guanaming things is hard00:54
guai'm trying to come up with a decent name for a google group for california study groups for the stanford online classes00:55
guaeverything seems either too long or too vague00:55
guathat i've thought of so far at least00:55
akkor -ca-us or -calif00:56
guaakk: i'd like it to be for all of the classes00:56
MarkDudeNaming can be a hassle, I thought folks would like the name Free Geek around here, never really did tho00:56
akkOh ... won't it get confusing if people are discussing 3 different classes in the same group?00:56
gua2011-stanford-study-group, stanford-2011-online-study-california, cali-su-classes, california-ai-ml-db-groups00:56
MarkDudeai-ml-db ?00:57
guaakk: well i think the number of people posting will be small enough that it wouldn't make sense to have a group per class00:57
guaMarkDude: ai-class, ml-class, db-class are the three classes00:57
MarkDudeThey would be irc?00:57
akkWith tens of thousands of students, you may get a shock at the number from CA. :)00:57
guaMarkDude: i'm naming a google group atm. they do have irc channels though here on freenode, #ai-class etc00:58
guaakk: heh maybe00:58
akkWhy specifically california, btw? You'll probably get a bunch of people joining from outside too.00:59
MarkDudesu always makes me think super user00:59
akkAt least, I'm in a yahoo group for one specific flying field in los altos, and people join who live in New York and Russian and Canada.00:59
akkWhat are your goals for the group? The name should try to reflect that.00:59
akk(I think su = super user too)01:00
guai figure i could split stuff off if it becomes too much01:00
guajust judging by the current level of activity in the /r/aiclass /r/mlclass and /r/dbclass subreddits, and the mailing lists i can find that exist to discuss thing, there's not a *ton* of activity01:00
guaah yeah, i don't even think stanford abbreviates themselves that way.01:00
akkPartly maybe because nobody knows where to look to discuss the classes (plus they haven't started yet).01:01
guaakk: well people outside of california can either use a thread in a subreddit or do another google group. i'm doing this half for me and half for my fellow cali-ites01:01
akkI'd like to join a mailing list, but I'm not on reddit (I'm actually still a bit fuzzy what it is ... I think of it as being like slashdot or digg, am I way off base?)01:01
guaakk: waiting until the classes start to then form groups feels iffy to me01:02
guaakk: reddit is like a very lightweight forum with special thread management01:02
akkOh, sure, I'm not saying you should wait01:02
akkdefinitely start forming the group now01:02
akkbut you'll get a LOT more members looking for groups to join when the classes start.01:02
guaakk: yeah i'd hope a google group would help inform people of the existing resources too01:03
akkI haven't looked actively for a group, because (a) I don't need it yet and (b) I'm not sure if any exist, or where to look for them01:03
akkand I sorta figured once the class started, there would be some sort of official "here are some places to go to discuss homework" suggestions.01:03
akk(which is not to say I wouldn't join an unofficial one -- I definitely would)01:04
guaakk: well ai-class.com only refers to the subreddit01:05
guai don't know if there's going to be any official platform for discussion or collaboration or whatnot, if there is they're sure keeping it a secret01:06
akkThe original announcement implied there would be discussion, but maybe they just figured people would set up lots of unofficial groups.01:06
guaakk: i've assumed the latter but i really don't know01:06
guathey seem to be playing-by-ear parts of it01:07
akkI'd join a regional group (south bay/peninsula) that wanted to get together to discuss; otherwise, I'd just as soon discuss with people worldwide.01:08
guaakk: yeah hackerdojo would probably be the best thing for you that i know of so far, in terms of live meetups01:08
akkThat's very convenient to me if they have open meetups that don't require dojo membership.01:09
guai've only been once but i remember membership isn't required generally somehow. i forget why. maybe just you're supposed to join but it's okay to go without joining for an (extended) while.01:10
guaok i'm thinking "ai-ml-db-classes-ca" for the email, but for the actual name i'm not sure:01:17
