Unit193Bloody reset...00:48
BiosElementHow fun00:48
Unit193That was my fault though, I thought irssi wasn't too stupid to ping me out after a modem reset -_-00:49
Unit193I had internet00:49
Unit193I guess it didn't connect because I changed my IP?00:50
canthus13Unit193: not irssi's fault.01:46
canthus13Unit193: the server doesn't know where to send info to.01:47
Unit193Exactly, it's all my own01:47
Unit193I would make a comment about having more blog posts, but you're busy and maybe not fond of it also01:51
itsAforkHELLO PEOBLES!!!03:49
itsAforkis anybody on?!?03:49
itsAforkso i've got this question that i'm trying to figure out the answer to....03:50
itsAfork<Unit193> think you could help me with it????03:50
Unit193I wouldn't think so, but ask away!03:51
itsAforkso i'm looking for a piece of hardware... computer-type hardware, that is able to support a RAID-1 (ideally), but is also pretty flipping cheap too.03:53
* Unit193 has done nothing with RAID03:54
Unit193One of the others may know03:54
Cheri703unit193: if you are around, I am not available for Ubuntu hour for the next two months or so. you are welcome to still have it, but I can't be there :/18:43
Unit193Cheri703: Ok, I was going to ask if there was going to be one, but that works too.  Since it would just be me and a friend, I should just visit my friend!18:45
Cheri703that works :)18:46
Unit193I would guess I would try if I knew someone else would be there ;P18:47
* canthus13 bounces.19:16
jrgiffordYay, I get to do some packaging tonight.22:46

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