shaunoheh, classic.  Just got an email from one of my vps providers, telling me my host has gone over it's bandwidth allowance.03:00
shaunowhich sounded wrong because it's just a failover MX.  it sees very little traffic at all03:00
shaunotheir web portal says it's at "41.8 TB of 500 GB Used / -44409274698 KB Free".  I call shenanigans.03:00
PalaPadwb everyone ;)07:53
* dogmatic69 survived 07:53
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dogmatic69every time i create a vm virtual box dies creating the space for a fixed drive :/08:01
PalaPadBad blocks on the drive maybe?08:02
PalaPadOooo am at barking already only a few stops to go08:02
dogmatic69Paladine: its a newish drive, how can i check?08:09
dogmatic69been at 0% for 15 minutes now08:09
PalaPadRun e2fsck or something08:10
bigcalmGood morning peeps!08:14
PalaPadNearly at fenchrurch08:17
dogmatic69you cant do a disk check on a disk that is mounted?08:17
dogmatic69my pc has one HDD only08:17
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bigcalmdogmatic69: tell it to force a check on next boot08:23
dogmatic69bigcalm: i reboot when the power trips :/08:25
JamesTaitMorning all!08:30
dogmatic69tired virtual machine manager and it created the 8gig drive in < 1 second08:31
dogmatic69virtual box ftl08:31
dogmatic69unity 2D crashes on my vm08:36
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jpdsshauno: Looks like 'apt-get install vnstat' time.08:46
Davieywow, Radio 4 is a little colourful today.08:49
popeyMorning all!08:52
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MartijnVdSpopey: Yes?09:06
* czajkowski pokes gord 09:06
czajkowskiI need someone to replace my lack of davmor2 and MooDoo09:06
gordoh, i'm no replacement for them, far to nice09:07
diploMorning all09:08
bigcalmThey are far too nice?09:08
czajkowskigord: true09:10
czajkowskigord: who else do you suggest09:10
gordczajkowski, i do not trust this Daviey fellow09:11
czajkowskigord: ya know you make a truely valid point, however I need to be nice to Daviey he has a package for me I need from him in the coming weeks.09:11
czajkowskigord: then I cant pick on AlanBell as he is the leader09:17
czajkowskigord: cant pick on popey as he knows all09:17
czajkowskigord: so it has to be you till Davmor2 comes in09:17
czajkowskiotherwise I'll scare others if I pick on them09:17
bigcalmPoor gord09:17
* AlanBell has immunity \o/09:17
czajkowski<--------- my logic works wonders09:17
* bigcalm eyes czajkowski 09:17
bigcalmAlanBell: read that as James Bond villain saying "Diplomatic immunity"09:18
AlanBellbigcalm: that was exactly how I said it :)09:20
bigcalmNice one :D09:20
AlanBellactually Die Hard I think, the SA chap09:20
bigcalmOh sod, yes09:20
bigcalmI feel silly now09:20
TheOpenSourcererThanks bigcalm09:22
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: no patches?09:23
TheOpenSourcererIt's fine.09:23
bigcalmGood show :)09:23
TheOpenSourcererIt will probably be moving home in the next couple of months so will have to go down :-(09:24
bigcalmIf you had it on a UPS you could move it bit by bit towards its new home09:25
harry_hey , anyone here who can tell me how to keep window always on top in linux using script??09:28
* bigcalm wants to make a joke about Windows and market share, but shall refrain09:29
bigcalmSorry, I don't know :)09:30
harry_okay thanks..09:31
oimonanyone see that blog post on planet about UEFI secure boot?09:35
bigcalmSeen links to it all over twitter and G+. Not got around to reading it09:36
oimoncould stop you installing your own OS09:37
bigcalmYes, so I hear09:37
AlanBellit looks nasty to me09:39
TheOpenSourcererI wouldn't worry - it will almost certainly be hacked and broken before it's even released.09:39
bigcalmWould it be a case for the monopolies commission?09:40
AlanBellit will end up like region coded DVD players, you will have to send your laptop off somewhere to be chipped before it will boot linux09:40
TheOpenSourcerer"Windows" and "security" crop up a great deal in the same articles. I'll just say: https://twitter.com/#!/opensourcerer/status/11644178511023308809:43
oimonTheOpenSourcerer: is that an internet facing server?09:44
* bigcalm steps back09:44
TheOpenSourcereroimon: No.09:44
oimonok..otherwise i would have asked for IP address ;)09:45
TheOpenSourcererI wouldn't tell you anyway :P09:45
AlanBell10.0.0.1 I think :)09:45
oimoni've had servers go over 1000 days before09:45
AlanBell64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=62 time=45.8 ms09:46
* oimon thinks of privilege escalation bugs in the kernel over the last 571 days09:46
