akgranershouldn't we remove this line - Something related to Warty Warthog development cycle.01:16
IdleOneDoes seem a little late to thank people for warty01:20
IdleOnebut hey better late then never :)01:20
CheeseheadI think he's looking for an appropriate anniversary of the first cycle (Warty)01:22
IdleOneoh, that makes sense01:23
CheeseheadI'm not easily finding the old Warty release calendar to look for such an anniverary, thought01:26
* Cheesehead is working in the dim while kids next room go to sleep01:27
valoriemight give a clue01:27
charlie-tcahas a date01:30
charlie-tca(at least a release date)01:30
CheeseheadI will nominate Sept 17 if some other event has not claimed it. https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2004-September/000012.html01:31
CheeseheadFirst "Thank you" I can find in the mailing list archive01:31
charlie-tcaI do remember 5.04 coming out, but 4.10 was before my time01:31
CheeseheadMe too01:32
CheeseheadThere. Added the date nomination to the wiki page.01:36
IdleOneso we are going to wait a year for this day?01:37
IdleOneUbuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog), released on 20 October 200401:38
IdleOneaccording to wikipedia01:38
akgranerI updated the appreciation day wiki01:40
CheeseheadI recommend against events in October or April.01:40
akgraner+1 on that01:40
akgranerbut these are things we need to discuss at the meeting01:41
akgranerso we don't decide in a vacuum01:41
akgranerand get accused of not including everyone01:41
akgraneror not deciding in a public forum01:41
akgranermake sense...01:41
charlie-tcasounds right01:42
IdleOneIMHO everyday should be Ubuntu Community appreciation day :)01:42
akgraner:-) I do thank someone daily01:43
IdleOneWith that, Thank you all :)01:43
akgranerbut I think a day where we really focus on it will be a good thing01:43
akgranerlike ada lovelace day01:43
akgranertake a look at that and see if we can modify anything from there to add to this day01:44
akgranerwe don't want to copy that day01:44
akgraneras we have that already01:44
akgranerbut it's a good way to get some inspiration01:44
akgranerI think we can just pick a cycle to start01:45
akgranerand tell people to thank people for any contribution they have made01:45
IdleOnehow about mid point of releases?01:45
akgranerI think once a year would be best but that's just me01:45
CheeseheadMost Ubuntu events are semiannual01:45
IdleOneJan 1501:46
akgranerI know and it gets hard01:46
akgranerto maintain01:46
akgranerand as we add more and more Ubuntu Weeks/Days each cycle01:46
akgranerpeople will begin to say - *Another* Ubuntu Day01:46
akgranerand we don't want that01:46
akgranerwe want this to be something people look forward not dread working into their schedules01:47
akgranerwhile they make agree it's good01:47
akgranerfitting it in twice a year can get overwhelming after a while01:47
CheeseheadPerhaps a different focus than everybody-thanks-everybody?01:47
akgranerespecially for those who participate in other appreciation focused days01:47
CheeseheadPerhaps team leaders thank their participants - try to single out the greatest contributions of each?01:48
akgranerI love the idea of an annual Ubuntu Contribution Appreciation Day01:48
CheeseheadMore of a leader event, or leader-training event01:48
akgraneryou don't want to say greatest01:48
Cheeseheadakgraner: Agreed01:49
akgranerthat makes other people feel like their contribution is important01:49
akgraneryou just want to say thank you01:49
akgranerand everyone finds different reasons for thanking people01:49
akgranerand I think that's good01:49
akgranerand shows the diversity of contribution and the impact of those contribution01:50
akgranerwe need inclusion01:50
akgranerand gratitude can include everyone01:50
CheeseheadWell, that takes us to asking: What is the goal of the event?01:51
Cheesehead(Ah, Philosophy is fun!)01:51
akgranerI am sure not every contributor will get thanked personally but we can ask Jane or Mark to do a thank you statement that covers the whole of the community01:51
akgranerthe goal - to show people that they are appreciated and noticed01:52
akgranerand that *every* contribution counts01:52
akgranercan't get much easier or simpler than that01:52
akgranerSeriously look at Ada Lovelace day....01:52
akgraneron that note  - I must find my pillow :-)  5am comes early and I have PT in the morning01:53
akgranerThanks for the discussion - I love it....01:53
akgranercatch you all laters....01:53
CheeseheadGood night01:54
=== Cheesehead is now known as Cheesehead_away
valorieWhat is the goal of the event? Happy happy joy joy!02:27
* bkerensa is uploading a half hour HD video from PuppetConf02:42
NRWlionakgraner: are you there?07:59
akgranerNRWlion, morning11:48
akgranerbe back in about an hour - PT but I'll ping you when I return11:51
=== Cheesehead_away is now known as Cheesehead
akgranerAll the edits for appreciation day are great15:51
akgranerI would caution using Sept 17 as a lot of people will be gearing up for Software freedom days15:52
