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savydreamsIf I have ubuntu installed from the wubi, is there any way to nuke windows without losing ubuntu?03:30
urlin2uno it is inside windows but you can move it to a partition so you can nuke03:41
urlin2usavydreams, I tab you so you can see the poasts.03:42
savydreamsThank you urlin2u, looking now03:43
savydreams(And thank you for answering at all)03:43
urlin2usavydreams, no problem this channel gets a bit quite at times, so if so you can always try #ubuntu03:44
savydreamsYes, I did.03:45
savydreamsWe're going to put in a new drive, should it be one large ext3 partion, or broken into swap and whatnot?03:47
urlin2usavydreams, I would use a ext4 logical inside a extended partition, this will allow you to go past the 4 primaries on a standard HD if yiou want to install more OS's03:48
urlin2uwindows wont boot from a extended though just so you know03:49
dasdneed help03:50
savydreamsThank you very much!03:50
rezbdit I don't see a software after install, where should I look for it? how can I run it? on lubuntu03:50
urlin2udasd, details please.03:51
dasdi sideboot ubuntu on my pc03:51
urlin2urezbd, in synaptic or the software center03:51
rezbdurlin2u, I can't run it from there03:52
dasdand when i selected when i star my computer03:52
urlin2urezbd, I missread what is the software?03:52
urlin2udasd, no pm's pleas I can't even understand what you have posted so far.03:53
urlin2udasd, are you not seeing a menu to choose the OS is that it?03:54
dasdthe display stucks before entering th desktop in ubuntu03:54
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shahanHello everybody10:09
shahanI am having some problem on installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras on a newly setup ubuntu 11.04 32bit Desktop10:11
M0hishahan: explain10:22
shahanM0hi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694369/10:24
M0hishahan: run the commands I say10:26
M0hisudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf10:26
M0hisudo apt-get update10:26
M0hishahan: FYI http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1754133.html thats the link that helped10:27
shahanM0hi: ok.. let me check10:27
M0hishahan: sure man. and why are you not idling here?10:28
shahanM0hi: :)10:30
M0hishahan: it works?10:30
M0hiIt will though :P10:30
M0hihey philinux10:30
shahanM0hi: ya.. its has updated. Will I run the command now? sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:30
M0hishahan: Sorry for the delay. yes try it10:39
M0hiphilinux: how is life?10:39
M0hiphilinux: and became less active in forums?10:39
M0hiI am not seeing you there often10:39
philinuxIn the forums I'm moderating so I only post occasionally. I post in ubuntu +110:41
M0hiah! Okies10:41
M0hiHow is life Phill?10:41
M0hiphilinux: -team?10:41
philinuxM0hi: Team is the forums staff !10:42
M0hiphilinux: join #ubuntu-beginners-team =]10:43
M0hifor offtopic10:43
philinuxM0hi: I've got enough on at the moment but I'll pop in there too.10:43
philinuxM0hi: I'm just chrooting into my oneiric install and updating it.10:45
M0hiDo you feel anything odd in 11.10 ?10:46
philinuxM0hi: in what way odd?10:48
M0hiIn appearance and the processing? coz my processor always runs at a minimum of 40 % even if I am not doing anything. Already saw a bug related to that10:49
philinuxM0hi: well it is still beta. Seems to run fine here. I used to used a gnome applet to monitor processor in the top panel. Had to change to conky and it works really well.10:52
M0hiah! okies10:52
* Silent_Samurai wtf11:16
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Guest59476M0hi: mohi. Its becam hang11:21
Guest59476M0hi: I am shahan :)11:22
M0hiGuest59476: Its not displaying any logs?11:32
Guest59476M0hi: wait.... how to change nick? I forgot :)11:33
M0hi /nick shahan11:33
Guest59476its not changing11:33
Guest59476M0hi: It says11:34
Guest59476M0hi: shahan@shahan-G31M-S2C:~$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:34
M0hiGuest59476: /ns release shahan <your pass>11:34
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shahanM0hi: tnx :)11:35
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geirhaMake sure you are not running any other apt-programs. Only one can run at a time.11:36
Guest82027M0hi: how to identify?11:36
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shahanM0hi: wow11:37
M0hilol Guest82027 after changing the nick to shahan, do /ns identify <pass>11:37
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M0hiGuest55360: leave the nick11:37
M0hido what geirha says11:37
M0hiyou can also check in system monitor11:37
Guest55360M0hi: ok. forget it11:38
Guest55360M0hi: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694400/11:38
Guest55360M0hi: check the link11:38
M0hi<geirha> Make sure you are not running any other apt-programs. Only one can run at a time.11:38
M0hi<+M0hi> do what geirha says11:38
M0hiGuest55360: ^11:38
M0hisorryf or the ping geir ha11:39
geirhaYes, you've shown us that three times now11:41
Guest55360geirha: what can I do now? http://paste.ubuntu.com/694400/11:41