oimonunless you have ksplice of course09:46
TheOpenSourcererbah - of course. it is accessible via AlanBell's network... Hmm, better do an nmap sweep of his house.09:48
bigcalmSomething is changing € into ¤ in emails I'm sending via PHP, but I can't work out what.09:50
pancrobigcalm: looks like your encoding may be wrong, maybe you're sending our ISO-8859-1 encoding headers instead of ISO-8859-15 (where ¤ is replaced by €), better off using UTF-8 anyway09:55
pancros/sending our/sending out/09:55
ikoniaother than Scan and Ebuyer what's a reasonable online UK etailer that people trust ?09:56
bigcalmpancro: it's using UTF-809:56
bigcalmikonia: dabs.co.uk09:57
bigcalmOr .com, I forget09:57
ikoniaahh, I forgot dabs09:57
ikoniaI thought they had gone under for some reason09:57
bigcalmBT bought them09:57
ikoniatotally forgot about them09:57
ikoniathank you09:57
bigcalmAmazon are good for bits as well09:57
ikoniaI was pondering that, but they are mostly "market place" stores that I've had bad experiences with market store on amazon09:58
ikoniaif it doesn't come from amazon it's self I'm cautious now09:58
pancrobigcalm: just wondering because of the fact that ¤ was replaced by € in newer 8-bit codepages... just wondering if it's UTF-8 through and thourgh or if there's a link in the chain still working with 8 bit characters. do other UTF-8 characters show up ok?09:58
bigcalmI've only had one semi-bad experience with a market place seller. YMMV09:58
ikoniaI've had some good ones too, but the risks and issues dealing with the bad ones put me of09:59
bigcalmFair enough09:59
ikoniawho are the reputable SSD brands at the moment, I'm assuming OCZ are still a core player10:00
ikoniamy hard disk just died so I'm tryin to get a replacment, and scan have have SSD's on "pre order" for about 3 months,10:00
bigcalmikonia: I have an OCZ and would buy again (if I had the money)10:02
davmor2morning all10:02
bigcalmHi davmor2. You need to apologise to gord for your late arrival10:03
oimonikonia: insight10:03
ikoniaoimon: that's a name I've not heard before10:03
davmor2bigcalm: why this is the time I arrive :P10:04
davmor2gord: ^ what's he on?10:04
TheOpenSourcererNice. AlanBell 's house is only exposing two entry points.10:04
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: front door and back door ;)10:05
davmor2bigcalm: what you on about dude?10:07
bigcalmdavmor2: czajkowski needed somebody to pick on and you weren't here10:09
davmor2czajkowski: prod, don't annoy gord, you'll upset him you big bully :P10:10
* davmor2 passes gord a cup of tea there you go chap calm down and have a brew10:11
togsterMorning all10:15
* czajkowski kicks davmor2 well get your arse on earlier then 10:20
czajkowskidavmor2: let me tell you about my fun week shall I10:21
davmor2czajkowski: No you need to let it stew and boil over for when I get on10:21
czajkowskidavmor2: I lack patience how do you not know this by now10:21
davmor2czajkowski: I do know it but I figure it would annoy you all the more :P10:22
=== j0nr_ is now known as j0nr
oimon^^ cool way to spend 3 minutes10:46
j0nranyone know how to strip all UserTextFrames out of mp3 files using eyeD3?10:54
* czajkowski hands davmor2 a cuppa tea 10:56
* davmor2 looks at czajkowski blankly tea............you gave me tea.............and you think I don't know you :P10:59
* czajkowski gives davmor2 a digestive bickie to dunk 11:00
czajkowskinow shrup ya pup11:00
* davmor2 goes down stairs pours away the tea and makes a coffee to dunk the bickie in11:02
=== Pendulum_ is now known as Pendulum
bigcalmAnybody know who KiltedUberGeek is on twitter?11:02
czajkowskidavmor2: don't say I was never nice11:03
czajkowskiyou all saw that he poured the tea I made for him11:03
davmor2czajkowski: I don't drink tea you should know that by now :P11:04
czajkowskipff drink tea all english men do11:04
bigcalmAnd some Irish ladies11:05
czajkowskime I love my tea11:06
czajkowskineed _tea to function11:06
dogmatic69how can i force kill some process? got a VBox something or an other running at 98% and making my cpu +- 95'C11:21
dogmatic69cant do it from htop with sigkill etc11:21
TheOpenSourcerersudo kill -9 pid11:21
dogmatic69tried killall11:21
dogmatic69says no pid found, but htop says its pid 67711:22
bigcalmI </3 VM :(11:22
TheOpenSourcererps aux | grep something relevant should give you the right pid11:22
dogmatic691000       439 97.3  0.0      0     0 ?        Zl   08:56 200:40 [VBoxSVC] <defunct>11:23
TheOpenSourcererso it's 439 then11:24
dogmatic69sudo killall -9 43911:24
dogmatic69439: no process found11:24