YoBoYseptember is already full of ubuntu weeks15:56
akgranerI'll get all that together and add it to the meeting agenda once I close the poll and announce the date16:01
akgraneronly 8 people have voted so far...I just set out a reminder16:01
YoBoYha yes... the poll ^^"16:03
pleia2all the options are either the middle of the night or during my work day, so it doesn't matter a whole lot, I'll do my best to be there but there are no guarantees16:08
pleia2(ah california)16:08
* Cheesehead just received an e-mail encouraging him to vote in the poll16:39
ashamsakgraner: Hi, do we have some rules/procedures for ppl want to write in "LoCo Leadership Training Handbook" ?16:46
akgranerjust use a different color font16:47
akgranerwe'll wordsmith it and I'll spend time this weekend formating it etc16:47
akgranerpleia2, I went through the -meeting schedule for that week and listed the time other meetings weren't happening16:48
pleia2not complaining, just explaining why I'm not bothering with the poll (not ignoring it!)16:49
ashamsso, if i wish to write in some part, what should i do?16:49
akgranerCheesehead, I sent out a reminder and LP doesn't let you pick and choose who from the team to send emails to it's all or nothing  or you get locked out for 24 hours16:49
akgranerashams, just write it and use like a blue or green color font16:50
akgranerpleia2, I didn't think you were - just wanted you to know how I came up with those time :-)16:50
ashamssounds good so far, thanks16:50
akgranerI'm trying to be more open with my communications16:50
akgranerand rationale behind things etc16:50
akgraner( pleia2 you taught me that - :-D)16:51
akgranerashams, once I get it all formated I'll come up with some guidelines until we can get it into bzr and stuff16:51
akgraneruntil them just add away16:52
ashamsakgraner: yes, bzr will help a lot16:52
akgraneryep - I don't know how to do that part but I told Darkwing1uck I'd get it formatted and he said he would get it into bzr16:54
akgranerbut any of you who know how to do that please pitch in and help him after the weekend16:54
Cheeseheadakgraner: Not complaining about the poll e-mail. Just letting you know somebody received it. It didn't vanish into /dev/null like important e-mails sometimes do...17:07
akgranerhehe  - I think my hubby sends all my emails to him to  dev/null17:08
akgranerhe swears I don't know what you are talking about17:08
akgranerhey gotta run for a few   - bbiab17:09
=== ashams_ is now known as ashams
CheeseheadAdded to chapter 6 - communications18:57
CheeseheadReminder: Please take a look at the breakdown list of indivivdual skills, and add to it. Duplicates welcome. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13VOmTgEqCzIW8oITV2d5fIRD3xsiKRVMd39OUlpx6xQ/edit?hl=en_US19:00
ashamsvalorie: Thanx for enhancing UCADay page :)19:59
head_victimakgraner: sorry for not voting in the poll but I'm a shiftworker so my roster sometimes changes. I'm just waiting to see when it is and when my roster lines up and fingers crossed it all ends up well :)20:49
akgranerhead_victim, no worries - we'll have logs and minutes available for those who can't make it20:50
charlie-tcaSorry, my time seems very limited these days trying to get oneiric stuff done.20:52
akgranercharlie-tca, no worries - :-) feedback is just as important20:52
akgraneryou have a lot on your plate :-) so take care of those commitments then just help when and where you can - we understand20:53
akgranercharlie-tca, no need to apologize you do a lot and just being willing to help and be part of the team is awesome in my book20:54
head_victimcharlie-tca: Too busy leading hey ;)20:54
akgranerthat's why we are a team - we have each others back and when necessary we'll carry one another...:-)20:54
akgranercharlie-tca, I need to test the new UF PPA20:55
akgranerit's on my list20:55
charlie-tcame too20:55
charlie-tcaI have to hold an election too, next month for a new Xubuntu Lead20:55
charlie-tcaAlso having issues with a a11y ppa for vinux20:56
akgranerwhoa that's a lot :-)20:58
akgranerbut I am sure you're kicking butt and taking names20:58
charlie-tcaJust keep working on it... :)20:59
akgranercharlie-tca, will you be at UDS this time21:01
charlie-tcayes, I will be there21:02
charlie-tcaI got lucky in the draw again21:02
akgranerawesome can't wait to see you there21:06
charlie-tcaYeah, looking forward to it. It really is awesome to be able to attend!21:08
akgranerthat it is21:08
=== Darkwing1uck is now known as DarkwingDuck
DarkwingDuckHey everyone. I'm out of a computer till next week.21:43
akgranerDarkwingDuck, :-( ok22:39
akgranerwe'll hold the fort down - but you have my number right22:39
pleia2DarkwingDuck: er, will you still be able to make your User Days session on Saturday?22:57
pleia2maco filled in last time for you, I don't have an emergency fill-in this time :\22:57
pleia2so I need to know soon22:57

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