geirhaGuest55360: ... make sure you're not running any other package manager programs11:44
Guest55360geirha: ya. I am sure11:44
Guest55360ok... let me GOOGLE the problem11:44
geirhaps -ef | grep -i '[a]pt'11:44
M0hiI think his machine got shut down. He is not in Google talk too11:51
Rahigeirha: Hello This is shahan11:52
Rahigeirha: back again11:52
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Guest24417geirha: I have restarted the PC11:52
geirhaGuest24417: See if this outputs anything    ps -ef | grep -i '[a]pt'11:52
Guest24417geirha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694410/11:53
Guest24417let me check your  code11:53
geirhaGuest24417: Ok, so apparently there was an apt program running, possibly in the background, when you restarted your computer11:54
geirhaNow you need to run    sudo dpkg --configure -a   to fix what the reboot broke.11:54
Guest24417geirha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694411/ your code output11:55
M0hiGuest24417: run sudo dpkg --configure -a as he mentioned11:57
geirhaLooks like something is running in the background there. Possibly some process that tries to grab package lists from all repositories.11:58
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XeKaazGood Evening.20:54
XeKaazI wonder if anyone could answer the question I'm asking in Ubuntu forums, url: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=184788320:57
XeKaazIt'd be very much appreciated.20:58
geirhaInstalling the version of wine in Ubuntu's repositories, is probably good enough. Try installing D2 and see if it works.21:14
geirhaXeKaaz: When you have a "ppa:..." line for a repository you want to add, go to the Software Center, from the menu choose Edit -> Software Sources, go to the Other Software tab, click Add and paste in the ppa:... line.21:18
XeKaazgeirha: Thanks! I'll try it this instant21:25
XeKaazgeirha: Hm, well that failed. I fallowed the advice given in the thread and here. Put in the cd, ran through wine, still the problem with it believing it wasn't the install cd still occurs. Got any ideas? I'm going to post this on the forum aswell.21:56
geirhaXeKaaz: Run winecfg and in the Drives tab, add a D: that points to where the CD is mounted (typically  /media/NAMEOFCD) ... to make the installer think D: is a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM device22:03
XeKaazAh. I shall, I was just about to tell you that I'm trying this "playonlinux" package, see how that works out, but if it doesn't. I'll try it :)22:03
geirhaXeKaaz: Yeah, playonlinux will probably set that up for you22:04
XeKaazYeah, I'm a victim of the windows syndrome.22:05
geirhaLife would be so much easier if all software manufacturers also supported Linux, not just Windows and/or Mac.22:07
XeKaazBut would you care to explain the different versions in a simple way, I mean the versions of Ubuntu, like the Maverick build and all the others. Gee... all I know is that I have Ubuntu 11.0422:08
XeKaazYou seem to understand my problems, and you're quite helpful, that's why I'm asking you.22:08
geirha11.04 means it was released year 2011, month 0422:10
geirhaThere's a release every 6 months22:10
XeKaazSo what about Maverick, Lucid, Karmic and other versions I spot names of?22:11
XeKaazLast time I was in contact with linux was about 5 years ago, an early version of Kubuntu at a friends house >.>22:12
geirhaEach release gets a codename, Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot22:12
XeKaazThat was easier then I thought. Thanks!22:13
geirhaSome prefer to refer to a release with the release number, others with the adjective of the codename.22:13
XeKaazOk, so I'm supposed to go for the "Natty" examples and guides then?22:13
geirhaWhen there's a newer Ubuntu release available, you get an option in the update-manager, allowing you to upgrade to the next release.22:16
XeKaazOk, that's neat.22:17
geirhaAnd since a release is only supported 1.5 years, you generally have to upgrade every six months.22:17
XeKaazWell, that's a fair price to pay.22:18
geirhaThere is an exception though. Every fourth release is a Long Term Support (LTS) release.22:18
XeKaazOk, did 11.04 happend to be one of theese?22:18
geirhaThe current one is 10.04 Lucid Lynx. LTS releases are supported for 3 years, and you can upgrade directly from one LTS release to the next LTS, skipping 3 releases.22:18
XeKaazHm... I just installed playonlinux through my terminal (fallowed instructions on playonlinux.com) and I'm not sure if it's done or not.22:20
XeKaazlast status is "ldconfig deferred processing now taking place"22:20
XeKaazhere's the few rows of last traceback22:20
geirhaHit the Windows button on your keyboard and type in "play", see if it suggests play on linux.22:21
geirhaYeah, ldconfig is often done at the end of a package installation.22:21
XeKaazYeah, it came up. Fixing the last bits now :)22:22
XeKaazHeh, it's fucking terrible getting through all of this in my native language, the support sucks. Get's through way faster in english.22:22
ubot2Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:23

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