TheOpenSourcererHow come your uid isn't your username?11:24
AlanBellkillall does process name11:24
popeydont do killall pid11:24
popeydo kill -9 pid11:24
AlanBellkill does process number11:24
TheOpenSourcerersudo kill -9 pid11:24
popeyor killall name11:24
TheOpenSourcerernot killall11:24
popeyor sudo service vboxsvc stop11:25
dogmatic69killall name does nothing, kill -9 pid has no error, still running11:25
gordguys its restarting11:25
gordyou can't kill it because the process already died and restarted11:25
gordthus it got a new pid11:25
gordyou need to kill whatever is restarting it11:26
dogmatic69popey to the rescue \o/11:26
dogmatic69oh no11:26
dogmatic69its going...11:26
dogmatic69in htop the pid is always 67711:26
dogmatic69the pxu grep still says 43911:27
oimondogmatic69:  ps -ef | pastebinit11:27
popeyps aux | pastebinit11:27
oimonaux sux dude11:27
oimonps -ef give you the parent pid too11:28
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...11:29
dogmatic69TheOpenSourcerer: in htop it shows my username, not 100011:29
oimoni bet your username is > 8 characters11:29
oimonyeah, that's a feature of ps11:30
davmor2czajkowski: yeap but then you should love guinness too and do you?11:31
MartijnVdSoimon: "feature"11:31
MartijnVdSoimon: it's documented, but hard to find11:31
czajkowskidavmor2: eh no11:32
davmor2czajkowski: so you're not really Irish then :P11:32
czajkowskinope half11:33
MartijnVdSczajkowski: only the accent? :)11:34
czajkowskiyes my accent does make me rather unique in work here11:34
davmor2MartijnVdS: I was thinking more only the attitude :D11:34
czajkowskidavmor2: I kick your ass11:34
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I'll just imagine a badly dubbed Japanese film11:35
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: oi11:35
davmor2czajkowski: swearing in Irish is still swearing madame11:36
MartijnVdSczajkowski: you know the kind I mean then? :)11:36
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: coming for drinks tomorrow ?11:36
MartijnVdSczajkowski: no, I'm on the wrong side of the North Sea11:36
dogmatic69still running, tried apt-get remove11:39
dogmatic69just says its still running, stop it first :S11:40
oimondogmatic69: apt-get remove won't kill the process in memory. what does lsof -p 439 show11:42
oimoni'm surprised kill -9 439 isn't slapping it11:42
czajkowski~/win 2311:43
czajkowskihmm not impresssed with the new two and a half men :/11:44
AlanBellnot satisfied with just one?11:46
dogmatic69oimon: is there like a -vv option?11:47
czajkowskioh yes I'll be talking at a UK flossie event11:52
czajkowskion Ubuntu and Ubuntu Women this year11:52
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czajkowskitime to be on my best behaviour BBC are here to record12:04
czajkowskiand I'm on a massive MAC :/12:04
dogmatic69i broke down and rebooted the pc12:07
selinuxiumHi all    o/12:09
oimoni wonder how much apple pay the BBC to feature their logo on screen every 60 seconds during an episode of spooks?12:10
czajkowskiand worse they need to use my HTC phone12:15
MartijnVdSoimon: is that even allowed? Ads in BBC programs?12:17
oimonit is constant12:18
gordi wonder how much they paid czajkowski to use a mac whilst filming!12:18
gordi smell corruption12:18
czajkowskigord: look a new dell has been bought12:18
czajkowskiI've been asking where to put it12:18
czajkowskihence me getting live cd off AlanBell tomorrow12:18
gordi don't mind ;) macs are great too12:19
oimonspooks already got a soft telling-off in 2005 but it is worse than ever12:21
MartijnVdSApple must pay more than the fine ;)12:21
selinuxiumczajkowski, Well done in the rugger!  :)12:23
czajkowskiselinuxium: why thank you12:24
oimonproduct placement rules are very weak12:24
czajkowskiselinuxium: coming for beers tomorrow12:24
selinuxiumczajkowski, sadly I am still working from home until next week... Leg is getting much better though...12:26
czajkowskigreat to hear it12:26
selinuxiumDon't think my American football career will be back on though... :)12:27
czajkowskiawww *hugs* selinuxium12:28
oimoni've complained to ofcom about spooks12:29
czajkowskihttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-14858056 it's over this12:32
JGJonesMaybe this is old news by now but was just told briefly that devices coming with Windows 8 would have a means to prevent any form of dual booting with other type of OS such as linux?12:32
TheOpenSourcererJGJones have a look back up there ^^^12:34
TheOpenSourcerer(10:35:42) oimon: anyone see that blog post on planet about UEFI secure boot?12:35
oimondeserves front page prominence12:37