guaCalifornia Study Groups/Meetups for Stanford 2011 Online Classes01:17
guaStanford 2011 Online Classes California Study Groups/Meetups01:17
guaStanford 2011 Online Classes Study Groups/Meetups California01:17
akkI like the first two -- use the first one if you want to discourage non-californian members, the second if you don't.01:19
guahmm yeah, good thought01:21
guaok it's taking a while to load the finished page but i think it's done01:29
akkGoogle is so weird -- I paste that into a new tab in a browser where I'm already reading google+, and it wants me to log in.01:37
akkOkay, you have a member (besides yourself) now. :)01:39
guathat is weird01:39
guaakk: woo! neat :D01:39
guai'm going through the settings atm, tweaking stuff01:39
guaalso depending on how big this gets (heh if it goes anywhere at all) i might need ops/admins/moderators01:40
guaakk, anyone else interested: http://pastebin.com/3T23qDY403:09
guathat's a draft of a sorta 'intro thread' for the google group, how's it look?03:10
akkSounds good! Though "planning and gathering information about" is kinda verbose, maybe just planning?03:11
guaakk: ah alright, yeah i tend to be overly verbose at times ;/03:12
akkI share that problem. :)03:12
guaah noticed a typo in the last paragraph, changed it to: "If you want to change the settings for how you receive email"03:12
akkoh, I just skimmed that part, didn't even read it03:13
guaah, oh i also should put in a bit about how this is unofficial03:13
akkkinda figure anyone signing up for a course at this level ought to be able to figure out google groups03:13
guasince it might seem kind of authritative03:13
pleia2home from talk at ITT Tech \o/03:14
pleia2went well I think :) lots of good questions from students03:14
guaakk: i'd hope so. but some might never have been a part of a mailing list before, so just in case03:14
guapleia2: nice :)03:14
akkyay pleia203:15
akkWhat did you talk about?03:15
pleia2akk: very basic intro to Ubuntu talk for an Intro to Linux talk03:15
pleia2err class03:16
pleia2tonight was in oakland, tomorrow night I'm meeting up with the same professor for a larger class in concord03:16
* pleia2 runs out to pick up some dinner03:17
bkerensaRun pleia2 Run :)03:21
bkerensaBlondies Pizza for the Win03:22
pleia2tonight it's thai takeout ;)03:27
pleia2which I shall now take some time to enjoy!03:28
akkmmm, thai03:31
philipballewwere all back!07:56
raevolwell, facebook solved my "hogs too much resources when logged in" problem16:36
raevolby becoming so ugly and unusable that i'm not going to bother being logged in anymore16:36
akkI keep a separate firefox profile for FB and G+, just start up that profile to check the sites then quit the browser.16:37
akkFB has always been ugly and unusable.16:37
rwwhuzzah, welcome to the anti-facebook collective16:37
rwwfor extra points, also quit G+16:38
raevolG+ is fine16:58
raevolit's like super twitter16:58
* MarkDude does not get why the most recent thing was taken away17:04
MarkDudeand the blue corner crap was added17:04
MarkDudeits like - no need to read- just look for hints on what I may like17:05
raevoli don't like other people deciding on what's important to me17:05
MarkDudeand now there is a feed in the upper right in my feed17:05
MarkDudefeed in the feed17:05
MarkDudeGenius  :P17:05
pleia2it's very confusing17:06
MarkDudeCan you imagine how the non-tech folks are feeling now?17:06
MarkDudeIf the geeks are confused17:06
pleia2I always assume my geek brain is the problem17:06
raevolhaha, right?17:06
pleia2(I have trouble with the MacOSX UI too, and people say that's easy)17:07
MarkDudeI have only seen Ryan Singer approve of it, and I only think that is because he is contrarian17:07
raevoli hate the Mac UI17:07
raevoli think it's one of the most backwards interfaces ever17:07
MarkDudeWell Mac is designed for ITS cult members17:09
pleia2but see, normal people love it17:09
raevoli think the nice thing about the Mac interface is that it's really hard to accomplish anything meaningful with it17:11
raevolso as a result, noob user flailing doesn't screw up the computer17:11
raevolthat's the problem with windows17:11
nhainesWhat's wrong with the Mac interface?17:11
bkerensanom nom17:11
bkerensaMarkDude: nom nom17:11
raevoltoo easy to accomplish things, flail a little and suddenly the computer doesn't boot17:11
