waynewah... I think I had something borked. But it does take forever to start up my AVD :P01:14
kwadrokehello all02:30
spsalsmHello kwadroke02:31
kwadrokeI miss anything?02:31
spsalsmJust a plethora of silence02:31
spsalsmHow's it going?02:32
kwadrokeit's going ok02:32
kwadrokehow goes it with you?02:32
spsalsmQuite well, considering. Thanks.02:32
spsalsmAre you in NWA or central AR?02:33
spsalsmgood show02:33
spsalsmI feel like I'm the only NWA entity here02:34
kwadrokeusually there's 1 or 202:34
spsalsmThere's a fairly sizable central AR demographic02:35
spsalsmI was speaking to module000 last week about his awesome Linux admin job.02:36
spsalsmDo you get to work with Linux in such a capacity?02:36

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