JGJonesThe good old days of DVD player's that you get chipped is back!12:37
* popey pokes Seeker` with the top of http://www.hantslug.org.uk/wiki/HugoRandomBenchmark12:39
JGJonesAh well...if they try that with Windows 8 server, it won't be very successful, as windows doesn't have as large a dominance on servers compared to desktops12:40
oimonit's very likely we could see locked down hardware similar to locked down mobiles12:40
=== willcooke|lunch is now known as willcooke
JGJonesoimon - possibly, but now HTC and Samsung have changed their tune and allowing for bootloaders to be unlocked on their newest devices etc.12:42
oimonJGJones but what if this is driven by MS who have history of trying to enforce their desktop monopoly through OEMs?12:43
gordgood luck selling machines in china if you need real versions of windows on them12:43
JGJonesoimon, it's possible they could drive this for desktops, but what about servers? Linux does have a healthy share there and OEM will not want to lose sales on that12:44
JGJonesas for mobiles - good luck to them, MS have a tiny % (around 2% perhaps)12:44
oimonit's easier to buy servers without MS preinstalled12:44
oimonso MS don't really have that strangehold - server vendors would include a bios option to turn off secure boot12:45
oimoni doubt you will get the same opotion on your laptop12:46
Seeker`popey: YOU RAT!12:46
JGJonesaye...the desktops is the tricky area...but I'm hoping that EU might not allow it to happen12:46
JGJonesie machines must allow the option to turn off otherwise it's potentially an abuse for monopoly?12:47
czajkowski/win/win 112:47
czajkowskihate this ***** keyboard12:47
MartijnVdSczajkowski: I think the word you're looking for is "poo"12:49
Seeker`popey: I'm gonna have to buy a better cpu now :(12:49
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: insert word as apropiate12:49
MartijnVdSczajkowski: oh you mean "lovely"?12:49
czajkowskiit's the mac and it's tiny wee keyboard12:50
MartijnVdSSo my first guess was close.. "poo", "wee" ....12:50
MartijnVdS*back to work*12:50
popeySeeker`: surprised yours at 4GHz is not as fast as a 3.4GHz one12:54
gordi want 4ghz :(12:55
Seeker`popey: depends on the integer maths stuff  I guess. If they shaved 1 clock off the time it takes to get an integer result back...12:56
AlanBellTheOpenSourcerer: we need a faster server12:56
AlanBellbit surprised the 980ex isn't top12:57
AlanBellI guess it has more cores, but isn't quite as screaming fast12:57
TheOpenSourcererWhen did you run that?12:57
AlanBellwhen we were commissioning it12:58
TheOpenSourcererAh OK - so no load to speak of12:58
popeymy desktop was idle too12:58
popeyother than ubuntu desktop running12:58
TheOpenSourcererI was just doing some time trials using netcat between servers12:58
popeyand 'watch -d "grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo"'12:58
TheOpenSourcerernc is approx 33% faster than scp.12:59
popeysaw most cores at 1600MHz, one at 3400MHz12:59
popeyI thought it was supposed to turbo up to 3.8GHz12:59
JGJoneswhy can't OEM's implement an unique OS UEFI startup? To work on it, all OS must have their source opened up? #wishfulthinking #damnitjoethisisn'ttwitter13:00
AlanBellone thing I found odd was that sometimes it was faster running in a VM guest than running in the host13:00
* oimon squeezed into the top 1013:00
Seeker`I was top for quite a long time13:00
* gord starts looking on amazon for liquid nitrogen cooling13:01
TheOpenSourcererreal0m6.268s My desktop13:02
TheOpenSourcererMy home server real1m0.566s ;-)13:03
popeyI'd love to find something slower than the one at the bottom of the list13:04
TheOpenSourcererIt's a *downclocked* VIA C713:04
TheOpenSourcererpopey: run it on your nanode ;-)13:06
* BigRedS swears at innodb a lot13:14
gordmy phone thinks i am somewhere in the mid atlantic atm, its clock is sooo broken13:14
popeyhaha TheOpenSourcerer13:15
AlanBellshould get a raspberry pi on the list13:15
czajkowskiAlanBell: the flossie people are having me speak at their 2 day conf  in May13:16
czajkowskicheer for the intor to Paula13:16
AlanBellI know :)13:16
AlanBellit might be in Queen Mary University London13:18
czajkowskiI'm sure I'll find it by then13:20
czajkowskigot the link to the even if spo can you pm it to me13:20
czajkowskiI got it yesterday13:20
popeyits odd that there's almost no AMD CPUs on the benchmark paid13:25
oimonmaybe people only bother to update when they are in the top 1013:26
oimonthe non top ten entries being previous high rankers13:27
oimonor novelty entries13:27
