itnet7brb hopefully ;-)00:34
mhall119oh man, I almost forgot about the meeting again00:38
mhall119good thing I saw zoopster's email00:38
zoopsteritnet7: you on oneiric yet?00:42
zoopstermhall119: you?00:42
itnet7zoopster: yes00:42
mhall119zoopster: not yet00:42
zoopsteris there another beta coming out this week?00:42
mhall119I think so00:43
mhall119yup, Thursday is beta 200:43
itnet7I like it a lot!! alot of great work and progress00:43
mhall119I want to upgrade so bad00:43
mhall119but I'm in a cruch to get our current project out the door, so I don't want to risk down-time00:44
zoopstermaybe I need to upgrade later tonight while its relatively quiet00:44
zoopstereh...you have a direct line into IS00:44
mhall119that doesn't always mean much :(00:44
zoopstertrue...I think they just upgraded some servers from 8.04 so yea...00:44
* mhall119 dreads having a hardware compatibility error and being told to file an rt00:44
mhall119zoopster: oh yeah, the wordpress farm00:45
mhall119that was fun00:45
zoopsterneglect, neglect, neglect00:45
mhall119I just fixed a 1 year old bug on voices.c.c00:45
zoopsterdont' know why it's still wp...wouldn't drupal be better?00:45
mhall119drupal is never better00:45
zoopsterthan wp?00:46
zoopsterjust make them all django sites00:46
mhall119if it was between drupal and a zombie apocalypse, drupal would still not be better00:46
mhall119+1000 django00:46
mhall119there's actually discussion of doing that00:46
mhall119we'll see if it goes beyond discussion00:46
itnet7The zombie apocalypse?00:46
zoopstermight as well...they are not using anything in wp00:46
mhall119voices.c.c is WP00:47
mhall119so it uds.u.c00:47
zoopsterthe wp sites still are not being indexed by google from what I can tell00:47
mhall119and several others00:47
mhall119hmmm, they all use permalinks, so I'm not sure why they wouldn't be00:47
mhall119maybe there's a robots.txt preventing it00:48
zoopsternow they do00:48
mhall119zoopster: is there a bug files about that?00:48
zoopsterthey didn't before00:48
mhall119ah, ok00:48
zoopsterI can't keep up with all my rt's that are in a black hole00:48
zoopsterI think they see my name and press delete00:48
X-Manevening everyone01:04
* mhall119 wonders if itnet7 is coming back01:07
itnet7Wow, most have dosed off01:07
mhall119hey, whatever happened to our mootbot?01:08
itnet7I tried to re-invite it01:08
itnet7I think that Alanbell has pulled it back possibly for th Meetingology bot?01:08
mhall119doesn't look like we have any agenda today01:08
itnet7Yeah, I saw that01:09
mhall119I thought mootbot-uk was meetingology01:09
itnet7Well let me see if I can invite meetingology then ;-)01:09
mhall119ANTRat_: cjohnston, ejv, himuraken, jamalta, jcastro, jck77_, maxolasersqua, munz, paulproteus, RoAkSoAx, ropetin, ShawnR, statik: meeting time01:10
itnet7I meet need to re-ask him, as it showed a successful invite01:10
mhall119hey, has anyone seen tiemonster around lately?01:11
itnet7Not for about a week or so01:11
itnet7Hey there zoopster !01:12
itnet7Well, there as some good activity on the ML recently01:14
mhall119itnet7: are we going to have a meeting?01:16
itnet7I guess not, there doesn't seem to be much to go over... I forgot to send out an invite, but without any agenda topics01:17
mhall119did you get a price estimate for those tokens?01:18
itnet7I have to contact them again tomorrow. They haven't been very reponsive... I told them we'd need about 60001:18
itnet7do you think that would be too many?01:18
itnet7Last year we gave away 450 bracelets01:19
itnet7and in Budapest, there seemed to be a lot more people01:19
mhall119I'm pretty sure we could unload 60001:19
mhall119price is my main concern01:19
mhall119we may only be able to get half as many01:19
itnet7Don't worry about out, chip-in what you can afford to01:20
itnet7I just wouldn't want to order 600 if we knew only 400 were going to attend01:20
mhall119well we can get a list of people registered as attending01:21
itnet7It's not bad to have extras, but I'm sure you know what I mean01:21
mhall119that should tell us the lower-bound01:21
zoopsterwhat are we doing for a party01:21
mhall119zoopster: the saturday after is the loco part at my house01:21
mhall119we haven't decided if we're going to do a party at the hotel during the week or not01:22
zoopsterah ok01:22
itnet7zoopster: I think with all of the team dinners and other vendor planned events, it might not be worth us trying to reserve a room and all01:22
X-ManDid we ask about the meeting room just in case?01:22
zoopsterI signed up for yours tentatively01:22
itnet7X-Man: We can ask01:23
zoopsterwell...let me know how I can help01:23
zoopsterpizza night was a hit last time01:24
itnet7zoopster: Yeah, It was really cool01:24
mhall119more than we expected too01:24
X-ManDo we know about any parties that have been scheduled already?01:25
X-Manfor UDS?01:25
mhall119http://uds.ubuntu.com/social-events/ doesn't look like anything yet01:26
itnet7X-man, The last night is usally reserved. Maybe mhall119 or zoopster would know about internal plans?01:26
mhall119itnet7: not me01:26
itnet7X-man, I will ask01:26
X-ManThanks mhall119 , for the link that is good to know01:27
itnet7Maybe we can do something on a smaller scale... Like an Icecream Social, or A Movie night with PopCorn/Candy Soft Drinks?01:28
X-Manthat sounds cool, 01:28
itnet7Let me try and find out about other planned events, and we can go from there.01:30
zoopsterI can ask michelle what is happening when...there's bound to be a internal wiki page already with that detail01:36
itnet7Thanks zoopster !01:37
itnet7Well if anyone has any other ideas, let's discuss them on the Mailing List01:38
* itnet7 wonders how much wholesale icream is 01:38
itnet7OMG I love the VW force commercial!!01:39
itnet7with the little guy dressed as Vader :-)01:40
mhall119itnet7: have you seen the Thor version?01:40
X-ManThat was one of the superbowl commericals01:40
itnet7mhall119: not yet01:40
mhall119it's even better01:40
itnet7ah, looking at it now :-)01:40
itnet7Awesome!! The Dog's dish even was branded, "Loki"01:42
mhall119yeah, saw that01:42
itnet7That is my new favorite, thanks for sharing!!01:43
itnet7Hey there MichelleQ !01:43
itnet7I was hoping that there would be a Halloween Costume Party sometime during UDS!01:47
mhall119it wouldn't surprise me if there is one Monday night01:48
X-Mannight all01:48
itnet7Gnight X-man01:48
itnet7talk with you soon01:48
itnet7Well, I will schedule a meeting for October 3rd, and mail the list to see if we can get some agenda items for that meeting. I am also going to talk with Alanbell about the bot to see if we can re-invite it01:52
itnet7Well, gnight all!!02:05
=== jck77_ is now known as jck77

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