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Viper550coz_, hello02:52
coz_Viper550,  hey guy02:53
Viper550I've had a history here btw. But anyway02:53
coz_ok :)02:53
Viper550 http://i.imgur.com/WCKpc.png I'm working on something I'm told, with GRUB 2, would be feasable02:53
coz_Viper550,  i like the look of that ,, nice clean simple :)02:54
coz_Viper550,  have you offered this idea  :)02:54
Viper550I was discussing it on #ayatana last night02:54
coz_excellent!   they like it ...yes?02:55
coz_Viper550,  apologies.. I have to sign off for now,, I have to get to bed for work tomorrow,,, I would like to hear more about this though,,,, I will be on tomorrow night around  5 pm02:56
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