popeyi have put loads in there13:27
oimonAlanBell: what's happening maybe at queen mary?13:27
popeynot just when at top13:27
oimonpopey you're a bit special though13:28
popeythanks! :D13:28
selinuxiumBeen playing with Minus... 10GB free online storage and you get an extra gig by inviting others... :) http://min.us/rKuVgho    (well, you have to try...)13:55
popeya) is it cross platform?13:59
popeyb) does it work behind proxies?13:59
andylockranwhat alternative cli print commands are there to lp ?14:09
andylockrani.e. - what does cups use to send the test page to the printer?14:09
MartijnVdSandylockran: it just opens a pipe to itself I guess14:18
MartijnVdSandylockran: /var/run/cups/cups.sock looks useful for that? maybe?14:18
andylockranMartijnVdS: I've got to get an old jaunty server printing to a Zebra14:20
MartijnVdScupsPrintFiles() in libcups14:20
andylockranhad to create a custom ppd and it works fine on lucid and natty14:20
andylockranlp is printing blanks14:21
andylockranwell, when asked to print a pdf14:21
andylockranwhereas the test page is printed fine14:21
MartijnVdSandylockran: test page could be plain .ps14:21
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
andylockranthanks MartijnVdS that's sorted it :p14:44
oimoni'm not sure if minus.com actually keep your data private14:50
andylockranMartijnVdS: awesome - thanks for your help :)14:58
selinuxiumpopey, it is multi-platform. Unsure about proxy as I haven't tried..15:08
brobostigonis it possible to put a foursquare widget on my website? by some method?15:26
s-foxbrobostigon,  http://aboutfoursquare.com/highlight-your-foursquare-venue-on-your-companys-website-or-facebook-page-with-placewidget/ ?15:28
brobostigonthank you s-fox :)15:28
diploAnyone use fail2ban on there servers ?15:32
diploJust wondering if its worth the effort to setup, just seeing lots of attempts at ssh15:33
diploI've got key based auth on so not getting in any time soon15:34
Laneywasn't much effort ime15:34
diploBut just thought it would be worth banning them trying15:34
brobostigonLaney: what is the alternate, in your mind?15:34
Laneyalternate to what? fail2ban?15:35
Laneydenyhosts? using a different port for ssh15:35
diployeah, was debating moving ports as well15:35
diploMy router sucks though15:35
diploCan open new ports but can't forward to different ones :/15:36
oimonfail2ban is easy and useful15:36
popeydiplo: i just moved ssh to another port15:36
Laneylimiting the IPs that can connect15:36
diploI did debate about that as well popey, may just do it tonight instead15:37
diploSkys T&C's say not to use a non Sky router15:37
diploBut may just do it anyhoo15:38
gordjust means you can't get support from them without using their router15:38
diploFriend had lots of speed issues using different routers15:38
gordme too, but that was mostly because sky are kinda crap15:38
bigcalmI replaced my parents' sky adsl router with a netgear one. Works just fine15:38
diploFriends dropped from 8mb down to 4mb ish with 2 different routers, one being a draytek 282015:39
popeyreminds me, must reboot mu superhub and enable modem only mode15:41
popeySeeker`: oi15:42
popeySeeker`: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-scribes can you add AlanBell as an admin of that group?15:43
popeySeeker`: given he maintains meetingology, the bot people are now using15:43
Seeker`popey: able to reactivate your membership?15:46
popeyI'm not a member15:46
popeyi tried to join but its pending15:47
popeyand only you and ausimage can fix that15:47
popeyand he is awol15:47
Seeker`I can't change people to administrators15:47
popeywhy not, you're an admin15:48
Seeker`only people I can change admin status on is me and ausimage15:48
popeyyeah, AlanBell isnt in the team15:48
popeyhe tried to join but nobody approved him15:48
Seeker`he is now15:48
popeyah, so he is15:48
Seeker`maybe only the owner of the group can create new admins?15:49
Laneyonly the owner of a team can make people admins15:49
AlanBellshould I move the code in there or something?15:50
Seeker`is there a process for marking people as long term missing and take control of it?15:50
popeycontact them, see if they can do it out of courtesy15:51
popeyif they dont respond or tell you to go away, contact lp admins15:51
popeyin #launchpad15:51
Seeker`tried contacting ausimage?15:51
popeyI have not15:51
=== user_ is now known as geekMePlease
geekMePleaseHow can you set up network manager only handle mobile-broadband?15:52
popeywould you like to, as you're admin?15:52
geekMePlease* I use Wicd for my other connections15:52
popeywhy do you use wicd?15:52