pleia2nhaines: do not grok mac interface17:12
* MarkDude has had negative attitude towards MAc since I saw the one button thing17:12
pleia2my geek brain is easily confused by most graphical UIs17:12
MarkDudeLike oooooooooo, I can right click, even with MS17:12
bkerensa:) I went in a Mac store yesterday17:13
bkerensabut mostly just to troll :)17:13
pleia2(maybe it's just old age, I do turn 30 next week and all!)17:13
bkerensalol I would used a MacBook but I would install Ubuntu on it17:13
MarkDudeTo be honest, tho I have not seen it in person, Windows phone is the only graphical interface that looks like I could use it17:13
MarkDudeI mean tiles, that kinda makes sense17:14
MarkDudeWin 8 looks like a trainwreck17:14
bkerensaMarkDude: I was looking at one yesterday.... I could have had it free but I'm waiting on a certain android phone to be in stock at AT&T17:14
nhainesWin 8 looks identical to the Windows phone interface you just praised.17:14
MarkDudeOk for phone17:14
MarkDudenot for my OS17:14
bkerensapleia2: Happy Early Birthday!17:15
MarkDudebkerensa: how are the peeps? Any new flavors?17:15
bkerensaThe New Peeps are Chocolate Dipped Milk Choc and Dark17:16
bkerensaAs usually very sugary17:16
bkerensakinda stoked I got to try out the new Peeps before the rest of the world :)17:16
bkerensaMarkDude: :( Finn is leaving.... so sad17:17
MarkDudeHe is going to WA?17:18
bkerensaand tgm4883 might be in CA soon17:18
bkerensaYeah he goes to WA Friday but I got to see him yesterday and gave him some Ubuntu swag :)17:19
MarkDudeWell, your team is more active than this state's sometimes17:19
MarkDudeAnd you have like 3 electoral votes, we have like 10017:19
MarkDude^^^ roughly17:19
bkerensa:P perhaps on IRC more active (at times) but CA does way more events17:20
bkerensaIt would be hard for me to get events kicked off in places like say Coos Bay or Gold Beach OR17:20
bkerensaJust aint happening17:20
MarkDudeDont forget SoCal has more recently started doing more events, mostly used to be SD17:23
bkerensaIf I could convince more people in #ORLUG to come to LoCo stuff that would be a great success but honestly if I talk anything Ubuntu in that channel I get major trolled17:23
MarkDudeor Orange17:23
bkerensaThey hate Canonical there17:23
MarkDudeWell, talk about Puppy and Fedora17:23
MarkDudeIf they like trolololo, just talk Gentoo ;D17:24
bkerensaMarkDude: Yeah SoCal has population though.... outside of Portland the population is slim and that means less geeks and a lesser chance of Ubuntu users... I told one guy in Salem if he gathers enough people I will make trips down monthly and help them host events and fund it17:25
bkerensaI'm really trying to get the Salem people to kick off some Ubuntu activity down there17:25
bkerensaHopefully I can work with the OSU OSL and OSULUG people to do some Ubuntu stuff in Corvallis17:26
MarkDudeWell leslie and her group are awesome17:27
MarkDudeif anyone can help - she can17:27
MarkDudeWell it appears all of the geeks dont like the new FB17:30
MarkDudeand a few of my heavy metal friends do17:31
pleia2people complain every time facebook changes ;)17:31
pleia2I'm sure there is a "change it back" group already17:31
MarkDudeFirst time I have, at least in a year+\17:31
raevoli just don't like when my actions are reported to everyone without my consent17:42
raevolthat real time feed they added is not ok with me17:42
rwwsocial networking isn't exactly a consent-based system in general17:42
raevolyea, that's why i've basically stopped using it17:43
raevolunfortunately the dance community i am part of relies on it heavily17:43
rwwIt's surprised me how many people don't use facebook at my university when the topic's come up17:43
raevolgirls are too dumb (no offense to present company, who are obviously an exception) to use a better service17:43
rwwmaybe the specific people you know are the exception to the general rule that they're the same average intelligence as men17:44
raevolthat's valid17:45
rwwI'm glad Facebook got all horrible at privacy, the concept of deliberately not having one is less weird to people now17:45
rwwand nobody blinks if you don't have G+ ;)17:46
pleia2raevol: please don't ever say that again17:48
pleia2that was really, really mean17:49
bkerensaWomen are just as smart and capable as men... :)17:49
