bkerensaMarkDude: We are nearly as active as Ubuntu California's IRC at times :P01:54
* MarkDude pointed out a while ago you are MORE active02:21
MarkDudeYa got em beat in a few areas02:26
MarkDudeAlthough pleia is far better to look at than yourself bkerensa02:26
bkerensaMarkDude: pleia2 is all around better... She is an amazing Ubuntu Contributor/Member02:40
bkerensaspeaking of that MarkDude can I get that Testimonial... My app is going in October so I'm prepping my wiki/app02:41
bkerensaGood Morning everyon!17:26
bkerensa:) How goes your morning Brian_H?17:27
Brian_Hbkerensa: pretty good, was thinking about making my way downtown and some point to see what you're getting into17:28
Brian_Hget any new toys to play with?17:30
bkerensaBrian_H: At PuppetConf? I'm not there today... Will be there tomorrow and friday... Heck I'm not even going to the Beervana Brewery Tour that is sponsored by Canonical today17:30
bkerensaBrian_H: I will have a ChromeBook today :D17:31
Brian_HOh neat, I'll have to google that17:31
bkerensaBrian_H: Sadly Google did not send me a CR-48 and no matter how hard I pleaded they would not send me one... But Samsung's PR Firm sent me one :P17:31
Brian_Hlol awesome17:31
Brian_Hthats good stuff17:32
MarkDudeDid you quote Ron Burgundy?17:33
bkerensaMarkDude: Heh no :P17:33
bkerensaMarkDude: Google is far too tight :) imho Facebook is even more giving17:34
* MarkDude expalins it to non-geeks this way, 17:34
MarkDudeI am kindof a big deal in crap you dont care about17:34
MarkDudeHave you got in touch with Chris DiBOna?17:35
MarkDudebest contact for your needs17:35
MarkDudehead of communty devs is good also17:35
bkerensaI have talked to Carol17:41
bkerensashe is a Google OS Manager17:42
bkerensaBrian_H: http://i.imgur.com/EaEtT.jpg22:11
Brian_Hthat is sweet looking22:11
Brian_Hhave you powered it up yet?22:11
bkerensatakes under 2 seconds22:12
bkerensalike maybe 1 second tops22:12
Brian_Hawesome so is it basically just a browser then?22:12
bkerensano :P22:12
bkerensaIt has a linux base to it22:12
* Brian_H is not familiar at all lol22:12
bkerensaand terminal22:12
bkerensayou can install bash and perhaps other things22:13
dgibbonsbkerensa: built in gui terminal or work around alt-f1 style?22:53
bkerensadgibbons: No gui just pure terminal22:54
bkerensadgibbons: What was your co-workers irc nick?22:56
bkerensaoh thats right22:56
bkerensashe is gone from irc :P22:57
bkerensaHi :D23:58
bkerensaConversation is sporadic here :P23:58
bkerensabut Brian_H and some others do talk :D23:59

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