geekMePleasepopey: Yes15:53
geekMePleasepopey: Because, I want to set on and off particular devices and connections15:53
geekMePleasepopey: In network manager, you can set only all connections off or all connection on.15:54
popeydefine "connections"?15:54
popeythanks Seeker`15:54
popeygeekMePlease: i can switch off wired, and switch off wifi individually15:55
geekMePleasepopey: I have many wifi -connections15:55
popeyyou have more than one wifi device?15:55
geekMePleasepopey: Yes, I am a radio-amatour15:56
oimonwow facebook just changed.15:57
geekMePleasepopey: Is it possible to set up network-manager only handle mobile-broadband?15:58
popeyi dont know15:59
popeyi mean, yes15:59
popeyyou can, but I dont know how that affects wicd because I dont use wicd15:59
geekMePleasepopey: I do not understand how network-manager works. Is there any file for its settings?16:00
Seeker`AlanBell: You should have been CC'd on the email I sent16:00
Seeker`AlanBell: If he doesn't respond, give me a poke after what you feel is an appropriate amount of time and I'll go speak to the guys in #launchpad16:01
popeythanks Seeker` !16:02
AlanBellthanks Seeker`16:02
Seeker`AlanBell: you now have full access (and +F) in -scribes too16:07
diploGuys any advice here16:20
diplossh-keygen -t rsa16:20
diplocreates a pub key as expected16:21
diploI copy that to authorized_keys16:21
diploNot working, when I look at other keys I have put there when I arrow down over them it skips to next one each time16:21
diploOn the new one it lets me arrow down each line16:21
diploAny thoughts...16:21
diploCopy and paste from one to another breaking something ?16:22
MartijnVdSdiplo: the keys are one very long line16:22
MartijnVdSone key per line16:22
MartijnVdSyour editor might be wrapping it strangely16:22
* MartijnVdS prefers ssh-copy-id these days16:22
MartijnVdSthat does it for me16:22
diploI was thinking that after typing that16:22
diploI keep meaning to try that16:22
diploMaybe tomorrows job, just edited the file now16:23
diploSee if that works16:23
diploThanks MartijnVdS16:23
* MartijnVdS shouts at Banshee16:24
MartijnVdSMethod "Set" with signature "s(ii)" on interface "org.gnome.GConf.Database" doesn't exist16:24
MartijnVdS(yes I have a bug number, but it's private)16:25
diployeah it was that, but deo will try ssh-copy-id tomorrow16:25
diplohas that been round a while ?16:25
diplooff home16:28
diplocya later all16:28
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...16:41
lubotu3pong is an old atari game. It's fun!16:41
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JDmaXhi ubuntu fans17:13
=== daubers_ is now known as daubers
* daubers is cold17:27
majdekalelhow can i configure cgi-bin folder in ubuntu ??? im using apache2 ??????17:37
PalaPadIn the httpd conf17:38
majdekalelis there any libraries i have to install to use cgi ?17:38
majdekalelor just configure cgi-bin folder ?17:38
PalaPadOr if you are using virtual hosts you can define them explicitly in the config files17:38
PalaPadI don't think you need any extra modules for cgi-bin but I have never used it so you should check17:39
Lcawtehmm, where is my java installed @ :/17:59
hamitronsomewhere in /18:00
LcawteNope, but I got it...18:11
Lcawteumm, right, why won't my permissions stay the same..18:11
LcawteI try to give a file +x  but it keeps getting removed..18:12
davmor2czajkowski: prod18:14
czajkowskidavmor2: oi oi18:19
MartijnVdSSo, anyone here on oneiric? :)18:29
* BigRedS is18:42
MartijnVdSOn amd64?18:42
BigRedSwell, not right now, the PC's off, but I can turn it on if you're after a test of something18:43
MartijnVdSDoes flash have sound for you? While playing sound using some other app (music from banshee, video from totem, etc.)18:43
BigRedSOooh, I'll give it a go, hang on18:43
MartijnVdSI can play multiple sounds at a time, as long as none of those is Flash18:43
BigRedSOh man, you've just made me remember why I hardly ever turn this on :)18:48
BigRedSbut, yeah, rhythmbox and iplayer can both make noise at the same time18:51
MartijnVdSBigRedS: latest oneiric?18:52
BigRedSah no, just updating18:53
BigRedSI think it's about a week old18:53
MartijnVdSbecause libasound2-plugins:i386 is broken for me, and I think that provides Pulseaudio integration18:55
BigRedSyeah, even updated I can do it19:07
MartijnVdSBigRedS: hmm.. do you have the ia32libs package installed?19:08
MartijnVdSia32-libs, sorry19:08
BigRedSoh, wait. I've a 686 kernel19:09
BigRedShm, that wasn't the plan19:09
MartijnVdSthat would explain :)19:09
BigRedShaha, yeah19:09
=== N8 is now known as Guest84263
