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ppisatimorning *08:19
jk-hey ppisati 08:20
smbmorning .+08:20
jk-ooh, it's a fnmatch vs. regex competition08:21
smbnot competition really... :-P08:21
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mooky68Sorry for asking again but I have observed a memory leak issue with the 2.6.31-rt kernel on Lucid: /proc/slabinfo shows a growing count of mm_struct after a resume from hibernate (I didn't reproduced the issue with the corresponding 2.6.32 generic kernel or with a vanilla RT kernel). Is this a known issue ? Should I open a bug report on launchpad ? Thank you09:09
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Kanoapw: how about adding the 3 commints for dvb which should be in the stable kernel as bugfix anyway?12:18
apwwhich are those then?12:19
Kanoits even in launchpad, a bit hidden by a bugs.debian link12:19
smbtelling a bug number _may_ help12:21
apwbug #83813012:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 838130 in linux "Kernel 3.0 breaks DVB-T (ISDB-Tb) in DiBcom 8000" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83813012:24
Kano3 patches basically, i only knew of 2 first, added am and they worked. but most likely it would be best to add all 312:25
Kanothey are in another position too12:27
Kanoi fetched it from12:27
Kanobut the position should not matter12:27
Kanootherwise same dvb-t devices do not work12:29
Kanodid somebody try btrfs with -11.18 kernel, somehow it seems to be very slow12:32
tjaaltonoh, I just bought the same dvb tuner12:38
tjaaltonwell, the used module is the same, hauppauge nova-td12:39
Kanoand it worked with 3.0?12:41
tjaaltonbought it yesterday, haven't really tested it yet12:43
Kanogood idea to test, .38 should do12:44
Kano3.0 without patch most likely not12:44
tjaaltonbut apparently vlc supports dvb?12:44
Kanonever used vlc for that12:44
Kanoonly kaffeine, vlc, tvheadend12:45
Kanoerr vdr not vlc12:45
tjaaltontrying to forward the device to a kvm vdr instance, but it doesn't see the device12:45
Kanonot my problem12:46
tjaaltonwas i suggesting that?12:46
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jwitgardner: for the ENERGY_PERF_BIAS patch, you might want to consider picking 17edf2d79f1ea6dfdb4c444801d928953b9f98d6 as well14:21
tgardnerjwi, good catch.14:23
jwimaverick too, when lands there14:27
tgardnerjwi, I'll work on Maverick once its determined that these patches really have an impact.14:29
smbtgardner, Hm, was that the right thread to re: on?14:29
tgardnersmb, shit14:29
tgardnersmb, since the original PERF BIAS patch has already been acked, I'm just gonna apply the correction.14:31
smbtgardner, It looks safe enough to be ok even if it wouldn't... You could add my ack there...14:33
tgardnersmb, done14:34
* apw might have found .3s to shave off the kernel boot time14:37
smbapw, serial init?14:38
apwheh oddly not, acpi_init, over halving it in my rather unscientific testing14:38
smbuhm... acpi not very scientific, just this uneasy feeling of speeding that up...14:39
apwgetting my test platform back to around the 0.98s to userspace14:39
apwsmb, heh the speedup is all in kernel map handling14:40
smbok, that sounds less worrying14:40
apwyeah its poor-mans RCU handling which is fine unless you are racing with a cpu hog, like unpacking the initramfs14:41
bjfapw, have you looked at the boot-speed reports i've generated ?15:01
bjfapw, if so, are they useful ?15:01
jwitgardner: what i was trying to say is: has the initial PERF_BIAS patch you just added, but it's missing the print fix. so when lands in maverick, it will need the same fix up.15:09
tgardnerjwi, hasn't been pushed yet, has it? if not, then I ought to bug Andi to add the second patch.15:12
jwitgardner: http://lkml.org/lkml/2011/8/1/324 - pushed about 50 days ago :)15:13
tgardnerjwi, looks like the last stable update we pulled was .1315:15
* ogasawara back in 2015:16
cr3in the output of dmidecode, under the Processor section, is the ID attribute expected to be unique across processors?15:27
CluelessPersonhi everyone15:35
CluelessPersonI get an error sometimes when I reboot my server15:36
