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czajkowskihows folks13:59
dumb1224doing ok...14:03
czajkowskigood good14:06
dumb1224have a question, pipe '|' doesn't handle unicode char?14:41
ebelwhat do you mean?14:42
dumb1224I used python to print out some charactors, some contain unicode char,14:44
dumb1224then I used > to save the output stream as a file14:44
dumb1224when I run the python code it prints on the console without problem,14:45
dumb1224but when I used > I get a UnicodeEncodeError exception14:46
ebel| should pass data around as is, doesn't touch it.14:46
ebelsounds like a python problem. what's the exact unicodeencodeerror message?14:47
dumb1224UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2019' in position 96: ordinal not in range(128)14:47
ebelsounds like python wants to print it out, but it doesn't know how to encode the characters, so it can't print it out.14:48
ebeli can get the same error.14:49
dumb1224so I better save the stream as it is?14:50
ebelMy *guess* is that python is able to tell the difference between outputting to a file and outputting to a terminal14:50
ebeland knows the output encoding of the terminal, so can print it, but there is no such thing as the encoding of a file (sort of)14:50
ebelTo fix it, you need to decide what encoding to use (utf-8 is the most common)14:51
ebeland change your python script to be like ->   print STRING.encode("ENCODING")14:51
dumb1224and which object do I call to get the encode() method?I'm quite a newbie to python :D14:53
ebelYou'd call it on the string object.14:54
ebelso like this:14:54
ebelprint "foobar\u2019".encode("utf8")14:54
ebelactually that's wrong14:56
ebelit should be:14:56
ebelprint u"foobar\u2019".encode("utf8")14:56
ebelso if you have a string called 'text', i.e. you used to do "print text", you would now do "print text.encode("utf8")"14:56
dumb1224it worked!thanks!14:58
ebelno problem14:59
airurandoanone about for the monthly meeting?18:57
* airurando watched the tumbleweed drift through the #ubuntuie channel18:59
czajkowskikinda goind down hill isn;t it19:06
airurandoI guess the meeting is cancelled19:06
airurandoczajkowski howdy19:06
airurandoseems that way unfortunately :(19:07
czajkowskiairurando: hows things19:07
airurandogood now.19:07
czajkowskiairurando: mye the date/time needs looking at or something or asking people wny they don't want to interact ?19:07
airurandobusted a gut getting through the ploughing championship traffic to get home for this19:08
airurandoaye we'll have to re-evaluate19:08
czajkowskiknow how you feel19:08
airurandonot to worry.19:08
czajkowskimaybe a mail to the lsit saying people giving up time to help promote open source - Ubuntu everyone kinda needs to step up a bit19:08
airurandoI'll try to chat to ebel about it19:09
airurandoOisin is 6 tomorrow :)19:10
airurandotime flies19:11
* airurando has to work tomorrow :(19:11
airurandoI'mm off.  Will put the kids to bed instead.19:15
airurandoThat's more fun anyway ;)19:15
slashtomoh we missed the meeting... sorry, we were swimming then eating20:39

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