Guest84263Hi, I'm looking for help installing ubuntu for my system19:20
AlanBellgreat, how far have you got with it?19:20
Guest84263I have already burned the disk, and I swapped my hard drive out for a blank one. I am in the stage of installing it right now19:21
Guest84263By the way, thank you very much for helping me19:21
AlanBellok, shout if you have any questions as the install goes along19:22
Guest84263I'm at one of those points right now19:22
Guest84263I have started the install, and when the ubuntu logo with the 5 dots was on there for 10 minutes, It gives me this screen with 3 errors on it19:23
AlanBell10 minutes sounds a bit long to get to the start of the installer19:24
Guest84263I don't know, but the first 2 times, I restarted because the num-lock key was not responding after 5 min.19:25
AlanBellwhat machine is it?19:25
Guest84263Kinda one I built out of legacy components. :/  Runs great on windows, though19:26
AlanBellprocessor? graphics?19:26
Guest84263old socket 7, 950 mhz. Um, Intel Coppermine, graphics card (old) .5 gig. sdram (also old)19:27
AlanBellwell that explains the 10 minutes :)19:27
Guest84263yeah. I tweaked up windows so it would run smooth, so I kinda forgot how old it was19:28
AlanBellthat is a pentium 3 right?19:28
Guest84263what do you mean?19:28
AlanBellthe coppermine chip19:29
Guest84263yes. I have several others on my desk Lol.19:29
Guest84263950 Mhz. socket 719:29
Guest84263You there?19:32
Guest84263Do you want me to tell you what the error messages are?19:33
AlanBellI think that might technically be below the hardware requirements, I was just checking them19:33
AlanBellhowever it should work19:33
AlanBellwhat are the errors then?19:33
AlanBelleven if it does work I think you would enjoy Ubuntu a lot more on a more modern machine, even an Atom motherboard with intel graphics or something would be fine19:34
AlanBelland there is a good chance the old graphics card is not supported now19:35
Guest84263I know, but I can't afford that kind of stuff. Lol And I'm more into the code, and windows is very buggy sometimes19:35
Guest84263So I have to make do with what I have19:35
AlanBelltry freecycle19:36
TheOpenSourcererI installed Ubuntu 10.10 on an old 500Mhz PIII laptop (256M RAM) at the weekend over the network (PXE boot)19:36
TheOpenSourcererWorked OK.19:36
AlanBellinteresting to know19:36
Pernigi ran an Ubuntu live CD on a 800Mhz Pentium 319:36
Guest84263Yeah, windows will even work on a 300 mhz. computer with 256 meg. Ram19:36
TheOpenSourcererThe chap bought me two pints for doing it! Yay free beer! :-D19:37
Guest84263So I bet that ubuntu should run on my old clunker, right?19:37
PernigGuest: have you considered any of the versions with lighter desktop environments?19:37
AlanBellGuest84263: windows 7?19:37
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TheOpenSourcererProbably Guest84263 although it's a bit hard to tell but you should get some error messages or something rather than just 10 minutes of dots...19:38
=== mgdmbot is now known as mgdm
Guest84263I could not boot from usb, so I had to burn a disc, and I just got the newest.19:38
AlanBell /nick nameyouwant19:38
TheOpenSourcererIt might be worth trying the "alternate" cd. It uses a text based installer.19:38
Pernigi recommend Lubuntu19:38
AlanBellbut you can't have a nick that someone else has19:39
=== Guest84263 is now known as natesky9
AlanBellni natesky919:39
AlanBellhi even19:39
natesky9Yes. I hate being faceless19:39
natesky9ok, I had it run for 10 minutes, and it seemed like it was reading the disc, then it does this wierd thing where it fills top-left corner with random letter19:40
natesky9first it was Q, now it is U19:40
natesky9says busybox, and operates just like MS-DOS19:41
=== mgdm is now known as mgdmbot
natesky9~And for the record, I currently can not try another os at the moment. I am out of discs, and it will not load from flash drive19:43
AlanBelltry typing "exit"19:45
MartijnVdSAlanBell: if it's busybox, that probably means it can't find the root fs19:45
MartijnVdSwhich tends to be Bad®19:45
natesky9whoa! tried that, it said that it could not find the directory of like, 15 files19:46
=== user is now known as geekMePlease
natesky9so what do  do if it keeps bringing me to busybox when I try installing it from the cd?19:48
geekMePleaseIs this: iwconfig wlan0 key off, the right way to disable one of your wifis?19:49
geekMePlease* it does not seem to have any effect19:49
MartijnVdSgeekMePlease: no, it only disables encryption19:50
AlanBellnatesky9: well you can try the boot options in the forums post I linked to, or upgrade the hardware a bit19:50