raevoli would argue that everyone is equally dumb :P but it's semantics17:50
rwwnot even getting into the use of disability terms to mean "unintelligent"... :P17:51
pleia2we have a hard enough time attracting women to ubuntu without having to expose them to members of our team who choose to blanket the whole gender in a cruel "too dumb" stereotype17:51
raevoldisability terms?17:51
raevolpleia2: sorry, i guess i should have specified that i was talking about my dance community, not people in general17:52
pleia2I'm not in your dance community, and yet you specifically chose to exclude me from your horrible comment17:52
pleia2so no, I don't really buy that excuse17:52
pleia2apology accepted, I just want you to be aware of how damaging such comments are in a community with such a gender imbalance17:53
raevoli hate it when people are late for online meetings18:04
raevolthere's no way of knowing if they are just running a little late or if they completely forgot18:04
rwwsome of our councils have each others' cellphone numbers or what not for that reason18:07
raevolthat's really smart..18:07
raevoldo i have this guy's number D:18:07
rwwI've seen more than one vote registered by text message :D18:07
pleia2if I don't have their number I'll often do a nudge via email too (in case they're like me and obsessively check email while out)18:08
raevolyea gonna do that18:08
bkerensapleia2: My phone is set to check e-mail ever 5 mins :D18:09
bkerensapleia2: Hopefully I will have a Meta Watch soon and then just have e-mail go to my watch indicator18:09
raevolok he didn't read the meeting email -_- but at least he just called18:10
MarkDudeSF event at Temple SF - peanut labs party18:46
MarkDudeThe troll cake- what is fuckgencia mean?18:47
MarkDudecopy pasta fail18:48
MarkDudecake looks awesome tho, trust me18:48
taticaI come to invade your space18:49
pleia2hi tatica :)18:49
nhaineswelcome tatica. :)18:50
taticapleia2, hey! hello :D18:50
bkerensafedora peh18:50
taticasome people told me you have cookies18:50
taticais that true?18:50
bkerensaUbuntu Cookies :)18:50
* pleia2 had android cookies18:50
pleia2http://www.flickr.com/photos/pleia2/6086009959/ :)18:51
pleia2they were very popular at the linux picnic!18:51
MarkDudebkerensa: She is like Nixie Pixel of Fedora18:51
taticapleia2, ok... after that, I believe you're god18:51
* pleia2 bows18:52
MarkDudeShe also promotes Ubuntu in Latin America too, all sorts of FOSS18:52
pleia2MarkDude: yeah, I first met her through ubuntu loco stuff18:52
MarkDudepleia2: is at least a minor god18:52
MarkDudeWell Princess at least18:52
pleia2I wish there was an easier way to make ubuntu cookies, the logo doesn't really lend itself to cut out cookies18:53
taticapleia2, yeah? o018:54
bkerensaMarkDude: Have you ever used Backtrack Linux?18:54
MarkDudeThe cookies were cool. The ubuntu booth had all sorts of love. The Fedora one was more trying to buy folks love18:54
taticapleia2, well, you can make a pattern18:54
taticaand then cut them18:54
* MarkDude has made cookie cutters before18:54
taticawould be cheaper to find a cutter18:54
taticaMarkDude, there you go18:54
MarkDudewe would need circle, and pair of pliers18:54
pleia2tatica: but what pattern? the logo has floating circles18:55
pleia2it could be just the outline of the logo I suppose18:55
* bkerensa needs to find a 3d printer and make Ubuntu Cookie Cutters18:55
taticapleia2, you can do a 2 level cookie18:55
MarkDudewell the floating part is done with icing18:55
taticaso you will have a base and a design on top18:55
taticaI guess I could vectorize it18:55
pleia2that seems like too much work18:55
bkerensaMarkDude: We need to find a 3D Printer to make Ubuntu Cookie Cutter18:55
MarkDudeThey have 2 reprap printers at Hacker dojo18:55
pleia2android cookies took me 3 hours, and those are just stamped and frosted :)18:55
MarkDudeZareason has one, but they need to repair nozzle18:56
bkerensahmm I know someone in northern california who has one18:56
pleia2if someone can figure out a way to do it, I'll make the cookies18:56
MarkDudeakk - no go on geeknic, I FAIL18:56
taticapleia2, nothing in design is too much work, is too much fun18:57
pleia2tatica: I'm not much of an artist :)18:57
MarkDudespoken like someone that has spent time with design team18:57
akkMarkDude: Oh no! Darn!18:58
