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cdunlapI am not sure if this is the forum but I have a quick question around learning how to package and the expectations.  Do you mind if I ask it here?02:20
cdunlapno worries, I will try back tomorrow03:19
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Laneybdrung: any chance of a natty-backport of u-d-t?15:38
micahgmk-build-deps -i -r rocks16:45
Laneyi always forget to sudo it16:47
Laneybut yes, good it is16:48
nagappanHello, I have just released LDTP-2.2.0, would like to update the existing package, these fixes are required for Ubuntu 11.1018:09
nagappanrelease announcement http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/ldtp-dev/2011-September/001054.html18:09
nagappanpackage available http://download.freedesktop.org/ldtp/2.x/2.2.x/ldtp-2.2.0.tar.gz18:09
nagappanthe package here http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/ldtp is previous release18:10
nagappandone during Feb 201118:10
micahgnagappan: please see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess18:13
jtaylorlooks like only bugfixes18:13
jtaylorthat should need noe ffe18:13
jtaylorhm ok overlooked rightclick function18:13
jtaylornagappan: the package is also in debian, its preferable to get the new version there first and then sync it to ubuntu18:14
micahgjtaylor: Added two new methods to LDTPv2 as per LDTPv1 API set - verifytoggled,18:14
jtaylorshould still be enough time for that if the debian maintainer is responsove18:15
jtaylorbrb 15 min18:15
micahgwell, we're close, it would be fine to do a 0ubuntu1 upload as long as there won't be a tarball mismatch when syncing next cycle18:15
nagappanjibel, any help on the above suggestion ?18:16
nagappanjibel, I have no clues on them18:16
nagappanBTW, jibel / ara helped me earlier in all uploads :-D18:16
nagappanthey both are very helpful, including patrickmw18:17
micahgthat makes sense since mago is an rdepend18:20
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ryoohkiwould someone help me with pbuilder on natty?20:58
jtaylorwhats your issue?21:00
ryoohkieven when i login and apt-get install the missing packages, it still reports it can't find them21:04
jtayloryou can install fcode-utils when you log in21:10
jbicharyoohki: did you enable universe? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Universe_support21:11
ryoohkijbicha: actually, i did but for some reason i had to use wget since it couldn't find that particular one21:21
ryoohkiyeah, i logged in and ap-get instslled the other twoo21:22
jbicharyoohki: I also need to run pbuilder-dist oneiric update -udcar every so often to pick up the latest stuff but good to hear you fixed it21:22
ryoohkijbicha: i didn't fix it21:23
ryoohkijbicha: this is after i installed the pkgs21:23
ryoohkican i just delete /var/cache/pbuilder/base.tgz and start again?  also, this warning "W: /root/.pbuilderrc does not exist"21:26
micahgpbuilder-dist is not supposed to be run with sudo21:31
ryoohkimicahg: none-the-less, is it ok to just delete everything in /var/cache/pbuilder21:34
ryoohkils /var/cache/pbuilder => aptcache  base.tgz  build  ccache  pbuildd  pbuilder-mnt  pbuilder-umlresult  result21:35
micahgah, you're using regular pbuilder...21:37
micahgryoohki: I'd suggest running clean instead of build before removing21:38
ryoohkimicahg: i'm trying to build openbios for natty21:38
ryoohkii have the tar file, the diff tar file, and the .dsc file21:38
ryoohkimicahg: i'm used to rpms21:39
micahgryoohki: you might want to try pbuilder-dist in ubuntu-dev-tools21:42
ryoohkimicahg: i switched21:48
ryoohkihow do i use gpg and the .dsc to verify the files?22:08
tumbleweedryoohki: .dsc's are clearsigned, you can22:18
tumbleweedverify them with gpg --verify22:18
tumbleweeddpkg-source will check the signatures when you use it to extract files22:18
tumbleweedbdrung/anyone: Care to do the SRU verifications for ubuntu-dev-tools?22:22
ryoohkitumbleweed: dpkg-source -x comes b ack so fast, i'm not sure it's checking22:27
tumbleweedit should tell you22:30
ryoohkii just manually checked the sha1sum, sha256sum, and md5sum, as well as, the file sizes and they are all correct22:34
ryoohkihere's waht dpkg-source looked like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/694816/22:38
ryoohkilintian reports that missing-debian-source-format and debian-watch-file-is-missing are missing but since it's "I:" i assume it's not even awarning22:45
ryoohkidoes "pbuilder build openbios-ppc_1.0+svn640-1.dsc" come next and then that's it?22:46
ryoohkiusing "pbuilder-dist build --distribution natty openbios-ppc_1.0+svn640-1.dsc", seems to be working22:55
ryoohkidoes pbuilder-dist support other archs?  i need to build this on a ppc or ppc64 machine, apparently22:59
ryoohkiThis package must be built on a PowerPC machine22:59

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