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: What is the right way?19:50
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: permanent19:50
natesky9when do I hit F6 to bring up grub?19:50
MartijnVdSgeekMePlease: do you want to completely disable it? or just disable it for the current boot?19:50
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: Completely, I have two cards19:51
MartijnVdSgeekMePlease: pull one out ;)19:51
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: Not possible now.19:51
MartijnVdSgeekMePlease: does the laptop have a wifi on/off switch?19:51
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: No19:51
MartijnVdSrfkill - tool for enabling and disabling wireless devices19:52
MartijnVdSgeekMePlease: you want to look at that tool19:52
MartijnVdSgeekMePlease: apt-cache show rfkill19:52
natesky9when it boots, where do I hit F6 to bring up the GRUB?19:53
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: Thank you! Need to google a bit about its parameters.19:53
=== mgdmbot is now known as MGDMBOT
MartijnVdSgeekMePlease: "rfkill" is what the function you want is called :)19:53
natesky9Can someone help me?19:58
natesky9Can someone help me?20:02
Pernignatesky9: what's up?20:06
Myrttihe left20:07
Pernigoh aye20:07
natesky9Hello, is anybody there?20:08
=== user is now known as geekMePlease
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: Network-manager takes the rfkill block out if I use it.20:10
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: I put rfkill block $IP-Wlan0 to startup-scripts20:11
geekMePleaseHow can you configure which devices Network-manager use?20:11
geekMePleaseMartijnVdS: lol, http://askubuntu.com/questions/3677/disable-wireless-on-startup20:15
AlanBellwell that was a big crash I just had20:16
AlanBellnatesky9: hi20:16
AlanBellnatesky9: so when you see the keyboard and person symbol, hit space and you should get to a menu20:16
AlanBellnot entirely sure you can set the options you want there20:16
AlanBellI tried it in a virtual machine and ended up running myself out of memory and ended up rebooting my laptop20:17
natesky9Oh, Had to reboot. Mine froze after 10 minutes20:18
natesky9Is there a way we can chat w/o seeing everything else?20:19
AlanBellno, unless you want to pay my consultancy rates :)20:20
natesky9You there?20:21
AlanBellthere are lots of people here, and I am in 56 other channels with many parallel conversations in progress20:22
natesky9Oh, ok20:22
natesky9Trying to reboot my computer to boot on cd, but it keeps doing network boot even though I have it on last priority20:23
natesky9I got the menu up, what should I go to?  (never would have figured this out)20:24
AlanBellspace, then enter to select english, then f6 to get the other options menu20:25
AlanBellcheck the acpi=off and noapic options and press escape to get out of that menu20:27
AlanBellthen type in the rest of the line the forum post was on about20:27
AlanBellall_generic_ide pci=nomsi20:27
AlanBellso you add that bit ^^ to the end of the line of boot options20:27
AlanBelland hit return to boot I think20:28
AlanBelland wait and hope, and if it doesn't work, get a new computer :)20:28
natesky9or more likele, make one. Lol20:28
natesky9Well, right now I think it's froze, I have to wait for it20:29
natesky9well, it's reading the disk right now, I'm not sure if it's working.20:35
gordhttp://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=11075 that is kind of an expensive but to reproduce20:41
natesky9how do I keep it from booting up in UNDI?20:46
natesky9never mind, I got it up in the menu20:46
natesky9Hey Alen, you there?20:50
bigcalmAnd, relax22:07
sammHazRPG: Hey man. Is Facebook on Pidgin not working for you?22:45
sammHazRPG: Since today I'm getting the error message "Not Authorized" and I can't use XMPP :(22:45
Pernigsamm: i am connected to Facebook chat via xmpp right now22:46
sammPernig: Hmmm I wonder what my problem is then22:46
sammI have been poked by several people over a year ago, is it time to respond yet?22:47
Pernigwell i am using kopete so i guess it rules out the service having changed22:47
sammArghhh I hate this stupid "Not Authorized" message22:49
sammI want to chat22:49
Pernigit would be interesting to know if any other pidgin users can get on22:52
sammPernig: I've fixed it22:53
sammPernig: The solution was to log out of Facebook, and type my username in instead of my email address22:53
sammPernig: I asked HazRPG because I know he uses FB on Pidgin22:53

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