MarkDudeYep, I realized I need to ask for a couple of volunteers to help18:59
MarkDudeI have too much on plate. I need to focis more on Partimus and GK18:59
MarkDudeSo is the stuff from 3d printers food safe?19:00
pleia2help with partimus would be nice, christian and I are still the ones doing all the social media stuff for it (I gave him a crash course in facebook the other day)19:01
pleia2we have a blog now :)19:01
MarkDudeWell I figure making short videos is next on list19:01
pleia2we still need photos of mission beacon, grantbow was trying to get you down there before he left but I guess that never happened19:02
pleia2not sure what the status is there now that he's out of the country19:02
pleia2(who can drop by, etc)19:02
MarkDudeWell I just need speak to Robert was my understanding19:03
* MarkDude 's muse is moving to Fremont, so I will be closer a good amount of the time ;)19:04
bkerensafyi: Flickr will give Pro Accounts to Ubuntu LoCo's I just got that for us19:04
pleia2bkerensa: cool, can you put me in touch with your contact?19:04
bkerensausually they reserve this for non-profits but I talked the good folks at Flick into it19:04
bkerensapleia2: You betcha19:04
MarkDudeThat would be one of the reason I say you should do a session at UOW19:04
pleia2we haven't actually needed a pro account, our free one is fine so far, but in the long run...19:04
MarkDudeHigh resoultion penguin pics- ftw19:05
bkerensapleia2: Can I pm his info?19:05
pleia2bkerensa: sure, thanks19:05
pleia2bkerensa: what's the oregon flickr address?19:08
bkerensahe is upgrading it now19:08
pleia2k, message sent19:11
raevolmeeting over, LUNCH TIME :D19:12
MarkDudeaaditya: ping19:13
bkerensaMmm Con Agra Foods is sending me their new Veggie Crisps once they come out of production :D19:13
* bkerensa mouth watering19:13
MarkDudeMmmmm, Hippie food19:14
MarkDudewell mius the Conagra part19:14
MarkDudemichael Moore did movie about that19:15
bkerensaMichael Moore19:15
bkerensadont get me started about that guy19:15
MarkDudeWell I see both sides of him19:15
MarkDudeBut he is viewed rather highly by many19:15
bkerensaYeah like the part where he grabbed some national tv time by donating money to Julian Assange's defense fund19:15
* MarkDude has had plenty of friends have parties to watch his stuff19:16
MarkDudeDude, he grabs time any way he can19:16
bkerensaIf it was about journalism like he said why did he schedule so many interviews to talk about his cahs contribution to wikileaks and blog about it on Huffpo19:16
MarkDudelike an attention whore19:16
bkerensayeah but if your gonna be about it19:16
MarkDudeidk if he has ever pretended to be journalist19:16
bkerensaatleast say I can careless about wikileaks I just want the buzz19:17
MarkDudeSpeaking of huffington, how soon til Michael Arrington goes nutty and goes for attention grab19:18
* MarkDude has over under at 2-3 weeks19:18
jyoDo people actually read TechCrunch?19:18
* MarkDude likes watching Arrington be wacky19:19
broderi do19:19
broderit has traditionally been more comprehensive than any of its competitors19:20
bkerensaSeriously AT&T: The call your are trying to make is not allowed from this line press 61119:22
bkerensaApparently I'm unallowed to call my mother ;p19:23
MarkDudeDoes your mom have some software to stop the recording of conversations? ATT dont like that19:23
MarkDudeThey want IT ALL on record19:24
MarkDudetatica: also akk has like hella common sense. I dont think I have ever seen her be wrong19:33
MarkDudeShe is a more adventuresome geek, camping, gardening, al sorts of good stuff19:34
MarkDudeAnd some gimp and other stuff too19:35
taticaoh, I have check that website before19:35
taticaI have that book :)19:36
MarkDude:) sounds about right. Nothing like meeting folks you have read their stuff before19:36
raevoli love food...19:41
* akk wakes up .. I'm being talked about! :)19:43
bkerensaI love Sushi+Wasabi+Ginger19:43
bkerensaeveryone needs a little akk in their life19:43
taticamy next mission19:44
MarkDudeYep. That is the next thing Oregon could use is akk type person19:44
* tatica will take photos of girls servind sushi next week19:44
MarkDudeAnd a few more speakers, nhaines is really good public speaker19:45
taticadon't know why people find interesting eat food that way, but.... I'm getting paid, don't care19:45
