* Pici gives jrib a cookie00:13
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ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (newb appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)08:44
jpds09:43:06 < ~chatter> ALL OP'S PLEASE LEAVE08:45
jpdsThis could get messy.08:45
ikoniaI imagine you can clean it up very quickly08:46
ikoniaI doubt that08:46
newb<FloodBot1> You have been muted due to automatically detected abusive behavior. If this is in error, please /join #ubuntu-ops and ask for an op to help you. I got the message? I was only asking for help08:53
newbthat message*08:54
Tm_Tnewb: please wait a moment and I'll check the issue08:56
newbok ty08:56
newbI was asking why I couldn't play Asshole2 java Applet08:58
newblocally & in my browser08:58
Tm_Tyes I see (the app name is, uh...)08:58
newbin the browser it stops @ loading the sound files08:58
Tm_Tnewb: could you try say hi to me in #ubuntu?08:58
Tm_Tah, so you're not muted, just like I was reading it (:08:59
Tm_Tfalse alarm I suppose08:59
newbok so it was cos of the swear word?08:59
Tm_Tpossibly, I don't know, but it didn't mute you anyway, so feel free to continue using #ubuntu (:09:00
newbok ty09:00
Tm_Tnewb: you can leave this channel now, happy ircing09:02
eagles0513875hey guys may i pm someone about an issue im having12:09
bazhangeagles0513875, whats the issue? ban ?12:10
eagles0513875bazhang: mind if i pm you about it please12:11
eagles0513875and its not relating to a ban12:11
eagles0513875its relating to a particular individual and op12:12
bazhangeagles0513875, go ahead12:13
bazhang<Susan_> because..... Ubuntu will be ended12:31
mneptokhey! ho! LET'S GO!15:19
mneptokwait .... 0920 is FAR too early for The Ramones.15:20
Tm_Tit is15:21
Tm_Tmneptok: how about Slade instead?15:21
mneptokRUN RUNAWAY!15:21
Tm_T"The Whole World's Goin' Crazee"15:23
Tm_Ta release party theme song?15:23
mneptokwhy does Terminator insist on opening links clicked in it in Firefox, when xdg knows that Chrome is installed and preferred?15:26
mneptokand why does purging Firefox require i install Chromium, when Chrome is installed?15:26
mneptokand why am i ranting here instead of using Chrome to go to LP?15:26
mneptokDCC receipt from genii: 'STFU and go get coffee. and check your life priorities."15:27
mneptokoooo! synchronicity!15:28
mneptokgenii-around: i was channeling you :)15:29
Tm_Tgenii doesn't use such language though15:29
* genii-around makes a nice large pot of coffee, passes the mugs around15:29
genii-aroundTm_T: Well, not in the channels which are supposed to be family-friendly at least :)15:30
Tm_Tlike this one15:31
mneptokwhat language? i was channeling genii ...15:32
mneptok"STFU" when spoken by genii means "Sit there, friend. Unwind."15:33
ikoniawe don't allow the user that argument15:34
* Tm_T goes back debugging MS live meeting15:34
h00khttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/694550/ regarding idefix' removal in #ubuntu-offtopic15:53
genii-aroundMy box locked up earlier :-/17:13
mneptokrut roh.17:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:23
PiciI don't see anything for him.18:23
PiciJust waiting for him to show up here.18:23
oCeanand he has spoken in #u earlier18:23
ubottuIn ubottu, llutz said: no the link is broken18:45
IdleOneit links https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDBootOptions18:45
PiciI know18:46
Picihttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions?action=diff&rev1=56&rev2=57#Common_Boot_Options perhaps should be stuck on there too?18:48
ubottuwubw0b called the ops in #ubuntu ()18:48
ikoniaanother hit and run from the same range18:49
h00kikonia: this range:
PiciMore like 173.231.*18:52
* h00k checks bt18:52
ikoniayeah, I think so, but it's tough to put something that wide18:52
h00kOh, steven__18:52
h00kthe other was a .48 in the bt18:52
h00kas was this18:53
PicioCean: hes a canonical guy.18:54
oCeanah, well18:55
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h00kjtrucks: bot what19:43
jtrucksh00k: nothing, actually. just grouping a nick :)19:46
* Pici eyes the staffers19:47
h00kjtrucks: sure, sure... O.O19:48
pythonsnakeCan I get unban for #ubuntu please? I won't help anymore20:33
ikoniapythonsnake: you're giving out bad advice, and mocking users in another channel,20:34
ikoniayou have a history of poor advice and attitude in the channel, you can stay out for the moment.20:34
ikoniathank you.20:35
pythonsnakeCan I join ubuntu-fr and other ubuntu channels ?20:36
ikoniayour welcome to join #ubuntu-fr20:37
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h00khello rww.21:42
rwwh00k: TOO SLOW, FLYBOY21:42
h00krww: I am here to discuss my ban in #ubuntu-offtopic21:42
rwwh00k: what ban in #ubuntu-offtopic21:42
h00krww: I wasn't actually gunna do it21:43
rwwI don't see a ban in #ubuntu-offtopic21:43
rwwwhat are you talking about21:43
h00kit's magically gone!21:43
rwwso delusional21:43
h00krww: you must work for apple! all this magic!21:43
* h00k ducks21:43
h00kit's true, I may be.21:43
rwwsomething we can help you with?22:07
elkyFreeNET, Hi, did you join here for a reason?22:17
FreeNETelky for my script22:17
elkyJust so I know I understand you correctly, you're saying you got banned for a script?22:19
FreeNETelky i fixed my script22:23
FreeNETsorry for my bad english22:23
elkyFreeNET, so what does your quit message say now?22:29
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FreeNETelky pls unban me on channel ubuntu23:33
elky<elky> FreeNET, so what does your quit message say now?23:34
elkyYou're talking about a script. The issue was a quit message. I want to make sure we are talking about the same thing.23:35
FreeNETelky yes23:35
FreeNETfor message me banned on channel23:36
FreeNETi fix this message23:36
FreeNETmy english very bad :(23:36
rwwWhat did you fix it to? or, what is it now?23:37
FreeNETno longer have this message23:37
tonyyarussoPerhaps it would be useful for you to quit, then rejoin, so we can see the new message.23:38
FreeNETtonyyarusso yes, no problems23:40
FreeNETi promise23:40
FreeNET[09/22/11:02:42:21] * Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned).23:42
rwwYes, we're still waiting to see your new /quit message, since you still haven't quoted it to us.23:43
FreeNETNo.Hacking.No.Cracking.No.Fucking < message23:45
FreeNETi fixed23:45
FreeNETno message23:45
rwwFreeNET: okay, so when you /quit, no message at all shows up now?23:45
* jrib is somewhat surprised23:46
tonyyarussoGood stuff.  I must say I too am a little surprsed.23:47
FreeNET10x gus23:47
tonyyarussoerr, whatever that word is23:47
rwwFreeNET: Your ban in #ubuntu is now removed. Please look over our channel guidelines to make sure this problem doesn't re-occur, and /join #ubuntu to make sure you're correctly unbanned.23:49
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines23:49
FreeNETrww oki23:50
FreeNETall 10x for help23:51
FreeNETvery very 10x23:51
elkythanks rww23:53
elkyFreeNET, which country are you in?23:54
elkyFreeNET, Cool, I don't think there's a local team for Bulgaria yet :( Anyway, there's no need for you to stay in this channel :)23:59

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