jkust created23:54
urlin2uGreekFreak, was the ISO a alternative or live?23:54
GreekFreaklive! Did you tell me I had to download the alternative?23:55
urlin2uGreekFreak, no you had the ISO already I just asked earlier which it was.23:55
GreekFreakoh **it. I didn't understand the question. My ISO was the live CD23:56
urlin2uGreekFreak, the alternative is for a text install though that may be what you need, although you have installed with this ISO on that computer right?23:56
GreekFreakyes a few times23:56
GreekFreakwhat if I try load ubuntu without installing it23:57
GreekFreakand changing the format of the drive to something else?23:57
GreekFreakI formated it to exFAT in windows earlier today, and I've been having problems after that23:57
urlin2uGreekFreak, I would always go to the live setting if a live cd, use the nomodeset I guess.23:58
urlin2uGreekFreak, you have two partitions and a unallocated which is the fat?23:58
GreekFreakthe unallocated is exFAT (or something very similar)23:59
GreekFreakI did it from the windows Drive Manager23:59
GreekFreakbtw, the live CD withouth installing it doesn't work either23:59
urlin2uGreekFreak, unallocated means no partition, should not be a problem, but you can remove it from windows.23:59

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