MarkDudeOff or person tatica ?19:46
MarkDudeOff of19:46
taticathey put the sushi on the naked girls19:46
taticathey serve as tables19:46
* MarkDude saw a movie where they did that19:47
MarkDudeTitle is not shareable19:47
* bkerensa is looking forward to ROFLConSummit next month.... Noirin Plunkett is coming!19:48
* MarkDude has NOTHING TO SAY there. nuthin19:49
akkROFLCon is a fun name for a con.19:49
MarkDudeIt is, I would hella wear a shirt from there19:50
MarkDudepleia2: Saurday looks like day to see stuff that cant be unseen http://blog.sfgate.com/cityinsider/2011/09/21/cover-your-eyes-nude-in-planned-for-saturday/?tsp=119:51
pleia2heh, I'm already double-booked for saturday19:52
pleia2(that's why I couldn't do geeknic)19:52
bkerensa<bkerensa> If I come to see the noc can I bring a fake hatchet and sign that says "I hacked Kernel.org"19:52
bkerensa<bkerensa> :D19:52
bkerensa<bkero> why does the hatchet have to be fake?19:52
bkerensa<bkerensa> Something tells me OSU doesnt want a person with a real hatchet in their noc19:52
MarkDudeit’s legal to go naked in San Francisco19:52
bkerensaMarkDude: It is legal to go naked in Portland too (unfortunately)19:53
MarkDudeWell the rain stops it more19:53
MarkDudelike waterhose on 2 dogs19:53
bkerensaMarkDude: I might go down the Corvallis soon to see the OSU OSL NOC :) go see master.kernel.org and all the other main boxes for every OS project19:53
pleia2someone at the class last night asked me about the linux.com hacking :\19:54
pleia2I was like "uhhh, that's embarrassing"19:54
MarkDudeGood answer19:54
bkerensaWhat would be embarrassing is if someone did go into the noc with a hatchet and literally hack it19:55
bkerensa* andrewfree barricades the noc19:56
bkerensa<bkerensa> lol19:56
pleia2then "if there is such a great community around linux, why can't everyone just volunteer and fix it?"19:56
pleia2well linux.com is run by the linux foundation, which is a non-profit and they don't just let any random volunteers hack at things19:56
bkerensaWas the hack not a result of a key being stolen?19:56
bkerensalast time I check someone stole the root key19:56
pleia2I never read about the details19:57
MarkDudethe ssl thing is fun too, with bigass implications19:57
bkerensaYeah kernel.org has key for root and someone got ahold of it19:57
bkerensaMarkDude: That is weaksauce :P19:57
* bkerensa could setup a Certificate Authority in under 30 minutes or less.... sure it wouldnt be authoritive but so many sites use unsigned ssl these days and people accept it19:58
bkerensaThere are worse problems out there like ARP Poisoning, DNSSpoof19:58
MarkDudeWell, we will see how MITM folks can be with it19:58
bkerensaMost places have open wifi or easily give out wifi passes19:59
bkerensaARP poisoning you can then spoof dns and redirect all web traffic and its not stoppable19:59
bkerensajust keep changing macs and you cannot be blocked20:00
bkerensathose kind of things need to be fixed20:00
bkerensaI think there needs to be more regulatory oversight on the tech sector to ensure more headway is made towards patching exploits and improving security overall... The Sony hacks and Bart hacks should have never been able to occur20:01
* MarkDude likes listening to Security now on TWIT20:02
MarkDudeSteve does rundown on why things are the way they are, and why that causes issues20:03
MarkDudeAnd also says - the best way to be secure is use Linux liveCD20:03
bkerensaany Linux box can be hacked if you have physical access20:04
bkerensaKonBoot will root a box in under 2 mins20:04
pleia2bkerensa: this is why we're all switching to dns-sec! ;)20:04
MarkDudeWell yes. Root user password?20:04
MarkDudeMost dont set them20:04
bkerensapleia2: We all? Could this be the same people who are switching to IPv6?20:05
MarkDuderepair broken system20:05
pleia2bkerensa: yes, the same people20:05
pleia2so like, 3 people20:05
bkerensaMarkDude: Doesnt matter even if root is disabled it will enable it20:05
MarkDudeWell arent there like 5 ways to do it?20:05
* bkerensa is fully IPv6 live for his site20:05
pleia2physical access is end game20:06
MarkDudeWell if you have access, most can be hacked20:06
MarkDudeMac osx20:06
pleia2actually, ubuntu-california.org is ipv6 too20:06
pleia2and all my sites20:06
pleia2but I'm a sysadmin and my fiance is a network engineer, so...20:06
