unknow2011good night to all02:45
unknow2011I want to receive CD´s Ubuntu 11.10, someone help me?02:46
unknow2011Original CD´s02:46
bkerensaunknow2011: 11.10 is not released yet so there are no CD's02:49
bkerensaunknow2011: When it is release you might contact your regions LoCo and ask for a CD02:50
unknow2011but, how acquire CD ubuntu 11.04 version orginal?02:50
unknow2011my region from Maranhão, Brazil02:51
unknow2011Thanks bkerensa02:51
bkerensaunknow2011: Here is the Brazil LoCo link http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-br-sp03:05
unknow2011Thanks again Bkerensa, I will to go this link for find more informations.03:11
dholbachcjohnston, I hope these were the last crew mails I sent :)10:35
AlanBellMy name is Jas I am now in charge of the ShipIt process now. I was told you were inquiring about Cd shipments for the new release correct? The release date is October the 18th so I will be processing orders from then onwards. Hope that helps and feel free to contact me or email info@ShipIt.com for any other information.10:45
AlanBellloco-council, that is the reply I got from canonical about loco team shipments10:46
AlanBellbit worried that they don't know their own release date10:46
czajkowskiah you mailed them...10:54
czajkowskiwe did too 10:55
czajkowskiAlanBell: I think she may be new 10:55
czajkowskiAlanBell: I mailed asking canonical to let us know did they want us to mail loco teams and add to the blog 10:56
AlanBellI just replied to Jas10:58
AlanBellI spoke to Marianna yesterday about the release parties and as an aside asked if Marianna was doing the CDs, I think she asked Jas to mail me10:59
czajkowskiah ok I knew Marianna wasn;t doing them I mailed jas yesterday as per your request :) 11:01
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