CluelessPersoninit: ureadahead-other main process (712) terminated with status 415:36
CluelessPerson[   103.509461] [drm:pch_irq_handler] *ERROR* PCH poison interrupt15:36
CluelessPersonafter doing some sort of check disk or whatever15:36
CluelessPersonit prevents my server from booting, and so is problematic15:36
tgardnerapw, have you noticed that the changelog version numbers for the daily builds of LBM and linux-meta in pre-proposed are not correct? I think there should be tilde in it.16:10
apwtgardner, actually i think they are as intended, the linux-meta packages are alway built off of the closed tip, but they actually have just the abi incremented17:11
apwtgardner, thus they are always less than any official bump would be, whether ~ or not17:11
jbichathe Oneiric kernel is actually 3.0.4, right? just wondering if our version number should reflect that17:11
apwjbicha, it doesn't do that in order to prevent abui bumps unecesarily17:12
apwjbicha, typically our version numbers there have not reflected the stable number, they are always 2.6.38-x17:12
apwjbicha, and these would have been just 3.0-x if userspace wasn't so utterly broken in soooo many ways17:13
jbichaoh ok, it's the Linux 3.0 problem, thanks!17:14
apwCluelessPerson, it sounds like that error implies the graphics h/w got all upset about something, an error indication of some sort.  what though is not specified.  only ever seen it on resume in the past17:30
CluelessPersonapw,  only happens during check disk or checking the file systems mounts17:31
CluelessPersonapw, appeared immediately after adding automounts to fstab17:31
apwCluelessPerson, that is odd indeed as the interrupt definatly comes from the display adapter17:32
apwCluelessPerson, and the other error should just indicate ureadahead is not helping but should not trigger machine death17:33
apwbjf, have you noticed the Launchpad Janitor has taken it upon itself to mark our bugs Confirmed, when they ahve more than one person affected17:34
apwwe may need to use Triaged instead when we have sufficient logs17:34
* apw calls it a day, i am not right17:40
* tgardner --> lunch17:55
* CluelessPerson is proud of himself. He is learning. :D17:55
CluelessPersonhrm, for some reason it won't start, but everything else functions correctly.17:59
CluelessPersonAH, lol. no wonder.17:59
CluelessPersonmy changes are  being stupid18:10
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CluelessPersonFor some reason the script isn't detecting the lock file in ramdisk.18:45
CluelessPersonand so the server is starting, and the script isn't detecting it.18:45
* jjohansen -> lunch19:10
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esoergelI have a possible kernel regression (I'm told).  I'm running a clean install of Ubuntu 11.04 on a Thinkpad R400 purchased new in 2009.  The display freezes at random; I can't switch to console mode, I can't move the mouse, and any on-screen animations freeze.  This problem doesn't occur if I have Ubuntu 10.04 installed.  How should I file this bug? 20:47
sforsheeesoergel, start by running 'ubuntu-bug linux' in a terminal, that will take you through the process of filing the bug and attach some information about your hardware to the bug report20:59
esoergelsforshee: thank you, can you think of any other tests or anything I should run to add to it?21:00
sforsheeesoergel, if you can manage to trigger the bug in console mode you might get some information printed to the screen that you could photograph and attach to the bug21:00
sforsheeotherwise you should get some guidance on what to do next after you file the bug21:01
esoergelsforshee: okay, thanks, I'll file it21:01
brycehapw, lp #850772 is weird.  an intel gpu lockup on a system with i915 loaded but no Intel graphics card in sight.23:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 850772 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "False GPU lockup EIR: 0x00000010 PGTBL_ER: 0x00000012" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85077223:03

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