pleia2I am one of the three20:06
bkerensaUbuntu CA is Linode or HE.net?20:06
* bkerensa is using MediaTemple for his blog and they dont even offer IPv6 yet my site fully accepts IPv6 traffic :) please tell me how thats possible20:07
bkerensaLinode are fine Americans20:07
pleia2aside from linode, my other servers are with ramhost (kansas city, comcast ipv6 transit) and he.net in fremont20:08
pleia2(we have colo in fremont)20:08
bkerensapleia2: http://youtu.be/igkyIwHXQoE <--- Linode staff hitting some thingy at OSCON party20:08
* bkerensa has Linode, MediaTemple, Rackspace & Softlayer atm20:09
* bkerensa will be switching to colo+linode at year end20:09
pleia2yay psandin20:09
* bkerensa is still trying to find a good price20:09
bkerensapsandin is cool and from Oregon originally20:10
bkerensasadly I'm considering FDC for Colo20:10
bkerensabest price I can find so far20:10
pleia2linode is amazing, but they aren't cheap20:10
bkerensa$49 for Unmetered20:10
pleia2oh and linode isn't colo, right20:11
pleia2we have super cheap colo, but that's because my fiance "knows a guy"20:11
pleia2it's good to be neteng for google, people like doing you favors :)20:11
bkerensaYeah... I'm gonna keep my Linodes and colo a 2U to replace my MT, Rackspace, Softlayer stuffs20:11
pleia2it's hot again today20:11
bkerensayeah but he.net is bad....20:12
bkerensaThey have had two outages in the last year20:12
pleia2ah, we haven't been part of those outages20:12
bkerensaI migrated my Linodes out of that he.net because both times it cause me issues20:12
pleia2yeah, I think the linodes are in the other fremont facility20:12
bkerensaold Fremont?20:12
pleia2I always forget which one is which20:13
bkerensaI wish he.net would buy 365 Main but he.net is kinda known for being a budget provider20:13
bkerensapleia2: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/netflix20:31
* pleia2 saw :)20:32
* pleia2 saw that one on the g+ (oh, from jyo!)20:32
akkheh, nice20:34
akkthey're crazy (netflix)20:34
MarkDudeHave you seen the dude that owns quikster on Twitter?20:35
MarkDudeYou think htey might have checked 1st20:35
pleia2he is kind of... simple20:35
akkI heard about that but forgot to go look -- thanks for the reminder!20:35
pleia2yeah, it's kind of insane that a silicon valley company wouldn't check that first20:35
* akk LOL at the number of followers he has now20:36
akkI'm guessing that number was quite a bit smaller a week ago.20:36
nhainesxkcd was a good laugh on Monday but today it was epic.  <320:40
pleia2that's just not right :)20:42
akkFunny, though :)20:42
MarkDudeThat is horrible20:42
MarkDudeand funny20:42
nhainesLove the title text . :)20:42
jyoHat guy is my hero. xkcd.com/611 is one of my favorites.20:47
nhaineshaha, I love his line in the last panel.20:52
nhainesBlack Hat Guy is awesome.20:52
akkElaine Roberts is cooler. :)20:52
MarkDudeJoanne- ftw20:53
aadityaMarkDude: pong20:56
MarkDudeNo geeknic20:58
MarkDudeAnd say hello to tatica - although I think she is away right now20:59
aadityatatica: Hai!20:59
akkWhy no geeknic? just no time to plan/spread the word?21:00
aadityaMarkDude: it's not a question of if, but when.21:00
aadityatatica: welcome to #ubuntu-us-ca. Are you an Ubuntu user?21:01
taticaI'm a foss user if that helps :)21:02
aadityaThat works!21:02
taticai haven't tried the last one, but yeap :)21:02
aadityaI'm almost tempted to say "good for you" :P21:03
taticaimperfections make things more interesting, right?21:04
aadityayep, they add color and contrast to life.21:05
aadityaAlso give us something to learn from.21:06
akkWhat would we do if things just worked and we didn't have to tweak each release anew?21:07
MarkDudeTrue, next month we should be good for Hacker Dojo21:07
aadityaWe'd be productive and spend that time extending the OS instead?21:07
akkaaditya: ssh :)21:08
aadityalol. :P21:09
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guagoogle plus's intro page abbreviates as "Google+: real life sh..." instead of "real life sharing" for me in Chromium21:29
guathe title that is21:29
bkerensapleia2: http://i.imgur.com/EaEtT.jpg <-- for the win22:14
pleia2shiny :)22:14
bkerensaI feel like making a video for youtube that is like.... "Google I understand you guys couldnt send me a CR-48 even though I was one of the first to apply and even did your youtube chrome os challenge so I wanted to make a quick video to tell you its ok because Samsung sent me one" :)22:16
bkerensaVideo rendering on Linux is horrible22:21
bkerensaYoutube cannot even convert anything I render in Pitivi22:22
nhainesThat is transcoding.22:22
bkerensaWell on Pitivi is says "Render" and when you save a new video is says "Rendering"22:22
akkVideo rendering (still images) are pretty crappy too, since the maverick-era X regressions. :(22:23
akkgaps in fonts, missing pixels22:24
bkerensayeah hmm facebook accepted it but it failwhaled on Youtube but even the video is out of sync22:24
nhainesbkerensa: pick different codecs.  :)22:31
bkerensaMpeg 4 is solid though22:32
nhainesThey all have problems.22:37
kdubtranscoding on linux is like some other things on linux22:38
kdubif you know what you're doing, its great for it22:38
kdubffmpeg converts every format under the sun (pretty much)22:38
kdubeven really obscure ones22:38
nhainestranscoding on any system is like that.22:39
nhainesCodecs are evil.22:39
kdubwhen i was working SoC for them, one of the other students was working on like some '95 graphics era codec22:39
akkEven on windows people have problems finding videos they can't play.22:55
akk(and not just ogg :)22:55
nhainesI just use VLC.22:58
guahandbrake is awesome for transcoding, as long as you only want to transcode to h26423:00
guaotherwise yeah, ffmpeg or mencoder (and reading guides on how to use them)23:00
kdubthe handbrake author is a h264 expert, so that makes sense gua :P23:05
guaahh that makes sense23:05
guasomehow it totally automatically makes great (afaict) transcoded videos. i'm nowhere near an encoding expert though, or even skilled really.23:07
guatried to figure out xvid encoding back in the day and i encoded so little i could never remember each time i'd go back to encode something new23:07
akkI have a few shell aliases for the magic mencoder incantations to convert to formats I sometimes need.23:07
akkThere is no way I'd ever have been able to figure out the arguments it needs without a lot of help.23:08
akkffmpeg is a little better that way.23:08
guayeah from one format to another ffmpeg does a good job23:10
guabut for fine tuning stuff per scene and all those options for xvid and h264 are so detailed it's crazy23:10
akkI usually just want something that works like imagemagick, convert file.mov file.flv (or whatever)23:13
akkI shouldn't have to figure out arguments like -oac pcm -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg1video -o to do that.23:14
nhainesakk: yes you should!23:50
nhainesThe mencoder author suffered for his work.  And now it's your turn!23:50
rwwI totally misparsed that package name.23:50
rwwerm, program name23:51
akknhaines: After all, it's part of mplayer, the Package from Hell!23:51
guawell if the program can't figure out good defaults then a user has to figure it out23:51
guaalthough i wonder why it took until handbrake for a program that can figure good defaults came out23:51
nhainesgua there are no good defaults for video encoding.23:52
guanhaines: my head-in-the-sand approach to just trusting handbrake has worked so far :P23:52
nhainesI really need to get the Ubucon vids captioned and encoded.23:53
akkDarn, looks like that famous "Mplayer, Project from Hell" article has been taken down (was on a webzine that no longer exists)23:53
guai would be curious if maybe not overwhelming the user with knobs and buttons to tweak, but giving a few options like "was this shot outside?" etc23:53
guaakk: archive.org wayback machine!23:54
akkI'm trying -- http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/1214.mplayer.html but it's just giving me info on the wayback machine.23:54
nhainesgua: it pretty much all needs careful consideration.  I'm sure stuff could be made far more friendly but probably never automatic.23:55
guanhaines: have you used handbrake before?23:55
akkah, found one, had to go back a lot farther. http://web.archive.org/web/20020805061358/http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/1214.mplayer.html23:56
guaakk: gj23:56
guanhaines: it works with one click, somehow. i don't know how.23:56
akkI had tried to build mplayer myself, and had the same experience, so I loved the article. It was so true.23:56

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